Friday, July 16, 2010

Karen Carpenter

>>>"Goodbye to Love" has always been my favorite Carpenters cut ... heard once it was Karen's favorite, too. True? (stolf)
>>>It's probably MY favorite cut by them, too ... although with SO much great music, it's tough to pick a winner. Early on, Randy L. Schmidt's "Little Girl Blue" biography tells of the time Hollywood Producer Jerry Weintraub approached screenwriter Barry Morrow with the proposition of writing a television screenplay about Karen Carpenter's life. According to Schmidt, "Morrow knew of the Carpenters' music and recalled news reports of Karen's untimely death the previous year, but he didn't particularly like their music. 'It was considered elevator music,' he recalls. 'I was listening to acid rock, Dylan, and Crosby, Stills and Nash.'" Weintraub suggested, "'All right, listen's what you have to do ... I am going to give you three or four albums and a great bottle of wine. I want you to go to a room, turn off the lights, drink this wine and listen to these albums.'" Morrow admitted that, at this point in his life, he had never enjoyed a good bottle of wine, let alone a GREAT one ... so he "followed Weintraub's orders. 'I had never heard her before; I had never stopped to listen. I had never heard the sadness and the sorrow and the pain in there voice. I never heard the undertones to it, the layers. When I heard the guitar solo in the middle of 'Goodbye To Love', I thought, wait a second, I never even knew the Carpenters!'" After he finished the bottle of wine, Morrow phoned Weintraub and said, 'I'm in if you still want me.'" (If that story alone is not enough to make you want to read this book, I don't know what else I can tell you! lol)
By the way, over the weekend we watched a number of Carpenters videos and interviews ... and even found one featuring Tony Peluso talking about his incredible guitar solo on "Goodbye To Love". Gentleman that he was, he gives full credit to Richard Carpenter for coming up with the idea to just "wail away" ... but also notes that, while this is now a common practice on power ballads (and has been for YEARS), this was the FIRST time such a solo had been attempted ... and, in fact, he says The Carpenters took a lot of flack for "selling out" by including a fuzz-guitar on one of their records. All I know is that it certainly worked for me. A year later, Paul McCartney would take a similar approach with the guitar solo on "My Love" ... and , as we've said, we've heard it COUNTLESS times since. Perhaps this will be Tony's legacy. (Hey, we're all talking about!!!) By the way, according to the new bio, the song that Karen told everyone she most personally related to was "I Need To Be In Love" ... something that was sadly lacking for most of her adult life. (kk)

Actually, while "Goodbye To Love" is a good guess, Karen Carpenter's favorite song was something else. And the reason -- as she told me in 1978 -- was the emotion expressed in the below lyrics, particularly the capitalized line.
You have to remember that Karen, while singing romantic songs as if she was, as Herb Alpert put it, "sitting on your lap and softly confessing into your ear," ironically led a rather lonely love life. The Carpenters' schedule was such that between practicing, touring, recording sessions and publicity efforts, Karen had almost no time at all for anything other than the very, very occasional one-time date. (She even went out once with Steve Martin.) On the road, her brother could bring girlfriends, but Karen? She spent almost all of her nights alone, unable to be with anyone long enough kindle any real from-the-heart relationship -- and that's what she craved.
Despite all her professional success, Karen wanted a husband and a family -- and looked with quiet envy at her non-star friends who had achieved what had so far eluded her (and, as it turned out, always would). Her brother and parents were forever suspicious of any guys who came around, fearing that they were either only after her money or might convince Karen to break away from her brother and work with other producers. When Karen eventually did work with another producer (Richard Perry) while her brother was in rehab, her brother convinced their label's execs to reject the resulting album -- which crushed Karen. That album, after Richard remixed it, was finally released (with almost no publicity), but only long after Karen's passing.
Karen, of course, finally did marry in 1980 -- to a wealthy man who had met her at a party and had reportedly never heard of The Carpenters. Sadly, the marriage failed almost right away -- only adding to the sadness as Karen's life rapidly wound down.
I must confess that upon meeting Karen, despite her smiles, I could see in her eyes how she felt inside. Our eyes seemed locked on each other all the time we were together and I think we both felt an instant connection. I have always wished that I had asked her out.
I consider Karen Carpenter to be the finest female singer of the 20th century. Apart from that, she was a kind, loving, longing, heartfelt woman who died at 32 without ever achieving the kind of not career but personal success she had always longed for. She didn't just want to SING about love. She wanted to be deeply and forever in it.
So what was Karen's favorite song -- and the emotional message and the lyric which hit home the deepest with her? The words she wanted so much to say to the right guy made up the lyrics of "Only Yesterday."

After long enough of being alone

Everyone must face their share of loneliness

In my own time nobody knew

The pain I was goin' through

And waitin' was all my heart could do


Maybe you can't see how much you mean to me

You were the dawn breaking the night

The promise of morning light

Filling the world surrounding me

When I hold you

(*) Baby, Baby -- Feels like maybe things will be all right

Baby, Baby -- Your love's made me

Free as a song singin' forever

(**) Only yesterday when I was sad and I was lonely

You showed me the way to leave the past and all its tears behind me

Tomorrow may be even brighter than today

Since I threw my sadness away

Only Yesterday

I have found my home here in your arms

Nowhere else on earth I'd really rather be

Life waits for us, Share it with me,

The best is about to be

So much is left for us to see

When I hold you

Repeat (*)

Repeat (**) twice
Gary Theroux

Lots of press here lately surrounding Karen Carpenter ... the new book, "Little Girl Blue" tells a story that most of us suspected but one which was often "retouched" by the members of her family over the years. (In addition to Steve Martin, Karen dated Alan Osmond for a brief time ... and MGM record producer / executive ... [and then future Lieutenant Governor of California] ... Mike Curb, too!) The sadness of her life truly becomes illustrated when listening to her songs ... watching her perform these so effortlessly is nothing short of amazing. It seems that singing came as naturally to Karen as breathing ... and those who worked with her in the studio over the years all seem to agree that while recording, she often had a very soft and laid back approach to singing ... but she knew EXACTLY how to work the microphone ... embracing it in such a way that this big, booming voice came out. In fact, the most common comment we've heard is that Karen's voice was one of the most unique and distinctive in the business ... whereas sometimes you'll hear a new song come on the radio and think, "Is that ... 'so-and-so'", with each new Carpenters release you KNEW by the third note that that was Karen Carpenter singing ... NOBODY else sounded like her ... before or since. There was NO mistaking or denying whose new record you were listening to ... a pretty high compliment indeed in a business that's thrived for decades by jumping on the latest trend or fad and trying to create something that sounds just like it!!! (kk)

Other things I learned in the new Karen Carpenter book ...

Karen decided to finally do her much-talked-about solo album while Richard was in rehab for his addiction to Quaaludes. (Out of loyalty to her brother, she'd previously rejected suggestions that she break away from The Carpenters' sound and do an album on her own ... not to mention quite a bit of guilt laid on her by her mother!!!) An earlier offer to sing on Gene Simmon's first solo album away from Kiss wasn't taken seriously (so Simmon's ended up using Helen Reddy and Donna Summer instead!!!) Naturally, as would be expected, Richard could not lend his support to a solo effort by his sister ... finally after weeks of pleading that she wouldn't record it without his blessing, Richard caved ... with one condition: "Do me one favor", he said ... "Do NOT do DISCO!!!" (Although she ultimately recorded the solo album, it sat on the shelf until several years after her passing ... the powers that be at A&M ... and in her family ... decided it simply wasn't "up to par" at the time it was completed.)

One event that I had completely forgotten about until I read about it again in the new book was the time The Carpenters fired opening act Neil Sedaka in the middle of their Las Vegas run together. Seems Sedaka was putting on TOO good of a show ... in effect, making The Carpenters' performance look weak by comparison. While I'd completely forgotten about this, I remember now it making headlines across the country ... Sedaka was in the midst of his '70's comeback during the "Laughter In The Rain' / "Bad Blood" period ... and let's face it, he was a seasoned performer, with over a decade of success behind him. Perhaps MOST ironic is the fact that when this event took place, The Carpenters were climbing the charts with their version of Neil's song "Solitaire"!!!

Another surprise ... While working on her solo album with famed Producer Phil Ramone (who had already won Grammy Awards for his work with Paul Simon and Billy Joel), Karen was encouraged to break out of her comfort zone and see what other avenues she could cross musically. Ramone introduced her to songwriter Rod Temperton, who presented her with rough, raw ideas for two new songs he was working on. Karen rejected both of them as not being her style. A few months later, when Ramone introduced Temperton to Producer Quincy Jones at a backyard barbecue, Rod pitched the same two songs to Quincy ... and in no time at all, Michael Jackson recorded and released "Off The Wall" and "Rock With You" ... to ENORMOUS, career-changing success!!!

A VERY interesting read, the book, "Little Girl Blue" by Randy L. Schmidt, is available at fine bookstores everywhere ... or through online services such as (kk)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mid-Week Comments

We'll be out of commission this weekend ... so I put together another quick batch of Comments and Reminders to get you through the rest of the week. Here goes!

We missed the Peter Noone show in Elk Grove Village last week ... got out of work late and by then it was raining pretty hard ... but apparently (after a bit of a rain delay) the show DID go on and the enthusiastic crowd even stuck around through another brief downpour toward the end of the show. Here's a great shot submitted by FH Reader Michele Abrams:

In fact, she ALSO sent along some pictures of Paul Revere and the Raiders ... including one with Paul and brand new drummer Tommy Scheckel (formerly of The Buckinghams!)

Sounds like after the Peter Noone show, a lot of fans headed over across the street to Coach's Corner (as they do MOST Tuesdays after the Elk Grove Concert Series comes to an end.) That's where you'll catch Brock and Abrams, a fun duo dedicated to keeping the music of the '60's and '70's alive. Abrams is Bobby Abrams, former lead guitarist for The Buckinghams ... and Brock is Mick Brock, who used to handle those same duties for Herman's Hermits featuring Peter Noone ... so it was a bit of a reunion of sorts. And, according to Michele Abrams (who filed this report), you just never know WHO's going to show up! Check this out! (kk):
Brock and Abrams play the hits at Coach's Corner every Tuesday in July, just a minute walk from the Elk Grove Mid-Summer Classics Concerts at 152 Biesterfield Road, Elk Grove Village, IL.
You never know who will show up and jam ... last week, we were entertained by Billy Sullivan, guitarist for Herman's Hermits starrring Peter Noone, Jimy Sohns of the Shadows of Knight, DanZman and Bobby Abrams, former guitarist of The Buckinghams and Mick Brock, former guitarist of Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone. Also present: Rich Spina, keys for Hermans Hermits Starrring Peter Noone, Bobby Koll of Hot Rocks, Ron Romero of Checkered Past, and Bruce Gordon of NC6 were in the house! Coach's Corner is the place to be!
Jeez, I think you could put together an entire band or "Formerly Of's" these days! (Actually, that's not such a bad idea ... imagine what a kick-ass group of musicians this would be!!!) Stay tuned ... we just may have more for you on this subject later! (kk)
Click here: Bob Abrams Guitarist Vocalist
Bobby's website teases: More recently, Bob has put together a band that consists of unbelievable musicians ... musicians "Formerly Of" other bands, who have performed with many national acts. More info coming soon ...
Stay tuned for all the details!!! (kk)

As you know I rarely write anything. It's not that I have nothing I want to say ... on the contrary, I often read things and think I have to correct this but, as I type so very slow, I soon loose my train of thought, give it up and reach for a Margarita.
But after seeing your extraordinary "Buckinghams / Chicago Gold" piece, I felt I just had to comment ... so here goes.
I hope I don't babble as I am known to do. First I have to congratulate two GREAT people on recent accomplishments ... Mr. Dick Biondi on the city giving him an honorary street in his name. It couldn't happen to a finer person and friend to all of us. Next to Bob Sirott, on soon returning to the airwaves of WFLD - Ch. 32 TV after a far to long hiatus. Bob is a wonderfully upbeat man, with a wonderful family, that has a uncanny way of getting difficult things done. I, for one, can hardly wait.
Now to your piece: I think you were pretty 'spot on' in your critique on the 'Chicago Gold Revue'. The way I envisioned it was to be more or less the Cryan' Shames and friends with each "friend" being an ORIGINAL lead singer that is brought up, or just wanders up, and does a few songs of their own choosing while being backed by the Shames. No lengthy moving and remixing of equipment and mics, no down time.
Having known these guys for decades, I knew that if I put the show in the right order (no simple task I might add) THEY could pull it off, and I think for the most part it worked. Oh sure, there's always some things that happens that are out of our control, i.e. Tom Doody and the unfortunate 'Dog incident' ... (don't ask ... lol) ... and myself coming down with pneumonia and spending the better part of the week before in the hospital! (I drank 120 oz. of Gatorade during the show ... and pee'd green for the next three days! lol). But the hardest thing to do is to get a venue that will go out on a limb and allow us to put the whole thing on. In a time when fests are closing up or downsizing with just 'Tribute Bands' (don't get me wrong, some of them are terrific), it's rare to find a town as cool as Arlington Heights and I THANK THEM!! (Bolingbrook has always been very supportive, too, and we've got some shows planned there later this summer.)
When you put on a show like this, it is not only the band members and singers that make these things happen ... it's also people like our phenomenal sound tech, David Lowumand and the great crew of sound, lights and staging that work loooooong hours (I think Jackson Browne said " the first to come, and the last to go") ... you need these guys to make it all come out right ... and we had them there that night. (During the sound check, each mic was calibrated to the vocalist using it ... set up exactly for his voice ... that's why when you saw the lead singers come out, they each had their own microphone with them for the ultimate in sound.)
The Buckinghams ... God Bless those two ... with Rocky & Dave sittin' in, they have some real fine players. As you know, Rocky Penn has been a Cryan' Shame for over 25 years and we love him! I was turned on to Dave Zane years back by Jules Follett, the great R&R photographer that has just published an amazing book that has every drummer that ever recorded. The book, ironically, was partially edited by Tom Sheckel. (Please give this book a plug ... with all the drummers on your list, I'm sure they'll want to check it out. It's called "Sticks And Skins" and has photographs of over 900 drummers and sets. You can find it here:
Click here: Sticks 'n' Skins (Thanks, Kent ... Jules is a GREAT lady and this is like a 30-pound coffee table book ... it truly is outstanding!)
Anyway, back to the matter at hand (if you know what I mean) -- both Rocky and Dave will be fine additions to the Bucks. The Shames and Chicago Gold Revue look forward to many more years of making music with both of them, as well as the great Dennis Tufano. (Dennis has a way of putting things ... and he said it just right that night ... this is a bunch of guys who LOVE getting together just for the joy of making music ... you won't find a closer-knit group of friends and musicians who haven't forgotten what it feels like to get up on a stage and entertain a crowd of people who the love music as much as we do.)
Keep on doin' it, Kent! You do a great job!
Jim (J.C.Hooke) Pilster

I was there at the 4th of July Chicago Gold Revue ... and have the mosquito bites to prove it! I went there to support Jim Pilster and his efforts to try to keep the "old guys" together (somewhat). Judging from what has been going on at these carnivals, the end is near. I thought the Shames' harmonies were pretty good, and Sonny Geraci was in good form.
I hung out with Guy Arnston, one of your "regulars", and we had some laughs about the old days, as usual. Pilster is always a stitch.
Quent Lang

Our FH Buddy Ronnie Allen, who first reported on Tommy James' health last week for Forgotten Hits, was surprised to hear that Tommy had cancelled ANY shows ... and Tommy reportedly assured him that he would still be making his RockCon appearance later this month ... best wishes for a speedy recovery from WHATEVER was ailing him ... a truly great talent ... who is really enjoying the recent success of his biography, soon to be a major motion picture! (By the way, you'll find more from Ronnie Allen below!) kk

And don't miss TONIGHT'S Show, featuring The New Colony Six (premiering THEIR new line-up) at Deefield Square!
To all -
The NC Six does not make too many appearances any more. Show some love and support one of my favorite 60's band, This band had more top 40 hits in our area then any other.Their website shows the show at 6:45 (I thought it was 7 PM). It is at the Southwest corner of Deerfield and Waukegan Road.
I am leaving from work since I am half way there. And of course I will have my "record hat" on.
Hope to see you there. Bring chairs in case there is no seating.
Mike De Martino

Not sure about that "time start" discrepancy ... everything I had seen prior said 7 PM, too (which makes a lot more sense), but Bruce had it posted as 6:45 so I just went with it ... not a bad idea to get there early anyway! (kk)

Dear Friends -
Do not forget that some of the older groups are still together and out there playing ... like the 2010 Summer Concerts, Thursday Nights At Deerfield Square -- 7:00 p.m. -- Bernard Forrest Plaza (between WholeFoods Market & Barnes and Noble), Deerfield Square, Downtown Deerfield:
July 8: Ronnie Rice
July 15: New Colony Six
July 22: American English
July 29: The Cryan’ Shames
Sponsored by CRM Properties
We plan to be there ... hope some of the "locals" on the list can come out, too. (Jeez ... supposed to be 97-degrees tomorrow!!! Now THAT sounds like fun under the hot lights!!!) You'll find more on The New Colony Six below ... and more on The Cryan' Shames above! (kk)

JIMY ROGERS and BLUE ROAD: This Week's Shows
Wednesday July 14
7:00 p.m. Blue Road
Wheeling Summer Concert Series
Pool Party!
Bring the kids, bring your bathing suit, or just come and sit on the comfortable patio at the Wheeling Aquatic Center, 327 W. Dundee Rd. in Wheeling.
Great way to break up the work-week!
Admission is FREE after 6:30 pm for this show

Another Show Just Added:
Friday July 16
9:30 p.m. Blue Road
at Flatlanders Restaurant and Brewery in Lincolnshire
200 Village Green (Corner of Milwaukee and Rte. 22)
Great food and brew - come out and kick off your weekend
Help us show Flatlanders all the GREAT FOLKS who come
out to see Blue Road!
This show will feature Big Blake on harp and bassist Ron Regnas from Cruise Machine

How fitting is this? On Roger McGuinn's 68th birthday, Wolfgang's Vault is featuring a concert of Roger back in '84. You can listen free by signing up for Wolfgang's Vault. I know it sez you can download for $4.00 but you can listen for FREE! I guarantee you'll be singing to each and every song! It's a premo recording!
BTW Roger will be in concert Jul 24th at the L2 Arts & Culture Center, 1477 Columbine, Denver 80218 at 8pm ( - 303.777.1003). Still some tix avail. Get there early and Camilla McGuinn and I will greet you at the door and give you some great deals on autographed CD's et al
Happy B-Day Rog!
Wild Bill
Actually, this IS a GREAT angle ... Roger McGuinn's 50th year in the music biz, his birthday AND the music of the BYRDS!!!
In Denver we have the BEST Oldies station ever ... ALL they play is 50's and 60's. it's KRWZ-AM and their ratings are skyrocketing!!! I am forwarding this to Hal Moore (Mornings), Bill Press (Mid-days) and Randy J (Afternoons). I'll also forward this to their Senior PD Joel Denver. I'm not sure who does their promotions but I'm sure they would be interested.
I know they got on the bandwagon for Bob Lind's return for his Denver Concert including giving away tix and posting it on their website (I'll forward this to Bob Lind as well). I would bet you a million dollars KRWZ will do the same for Roger. You may need to give them some tix to give away, in fact if they were smart they would be THE main sponsor and welcoming station for Roger's Concert.
KOOL 105-FM, who used to play Oldies now mainly plays music of the 70's and a few Beatle Hits etc but they may be remotely interested as well. (Probably not the enthusiastic welcome you'd get from KRWZ). Plus I bet Kent Kotal from Forgotten Hits will run something on this as well.
I have also sent info to at least 50 McGuinn fans here in Colorado and Wyoming. I will also address this on MY radio show as well. Don't worry kid, we'll get this sold out! GUARANTEED!
Much love and Blessings,
Wild Bill
Happy to help in any way I can, Wild Bill ... ticket sales are sluggish for nearly ALL the shows out there these days, the economy being what it is ... and the summer "freebie concerts" are drawing more music fans as a "cheap night out" by simply hiring "cover" and "sound-alike" bands. But with Roger McGuinn, you get the REAL DEAL!!! Visit the website listed above for more concert and ticket information ... but don't pass up your chance to see the rock and roll music legend. (kk)

The line-up for Schaumburg's Septemberfest Concert Series is always a well-kept, well-guarded secret ... so far be it from us to let the cat out of the bag ... even if we have an inkling as to just who may be appearing. Suffice to say that wherever you are, you should hop in your vehicle and head on over to this year's fest ... if you don't, you'll be sorry that you wouldn't listen to me ... somewhere in America there may be better shows ... but I can't think of a better way to spend a summer night ... simply put, the search is over ... you won't find a better line-up anywhere on the world stage. 'Nuff said. (kk)

And, on a COMPLETELY unrelated note, I just got this email from Jim Peterik:
I wanted to mention that Chicago's own Lisa McClowry is getting spins on 87.7 fm with a song I wrote called Waiting For You. I think you may like it. Almost as good as What Would You Do If The Sun Died! Love that song. Rock on!
... and here's a guy that Jim Peterik worked with a few years back right here in St. Charles, Illinois! ...

Last month during our Beach Boys Reunion False Alarm, we told you that Mike Love had mentioned a "Gershwin Project" that Brian Wilson was working on. Well, apparently, it's now complete and will be released on August 17th! Titled "Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin", you'll find Brian covering a number of "Gershwin Tunes" on his latest CD.
Full details (including complete track listings) can be found here:
Click here: Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin: Brian Wilson: Music

Sheryl Crow got her first big break in show business as a back-up singer for Michael Jackson. While recording her newest CD ("100 Miles To Memphis"), she broke into a chorus of The Jackson Five's huge break-through hit "I Want You Back" while singing a Marvin Gaye tune, "It's A Desperate Situation". Seems as though she thought the two songs sounded similar ... so she started singing the "I Want You Back" lyrics. Without missing a beat, producers Doyle Bramhill II and Justin Stanley rolled tape ... and a one-take, spontaneous version of Sheryl singing this song is now a bonus track on the new CD! (By the way, Sheryl also said that "I Want You Back" was her First 45 ... so we've now posted that information on the website, too!!! Be sure to send us YOUR First 45's Memories, too, so we can put 'em on the board ... YES!!!) kk

Have you watched the new FX Comedy "Louie" yet? It stars stand-up comic Louis C.K. and, of the four episodes I've seen so far, I'd have to say it hits the mark about 40% of the time ... another 40% it COMPLETELY misses ... and the remaining 20% seems to be more about their committment to language shock value rather than any actual comedy ... but what's REALLY cool is that the theme song for the series is the old Stories' hit "Brother Louie", completely redone by Stories Lead Vocalist Ian Lloyd ... and he sounds GREAT!!! It's only a short snippet that starts each episode (running over the opening credits) but it's enough to make you not only want to hear the whole thing, but also to check Ian out live in concert! You can do that by visiting his website (kk):

Click here: IAN LLOYD HOMEPAGE (kk)
Upcoming Shows (
view all)

Jul 15 2010 10:30 PM DON HILLS N.Y.C., N.Y.

Jul 16 2010 7:30 PM Port Washington Public Library Port Washington, New York

Jul 19 2010 8:00 PM Giovanna's Restaurant N.Y.C., New York

Jul 24 2010 3:00 PM 2010 ROSENDALE STREET FAIR Rosendale, New York

Jul 30 2010 7:00PM Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center East Rutherford, New Jersey

Jul 31 2010 1:00 PM Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel & Conference Center East Rutherford, New Jersey

(Those last two dates are the RocCon Convention we've been telling you about these past few months!)

... and, speaking of RockCon ...


ROCK CON: "WEEKEND OF A 100 ROCK STARS" is coming at the end of this month to the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel & Conference Center in East Rutherford, NJ, and, in celebration of the summer's most eagerly-awaited music festival, we are offering you a FREE copy of Goldmine magazine's collectible "Summer Surf Issue" featuring an interview with one of ROCK CON's Special Guests, Beach Boys founding member Al Jardine!
For the free issue, click here:

Rock Con is offering this to everyone reading this email to remind you of our upcoming fan-fest, a once-in-a-lifetime event featuring SPECIAL GUESTS - LIVE CONCERTS - INTERVIEWS - PANELS - UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCES - MUSIC + RECORDS & MEMORABILIA MARKETPLACE - AWARDS CEREMONY - FILM SCREENINGS - AUTOGRAPHS - and much, much more.
Fans attending "Weekend Of 100 Rock Stars" will be able to talk directly to, obtain signed autographs and meet some of their favorite rock and media personalities on common ground: 100 stars, all at the same time in the same place! Those attending the three-day extravaganza can also browse through the world's largest rock & roll music and memorabilia marketplace.
Special Guests of Honor include Beach Boys founding member Al Jardine, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Tommy James, Johnny Winter, Little Anthony, Billy Hinsche (Dino Desi & Billy), Andy Kim, Paul Petersen, Robert Gordon and current or former members of such rock bands as: KISS, Suicidal Tendencies, The Hollies, The Animals, Porno for Pyros, The Rascals, Vanilla Fudge, The Yardbirds, The Archies, Jefferson Airplane / Starship, STARZ, The Smithereens, Nazz, Tuff Darts, Stories, The Bay City Rollers, Spanky & Our Gang, The Village People, Utopia, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Human Beinz, Brooklyn Bridge, the Rip-Chords and so many more.
The ROCK CON FILM FEST SCREENING ROOM will feature such rare films as "The Wrecking Crew," "Wages of Spin," "Fabulous" and others at no extra cost. Also, be part of Friday night's NATIONAL ROCK CON ICON AWARDS CEREMONY, established to honor the legends, acknowledge music accomplishments and recognize fan favorites.
Themes for the Weekend include "LENNON LEGACY," with special guests from The Beatle's history, "ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAMERS," "THE GREAT GIRL GROUPS REUNION," "HORROR ROCKERS REUNION," "BUBBLEGUM REUNION" and the "AMERICAN IDOLS REUNION."
Celebrate 50 years of rock history live. Advance tickets are now on sale. Click here: There are also "Silver" "Gold" and "Platinum" weekend packages available.
For any further info, call (203) 795-4737 or visit

The first record Bobby Abrams ever bought was a 45 of "Hey Baby They're Playin' Our Song" by The Buckinghams. His mother thought they were "nice clean cut young men", not wild like those other bands. Many years later, Bob Abrams would join The Buckinghams ... and play lead guitar for the band for 24 years!
Check out ALL of our First 45's Postings here:
Click here: Forgotten Hits - FIRST 45's
Click here: Forgotten Hits - More of Your FIRST 45's
Click here: Forgotten Hits - Even MORE Of Your First 45's

And, speaking of 45's (clearly one of our favorite topics around here ... who can ever forget the excitement of heading out to the neighborhood record store and picking out this week's selection ... only to get it home and find out ... OH NO!!!!!) kk

Share YOUR "First 45's" memories on our webpage ... and read the hundreds of others that have already been submitted by our readers. Just drop us a line ... and then be sure to check back to see YOUR memories posted on The Forgotten Hits Web Page at the links above. (kk)

re: 16 RPM:
I had not seen a 16 rpm record until I got into radio. In a few of the back rooms over the years I have found lots of 16 speed records. They pressed a lot of radio shows in the 50's and early 60's on those. Wrco has a series of kiddies shows, Ernie Ford Country and Western shows, and I believe a Christmas classic the Cinnamon Bear on those big records. They could fit a whole 15-30 minute program on one side because of their size and their slow speed. We also have national advertisements from soft drink companies, beer companies and psa's from the early 60s on 16's.
The old radio station turntables would play them, because the platters were so big (the records were 14-16 inches) and the tone arms were positioned so wide. Most of the home turntables would have been way to small to play them because the stand that holds the tone arm would have been in the way.
Phil - Wrco
It's funny because I think MOST of the record players I owned over the years (including all my parents' stereos) all showed the 16 rpm speed ... but we never owned a record that actually played at that speed. Tons of 78's, yes ... and I've broken a few of those over the years, too! (lol) kk

Back in the Sixties I saw lots of what were called "Talking Books" -- audio books for the blind that played at 16 RPM. (And if you have a special SCA-equipped radio, you'll hear me reading current books for the blind here in Nashville.)
David Lewis


And this just in from Diane Diekman, who's publishing Marty Robbins' biography ... (target date, 2012) ... looks like we had a milestone anniversary for Marty this month, too! (kk)

Sixty years ago this week, Marty Robbins recorded "Don't Worry" and inadvertently created a new sound -- the fuzz tone. The song idea popped into Marty's head when he was sitting at a stoplight on Thompson Lane one night, and he wrote the song by the time he reached his house in Brentwood. "I went home and played it on the piano for, probably for an hour," he once said, "not just to remember the song, but because I liked the song." He recorded it July 12, 1960, and everyone in the studio was surprised to hear a distorted sound on the playback. Perfectionist Marty wanted to rerecord it, but producer Don Law convinced him to keep the unique sound, which had resulted when the amplifier for Grady Martin's lead bass guitar malfunctioned. (More on that story when the book is published.) The single was released in December and spent ten weeks at number one.

-- Diane


>>>I talked to Tony Orlando about the New Colony Six song "I'm Just Waitin' Anticipatin'. He told me that he co-wrote that with his uncle. He said that he thought that they wrote it for Terry Knight and the Pack, but he remembered the New Colony Six as well. (Phil -Wrco Radio)

>>>When I interviewed Ray Graffia, Jr. and Ronnie Rice for our FH Series on The New Colony Six, NEITHER one of them could remember exactly how that song happened to come their way. The story I'd always heard was that, at the time, Tony Orlando was working as a promotions man for Cameo / Parkway Records, who were then distributing the records pressed by Ray Graffia, Sr.'s record company, Centaur Records, which pressed the original recordings by the band. (Since Terry Knight and the Pack were also affiliated with Cameo / Parkway at the time, this seems to lend a little more credibility to this story ... but this is first time I'd ever heard of THEIR connection to this tune!) Somehow it got into either Ray Sr.'s hands or the hands of NC6 promo men Pete Wright and/or Howard Bedno, who presented it to the band. It's LONG been a Forgotten Hits Favorite, an opinion shared by many of our readers who never had a chance to hear this track the first time around. (kk)





Tony Orlando didn't write that many songs ... amazing to me that he'd forget ANY of them!!! (lol) As you know, Pat McBride was the ONLY "No Show" at The New Colony Six Reunion a couple of years ago ... it was GREAT to hear all the guys together again. (You can relive part of the magic on The Forgotten Hits Website ... include a mention of all of the guys signing Mike's 45!!!): (kk)

Click here: Forgotten Hits: The New Colony Six Reunion ... And WE Were There!!!

Love your site ... I know you played "I Don't Really Want To Go" by the New Colony Six ... will you ever play the flipside "Run"?
Thanks and keep rockin.
Certainly one of the rarest (if not THE rarest) New Colony Six track ... virtually every copy of the "I Don't Really Want To Go" single I've ever seen has been a DJ / Promotional Copy, with the same song on both sides ... as a B-Side only track, "Run" is virtually impossible to find ... but thanks to our FH / NC6 Buddy Jerry Schollenberger (who is also the bands official "historian"), we've got a copy to share with you today. It doesn't sound like ANYTHING else The New Colony Six ever recorded ... and if somebody simply played me this track and asked me to guess who it was, I don't think I could have gotten it with a hundred guesses. Listen to what ultimately became their final release (kk):

Thank you, Gretchen; thank you, Kent!

Grethchen, the reason I felt "Come Softly" was recorded at home, was because of the studio talk (offered by EMI) while you were delightfully being kissed! :)

The Vanguard (?) Record company mentions the Mr. Blue album, on audio CD, could be offered entirely in Stereo, but, sadly, when vocals are on one side, and music on the other, it does sound awkward.

Anyway, thank you very much for your input and great songs!!! 15 albums? Holy mackerel!!! :)




This is really fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frankie Valli pays tribute to Larry Chance and the Earls

DJ Stu

Click here: YouTube - Frankie Valli pays tribute to Larry Chance and the Earls

I do not subscribe to any publications like GOLDMINE, etc. so I am not really privy to the deaths of anyone in the recording industry. I was glad, and sad at the same time, to see it mentioned that Harvey Fuqua passed away. I wouldn't have really known this at any other time. Also, later on tonight I will go in and play Lolita's SAILOR and COWBOY JIMMY JOE. Harvey Fuqua had a record in 1959 on CHESS called UNEMPLOYMENT. I will get that out also and play it. It made the local survey here in OKC.

Larry N. Boyington,
aka Larry Neal, former curator of the Wax Museum on the big 1520 KOMA

Because of their publication schedule, magazines like "Goldmine" often don't report a music-related death until a month or two after it occurs. We try to be a LITTLE more prompt with our reports (but often there's a delay of several days for us, too, depending on what else we have scheduled to run at any given point in time.) Thankfully, we have "The Forgotten Hits Official Grim Reaper", Ron Smith, reporting in on all the latest oldies news ... be sure to check out HIS website, too, where you'll find this type of information "as it happens":

Click here: Oldies Music -- News


Hi Kent,

It seems like one of my activities during my "retirement" from doing radio interview shows is ... doing more shows!

This is another one that wasn't planned. I was going to do a brief "sound bite" type interview (not a regular show) with Mike Clifford, in which we merely discussed his big hit single "Close To Cathy." But after doing some research and chatting with him briefly, I decided to go the whole nine yards and do a regular one after all.Yes, I'm still "retired" (for now), but there might be an exception or two here and there while I am taking time off to take it easy. As for Mike, he's a delightful and most versatile talent. He told me that he was thinking of a certain female singer while he was recording hit bit hit "Close To Cathy." Of course he reveals who it was during the 45-minute show (which includes two bonus tracks).

Here's the track list:

1 Close To Cathy (instrumental excerpt under intro)

2 Should I -- Mike Clifford with Patience and Prudence

3 Whisper Whisper -- Mike Clifford with Patience and Prudence

4 Close To Cathy -- Mike Clifford

5 What To Do With Laurie -- Mike Clifford

6 Medley: My One And Only Love and Evergreen -- Mike Clifford and Sandy Zacky

BT One Boy Too Late -- Mike Clifford

BT Weil Ich Dich So Lief Hab ("Close To Cathy" in German) -- Mike Clifford

The radio interview show, recorded exclusively for the Jersey Girls Sing website is on this page: Ronnie's Radio Page

Oh yes, I will be recording yet another radio interview show tomorrow (Thursday, July 15). I committed to it before my announced retirement and will honor that commitment. It's with someone you probably never heard of talking for an hour about someone else you either never heard of or (most likely) have heard his name but know very little about him. It should be one of my more interesting shows! You'll be among the first to know when I post it.

I hope that you and everyone who reads this are having a most enjoyable summer.

Ronnie Allen

Kent ...
Here in New York, WCBS-FM just finished a "Question & Answer" Weekend.
Here's how it worked: Dionne Warwick asks, "Do you know the way to San Jose?" and then Edwin Starr answers "25 miles to go." Elvis asks, "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" and then B.J. Thomas answers "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." Olivia Newton-John asks, "Have You Never Been Mellow?" and Donovan answers, "They call me Mellow Yellow."
You get the idea. Clever, don't you think?
Frank B.
Actually, yeah ... pretty clever ... wonder how many of these came up with all together! (kk)

Here it comes! The weekend is almost here and then it will be time for my show.
The Pop Shoppe is heard on Friday evenings from 7 PM till 3:01 AM only at Note: All times are eastern.
When you go to the site, pick the player of your choice then click on it to hear the music. For even more fun join our chatroom and meet other listeners.
The schedule for this Friday is as follows:
7:00 / 8:30 Music from the 1950's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:30 / 9:00 The Folk Music sounds of the 1960's. What a great era that was for folk music.
9:00 / 12:00 AM (Part 1) of The top 100 songs from 1964.This list was compiled by our dear friend Randy Price. It was compiled from the weekly top 100 pop singles chart of Billboard and Cashbox magazines using a progressive point system applied to the positions held by each record. Randy did a knock out job putting this list together. The songs you'll be hearing are all the original versions by the original artists. You will not be disappointed listening to this fantastic countdown.
12:00 / 1:30 AM It's time for Midnight Country. We keep getting new listeners as people are discovering that I play the real country classics of the 40s/50s/60s. Those were the days.
1:30 / 3:01 AM You'll have to wait till this time to see what I am going to play.
Remember, you never know what you are going to hear on the Pop Shoppe.
I have had alot of reaction to two things that I featured last Friday evening.
The one hour tribute to Johnny Maestro by Vito Picone has been added to my web page thanks to Ramtown Mike. Just go to
While there you can check out the many other interviews I've done and see my mini picture collection.
Last week I also introduced a new 15 minute segment called Ed Rambeau's Little Corner Of The World. Everybody who heard it loved it so much and most of you felt that 15 minutes wasn't enough. Ed has so many things to play and say about the music that when I feature him next week it will be for 30 minutes (and that's every other week).
You can also contact me at at all times.
By the way last Saturday night I got to see Peter Noone in Long Branch, New Jersey. This guy doesn't age. He was dancing and jumping around that stage like he was in his 20's. A fine performer. If he gets to your area, try to see him.
Don't forget to be here this and every Friday night. You'll be hearing The Greatest Songs That Ever Lived!!!!! It all comes your way on "The Pop Shoppe".
Looking forward to your visit.
I am
Sincerely yours,
Stu Weiss / DJ STU

You recently had a reply from a reader about the Peter Noone concert. It was signed Karen T. here in OKC. I wouldn't mind knowing if any of your readers are here in OKC. Sometimes I think I am the only one here in OKC that "digs" the oldies.
I did "discover" just yesterday on my car radio a TRUE OLDIES STATION, 99.7 FM. I don't really know offhand where the studios are located but I think it is in Tulsa.

Larry N. Boyington,
aka Larry Neal, former curator of the Wax Museum on the big 1520 KOMA
Scott Shannon's True Oldies Channel broadcasts on close to a hundred different radio stations across the country ... I'm not sure if yours has any "local content" or not, but MOST of the stuff comes from The True Oldies Mothership (hovering somewhere near New York!!!) You'll even find some of OUR features on their from time to time. (Scott recently counted down The Top 20 Summer Favorites from our Forgotten Hits online poll.) He plays a great variety of oldies and favorites ... and also features listener requests ... so put him to the test from time to time ... you'll find that HE'S quite the record collector, too!
As for Oklahoma readers, we've probably got a couple dozen ... we don't really classify our readers by area ... and we never give out that type of information ... but please know that you are NOT alone, lovin' the oldies in OKC! (If anything, the very fact that these folks are on The Forgotten Hits List only proves that they, too, would like to see more variety in oldies programming!!!) kk

Just got this update from FH Reader Dwight Rounds ...
Here are the results so far from the survey on my web site
Dwight Rounds
Favorite groups (pick three of the following)
1. Doors 102
2. Rolling Stones 99
2. CSNY 99
4. Led Zeppelin 93
5. Jimi Hendrix Experience 90
6. Beach Boys 71
6. Creedence Clearwater 71
8. Cream 65
9. Who 64
9. Simon & Garfunkel 64
11. Bob Dylan 62
12. Byrds 61
13. Mamas & Papas 38
14. Dave Clark Five 23

Favorite songs (pick three of the following)
1. Stairway To Heaven 69
2. Light My Fire 50
3. Hey Jude 45
4. Good Vibrations 39
4. A Day In The Life 39
6. Bridge Over Troubled Waters 38
6. For What It's Worth 38
8. Norwegian Wood 37
9. Imagine 34
10.Turn Turn Turn 33
11. You Really Got Me 32
12. Like A Rolling Stone 31
13. Do You Believe In Magic 28
14. Fortunate Son 23
14. Satisfaction 23
16. Ohio 22
17. Bad Moon Risin' 11
What?!?!? No Beatles in The Top 14?!?!? Is this for real?!?!?
UPDATE: I just went to the website to check it out for myself ... the reason you don't see The Beatles on the list is because they're not even one of the choices. While I was there, I voted for MY three favorites in each category, too. You can do the same simply by clicking the link above. (kk)


The Forgotten Hits Top 40 Summer Favorites are now posted here for your listening enjoyment: Click here: Sixtiesoldiesguys Songs

(In a MILLION years I NEVER would have guessed that this particular series would turn out to be so popular!!! Thanks again to everyone out there who helped push things over the top!) kk

re: DAVIE ALLAN ... (and a special offer for our Forgotten Hits Readers):


I certainly enjoy and look forward to your web page on the weekends and in-between. Every time I read a new segment of your web page, there seems to be at least one record mentioned that I haven't heard on the radio in many many years. (So what else is new?). After reading the paragraph on Davie Allan and the Arrows, for example, I went in and got out my 45 of BLUES THEME from 1967 on TOWER. I also got out his 1965 recording of APACHE '65. Not a bad version of the old Jorgen Ingmann tune from '61. I don't know about you or your other readers, but at times I can't really tell the difference between Davie Allan's BLUES THEME and the song from 1961 by the Duals, STICK SHIFT (on SUE) ... very similar in my opinion.

Larry N. Boyington,
aka Larry Neal, former curator of the Wax Museum on the big 1520 KOMA

P.S. Keep up the good work. I know you will
I dunno about that ... they sound like two completely different melodies to me!
(Both certainly fit the bill of what has come to be known as "Cycle-delic Rock"!!! lol)
I've ALWAYS loved Davie's "Blues' Theme" ... a HUGE hit here in Chicago back in '67, when it reached #3. ("Apache '65" didn't fare to badly here either, peaking at #37.)

Here's another note from Davie ... with an offer for our FH Readers that's too good to be true:


Thanks again for posting "vibramutant's" great tribute to Wayne Allwine and to "Retrophonic". Speaking of "Retrophonic", this isn't on my website but I'm reducing the price on it and on the previous two albums ("Moving Right Along" and "Fuzz For The Holidays 2") to $10 each (and that includes the postage, etc). Thank you!

Davie Allan

P.O. Box 5378

Oceanside, CA 92052

Interested? Drop Davie a line ... we've featured tracks from ALL of these releases on our website before ... good stuff to be sure! (Betcha if you tell him you heard about it in Forgotten Hits, he'll even SIGN a copy for you, too!!!) kk

... and, speaking of Guitar Gods ...


The honorees will be inducted during a ceremony that will take place on August 13, 2010, during the fourth annual Fender Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (July 8, 2010) – Fender Musical Instruments Corp. (FMIC) is proud to announce that it will honor rock legend Jimi Hendrix and founding employee George Fullerton at its fourth annual Fender Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Fri., Aug. 13, 2010, at the Tempe Center of the Arts in Tempe, Ariz.
The Fender Hall of Fame was created in 2007 as an annual celebration of Fender® founders, artists, leaders, innovators and other historically significant figures, and as an institution in which their contributions to the company’s legacy are permanently commemorated.
Special guests at the 2010 induction ceremony will include Janie Hendrix, Eddie Kramer, Geoff Fullerton, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Chris Layton.
Janie Hendrix, CEO of Experience Hendrix LLC, is the central figure in preserving and protecting the ongoing legacy of her legendary stepbrother, Jimi Hendrix. As the head of the Hendrix estate for nearly a decade, she will be present at the induction ceremony that afternoon to accept the honor on behalf of Jimi Hendrix and the Hendrix family.
Over a career spanning nearly half a century, world-famous recording producer and engineer Eddie Kramer is well known as the man who recorded Jimi Hendrix; playing an integral role in recording every seminal Hendrix album from the 1967 debut Are You Experienced to 1971’s The Cry of Love. Kramer is unquestionably one of the most renowned and well-respected producer / engineers in rock history; his work has also included famous albums for the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Peter Frampton and many other artists.
Fender’s own Geoff Fullerton is the son of George Fullerton, one of Leo Fender’s best friends, first employees and key right-hand men during Fender’s original 1940s-1960s golden age. A generation later, Geoff Fullerton has lent his own talents as a builder to the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, Calif.; he remains there today and will be on hand at the induction ceremony to accept the honor on behalf of his father and family.
The fourth annual Fender Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will also feature a musical performance by noted blues guitarist / singer / songwriter Kenny Wayne Shepherd, ably backed by premier electric blues drummer Chris Layton, formerly of Double Trouble and also known for his work with a variety of artists including Storyville, Arc Angels, Doyle Bramhall II and many others.
James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix (1942-1970) is universally hailed as the greatest electric guitarist in the history of rock and one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. In the annals of rock history — and especially in Fender history—he towers above all others as an artist whose life and work were as phenomenal as the era which he helped to define and personify.
Innovative, enigmatic and astoundingly talented, Hendrix pioneered an explosive new role for the electric guitar in the latter 1960s over the course of a meteoric career that was as musically adventurous as it was all too brief. Indeed, one can only speculate on the even greater musical heights he would have achieved had he lived beyond the age of 27.
With bands the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Band of Gypsys, he recorded groundbreaking hit singles and albums, including Are You Experienced and Axis: Bold as Love (1967), Electric Ladyland (1968) and Band of Gypsys (1970), all of which are as acclaimed and influential today as when first released. A mesmerizing performer, Hendrix also turned in unforgettable concert moments, including his literally fiery performance at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival and his immortal appearance at the 1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair.
With his Stratocaster® guitar slung upside down and his artful and inventive use of distortion, feedback, and other effects, Jimi Hendrix bequeathed to the world an artistic legacy so powerful that he has transcended mere stardom to become a worldwide cultural phenomenon that endures to this day.
George William Fullerton (1923-2009) played a pivotal role during Fender’s original 1940s-1960s golden age.
In the mid-1940s, as a gifted artist and working musician with a keen interest in electronics, George became friends with Leo Fender. The two men eventually became business associates after Leo personally enlisted George to sign on with the fledgling guitar and amplifier company. With his artistic sense and natural ability to translate ideas into practical processes and machinery on the shop floor, Fullerton contributed to the creation of several of the most important musical instruments of the 20th century, including the Telecaster®, Stratocaster, Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass® guitars.
George Fullerton reported to work at Fender on Feb. 2, 1948, after performing several years of side work for Leo. He ran the small shop and supervised the crew during those first formative years, bringing a congenial, family-like atmosphere to the feisty young company. He became vice president in charge of production in April 1959, and from that early era through the 1960s, he remained both well liked by everyone at Fender and steadfastly loyal to Leo, with whom he remained a lifelong friend and business partner long after both men retired from Fender in 1970.
NOTE: The media are welcome to attend and cover the event; however, it is not open to the public.
About Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is the world’s leading guitar manufacturer, and its name has become synonymous with all things rock ‘n’ roll. Iconic Fender® instruments such as the Telecaster®, Stratocaster®, Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass® guitars are known worldwide as the instruments that started the rock revolution, and they continue to be highly prized by today’s musicians and collectors. FMIC brands include Fender®, Squier®, Guild®, Gretsch®, Jackson®, Charvel®, SWR®, EVH®, Tacoma®, Olympia® and Brand X®. For more information, visit

-- submitted by Bob Merlis / Merlis For Hire

>>>Of course not EVERYBODY enjoys and appreciates what we do here ... I just received THIS lovely email from a reader who discovered our Jimi Hendrix Series on the website (kk):

>>>Regarding the Jimi Hendrix article you attempted to write ... If Jimi isn't the guitar God who is? Eric Clapton? hahaha Look up J.J. Cale, asshole! (Dandy Lion / Westcoastwindy)

Jimi's (later) guitar work was okay. However, he did shine, and I was shocked, when he did work with The Isley Brothers! Darn fine guitarist (almost a jazz guitarist) without the bells and whistles amplifier sound.

Clapton, yeah, sure, some do consider him great and maybe he deserves it, but his guitar saturated "Layla" failed to chart as well as "I Shot The Sheriff", which, to my ears, is more keyboard work than guitar.

George Barnes' will never be forgotten for his impressive guitar solo on "Lipstick On Your Collar", by Connie Francis. A perfect guitar solo that fits a song so nicely, just like any instrument solo, is so nice to listen to!



Which, of course, takes us back to Tony Peluso's awesome guitar solo on The Carpenters' Hit "Goodbye To Love"!!! (lol) kk

And, speaking of The Carpenters ...

Be sure to check out The Forgotten Hits Web Page tomorrow for yet another mini-tribute to the great voice of Karen Carpenter.

In the meantime ...


We'll have sporadic postings for the next several weeks ... some "real life" situations will keep us both out on the road and away from the computer more often than normal ... so, we'll be adopting our usual "We'll post WHAT we can, WHEN we can" motto until things settle down again. Please continue to check the website from time to time to see what's new ... and be sure to read tomorrow's special posting on Karen Carpenter. Thanks! (Meanwhile, you can continue to email your comments to ... and we'll process them as quickly as we can.) kk

Helping Out Our Readers

>>>I have been trying to trace an instrumental which I can remember from back in the 1960s. I think the title in the UK was "Imago", or something close to that, and was recorded by an orchestra leader with (again - I think) a french sounding name.Very sketchy details I'm afraid, but can anyone remember any such recording? It was never what one could call a hit, but it got a few playings on the airwaves for a while then "disappeared". (Robin Cavaghan)
We got a couple of "nibbles" on this one ... but, as you said, not much to go on ... short of listening to a couple of these yourself, I'm not sure we'll ever really know if this is the song you had in mind. It's much tougher with instrumentals 'cause you can't even zero in on a sample lyric ... but you might want to check out these two. (kk)
I am wondering if the instrumental in question might be from Raymond Lefevre (famous for Soul Coaxing). I will look in my vinyl and see if I have anything that resembles that title.
Hard to tell ... even "Soul Coaxing" was known by another name ... It charted as "Ame Caline" back in 1968!!! (kk)

Just a wild guess: could it be "Image" by Hank Levine? Charting at #37 on WLS and #98 nationally, this just barely missed my "WLS Only" collection.
Ed Erxleben

Well, it's a good starting point ... if anybody else out there has samples or suggestions as to which track Robin might be looking for, send 'em along ... and we'll be happy to pass them along to Robin ... or post 'em right here on the website! And Robin, if one of these hits the mark, please let us know!!! (kk)

My brother (Colorado) and I (South Dakota) are trying to remember who produced an advertising song in the 1960's called (something like) "There's a Man Who Hears a Different Drummer Drumming." Some men's cologne or aftershave, I think. It was popular enough that they made and either gave away or sold a 45 record with this song on it. We had one. We're trying to remember what product it advertised. Maybe your readers would remember.It's driving us CRAZY -- and can't find it on the interent.

Marsha Ahrenkiel
Another one that sounds VERY familiar ... but I can't quite place it. Betcha SOMEBODY on the list will!!! Hang tight! (kk)

Hello Forgotten Hits,
In the late 60s, I frequently heard two specific commercials for Tab Cola. As I recall, both had the same Ad-lyrics, (though I'm not 100% sure of this) . The difference between the two commercials was that the first one was slower and had kind of a hippie-dippy mellow sound that was very typical of this era ... the second spot was faster and more rocked up.
Are these specific commercials available? If so, if any of you have them, it would be great to have an MP3 file of one or both of them. In addition, if there is a CD available that may have these spots, then please let me know its title. I assume it is out of print at this point.
It would be wonderful to hear these again. Both commercials along with other ads from the 60s were sometimes featured on Tv Land (mid 1990s).
Justin McDevitt
Clearly our readers are still finding this topic "commercially acceptable" ... there doesn't seem to be a week that goes by without SOMEBODY writing in about some of their "ad" favorites from yesteryear. Anybody able to help out with this one? (kk)

Hope all is well, Kent.
I just read Gary Renfield's comments on The Nickel Bag, but the group summary that he provided attributed band history to the incorrect "Nickel Bag." It looks like he took the bio info from my interview with Bill Brackin ( but that was an ebtirely different combo (who never recorded). I haven't located any info yet on the Kama Sutra group. I'm excited that you heard from Mike Melfi of The Princetons. I'm looking forward to any recollections that he shares about his band with Forgotten Hits readers.
Mike Dugo
I really don't know anything about The Nickel Bag other than what Gary sent me ... obviously, the album cover is the correct band on Kama Sutra ... not sure where he got the "bio" information ... maybe he'll let us know. As for The Princetons, I've sent Mike a couple of follow-up emails, offering to give the group a nice profile but haven't heard anything back from him as of yet ... if and when we do, we'll be sure to let you know! (kk)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Survey Collectors

We got a few responses to the recent inquiry about folks who collect the weekly Top 40 Surveys issued by radio stations back in the '50's, '60's, '70's and '80's ... and I know that we have several MORE collectors on the list that we HAVEN'T heard from yet. We'd be happy to help connect ALL of these interested parties in the hopes that each and every one of you out there will soon be able to expand your collections ... so keep those cards and letters coming, folks!!! (kk)

Kent -
Please pass my contact info to Larry Boyington. I have not been active in collecting radio station surveys, but do get active if contacted. I have amassed a large number of original and photocopied surveys and there is a good web site for this also. I have scattered WLS and WCFL charts as I find them periodically from people. In Buffalo, WKBW stopped publishing a survey in mid 1959 or early 1960, and the listings after that time were only circulated to the music industry and are very very hard to find (which is what I am looking for).

Any people who are collecting radio station charts, I am interested in emailing!
Thank you!
Clay Pasternack

Thanks for the plug about my top 40 surveys. While most of what I have for sale is Chicagoland surveys, (WLS, WCFL, WBBM-FM, etc,), I do have surveys from other markets, too. Lest anyone get too excited, I only have a few pre-1964 surveys for sale. They usually get snapped up at record shows or on ebay. On a related topic, I'm currently putting together an all time list of Chicago area performers based on their ranking on WLS and WCFL. I hope to have that done in a few weeks. At that time I'd like FH readers to email me with their fave Chicago area songs and I'll compile the list and see how it compares with the chart rankings. Pretty much any local hit up to 1990 will be considered. If your readers want to contact me about old top 40 charts, email me at The phone lines are open.
Finally my customer informs me that only ORIGINAL charts, not copies will do, or original from the local newspaper if it wasn't available to the general public. This guy has to have some interesting charts. It appears the more obscure, the better.

Anything I can do for you on collecting surveys, let me know.
Bill Hengels

Thanks, Bill ... my guess is that you'll be hearing from some of our readers! (The majority of surveys shown on our website have come courtesy of Bill Hengels ... regular FH contributors Ron Smith, Ed Erxleben and Clark Besch are ALSO avid survey collectors ... and, obviously, so is Larry Boyington, who started this whole discussion. Let's see what all these connections turn up!) kk

Meanwhile, here is one of the more popular survey sites on the web ... you'll find ALL kinds of surveys on display (and a place for you to share YOURS, too, with other interested collectors!) Click here: Oldiesloon
Along with a couple of others that I've come across over the years ...
Click here: ARSA The Radio Surveys / Record Charts Site
Click here: Radio Station Surveys
Click here: WPGC Weekly Music Survey Playlists
Click here: CMH Home
Click here: Welcome to - WAKY Music Surveys Page
Click here: WMCA Weekly Music Surveys
Click here: Rock n Roll Graffiti: Radio surveys defined Top 40
Click here:
Click here: WABC Musicradio "Music"
Click here: WABC Musicradio 77
Click here: 95 KIMN Weekly Surveys
(Take a DEEP breath ... and then prepare to lose yourself for HOURS!!! lol) kk

And, if you're really into this kind of stuff, why not show off YOUR favorite radio station with an official Radio LogoLand T-Shirt?!?!? You can check 'em out here:
(I'm wearing my WCFL T-Shirt as I type this!!!) kk

Click here: RadioLogoLand: Tshirts for vintage "W" radio stations in Illinois
Click here: RadioLogoLand: Tshirts for vintage "K" radio stations