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Congratulations to Chicago’s very own Earth, Wind And Fire for their recent Kennedy Center Honors induction.
Billboard reports that they are the first African-American band to receive this honor and were inducted along with the incredible Linda Ronstadt, actress Sally Field, the landmark television series Sesame Street and conductor Michael Tilson Thomas.  (There’s always one, right???  Just kidding, Michael!  Well deserved.)
Earth, Wind and Fire will be celebrating their 50th year in the music business next year … and word of a duets album with some very special guests also seems to be in the offering.  (Man, I remember running into these guys at Monty’s Music in La Grange Park back in the day.  In fact, they were there the day we were carrying out our brand new Kustom PA System!  We were even on the same bill (albeit WAY down at the very bottom) with them at a special McCormick Place concert put on by, get ready for this, The Church Of What’s Happening Now in 1973.  Their career took off BIG TIME shortly after that with MONSTER hits like “Shining Star” (#1, 1975), “That’s The Way Of The World” (#12, 1975, and still my all-time favorite by them), “Sing A Song” (#5, 1976), “Got To Get You Into My Life” (#9, 1978, The Beatles’ classic from the blockbuster … yeah right … film “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”), “September” (probably their best known, most endearing and still most popular hit, #8, 1979), “Boogie Wonderland” (#6, 1979, recorded with The Emotions), “After The Love Has Gone” (#2, 1979), “Let’s Groove” (#3, 1981) and “Fall In Love With Me” (#17, 1983).
If you get a chance, check out the outdoor concert they did with a host of Who’s Who Country Artists a couple of years ago … it is flat out amazing!  Their tour with Chicago a few years back was also a sight to be seen, with both bands performing each other’s hits together on stage.  (More on Chicago below)
And let’s not dismiss the incredible Linda Ronstadt, who’s had quite the career herself … 21 Billboard Top 40 Hits.  Her “The Sound Of My Voice” DVD is now available … and well worth viewing.  (It’s also nice to see, once again, that when it comes to Sally Field, they like her … they really, really like her!  And what can I say about Sesame Street that hasn’t already been said?  It changed children’s television broadcasting … and the concept of educational television … forever.  These timeless characters will live on forever.
Congrats to all of the honorees.  (You can catch the program this Sunday Night, December 15th, on CBS.)  kk

Chicago (another one of our local bands that you may have heard of), will be touring with ‘80’s heart-throb Rick Springfield next summer … but say that they haven't decided yet if they'll get onstage to jam with him like they did with Earth, Wind And Fire in the past.
Founding members Lee Loughnane and James Pankow told iHeart Radio that the question of performing with Rick hasn't been settled … but that they are pleased with the  choice of the Australian star as their 2020 opening act.
Lee Loughnane:  "We have never worked with him before, so I think everyone's going to find out. But normally, when we start working with somebody, their audience and our audience are watching people and listening to people that they haven't actually seen before. So it helps both artists."
James Pankow:  "We kind of pioneered that whole concept, the finale where both artists are together on stage doing each of their greatest hits. Earth Wind and Fire was an incredible experience … there was 21 of us on stage together and it was absolutely electric. They had the horn section, multiple vocalists ... when we both got together to do that finale, it was just amazing."
The Chicago / Rick Springfield tour will begin on June 12th in Concord , California. The band’s current album, “Chicago Christmas” recently debuted at # 1 on the holiday charts.  (kk)

Here’s some GREAT news about one of our favorite Forgotten Hits Celebrity Followers, courtesy of FH Reader Tom Cuddy …

I’d like to bring the FH readers up-to-date on Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon,  As you remember I brought you the sad news at the beginning of the year that Mr. Palisades Park was having problems breathing and did not have enough energy to perform a concert. 
As a result, Freddy decided to retire and he cancelled all the dates he had booked in 2019.  His specialist told Freddy his lungs were in bad shape.  So Freddy followed his Doctor’s orders and took it easy throughout the year.  He started walking every day and was sure to keep up with his doctor’s instructions. 
In recent months Freddy has been feeling a whole lot better.  His breathing has improved significantly and his lungs are in better shape.  Feeling so good, Freddy did a test show recently to see if he would have any issues performing a 30 min set.  It worked out great.
Now Freddy is starting to accept dates again.  This week he’s in Florida at The Villages doing some concerts with Mark Lindsay.
(Here’s an EXCLUSIVE photo of Freddy and Mark taken backstage in a dressing room at The Villages this past week.)

Freddy celebrated a birthday earlier this month and, having survived his health issues, he was doubly appreciative that so many of his fellow artists called him or e-mailed him with greetings.
Merry Christmas to Freddy, his wife Jeanette, his kids and his grand kids in California. 
-Tom Cuddy
  New York, NY
That really is GREAT news, Tom … thanks for sharing.
I know Freddy was heartbroken about having to come off the road.  We talked after he made the announcement and it was so sad to hear him say “My lungs are shot.”  He’s made some incredible recoveries in recent years … which just means that everybody up there is looking out for him … and wanting a little more Boom Boom!!!  (kk)

Hi Kent:
One of the problems with modern media evaluating the 60’s is that they basically think the 60’s started in June of ’67.
Other than the Beatles on Sullivan and a few other moments, their ilk thinks it all started with Sgt. Pepper, Monterey Pop and the Summer of Love.
They mostly neglect the bulk of everything else, especially pre-Beatles on Sullivan.  If you weren’t a drugged up / protesting hippie, you almost didn’t matter in their warped retrospective view of the decade.
For a lot of people who weren’t impressed with the counterculture or interested in it, those events started the rapid downfall and end of the 60’s, not its peak.
Grateful Dead over Del Shannon?  I don’t think so. 
Sgt. Pepper over A Hard Day’s Night?  Not a Chance.
Beggar’s Banquet over December’s Children?  Dream On.
Janis Joplin over The Trashmen?  Keep dreaming!
That was the 60’s! That was Rock n Roll.

Hi Kent ... 
Very  interesting reading from Shelley  Sweet -Tufano.  I can identify with her story about waiting in lines for concert seats. Brings back a lot of memories about waiting in line for hours only to have the privileged "line cutters" go in front.  Apparently, they thought they were more important than everybody else.  The general admission tickets were like a "free for all" when the gates opened.  One had to be careful not to get trampled.  Some claimed their seats in unusual ways, like it was a matter of life and death.  Thanks, Shelley, for your write up.
The Buckinghams are always great. Btw, I liked hearing about my favorite Jersey band in the Cornish book "Good Lovin"   l will have to check that out. I didn't know that my favorite Rascal Eddie was sometimes on the moody side.  It sounds like a good read.
And lastly, Christmas just isn't the same without hearing the soulful and upbeat voice of Darlene Love. Luckily, I will hear it sometime during the yuletide season.  Take good care.

>>>Cash Box did chart songs back before 1955 but they often listed ALL of the versions available.  Here, you will see "Goodnight, Sweetheart" at #8 via MANY artists, listing Spaniels at the end of the line.  They had regional charts as well and the Chicago one did NOT show it, but others listed McGuire Sisters version, etc.
(Clark Besch)

>>>This was a very common practice back in the early-to-mid ‘50’s … when it was still believed that the SONG was the most important factor and not the artist.  (That dates back to the old Your Hit Parade days … as well as a time when sheet music actually outsold records.)  Most typically, ALL of the artists SHARED the chart position … until (or unless) one version truly broke out and away from the others.  In the case of “Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight,” Joel Whitburn’s Cash Box book only shows the versions by he McGuire Sisters and Sunny Gale … oddly enough, NOT The Spaniels’ version.  (Wonder why?)  kk
Starting with the issue dated October 25, 1952, Cash Box, on its Best Selling Records chart, placed a star next to the artist(s) who had the best-selling version(s) among all the artists that were listed below each title.
On the 1955 chart shown, you will notice the stars next to the McGuire Sisters and Sunny Gale for the No. 8 record "Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight." The artists under each title were listed in alphabetical order by label, which is why the Spaniels (on Vee-Jay) were listed last. The reason Whitburn included only the McGuire Sisters and Sunny Gale versions in his Cash Box book was due to the fact that those were the only versions that were starred on the published charts.
 – Randy Price

I really enjoyed Sam's Christmas songs that he remembered through the years. Personally, most of them I have never heard and or heard of. Without checking my 45 rpm, that video of Chubby Checker and Bobby Rydell doing JINGLE BELL ROCK, is not the original on the vinyl, but anyone gets the point.
Kent, I remember, and you may as well, when radio stations (traditional top 40), didn't start playing Christmas songs on the air until at least around December 10th, plus or minus.
Yes, and I think I enjoyed and appreciated them much more than this beat-you-over-the-head saturation that we’re faced with now.  (Then again, we have readers who listen to Christmas Music all year ‘round … so it really all comes down to personal taste.)
As for Sam’s selections, I wasn’t familiar with any of them either … and we’ve been featuring Readers’ Holiday Favorites for twenty years now!
ALWAYS nice to broaden our horizons a little bit by discovering some “new” oldies!  (kk)

A couple of quick reminders …

Remember, you can vote for your FIVE favorite nominees on this year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ballot until January 10th
Cast your votes here:
The Top Five current leaders (all with over half a million votes) are:
The Dave Matthews Band (approximately 750,000 votes), Pat Benatar (just over 650,000 votes), The Doobie Brothers (right around 600,000 votes), Soundgarden (550,000 votes) and Judas Priest (with just over 500,000 votes.)
There’s still time to make your vote count …
Head over to the official polling booth now!  (kk)

Meanwhile, the polls have closed for this year’s Rewound Radio Top 77 Countdown (it’s really more like Top 3000!!!) … but you can listen to them play down all of the winners during the week between Christmas and New Year’s … and what a fun listen that is!!!  (I haven’t missed it in at least ten years!)  kk

We just ran the new Ides Of March video for “Friends Like You” a couple of weeks ago … and now they’ve already got ANOTHER clip ready from their “Play On” CD.

And it just  happens to be another one of my favorite tracks from the album.

You can check it out here …

It gives you some insight into their 55 year journey … and shows just why they’re still so popular today.  (In fact, their annual Christmas Concert is tomorrow night at The Arcada Theatre … and good seats are still available.)

From Jim Peterik …

There are still some tickets left for the Ides Christmas show at the Arcada on December 14th - this Saturday.  
Special guest will be the amazing singer, Toby Hitchcock of Pride of Lions, who will astound with his inspirational version of Oh Holy Night. Mike Toomey of WGN will host with his comedy.  
The Ides will do two  sets - the first, all Christmas material - original songs and classics. Set Two is all rock from their amazing catalog of hits.
Rock on!!!  

And, right around the corner is Jim’s annual World Stage Show, which is ALWAYS an amazing cavalcade of music …

We are excited to announce the roster for Jim Peterik and World Stage 2020, to be held at Wentz Center, Naperville on Saturday, January 25th.
There are still some tickets available. 
[But these go quick … EVERY show is a complete sell out! – kk]
The line-up this year includes:
Jim Peterik (heard of him?)
The Ides of March
David Pack of Ambrosia fame
Dave Jenkins of Pablo Cruise
Anthony Gomes (back by popular demand!)
Toby Hitchcock of Pride of Lions
Brooklyn Charmers (Colin Peterik’s amazing Steely Dan tribute band) 
And you know there’s always the chance of a surprise guest!
Also ...  be sure to check out the new Christmas lyric video below …
A gift from the Ides of March! 
Rock on!!  

And, speaking of The Ides Of March …

>>>One of my fave Ides obscure 45s gets just dues finally!  Their first 45 on Warner Brothers from 50 years ago, 1969, is the opening track on this new 2 CD import from Warner Japan!  "One Woman Man" is a lush sound that is similar to their earlier great tune "Nobody Loves Me," but with a much happier outlook lyrically.  You get the great brass and a sound that was in line with the softer music of the time.  There's even an unintended slight reference to the NC6's 1969 hit "I Want You to Know" musically if you listen closely.  Jim will have to put this back in their concert schedule now, maybe?  A truly great tune.  (Clark Besch)
>>>Omg Clark! This is Epic news!  (Actually Warner Brothers news. Lol!)  This is one of our lost gems 💎 for sure!  It was our first release from Warner Brothers and the first love song I wrote for Karen Moulik (later to be Peterik.)  At the time we were all super in love with Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.  (Jim Peterik)
I guess it is BOTH Epic and  WB news, as you recorded for both labels! 
Great to hear the story behind "One Woman Man." 
I listen to both "I Want You To Know" AND "One Woman Man" a lot on my car MP3 player and hear the similarities and start to think about the period they were released, with both about a month apart and indeed, Gary Puckett still a top 40 fave. 
Here's what I hear as very similar, but now makes even more sense with your commentary.  Sadly, the great Ides track fell on deaf top 40 ears only to be given the Paul Anka story exactly five years later when he and Odia Coates made a big hit of their "One Man Woman/One Woman Man."  (Do you think Art Roberts told them they would have a hit if they did an Odia answer to Paul's part like he did with you and "Vehicle"???  ;)
Clark Besch

Peterik’s “Eye Of The Tiger” was all over the fall finale episode of “Schooled,” the new Adam Goldberg spin-off series that sprang from “The Goldbergs.”

And, as if all of this Ides coverage isn’t already enough (or, some may say, too much), now Clark Besch sends us the Cyrkle reunion performance of The Ides Of March’s biggest hit “Vehicle.”  (I’m sorry, Clark … but this is just AWFUL!!!)
So much so that I’m just going to run a link rather than the clip on our site so that those of you out there brave enough to do so can check it out!  (kk)

Is there sucha thing as over saturation on FH? 
The Ides are hotter than ever these days, it seems.  Below, "Vehicle" is on the new Cyrkle reunion live CD that has come out.  They were a great group and as the video shows, the horns are done on keyboards, so a little cop out there on the true sound, but nice of them to include it and the singer (a Cyrkle original member) does a good job. 
Here, you can watch their 2016 performance:
You can get the CD here:

kk -
Here’s a message for Larry Neal about the Oklahoma City show coming up on 1/11/2020 …
If it doesn't say Charlie Thomas' Drifters, it’s a phony group.
If it doesn't say Sonny Turners' Platters, it’s a phony group.
There are no Coaters still alive ... but I think Carl Gardner's son has a group of Coaters. 
Kent, correct me if I'm wrong – but back in 1972, wasn't there some controversy over the song "CLAIR?"  Older man / young girl?
I seem to recall something about that … but it was really quite innocent.  (I think this was more a case of somebody trying to make something out of nothing.)
Clair was the name of his manager Gordon Mills’ daughter.  (Mills also managed Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck and, in the early ‘70’s, started his own record label, MAM Records.  Gilbert O’Sullivan was one of the first recording artists he signed to the label.)
O’Sullivan’s real name is Ray and if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll hear him refer to Clair talking to her Uncle Ray.  (O’Sullivan used to babysit Clair while he was waiting for his career to start taking off.)  While at first you get the impression that Gilbert is singing about a love affair between two adults, the lyrics (and the little girl’s laugh at the end of the song) finally give it all away that he’s singing to a child.  In fact, the lyrics take on a whole new context in this light.
Read some of the comments on YouTube from the real Clair Mills for more about how hurting it was to have this song misinterpreted.

(Kinda like the Bread / David Gates song, “Everything I Own” … it sounds like a beautiful love song to a girl … but once you realize that David wrote the song for his dying father, everything takes on a completely different meaning.  If you haven’t already done so, give it a listen from that perspective and see just how powerful and heartfelt a song it really is.

Or, from a completely different (and ridiculous!) perspective, “My Girl Bill” by Jim Stafford!

The Happy Together Tour will make a stop at The Genesee Theatre next year on Saturday, August 8th.
The line-up this time around includes headliners The Turtles (once again featuring Ron Dante subbing for Howard Kaylan, performing not only some of The Turtles’ biggest hits but also his own #1 smash by The Archies, “Sugar, Sugar”), Chuck Negron (formerly of Three Dog Night), The Association, The Vogues, The Cowsills, The Buckinghams and Mark Lindsay (former lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders.)

And The Who have just announced a six show residency at Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas! 
They’re calling this their “Moving On” tour … and concerts will take place on May 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 14th and 16th of next year … and tickets are on sale now thru Ticketmaster / Live Nation.  (kk)

After having just seen “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas” a few weeks ago, I’m anxious to see his new DVD release spotlighting their 50 Year career.

You can read more about it here … 

ZZ Top’s big, brazen blues-rock, combined with a surrealist charisma that continues to intrigue fans, catapulted the band into worldwide stardom. Their history is deeply explored in ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band From Texas, which will be released via Eagle Rock Entertainment as a DVD+Blu-ray set on February 28, 2020. The package is available along with exclusive That Little Ol’ Band merchandise bundles from now.
Produced by the award-winning Banger Films (Super Duper Alice Cooper; Peabody/ International Emmy award-winning Netflix series Hip-Hop Evolution), ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band From Texas, presented through the unique Banger Films lens, delivers the story of this power trio in an artistic style that complements the distinctive ZZ Top vibe. Originally premiered at a sold-out showing at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood earlier this year, the film experienced a successful 10-week theatrical run via 150 screens nationally.
It unveils the story of three teenage blues musicians: guitarist Billy F Gibbons, bassist Dusty Hill, and drummer Frank Beard, as they went on to become international sensations. The film traces ZZ Top’s rich legacy, from their bar gig beginnings to their defining MTV era and meteoric rise to fame. In addition to interviews with the band members, the disc features conversations with such high-profile fans as Billy Bob Thornton and Joshua Homme (Queens Of the Stone Age), as well as never-before-seen archival footage. Shot exclusively for this film, an intimate ZZ Top performance at the historic Gruene Hall – the oldest dance hall in Texas – is intercut throughout the documentary.
Alongside the film, this DVD+Blu-ray set also includes two live performance segments. 18 minutes of the Gruene Hall performance, along with the Ham Estate Archive, which spotlights rare pre-Eliminator ZZ Top concert footage from 1976 and 1981, complete the set.
Currently celebrating their half-century career with extensive tours of both Europe and North America, ZZ Top continues to inspire fans 50 years after their inceptionThat Little Ol’ Band From Texas takes a deep dive into the band’s history that’s truly an interesting ride.
Gruene Hall Bonus Performances (21 minutes):
Shuffle In C / Fannie Mae
La Grange
Brown Sugar
Blue Jean Blues
Ham Estate Archives Bonus Performances (22 minutes):
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
Manic Mechanic

News you can use … for the next two and a half weeks anyway …

FH Regular Chuck Buell tells us …

Check This out!
This year, everyone on the planet adds up to . . . THIS YEAR!
Start with your age and add your birth year and see the total.
Now do the same with anybody else’s age and birth year!
Go ahead! Just try it, first with yourself!
CB ( which stands for "Calculating Boy!" )
It’s true, it’s true!  So have some fun with this and amaze your friends!   
(Personally, I think this would be true of ANY year ... if all you're doing is taking the year you started and adding to it the age you're at right now, wouldn't the total ALWAYS come out to the total equaling the current year?!?!  (Hey, I know math is hard, people ... in fact, I've heard that five out of three people have problems with it ... but this one seems like a puzzle even Captain Obvious could probably solve!)  kk

Celebrity-author MARK BEGO visited MICKY DOLENZ Friday night for his It Was 50 years Ago tour at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. 
Bego wrote Dolenz’s official bio I'm A Believer: My Life of Monkees, Music and Madness. 
And then on Tuesday Night Dolenz was interviewed by actor Alec Baldwin in LA for his podcast.  (Watch for airtimes)

And, speaking of Micky Dolenz and Mark Bego, their PR Guy (and long-time FH Reader) David Salidor got the Billboard treatment this week.  You can read the whole story / interview here:

Why don’t we feature this holiday tune from our FH Buddy Bob Lind …

TO MY FRIENDS AND FANS ... who are not on FaceBook, or at least who don't always see my FaceBook feed … I post this song and/or send it out every year around this time. It's as close as I come to writing a "holiday song." I wrote it sometime around 2005. Not much has changed since then.  Still my sentiments.
Love to all of you.
Bob Lind

The 2020 Soul Train Cruise has sold out (for the ninth time!) 
Lucky fans who grabbed ticket in time will get to see The Jacksons, The Isley Brothers, Johnny Gill (in a special performance January 21), Cameo, Peabo Bryson, War, The Manhattans featuring Gerald Alston, Atlantic Starr, Regina Belle, Karyn White, Harold Melvin’s Blue Notes, Con Funk Shun, The Family Stone, Jean Carne, Brick, The Urban Guerilla Orchestra” and a Barry White Tribute featuring Jourdan Carroll, Jason Miles, Cruise Host Tony Cornelius, Gospel Host Clifton Davis, Co-Host Angela Stribling (of Pillow Talk Radio), Co-Host Jerry Wells, original Soul Train dancers Derek Fleming and Patricia Davis, Soul Train Cruise Comedy Club featuring Kevin Bozeman and Trenton Davis and music executive Chuck Gamble.
“When the very first Soul Train Cruise set sail back in 2013, we wanted to create the ultimate experience for the old school R&B fans,” says Alan Rubens, StarVista LIVE Senior Vice President of Entertainment and Executive Producer of the Soul Train Cruise. “We wanted to make sure our guests would be surrounded by their favorite music, have opportunities to interact with the superstars they love and relive favorite moments from their lives while creating new memories. Every year since then, we’ve set the bar even higher with bigger stars and round-the-clock events that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s incredible to see that there is a huge group of fans out there who love this as much as we do and want more of it every year.”  
“The Soul Train Cruise captures the essence of Soul Train’s spirit and is a special place where we get to say hi to and hang out with the greatest fans in the world,” adds Ronald Isley of the GRAMMY Award-winning Isley Brothers. “There’s really nothing else like it on the planet.” “The StarVista LIVE team has done a tremendous job of honoring the Soul Train legacy,” says Tony Cornelius, former Soul Train Executive and current Host of the cruise. “The StarVista LIVE team brings all the things we love so much about Soul Train to life to create a music-filled vacation experience for everyone to enjoy.”
Guests aboard the Soul Train Cruise experience seven days of nonstop Love, Peace and Soul, spending their days and nights with the stars during more than 50 live performances and over 25 celebrity interactive events. The vacation of a lifetime includes parties at the pool, a Gospel Hour, live interviews, cocktail receptions, Q&A sessions, dance classes with the original Soul Train dancers, wine tastings, celebrity-led game shows, costume parties and so much more.
The full-ship charter cruise will take place aboard the Holland America Line Nieuw Amsterdam, a luxurious ship that features an array of premier dining, lounges surrounded by panoramic views, a world class spa and salon and elegant staterooms. Cabin prices include access to all of the major concerts, gourmet meals, 24-hour room service and daily events. Further information is available at or by calling 844-266-7685.

Here’s news of an upcoming tribute to another often under-appreciated ‘60’s band, The Lovin’ Spoonful … and it’s all for a good cause, too …

Benefit concert for the Autism Think Tank
to take place February 29 at the Alex Theater 

Benefit-concert producers the Wild Honey Foundation will present the music of the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame members the Lovin’ Spoonful as a fundraiser for the Autism Think Tank. The event will take place Saturday, February 29, 2020, at 8 p.m., at the historic Alex Theatre, 216 N. Brand Blvd., in downtown Glendale, Calif.
Led by acclaimed musical director Rob Laufer (whose credits include George Martin’s Hollywood Bowl tribute to Sgt. Pepper), Wild Honey Orchestra and Friends (guest singers TBA) will explore the groundbreaking catalog of one of the 1960s’ most influential if underrated bands in the folk-rock-country (Americana) world. In the tradition of Wild Honey’s benefit events (which have saluted the Kinks, Buffalo Springfield, the Band, Beach Boys ’67-’77, Big Star, and the Beatles, among others), the musicians will passionately celebrate every nuance of more than 30 of the Lovin’ Spoonful brilliant songs: “Do You Believe in Magic,” “Summer in the City,” “Six O’clock,” “Coconut Grove,” “You Didn't Have to Be So Nice,” “Darling Be Home Soon,” “She's Still a Mystery,” “Full Measure,” and so many more.  Beloved by their peers — Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ray and Dave Davies of the Kinks, and many others — the Spoonful created a rich and varied catalog of hits and hidden treasures that’s a perfect fit for the Wild Honey Orchestra and their merry band of guest performers.
Current members of the Orchestra include a who’s who of respected L.A. recording artists: Laufer, guitar, vocals; Elliot Easton of the Cars, Dennis Diken (Smithereens), guitar; Jim Laspesa (Brian Wilson / Dave Davies), drums; Derrick Anderson (the Bangles); David Goodstein, drums, vocals; Chris Price (Emitt Rhodes); Willie Aron, keyboards, vocals; Jordan Summers (Jakob Dylan) and Danny McGough (Tom Waits and more), keyboards; Kaitlin Wolfberg and Lyn Bertles, strings; Nick Vincent (vocals, drums); and Tara Austin and Nick Guzman (vocals).
As in previous years, the concert will benefit the Autism Think Tank, a non-profit that brings together a team of top autism specialists, via an Internet medical conference, to tackle the medical/psychological issues faced by kids like Wild Honey co-founder Paul Rock’s 15-year-old son Jake, a non-verbal autistic boy with extreme digestive distress and self-injury issues.  Thanks to medical advice from a member of the Think Tank medical team, Jake’s often debilitating self-injury has been reduced by 95%. By giving families access to cutting-edge treatments, the Autism Think Tank provides welcome relief from the suffering that comes with severe autism.  Since 2013, the Wild Honey Foundation has raised over $100,000 for the organization, which now operates under the wing of the newly formed Autism Healthcare Collaborative. Here’s a wonderful short video on how the Autism Think Tank works:
Dating back to 1994, the 501(3)(c), non-profit Wild Honey’s numerous grassroots benefit events have featured appearances by Brian Wilson, Dave Davies (the Kinks), Richie Furay, Garth Hudson, Jackson Browne, Carlene Carter, Alex Chilton, the Bangles, Beach Boy Al Jardine, Micky Dolenz, Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Al Stewart, Denny Laine, Tony Asher, Dave Gregory of XTC, Danny Hutton, Terry Reid, Chuck Negron, Matthew Sweet, Colin Hay, Dan Wilson, Jody Stephens (Big Star), the Continental Drifters, P.F. Sloan, Jon Brion, Peter Case, the Plimsouls, Victoria Williams, the Williams Brothers, Dave Alvin, the Blue Shadows, Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, Scott Miller (the Loud Family), Ann Magnuson, and many others. The shows have been produced at the Alex and various other Los Angeles-area locations including the Morgan-Wixson Theater, the Roxy, the Knitting Factory (Hollywood), and the El Rey Theatre.
Besides the Autism Think Tank, Wild Honey shows have raised funds and awareness for the Children’s Music Fund, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, Habitat for Humanity, the Liberty Hill Foundation, USC Norris Cancer Center, and the Coalition to End Gun Violence.
For more information about the Autism Think Tank please go to:
For more information on the Wild Honey Foundation, please go to: 
Presale tickets on sale Wed., Dec. 11, noon. General sale tickets, Fri., Dec., 13 at the Alex Theatre box office. 

kk …
Here’s a link to Wild Wayne's show from Sunday …
I don't expect you to get through the whole show. 
He did a tribute to Herb Cox (of the Cleftones). 
Herb Cox died on Saturday and this show aired at 6 PM Sunday.  He had less than a day to put it together.
In my opinion, You and Wild Wayne are tied for # 1 --- Interviews + Reviews + Research.
Frank B.
Well, that’s some pretty good company indeed.
I’ve still gotta go with Rewound Radio as the #1 source to hear the widest variety of oldies music anywhere … put together by very knowledgeable folks where there’s ALWAYS a surprise you don’t see coming.  (And their Saturday Dee Jay Hall Of Fame salutes are great, too, featuring vintage air checks of some of the biggest names in Top 40 Radio from yesteryear.)
And I still really think you’ll like Sam Tallerico’s Lost And Found Oldies Show … the music may be a BIT more “modern” than your normal tastes … (it leans more toward ‘60’s and ‘70’s tracks) … but it’s VERY well put together by a guy who really has a passion for this music.  (And he’s been getting a really good response to our recent B-Sides features.)
Give this show a listen when you’ve got a chance …

On 12/11/1972, Apollo 17 Landed On The Moon.
The last two to walk on the moon = Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt.
My Cousin Frank Used to sing with The Chaperones.
(And you thought I was the only famous singer in the family, singing along with the jukebox at Larry's Pub!)
If you don't believe me, Wild Wayne has a clip of Cousin Frank introducing this song on his show …
The Chaperones – Cruise To The Moon - 
When most of my friends hear me sing at Larry's Pub, they tell me to keep my day job.
Problem is, I don't HAVE a Day Job!
Frank B.

Harvey Kubernik has ALL kinds of new articles out  (Be sure to check back here tomorrow for a very special Jimi Hendrix Page!)
He’s also got a great piece / interview with The Ventures that I will be happy to forward to anyone who asks for it.  (Just drop me an email)
As well as a very nice piece on Joe Smith, who we lost about ten days ago.  (Same deal … you want it, you got it … but it’s too long to run here so I’ll forward it back to you via email.)

For absolutely DIE-HARD Beach Boys fans, here comes word that four previously unreleased, undiscovered tracks by Beach Boys Dad Murry Wilson have been found among The Beach Boys’ archives.
Murry, of course, was famously fired by his sons Brian, Carl and Dennis for his constant meddling in the studio … but released his own album of instrumental tracks (“The Many Moods Of Murry Wilson”) in 1967.  (Wilson also discovered and produced the surf-rock group The Sunrays, who hit the charts with the Top 40 Hits “I Live For he Sun” and “Andrea” in 1965/1966.)
Sunrays leader Rick Henn brought Murry another group to record in 1969 called Snow … and they lent their vocals to four tracks that never saw release (including The Beach Boys’ classic “Break Away,” which Murry wrote together with his son Brian) that will now be made available digitally on December 20th.  (The other three tracks are “We’re Together Again,” “Wilderness” and “Bless Me.”)
You can catch a very short snippet of their version of “Break Away” here …  (It’s AWFUL!!!)
Like I said, for absolutely DIE-HARD Beach Boys fans only!  (kk)

In the category of New Releases that we actually DO care about, look for a deluxe 4-CD Box gathered from Cream’s final album (“Goodbye”) and tour to be released on February 7th.
The new set will feature four complete live concert appearances (October 4th, 1968, at The Oakland Coliseum, October 19th, 1968, at The Los Angeles Forum, October 20th, 1968, at The San Diego Sports Arena and November 26th, 1968, at The Royal Albert Hall in London.)
Of the 36 tracks featured, 29 are premiering on CD for the very first time. 19 of those are previously unreleased in any format, and ten more (from the climactic Royal Albert Hall show) have previously only been available on DVD.
The original album release topped the charts in The UK and went all the way to #2 here in America back in 1969.  (kk)

Here’s a bonus for all of you who have been writing in about seeing the “It Was 50 Years Ago Today” salute to The Beatles’ White Album on the second leg of its tour.
Arcada Theatre House Photographer Lou Bilotti just sent us some great shots of all of the featured artists to share with our readers …


Christopher Cross – Micky Dolenz – Todd Rundgren – Jason Scheff – Joey Molland - ALL great performers! (Thanks, Lou!)
We saw the show for a second time at The Arcada on December 2nd.  (kk)

And a final smile from Chuck Buell …

Chuck Buell's "Friday Finale Funny!"

That's all right, Kent! It took me twice to get it, too!
Don’t feel bad … it took me THREE read-thrus before I got it! 
(One of those “OK, I must be missing SOMETHING” moments!!!)  

Meanwhile, the countdown continues as we make our way thru The Top 100 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs Of All Time.  (We'll be at the top before you know it!)

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