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Phil Nee - Talking About THE COWSILLS

Susan Cowsill was born on May 20th, 1959.  She officially joined the family band in 1968 and became a fan favorite.  

She joined me for a recent interview on WRCO earlier this year.  

Many of us have vivid memories of big events in our young lives.  Susan can check youtube and watch some of hers.


The Cowsills have been on the Happy Together Tour and have played several of their own shows.  When scanning through the channels last year, I often caught a glimpse of the group pitching a greatest hits release.


The Cowsills had three Top 10 hits and several other 'forgotten hits.'  I have picked up requests for We Can Fly and Poor Baby through the years and their version of Love American Style which should have been a big hit.


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Friday, May 20, 2022

The Friday Flash

As seen in FH:

Well, that's a pisser! CB

Now, just a couple of follow ups for you ~~~

First  ~~~

Johnny Cash Water Tower 

There are some pretty Funny, Clever and Creative comments there!

And here's some interesting information and additional photos about the ~~~

Stones Lego Set 

A few quick facts ~~~

Included in this "box set ~~~" 

is a "soundtrack" of music and an exclusive interview with graphic designer John Pasche, who created the original Rolling Stones tongue logo back in 1970.

The kit is made up of 1,998 pieces and is estimated to take three to four hours to complete.

The Lego website says it'll be available beginning August 1, 2022 but pre-orders are being taken now.

Which got me to thinking ~~~

So the Special Edition of the Rolling Stones iconic tongue Logo Lego Set is coming soon! ( HA! "Logo Lego!" I like it! ) And because you said, "that might just be something I have to have!" keep in mind that at $149.99, "You Can't Always Get What You Want!" And if you're not particularly skillful building with Legos, you "Can't Get No Satisfaction!" But it should get better "As Tears Go By!" And if you keep trying still with no success, and feel you're dealing with your own "Beast of Burden," you could very well have a "19th Nervous Breakdown!" You might need some calming down with "Mother's Little Helper!" Your Mother, of course, or her Spirit will be watching lovingly over you as you keep trying and, well, "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?!" When you do finally complete your Rolling Stones Logo Lego Project ( "Logo Lego" is still funny the second time! ), you, no doubt, will be hopping around joyfully like "Jumpin' Jack Flash!" So, all I can say is when you're ready to go for it, just shout out to me, "Start Me Up!"

I'll check back on your progress later.  Meanwhile, I'm going out in the "Undercover of Night" with "Ruby Tuesday," my "Honky Tonk Woman"  for my own "Emotional Rescue!"

CB ( which stands for your Logo Lego* "Coaching Boy!" )

*Too many . . . ?

Four hours, huh?  I’ll bet it would take me a month!  (Full confession:  I have never built ANYTHING with Legos in my entire life!  So I think this one would take me a while!!!)  Still, it IS pretty cool looking!

As to your Stones Song List, we probably could have listed more … but we were simply “Out Of Time.”

(Otherwise, “Wild Horses” couldn’t have kept me away from putting my own spin on this.  Truth be told, coming up with a few others would make me “Happy” … and even if you DID come up with a better selection of titles (sure … now all the GOOD ones are gone!), I’d be a “Fool To Cry” about it, even if I was “Shattered.”)

So “Tell Me” … should I keep going?  I mean, “Time IS On My Side” if I wanted to drag this out.  It’s not like I’m “Under Your Thumb” just because you got to go first!  Then again, I’d probably have “Mixed Emotions” about breaking your “Heart Of Stone” if I DID come up with another dozen or so.  (And I doubt that no matter HOW angry you might be, you’d EVER have “Sympathy For The Devil” who came up with now a baker’s dozen, once I declare that this is the “Last Time” I’m going to throw another title out there … because “It’s All Over Now.”)  OK, that was fun … but now I’m too spent to play with Legos!!!  (kk)

>>>Bobby Goldsboro's latest, "California Wine," sits just outside The Top Ten in the #11 position.  (The best this song could do nationally was to "Bubble Under" at #108 ... so that's quite a showing!)  Goldsboro was raised in Alabama ... so that may have a little bit to do with it!  (kk)

"California Wine" has long been a real favorite of mine.  Terrific song that should have been a MUCH bigger hit than it was.


I think Bobby had a tough time getting airplay while recovering from all the “Honey” backlash.  He did come back with one last Top 20 Hit a year later when “Summer (The First Time)” cracked the charts … and went all the way to #17 in Cash Box.  (kk)

Hi Kent,  

I’m as surprised as you are to see Goodbye Forever showing up in the Alabama survey. Possibly they had one or more European staff (also How Do You Do from the Dutch group Mouth and McNeal is on the survey). Soundation was, as far as I know, a German group. Source :

The only videoclip of Goodbye Forever that I know, was shown on Austrian TV on the program Spotlight:

Regards –


The Mouth and MacNeal record was a big hit here in The States, going all the way to #5 on the Cash Box Chart … and making The Top 10 in both Billboard and Record World.  The Soundation track … not so much … it never even bubbled under here.  So, to be picked up by a southern Top 40 stations is indeed quite surprising.  Watching the video you provided, I can’t say it’s a very good record!  (kk)

>>> Because our Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs list is essentially an Excel Worksheet, you ARE able to update this on your own ... if you're so inclined.  (kk)

I've made a few updates on my own from things I found out looking for these songs.  For example, most charts list #1231 "Season Of The Witch" as by Al Kooper and Stephen Stills, because Mike Bloomfield didn't play on that track.  Didn't know that.

I didn't know that the Allman  brothers band had previously released "Midnight Rider" when Gregg Allman had a solo hit with it.

I didn't know that Joe Walsh had released a solo version of "In The City."  I'd say it's a stretch to say his version was on the "Long Run" album, but he was a member of the group.

There is no limit to the things I don't know.

Ed #1

I hear that … and still learn things here every single day!

I used to LOVE Joe Walsh’s solo version of “In The City” from “The Warriors” soundtrack … the FM stations here (and Steve Dahl in particular) used to play it all the time … but back then, when you couldn’t just go online and download one song, I wasn’t about to go out and spring for the whole album.  I vividly remember being shocked that he cut it again with The Eagles.  They must have been REALLY strapped for material by this point since they were on the verge of breaking up.

I have ALWAYS preferred Gregg Allman’s solo version of “Midnight Rider” to the one cut by the whole band a few years before.  As for “Season Of The Witch,” I think we just went with the names on the album for this one … I mean that IS what they called these “Super Sessions!”

It’s a fun list to peruse … be even MORE fun if some of the classic rock stations around the country would start to add titles to their own playlists from it!  It sure would beat the same old / same old they’re beating to death every day now!  (kk)


With all the buzz surrounding The Beatles’ LAST recordings (thanks to the official release of the “Get Back” Documentary on DVD and BluRay), Clark Besch is reminding us about some of their very earliest recordings …


The Beatles at the Beeb

Many of you know that me and my brothers recorded off radio and TV back in the 60's and still have the reels.  With no youtube, many of these recordings seemed like we would never hear them any other way until youtube gave us even better copies WITH VIDEO often.  Yet, we did LINE recordings to our receivers and TV, unlike many who did microphone to speakers recordings, too.  There are still some cool things we recorded but this article from just a couple days ago tells a story so cool making me think back to our reel to reel days when we recorded "Hey Bulldog" months before release, as well as the Get Back LP six months earlier, too.

This is the amazing story of a woman who taped all the 1963 BBC shows that even EMI did not have.  Such a great story!



Now this is good to know!!!

Clark Besch did a little research and sent us this …

Well, here's the copyright notation at the copyright site.  Note this is listed as "Prairie Gray" and not "Prairie GREY" as on the record, so maybe a loophole used?  In 1969 the title was listed incorrectly and then redone in 1973 where it was corrected. 


What the .......

In 1973 copyrighted correct title:


Well, I feel a whole lot better about it knowing that justice had been served all along.  (Of course, there goes my 10% … but hey, that’s the story of my life!  Lol)  kk

Wow, Clark! You definitely and unequivocally are “Da Man!”  I’d never have figured out how to get that information and truly do appreciate you digging it out somehow!!!!!!  

Blessings, brother Besch; you are the Bescht friend an ancient rocker could ever have … along with Kent, of course!      


Thanks, Ray.  I just thought I'd check it out.  Not sure why the spelling issue on the title.



When the topic of who would be inducting The New Colony Six into The Illinois Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next month came up, it sounded like Dave Fogel of WLS-FM was getting the nod.  (Ray had earlier told me that he had suggested that I be the one to do it!  But there’s no love lost between me and Ron Romero so I suggested he just let that one lie.)

While I’ve known Dave Fogel for years, he seemed a rather unlikely choice to me.  Bob Stroud would have made more sense (and he’s certainly well more versed than I am when it comes to public speaking!)  He has done an INCREDIBLE job of keeping the music of our Local Heroes alive over the past 40 years of Rock And Roll Roots.  (Heck, for a short while there, he was even the lead singer of The Cryan’ Shames!!!)

Or even Scott Mackay, who has MC'd any number of Cornerstones shows over the years.

While I don’t know that it’s official yet as to who’s to do the honors, I’m just so happy The NC6 are finally getting their due.  They were the first local band to achieve chart success during the most competitive time in the history of pop music, paving the way for others LIKE The Cryan’ Shames, The Buckinghams, The Shadows Of Knight, The American Breed and others to walk thru the door they opened.  (It was like The Beatles and The British Invasion on a local level!)

So congrats again, guys … you deserve it.  (kk)

Thank you for posting the song Prairie Grey.  I had never heard it before but have already listened to it several times since it first showed up on your website.  It’s a beautiful melody and the poem (it’s hard to call them lyrics) that accompanies it is just exquisite … VERY late ‘60’s where just about anything Avant Garde to push the limits was becoming the norm. 

Again, I thank you for introducing me to a great track that I otherwise might never have heard.


Hi there, Kent,

Thanks eversomuch for running my post about the New Colony Six, about how absolutely beautiful I think I Will Always Think About You is as a love song, and allowing me to share the story about Maggie finally hearing Summertime's Another Name For Love for the first time in so many years. 

Also, Kent, thank very much for getting in touch with New Colony Six members Ray Graffia, Jr., and Ronnie Rice and letting them see my post.  I would also like to thank both Ray and Ronnie for offering their comments.

Well, I shared Thursday's blog entry with Maggie, and she was sure surprised.  Here's what she wrote:

I definitely remember the song "Can't You See Me Cry." I listened to it on YouTube.

Brings back memories. I think the B side appealed to me more because I am a sentimental person and because it's more hopeful and joyful!

I still remember looking into this metal bin with the small 45 records. Armando was with me.  [Note:  Armando is her brother, and he is four years older than Maggie.] 

I remember it like it was yesterday. I may have been nine years old ... not sure.

I remember picking up the orange labelled 45 record.

Thank you, Sam, for contacting that person in Chicago. That was kind of you.

I couldn't let any more time go by, Kent, without thanking you for devoting an entire blog entry to my New Colony Six post.  Thank you very much.

Sam Ward

Wild Wayne Was Talking About Dolly Parton And The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

Most People Say She Never Recorded A Rock & Roll Song.

Wild Wayne Disagrees.

1959 = Dolly Parton's First Recording " PUPPY LOVE " (Not The Paul Anka Song) Could Be Considered Rock.

1962 = Dolly Was 13 When She Recorded Her First Song.  Now 16 Years Old, She Recorded " IT'S SURE GONNA HURT."

In Wild Wayne's Opinion, This Song Was Definitely "TEEN-POP."

And You Can Add Little Peggy March To The List Of Artists Ripped Off By Their Manager.

She Told Cousin Brucie She Made $500 Off "I WILL FOLLOW HIM."

After Suing Her Manager, He Declared Bankruptcy.

She's About to Leave For Germany. She Has A Home And Career There.

There's A YouTube Documentary About Her:  "THE PEGGY MARCH STORY."

P.S. - Tony Orlando Called In From Branson, Mo.  He's About To Officiate At A Couple’s Wedding.


We ran a few examples of early Dolly “rockers” a few weeks ago in FH.  Of course, she was much younger then and trying to make a name for herself.  While not of this material clicked for her, she returned to her country roots and a style she was much more comfortable with … and then she became a superstar.

I think Dolly can do just about anything.  If she is able to pull off this rock album with the original artists acting as her back-up band, I think she’ll turn more than a few heads! 

Several years ago when we were helping to promote the radio documentary “Airplay,” cohosting an advance screening here in Chicago, Little Peggy March’s niece joined us for dinner before the screening.  (I’m not exactly sure what the connection was, but we spent quite a bit of time talking during the meal.)  “Airplay” has since aired on PBS several times … and is available thru  It’s an excellent documentary about the early days of Top 40 Radio … and how radio changed over the years.  (Mentioning it now also provides me with a chance to say hello again to Carolyn Travis, who helmed the film.  Hi Carolyn!  Hope you’re doing well!)  kk

Congratulations to Toni Basil, who finally won back the legal rights to her 1982 chart-topper “Mickey.” 

The original recording of the infectious earworm has been unavailable for nearly a decade now due to this on-going court battle.  (Basil finally had to rerecord the song herself in order to make it available.  Meanwhile, a bunch of sound-alike  versions also popped up all over the popular downloading sites.)

Her record label retained the copyright to the recording for years but then in 2013 sold it to the Stillwater Group.  Basil’s been trying to win the rights back ever since.  (kk)

I’ve picked up on numerous conversations since Paul McCartney started his “Got Back” tour a few weeks ago.

The big buzz, of course, is Macca performing “I’ve Got A Feeling” with John Lennon singing his part on the big screen backdrop …

But lately there also seems to be quite a bit of concern that McCartney isn’t (or at least hasn’t) performed “Yesterday” during his new tour.  (How do you go to a Paul McCartney show and NOT hear “Yesterday”???)  He’s apparently not doing “The Long And Winding Road” this time around either …

And, apparently, fans are feeling cheated … so this, too, might change.  (Then again, The Rolling Stones never added “Brown Sugar” back to their set list after all the controversy last time around either!)  kk

Now it’s Pearl Jam cancelling portions of their North American tour due to the new spread of Covid.  (Is the world EVER going to be safe again???)

They’ve been juggling appearance dates for over two years now.  Every time they think it’s safe to go back out on the road, either the numbers spike or, in this case, one of the band members tests positive.

Truth is, we know several people who have recently tested positive, most of whom are at least double-to-triple vaccinated.  We need to come up with a solution for this.  We are far from out of danger on the pandemic.  (kk)

The other day we mentioned the upcoming release of the Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart 2-CD Set.  David Salidor, who handles Micky Dolenz’s East Coast promotion, sent us this official press release to share with our readers …

7a Records releases deluxe 2CD / 2LP Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart package on July 8

The group’s two albums have been remastered from the original master tapes that had previously been missing for 27 years.

7A Records announces the release of Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart’s original studio and live albums on July 8.   

Billed as ‘The Guys Who Wrote ‘Em & The Guys Who Sang ‘Em’ – Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart was a mid-1970’s group that consisted of Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones from The Monkees, as well as songwriting duo Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, who wrote many of The Monkees’ hits.

Said Dolenz of the project: "Fond memories of a crazy, cool time.  Great music and great friends. To those no longer with us … You are sorely missed."

Celebrity-writer Mark Bego, who would go onto to co-penning Micky Dolenz’s official biography, I’m A Believer: My Life of Monkees, Music and Madness in 2004, recalls seeing the group perform in June 12, 1976 at Long Island’s Calderone Concert Hall: “I distinctly remember the quartet bringing to life the pp exuberance they recorded on their Capitol album. It was pure magic.”

7a Records, based in the U.K. last year released Dolenz Sings Nesmith by Micky Dolenz and it soared to the top of the charts and appeared on many Best Of lists for 2021.

"Different Drum” from the album, rose to the #1 spot on Britain’s Heritage chart; and currently “Some Of Shelley’s Blues” -also from the sessions- is #4.

The Album

In the mid-1970's promoters were trying to reunite the Monkees, but with Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork unavailable, it was suggested that Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones team up with Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart to tour as ‘The Golden Great Hits Of The Monkees Show - ‘The Guys Who Wrote ‘Em & The Guys Who Sang ‘Em’’.

The group signed a deal with Capitol Records to record a self-titled studio album of new material. They later released a live album from their tour of Japan. Both albums have been unavailable and out of print for many years. 7A Records have tracked down the original master tapes, that were presumed missing for at least 27 years, and remastered both albums for this release.

Available as deluxe 2CD and 2LP sets, the CD version will include a big 40-page color booklet featuring extensive liner notes and previously unseen photos. The 2LP version comes in a gatefold sleeve and is pressed on special 180g Green, Black and Yellow Quad Vinyl.

Noise 11 is reporting that She & Him, the recording duo of actress/singer Zoey Deschenel and M. Ward, are releasing a new album (their first since 2016) that will be a tribute to the music of Brian Wilson.

Titled “Melt Away: A Tribute To Brian Wilson,” the LP contains fourteen songs covering both some of Brian’s best known songs and obscurities.  (Wilson himself even appears on their version of “Do It Again.”)

The duo are HUGE Brian Wilson fans and have worked with him in the past, including appearing on his “No Pier Pressure” album and television special.

The track list for the new LP:

1.    Darlin’  (the first single – video clip below – which begs the question, Are they selling music or nail polish?)

2.    Wouldn’t It Be Nice

3.    Til I Die

4.    Deirdre

5.    Melt Away

6.    Good To My Baby

7.    Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)

8.    Don’t Worry Baby

9.    This Whole World

10.           Kiss Me, Baby

11.           Do It Again ft. Brian Wilson

12.           Heads You Win, Tails I Lose

13.           Please Let Me Wonder

14.           Meant For You

It is scheduled for release on July 22nd.  (kk)

Another upcoming release that looks kind of interesting … 

An All-Star Cast Of Rock, Blues & Country Greats Pay Tribute To

The Versatile & Influential Icon ERIC CLAPTON! 

Includes performances by Molly Hatchet, Sammy Kershaw, Kirk Fletcher, The Stooges' James Williamson, Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, Eric Gales, Rat Scabies, Pat Travers, Arthur Brown, David Sancious, Artimus Pyle and more!

It’s not often that such a diverse array of artists, from blues to southern rock, punk to country, can be gathered together under a single musical project. But there’s one artist whose career has been so incredibly rich and whose influence has been so extensive as to make such a union possible. Of course, that artist is the brilliant guitarist / songwriter / legendary musical figure Eric Clapton who has inspired countless thousands of musicians of all stripes, artists of all colors and fans or all kind, including the incredible group of talented friends found on this brand new set of studio recordings, A Tribute To Eric Clapton.

Set to street June 17 on all formats including CD and vinyl, A Tribute To Eric Clapton covers all the basis of Clapton’s incredible career, from his early days in The Yardbirds to his stint in the groundbreaking power trio Cream to his time in the folk-influenced Blind Faith and finally to his monstrously successful solo career. Highlights include a smokin’ hot take on “Cocaine” by blues guitar phenom Kirk Fletcher, a fuzzed-out psych rock explosion with Stooges’ guitarist James Williamson and The Damned’s Rat Scabies fronted by the God Of Hellfire Arthur Brown as well as a twangy and gritty rendition of “Lay Down Sally” by country legend Sammy Kershaw and “Mr. Telecaster” Albert Lee, the latter of which is being released as a standalone single.

Stream the single:

If you’re a fan of Eric Clapton or just a fan of a diverse group of stellar musicians cutting loose on some of the finest tunes in classic rock, don’t miss this incredible album!

Pre-order the CD/vinyl:

Track List:
1. Cocaine - Kirk Fletcher & Brian Auger
2. Lay Down Sally - Sammy Kershaw & Albert Lee
3. I Feel Free - Arthur Brown, James Williamson & Rat Scabies
4. Sunshine Of Your Love - dUg Pinnick & Eric Gales
5. Let It Rain - Jack Russell & Sonny Landreth
6. Wonderful Tonight - Oli Brown
7. Layla - Molly Hatchet
8. I Shot The Sheriff - Pat Travers, David Sancious & Artimus Pyle
9. For Your Love - Mark Lindsay & Rick Nielsen
10. Tears In Heaven - Ana Popovic
11. White Room - Graham Bonnet & Snowy White
12. Can't Find My Way Home - Shirley King & Martin Barre

Mark Lindsay and Rick Nielsen?!?!?  Now THAT’S the one I gotta hear!!!  (kk)

And out today, The Tribute Concert To Kenny Rogers …

Kenny Rogers, All In for the Gambler (Blackbird)

1.   “The Gambler" - Chris Stapleton

2.   "Tulsa Turnaround" - Elle King

3.   "Love Or Something Like It" - The Oak Ridge Boys (DVD only)

4.   "She Believes in Me" - Lady A

5.   "Blaze Of Glory" - Billy Dean, Crystal Gayle, Kim Forester, Lee Greenwood, Rudy Gatlin, Steve Gatlin, T.G. Sheppard, T. Graham Brown, Travis Tritt

6.   "You Turn the Light On" - Wynonna

7.   "Coward Of the County" - Aaron Lewis

8.   "Sweet Music Man" - Jamey Johnson (CD only)

9.   "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)" - Jamey Johnson

10.                "Twenty Years Ago" - Hillary Scott & Linda Davis

11.                "Morning Desire" - Billy Currington (DVD only)

12.                "Lucille" - Justin Moore

13.                "Through The Years" - Little Big Town

14.                "We've Got Tonight" - Idina Menzel & Charles Kelley

15.                "Lady" - Lionel Richie

16.                "You Can't Make Old Friends" - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

17.                "I Will Always Love You" - Dolly Parton

18.                "Islands In The Stream" - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

More info here:

I’m still not sure I understand the marketability of this one … but hey, if you’ve got a whole bunch of extra cash lying around (and room on your cabinets), you might want to check out this upcoming release … a 50-CD set (yes, you read that right!) of Al Stewart material!!! 

Al Stewart “The Admiralty Lights” 50CD Box Set – The Definitive Collection From Legendary Singer-Songwriter Now Available For Pre-order (to be Released by Madfish on June 3, 2022)

Al Stewart’s sixty-year career in music has made him one of the most successful folk-rock artists the British Isles have ever produced. “The Admiralty Lights” shines a light on how a Glasgow born Skiffle-mad kid conquered the world.

Lights is the new career spanning, definitive collection of Al Stewart’s work. Comprising 50 discs, this astounding set follows the legendary singer-songwriter from humble beginnings in 1964, to global stardom in the ‘70s, through to his most recent recordings in 2009.

The new deluxe box set features Al’s complete original run of 21 studio albums which have been remastered from the original tape transfers, housed in original sleeves and lovingly presented in deluxe LP style jackets. Also included are 18 discs featuring never-before-heard live concert recordings from 1970 to 2009, 3 discs of rare BBC Sessions from 1965 - 1972 and 8 discs of Demos, Outtakes and Rarities, offering a rare inside look into Mr Stewart’s world.

Check out the release trailer here:

Studio album pick-outs include the 1967 debut “Bedsitter Images” with its Dylan influences, the follow up “Love Chronicles” (1969) which saw Stewart backed by Fairport Convention alongside appearances from Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, and 1973’s “Present & Future” featuring guest slots from Rick Wakeman and Queen’s Roger Taylor. Then came the celebrated Alan Parsons years, commencing with “Modern Times” (1975) which in turn sowed the seeds for its magnificent follow up, the perennial classic “Year of the Cat” (1976) before concluding with 1978’s “Time Passages.” Another inclusion in the pantheon of distinguished Al Stewart studio albums is the highly acclaimed 2005 release “A Beach Full Of Shells,” a wonderful listening experience featuring 13 songs full of the dream-like, poetic lyrical wordplay that has become the singer-songwriter’s hallmark.

The collection also includes over 300 previously unheard tracks recorded from 1964, showcasing a young Al as he made his start, through to 2008.

A beautiful 160-page hardback coffee table book is at the center of this spectacular package, featuring comprehensive liner notes from author and Al Stewart expert Neville Judd and previously unseen photographs, flyers and ephemera from across his illustrious career. Vigilant fans will recognize the masterful touch of Colin Elgie, who has provided a visually striking original illustration for the outer box cover, having previously collaborated with Al on his “Year of the Cat” album.

Rounding off this smorgasbord of Al Stewart delights is a “Year of the Cat” print, individually signed by Colin Elgie, three posters and a 24 page Collectors’ Book, detailing all of the rare recordings in the set.

• 21 Discs of Newly Remastered Studio Albums
• 18 Discs of Live Recordings
• 3 Discs of BBC Sessions from 1965 - 1972
• 8 Discs of Demos, Outtakes and Rarities from 1964 - 2008
• 160 Page Hardback Coffee Table Book featuring Comprehensive Liner Notes, and In Depth Interview with Al Stewart and Rare Photographs, Memorabilia and Ephemera
• 24 Page Collectors’ Book detailing all the Rare Recordings in the set
• “Year of the Cat” Print individually signed by Colin Elgie
• “Last Days of the Century” Poster


Gary Clark, Jr. covers “Vehicle” in the new Minions movie.  (In fact, the soundtrack pays tribute to a number of songs we all grew up with.  Diana Ross even sings a track in the new film!)

You’ll hear new versions of “Shining Star,” “Funkytown,” “Hollywood Swinging,” “Desafinado,” “Bang Bang,” “Fly Like An Eagle,” “Goodbye To Love,” “Instant Karma,” “You’re No Good,” “Dance To The Music,” “Black Magic Woman,” “Born To Be Alive,” “Cecilia” and more.  (Or, as I always like to say, We’re Just Keepin’ The Music Alive!)  kk

Speaking of soundtracks, Vangelis, who wrote the score of “Chariots Of Fire” … and even earned his own #1 Hit in the process … has passed away.  He was 79.

The opening notes of “Chariots Of Fire” were used in countless parodies over the years … signaling in just about ANY kind of competitive event.  (kk)

And, since you’re out shopping, you can put THIS on your shopping list for 2024 …

Recommended by our official Forgotten Hits Home Shopper, Chuck Buell …


For those who once owned, or fantasized about owning, a VW “Peace and Love Van” back in the 1960s, that Classic “VW Bus” of the Forgotten Hits Era ~~~

is back!

Only now, it’s fully electric! 


Volkswagen has unwrapped its new 21st century version of the classic VW Bus, the “VW ID. Buzz.” 


Unlike the noisy and underpowered original, the new Bus will be a quieter and more powerful, all-electric, model with seating for up to seven Forgotten Hitters. Like the Old Microbus, the new VW Bus has its electric motor also in the back but will put out up to 201 horsepower, far more than the classic Bus’ meager 25 Horsepower. And the range on a Full Charge is expected to be about 275 miles.

It’ll be available with two-tone color schemes much like the originals and while the Interior has obviously been completely upgraded and modernized with a plethora of new features, it appears there is no little dashboard vase to hold a small singular, peace-loving flower!

And, BTW, is it just me, or do you also see the "Happy Face" Steering Wheel?! 

The ID. Buzz is expected to be available in Forgotten Hits Land and throughout North America in 2024 and be priced at around $45,000. ( No doubt to commemorate our love for "45" RPM Records! )


While there wasn’t a Big Forgotten Hit about the Famous “Vee-dub” Van,”Sammy Johns did capture similar “Love Bus” sentiments and memories in his 1972 Top 5 Forgotten Hit, “Chevy Van.”


CB ( which stands for “CoolBus Boy!” )

(BTW, Did you notice the Special Vanity Plate of the ID. Buzz Photo?!)

Just in case you missed Phil Nee's interview with Tommy Roe last Saturday Night, we got the whole thing here for you.

Tomorrow in Forgotten Hits Phil shares pieces of his interview with Susan Cowsill!  

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