Saturday, February 17, 2024


Make it five weeks and counting for "I Want To Hold Your Hand," still the #1 Record in the country.

"She Loves You" slips in right behind it at #2.

Other Beatles tracks on the move ... "Please Please Me" finally makes a major jump this week, shooting from #46 to #24, while "I Saw Her Standing There" climbs from #66 to #52 and "My Bonnie" is up another ten spots to #58.

Dusty Springfield is still climbing the ranks ... "I Only Want To Be With You" now sits at #18 while Cliff Richard's "It's All In The Game" slips to #32.

Meanwhile, The Dave Clark Five are up 22 places (from #78 to #56) with their first US hit, "Glad All Over."

And The Beach Boys prove again that America still has a few popular hit groups of its own as "Fun Fun Fun" climbs from #67 to #36, a move of 31 places! 

GIVE A LISTEN:  Sam Tallerico plays selections from The Super Charts each week on his LAFOS / Lost And Found Oldies Show ... along with a lot of other great gems you haven't heard in awhile ... if at all!

You can catch it here on MixCloud:

(Last week's show was so good I listened to it THREE TIMES!!!)

Click on the link above and you'll find not only THIS week's show (which I'm listening to right now as I type this) ... OMG, "You Don't Own Me" ... one of my all-time faves ... alternating with songs from the charts from this week in February, 1969, including one by The Cryan' Shames!!! ... as well as TONS of archived older shows to listen to!  Trust me ... you'll be hooked in no time!  (kk)


2/17/64 – The 101st member is elected to The Baseball Hall of Fame … Chicago White Sox shortstop Luke Appling  

Also on 2/17, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass make their first concert appearance in Los Angeles.  They will become one of the most successful recording acts on the 1960's.

(perhaps you've seen their "Whipped Cream" album cover somewhere before???)

Friday, February 16, 2024

February 16th, 1964


2/16/64 - The Beatles make their second appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show,” this week broadcast live from The Deauville Hotel in Miami, Florida.  About 70 million television viewers tune in.   

While in Miami, The Beatles clown around and pose for photographs with soon-to-be Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World, Cassius Clay, who was down there training for his upcoming bout with Sonny Liston, scheduled to take place nine days later.   (Clay will change his name to Muhammad Ali after winning the title.)

On this program, they perform “She Loves You,” “This Boy,” “All My Lovin’,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” “From Me To You” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

Thursday, February 15, 2024

February 15th, 1964


2/15/64 – The Beatles' "Meet the Beatles" album goes to #1 and stays there for eleven weeks  

Also on 2/15, comedian/actor Chris Farley is born

(He actually got to meet ... and hang out with a Beatle!!!)



WGN's Bob Sirott continues his interviews with "Beatle People" this morning at 8:40 am Central ... listen live on or thru Bob's Apple Podcasts.

The curator of London’s portrait gallery, who worked closely with Paul McCartney on his 1964 pictures, now a traveling exhibit and in the book
“Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64 - Eyes Of The Storm,” joins me this morning at 8:40am

By the way,

The Beatles Store has put together a very cool virtual shopping experience based around remembering The Beatles’ First Visit to America.

Browse around here … just click on some of the link options to see all they have to offer!  (kk)