Saturday, August 6, 2016

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Dear Kent;  

10 things I think I know ...

Over the past 25 years the Rolling Stones have taken the raw, pulsating, thunder out of "Gimme Shelter" and made it a very lazy, run of the mill rock song.  

I truly can't stand the playlists on Sirius-XM along with the laborious boredom of Cousin Brucie.  

If you like .38 Special, subscribe to Sirius. The group gets played about 13 times a day.  

The rock outlets I dig (besides you tube) are "Malt Shop Oldies" and "6o's Revolution" on Direct TV. Malt Shop feeds my need for Chuck Berry, Dion and early Beach Boys while the 60's will toss in nuggets like the Music Machine's unforgettable "Talk Talk." I doubt "Talk Talk" has been played on oldies radio in Chicago in 35 years - if ever.  

Is there any rock jock in Chicago right now who qualifies as appointment radio? I wish 25 year olds could hear a young Dick Biondi, Joel Sebastian, Jim Stagg or Ron Britain.  

No, I will not toss a bouquet to Larry Lujack. The guy's level of cruelty was overwhelming.  

CSN's most underrated song has got to be "Dark Star", followed closely by David Crosby's mournful vocal on "Long Time Gone." Meanwhile, I have never understood the fascination with "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes."  

Damn, I haven't heard Steve Miller in nearly five minutes.  

You want to know why the Beatles' "White" album is so remarkable. No group ... none ... not even the Brian Wilson led Beach Boys ... could have turned out a four sided tour de force with so much great material on the heels of Sgt. Pepper and Magic Mystery Tour. Poor Brian went nuts with "Pet Sounds."  

Rock 'n roll is mean to be Tom Petty doing "Running Down a Dream." It is not meant to be anything by Wham or Soft Cell. 

-- Chet Coppock

Friday, August 5, 2016

50 Years Ago Today

On August 5th, 1966, The Beatles' "Revolver" album was released. 

In the minds of many Beatles fans, it ranks as their best album.  At the very least it was another revolutionary move to the way albums were made, raising the bar for the rest of the music world ... as well as another HUGE leap forward in sophistication of sound ... these were no longer the "four mop-tops from Liverpool" belting out the catchy but simple lyrics of "She Loves You" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

The British release boasted five new Paul McCartney classics:  "Eleanor Rigby", "Got To Get You Into My Life", "Here, There And Everywhere", "Good Day Sunshine" and "For No One" plus THREE songs by George Harrison ("I Want To Tell You", "Love You To" and one of his best, "Taxman"), the hit Ringo single "Yellow Submarine" and two incredible stream-of-consciousness, psychedelic John Lennon tracks "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "She Said She Said" as well as "And Your Bird Can Sing", "I'm Only Sleeping" and "Dr. Robert" ... quite a line-up of music.  (Is it any wonder they would give up touring for good by the end of the month?)

Of course fans here in America were short-changed again with an LP containing only eleven tracks ... but that was the way Capitol operated back then.  (While this made it a very "John-weak" release here in The States, with "And Your Bird Can Sing", "Dr. Robert" and "I'm Only Sleeping" missing, we actually got the jump on our British counterparts this time around, as these three tracks were released a few months earlier AHEAD of the UK "Revolver" release as part of a special "Yesterday ... And Today" compilation that Capitol released incorporating some leftover "Rubber Soul" tracks and both sides of several recent Beatles US singles.)

Any way you cut it, it's still a landmark LP.    Dig your copy out today and give it a listen ... this is one that'll never go out of style.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday This And That

So I no sooner announce that we'll have limited postings in the future ... and then post something new for four days in a row!!!  (Go figure!)  
Which means that I guess you really DO have to check the website every day to see what's new ... or to catch up with what's old ... because we really WILL begin deleting old posts very soon.  (Meanwhile, today is another PERFECT example of how Blogger continues to change my fonts, font sizes, spacing, etc ... so a website clean-up is definitely in order!  I've got over two hours into this posting this morning, fixing the same issues six or seven times only to have it still post the way it wants to anyway!!!  I just can't spend any more time on it so I have to let it go as is ... which is certainly not my preference ... but unfortunately the reality of today's situation.)  kk

Speaking of which, we're about to reach another milestone today ... some time today visitor number 4,444,444 will check out Forgotten Hits (as I type this we're just under 1100 visits away!!!)  So thanks again to EVERYBODY who has helped to keep this thing going for the past seventeen years, the last eight of which have been through this website. 

Elvis Presley’s Birth Certificate Up for Auction at Graceland ...  
Kent ... 
Let's go partners and bid on Elvis' Birth Certificate.  I got $500 ... can you handle the rest?

Frank B. 
That's a pretty impressive list of one-of-a-kind memorabilia ... I'll bet quite a few of these items go for WAY more than anticipated!  (kk) 

We can't wait for the new Ron Howard Beatles film to open in theaters ...
And now comes word that their Shea Stadium Concert will play as the "opening act"!
Here's a brand new promo clip announcing the new film ...  (I'm especially impressed with "Eric" ... and the clueless American Reporter that's interviewing him!  Lol)

Bubblegum Fans Rejoice!  Don't miss ...

The Complete Studio Recordings From Bubblegum Pop Icons THE ARCHIES Packaged Together In A Limited Edition Box Set!

Los Angeles, CA - At long last, the bubblegum pop group who stole the music world’s heart in the ‘60s and still remains the most successful cartoon music group in history, The Archies, will see all five of their sticky sweet studio albums released in one limited edition box set!
Sugar Sugar - The Complete Albums Collection gathers together all five of the classic Archies albums in one sugar high inducing box set released by Goldenlane Records. The box set features the groovy classics "Sugar, Sugar," "Bang-Shang-A-Lang," "Jingle Jangle" and more! Each CD comes in its own individual sleeve replicating the original LP artwork, and includes a full-color booklet with extensive liner notes.
Track List:
1. Archie’s Theme (Everything’s Archie)
2. Boys And Girls
3. Time For Love
4. You Make Me Wanna Dance
5. La Dee Doo Down Down
6. Truck Driver
7. Catchin' Up On Fun
8. I'm In Love
9. Seventeen Ain't Young
10. Ride, Ride, Ride
11. Hide And Seek
12. Bang-Shang-A-Lang
1. Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y. D.O.O.)
2. Melody Hill
3. Rock & Roll Music
4. Kissin'
5. Don't Touch My Guitar
6. Circle Of Blue
7. Sugar, Sugar
8. You Little Angel, You
9. Bicycles, Roller Skates & You
10. Hot Dog
11. Inside Out - Upside Down
12. Love Light
1. Jingle Jangle
2. Everything's Alright
3. She's Putting Me Thru Changes
4. Justine
5. Whoopee Tie AI A
6. Nursery Rhyme
7. Get On The Line
8. You Know I Love You
9. Senorita Rita
10. Look Before You Leap
11. Sugar And Spice
12. Archie's Party
1. Sunshine
2. Who's Gonna Love Me
3. Mr. Factory
4. Love And Rock 'N' Roll Music
5. Over And Over
6. Waldo P. Emerson Jones
7. A Summer Prayer For Peace
8. Dance
9. Comes The Sun
10. Suddenly Susan
11. One Big Family
12. It's The Summertime
1. This Is Love
2. Don't Need No Bad Girl
3. Should Anybody Ask
4. Easy Guy
5. Maybe I'm Wrong
6. What Goes On
7. Carousel Man
8. Hold On To Lovin'
9. This Is The Night
10. Little Green Jacket
11. Together We Two
12. Throw A Little Love My Way
Buy the digital version:
Los Angeles CA

I asked our FH Buddy Ron Dante what he thought about this brand new box set release ...  

Thanks, Kent -  
Good to see my recordings being heard again by a whole new generation of fans.
All the best,

And, speaking of brand new releases, this is one I've gotta get!

~SEPTEMBER 9, 2016~

New York (August 1, 2016)—This fall, Eagle Rock Entertainment uncovers the story behind the Everly Brothers, with the 2 DVD, DVD + Blu-ray, and Digital Format release of documentary film Harmonies From Heaven on September 9, 2016.
This new Everly Brothers documentary, which was broadcast on BBC4 earlier in the year, contains additional bonus interviews not included in the broadcast version, along with a DVD of a previously unreleased live performance recorded for Australian TV at Chequers Nightclub in 1968. This never-before-seen concert footage includes incredible live versions of “Bye Bye Love,” “Cathy’s Clown,” “Wake Up Little Susie,” “Bird Dog,” “(Til) I Kissed You,” “So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad),” “Let It Be Me,” and more!
Harmonies From Heaven tells the story of Phil and Don Everly, focusing on the heyday of their careers in the fifties and sixties. Featuring new interview footage with surviving brother Don and archive interviews with Phil, the film follows their career from child performers on their father’s radio show, through their move to Nashville and their relationship with publishers Acuff-Rose. The DVD specifically delves into their relationship with the songwriting team of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, who provided many of their early hits, including their first million-seller “Bye Bye Love”.
Harmonies From Heaven also features interviews with those inspired by the Everly Brothers, including Art Garfunkel, Keith Richards, Graham Nash, Dave Edmunds, Tim Rice, Albert Lee, and Waddy Wachtel, and highlights their influence on younger generations of artists with English musician / singer-songwriter Jake Bugg (who punctuates the film with two exclusive acoustic performances of classic Everly Brothers songs).
Blending the amazing story of the Everly Brothers with previously unseen performances and fascinating interviews, Harmonies From Heaven is an incredible study of the influence and musical magic behind these famed brothers.
Live At Chequers Nightclub, Sydney:
1) Lucille  
2) Walk Right Back  
3) Susie Q  
4) Wake Up Little Susie  
5) Cathy’s Clown  
6) All I Have To Do Is Dream  
7) Bye Bye Love  
8) So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)  
9) Bowling Green  
10) (Til) I Kissed You  
11) Bird Dog  
12) Let It Be Me  
13) Be-Bop-A-Lula  
14) Kentucky

And here's word on another new release, this one from our old FH Buddy Bob Lind ...

To my Friends and Fans,
Most of you know this already -- those of you who follow me on FaceBook or who read the music news online at least. But for those of you who don't, here's the official mass email announcement: My new album, MAGELLAN WAS WRONG, is out and available from ACE Records, both on CD and for download.
Twelve of my best songs; liner notes by Brit megastar Richard Hawley and legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Dion; and featuring some of the best musicians on earth.
So far all the critics have been wonderfully kind. (Here's the link to the reviews in case you're interested):
But critical acclaim is one thing. Great wealth is another. I need YOU to make me filthy rich! Don't be the one whose refusal to contribute to my art keeps me from the Lamborghini and beachfront penthouse I so rightfully deserve.
Open your hearts and wallets and order it now. 
Here's a list of outlets:
Love and gratitude to those of you who have already bought it. All joking aside, your appreciation and passion for my music means the world to me. 
Bob Lind
LOL - happy to help spread the word, Bob ... but if this works, next time you're in Chicago lunch is on YOU!!!  (kk)
Bob and his manager Jill Guerra sent us one of the tracks from Bob's new album to "sneak peek" in Forgotten Hits ... so, once again, here's yet another worldwide exclusive!  (Pick up a copy of the new LP via the link above!)  kk

Check this out!
Kenny Loggins is filming a Soundstage performance here in Chicago this evening ... and joining him on stage for this concert event will be Jim Messina and Michael McDonald!!!  (Now THIS is what I call Must See Television!)  Check your local listings for airdates.

Tonight is also the two hour live finale of the summer music series "Greatest Hits" on ABC.  This has been a mixed bag of entertainment over the past six weeks for me ... but I've got to say that some of the live performances (and special pairings) have been absolutely outstanding.  Be sure to check this out if you're fans of the music from the '80's thru the early 2000's. 

Also tonight, The O'Jays appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  In the news last week for slapping a "cease and desist order" on the Trump campaign for using "Love Train" without their permission ... and a recent appearance on "Live From Daryl's House" (on which they were absolutely INCREDIBLE, by the way!), The O'Jays are a hot topic again.  (I'm trying to convince Ron Onesti to book them at The Arcada Theatre ... man, these guys still sound GREAT!)

It’s been an exciting few weeks for The O’Jays, the legendary group whose signature song “Love Train”  was appropriated without their consent to boost the candidacy of Donald Trump.  They decried the repurposing of their music in no uncertain terms with founding members Eddie Levert and Walter Williams adamantly expressing their displeasure.  Levert suggested that the Republican candidate “just may be the Antichrist.”  Williams noted that “'Love Train” is about bringing people together, not building walls,” putting the song’s theme at odds with one of the main tenants of Trump’s campaign.  Shortly thereafter, their attorneys sent a cease and desist order to Rep. John Mica (R-FL) who had helped himself to “For The Love of Money,” which, quite ironically, tells a cautionary tale about the consequences of greed.
This week finds the trio -- Levert, Williams and Eric Nolan Grant -- and their music featured in a more convivial context.  They’ll be sitting in with Jon Batiste and Stay Human, the house band on this Thursday’s edition of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS.  It is expected that the musical interludes going into and out of breaks will feature highlights from The O’Jays catalogue. In sharp contrast to how their music was appropriated last month, this time it will be heard and performed with the group’s full and enthusiastic cooperation.  
Brian Wilson returns to Chicago for a  performance October 1st at The Chicago Theater ... tickets are on sale now.  He'll be performing the entire "Pet Sounds" album live, along with many of The Beach Boys' greatest hits.  (kk)

FH Reader Tom Cuddy tells us that Neil Sedaka has a new album coming about ... and is about to embark on his final tour ... 
NEIL SEDAKA: New Music, Final Tour, by Mike McCann, Premiere Radio Networks  
Neil Sedaka has plenty to talk about as summer reaches the mid-way point -- starting with a new album.  
This month, he releases I Do It for Applause, a 12-song collection of original material. He tells us, "I'm very proud of the music, raising the bar, re-inventing Neil Sedaka." He's featuring a couple of its songs alongside his classics in this summer's tour -- which includes New York-area shows August 13th at Westbury, Long Island (NY) and August 17th in Englewood, New Jersey. 
Sedaka describes the new songs as "something that's personal, something that's brewing." He says, "I'm a product of all the music I've [ever] heard: rock and roll, doo wop, R&B, theatrical music, George Gershwin, Richard Rogers  I'm a combination of it all." 
The album will be available from his own website, as well as on iTunes and Amazon. 
After decades of working with famed lyricists Howie Greenfield and Phil Cody, whom Neil calls "great teachers," Sedaka is writing his own lyrics. He says, "it's nicer to sing your own thoughts, your own feelings. No one is putting words in your mouth." 
He plans to retire from touring next year. Now on the other side of 75 and still in good health, Neil plans to do his final live shows next May backed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. 
Neil still counts many of rock's piano-playing stars among his friends and fans. Longtime pal Elton John guested on his '70s chart-topper "Bad Blood." And recently Billy Joel tipped his hat to Sedaka's seven decades in the pop world, calling him "The Davy Crockett of Rock and Roll."  
We caught Neil last year at The Arcada and he put on a GREAT show.  (Hoping he'll make that one of his farewell stops on this final tour as we would LOVE to see him again!)

The REAL Wild Wild West ...
Not this Will Smith stuff. I mean the real thing from 1965, with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. It may well be the best TV theme song of all time, and certainly the best for any Western.
-- Jeff Duntemann
    Phoenix, Arizona
C'mon ... better than "Bonanza"???  I don't think so!  (Actually I've never seen the show OR heard the theme ... but here it is for others to decide.)  kk

Excellent FH on Monday as usual. Again, I am kind of curious what letter songs didn't make the cut. When I saw your third posting down, the first version that came to my mind was that of the Jacks in 1956. Songs that came immediately to my mind were THE LETTER by the Medallions, A LETTER FROM SHERRY from Dale Ward out of 1963. There were a few novelty records such as A LETTER TO THE BEATLES from the Four Preps out of 1964 and A LETTER TO ELVIS by Little Audry from 1956. Oh, one shouldn't forget John Travolta's 1976 song LET T(h) ER IN.
One final thing and that is in this modern day of technology and social media, and you may know this better than me, but I wonder if any songs have been recorded with the word EMAIL in the title. How about remaking some of the oldies with a slight twist, for example, THE EMAIL and the Billy Williams' tune I'M GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN AND SEND MYSELF AN EMAIL. If one didn't want to send anything via email or letter, then I guess they could use WESTERN UNION.
Larry Neal
This one was truly a spur-of-the-moment posting ... I probably could have given it a bit more thought and turned it into a SWEET 16 feature (P.S. I Love You?  Please Mr. Postman?  Your Western Union suggestion ... I really like the John Travolta idea, too!)  Who knows ... we've only got a few of these left to go. (I've got something else planned for 2017 ... and "Sweet 17" just doesn't have quite the same ring to it!)  kk
Dandy Dan Daniel One of the good guys at WMCA radio in New York City has passed away. He was a Southern boy from Texas who made his way to the Big Apple and left a lasting impressionHere is a video tribute that was posted after his passing by Art Vuolo. 
Stu Weiss

Looks like we've been getting opposing points of view when it comes to politics lately on the website ... but isn't that EXACTLY what politics is?  Opposing points of view?
My feeling is we've stayed neutral ... and, if anything, have stayed away from the topic all-together.  (Truth be told, in my opinion this time around it's not even a case of "the lesser of two evils" ... there isn't an acceptable solution with EITHER candidate ... but that's just me.)
Readers, however, seem to feel differently ... so I was surprised by both of these responses we received recently ...

I am deeply offended by your publishing political tripe on the web site.  This endless parade of those "being offended" by whatever comes along is simply juvenile.  I guess now you have to agree with the liberal side of the aisle or you can't play on our jukebox!  How come those that yell the loudest about "honor diversity" are so narrow minded themselves?  From where I sit, all I see are BULLIES demanding respect their views while they denigrate those that take a different tact.
I am sorry they are offended by some people who happen to like their music.
How pathetic!!
Love seeing anti Trump messages. I might tell you a story about one of his biggest backers.

My plan is to stay clear of ALL of it ... we're not going to use of forum to endorse EITHER side ... so I'm not sure how folks are reading anything into what we've published so far.  The "Don't Use Our Songs" campaign is a legitimate one ... politicians shouldn't be using popular songs without the artists' or songwriters' permission ... it implies an "endorsement" of sorts by connection ... (Well, if you like Queen, then you must like Donald Trump 'cause HE likes Queen ... and Queen must like him if they're letting him use their song ... except they're NOT!!!)  It's just wrong ... the opposite of "guilty by association" to the nth degree.
Make your own choices based on your own informed decision ... don't be swayed by a Turtles or an O'Jays song!!!  (kk)

Hey Kent ... 
Was that Sammy Davis, Jr. on the vocal release of "The Theme from 'A Summer Place'"???
The only other version I remember was the horrible re-release of the song BY Percy Faith in disco form.  I almost threw my turntables out the window LOL     
Pete G
I dunno ... doesn't sound like Sammy to me ... but so far yours is the only "guess" we've received.  Anybody else out there got a clue as to who it might be?  (kk)  

Hi Kent, 
After listening to the Mystery Singer version of Theme From A Summer Place, my first guess would be Australian singer Frank Ifield and my second guess would be singer and talk-show host Mike Douglas.
Tim Kiley
Honestly, I don't think it's either of them either ... my guess is that this is some obscure artist and I'm not sure we'll ever find the real answer!  (Siri couldn't identify it either!)  kk

Kent ...
Ron Smith said that the Buckinghams sang the National Anthem at Wrigley Field on August 2, 2016, right before the Marlins / Cubs game.
Cubs won 3 - 2.  They should invite them to sing more often.
Frank B.
I missed that ... but The Bucks have performed The National Anthem numerous times before at Wrigley ...
Carl Giammarese is a BIG Cubs fan and I think he gets as big a thrill out of this as the fans in the stands do!  (kk)