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The Sunday Comments ( 05 - 27 - 12 )

It's a LONG Holiday Weekend ... so we've got LOTS of Sunday Comments for you this week ...
Take your time ... digest slowly ... and enjoy!!! 

Really cool to get this email from Ian Lloyd, former Stories lead singer, letting us know about another brand new release!
Dear Kent,
Thanks for the radio play / promo for “Everybody’s Happy Cause It’s Christmas Time” this past holiday season and for spreading the word.  I’m sending out this announcement to you first before the rest of the world hears, so please check out the MEDIA RELEASE below.
Thank you for your time and Happy Rockin'.

Ian Lloyd’s MACHINE DREAM Records is proud to announce it’s first Singles Release of 2012. Please give a listen to these great radio ready tunes:
Ian Lloyd’s “City Of Dreams” [a spacey trip thru a future fantasy land],
Social Hero’s “Gone” [‘everybody’s gone”] … checkout the video here:,
and Isle Of Rhodes “Tick Tock”, taken from their debut release “All Rivers & Oceans”,
Great ROCK from some unique talent. Help Spread the WORD & the SOUND round the world!
Ian Lloyd

Now here's a surprise ... the brand new Lionel Richie album that we've been telling you about just passed 789,000 copies sold ... making it the second biggest selling album of the year!  (Believe it or not, it snuck by Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits, both of which trail Adele's "21", with sales of about 3.3 million.)  "Tuskegee" (featuring country duet remakes of many of Richie's best known songs) has outsold Lionel's last three album releases COMBINED!!!  A brand new single (a remake of "Endless Love" featuring Lionel Richie and Shania Twain) has just been released along with a brand new video ...
Eric Burdon has completed his most personal album to date, titled ‘Til Your River Runs Dry to be released September 18 by ABKCO Records.  A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and hailed by Rolling Stone as one of the “100 Greatest Voices of All Time,” Burdon has long forged new ground while maintaining a commanding presence in the music marketplace as front man of The Animals, with WAR at its inception and simply as Eric Burdon. In 2012, Eric’s influence is enjoying resurgence with both new artists and superstars. 
During his 2012 SXSW keynote address Bruce Springsteen said of The Animals’ “We Gotta Get Out of This Place," "That's every song I've ever written. That's all of them. I'm not kidding, either. 'Born to Run,' 'Born in the USA,' everything I've done for the past 40 years, including all the new ones."  At that very moment, in another part of Austin, Eric was jamming with emerging artist Brendan Benson for a Daytrotter session which will go live on, Friday May 25, 2012.  Just a few hours after Springsteen’s “confession,” he and Burdon joined forces for an electrifying duet on ‘We Gotta Get Out of This Place.”  
As a special and very timely preview of Til Your River Runs Dry, one track from the album, aptly titled “Memorial Day,” premieres via audio stream this Memorial Day weekend. Click here to listen and feel free to share:  
‘Til Your River Runs Dry features original tracks written by Eric Burdon including “Bo Diddley Special,” “The River Is Rising,” “Water,” “Wait” and and the aforementioned “Memorial Day.” ABKCO will support the album’s release with an extensive promotion and marketing campaign in conjunction with a full slate of tour dates by Burdon. 
The album was produced by Burdon and Tony Braunagel and recorded in New Orleans in 2010 and 2011 in California at Playback Studios in Santa Barbara and at Ultratone Recording in Studio City where Eric recorded his last two albums, My Secret Life and Soul of a Man. The new album was mixed by Ed Cherney and mastered by Doug Sax and Eric Boulanger at The Mastering Lab in Ojai, California. 
Eric recently discussed ‘Til Your River Runs Dry and its lengthy gestation period: 
“I started feeling that I needed to use this album as a catharsis, to express my own truth. It took longer than any other album, not because of time spent in the studio, but because of the subject matter of the songs I wanted to put out there,” Eric explains. The result is a deeply intimate, honest self-portrait as well as unsparing look at religion, politics and the environment. “During the making of this record, we lost Bo Diddley, one of my greatest influences. There were many things I would have said to him, if I’d realized that his time was limited. 
"I traveled to New Orleans to record with the Fats Domino’s band, something I wrote when Fats was presumed missing in the days after Katrina. The whole Katrina situation touched me deeply. It’s the birthplace of all the music that I love. A friend sent me a photo of Fats being rescued and it brought me such joy. I knew I had to put in words – and music – the relief that I felt. The struggle I had writing the material for this record was intense. 
"Global warming, the potential disaster of the water crisis.. too much water, too little water. I chose the title, because there are so many times in one’s life, when one feels he has nothing more to offer. But no, my river has not run dry. I offer this as a bit of hope that we, as the human race, will find new sources of replenishment and inspiration. 
"I never looked for money or fame, but I always knew I had to follow my own journey. As a kid in Newcastle, it was extremely unlikely that I would have an international career as a singer, lasting 50 years. I’ve been very fortunate. I’m a survivor, who doesn’t take his good fortune for granted. 
"When I started out with the Animals I never dreamed that I would grow old, much less be singing on stage at the age of 70,” said Eric.  “There I was, in my twenties, singing “When I was Young,” as if I was already an old man. Now, I can look back at a life with many ups and downs, and thankfully, I can reflect on where I am and where I’ve been. I’m privileged to be able to look back at the many paths and highways that I’ve traveled. At this point in my life, I’m very comfortable in this place where I am.”
And that brand new Paul Simon / Graceland special we've been telling you about began running on A&E Friday Night ... check listings for repeat broadcasts. 
The brand new Paul Simon / Graceland Documentary airs tonight on A&E. Don't miss the A&E television broadcast of the critically-acclaimed Graceland documentary, UNDER AFRICAN SKIES
Friday, May 25 @ 10 / 9 C  (Check local listings)   

And here's another quick reminder about the special showing of "Monterey Pop", featuring a post-film Q&A with Lou Adler and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas ...
Don't miss the very special Monterey Pop movie event on June 17th
featuring a Lou Adler and Michelle Phillips Q and A session.
Event program and ticket info  here:  
Hi Kent -
The "Wages of Spin" L.A. TV Premiere is next Sunday June 3rd with an encore the following night: 
"Wages of Spin" L.A. PBS KLCSDT 6/3/2012 9:00 PM Prime Time Los Angeles; following night KLCS  6/4/2012  2 A.M.
It is being programmed on PBS affiliates Nationally all Summer long.
Hope you're well.  Thanks for all the coverage.
We've heard from several Forgotten Hits readers wanting to know how they can finally see this film.  Check your local PBS listings for local airings in your area ... and, of course you can buy your own copy on the PBS website, too!
And we can't talk about "Wages Of Spin" and NOT mention the "Airplay" Documentary ... which is ALSO now available for home purchase.  Put together by our good friend Carolyn Travis, this is "can't miss" entertainment about the evolution of rock and roll radio.  And the official Airplay Website keeps growing and growing, too ... stop on by and spend some time browsing around ... ALL kinds of great deejay stories and radio memorabilia!  "Airplay" is running regularly on PBS these days, too!  (kk)
We happened to catch a PBS Special Broadcast last week, recorded live at The White House, honoring legendary composers Hal David and Burt Bacharach.  A wide assortment of musical guests (but surprisingly, no Dionne Warwick), in a great tribute of David / Bacharach material, all performed live for The President and Mrs. Obama.  The songwriting duo were the recipients of this year's Gershwin Award.  Again, check your local listings for repeat broadcasts ... I'm sure they'll be playing this one for a while!  (kk) 

Mick was fantastic on SNL last week; watching it again; he was in practically every skit and his line readings were spot on. Jon Hamm, who's become almost a regular, was as funny as ever. I don't know him, but he must be loads of fun; his attitude and sense of humor is terrific.  Wonder if he has his own security pass from 30 Rock by now? Mick's song with Arcade Fire was brilliant as was the Foo Fighters number. Just sensational; good sport he is. Really enjoyed the show. Next to the Jimmy Fallon-hosted one earlier this season, this was just a stand-out.
David Salidor
We finally had the chance to watch this this weekend ... but unfortunately, the On Demand version is a GREATLY abridged version ... just 39 minutes long with absolutely NO musical numbers ... and, from what all of you have told me, a couple of key skits are missing, too ... but what we saw was sensational ... probably the best, most consistent show of the season ... and you're right, Jagger was fabulous ... he fight right in to a multitude of roles and was completely at home in all of them.  A very funny show ... but now I want to see the whole thing, dammit!!!  (kk)   

>>>How are The Trashmen doing?   (Ken)
I often consider "Surfin' Bird" the first hard rock record as well as a garage record.
Actually, The Trashmen scored another quick ten votes after this comment ran the other day.  You're down to your last week of voting, people!!!  The polls will officially close on Friday, June 1st!  (kk)    

I am like you in that I didn't even know there was a longer version of BLACK BETTY.  You mentioned that you have heard it some 20,000 times through the years. Consider yourself lucky (or unlucky ... however you want to look at it) ... I think the last time I heard it on the radio here in OKC was when it was initially out.
Larry Neal
"Black Betty" has been a radio staple in Chicago ever since it first soared to #2 here in 1977.  (Nationally it stopped at #14 in Cash Box and #18 in Billboard.)  According to Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop Singles" book, Ram Jam guitarist Bill Bartlett came from The Lemon Pipers ... while bassist Howie Blauvelt played bass in Billy Joel's original band, The Hassles ... so there's a little Ram Jam trivia for you!  (kk)

And, speaking of "Local Hits" ...

Reader Don Effenberger suggested that you have a section on songs which made it to number one in various markets but didn't chart in the top 40 nationally. One of the first records that came to my mind was Freddie "HEY GIRL" Scott's 1961 recording of LOST THE RIGHT on Joy Records. For the week of April 27, 1961, it was number one here in OKC for two straight weeks. Didn't chart nationally I believe.
Nope, it sure didn't.  We've got a quite a few of those here on our Chicago charts, too ... and, over the past 13 years, we've saluted most (if not all) of them.  We're kicking around a few "local hits" ideas again (as this proved to be a very popular series when we ran it several years back) ... but we need the support of our readers to really make this work.  You guys would have to send in examples of some of your local hits (including, most likely, an MP3 of the song and any back-up chart information you might have) and then we could potentially do another coast-to-coast romp through some long-forgotten, unfamiliar gems.  What do you guys think?  (kk)

Just saw this in Chicagoland Radio and Media ... so Saturday was his last show ... after broadcasting it for 17 years ... and this is the FIRST TIME I've EVER heard about this program?!?!?  What's wrong with THIS picture!!!  I've been doing Forgotten Hits for 13 Years now ... seems like our paths should have crossed hundreds of times!!!  (Plus we probably could have helped each other out tremendously through cross-promoting!)  Oh well ... hate to see you go, Mike!  I'm sure you've covered many of the same tunes WE have over the past 17 years, especially if you've been heavy on the local Chicagoland hit scene ... just wish I would have known about it!  Meanwhile, if you still want to dabble in the Forgotten Hits arena from time to time, drop us a line and we'll make sure you have a national audience for this!  (kk)
It's the end of an era, as the long-running oldies music show on WJJG-AM, "Mike Baker and the Forgotten 45s," will air its final episode this Saturday afternoon. The station has chosen to cancel the show to focus on other musical programming on weekends.
"Mike Baker and the Forgotten 45s," featuring Baker spinning popular and little-heard rock and pop tunes from the 1950s through the 1970s, has been on WJJG-AM for 17 years -- since May of 1995. Each weekend, since soon after Joe Gentile purchased the suburban radio station, Mike Baker would play songs from the golden age of Top 40 radio, including spotlighting many Chicago acts from that era.
He would also host an annual multi-hour marathon of yuletide music live each Christmas on WJJG-AM, entitled "A Hometown Christmas." It would appear that last Christmas' 16th annual "Hometown Christmas" was the last one for AM 1530.
Mike Baker was bitten by the radio bug back in high school, when he started spending his time working at Lyons Township High School's radio station WLTL-FM. From Lyons Township High School, he took broadcasting classes at Columbia College Chicago, where he worked at WCRX-FM, and Liberal Arts courses at Northern Illinois University, where he worked at WNIU-FM. Since leaving school, he has worked at such stations as WTAQ-AM, WCCQ-FM, and WFYR-FM.
In addition to his professional radio work, Mike Baker has returned to his old high school to serve as student supervisor at WLTL-FM. He has done that since 1993. He has also lectured about radio at Columbia College and Prairie State University.
Since 1984, Mike Baker has worked his day job as a systems analyst for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
Baker will continue to work with WJJG-AM as the stations Operations Consultant and Webmaster. It is just his weekend music show that exits.
-- Larz / Chicagoland Radio and Media

HeartShare Human Services of New York 
to Dedicate Home to Q104.3’s Jim Kerr 

New York, NY – May 21, 2012 – Q104.3, New York’s Classic Rock, announced today that its morning show host, Jim Kerr, was honored by HeartShare Human Services of New York during a house dedication ceremony on Wednesday, May 23, 2012.   HeartShare, a nonprofit organization that provides residential services to individuals with developmental disabilities, will name one of its group homes for adults the Jim Kerr House.
Kerr hosts the Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show weekday mornings from 5 - 9:00 a.m. on Q104.3.  He has been a member of the Board of Directors for HeartShare Human Services of New York since 1987.  To celebrate Kerr’s 25 years of dedication and commitment to the nonprofit organization, HeartShare will name one of its group homes for adults with developmental disabilities the Jim Kerr House.  HeartShare Human Services of New York has 28 group homes and 35 supported apartments, in addition to all of its other services.  The Jim Kerr House opened in 2002 in Flushing, Queens and is home to six women with developmental disabilities.  
“We felt that Jim’s years of devotion to HeartShare warranted this special recognition,” said HeartShare’s President and CEO William R. Guarinello. “Jim’s involvement in the house will be as steadfast and engaging as his role on the Board of Directors. HeartShare is proud to have Jim’s name on one of our homes.”
“Jim is one of the most humble and modest people you'll ever meet, especially given his professional and civic accomplishments and contributions,” said Joe Puglise, President and Market Manager, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment New York.  “Jim is not only an institution in New York City radio, but he is also a model public servant.  We're thrilled to have him on the Q104.3 team entertaining listeners and serving the local community.”

Hey, Harry Harrison was great to listen to on WABC for me and before that was huge on WMCA in NYC, but I never knew he came from WCFL and WPEO Peoria!  This is a REALLY cool item, I think! 

Special Note: For the next two Sundays, I will be starting the Sunday night Doo Wop Party at 9 PM. It will still run to 2:01 AM
DJ Stu Weiss / Oldies Your Way
Click here:  OldiesYour Way  
When you go to this site you will be directed to select the player of your choice.

Kent ...
Check out this Bobby Darin Double-Play.
Frank B.   

Kent ...
I say it's never too early to dance with The King Of Rock & Roll.
Frank B.

A GREAT clip ... I love the little bow there at the end.  Think this kid'll go into show business?!?!?  He's already got the bug at two years of age!  (And he clearly knows how to play to his audience!)  kk   

More Micky from Epcot Center's Flower Power Extravaganza!
Micky Dolenz - Epcot Flower Power Concert SeriesHi All, Haven't posted here in forever but have been checking in regularly. As many of you know, I'm both a muzoid plus work with and for The Walt Disney Micky Dolenz Epcot concert 5-18-12 - YouTubeMicky Dolenz EPCOT Flower Power 2012 Part 1by WaltSentMe00781 views · Micky Dolenz at Mickey Dolenz Epcot 2012 - YouTubeSide stage perspective of Micky Dolenz and band-Epcot 2012 Flower Powers Concert series Micky Dolenz - Daydream Believer - A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You ...Micky Dolenz honoring Davy Jones by performing Daydream Believer and A Little Bit Me, A
Singer Micky Dolenz visits Walt Disney World - FOX 35 News OrlandoMusician Micky Dolenz, formerly of The Monkees, visited Walt Disney World ... at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival's "Flower Power" concert
Micky Dolenz Closes Out 2012 Flower Power Concert Series | Magic ...Micky Dolenz Closes Out 2012 Flower Power Concert Series ... to The Flower Power Concert Series at the Epcot International Flower And Garden Festival to see

You'll find More of the Monkees here ... as Peter, Micky and Davy sing one of Mike's songs ... which is actually a Michael Martin Murphey song ... on something called "People Are Talking".
I’ve never seen this clip before. Enjoy!   
Eddie Burke,
Orange, CT

Here's another live clip (this time from The Nashville Network) that's a much better performance:
But, for an even more enjoyable view, check out this original Monkees clip from their television series.  I just LOVE watching Micky in the background during this clip!  (kk)  
Click here: The Monkees - What am I doing Hangin'? Round? - YouTube
New York, NY—(May 22, 2012) – Roger Hodgson, the legendary voice of Supertramp, recently completed the first leg of his “Breakfast in America Tour” with sold out shows across the US and South America. On June 6, Hodgson heads to Germany to kick off a summer run through Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, and Switzerland, before returning to perform in North America in August. 
Fans the world over have been thrilled with Hodgson’s unforgettable songs such as Breakfast in America,” “The Logical Song,” Dreamer,” “Give a Little Bit,” “Take the Long Way Home,” and It's Raining Again.”  Hodgson and his band perform these timeless songs worldwide, as they take you on a magical musical journey.
Universally recognized as one of the most gifted composers and songwriters to have ever put pen to paper, Hodgson helped define a generation of progressive rock. Founding Supertramp in 1969, Hodgson’s dulcet tones and beautifully crafted lyrics helped the band sell in excess of 60 million albums, transforming them into a worldwide phenomenon. 
Reflecting on his tour and DVD, Roger said "I love performing these songs, which continue to resound for me as a performer and for the fans.  My songs come from a very personal place inside me and they carry my beliefs and my dreams and my philosophy of life.  I understand the deep connection that fans have with my songs that have been a part of so many peoples’ lives around the world."
For a chance to experience the magic first-hand before Roger arrives in your city, tune-in to the livestream on the DW homepage.   Check listings for Euromaxx airing June 1-2 and 3.  
Media Reviews:
“This is the real deal: a legendary music man, in brilliant form and shimmering presence, supported by a tight, terrific band.”   Huffington Post Review
“He is a consummate musician that takes his craft seriously. Every aspect of his performance was flawless”   Classic Rock Revisited Review
For a taste of the live Hodgson experience, Take the Long Way Home – Live in Montreal, is available on DVD from Eagle Rock Entertainment.  Click to view songs from the DVD: “Take the Long Way Home,“ “Breakfast in America” and “Give a Little Bit.”
Upcoming US Summer Dates:
August 5       Deer Valley Resort, Park City, UT 
August 9       Snoqualmie Casino, Snoqualmie, WA 
August 10     Portland Zoo, Portland, OR 
August 11     Cache Creek Casino, Brooks, CA 
August 12     Saratoga Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA 
August 16     Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH 
August 17     Twin River Casino, Lincoln, RI
August 18     Borgata Casino, Atlantic City, NJ 
August 21     Artpark, Lewiston, NY 
August 23     Ravinia Pavilion, Highland Park, IL 
August 24     Blue Ash Town Square, OH
August 25     Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater, NY 
September 16  Taste of Newport, Newport Beach, CA  
September 18  Humphreys, San Diego, CA
For fall US show itinerary and ticket information go to:
Roger’s Official Facebook Page -

Tom Petty is also wrapping up the foreign leg of his tour ... and says he'll be announcing US dates shortly.  Hoping Chicago's on the list ... he's on my list of artists that I have always wanted to see live but never actually made it to a show!  

5/23/2012 - Asheville, NC - Music legend and original YES vocalist and songwriter Jon Anderson will be playing select concert dates this summer in support of his critically acclaimed new digital download release 'OPEN'. Jon Anderson, who has one of the most recognizable voices in music, and is best known for his work with YES, Vangelis and Kitaro, as well as his innovative solo efforts, recently completed several successful tours of the US and South America. The new summer tour promises to deliver an exciting mixture of material from Jon Anderson's prolific solo career, collaborations with Vangelis and classic YES songs, along with songs from his latest CD 'Survival & Other Stories' and new compositions, highlighted by humorous and enlightening stories told by Jon.  
So great to be on tour this summer, always a wonderful evening of fun stories and singing, sing'a'long'a'Yes...why not!!!...come and have a wonderful evening out. - Jon
Jon Anderson Summer 2012 Tour Dates:
June 1 - Minneapolis, MN - Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant
June 3 - Milwaukee, WI - The Pabst Theatre
June 6 - Chicago, IL - Mayne Stage
June 8 - Lincolnshire, IL - Viper Alley
June 11 - Seattle, WA - The Triple Door
June 12 - Seattle, WA - The Triple Door
June 16 - Napa, CA - Napa Valley Opera House
June 19 - Livermore, CA - Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center
June 21 - Rio Theatre - Santa Cruz, CA
July 6 - The Coach House - San Juan Capistrano
In other news, on August 8, 2012, Jon will be performing in the UK for the first time in many years at the Sadler's Wells Theater in London. “The concert in London is with the Slovakian Chamber Orchestra with the help of my good friend composer Peter Machajdik plus a semi acoustic group I performed with a couple of years ago in Bratislava,” says Jon. "We will be performing some classic songs I wrote with Yes and Vangelis, plus some new songs in a concert for 'Earth and Peace at the 2012 Olympic Games.' "
Jon is currently recording part two to his recently released 21-minute musical opus 'OPEN' titled 'Ever'. "Music is constantly happening all around me. I'm busy working on 'Ever', a follow up to 'Open', part two of my journey into the longer form music I love to create." Also, Jon is working on the highly anticipated sequel to his critically acclaimed first solo album 'Olias of Sunhillow' titled 'Zamran' “Zamran is slowly finding me, or I'm slowly finding Zamran (Son of Olias), sometimes good things take time I'm told. with love...many blessings...Jon Anderson"
For tour dates visit
Jon Anderson 'Survival & Other Stories' available through Gonzo MultiMedia:,  
One of my favorite DJ stories happened in September of 1967.  Red Foley was making his last tour of the Western US and landed in Salt Lake City.  He brought along two country singers that were based out west, Lynn Anderson, who had made it to the C&W charts three times by then, but was still several years away from "Rose Garden".  The second act was just starting to part the curtain to major stardom, as his "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" had just come out and it was already on my station chart (KMOR).  Yep, we had Glen Campbell in town.
For the record, we'd charted the John Hartford "Gentle On My Mind" and when Glen's arrived, it went right into the control room, and went Top 3.
Lynn led off and did about five songs, then headed up the aisle I was on (a theatre in-the-round).  I introduced myself, and she suggested that we sit and visit a while.  Glen then arrived on the stage and Lynn quit visiting so she could listen to Glen, which was my thought, too.  About halfway into Glen's second song, Lynn can't help herself ... and she starts singing harmony along with Glen.  I'm the only one who can hear her, so I enjoyed my own private stereo concert with Glen on stage and Lynn next to me.
After the show, Glen, his band mates, another DJ, myself and the Capitol records rep spent about an hour at a local night club where Glen sat in with the house band.  We then all moved over to a hotel coffee shop where I listened to all kinds of insider gossip, heard all kinds of jokes, and finally left them behind at 5:30 AM so I could do my 6 - 9 AM radio gig.
I count my blessings every day that I did the radio DJ thing.  More stories and fun then a guy should have.
Keep up your good work and thanks for the columns!
Jim Pritchard (aka Jim Southern)
Gladstone, OR
Great story.  I just found out last week that Glen Campbell's going to be performing at Ravinia this summer, a beautiful outdoor venue here in the North Chicago Suburbs ... but the Pavilion is already completely sold out.  I feel especially bad because we missed him the last time he was here, too ... and this is quite likely our last chance to see him perform live.  Great to see such a wonderful turn-out for this incredible entertainer.  (In fact, we ran a clip a week or two ago that explored Glen's battle with Alzheimer's ... but the concert footage was ironically filmed right here at that show we missed at The Rialto Square Theatre!)  kk ... Glen Campbell on CBS News

>>>Boy, you guys have a lot more admiration for disco and Saturday Night Fever than me.  For The Rockers it was part of the downfall of Western Civilization!  (Ken)
The thing is, I was of drinking age in 1976.  I did not know disco was going to become disco at the time.  it was just dance music at first and then got labeled.  It was drinking age days and disco was the sound.  I will always love the era before 1972 most, but I do have sentimental faves that are disco simply because they reminded me of a drunken fun time OR they actually WERE just plain good records one could dance to!  "They had a good beat and you could dance to it."  The Bee Gees songs were a GOOD part of that. 
I was there loving the "Mr. Natural" album in 73 when no one wanted to play the band's records.  Check out "Heavy Breathing" from that LP and you can see where "Jive Talkin" was soon to evolve from.  My fave was "Throw a Penny" which spent three weeks atop my personal charts in 1973, a 45 that did not reach the Hot 100!!  So many great songs!  Can you believe they even did a song about South Dakota??  Have they EVER been to South Dakota?? 

I, too, hated disco at the time ... but I never really considered The Bee Gees to be a disco band ... they just got lumped into the whole movement ... and it hurt them dearly in the long run ... a great run of hits (six straight #1 records!) but then they were virtually blacklisted by radio for the next two decades ... and all this despite the fact that they were creating GREAT music during this era.
Here again (for the benefit of those who may have missed it a week ago or so) is our take on how The Bee Gees became part of the disco movement:
>>>For the record, The Bee Gees were already writing and recording tracks for what was supposed to be their next studio album ... and "How Deep Is Your Love" and "Stayin' Alive" were already in the can ... with "Night Fever" nearly complete as well.  When their manager Robert Stigwood approached them and told them that he had just signed on to produce a new film, he simply asked "What have you got?"  It was just another lucky musical happenstance ... The Bee Gees abandoned their new LP and began crafting songs to be used on the soundtrack of what was to become "Saturday Night Fever", eventually filling in the gaps with a few of their older tracks (like "You Should Be Dancing" and "Jive Talkin'") and writing new material like "If I Can't Have You" and "More Than A Woman" ... both originally planned as Bee Gees tracks but then given to Yvonne Elliman and Tavares respectively to break up the monotony of the soundtrack a little bit ... and a MAJOR hit was born.
The Bee Gees NEVER presented themselves as a "disco band" ... and never felt that they were one.  This was something that radio and the media came up with and, because the film "Saturday Night Fever" was ABOUT a dancer who spent all of his spare time and money at a disco, they became the "poster children" of this popular new music art form.  Truthfully this "new" sound just happened to be their musical platform at the time, leaning more toward an R&B sound that they first started developing on their "Main Course" album with hits like "Jive Talkin'" and "Nights On Broadway".  In fact, when Stigwood asked them to rewrite "Stayin' Alive" as "Saturday Night", The Brothers Gibb finally put their collective foot down.  Feeling there were already enough songs about Saturday Night (The Bay City Rollers had recently topped the charts with THEIR song of the same name), they came up with "Night Fever" as a means to still capitalize on the title of the film.  The rest, as they say, is history ... but The Bee Gees took the hit for over saturation and paid dearly for it.  As mentioned in our recent Bee Gees tribute piece, history has also shown songs like "How Deep Is Your Love" and "Stayin' Alive" to be a couple of the strongest and most enduring tracks of our generation ... but at the time, there was a whole lot of Bee Gees-bashing going on.  (kk)    

Though Barry Gibb has been quiet since the death of his younger brother Robin, a new video released by the surviving Bee Gee is a loving tribute to his fallen bandmate. 
The video, posted to Gibb’s personal YouTube page on Tuesday (May 22), takes a look at Barry, Robin and Maurice (who passed in 2003) as well as youngest brother Andy (who passed in 1988) over the years. Set to the Bee Gees’ “Heart Like Mine,” the nearly five minute clip is made up of the brother’s personal home movies that follow them from childhood to superstardom. It also shows candid moments of the Gibbs goofing around that gives a sense of how close they really were. Barry named the clip, “Bodding,” as a nod to his brother’s childhood nickname. 
Robin Gibb died May 20 at the age of 62 after a two-year battle with liver cancer, which eventually spread to his colon. Barry is the only surviving member of the Bee Gees. 
Grab a Kleenex and watch the touching tribute below.
Click here: BODDING - YouTube

I still feel sad every time I think of the passing of Robin Gibb. Lately, it's reminded me of that song by Carly Simon "His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin", from her "No Secrets" album.  
While I know it wasn't written about Robin Gibb, it still seems to fit somehow ... and just makes me miss him that much more.

>>>While Bill Haley and the Comets' recording of "Rock Around The Clock" going to #1 has been cited as the start of "The Rock and Roll Era", these guys also recorded "Shake, Rattle And Roll" a full year earlier ... and it went to #7 ... yet has been virtually overlooked in these tabulations.  Then again, Big Joe Turner's 1954 version is probably the more deserving of the two!  (kk)  
I think the Haley records are not mentioned as much for 1st Rock 45 because they were released later than a lot of the earlier ones like “Good Rockin Tonight”, which is from the 40’s. Granted Rock Around The Clock and Shake, Rattle & Roll are two of the 1st real mega-hits of the Era. Maybe, a couple of their earlier efforts like “Real Rock Drive” might be more appropriate.   
My point is that "Rock Around The Clock" has been cited and accepted by most of the general sector as "The Start of the Rock Era" ... not so much because it was the first rock and roll song ... far from it ... but it was the first rock and roll song to top the charts, launching a genre that's still going strong today.  As we've said before, I guess you need a "starting point" for everything ... so "Rock Around The Clock" became the first rock and roll record ... Elvis became the first rock and roll star ... Rick Nelson the first teen idol ... The Beatles single-handedly launched The British Invasion ... The Bee Gees invented disco ... etc, etc, etc.  In that batch of accepted "facts", many are COMPLETELY false ... but the "general sector" has accepted them as such and, as we see here nearly every day, history is rewritten to feed the masses.  (Or to simply break it down into categories they can learn to accept.)  kk

>>>I've been plowing through my record collection for my annual inventory.  My, how that does stir up the cobwebs.  (Chuck Wroste) 
Chuck brings up a good point.  My collection is really tough to deal with now that it has a lot of dust on the 45s and Lps that I have not touched recently.  When will it be time to say goodbye to this stuff?  I don't know how I could tell anyone what to do with it all before the day of reckoning comes.  I have lists and things, but only I know about what is here and where and I often don't know either.  I guess I'll have to live on!  Or quit my job and sell on ebay until the vinyl or money runs out.  Haha.
Yes, I keep saying I'm going to sort through all of my stuff and get rid of the lion's share of it ... but I feel like I'm selling back my life!  And some of it means far more to me than it's actually worth.  (In some cases, I think about how hard it was for me to find a particular piece or what I paid for it ... and how rewarding it was to finally complete that part of a particular collection.  Plus, I tend to be a completist ... I wouldn't want to sell my three rarest Monkees sleeves, for example, and then be stuck with the rest ... and now MY collection is the one missing something.  On the other hand, if I could sell some of this stuff as a complete lot ... ALL of The Monkees sleeves ... Beatles sleeves ... Elvis sleeves ... Rick Nelson sleeves ... etc ... then it might be worth it ... 'cause the extra money sure would help, too!  (I still think my tendency is to "over-value" the stuff, based on what it means to me ... I may end up rejecting half the offers because it just won't seem "worth it" in the long run ... but you're right ... you can't take it with you!) kk    
Hey Kent ...
I'm not sure you haven't done this before ... but it might be time again.
Ron & Fez on satellite radio challenged their interns to come up with the song most used in movies & tv shows (given 24 hours - they made lists) ... they were obviously too young & non-movie savvy to pick anything but VERY recent songs that can't possibly be even near the top the list.
How about challenging your readers to the same thing?
(no googling ... just from memory)
The 'game' is much more suit-able to more 'seasoned' aficionados ...
-- gary renfield
LOL ... the very first one that popped into MY head was the "Chariots Of Fire" theme that seems to have been used in virtually EVERY televised slow-motion sequence since it first appeared in that film.  I'll bet I've seen it done-to-death at least 150 times, 150 ways.  But that's just me ... what do YOU guys think about this one???  (kk)

Just in Time on his 71st Birthday, Gary Pig Gold's overview of the fantastic BOB DYLAN REVEALED dvd has just appeared on the Torpedo Pop site way over there in Sweden ...

I thought you might enjoy this Kent. I found it most interesting.   
*Joe Von Battle – Requiem for a Record Shop Man* « Marsha Music

Hey Kent,
I really appreciate all of your comments on "Imagine there were no Beatles." I think my question was really meant to be two-fold ... what would have happened to pop music around the world, OR in this country, had John not put the band together. Yes, it only would have been a matter of time, if Ed Sullivan had not seen them in London, but I do remember when ABBA was, without question, the number one band in the world, but not even close to that here in the States, so maybe this would have happened to The Beatles, too. I don't know if I was as big a fan of the guys from Liverpool, as everyone else was, but I felt sad for the demise of some pop stars, especially, the folk music movement, and my all-time favorite vocal group, the Kingston Trio. The trio was proclaimed "the band that built the Capitol Records Tower", but were regarded as "retired", when The Beatles signed with the label. We all know that many folkies went on to form folk-rock groups. I still would like to hear more comments on the question of "what do you think would have happened?". Maybe Casey Kasem could share his vision, sometime. By the way, Casey recently turned 80! Where has all the time gone?
I think it is SO funny how you keep referring to the Singing Nun's "Dominique"! Maybe this country found spirituality in the song, after the JFK assassination, don't you think? Anyway, when I hear "Dominique", or hear about song, I think of a real cute TV performance of puppets, dressed as nuns, dancing in circles to the song, and one of them plays the guitar. I don't know which variety show I saw it on, but it was precious!. I tried to find it on-line, to send you, and get your reaction, but no luck.
- John LaPuzza 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our very special Forgotten Hits Review of The Beach Boys' 50th Anniversary Concert at The Chicago Theater last week ... courtesy of FH Daughter Nicki (Kotal) Carlson!!!  You won't want to miss it!  (kk) 

And ...

Yet another "Last Kiss" controversy that's sure to have the oldies nation talking.  Stay tuned!  (kk)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Wednesday

And the comments just keep comin' ... so we're sharing a few more with you today!

Hey Kent,
I am wondering if you saw Mick Jagger host Saturday Night Live this past weekend.  I thought he was a natural!  No problems with the monologue and presented MUCH better than 90% do as guest hosts.  He performed great Stones songs from "Last Time" to "19th Nervous Breakdown" to "It's Only R&R" as well as a new song he wrote about the political situation with Jeff Beck on blues guitar.  Then, he was in most of the skits as well!  Many not funny, but he was great.  The best was the karaoke bar where guys kept going up and singing Jagger tunes while he sat there saying "Jagger doesn't do that."  Then, his impersonation of Steven Tyler on American Idol was good, as one could imagine.  All in all, one of the best SNL shows (not sayin much there) I have seen in a long time. 
Clark Besch
We missed it (but will watch it on "On Demand" this weekend.)  I've heard really good things from several readers ... but YOUR note makes me want to flip it on right now!  (kk)   

Kent ...
It's Only Rock and Roll.
Mick Jagger's collaborations through the years:  From Live-Aid to Obama 

Frank B.
Some great clips here!  (kk)   

This was supposed to be bad. A tired rock star giving the middle finger to bandmates who can't tour without him.
But from the very beginning of the show, Jagger exuded a charisma and confidence that was incredibly endearing, even in the skits. Instead of looking desperate, he took the whole show up a notch.
And then he performed with Arcade Fire.
Half the magic was the brilliant execution of the stinging guitar riff. But it was more than that, this was a band, not in the least bit self-conscious, thrilled to back up the best frontman in rock and roll. Who delivered.
What is it with Jagger ... He can barely enunciate on the Super Bowl, the live shows are creepy, then he goes on the Grammys and tears it up and delivers here. Huh?
This was supposed to be a victory lap. Old man on old show, both past their prime. But it turned into a tour de force.
It wasn't perfect.
Great rock and roll never is.
But it had undeniable energy, just like the original British Invasion. You just wanted to get closer, the music eclipsed the antics of the comedians, it was everything.
Jagger showed us how to do it.
But he couldn't have done it without Arcade Fire.
And this performance would get a standing O on "Idol", because magic is undeniable.
It would have been criticized on "The Voice", but those phonies have no idea what's real.
But Tyler does. Jagger inspired him to hit his peaks.
And tonight Mick reminded the rest of us that money can't buy you love and there's no joy like making (and listening!) to music.
Bob Lefsetz 

How are The Trashmen doing?  
Pretty well, actually ... with 98 votes, they're certainly in the running ... not enough to win this thing ... but they might make The Top 20.  (kk)

I thought I'd share some thoughts with you as I go plowing through my record collection for my annual inventory.  My, how that does stir up the cobwebs.
I checked your "B-sides list" and I need to mention a few.  Absolutely one of the worst produced and engineered records I ever heard, and yet I love to listen to it is "Don't You Worry, My Little Pet", a Phil Spector production on the flip side of "To Know Him Is To Love Him" by the Teddy Bears.  
I'll also mention the two "That's My Desire" flip sides, from Dion & Belmonts and also the Lettermen.
Chuck Wroste
We're going to be spinning some of those Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides with Y-103.9's Jeff James real soon ... in fact, he's even filming this for his YouTube "From The Vault" series.  We'll have more details shortly for you on this!  (kk)   

Sorry bout the Bee Gees errors I made.  I was writing quick before bed and not for broadcast worldwide on CNN.  haha.
Point noted ... my only thing was showing that it happens to EVERYBODY ... happens to me all of the time ... my mind knows EXACTLY what I want to say and then I'll transpose a wrong name or something, even thought I knew exactly what it was SUPPOSED to say!  (I've thought about getting one of those "Say And Type" things for the computer ... but the one's I've seen aren't very accurate ... right now they make more mistakes than I do ... so I muddle along!)  No harm, no foul ... but we HAVE to set the record straight on stuff like this.
As for your comment about the media getting their facts wrong, I witnessed this first hand on the way to work one morning this week.  Eddie and Jo-Bo (who I honestly can't STAND in the mornings ... but I listen for their "Senseless Survey" bit) were talking about the passing of "a Bee Gee" when Jo-Bo said, "Did you know that Maurice Gibb once quit the band to try and make it as a solo?  Yeah, he thought he should be the lead singer!" To which Eddie replied, "Well, he DID do a good job on "I Started A Joke".  Couldn't have gotten it more wrong ... Maurice never sang lead on ANY of The Bee Gees' hits ... and it was Robin (who is the one who passed last week, and NOT his twin brother Maurice) not only sang lead on "I Started A Joke" but also quit the band for a while at the prompting of too many hangers-on who convinced him that HE was the sound of the whole band anyway and ought to try and make it as a solo act.  Meanwhile, ANYBODY listening who didn't know any better got their heads filled with COMPLETELY erroneous information ... and this is on one of Chicago's OLDIES stations!!! (K-Hits prides themselves on playing the hits of the '60's, the '70's and the '80's ... it'd be even cooler if they knew the first thing about any of this music!)  kk  

Boy, you guys have a lot more admiration for disco and Saturday Night Fever than me.
For The Rockers it was part of the downfall of Western Civilization!
And I felt EXACTLY the same way at the time ... I HATED Disco (and still do, for the most part) ... but some of this music has aged very well.  "Saturday Night Fever" is pretty much an AWFUL, unwatchable movie today ... but there is no denying its impact on pop culture then AND all these years later.  Truthfully, I'm one of those rare birds out there that will admit to loving ALL of The Bee Gees' music ... from the earliest stuff right on up through their last album ... I could find something of merit in every phase of their career ... but that doesn't mean I was a fan of disco music.  (For the record, I still turn off the radio EVERY single time a Barry White or a Village People song comes on!!!  lol  And I was there, cheering Steve Dahl on ... albeit from my couch rather than a ringside seat ... when he blew up all those disco records at Comiskey Park.  I, too, embraced the "Classic Rock" alternative at the time.)  In fact, playing in a band at the time, disco put a lot of us out of work ... and I hated the whole "dress-up game" you had to play with the gold chains, platform shoes and all of that ilk ... but a whole generation embraced it and were out on that light-up dance floor every weekend.  It was never for me ... but some of what we THEN called "disco music" plays pretty well today as some great R&B.  (kk)