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Over two weeks of catching up to do again … (this TV Themes thing put me WAY behind!) … but we’ll start slowing digging out again today … and in the days to come.



November 6, 2020

Ho! Ho! Ho! Kent!

May I be the first to wish you a Joyous Holiday and a Happy 2021 New Year!

I am inspired to send you these heart-felt wishes today as I discovered KOSI 101 here in Denver is beginning their 24/7 "All Christmas/Holiday Music" today, nearly two months before Christmas!

Then, as I was reading Robert Feder's column, I see Lite FM there in Chicago is starting their Holiday Programming today as well, so apparently it's time for all of us to completely immerse ourselves in Radio's "Time of the Season" presentations all across the country!

So, the Best to you, Frannie and Everyone at the top of the Chicago-based Forgotten Hits Space Needle this Holiday Season and on into what has to be, dare I say, a much better Year!


CB  (Christmas Boy)

WLIT kicked off their holiday music season on Friday, November 6th, as you say … and listeners were already predicting that they’d be going thru their entire library of Christmas tunes for the second time beginning at 2 pm on Saturday!  (lol)  It really IS overkill … yet an absolute ratings bonanza here every single year.  (I’ll typically stop by a few times while button pushing and stick around for as long as I can stand it … but not returning until perhaps a week later so as to avoid to immediate burn-out such programming creates.  Of course, with 36 weeks of Christmas, there are plenty of opportunities to do so!  Lol)

God, I long for the 12 Days of Christmas … or Christmas Music starting on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when shoppers tpically head out for Christmas Shopping for the very first time.  (Wonder what THAT’S going to be like this pandemic holiday season?!?!  The numbers here in Illinois are spiking to all-time highs right now.) kk

By the way, congratulations on being singled out in the brightness of a Robert Feder kleig light in his column regarding your "All Time Favorite TV Themes" survey.  That's pretty cool! I remember how it would make my day when any of the newspaper columnists would give me a mention during my Chicago WLS Days, so I can certainly feel your excitement!

Chuck Buell

It was a nice boost, for sure!  (I think I’ve made his column maybe four times now in the past 21 years!  Oh yeah ... I'm QUITE the regular!!!  Lol)   

Feder celebrated his 40th Year on the Media Beat here in Chicago earlier this year … and he is, hands down, our current guru in this regard.  (The fact that we’ve been able to put together a few radio program tie-ins with Me-TV-FM has certainly helped … and, from what I understand, their listeners love the creativity, too … so it’s a win / win for everybody.  (kk)

Thought you would enjoy this new holiday video that I’m in (blowing some sax) with some of my musical buddies from the MAUDS and DINOSAUR EXHIBIT, including Paul Redman and Mike Flynn.

Kevin Pollack and Mike Flynn wrote this tune, won some major awards, and there are some cuts within from our “live” performance for Ravinia TV earlier this summer. Hope you enjoy it.

Quent Lang

This is a great track, Quent … thanks for sharing.

Chicago’s underground favorites, Saturday's Children, are hoping to get back together soon and, as such, are also hoping that this Christmas song will get some airplay this Christmas.  Any help appreciated!  

Clark Besch



We’ve been major busy with our TV Themes Poll and, as such, have fallen WEEKS behind …

So please bear with me as I try to sort thru all the clutter and bring you pieces that I think will interest the majority of you out there reading this.

First up … this from Tom Cuddy …

The Story of Ghostbusters Song with Ray Parker Jr. and the Professor of Rock

The Legendary “God Of Hellfire” ARTHUR BROWN Has Released A New Single With VANILLA FUDGE’s MARK STEIN! (Produced by HAWKESTREL’S ALAN DAVEY! )

Arthur Brown is a truly groundbreaking rock music icon who pioneered a theatrical approach to musical performance that has been cited as an influence on Rock Hall of Famers Alice Cooper and KISS. Going under the memorable moniker The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, the British-born singer achieved breakthrough success with a blockbuster hit single in 1968, the colossal freakout “Fire,” which he used as a launching pad for an incredible career that continues to this day! And he has just released a superb new track, “Zombie Yelp,” just in time to get all the groovy ghoulies, young and old, in the mood for the Halloween season!   

Written by Brown and Alan Davey, formerly of British space rock kings Hawkwind, who not only produced the track but performs on it as well, “Zombie Yelp” rides a distinctively spooky retro groove laid down by the vintage keyboards of Vanilla Fudge founder Mark Stein as well as Davey’s driving bass guitar, all of which set the stage for the Brown’s unearthly vocal delivery that ranges from piercing howls to demonic growls. It’s the perfect mix of psych rock ecstasy and campy fun!

Davey shares these thoughts about working on the track:

“It was great fun writing this new song with Arthur, he’s always a hoot to work with and his lyrics on this are funny as feck! I’m proud to have mixed and produced it too. Take your Zombie Yelp this Halloween and see what happens!”

Stein reflects on his own history with Brown, saying “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Vanilla Fudge shared the stage back in the late ‘60s. Arthur is still crazy after all these years and still killin’ it! ‘Zombie Yelp’ is a wild tune with great grooves and lyrics. I had a blast playing organ on it. Just wait till you hear this track … lovin' it!”

And Brown sums it up perfectly, in his typically enigmatic fashion, “Spirits lagging? Need some help? Dive right in to the ‘Zombie Yelp’!”

Stream the single:

Here's the "Boogie Woogie Boogie Man" by Rich Koz!


Hey, Jimy Sohns and Jerry McGeorge have reunited for a very cool 60's punkish 45 release, "Wild Man."  You can check out the very 60-ish video of the song here and buy it on cool colored vinyl with title sleeve at their site below the video!

(***Thanks to Pat M for the info!)

Clark Besch

Little Steven's Underground Garage is playing the new Shadows Of Knight record. They gave it an excellent intro this morning and Michael DesBarres did an excellent back announcing of it. It's their “Coolest Song in the World” pick this week, so they'll be playing it several times a day. Meant to drop you a line about 12 hours ago on this.


Hey Guys, this is the very same single WE world-premiered back in May of this year!!!  (Great to see that once again the rest of the world has finally caught up to Forgotten Hits ... even if it IS six months later!)

Not sure what sparked the sudden interest (or “new discovery”) here, but I’m glad to see Jimy enjoying a new bit of fame for this great new track.  (kk)


Tom Cuddy tells us:

Ticketmaster Will Require Negative COVID Test, Vaccine Status To Attend Events



Anybody out there bother to watch The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony?  (Or reasonable facsimile there of)

With the live event get-together postponed and then cancelled all together, it was a bit anti-climatic to see some of these names honored at home.  (One of the biggest thrills of the ceremonies in years gone by was the All-Star Jam at the end of each show!)

Plus this had to be one of the most boring (and least deserving!) class of inductees yet.

FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this coverage from Roger Friedman …

(Looks like The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame got “trumped” in favor of Joe Biden’s victory speech!!!)

Here’s a great piece from Harvey Kubernik, spotlighting George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” album, still one of my all-time favorites.  (kk)


I was sad to hear of the passing of singer Len Barry. I did not know this. FH is the only outlet for me that I can get information on the passing of other artists who may have not had a record on the charts for many years, either as an individual singer or as a member of a recording group.

I liked the majority of the records he made with the Dovells, with probably BRISTOL TWISTIN' ANNIE being my favorite.

Kent, I don't know if you know this, but Len Barry had a follow-up or answer to his 1-2-3 hit. It was called 4-5-6, I believe, and I know I have heard it at least once or twice.

Larry Neal

That seemed to be the formula back then … find a sound that works and then milk the hell out of it!  (This is especially funny in light of Len’s comment about “Somewhere” and how it tried to emulate the sound of “1-2-3” one more time.

Barry’s “follow-up” (if you want to call it that) came a full three years later and “bubbled under” both Cash Box (#122) and Record World (#125).  It never even earned that distinction in Billboard.  This came after a label switch to Amy Records … and it looks like John Madara was once again involved.  Actually, it’s not a bad song … and I’d never heard it before.  (Calling it “4-5-6” may have been an attention grabber at the time, but quite honestly by 1966 that early Philly / Bandstand sound had already died down.  In all fairness, it was tough for most established American recording stars to fight for a spot on the charts … but this is a pretty good song ... musically very reminiscent of The Monkees’ track “Early Morning Blues And Green … which didn’t come out until a year later!)  kk

We’ve been seeing lots of press for Brian Hyland lately … and hearing his big, Top Three 1970 comeback hit “Gypsy Woman” like crazy as well.  (It was riding the chart exactly fifty years ago this week.)

Here’s a recent interview sent in by FH Regular Frank B …¬if_id=1603970431498397¬if_t=event_aggregate&ref=notif


You might be interested in this interview.

Brian Hyland went to the same high school I went to ... FRANKLIN K. LANE.

I know I'm mentioning it for the 100th time. 

Can't help it.

It’s my only claim to fame.


I love this quote …

In 2018, the BBC reported that "Hotel California" airs on U.S. radio every 11 minutes. (Remember, the song itself is 6:30 long.)

Now that’s some SERIOUS saturation.  (Talk about listener burn-out!!!)  And yet it STILL managed to finish SECOND in our Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs Of All Time Poll last year.

And it IS a great song … one of the best … but PLEASE … give it a rest once in a while and play something ELSE that Classic Rock Fans will enjoy hearing that isn’t so “in Your Face” all the time!!!  (kk)

And, speaking of the radio, we got this last week from FH Reader Mike Wolstein …

November 2, 1920: the beginning of commercial radio in the U.S.
Dr. Frank Conrad, assistant chief engineer of Westinghouse Electric, first constructed a transmitter and installed it in a garage near his home in Wilkinsburg in 1916. The station was licensed as 8XK.
At 6 p.m. on Nov. 2, 1920, 8KX became KDKA Radio and began broadcasting with 100 watts power from a makeshift shack atop one of the Westinghouse manufacturing buildings in East Pittsburgh.
They began by broadcasting the Harding-Cox election results.

Also from Mike …

Happy 75th to Lani Hall!  Hard to believe - she looks great!

Lani grew up in Albany Park, on the north side of Chicago, and I have to admit that I'm embarrassed because I just found out about her past a mere five years or so ago ... 


I lived less than two blocks from her, and we were in elementary school together.
She's a few years older, and her classroom was one floor above mine.  A friend who lived a block from me, who is a dealer at the record show at Hillside, was in her class. 

I just read her book, which contains factual stories about her early years in Chicago
and some fictional tales which are really good.  Now I'm dying to meet her so we can share stories about growing up in the old nabe.

She sang here in any number of Chicagoland clubs for a while before being picked up for Brasil 66.  Of course now she’s married to former A&M label head Herb Alpert (for 47 years!!!)  We caught the two of them in concert together a couple of years back (remember concerts?!?!) at The City Winery.  Unfortunately, they have a very strict “no interviews” policy, which is too bad as I would have loved to talk to both of them.

However, with the new Herb Alpert documentary out now … and Lani’s side projects … you just may have a shot at some reminiscing.  (In these socially distancing times, I would suggest starting things off with an email, especially since you just read her book.)  kk

kk …

Here’s an update on Cousin Brucie’s new Rock And Roll Party show …

6:00PM -- "COUSIN BRUCIE's ROCK & ROLL PARTY" signs on the air

They have now added an hour.  Last week was their first four hour show. 

Lots of phone requests and Halloween songs.


Lionel Richie and Adam Sandler called in to wish him good luck.

Tony also talked to Larry Brown, writer of " KNOCK THREE TIMES " and  other Dawn hits.  He said his inspiration for writing the song was "THE THING" by Phil Harris.  If you listen to the song, they make that BUMP sound three times throughout the song.

It also came up that Dawn backed up Freda Payne on her big hit "BAND OF GOLD."

Tony Orlando was at the Donna Summer "MAC ARTHUR PARK" recording session.  He said at the end, all the musicians gave her a standing ovation, which is very unusual.  Professional musicians who worked with lots of great talent don't often do that.

Tune in next week for more Rock and Roll stories.

Frank B.

Frank B. also sent us this clip of Dick Biondi’s old Friday Night Fifties Party radio program on Magic 104 …

Here’s a site you might like … 

They offer a twice-monthly podcast called Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘n Roll.  (They’ve already been cranking these out for over five years now … and have already had more than 80,000 downloads!  (In fact, they’re downloaded in 135 countries!) 

They regularly feature the stories behind the hits, mostly from the 50s through the 80s.  Connie Francis, Gary Lewis and several others have already been interviewed on the show … and they like to feature oldies artists like Elvis, The Four Seasons, the Motown artists, etc. and themes for shows like “The First Rock and Roll Records” or whatever.  (Be sure to check out the website for complete discographies of any number of hit acts from over the years.  You’ll find some VERY cool stuff here!)

Based in Sarasota, Florida, Ken Deutsch serves as co-producer of Rare & Scratchy Rock ‘n Roll, along with “Radio Dave” Milberg, your on-air host.

Check it out when you get a chance via the link above.  (kk)

And how about this …


For the first time ever, the casts of every iteration of Ben Edlund’s beloved superhero series The Tick will gather! All three Ticks, all four Arthurs, along with allies and enemies, join together to read never-produced episodes from The Tick vaults!

From the 2016 Amazon series: Peter Serafinowicz (The Tick), Griffin Newman (Arthur), Valorie Curry (Dot), Brendan Hines (Superian), Scott Speiser (Overkill), Yara Martinez (Ms. Lint), Alan Tudyk (Dangerboat), and Jackie Earle Haley (The Terror).

From the 2001 Fox series: Patrick Warburton (The Tick), David Burke (Arthur), and Liz Vassey (Captain Liberty).

From the 1994 animated series: Townsend Coleman (The Tick), Rob Paulsen (Arthur), Cam Clarke (Die Fledermaus), Jess Harnell (Sewer Urchin), Jim Cummings (Mr. Mental), and erstwhile Monkee Micky Dolenz (Arthur).

Along with creator Ben Edlund (Supernatural) and writer/producer Christopher McCulloch (The Venture Bros).

Benefiting food banks in NY, LA, and across the US.

(Stream remains available until 11/22 midnight ET)

THE TICK HISTORY: The Tick is an American web television series created for Amazon Video by Ben Edlund, based on his comic book character of the same name. Its pilot premiered on August 18, 2016. A "half-season", through to the sixth episode, was released on August 25, 2017, and another six episodes were released on February 23, 2018. On January 17, 2018, Amazon ordered a second season of ten episodes, which premiered on April 5, 2019. Edlund revealed on Twitter that Amazon Video has declined to renew the series for a third season. On June 14, Edlund said that he was unable to find a "new home" for the Tick, ending the series with two seasons.

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Our FH buddy across the pond, Geoff Dorsett (Radio Presenter) just did an interview with Peter Asher (something I’VE been wanting to do for YEARS!) … and he just sent me a copy to share with our readers …

And here’s a new interview with our FH Buddy Gary Lewis, courtesy of Tom Cuddy …

Sixties Rock Star Gary Lewis On The Playboys - And His Famous Comedian Dad, Jerry

And Diane Diekman did a great interview with Bobby Goldsboro this past month.

You’ll find it running in two parts in her monthly country music newsletter.

Want a copy?

Just email her at … and tell her that you heard all about it in Forgotten Hits!  (kk)

kk …


I'm currently reading "HUSHABYE":  The Mystics, The Music And The Mob.

I'm halfway through the book … and I didn't get to the Mob part yet.

It was written by Al Contrera, original Bass Singer of the Mystics and current member of the Classics. 

He tells us how some tough kids from Brooklyn started singing on the corner as the Overons -- and wound up singing on the Alan Freed, Dick Clark and Clay Cole shows as the Mystics.  

Lead singer Phil Cracolici went to prison for murder. He was innocent. Wrong place at the wrong time.

The Dion And The Belmonts 1959 Hit "A TEENAGER IN LOVE" was written for the Mystics. 

You want to know what happened -- read the book.


Thank God Tommy James wrote HIS book so The Mystics could “borrow” his title!!! (lol)

I’m sure some of it is quite fascinating … but with only one hit, I’m not sure the story of The Mystics would sustain my interest for very long.  (Granted, it WAS a Top 20 Hit … and “Hushabye” is a GREAT song … I’m just not sure what to fill the REST of the pages with!!!  Although it already sounds a little bit like a mash-up of Tommy’s book … and “Jersey Boys”!!!  (kk)

In celebration of Election Day, check out this clip from 60 years ago ...

Mike Wolstein

And, speaking of the recent election, we’ve been taken to task for our “Mr. President … YOU’RE FIRED” post over the weekend …


Did it not occur to you that some (maybe many) of your followers prefer to keep politics out of our shared love of the music of our lives and some (maybe many) are not happy with the election results and the way the election was conducted ?

Let’s keep the music the focus of Forgotten Hits.

Bob Verbos

Which just goes to prove my point that America has lost its sense of humor.  (Hey, there’s been political satire since the beginning of time when George Washington first threw that silver dollar across the Potomac River.)  By the way, do you know that no President has been able to do it since … which just goes to prove once again that a dollar just doesn’t go as far these days.

Using Donald Trump’s catchphrase … which he LOVED to execute each week on his “Apprentice” television series, taking great joy and pleasure in uttering it weekly while, in the process, crushing the hopes and dreams of any number of well-intentioned (and often quite intelligent) hopefuls … back at him after the results declared Joe Biden the new President Of The United States just struck me as funny … and nothing more than that.  (It’s probably the ONLY time he’s heard that phrase directed at HIM in his entire life!!!)  It was more of a “How does that feel?” statement than anything else.

And I would agree with you that probably HALF of the people reading it likely disagreed with the sentiment … especially since the election was as close as it was, neck-and-neck most of the way with sometimes as few as 1500 votes separating the candidates in any given state.

BUT … and to me it’s a very BIG “but” … (I like Big Butts and I can’t deny … see, we’re already back to the music!) … YOURS was the ONLY comment we received in ANY fashion regarding this posting … literally, the ONLY one.

So, as such, I say to you, Bob … lighten up a little bit!  Do you REALLY think there won’t be hundreds more references to Trump losing the election in the days, weeks and months to follow?  (Of course, HE hasn’t acknowledged it yet … ya know, Fake News and all) … and I don’t think ANYBODY could have possibly predicted just how close of an election this would turn out to be … but voters turned out in record numbers, despite a pandemic, to let their voices be heard … which just might indicate (if you’re able to keep an open mind here), that NO election may have ever meant as much to Americans before, as our future is SO uncertain right now, facing issues that are well beyond our control.  (Don’t worry … the vaccine will be out any day now!  How many times have we been told THAT this past year … or, better still, “Don’t worry … because one day, Poof!, it’ll just disappear.”)  If there is a lesson to be learned here, it would be this:  If you want the support of the majority of the people, then you have to be HONEST with those people.

My point is this …

We have strived to keep politics OUT of Forgotten Hits for as long as we’ve been doing it …

We ARE “all about the music” …

But the final outcome just struck me as funny …

And I was just “making a funny” because of it …

Nothing more … nothing less.

More than a few times I’ve heard the expression “Pick Your Poison” in regards to this election … things like “Who do you trust … the devil that you know … or the devil that you haven’t met yet?”  Others have simply said that they don’t like being lied to … and for someone who repeatedly screams “Fake News,” Mr. Trump has certainly passed along quite a few exaggerated statistics as “facts” in his own regard.

(Hey, the truth is I don’t particularly care for EITHER of these guys …

I can see the down side of EITHER candidate …

And that would be true of virtually every pair-up of candidates for as far back as I can remember.)

That’s why I continue to write in Pat Paulsen every year.

Remember Pat’s famous campaign line?

“If nominated, I will not run … and if elected, I will not serve.”

I think a lot of folks felt that way about Trump when he first took office …

That he didn’t really WANT the job … he was just proving that he could WIN the job.

And he has faced some of the greatest challenges this country has ever faced ... faring better with some than others.  But NO President … in this history of this great country … could have ever been prepared for what was thrown at us this year … and I truly believe that China should be made to pay for this is some major life-changing fashion.  (Read Bob Woodward’s book “Rage” … your opinion of President Trump will change fifty times as you make your way from cover to cover.)

Anyway, enough on this … it was just a joke …

But I think it is ALSO a joke … and a VERY sad commentary as to the measure of a man … that the President being voted out of office doesn’t have the moxie to step up and congratulate the winner and pledge his support in getting him up to speed “for the good of the country and all the American people,” which is what he has always claimed to be his #1 priority.  It is an absolute embarrassment to the history of this country and a President leaving office would not offer the support and consult needed to make a graceful transition.  THAT to me is just unacceptable behavior … and says a lot about where we’ve failed over the past four years.  (kk)


The polls are closed … and now comes the task of determining the winners.

Another round of thank you’s to everyone who voted … with a special nod of thanks to some of the disc jockeys on the list who went out of their way to spread the word and keep those votes coming in for the past six weeks … Scott Shannon and The True Oldies Channel, Sam Tallerico and his Lost And Found Oldies Show, Phil Nee’s Those Were The Days program and, of course, Rick O’Dell and the team at Me-TV-FM, who dedicated an entire weekend to TV Themes Favorites, as well as Robert Feder, media guru here in Chicago for the past forty years (and anybody else who may have mentioned it along the way.)

When all the votes were counted, we passed 24,000 (just eight votes shy of 24,500, in fact!) so I feel that it will be a pretty definitive list that we’ll be counting down the weekend of November 21st and 22nd.  (More details on that as we move closer to the date.)

No need for recounts here … we kept accurate tabs on your votes every step of the way … and we have a very clear winner (by a margin of over one hundred votes) … so please stay tuned for that.  (kk)

From TVLine on Wednesday (November 11th):

On Nov. 11, 1975, Happy Days‘ Fonzie helped Richie through a dry spell by setting them up on a double date — with Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney.

Eleven weeks later, Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams launched their spinoff, Laverne and Shirley.

Ron Howard and Cindy Williams costarred in the hit movie “American Graffiti” in 1973, playing boyfriend and girlfriend.  It’s no secret that that film helped to inspire the ‘50’s craze that launched the television series “Happy Days.”

The themes from “Happy Days” and “Laverne And Shirley” both fared VERY well in our Top 50 TV Themes Favorites Countdown.  (Both made The Top 30)

Again, you can watch the entire countdown unfold over the weekend of November 21st and 22nd … right here in Forgotten Hits!  (kk)

Meanwhile, FH Reader Don Effenberger took our Favorite TV Themes concept to a whole new level … or would that be bracket???

You might want to keep your eye on this just for fun, Kent! (See below)

I sent them your poll a while back, and they re-tweeted it.

It will be interesting to see how a 64-slot "Final Four" Twitter format compares/ differs from your own final results . . .


The Bracketeers (@BracketeersThe) Tweeted:
#TVShowThemeSong #Tournament!
Which #team is going to win? 


Keep On Dancin’ ...

and playin' those oldies! 

One of the coolest vids I've ever seen.

If you grew up in the ‘60’s, you’ll likely recognize and remember nearly everyone in this clip.  I always loved “Keep On Dancin’” by The Gentrys (a #1 Hit here in Chicago!) … but it now and forever more will trigger memories of the “Little Boppers” commercials that aired when my daughter Nicki was growing up, obsessed with The Muppet Babies.  Naturally, she had to have each and every one of these!!!  (kk)