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Thank you, thank you, thank you …

We officially passed the Six Million Mark on Friday morning between 6:30 and 7:00 am Chicago time.

It is still a bit surreal that we could hit this milestone … and it’s all because of you guys out there.

Your responses and dedication are what keeps me doing this … now in our 22nd year! (The website actually launched in 2008, so six million viewers in what is now just twelve years ain’t bad!!!)

So sincere thanks again to everyone who has ever dropped by … it means a lot.  (kk)

Hi Kent,

The April Fools' edition of Forgotten Hits was an over-the-fence home-run thanks to today's hilarious comedy section!  Please thank "Chuckles" Buell for all the hilarious cartoon content!  GREAT stuff!

Happy Easter,

Tim Kiley

Chuck Buell's April Fool's Day cartoons were GREAT!

Clark Besch


I enjoyed the postings you had on FH on April Fool's Day. Now the very first thing I thought of when I read them and saw them, and this is something I don't know if you knew and did it on purpose or if it was by accident, but it was the very first words you used to begin with. Those words were 'I Pity the Fool."  Reminded me first thing of Bobby Bland's 1961 record.


Nope … I was going with Mr. T. all the way on that one!

But I held back on another planned reference …

If you notice, instead of Tom Foolery, I gave the nod to our guest contributor, Chuck Buell and went with Chuckfoolery …

But then deleted the NEXT line I wrote …

(“Wasn’t he the guy who hosted ‘Love Connection???’”)

Thought it might be a little too much of a stretch …

But still struck ME as funny!  (lol)  kk


>>>It's Another Chuck Buell Take-Over!  (kk)

Today . . . Forgotten Hits!

Tomorrow . . . The World!

Resistance is Futile!!


The first single from the new “Dolenz Sings Nesmith” album will be Micky’s version of Mike’s classic, “Different Drum,” a song that Micky’s sister CoCo has been singing in concert for years.  

(Nesmith wrote the song back in 1965 before The Monkees had even gone on the air … and it was Linda Ronstadt’s version, recorded while she was in The Stone Poneys, that brought it to the attention of the rest of the world.  Mike actually strums a few lines in a throwaway scene on their tv series, too, in one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” moments.)

The single is available for preorder now with an official release date of April 23rd.  The LP hits the streets on May 21st.  (kk)

Hi Kent,

Certainly one of the benefits of "progress" and the Digital Age is we can listen to the music from our era with even more pristine clarity and definition.  I also realize I have reached the "Hey, you kids get out of my yard!" stage of my life.  But what I can't seem to do is make today's music sound as good as the music of yesterday.  Apparently, I am not the only one, being the Grammys’ viewership was down 53%!

On a side-note, I just wanted to mention, I always thought Jon "Jon-Jon" Poulos's drumming when he played with the Buckinghams was some of the cleanest and finest I have ever heard.  Yes, I know there are the legendary Hal Blaine, John Bonham, Neil Pert, and even Ian McGarry of Ian Whitcomb's Bluesville.  But Jon Poulos's light, clean style was definitely excellent and certainly stood out in the Buckinghams’ hit records.  Just sayin'.

Happy Easter,

Tim Kiley

Dennis Tufano has always told me that Jon-Jon was the heart and soul of The Buckinghams and the key to their success.  His death in 1980 was a devastating blow to all the band members.  (Contrary to the clean-cut image of The Buckinghams, Poulos died of an overdose, a very sad ending to a success story that named The Bucks as the #1 American Band of 1967, when they had SIX Top 40 Hits in the same year!)  kk

And, speaking of The Buckinghams, their fearless leader, Carl Giammarese (who I know has been chomping at the bit to get back out there performing again) has teamed with another Friend of Forgotten Hits, Jim Peterik, to do a new show at The Genesee Theatre on Saturday, May 1st … for a night of music and storytelling … all part of the new Genesee Cabaret, located inside the Three Brothers Theatre.  The audience will be seated at socially distanced tables for two, offering tableside bar service, all creating the perfect mood for a unique and luxurious night out!

More information here:

Thanks so much, Kent, for running my comments about the great Johnny Maestro. There’ve been some great comments so far.  I don’t expect any kind of response from the Hall. They’ve told me before that it’s up to the committee to nominate an artist or group. It’s nice to see that I’m never alone in my feelings about this.

I think the key to Johnny’s recognition would be if someone like Paul Simon, Frankie Valli or Dion would lead the cause ... a highly recognized member of the Hall of Fame. Mickey McGill of the Dells was surprised that Johnny wasn’t already in. I’m sure many others are as well, but to never be nominated in 35 years is unbelievable.

Thanks again for you help, Kent.


It’s funny because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from people … and I'm talking about knowledgeable music people and recording artists at that … who are repeatedly surprised by how many GREAT artists are NOT in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  While it may seem natural to just ASSUME that an artist with such a stellar career MUST already be in … and we can’t fathom the idea that they aren’t … it’s like a “gimme” in most peoples’ minds … almost to the point of “How can they possibly NOT be in there?!?!” ... we are constantly surprised and reminded of the number of worthy artists that The Rock Hall has continued to ignore.  So while it's just assumed that ALL of the greats have already been recognized, this just simply isn’t the case ... and the opinions of the masses hold absolutely zero influence over who does and does not get nominated.  (The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has NEVER been a democracy, people ... and no matter what WE think, all that matters is what THEY think.)  kk

In addition to Johnny Maestro, I also wish Gary Puckett would be considered.

Big fan.

Joey Germano 

Correction ...  I just spoke with Gene Cornish and he told me that the main criteria for induction into the R&R Hall of Fame is writing your own material.  He said that's the reason Three Dog Night, Johnny Maestro, and a bunch of others are not in.

On the other hand, Tommy James and Emerson, Lake, & Palmer wrote their own tunes, but they are not in.  The explanation for that, he said, is the politics of L.A.

Patrick Proietti

There is some element of truth to all of that … but there is no fixed or set criteria … it is VERY subjective in the minds of the nominating committee, who are the ONLY ones who can recommend candidates.  Public opinion at The Rock Hall has NEVER mattered or been taken into consideration, other than the annual Fan Vote that, once tabulated, accounts for the equivalent of ONE ballot, despite the fact that typically a couple of million votes have been cast.  (THAT may be some of the “politics” Gene is referring to!)  kk


According to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame website, there is no mention of writing your own material being a criteria of consideration.  

Here’s what I got from them:

RRHOF Criteria  

Artists — a group encompassing performers, composers and/or musicians — become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. Besides demonstrating unquestionable musical excellence and talent, inductees will have had a significant impact on the development, evolution and preservation of rock & roll.


I also received most of the comments in today’s blog, as they were included in the group post.  Interesting, but the question of how to get him in the Hall seems to be missing the target. Johnny needs someone with influence with the RRHOF, and lots of it, to pound the table and try to get the committee to at least listen.  

Johnny’s brother, Ron, has approached several who fit the bill but none were willing to go to battle for whatever reason. He has also reached out to many of the top disc jockeys of that era. So far, he hasn’t been able to find anyone to be an advocate for Johnny. He’s currently working on another prominent artist. Sooner or later, Ron will hit the jackpot. 

Thanks for all your feedback on this. I’ll have more in Sunday's newsletter.


Glen Fisher

Doo Wop Ramblings

Glen and Gentlemen:

I'm afraid the ship has sailed on our friend as a "performer" … but if one or two current members of the RRHOF could be convinced to present John for nomination as an "early influence" on their careers, incorporating the "musical excellence" of John's voice , he may have a shot.

Perhaps, in the alternative, someone should suggest that the Hall consider borrowing from the Academy Awards an annual Lifetime Achievement Award.

Yours in Acapella -


>>>Inductees will have had a significant impact on the development, evolution and preservation of rock & roll  (The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame's published criteria)

And yet an artist like Chubby Checker, who took music in a whole new direction, by not only igniting a dance sensation that swept not only the nation but the whole world ... and became the ONLY record during The Rock And Roll Record to top The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart TWICE ... not to mention, in the process, becoming the spokesperson of dance music in the '60's with other hits like "The Pony," "Limbo Rock," The Hucklebuck," "Dance The Mess Around" and "The Fly" ... not to mention twist revivals with "Slow Twistin'" and "Let's Twist Again" ... thus meeting and exceeding their so-called criteria ... has never even been so much as nominated.  Sorry, folks, but I call bullshit.  (kk)


Reader Colin Donahue mentioned the song by Oklahoma's own Mark Dinning, "Top 40, News, Weather and Sports."  That's how it was back in the day when top 40 radio stations had a five minute news block (usually at the top of the hour), weather updates twice an hour and sports, normally reserved for night time. Each DJ would have at least a three hour shift, maybe four, with each DJ on his shift playing the top 40 hits and at least once (not more than) the #1 song and the "pick hit of the week."

Good luck on reposting the Phil Spector Series.


There was a definite format, especially back in the early days of Top 40 Radio.

The concept began when programming director Todd Storz noticed, while catching up on some work, sitting in a diner all day, that the constant changing flow of clientele would come in and play the same 40 songs on the jukebox throughout the day.  He began to make a list of the most popular selections and came up with the idea and formula that if you had a radio station just play those 40 most popular hits, in a regular rotation, you’d attract a very large audience of like-minded teenagers who loved this music.  Obviously, it worked … and was very successful for many, many years.  Storz was able to purchase numerous radio stations across the country and implement his formula at each one, causing the idea to spread like crazy throughout the teenage market.  Other jocks and programmers along the way (with a special nod to Gordon McLendon), refined and fine-tuned it, several of whom can legitimately be credited with developing The Top 40 format.

The formula deviated a little bit when The Beatles came along … suddenly fans couldn’t get enough and wanted to hear ten Beatles songs per hour … they wanted to know that whenever they turned on their radios, no matter what time of day it might be, they were never more than 10-15 minutes away from hearing another song by The Fab Four.

Dee Jays back then were allowed to talk more and take phone calls from listeners … and “personality radio” was born … some went WAY over the top to attract listeners, including all kinds of crazy stunts, voices, etc., to make THEIR show stand out amongst the crowded airwaves fighting for listeners.

Here in Chicago, we typically got the five minute newscast right before the hour with weather updates 2-3 times per hour … and, quite often, news and sports headlines at the half hour, too.  It was VERY rigidly formatted, to the point that you could preplan your own listening breaks within every hour.  Then, the other stations in town started to deviate from the format and run their newscast at a quarter to the hour, creating the option to switch the station and miss BOTH newscasts, thus getting more music per hour.

It was a well-planned, strategically executed formula … and back then we wanted to listen to the deejays almost as much as we wanted to listen to the music.

Boy, things SURE have changed!!!  (kk)

Hi Kent,
I thoroughly enjoyed your blog's recent dive into the legacy of Sam Cooke. I have some wonderful news for your readers, if you haven’t already mentioned it.

There is a 5-disc CD set available, called “Sam Cooke: Original Album Classics.” It comes in a compact digi-park, with each album in a cardboard sleeve. These are cute packages, with the original album art and pristine sound quality.

Albums and tracks included are shown in this link:

The best part is the price.

You can often pick these sets up for between $15 and $25 ... but it takes some searching to find the best deal. Sometimes Amazon, eBay, Discogs and offer these series for very good prices. There are two similar series available. The Sony/BMG sets that include RCA, Columbia and related labels are called, “Original Album Classics.” The Warner sets that cover a bunch of other labels are called, “Original Album Series.”

Between the two, you can get nice, clean reissues of artists like Elvis, Ben E. King, Dionne Warwick (those wonderful Burt Bacharach sessions), Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Judy Collins, Waylon Jennings, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Blondie, and tons of classic rock. You can go to Google or one of the sites that I mentioned and search for each of the two series, without an artist name. You will see page after page of artists to choose from. Watch your wallet, though! They are very tempting.

Bill Oakey

I have purchased complete album collections by several of my favorite artists, some including their entire output, often with as many as 10-12 individually packaged albums in a collectors’ box.  This is an EXCELLENT way to expand your music collection at an affordable price.

We did mention the Sam Cooke box when it was first released … and I meant to order it then.  Thanks for the reminder!  (kk)

Jerry Burgan, a founding member of We Five, who hit #2 in 1965 with “You Were On My Mind,” passed away earlier this week after complications from a stroke.  Their only other Top 40 Hit was an early version of “Let’s Get Together,” which peaked at #31, and would go on to become a #4 hit for The Youngbloods four years later.

We did a profile of We Five in the VERY early days of Forgotten Hits that generated a smile or two … this one dates back all the way to the year 2000!!!


Back in 1965, we were enjoying all different types of music:  The British Invasion was still in full swing, The Motown Sound was stronger than ever, groups like THE BEACH BOYS had taken their hot rod / surfin' sound into areas thousands of miles away from the nearest ocean, and the folk / rock sound was really starting to take off.

Thanks to groups like the BYRDS, that west coast folk sound went through a whole new reinvention ... hell, even BOB DYLAN "plugged in" that year and had his first pop hit with LIKE A ROLLING STONE. Everyone was looking to cash in on this new fertile market.

An enterprising entrepreneur named BILLY BLETCHER was no different ... he figured that if he could put together the right group of talent, he, too, could enjoy this new wave of pop success.  But he ALSO knew that in order to get noticed in such a competitive musical time, he needed to come up with some kind of niche that would make HIS band stand out from all the others who were currently occupying the spotlight.  (As if his OWN appearance wouldn't catch an eye or two!!!)

You see, BILLY was one of the original MUNCHKINS in the classic film THE WIZARD OF OZ ... in fact, he was the MAYOR OF MUNCHKINLAND ... and he decided that if he could just come up with the right gimmick to draw attention to his new band, he'd be on his way. So, he gathered together a group of Midgets and Dwarfs and named them the "Wee Five."

(OK, OK ... Just kidding! I was just checking to see if you were paying attention .... of course, I made ALL of that up ... but after wrapping up a LONG series like this one ... with FORGOTTEN HITS cramming your mailboxes SO full of stuff these past several months ... I just wanted to see if ANYONE out there was still paying attention and really reading these things!)

Actually, the WE FIVE were a California quintet (obviously ... hence the name!) formed at Mt. San Antonio College and included BEVERLY BIVENS, MIKE STEWART, PETE FULLERTON, BOB JONES and JERRY BURGAN, and they did, in fact, take an electric "folk" sound right to the top of the charts in the summer of 1965.

Their huge hit, YOU WERE ON MY MIND peaked at #3 in Billboard and went to #2 in Cashbox and on WLS here in Chicago.  A follow-up single, LET'S GET TOGETHER, earned enough sales and airplay to sneak up to #31 on The National Charts ... it would go on to become a much BIGGER hit for another West Coast '60's band a few years later when THE YOUNGBLOODS cut the track.

Today’s featured track, CAST YOUR FATE TO THE WIND, had already been a big instrumental hit TWICE ... first for THE VINCE GUARALDI TRIO (yep, the PEANUTS guy), who took it to #22 back in 1963, and then again for SOUNDS ORCHESTRAL, whose version went even higher, peaking at #9 in early 1965.  Vocal versions would also hit the charts for STEVE ALAIMO (#89, 1965) and SHELBY FLINT (#61, 1966 ... in fact, we featured THIS one not too long ago in FORGOTTEN HITS.)  WE FIVE recorded THEIR version as the B-SIDE to their version of LET'S GET TOGETHER ... and it's already earned 49 votes as one of your FAVORITE, FORGOTTEN B-SIDES.

DIDJAKNOW?:  WE FIVE member MIKE STEWART is the brother of JOHN STEWART of the KINGSTON TRIO ... who also wrote DAYDREAM BELIEVER for THE MONKEES and had his own solo hit, GOLD, in 1979. 

DIDJAREMEMBER?:  It was the success of the VINCE GUARALDI TRIO single CAST YOUR FATE TO THE WIND on San Francisco's FANTASY Record Label that prompted JOHN FOGERTY and CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL to first audition for the label.  (Of course, they weren't called CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL yet at this point ... but THIS is the record that drew them in!!!)  In fact, THE BLUE VELVETS ... which IS what they were calling themselves at the time ... were just an instrumental band at this early point in their career ... once it was explained to them that the success of CAST YOUR FATE TO THE WIND was just a fluke, they added vocals to their act and the rest, as they say, is history!

Lots of love going around for Paul McCartney’s second solo album, “Ram,” about to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.  (This wasn’t necessarily the case when the LP first came out in 1971.  Critics almost universally panned it as “light McCartney fluff” with nothing of substance contained in the grooves.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of it, and played it CONSTANTLY at the time.  (It’s STILL one of my all-time favorites of Paul’s solo work.)

Critics seem to have come around to my way of thinking over the past decade or so, as I now see this album regularly praised in the press.

The disc has already gone thru a couple of revivals, including the long-awaited release of Paul’s instrumental big band version, released under the pseudonym Percy “Thrills” Thrillington as well as a deluxe box set edition with ALL kinds of extras, released as part of the on-going Paul McCartney Collection series.

Now we’re getting “Ram On,” a tribute album of sorts, featuring brand new cover versions of all of the tracks included on the original LP plus a couple of bonus tracks … new workings of Paul’s first solo single, “Another Day” / “Oh Woman, Oh Why.”  This will be released on May 14th.  More details below.

RAM ON - A 50th Anniversary Celebration of Paul & Linda McCartney’s RAM - Out on 14th May

For the 50th anniversary of “Ram” by Paul & Linda McCartney, over 100 musicians have come together to celebrate this much-loved seminal album. With Sir Paul McCartney’s blessing, they have re-recorded all of the “Ram” songs to create “RAM ON: The 50th Anniversary Tribute to Paul & Linda McCartney’s RAM,” released on 14th May 2021 through Spirit of Unicorn Music (distributed by Cherry Red Records). 

Hear a teaser of all tracks from “RAM ON” here:

It is a testament to the enduring love and affection for “Ram” that so many artists across three generations should want to be a part of this recreation of a classic album. The idea was born in 2020 from a discussion between producer / multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo and Denny Seiwell, the original drummer with Paul McCartney & Wings, who performed on “Ram.” Original guitarist David Spinozza returns to reprise his parts on the album along with Marvin Stamm, who played flugelhorn on “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey.” They are joined by their musical contemporaries Davey Johnstone (Elton John Band) and Will Lee (The Fab Faux). 

A second generation of musicians includes Brian Wilson’s daughter Carnie Wilson (Wilson Phillips), Dan Rothchild (Heart, Sheryl Crow) Pat Sansone (Wilco), Joey Santiago (Pixies), Eric Dover (Jellyfish) and Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd, Blue Pearl).  The latest cohort of musicians with this love of “Ram” includes Dave Depper (Death Cab For Cutie), Lauren Leigh, Cindy Wassermann and Frank Drennan (Dead Rock West) and multi-instrumentalist Timmy Sean.

“RAM ON” includes warm and sensitive re-recordings of all the original tracks on “Ram” plus two non-album tracks from the “Ram” sessions: McCartney’s first single after his departure from The Beatles, “Another Day,” was a huge global hit in 1971 and the single’s B-side “Oh Woman Oh Why,” is also included. The tribute closes with a reprise of the opening track “Too Many People (Slight Return).” 

“RAM ON” is produced by Fernando Perdomo and Denny Seiwell.

“From early on I wanted this to not be a typical tribute record,” says Fernando Perdomo. “Every musician on this record loves ‘Ram’ with all their heart and I think it shows. This record was made with pure love.”  

RAM ON” Track Listing:

01. Too Many People feat Dan Rothchild
02. 3 Legs feat The Dirty Diamond and Durga McBroom
03. Ram On feat Pat Sansone
04. Dear Boy feat Adrian Bourgeois
05. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey feat Bebopalula
06. Smile Away feat Timmy Sean
07. Heart of the Country feat Dan Rothchild
08. Monkberry Moon Delight feat Timmy Sean
09. Eat At Home feat Dead Rock West
10. Long Haired Lady feat Rob Bonfiglio and Carnie Wilson
11. Ram On Reprise feat Pat Sansone
12. Backseat of My Car feat Brentley Gore
13. Another Day feat Gordon Michaels
14. Oh Woman Oh Why feat Eric Dover and Lauren Leigh
15. Too Many People (Slight Return)

“RAM ON” is released in CD format on 14th May 2021 via Spirit of Unicorn Music. We’re also considering the release of a vinyl format later in the year, more details to follow.

You can pre-order the album here:

Uncanny! ‘Ram On’ effortlessly captures the beauty, spirit and charm of Paul and Linda’s original. Wonderful!” - Paul Sinclair, Super Deluxe Edition.

About “Ram”
Recording sessions for “Ram” took place in New York and Los Angeles between October 1970 and March 1971. The principal musicians were Paul McCartney (vocals, bass, keyboards, guitars and ukulele on “Ram On”), Linda McCartney (harmony and backing vocals), Denny Seiwell (drums), David Spinozza (guitar), Hugh McCracken (guitar) with Marvin Stamm (flugelhorn on “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”).

“Ram” was released 17th May 1971. McCartney was hurt by the negative reception from the press, but the album was a huge commercial success and much-loved by fans around the world. In retrospect, the critics heaped praise upon the album at the time of its re-release in 2012 and fans continue to love the album to this day.

Meanwhile, a half-speed remastered cut of the original album will be released on vinyl, also on May 14th.

In other McCartney news, a follow-up to his best selling Childrens’ Book, “Hey, Grandude” will be released in September.  Titled “Grandude’s Green Submarine,” this time the family is searching for their grandmother, “Nandude!”

And, Linda McCartney’s vegan cook book, “Linda McCartney’s Family Kitchen” will see release on June 24th.

(Paul doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all, does he???)  kk

Look how cool this is!

A brand new book by Chart Statistician Bill Carroll is being prepped for publication.

This time around, he’s Ranking the ‘80’s.  (Previous volumes include Ranking The Songwriters and Ranking The Albums … and, with Dann Isbell, Ranking the ‘70’s.)

What makes this new book so intriguing is that this time around Bill has researched every artist’s singles and album performance in Billboard Magazine.

As pop singles sales started to die down, it is interesting to be able to compare, side by side, chart stats for any given artist’s singles success vs. his album success.

In addition, the new book incorporates not only the songwriters of every charted hit but also the PRODUCER of each hit single, brand new territory for any kind of reference manual like this.  (Carroll brings his scientific background to the party, creating all kinds of charts and graphs to illustrate the respective performance of the key hits of the decade.)

Here’s hoping he’ll incorporate this new, detailed research to his previous volumes … and even assist Dann Isbell with an update of HIS book, Ranking The ‘60’s.  As such, ALL of these publications would be invaluable resources for chartaholics like me … and about a million others of you out there!  (Could a Ranking the '50's book ALSO be in our future???)

A more complete analysis simply isn't available ... and you just can't argue with the research (no matter what your own 20/20 hindsight may THINK was the case.)  These books present the facts AS THEY ACTUALLY HAPPENED ... regardless of the "pick-and-choose" airplay we hear today.

Highly recommended as a necessary addition to any Music Chart Reference Library as can be had.  (And he’s even got a quote from ME on the back cover!!!)  kk


The Ed Sullivan YouTube Channel is focusing on some of the jazz greats this month with full-length performances from Ed’s historic shows dating back to the 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Appearances by big name talent abound in the days and weeks to come as The Ed Sullivan Show channel celebrates appearances by Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington with Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong, and Woody Herman And His Orchestra, plus playlists for Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Jazz Music with Dave Brubeck Quartet, Gene Krupa, Nat King Cole Trio and more.

Established by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, 2021 marks the 20th year of Jazz Appreciation Month, which celebrates the cultural and historic impact of jazz music. The Ed Sullivan Show brought jazz music to millions of American television viewers and has been acknowledged for its pioneering jazz appearances by the Library of Congress, which described the popular show as “a landmark television program, and unquestionably one of the most important chronicles of mid-20th century popular culture.” The Ed Sullivan Show was frequently international in scope, including Jazz performers who enjoyed worldwide acclaim.

Jazz appreciation on The Ed Sullivan Show YouTube channel kicks off with Benny Goodman (“I Want To Be Happy”) and Louis Armstrong (“When It's Sleepy Time Down South”). Other rarities such as W.C. Handy’s 1949 performance of “St. Louis Blues,” Lionel Hampton (“How High The Moon”) and a rousing segment by Turk Murphy & Dixieland Brass Band performing “Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home” also make their premiere. The great sound of jazz continues with Louis Armstrong (“On The Sunny Side Of The Street”), Pete Fountain (“Tiger Rag”), Count Basie with Joe Williams (“Roll 'Em Pete”), Gene Krupa (“Sing, Sing, Sing”) and Glenn Miller Orchestra/Ray McKinley (“In The Mood”). You’ll also find Erroll Garner (“Misty”) and Louis Armstrong (“Muskrat Ramble”).

The Ed Sullivan Show YouTube channel also features Louis Armstrong’s many appearances, including a 1956 performance of “Basin Street Blues.” Additional jazz segments include Harry James Band (“Lester Leaps In”), Woody Herman And His Orchestra (“Caldonia”) and, closing the month, performances by Louis Armstrong with Duke Ellington.

The Ed Sullivan Show’s official YouTube channel

We’ve been telling you about the brand new, super deluxe reissue edition of “The Who Sell Out,” coming April 23rd.

Well, now you can catch a special broadcast before the box set hits the street …

Read on … Announces Livestream Premiere of The Who’s Classic Albums Episode: The Who Sell Out 

Watch the story behind The Who’s iconic album, streaming FREE April 22 on 

Super Deluxe Edition of 'The Who Sell Out’ album featuring 112 tracks with 47 unreleased songs available April 23 on UMe/Polydor, the leading music platform for live concert streams and recordings, have partnered with The Who, UMe, and Mercury Studios, for the livestream premiere of their Classic Albums documentary, The Who Sell Out. The Who is one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century with over 100 million records sold worldwide, and the documentary explores their groundbreaking record in detail, including a deep dive into the original multi-track recordings, as well as brand-new, exclusive interviews with Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, and album producers. Fans can tune in to the free livestream on Thursday, April 22nd at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET at The episode will be available to stream on demand via, the YouTube page and The Who YouTube page through Sunday, April 25th at 9pm PT / 12am ET. Streaming is available worldwide with the exception of the UK and Ireland.

Set a reminder to watch the premiere on April 22nd:

Initially released in December 1967, and described latterly by Rolling Stone as “The Who’s finest album,” The Who Sell Out reflected a remarkable year in popular culture. As well as being forever immortalized as the moment when the counterculture and the “Love Generation” became a global phenomenon and “pop” began metamorphosing into “rock.” The album was originally planned by Pete Townshend and the band’s managers Kit Lambert & Chris Stamp, as a loose concept album including jingles and commercials linking the songs stylized as a pirate radio broadcast. This concept was born out of necessity as their label and management wanted a new album and Townshend felt that he didn’t have enough songs.

The Who Sell Out is a bold depiction of the period in which it was made, the tail-end of the “swinging-60s” meets pop-art mixed with psychedelia and straight-ahead pop. It’s a glorious blend of classic powerful Who instrumentation, melodic harmonies, satirical lyrical imagery crystallized for what was only the group’s third album. The album’s ambition and scope is unrivalled by The Who, or any other act from that period. Within the bold concept, were a batch of fabulous and diverse songs. “I Can See for Miles,” a top ten hit at the time, is a Who classic. “Rael,” a Townshend “mini-opera” with musical motifs that reappeared in Tommy and the psychedelic blast of “Armenia City In The Sky” and “Relax” are among the very best material anyone wrote during the 1960s.

In keeping with the spirit of the times, the documentary is a visual representation of the album’s concept as a pirate radio broadcast, coupled with extremely rare archival footage, new interviews with Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey and a host of others including John Entwistle and Keith Moon in archive. Additional narrative will be provided by filmed interviews with those who were there at the time, attesting to the importance of pirate radio and how pop music and advertising were beginning to feed off each other during the period the album was recorded. The episode will also cover why 1967 was a pivotal year in popular culture by examining the era’s art, music and social influences, and how The Who Sell Out encapsulated that time but still sounds as fresh and vital as it did upon its release over 50 years ago.

The Who Sell Out documentary was produced by Mercury Studios and directed by Bob Smeaton, the double GRAMMY Award-winning director with music documentary credits that include The Beatles, Elton John, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Queen, Nirvana, Mark Knopfler and the Spice Girls.

Super Deluxe Edition of 'The Who Sell Out’ album featuring 112 tracks with 47 unreleased songs available April 23

To coincide with their Classic Albums episode, The Who are releasing a new Super Deluxe Edition of The Who Sell Out (UMe/Polydor) on April 23, which features 112 tracks spanning five CDs and two seven inches, 47 of which are unreleased including 14 unheard Pete Townshend demos, an 80-page, hard-back, full-color book, including rare period photos, memorabilia (nine posters and inserts), track-by-track annotation and new sleeve notes by Pete Townshend with comments from the likes of Pete Drummond (Radio London DJ), Richard Evans (designer) & Roy Flynn (the Speakeasy Club manager). The Super Deluxe package also includes nine posters & inserts, including replicas of 20” x 30” original Adrian George album poster, a gig poster from The City Hall, Newcastle, a Saville Theatre show 8-page program, a business card for the Bag o’ Nails club, Kingly Street, a Who fan club photo of group, a flyer for Bath Pavilion concerts including The Who, a crack-back bumper sticker for Wonderful Radio London, Keith Moon’s Speakeasy Club membership card and a Who Fan Club newsletter.

Author Joel Selvin was Bob Sirott’s guest this past week on his WGN Radio show discussing Hollywood Eden, Joel’s new book that’s out April 6th.  Hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen to the interview through the link below and let us know what you think … WE think you’ll like to read this book!

-Bob Merlis

Good press for this one … and Joel Selvin has a good reputation for capturing the spirit of the times, proven in his previous work.  Check it out … the book comes out next Tuesday.  (kk)

And a final recommendation from Clark Besch …

Pilot fans unite!  David Paton has lopped of a word from the Pilot classic "One Good Reason Why" and come up with a new masterpiece.  For my money, Pilot is a top 5 band of the 70's and this new song fits right in!


Pilot, of course, scored a Top Five Hit with “Magic” back in 1975 … and then disappeared from the US charts … but this isn’t a bad song … give a listen via the link above.  (kk)

From Chuck Buell …

According to your Personal Forgotten Hits Medical Records Imaging, you now have both your shots!


It’s true, I do … and, thankfully, no real reaction of any kind to speak of … nothing worth mentioning anyway.

Yes, my arm was sore for about a day … but a couple of Tylenols took care of that.

And I was pretty tired … actually fell asleep in front of the tv … something that otherwise only happens about seven nights a week … but other than that, I was fine.  (Definitely preferable to the potential alternate!)  kk

And, speaking of Chuck Buell, here’s a little Helping Out Our Readers query that I’m betting SOMEBODY on the list can resolve …

Chuck Buell Seekers Seeking!

OK, Kent, I realize this is a very long shot, but ~~~

Back in the late 60s - early 70s, I voiced the taglines for a number of Coca Cola radio commercials that were sung by a variety of Pop Singers of the time.

I do have some of those I did along with other such Coke spots as voiced by other guys then.  But the weird thing is, I have not been able to locate the series I did for the New Seekers, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke,” as sung to their “Teach the World to Sing” song.  ( Yeah, I too thought I would have gotten a copy then along with the other acts, but alas, No! )  I have come across those Seekers Coca Cola radio commercials over the years, but my tagline isn’t on them! I dunno why.

Hence my Query.  ( And my Quandary! ) 

I'd like to put out to the Forgotten Hits Community to see if anyone might have a copy of those commercials, with my tagline, in their archives by any chance.


CB ( which stands for "Coke Boy!" )

We’ve come across at least a hundred of these over the years …

Anybody out there got THIS one???  (kk)