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Here is some more information per the Ohio Media Watch website ( ...

You'll find some good news, especially for those who cannot make it to the Cleveland-area concert (near the bottom of this news item).MIKE O’S CORNER: And here are some items from another Friend of OMW, long-time Cleveland radio type Mike Olszewski. 

Mike tells us about a benefit for Sonny Geraci, who was lead singer for the popular Cleveland-based group “The Outsiders” and later, for “Climax”. 

He says Geraci recently suffered a devastating stroke, and a benefit will be held for him this month:  “We’re having a benefit at a huge concert venue in Streetsboro on November 15th and 16th with all proceeds going to Sonny,” Olszewski tells us. “Even the artists are donating their services, and what a lineup!” 

A web page for the event says it features “over 20+ national artists” including some pretty big name contemporaries of Geraci, and you can see those artists in the YouTube video promoting the event:  Tickets start at $35 per person each day, and can be bought online

Mike tells us it’s “also going to be filmed for a benefit DVD and a local PBS presentation, with all proceeds to Sonny.” 

He quotes Geraci’s friend Chuck Kocisko:  “A year and a half latter, Sonny is still unable to walk. Knowing the financial hard ship with all of this, a few of us decided to help the Geraci family. All proceeds generated from this event will be used to offset the huge expenses incurred by the Geraci Family, and to rehab the Geraci’s home for more home care. The home needs to be ADA useable before bringing Sonny home for any length of time.”  
Sonny Geraci Benefit -    

As you have been exploring stories about Al Kooper and The Rascals, I thought you would enjoy these two tracks from British jazz vocalist Claire Martin. Track 1 – “How Can I Be Sure”  Track 8 – “More Than You’ll Ever Know”. I think you’ll love them both. 
They come from an album called Perfect Alibi (Linn Records ADK122) 
Here’s a review I wrote when the disc came out:  
In 1992, she was acclaimed as the outstanding new British voice of the decade. Come 1994, she was hailed a “Rising Star” at the British Jazz Awards. By 1995, she was named “Best Jazz Singer”; ultimately heralded as “Best Vocalist” at the 1997 and 2000 British Jazz Awards. Her name – Claire Martin. 
The sultry, sassy blonde cabaret chanteuse appears to be filling a void that's been in the U.K. music scene since the heyday of Dusty Springfield.  
Born in South London, Martin has been singing professionally since leaving stage school at the age of 16. Although she calls Shirley Horn, Sheila Jordan, Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald among her stylistic influences, she acknowledges influences from more contemporary areas of popular music ranging from Sting and Stevie Wonder to Broadway songwriters Harold Arlen and Irving Berlin. Part of the new wave of jazz musicians to find an enthusiastic young audience in London, Martin emerged on the scene playing clubs such as Ronnie Scott’s and Pizza On The Park.  Before debuting at Ronnie Scott's in London at 21, Martin supported herself as everything from a singing waitress to a secretary. She signed with the Irish-based Linn Records, with her debut album The Waiting Game becoming one of the best-selling jazz albums of the year in 1992. Over the next few years, her music continued to mature. With both critical and commercial acclaim, Martin was then able to take her repertoire to new heights. 
With success at hand, Martin wanted to enjoy what she was doing, and not get pigeonholed as a cabaret chanteuse. Her song selections are considered daring, the unorthodox programming. On any particular project, you’ll find material ranging from Phoebe Snow and Laura Nyro to Tom Waits and Rupert Holmes. 
On Perfect Alibi, it's easy to experience flash backs to an earlier era of rock music as Martin brings a fresh new feeling to The Rascals’ “How Can I Be Sure”, The Stylistics’ “People Make The World Go Round”, along with Al Kooper’s “More Than You’ll Ever Know” and Laura Nyro’s “He’s A Runner” (the latter two both made popular by Blood, Sweat & Tears). Her interpretation of “Up From The Skies” is a bluesy, shuffle arrangement. Martin’s breathy vocals work every word; drummer Matthew Skeaping keeping the flow with his toe-tapping brush work on the drums while keyboardist Andy Wallace maintains a soulful blues-base on Hammond B3 organ and guitarist Paul Stacey keeps to sparse but steady melody line on guitar. The instrumental trio then takes the song out in an upbeat style. 
All the arrangements on this project are polished and well produced. Guitarist Stacey also acted as producer, and at times tries to copy the work of Burt Bacharach in his style, especially when he adds string sections to the arrangements.  
Martin’s catalog includes the self-penned “On Thin Ice” which was used as part of the soundtrack of the 1995 film Jack and Sarah, the signature song to the BBC1 comedy series If You See God, Tell Him, and appearing as a regular guest on the award winning TV series BBC Big Band. She’s released more than a half dozen albums, mostly for the Linn label, including Old Boyfriends, Devil May Care, Take My Heart, The Waiting Game, among others. She guests on a dozen other albums by various artists.   
Manager Installed Sound & Media Relations  
I had hoped to share BOTH of these tracks with our readers today but the website only allows MP3's to be posted ... and these came in as WMA files.  If we get replacements, we'll post them at a later date.  Meanwhile, anybody interested in hearing these tracks should email me and I'll forward them along.  (They're really quite good!)  Thanks, Ken!  (kk)   

Speaking of The Rascals, The Chicago Tribune gave them a favorable review for the opening of their "Once Upon A Dream" multi-media event at The Cadillac Theatre ... three stars out of four.  (We're going to the matinee on Sunday).  
Click here: THEATER REVIEW: Once Upon a Dream Starring the Rascals at the Cadillac Palace Theatre (3 stars) - chicagotribune.c   
Surprisingly (and disappointingly), tickets aren't selling quite as briskly as they should be for such a landmark event.  I can only attribute this to the outrageous pricing, discussed at great length in other Forgotten Hits columns.  As such, the theater has been offering all kinds of half-price, discount incentives to put butts in seats for this amazing show.  (On a side note, I personally offered to help promote the show through Forgotten Hits ... run interviews with all four members of the band ... talk about the program and feature some of the classic Rascals music ... at one point even suggesting a two-week "Rascals Blitz", starting to run a couple of weeks before the shows began ... figuring that this would not only help to draw attention to the upcoming show, but also give Forgotten Hits an INCREDIBLE "exclusive" in regards to the band ... but the truth is, I never got so much as a reply back!)  It's a shame because what better means to reach to right audience for a show like this than a publication like Forgotten Hits?!?! We cater to the EXACT audience that would have an interest in seeing this legendary band.  In fact, before the group had held a single rehearsal for the first show in New York City over a year ago, we interviewed Felix Cavaliere about what it was like to put the band back together for such an extravagant presentation!  
Click here: Forgotten Hits: The Rascals Reunion Click here: Forgotten Hits: EXCLUSIVE: Forgotten Hits Interviews Felix Cavaliere About The Up-Coming Rascals Reunion   
The ticket prices quoted in the Tribune article are a bit of a misnomer ... they do not include the outrageous service charges added to each ticket (something like $27 per!!!) ... nor do they mention the main floor ticket prices, many of which are still available (because people are simply not willing to shell out $275 for a ticket to see The Rascals ... you're talking upwards of $1250 to take a family of four to see this concert once you add in parking and dinner ... unreal!!!)  This may work on Broadway (who is anxiously awaiting the heralded return of The Rascals next month) ... there seems to be an audience ready and willing to shell out that kind of dough to see a show like this ... but it clearly didn't work in Chicago (performing under the banner "Broadway In Chicago").  Believe me, I don't mean to in ANY way diminish the value of this show ... I was going to find a way to see it one way or another, come hell or high water, no matter what ... this was NOT a concert opportunity I was willing to miss (and one that likely won't come around again.)  I just would have preferred not to have to settle for balcony seats in order to meet our budget ... especially for our anniversary ... but hey, these are the times we live in!!!  
Still, I can't help but feel that a golden opportunity was passed up that would have guaranteed sell outs for all five shows ... the right publicity campaign (can you believe I've never heard a SINGLE advertisement for this on the radio?!?  On ANY Chicagoland radio station?!?!?) ... and more reasonable, affordable, fan-friendly ticket prices would have made all the difference in the world ... and gotten this program the attention it so richly deserves.  (kk)  

We went to see The Rascals on Tuesday night.  I am so excited! Purchased my tickets with promo code tzoo. 17th row orch C TOTAL COST $115. I found out about this promo code from a fellow usher at our church. The Lord works in mysterious ways!!!!  
You're going to love it.  Too many highlights to mention! A few teasers:  Eddie sings a lesser known hit by the group that made Snoopy famous. Watch quickly for one of our beloved local groups in one of the clips at a local kids show.  
Mike De Martino   
Yep, The Rascals did "Baby Let's Wait" first ... and then The Royal Guardsmen covered it, trying to break away from their Snoopy / novelty image by playing it straight on this track.  I always liked that record (and have featured it numerous times before in Forgotten Hits).  It should have been a bigger hit than it was (#33 nationally but #15 here in Chicago back in 1969).  
Can't wait to see the show on Sunday ... we've been looking forward to this one for a long, long time!  (kk)

This from film producer Denny Tedesco ...  
Dear Friends, Family and Wrecking Crew fans and supporters, 
I am really excited to announce that we have officially started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the final funds needed to release the film. 
Please click on the link to pledge and see the great rewards we have to offer, including a DVD of the film when it's finally released. 
I am so thankful for all of your support over the years ... now we just need to go a few steps further.  So, please share this link with everyone you know (and people you don't) ... put it on Facebook, Twitter, email or just shout out your car window. We need all the help we can get! 
Please check it out ASAP. If we come out with a bang, we might be highlighted on the kickstarter site. So please, please pledge today. Don't forget, you don't get charged until we reach our goal of $250,000. 
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. After 17 years we're finally in the home stretch! 
We heard from dozens of readers yesterday who jumped on the "Wrecking Crew" bandwagon by making donations to their Kickstarter campaign.  (In fact, if I'm doing the math right, it looks like we helped to raise a little over $4000 in the first 24 hours ... and about $10,000 has been donated since then!!! Still not enough to push this over the top yet ... but EVERY little bit helps!  (kk)

I've done my part to help bring this project happen and hope that more 'AOL Music Oldies' friends will do the same. 
Linette (aka RedHed1009) 

Hi Kent -
Will check out the clip on the fantastic "Wrecking Crew" and promo the film on my Tiki Lounge TV show. 
By the way, the U.K. label Gonzo Multimedia  just released a 2 CD set titled "The Fankhauser Cassidy Band"  'On The Blue Road'. Recordings I did with the late great "Spirit" drummer Ed Cassidy. There's an interview I did with Ed also included in the set.
All My Best,
Merrell Fankhauser 

And this was a little disappointing to hear:  

Morning Kent;
While the story of the Wrecking Crew is a great part of our musical history, let me share a reaction I've received on several occasions recently from rock and roll audiences. While doing my r&r book tours I began adding this great story to the mix. The reaction has been disappointing and at first I couldn't figure it out. Then it dawned on me ... the audience felt cheated, that they had been duped They could accept that the Monkees couldn't play instruments, however when I began talk about other stars and their hits that were recorded by the "Crew" and why, I could sense and see my audience tune out. Their memory of those tunes and times were set in concrete and they didn't want to hear otherwise. I've since dropped the story from my presentation.
Clark Weber  
It's the sad (but incredibly interesting!) story behind these hits.  (Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain!!!)  Groups like The Mamas and the Papas and The Beach Boys were doing the EXACT same thing The Monkees were doing ... they were just never called out on it.  (It certainly heard The Pre-Fab Four ... and has been a determining factor in keeping them out of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ... yet The Mamas and the Papas and The Beach Boys are both key members!)  Even more amazing is the fact that The Monkees had to learn how to be a band so that they could go out on the concert circuit.  (To paraphrase Micky Dolenz, that would be the real-life equivalent of William Shatner having to learn how to fly a space ship or Jack Lord hunting down bad guys!!!)
I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) that you've gotten this reaction ... because it really is a fascinating story.  Then again in the context of promoting your book about the glory, fun days radio, still only an interesting tidbit ... I've been to your presentations and they are VERY entertaining and informative.  Thanks, Clark!  (kk)  
re:  LOU REED:
Because our final '60's Countdown was running at the time, we didn't really feature much in the way of Lou Reed coverage after the rock legend passed away last week. However a couple of FH Readers picked up on a comment that we posted on Ron Smith's website ... which got both good ... and not so good ... reactions ...

>>>And the colored girls said:  "Lou Reed has died"  ... (kk)

Kent ...
I see you made a rare guest appearance on Ron Smith's Oldies. Funny Comment.
Frank B.

Now I am not by any means being PC here, But when I heard Lou Reed refer to Black girls as "Colored" on the song Walk on the Wild Side, I felt my stomach turn.   And it was all I could do, at that time, to finish listening to the song with out turning off the radio all together.
When at last, I was finally able to get over Lou Reed's poor choice of words in his first top forty hit, it was then and only then, that I was able to enjoy Lou Reed's follow up tune, Sweet Jane.
Dy Bradley  

For those who enjoyed Lou Reed, here's a great documentary on him:
-- submitted by Ken Voss  

It's been learned that Larry Verne (born Larry Vern Erickson), whose voice was perfect for the song "Mr. Custer" (#1 - 1960), died October 8 of heart failure in Sylmar, California, at the age of 77. He was also afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease and had suffered three strokes. The Minneapolis native was "discovered" working across the hall from songwriter / producers Al DeLory, Fred Darian and Joseph Van Winkle, who created the tune. A follow-up, "Mr. Livingston," reached #75 the same year. He also "bubbled under" with "Abdul's Party" in 1961. All told, Larry remembered making around 10 singles and one album over the next three years before retiring from music (except for the occasional backup session) and working as a foreman constructing motion picture sets. He was inducted into the Minnesota Rock & Country Hall of Fame in 2006.
-- Ron Smith  

From Robin George of The Climax Blues Band (by way of Gary Theroux), this sad news about Pete Haycock:  
Pete’s wife, Alex, called me Thursday morning with the devastating news that legendary blues guitar player and my closest friend Pete Haycock passed away on Wednesday night. 
Pete was most famous for his time in The Climax Blues Band; especially for his self-penned massive worldwide hit ‘Couldn’t Get It Right’.  
We had just finished our new album, and were looking forward to touring together with our superb band, who have been working with us for the last Five years, firstly on The ‘LovePower and Peace’ sharing project, closely followed by ‘Broke Heart Blues’ which Pete envisaged as the new true Climax Blues Band recordings.   
Alex has asked me to make sure this album is released in Pete’s memory. Pete was ready to reclaim his legacy with this fantastic work; new ground for both Pete and me. He was playing and singing as well as always, as recently as last week.  
‘Broke Heart Blues’ is a heart-breaking title for me now, but Pete’s countless fans deserve to hear his last fabulous performances (edits can be heard on  
Professional to the end, Pete stayed with us long enough to finish the album. I listened to ‘Broke Heart Blues’ last night and the words he sang from the heart and his stunning guitar work overwhelmed me. This album will be dedicated to my co-writer and producer Pete Haycock, and hopefully will help his name live on. If he wasn’t the best blues guitar player in the world, he was definitely in the top one! LovePower and Peace, Pete, my friend.  
Robin x  

R& B musician Bobby Parker died on Nov. 1st at 76. "Watch Your Step" got to # 51 in Billboard's hot 100 in 1961, although surprisingly, it didn't make the R & B was later covered by several groups, & the Beatles said it inspired "I Feel Fine".    
Ol Rocker  
Forgotten Hits interviewed Bobby Parker several years ago after breaking the story about how he had been ripped off by Berry Gordy regarding the copyright on his song "You Got What It Takes", later a hit for Gordy's friend Marv Johnson and then again in the mid-'60's for The Dave Clark Five.  (You can read that whole report right here):  Click here: Forgotten Hits: You Got What It Takes  
We then set him up to appear on Dave The Rave's Relics And Rarities radio program that same night.  Dave tried to get Bobby some legal help in regards to this copyright matter but I don't think anything ever came of it.  (Of course Bobby ALSO wanted to dip into the deep pocket of John Lennon and Paul McCartney by way of a co-songwriting credit on "I Feel Fine" ... and that was never going to happen!!!)  Regardless, it's always painful to lose somebody you knew ... so our regards go along to any surviving family of Bobby Parker.  His riffs (as noted in my original piece) certainly inspired many a tune ... perhaps more notably The Allman Brothers' "One Way Out".  (kk)  

For those of you who have bought and read the WLS DJ John Records Landecker book "Records Truly Is My Middle Name", Eckhartz Press has now released (as promised) the soundtrack to the book!  Many of the stories he tells about in the book can now be purchased so you can hear the airchecks of these for yourselves!!  Check it out and buy it now!!  A great book (and now CD) for Landecker-ites!!  

And speaking of famous local deejays, Robert Murphy made headlines last week when he signed on as the new late afternoon host on WLS-FM.  (It'll be the first time that he's appeared on the radio here in Chicago in anything but the morning slot ... in fact, he kidded that "In The Morning" ... as in "Murphy In The Morning" ... has pretty much become his last name in the radio world!)  It'll be an interesting experiment as WLS-FM continues to try and survive in the post-Scott Shannon world they created for themselves.  Both local media columnists commented on this fact last week:  

WLS-FM is making some on-air changes beginning November 11th. A former superstar Chicago radio personality is being added and to make room for him, most every other shift during the weekdays is being shortened.
For the third time in just over two years, Robert Murphy is making another radio comeback. This time, he is doing something a little different -- coming to WLS-FM as an afternoon music jock. Starting on November 11th, Murphy will be heard playing the hits of the 70s and 80s on 94.7 FM each weekday from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm.
Robert Murphy tells CRM that his new shift is "a time when I am normally napping." After spending most if his long radio career working morning shows, becoming an afternoon host will take some alarm clock rearranging on his part.
Murphy says that he signed his new deal at the WLS State Street offices earlier today and he is "looking forward to working with some great Chicago radio talent."
A top-rated radio star on WKQX-FM for a decade in the 80s and early 90s, Robert Murphy was one of the biggest media celebrities in town during this period. He also had his first stint at WLS-FM in 1994 as a talk show host, but the station changed formats less than a year later, forcing Murphy out. In 1998, "Murph" worked as the morning show host on the weak suburban signal of WXXY-FM, which went through a few different musical formats (including soul, love songs, all 80s) in his just over two years at the station.
After working in Florida radio, and then enjoying time away from the radio business, Robert Murphy made a surprise return to Chicago radio in July, 2011, hosting a morning show on the temporary Adult Contemporary station airing on Merlin Media's WKQX-FM / WWWN-FM (now WIQI-FM), just prior to its flip to news. That stunt lasted only a week and a half.
However, that brief time on the air led to Hubbard Broadcasting contacting Murphy to have him come to WILV-FM / Rewind 100.3 to help boost their morning show ratings, only this time as a long-term solution, not a stunt. Murphy accepted and started there on September
8, 2011. For a long list of reasons, the ratings did not happen as Murphy and Hubbard Broadcasting had hoped. In fact, ratings went in the wrong direction. On March 23, 2012, less than seven months after his long-term comeback began, Murphy was released.
With this being the third return to radio in less than three years, WLS-FM and Robert Murphy are hoping the third time's the charm.
Robert Murphy is not replacing any current or former WLS-FM personality. To make four hours of room for Murphy's new show, the work shifts for most of the other DJs are all being shortened by an hour. The new schedule as of November 11th will be ...
Brant Miller: 5:30am-9:00am (formerly 5:30am-10:00am)
Greg Brown: 9:00am-1:00pm (formerly 10:00am-3:00pm)
Danny Lake: 1:00pm-4:00pm (formerly 3:00pm-7:00pm)
Robert Murphy: 4:00pm-8:00pm (new shift)
John Records Landecker: 8:00pm-11:00pm (formerly 7:00pm-11:00pm)
Dick Biondi: 11:00pm-2:00am (no change)
WLS-FM has also been taking pages out of the playbook for sister-station WLS-AM and playing infomercials on weekends. So far, the infomercials are only airing in the Saturday and Sunday overnight / early morning hours and during any prime listening hours.
Since dropping its affiliation with Scott Shannon and his True Oldies Channel and flipping to a more Classic Rock version of the Classic Hits format in September 2012, WLS-FM has seen its ratings drop, not just in the all ages demographic, but in the Persons 25-54 demographic that they were hoping to see an increase in.
While still not at the level it was before the playlist alteration, WLS-FM's all ages numbers have been increasing this summer, according to Nielsen Audio Research. After dropping to a 2.7 share in the August ratings period, the recently-released October ratings period shows the station back up to a 3.5 share, having it crack the Top 10 for the first time in a very long time. Unfortunately, the Adults 25-54 numbers show the station losing even more listeners in that age group, now down to a 2.4 share and barely in the Top 20.
-- Chicagoland Radio and Media  

It’s showtime again for Chicago radio veteran Robert Murphy. 
The man who defined hip adult-contemporary radio in the 1980s at the former Q101 is about to sign on as afternoon personality at WLS FM 94.7, the Cumulus Media classic hits station. 
Starting Nov. 11, he’ll be on from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. The rest of the station’s lineup will remain intact, but with revised hours: Brant Miller from 5:30 to 9 a.m.; Greg Brown from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Danny Lake from 1 to 4 p.m.; John Records Landecker from 8 to 11 p.m.; and Dick Biondi from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. 
“It is a great pleasure to have Robert join 94.7 WLS FM as we complete our talent lineup,” said Jan Jeffries, senior vice president corporate / programming for Cumulus Media and program director of WLS FM. “I am a longtime fan and am counting the days to Nov. 11.” 
Murphy, 62, most recently hosted mornings on WILV FM 100.3, the Hubbard Broadcasting adult hits station known as Rewind 100.3. His tenure there was cut short in March 2012 after six months because of under-performing ratings. “It may have been impossible for me to win, but I certainly was willing to give it my best shot,” he said at the time. 
Noting that his new shift will be the first time he won’t be “Murphy in the Morning,” he told me Friday: “I have never, ever done anything but mornings. Since my last name is putatively ‘In The Morning,’ I just automatically assumed when they called me that that’s what they were talking about. When they told me afternoons, I thought they were either crazy or visionaries. But since they were potential employers, I’m going with the ‘visionary’ thing.” 
Added Murphy: “I’ll have to completely reverse my inner clock because I’ve been formatted to wake up at 4 a.m rather than 4 p.m. I might rather enjoy this.” 
Once among the most popular and highest paid radio stars in Chicago, Murphy hasn’t strayed far from a microphone since his heyday at Q101 from 1983 to 1993. Even during two stints in West Palm Beach, Florida, he never gave up his condo on the Gold Coast — or his interest in getting back on the air here.  The latest move will mark Murphy’s second tour of duty at WLS FM. In 1994, he helped launch a “young talk” format on the station, hosting mornings on a lineup that also featured Richard Roeper, Jay Marvin, Turi Ryder and the late Johnny Von. Then-owner Capital Cities / ABC pulled the plug after only one year and returned to a full-time simulcast with news / talk WLS AM 890. 
“I’ve been in that building before, and I’m trying to remember where the men’s room is,” Murphy said. “I’m happy to back in a music format rather than that ill-fated talk format that we were trying.” 
WLS FM still faces an uphill battle in the ratings after a rocky year since it switched from oldies to classic hits. In the latest Nielsen Audio survey, it ranks 10th with a 3.5 percent share and cumulative weekly audience of 1,277,800. That’s still below its final month as an oldies station in September 2012, when it was tied for sixth with a 4.0 share and weekly cume of 1,442,700. 
Among listeners between 25 and 54, WLS FM is tied for 17th with a 2.4 share — down from 15th with a 2.8  share in September 2012. 
-- Robert Feder  
OK, so explain this one to me ... how is it that Scott Shannon, who single-handedly resurrected WLS-FM when he brought his True Oldies Channel to Chicago ... is now out of a job and off the air in Chi-Town ... while station manager Jan Jefferies ... who has changed the format and watched the station drop from 5th place to 17th place ... is still employed?!?!  Ahh, the wonderful world of radio.  (I wonder what the expert consultants think about this!!!)  kk  

My cockatiel has her own radio ... ok, so those of you who know me are saying, "Of course!" ... and those who don't are now backing away from your computers.  Well, cockatiels are very social birds and her mate died a few years ago so my mother (yep, yep ... apple not falling far from the tree jokes) gave me a radio to leave on when I am not home ... which is often these days.  Every 3 to 4 days I flip to another channel for her because Long Island's only oldies station does not come in on this radio and, even though I am not staying to listen, I can't stand to think of her hearing some of these shows for longer than that.  So a week ago I hit a 'spiritual' station and left for work.  When I came back, Herman's Hermits were singing "Wonderful World" followed by Petula Clark, followed by Gerry and the Pacemakers, followed by a series of 60's selections.  After investigation, I find that WJMJ out of Hartford, CT is run by the Archdiocese of Hartford and not only has its sacred musical shows but an extensive selection of 60's oldies djs.  So, here is a link:  or type the call letters in your search engine as they also stream.  Looks like Jerry Kristofer, a well-known CT jock has JUST TODAY officially switched over to this station.  Dang Jerry, I had given up on you and the 'newie' WDRC radio station months ago.  Good judgment on your part.
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano  
OH and just heard Pat Boone singing 'April Love', now Perry Como singing 'When I Fall in Love'.  Some lovely smalsh.   

Note fat geese ... 
Last holiday season we told you all about the awesome new radio special put together by Gary Theroux, counting down The 100 Greatest Christmas Hits of All-Time. 
Now comes word that several other stations and affiliates have picked it up for airing this year. 
Here's the latest update.  Be sure to tune in and enjoy this very special holiday special in your area!

The 100 Greatest Christmas Hits of All Time Welcomes 12 New Affiliates -Stations to Air Ten Hour Countdown of the Most-Loved Yuletide Classics  
(NOVEMBER 2013) –Envision Radio Networks®  welcomes the latest group of affiliates that will be counting down to Christmas with The 100 Greatest Christmas Hits of All Time, the award-winning ten-hour radio special hosted by beloved TV game show host Wink Martindale. Affiliated stations include: KITI-AM / Seattle, WA; KSID-FM / Denver, CO; KKAB-AM and KKIK-FM / Little Rock, AR; WXEF-FM and WKJT-FM / Springfield, IL; WYKY-FM / Lexington, KY; WBDK-FM / Green Bay, WI; WCMT-FM / Paducah, KY; WITY-AM / Champaign, IL; WCLO-AM / Madison, WI; and KKMI-FM / Davenport, IA.   
Available on a cash basis, this special holiday programming will count down everyone’s favorite Yuletide hits from 100 to number one. The song list is based on data compiled by Billboard Magazine and listings of the Christmas tracks most played on radio over the past decade.  This compilation includes hit singles as well as classic tracks from the most-loved and best-selling Christmas albums of all time.  
The Yuletide special includes holiday music from the goodtime gold (“Holly Jolly Christmas”), the sentimental songs (“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”), and the deeply romantic (“Merry Christmas Darling”) to the beloved carols (“Silent Night”) and the Santa / Rudolph / Frosty fantasy favorites (“Santa Claus is Coming to Town”).  The songs span the years from 1942 (Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”) through today (“We Need a Little Christmas” by the cast of “Glee”).  Wink Martindale supplies the story and fun facts throughout the 10-hour broadcast. Plus, hear insightful commentary from the hit-making stars themselves. 
Listen to The 100 Greatest Christmas Hits of All Time demo here. Stations interested in more information about The 100 Greatest Christmas Hits of All Time should visit or contact Hannah Rosenthal at or 216-831-3761.
About Envision Radio Networks®
Envision Radio Networks® provides content and services to more than 1,400 radio stations and reaches millions of listeners each week. Envision Radio Networks, Inc. is the largest independently owned affiliate relations company in the country and supplies all types of programming and services to radio including morning show content, short-form vignettes, virtual news-weather-sports broadcasts, live syndicated morning shows, long-form weekend programming, 24/7 formats, comedy services, event programming, off-air tools, web content, album releases and artist specials. Envision Radio Networks® is based in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in New York City and Nashville.  

So I'm reading your blog the other day and I see a guy complaining about hearing all the "holiday" music. Lol - I get it, but there are some good fresh ones out there, including this one by Burton Cummings' band the Carpet Frogs.
Hope you enjoy it.

There's actually a petition online to have Lion's Gate Entertainment re-release "A Hard Day's Night" in color next year in honor of the film's 50th Anniversary!!!  (Now how cool would THAT be?!?!?)

We've run links to a couple of the colorized song clips before ... I think this would be an EXCELLENT 50th Anniversary Treat!  (kk)
You can sign the petition here:

One of the coolest things about doing Forgotten Hits is that you just never know who you're going to hear from ... so this email the other day was a very pleasant surprise ...   
Love your web-page -  Just wanted to let your know that my husband is Gary S. Paxton - He produced "MONSTER MASH" and "ALLEY-OOP" - with The Hollywood Argyles ... He toured with Dick Clark. 
His first hit was "IT WAS I" ... he was FLIP with SKIP and FLIP. He was very much a part of that era of music.  
We live in Branson, MO, now and he is still writing songs. 
Have a great day! 
Gary S. & Vicki Sue Paxton