Friday, March 17, 2023

Do You Know What Today Is?

Now MOST of us would likely answer ... without a moment's hesitation ...


Some of us even bold enough to strip down to show off their green undies ...

(Not YOU, Bozo ... that's just from not washing them!!!)

But not our FH Buddy Chuck Buell ... 

HE recognizes today as National Sailing Day!!!

(Say what?!?!)

Yep ...

Don't worry ... I'll let him explain it ...

Meanwhile, I hope the rest of you find your pot of gold today!

Take it, Chuck!!!

Today, March 17, 2023, is National Sailing Day!

It’s a day better known as “International Unified Navigation Day” and is dedicated to those Water-worthy Commodores and their one to three masted sailboats that are powered mostly by wind and fabric.


And they’re not just in Coastal Cities. If there’s a body of water nearby, there are Skippers with boats to sail!


For instance, when in Chicago, look for Captain Kent who sails his sailboat on Lake Michigan all along the miles-long shore of the Chicago Skyline ~~~


If you don’t find him, no worries.  He hasn’t found his sailboat yet either!  


It is rumored, however, that there is a search underway for it . . . . .  in “Never-Never Land!”


Never-the-less, here’s your “Chuck Buell Sailing Minute Medley” for Forgotten Hit Landlubbers everywhere!


CB ( which stands for “Cabin Boy!” )


OK, now, wait ...


I can't let you do a Sailing Minute Medley and leave out the #1 Hit "Sailing" by Christopher Cross!!!  (I'm sorry, but that's just not gonna float here!!!)  kk

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Thursday This And That

He’s Everywhere! He’s Everywhere!


For years now we’ve been calling Micky Dolenz “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business” … I mean seriously, he never lets up!!!


So after an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon … and then a very interesting and in-depth interview in Rolling Stone, we can now also provide this Rock Cellar link …


And let’s not forget about his new book celebrating his own collection of memorabilia …


Or the re-release of the Mr. Rogers tribute CD in honor of what would have been Mr. Rogers’ 95th birthday  that Micky contributed a track to


Or the fact that he'll then be hitting the road to do his “Headquarters” tour (not to mention the upcoming Flower Power Cruise) …


And, if all of this still isn’t enough, he'll also be back on the radio next week, hosting his own radio show on Sirius XM …


MICKY DOLENZ will be the guest host on 60’s GOLD on SiriusXM – Channel 73.

The first airing will be on Monday, March 20th, at 7:00 PM EST.

Additional airings will be on Wednesday, March 22nd at 1:00 PM EST; Thursday, March 23rd at 11:00 PM EST; Saturday, March 25th at 10:00 AM EST; and Sunday, March 26th at 3:00 PM EST.

Dolenz chose all the music (Buffalo Springfield; Beatles; Jimi Hendrix; Animals; the Everly Brothers) for the show and tells some never-before-heard stories about the music and the artists.

Plus on the SXM App – Search 'Micky Dolenz'

Micky, of course, hosted his own radio program for awhile on WCBS-FM in New York City (before they flipped to the Jack-FM format) and is totally at ease behind the mic.  Spinning some of his favorites (and telling stories as only he can tell them, this should be quite a program) 

Micky is also doing a couple of collectibles shows … I mean, the guy never stops!!!  (kk)

Keep up to date with all the latest and greatest news …

Brian May gets knighted!  (Bravely brave Sir Brian set forth for Camelot!) 

Too bad it wasn't the Queen knighting a Queen member, but that's how it goes.  Good for Brian.  His guitar work is unquestionable awesome.

Clark Besch


Staying in Great Britain for just a while longer …


In honor of the 25th anniversary (OMG, HOW on earth can this be possible?!?!?), of their 1998 single “Stop,” The Spice Girls have just released an alternate video of this Top 20 (#2 in the UK) tune, which has ALWAYS been one of my favorites.  (This song has all of the elements of a great ‘60’s pop song … it was just released 33 years too late!  Hard to watch this one without flashing back to The Supremes’ performing “Stop! In The Name of Love” in 1965 … although I think The Spice Girls’ tune is even more of a universal pop offering ... it’s virtually impossible not to tap your foot to this one!)


The Spice Girls have always been one of my guilty pleasures … and I was able to catch them live during their rare US tour in 1998.  (Of course it was all under the pretense of taking my then nine year old daughter … but I’m thinking I was far more excited about the show than she was!)


While this video isn’t anywhere near as much fun as the original (the girls basically just stay in one spot … although they DO manage to “stop” traffic to complete the shoot), it SURE was great to see them all looking so young and happy again


Every few years or so talks of a reunion crop up … Victoria Beckham typically being the lone hold-out these days (even Geri Horner / Halliwell has returned to the fold … she bailed right before their world tour kicked off in ‘98) … and they bring the topic up again in this recent interview with “Extra,” as picked up by Noise 11:


Here is the original clip from 1998:


As you know, there is no shortage of books about The Beatles … but this one sounds surprisingly unique …  



The Book of Top 10 Beatles Lists has just been released, and it’s very different from the hundreds of Beatles titles that have come out before. It contains 64 Top 10 Lists of favorite songs, albums, films, appearances, and a whole lot of memories and insights from music legends, actors, athletes, authors, disc jockeys, and many friends and relatives of The Beatles … including two former Beatles!

The book’s author, Charles F. Rosenay!!!, is best known to Beatles fans for all his promotional efforts and productions over the past four decades. Since 1978, he has presented Beatles conventions and festivals across the U.S., including events in his home state of Connecticut and as far away as Tokyo, Japan. Along with musical productions, for almost 20 years he was the editor and publisher of the world-famous magazine on The Beatles called Good Day Sunshine. Since 1983, he has organized and hosted the “Magical Mystery Tour,” an annual Beatles Fans Tour in association with Cavern City Tours, that brings travelers to Liverpool and London during Beatleweek on the ultimate fan experience. Charles has the honor of being one of the few non-musicians in the Cavern Hall of Fame, and he has been recognized and cited by the Mayor of Liverpool on numerous occasions. For as long as he can remember, Charles has been asked to write a book on The Beatles, or on his adventures through the years as a Beatles aficionado, expert, collector, archivist, and promoter. Having edited or contributed to countless Beatles books in the past, and after issuing two non-Beatles volumes, Charles has finally released his own Beatles book that is unlike any other out there. 

After years of contacting celebrities and notables who were closely connected to The Beatles history, here is a treasury for pop-culture enthusiasts, music lovers, and fans of the greatest rock and roll band in history. Officially titled Celebrities, Actors, Authors, Mods & Rockers: The Book of Top 10 Beatles Lists, the long-awaited book is being released by Kiwi Publishing, in hardcover and softcover. 

Charles called on many of his long-time friends in The Beatles universe to be part of this special book. Included in this unique collection are such people as original Beatles drummer Pete Best; John Lennon’s sister Julia Baird, who contributed the Foreword; Beatles friend and author Tony Bramwell; radio personality “Cousin” Brucie; Angie McCartney, who was married to Paul’s Dad; Paul’s half-sister Ruth McCartney; two members of The Quarrymen, the band that later became The Beatles; four members of Badfinger / The Iveys; journalists-turned-authors Larry Kane and Ivor Davis, who accompanied The Beatles on their U.S. tours; Mark Hudson; who was Ringo’s producer; R&B singer Clarence “Frogman” Henry, who opened for The Beatles on tour; Paul McCartney & Wings’ guitarist Laurence Juber: Ringo’s touring drummer Gregg Bissonette; Brute Force, who recorded on The Beatles’ Apple label; singer Frank Ifield, who was a label-mate of The Beatles on Vee-Jay Records; and Mersey Beat editor Bill Harry, a friend and supporter of The Beatles from the beginning, who wrote the book’s Afterword.

There are also chapters from such Beatles contemporaries and rock and roll artists as Tommy James; singers Leo Sayer, Gary Puckett, and Phil “Fang” Volk of Paul Revere & The Raiders; Woodstock legend Melanie; Don Dannemann of The Cyrkle; Ron Dante of The Archies; Carmine Appice, Vince Martell, and Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge; Jeremy Clyde of British Invasion duo Chad & Jeremy; Jerry Yester of the Lovin’ Spoonful and The Association; Beau Charles of The Knickerbockers (“Lies”); Fred Schneider of The B-52’s; drummer Liberty DeVitto of Billy Joel’s band; Walter Egan; Kim Sledge from Sister Sledge; and the “other” Brian Jones.

Additional contributors include Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Terry Sylvester of The Hollies; Dennis Dunaway from the Alice Cooper band; Elliot Easton of The Cars; Darryl McDaniel of Run-DMC; Steve Hackett of Genesis; and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield. 

Other non-music pop culture icons include Butch (“Eddie Munster”) Patrick, actresses Mackenzie Phillips (One Day at a Time), Lisa Whelchel (Facts of Life), and Dinah Manoff (Soap, Grease); actor Larry Thomas (Seinfeld); genre author Ramsey Campbell; Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong; and very esteemed contributor, TV personality, and famed talk show host Dick Cavett, who interviewed George Harrison and John & Yoko on national television.

How exactly did this book come to be? Charles always believed he would never write a Beatles book because he felt that every topic was already covered. But there was another reason he thought he’d never do a Beatles book. For two decades, he was the publisher/editor/designer of the Beatles magazine Good Day Sunshine. It came out every other month and although he loved each and every issue, it was one of the hardest things he ever did in his life. Most issues were about 80 pages. So, he always felt that he was already putting out six books a year! After that run, he never expected to do an actual book.

Then came COVID.

When the pandemic hit, all of what Charles did, he could no longer do. A professional party DJ/MC/entertainer by trade, there were no longer events where he could perform. He was no longer able to book live bands, as there were no longer gigs. All the international tours, including his “Magical History Tour,” which brings American fans to the Beatles’ land every summer for Beatleweek, were now postponed. With a little extra time on his hands during quarantine, Charles started to assemble, edit, and write introductions for the Top 10 Lists. He called on a friend, Janet Davis, also from Connecticut, to proofread what he had written and accumulated. Davis became his Assistant Editor, and the book had, as John Lennon sang, “Come Together.” In tribute to The Beatles’ arrival in America in 1964, and as a tip of the hat to the beloved Beatles song, he decided to finish the book “WHEN I’M (at) 64” lists. Appropriately enough, the book was completed on February 9, 2023, the anniversary of The Beatles’ historic first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

More than just lists, every submission is a list plus additional comments as to why the choices were made. Often hilarious, sometimes thought-provoking, but always fascinating, the lists run the gamut from brief, fan-based opinions straight through to thesis-worthy chapters on The Beatles’ legacy. 

Charles has always been a fan and follower of pop culture and Top 10 Lists, commenting, “Who doesn’t love a Top 10 List? They’re short, they’re fun, and we always want to see if our choices match. Readers can do that by reading every chapter, or they can cheat and skip to the back of the book. There, with the title of ‘Toppermost of The Poppermost,’ is a Top 10 List of songs most mentioned in the book’s Top 10 Lists.”

Fully illustrated with photos and at over 200 pages, Celebrities, Actors, Athletes, Mods & Rockers: The Book of Top 10 Beatles Lists is published in hardcover and trade softcover by Kiwi Publishing, ISBN # 978-1-935768-25-8, and is available on Amazon and from the website www.BookOfTop10Beatles More information or personally-signed author copies are available from, or by phoning (203) 795-4737.

THINGS WE SAID TODAY (Quotes from the Book)

"I can't imagine my youth - or my life - without The Beatles" - Butch Patrick

"Yes, I slept with Paul!" - Mackenzie Phillips

“It’s just amazing how many amazing songs they have” – Carmine Appice

“They were all about the music. All four of them… were reincarnated geniuses” – Tommy Chong

"Thanks to The Beatles for all these indelible songs and memories - Frank Ifield

“Like many young people, I was knocked out by The Beatles when I saw them perform on The Ed Sullivan Show in February of 1964” – Tommy James

“I’m continually surprised that no matter how many times I’ve listened to their recordings, I always hear something new – something revelatory” – Laurence Juber

“The Beatles have this unique way of telling their autobiography in songs which then have become so relevant to the listener’s lives as well. Their story is our story” – Leo Sayer

“…all their early songs – had an energy and a joy that hooked you immediately” – Dave Winfield 

“The Beatles have made our days since they came into our lives” – Walter Egan

“Some of our dreams realized and the start of a total musical revolution” – Pete Best


I’ve known about this book for a couple of years now (and even helped to steer a few artists Charles’ way so that their commentary could be documented) … so I am REALLY looking forward to reading the final results.

Sound cool???

You’ll find more info here:


From FH Reader Mike Wolstein …


Here’s a photo of the new Beatles Greatest Hits CD!


But will it fit in the dashboard?


Unfortunately, it's not all good news out of the UK ...




Just five weeks after being released from prison for deviate sexual assault charges, One Hit Wonder Gary Glitter is back in prison!


The Sun is reporting that Glitter had been a model prisoner, where he had been serving time on and off since 1999.  (A repeat offender, Gary has spent numerous stints behind bars in minimum security prisons over the past 24 years.)  Each time he earned a release, he was brought back in on similar charges for having sex with minor girls.  (He was originally brought in for having child pornography on his computer.)

The Sun reports that this latest arrest on March 13th brings the disgraced singer  back to prison “for an unidentified violation of the terms of his February 3rd release from a low-security prison, HMP The Verne, in Dorset.”

The Ministry of Justice issued a statement on March 14th, noting that “Protecting the public is our number one priority. That’s why we set tough license conditions and so when offenders breach them, we don’t hesitate to return them to custody.”

Prior to earning his most recent release, they reported a source told The Sun “Glitter has kept his nose clean in prison and toed the line and now his sentence is almost over. The nature of his determinate sentence means the case won’t go to the Parole Board. It simply means that as soon as his sentence is over, he is free to walk out of the prison gates.” On February 3rd, the paper’s website noted that the “sex predator will also have to wear a tag and tell police if he enters into a relationship with someone who has a child under 18.


After violations in 2005 and 2015, it might be time to finally determine that there is really only one place this guy can safely be.  (kk)


Due to on-going health issues within the band, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band have had to postpone a few of their shows on their current US tour.  (Guitarist Steven Van Zandt stresses the word “postpone” ... “We do not cancel shows)


Although the group is being pretty tight-lipped about who has contracted what, these kinds of issues have been major concerns these past few years due to things like Covid, RSV and the age of many of the band members currently out on the road, hopping from town to town.


Van Zandt tweeted: “No need to be anxious or afraid. Nothing serious. Just a temporary situation. We will all be back in full force very soon.  The concerts are just postponed … We don’t cancel.”


As this goes to press, the group has officially postponed three dates … and we wish them all a speedy recovery.  (kk)


And, speaking of tours, there's been LOTS of talk about the Stevie Nicks / Billy Joel concerts happening here in The States, but down under in Australia you can also find Cyndi Lauper and Rod Stewart performing on a double bill.  And the Superstar Two-Fer Pairings don’t stop there …


Willie Nelson will be back out on the road again … and he’s taking John Fogerty with him this time around.  Meanwhile, we are most looking forward to seeing Lionel Richie with Earth, Wind and Fire when they come to town together this summer!  (kk)


Bobby Caldwell, who scored a Top Ten Hit in 1979 with the soulful “What You Won’t Do For Love,” has passed away.  He was 71.


[Three Things I Didn’t Know About Bobby Caldwell:  In addition to his own hit, he also wrote the #1 Hit “The Next Time I Fall” for Peter Cetera and Amy Grant …


His first big break in music was playing guitar for Little Richard …


And he was WHITE!!!!!  I had NO idea!!!  Now that’s some SERIOUSLY Blue-Eyed Soul!!!]


Caldwell had been having health issues for years …


In fact, we found this on his Facebook Page …

In January of 2017, Bobby was given an antibiotic. After taking the drug for several days he experienced bilateral Achilles tendon ruptures, and developed peripheral neuropathy. Despite these injuries, Bobby continued to perform with the aid of a wheelchair, cane, and his helpers. Unfortunately, Bobby’s condition continues to worsen. He has a great deal of neuropathy pain, and his mobility is limited.
Bobby had always planned on performing and making music for the rest of his life. He never could have anticipated what happened to him. It’s truly heartbreaking.

As our tribute, I just HAVE to run what is perhaps my favorite video clip of the past several years …



Also passing away on Monday was legendary rock drummer Jim Gordon, who played with just about everybody who was anybody back in the early ‘70’s …


Including (and certainly not limited to) Derek and the Dominoes (he cowrote “Layla”!!!), John Lennon, George Harrison, Harry Nilsson, Joe Cocker, Steely Dan and so many, many more.


In between, he worked on sessions and tours with Delaney and Bonnie, Gordon Lightfoot and as diverse a clientele as Merle Haggard and Frank Zappa.


As a studio musician, his drumming can be heard on records by The Beach Boys, Carly Simon, Nancy Sinatra, Glen Campbell, Sonny and Cher … and the beat goes on.


Sadly, despite all this greatness, he will also be remembered for his losing bouts with mental illness that caused him to take his own mother’s life, forcing him (since 1983) to be incarcerated until the time of his death of natural causes.  (Today, we, of course, prefer to focus on the incredible gift of music he gave us over the years.)  kk


The new Leon Russell biography we told you about is out …


Harvey Kubernik sent us this review from The Los Angeles Times …


Born Claude Russell Bridges in Oklahoma in 1942, he showed an early genius for piano; by 14 he was already gigging at Tulsa nightclubs and briefly toured as the opening act for Jerry Lee Lewis, whose scorching Pentecostal playing style made an impression on the young Russell. In 1960, he moved to Los Angeles and found steady work as a studio musician, playing on recording sessions for such luminaries as Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Herb Alpert and Barbra Streisand. He and fellow Southern transplant Glen Campbell were part of the now-legendary Wrecking Crew, who were responsible for some of the biggest hits of the decade and formed the core of Phil Spector’s famed Wall of Sound.

Skyhill Studio — the four-bedroom house and home recording studio Russell purchased on Skyhill Drive in Studio City — hosted L.A.’s best session musicians, fellow Tulsa expats and such international superstars as Harrison, Starr and Clapton. The house also was a den of bacchanalia; drugs and orgies were as common as jam sessions. At the center of it all, like a reclusive king in his sun-drenched court, was Russell: shaggy hair, top hat, flowing beard and faraway eyes behind reflective sunglasses.

By the beginning of the 1970s, Russell had all the makings of a bona fide rock god. The success of Cocker's “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” tour in 1970 established Russell as an inimitable composer and arranger; his original composition “A Song for You” (from which his “master of space and time” nickname derived) would be covered by Donny Hathaway, the Carpenters, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and many others. His sophomore album, 1971’s “Leon Russell and the Shelter People,” went gold in the U.S. — the first of five albums to reach that milestone before the decade was out. (His sixth wouldn’t come until 2010, after longtime devotee Elton John dragged him out of relative obscurity for their collaborative album, “The Union”). But as Janovitz shows in his book, Russell had an infuriating habit of squandering opportunities, turning friends into enemies, and seemingly doing everything he could to torpedo his career and sabotage his legacy.

Rock biographies typically follow a familiar formula: the road to success, the fame and riches, a spectacular crash and burn (the inevitable result of drugs and hubris) and — if he or she is lucky to survive this ordeal — the long and heroic road to recovery, culminating in a late-in-life renaissance. “Leon Russell” solidly hits the first two stations of the cross, but Russell didn’t so much crash as slowly fizzle away.

The causes: poor artistic, business, and personal decisions. He sank large sums of money into houses and old cars, only to quickly abandon them; seemed to disdain performing; became curiously obsessed with the troubled actor Gary Busey. Russell also quietly suffered from mounting health problems and an all-around cantankerousness, possibly stemming from autism and/or undiagnosed bipolar disorder. These tidbits make for some drama, though perhaps not enough to fill out 600 pages.

Janovitz, author of two books on the Rolling Stones and a musician in his own right — a founding member of ’90s-era alternative rock band Buffalo Tom — writes as a rock enthusiast addressing fellow rock enthusiasts rather than casual readers. He draws from scores of personal interviews with titans as well as otherwise anonymous session musicians, recording engineers, business partners, friends, family, and lovers. Quotes, musings, and reminiscences abound, leaving the impression that “Leon Russell” might have worked better as a straight oral biography.

Indeed, the author rarely interrupts the flow of such rock trivia as recording sessions, touring dates and sidemen. He offers little context on the turbulent times in which Russell and his contemporaries were creating and perfecting their art, and he seems reluctant to look too critically at Russell’s more repellent behavior.

As a Southern-born white man who’d become rich and famous performing music heavily influenced (or appropriated) from such Black art forms as gospel, blues and rock ‘n’ roll, Russell could seem oblivious to racism in his own orbit. The most disturbing example came after he married his backup singer, a Black woman named Mary McCreary, who faced racist abuse night after night from Russell’s audiences while he declined to defend her.

“Leon dealt with these racists in his own indirect way,” writes Janovitz. Which seems to mean, as singer Maxayn Lewis unhelpfully explains, “just let[ting] the music speak for itself.”

This might be the best advice on how to appreciate the subject of this biography. While it will satisfy Russell’s legions of loyal fans — the self-styled “LeonLifers” — and rock biography completists, what matters most in the end is the music, which at its best remains beautiful, exciting and magical.

Holley is a journalist and author of the forthcoming book “An Amerikan Family: The Shakurs and the Nation They Created.”

This story originally appeared in The Los Angeles Times


And, on the local front ...


Hey Kent,

I, too, played at most if the venues you write about. Started playing good gigs at 14 years old. Not as strict back then.

I mostly wanted to tell you that the place where you couldn't remember the name of, at 47th. and Ogden, was probably "The Purple Twig."  I played there in the 70's. It's amazing the number of "joints" you remember.

Good stuff. Keep it up.

Mark Smith from Melrose Park


We missed The Ides Of March yesterday …


But FH Reader Mike Wolstein remembered …


He sent us this …


Hi, Kent!

I could say:                                                                               



... but this is funnier.




A few weeks ago, a former listener who lives in Elgin, IL, and from back in my early WLS Chicago Radio Days reached out to me.  

He had a collection of WLS Music Surveys from then and asked if I'd join a few others in autographing a couple he had for a display he was putting together in his basement.

I thought he did a really great job and just thought you might appreciate seeing what he did, too!


Yeah, so he's got a Jukebox with a bunch of old Forgotten Hits on it!

Whaddya want me to do about it?!

Give him a medal or something!!

! ! ! 


Wow, that’s quite a shrine!!!  VERY cool.  Thanks, Chuck!  (kk)

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Tuesday This And That

David Salidor sent us this GREAT interview with Micky Dolenz, currently running in Rolling Stone Magazine ... 


Now THAT really is a great article and interview - 

But I can’t help it - I get SO annoyed when Rolling Stone FINALLY does an intelligent piece on The Monkees yet won’t EVER consider them for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.  (And then to have the nerve to ASK him, as part of the interview, how he feels about The Rock Hall!!!)
They did a BEAUTIFUL profile of Mike Nesmith when he passed away - and some very nice pieces have sporadically popped up on the band over the past dozen years or so - yet there is not so much as even the slightest hint of consideration when it comes to putting them in.
I'm sorry ... but it just REALLY grates me - because they are so rarely taken seriously by the rock press.
(Sorry - just venting ... it really IS a good article.)  kk



Speaking of being on the opposite side of Daylight Saving Time, years ago when I was doing my Wax Museum on KOMA, I initially was on Saturday nights beginning at twelve midnight and going until 5:30 the next morning. You talk about being somewhat tired when 5:30 came around and I had been on the air 6 1/2 hours instead of 5 1/2. That's when Little Willie John's SLEEP would have sounded great.

As for DDDBM&T's BEND IT, for the week of March 16, 1967, the song itself peaked at #2 here in OKC. Not by DDDBM&T, but by a local group the Noblemen.



>>>I decided to call it a night and politely excused myself to head back to the hotel, playing one of MY Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides, The Angels’ “Thank You And Good Night” as the theme to my exit! (kk)

That's the song I played at the end of my first Top Shelf Oldies show in 2011 ... and again on the 10th Anniversary show (you do the math.) 

What song did I open with on those shows?

"Randy" by Blue Mink, of course!

    – Randy Price


>>>I'm wondering where I can get a pair of pants like Chuck’s!  (lol)  kk


I recall that my mother had a pair of pants similar to the one worn by Chuck Berry in that Reelin' & Rockin' video from Midnight Special.

And I agree that whoever thought bringing the Bee Gees up on to the stage with Chuck must've been high on something.

Joe Cantello

Marietta, Ga


On Sunday, Clark Besch sent us a link to listen to a brand new interview with Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent of The Zombies … which you can STILL hear via this link …


Then, later in the day, Tom Cuddy sent us THIS link to watch The Zombies performing live on Nashville television this past Saturday Night …


It’s all part of their on-going efforts to promote their brand new CD, “Different Game,” which will be out on the 31st of this month …


What always amazed me about "Napoleon XIV" was something I found out about 7 or 8 years after he recorded "They're Coming To Take Me Away" in 1966. 

This same guy, whose real name was Jerry Samuels, wrote "The Shelter of Your Arms," a fairly big hit for Sammy Davis Jr., and one of the most beautiful tunes to make the pop charts. 

Never know what you'll hear ...

It’s true …

The Samuels-penned tune became a National Top 20 Hit in early 1964 … two years before he went off the deep end as his alter-ego, Napoleon XIV.  (kk)

A few years ago we told you that the personal diaries, journals and manuscripts of Beatles Roadie Mal Evans were being gathered together in the hopes of putting together a book that would reveal what it was like to work for The Beatles … from the time before they were famous and right on thru the end.  (In fact, Mal was working on this project at the time of his death in 1976.)

Well, that book is finally a reality … and will be released on November 14th.  (Evans was, unfortunately, shot to death by a Los Angeles policeman under questionable circumstances.)

Kenneth Womack (who has previously written and published a biography on Beatles Producer George Martin, as well as books spotlighting John Lennon, George Harrison and Abbey Road Studios) has taken on the task of sorting all of Mal’s memories, notations, photographs, illustrations and memorabilia into a lifelong testament to the band the whole world fell in love with called “Living the Beatles Legend: The Untold Story of Mal Evans.”  Rights to turning over these files were first agreed to by Mal’s family back in 2020, which is most likely when we first mentioned it, too.  I won’t say that three years of anticipation have been killing me … but this does promise to be one hell of a book!  So much so, in fact, that it will be published in two volumes, with the second edition hitting the streets sometime in 2024.  (Womack’s biography of George Martin was also published in two volumes.)

Mal was privy to SO many Beatle details along the way and went from breaking down and then hauling their equipment in the earliest days of their career, years before they hit it big, to running out in the middle of the “Sgt. Pepper” sessions because John suddenly decided he wanted some orange socks.  The story goes that it was on a flight back to London with Paul McCartney that Mal inspired the names “Sgt. Pepper” in the first place when Paul misheard him to “pass the salt and pepper.”  Word is that on that very flight the concept of The Beatles taking on alter egos and performing as someone else for their new LP took place … and that Mal even helped (uncredited) with some of the lyrics to the title song.

I imagine I’ll be adding these volumes to my much-overloaded coffee table as soon as they are available.  (kk)

Forgotten Hitters may also be interested in the newly published memoirs of Barbara Feldon, best remembered as Agent 99 in the “Get Smart” series and as the growling “Top Brass” girl egging on “all you tigers out there” to buy the product.  But DIDJAKNOW that she ALSO won the grand prize on “The $64,000 Question”???)

This book covers it all and is available now thru as well as Barbara’s own website: