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The Sunday Comments ( 09 - 25 - 11 )


Interesting interview with James Burton.  I was lucky enough to assemble a Rick Nelson 60-track 3 CD box set during my Reader's Digest period: "Rick Nelson: His Greatest Hits and Finest Performances."  
The collection includes all three sides he cut for Verve (all of which were hits!) along with all the charted Imperial sides plus the best of his Imperial album cuts.  I, of course, wanted to include the best of his Decca and MCA material as well, but at the time legal problems between his estate and Universal (which controls the Decca and MCA catalogues) blocked my access to them.   That was a huge disappointment.  Although the bulk of Rick's best stuff was cut for Imperial, he did record some truly first-rate material for Decca and MCA -- both a few hits ("Fools Rush In," "For You," "She Belongs To Me," "Garden Party," etc.) and some really fine singles and album tracks which never scored all that well ("Love Minus Zero No Limit" among them).   "Garden Party," by the way, was the very last Decca hit before the label changed it's name to MCA in December 1972 and debuted with Elton John's "Crocodile Rock." 
I made up for the loss of the Decca / MCA material reasonably well by adding in a live program taken from Rick's concert run at the Universal Ampitheatre shortly before the plane crash in 1985.  Those tracks, originally released as part of a Silver Eagle TV package, included terrific onstage versions of "Garden Party" plus other favorites. I closed the box set with a smoking track from Rick's final LP for Capitol -- a song he'd originally titled "It's Still Rock 'n' Roll To Me" until he discovered that Billy Joel had just scored a hit by that name.  
Rick Nelson fans will notice that I recycled an image of Rick from one of his Imperial LP covers for the box set cover.  As the original negative of that image had been lost over time, I had the Reader's Digest art department scan my copy of the original Imperial LP and use that in constructing the CD cover.  I remember the art director telling me that that it would never work to rescan an already scanned image, but it did (thanks to the fact that the image was reduced) and the end result was pretty effective.  The box set, available only through direct mail, was a top seller for years but unfortunately is now out of print.  You might be able to find a copy on, however.
Gary Theroux 

You're talking to a MAJOR Rick Nelson fan here ... love ALL his stuff from every era ... so I found both the James Burton Interview and the extended interview with Nelson's biographer Philip Bashe fascinating reading.  You can still find these online if you go to and search for Jeremy Roberts, who handled both of these interviews.  (kk)
And, speaking of Rick Nelson, I FINALLY found a short clip of Rick's one and only appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (from 1966).  For YEARS I argued my point that Rick had NEVER appeared on Sullivan ... one of the few '50's and '60's rock stars who never felt a need to do so since he had so much regular exposure on his OWN television series, "The Adventures of Ozzie And Harriet".  (Another artist in a similar situation would be The Monkees, who came into our homes every week with new music anyway!)  But Frannie has insisted for the past ten years that she saw a short clip of Rick performing on Sullivan on some clip show that she was watching, dressed in a yellow sweater.  For years after I first posted this comment, readers wrote in saying both that I was right ... or that they, too, remembered the clip Frannie was referring to.
Well, after reading Jeremy Roberts' excellent Rick Nelson series recently, (where Nelson's appearance on Sullivan came up in conversation), I did another YouTube search (for what is probably the 50th time) ... only THIS time a short one-minute clip came up!  
Rick's not in a yellow sweater (as Frannie remembered) ... but his entire back-up band is.  (Rick is dressed in a red sweater, performing "Your Kind Of Lovin'", a non-charting single in 1966.)
But the BEST news of all is that in the process of searching for this clip, I found an entire Ed Sullivan YouTube Channel, put together by SOFA Entertainment, the company that owns and manages all of the old Ed Sullivan material.  There's some GREAT stuff here, even if it is doled out in small doses.  (Most of these clips run less than a minute ... just enough of a teaser to whet your appetite ... but it would appear once again that some of this material may FINALLY be seeing the light of day ... and we can't wait.  We've been campaigning for regular releases from The Sullivan Archives for YEARS now ... hopefully this (along with some of the special dedicated releases we told you about recently, featuring complete performances spotlighting particular artists like The Beatles, Elvis, The Rolling Stones and Motown) are an indication that more is certainly to come.
Check out the Rick Nelson clip here:

And the Ed Sullivan YouTube Channel here:  
Click here: TheEdSullivanShow's Channel - YouTube

And, while searching for these, I found this AWESOME Neil Diamond appearance on the old Johnny Cash Show, too ... which I loved enough to declare "Video Of The Week"!!!  (Man, check out how good Neil looks and sounds in this clip ... FANTASTIC!!!)  kk


Much like Chickenman, "He's Everywhere! He's Everywhere!"  Every time we turn around, Micky Dolenz seems to be out and about, making our pages.  Thursday he appeared on Scott Shannon's WLS-FM Radio Program as a special guest dj ... last week he was donating an original script from The Monkees' television series to the New York City Planet Hollywood ... and now comes word that Micky was there in the crowd to see "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" on Broadway at The Palace Theatre!  (Here comes a full report, courtesy of FH Reader Tom Cuddy!):

The hit Broadway musical, “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” welcomed yet another music icon to the Palace Theatre in NYC on September 20 as former Monkees member Micky Dolenz checked out the  musical. Dolenz, a Broadway veteran himself thanks to "Aida" (which played the Palace!) and the 1994 revival of "Grease". ventured onstage after the show to snap a photo in front of Priscilla's title bus alongside stars Will Swenson, Tony Sheldon, Nick Adams and C. David Johnson, as well as lovely Divas Esther Stillwell, Ashley Spencer and Jacqueline B. Arnold. Micky loved the show.  It was the second time he had seen it.  The first time was the London version, while he was appearing in “Hairspray” there.  Bette Midler is one of the Producers of Priscilla. She describes the show as “the story of three best friends on the wildest trip ever. With over 500 dazzling costume changes and a hit parade of dance floor hits from the 70s and 80s, including “It’s Raining Men,” “I Will Survive” and “I Love the Nightlife,” Priscilla has got a great story about standing up for your friends and being true to yourself. Plus, it has a lot of laughs!”
-- Tom Cuddy

And check out this awesome cast photo!

Looks like Micky's going to have a busy 2012, too ... we just got this:

For what it’s worth, the website of Paradise Artists, promoters of the Happy Together Tours, has a photo montage of “Happy Together Tour 2012.”  It shows Flo and Eddie, the Grass Roots, Gary Puckett, Micky Dolenz and the Buckinghams.  In essence, Mark Lindsay and the Association are being replaced by Puckett and Dolenz.
Love your site.  Keep up the great work.
Ian N. Berger

We were pretty well sworn to secrecy on this one ... but we knew some line-up changes were being made for next year's run.  (A few other names were also kicked around but this still looks like a stellar line-up.)  Congratulations to ALL of the artists hitting the road together as part of Happy Together Again 2012!!!  (kk)

Kent ...
Seems fitting to read about Bobby Darin's "Come September" in September.
Frank B.


>>>Connie Francis said that she begged Bobby Darin's manager to take Bobby to Texas to see Dr. Denton, a Heart Specialist. They didn't listen to her.  She said that if she was married to Bobby, he would've definitely gone to see this Doctor. Imagine.  Things may have turned out differently.  (Frank B.)
>>>The research I did shows that Bobby very much wanted to marry Connie Francis ... but that he would have also insisted that she give up her career ... Bobby wanted sole possession of the limelight (and, at the time, Connie was a far bigger recording artist than he was.)  Truth is, I believe Connie really was the love of his life.  (kk)
I, too, wanted to marry Connie Francis!
But she never knew and so it never happened.
Still, she took my breath away then ... and now I can watch her on you tube without my parents laughing behind my back like they used to when I sat in front of the TV set hyperventilating!
Her book "Who's Sorry Now" is a wonderful read and valuable in learning lessons of life which she so richly explains. She is not only talented as a singer but as a woman with good sensibilities that stepped out in faith and accomplished her dreams despite what others tried to be negative about. She proved them wrong and made good. She's a survivor and a treasure. Bobby could have never kept her closed off. She was destined to be herself.
Connie ... wherever you are ... "I love you!"

re:  STAX:
Hey Kent,
Not sure if you've been following the Stax reissues, but Concord Records has recently put out remastered albums by Rufus Thomas, The Dramatics, Shirley Brown, The Staple Singers, Johnnie Taylor and Booker T. & the M.G.'s. It took a long time for Stax to get their legacy in order following their spectacular financial collapse in the '70s, but it looks like the lawsuits are sorted out and there are now two great things happening:
1) Concord is doing a great job sorting through the catalog and putting out remastered versions with bonus tracks and enlightening liner notes. Nick Phillips over there tells me they have a huge archive that they're gradually converting to digital from the original analog tapes, and they do have the Isaac Hayes recordings. Their Stax reissues are here: Where for decades there was just an empty lot with a lowly marker, there is now a thriving museum where Stax Records once stood in Memphis. They've recreated the sound booth and have the memorabilia from the label's glory days on display, including Hayes' fur-lined Cadillac. The museum link is here: Sampson at the museum had a talk with us about the history of Stax, and explained what it was like recording there and how it was different from Motown, which kept a lot more control of their artists. We also got the stories behind the reissues from Nick. Here's the piece: yours,
Carl Wiser
The Complete Stax Singles collection was something that was always on my "Wish List" ... great to hear that some of this material is going to be available again after all this time.  Stax and Motown certainly captured The Sound Of American Soul in the '60's ... yet were unique and different enough from one another that even the most casual music fan could easily fall in love with both.  This is REALLY good news ... thanks for sharing with us, Carl!  (kk) 

re:  WCFL:
This is cool!  Tom Konard and I have been friends for decades and decades. 
Clark Besch

As the consultant, I brought Paul Kirby to CFL to serve as program director. Paul would go on to be program director of WRKO in Boston before serving as my right arm at KFI a few years later. I was in Chicago for only three weeks total as a consultant ... the rest of the story has yet to be told ... perhaps someday. It was Paul Kirby from WRIT in Milwaukee, Lujack from WLS and Big Ron O'Brien from KTLN in Denver that gave CFL the forward motion to defeat LS.
Both Ken Draper and Chuck Blore were great programmers who failed to give music the attention it deserved.  Shortly after Super CFL topped LS, CFL's manager, Lew Witz, made the same mistake as various questionable records found their way on the playlist per his direction.
John Rook

>>>The changes at Y103.9 have left our favorite Jeff James off the air.  He is doing a fun internet segment now from his YouTube channel.  The link to his page is ----, PLEASE, PLEASE, everybody, dial into 815 - 459 - 7000 and leave your feedback with the station's manager.  Show your displeasure in the station's current form.  Us Chicagoans almost had three good sources for our oldies (WLS, WJMK, and WWYW).  BUT we CANNOT survive on Tom Kent tapes day in and day out.  Please call 815 - 459 - 7000 and let's bring the station back to having some real local on air talent!!!!  (AJK, The Youngest Oldies Freak Around)
>>>Y103.9 definitely is NOT the same ... and Forgotten Hits lost two good radio friends (and allies) with the departure of Jim Shea and Jeff James.  (Quite honestly, we barely listen anymore.)  Here's hoping BOTH Jim and Jeff find their way back on to the airwaves REAL soon.  (I'm having a REAL hard time listening to Tom Kent, too!)  kk
As you heard, I have been banished to web stuff.  BUUTTT I have to admit I am loving the fact that I can play anything from the collection and of course share the visual eye candy of the labels and whatever else I come up with -- as I always said, IT IS ABOUT THE MUSIC!  And man, I have so much to share -- just wait as time goes on for the surprises I have planned -- Buck Owens from 1958 -- Ray Conniff doing FUNK from the 70's -- novelty -- instrumentals you never heard -- lots of B-sides and those great rare hard to find original singles -- and, of course, my fair share of the great Chicagoland garage, soul and whatever!
Thanks for the support from you and the other true lovers of ROCK AND ROLL!!!
Personally, I think you got a bum deal, Jeff but (as you and I have discussed before), you're keeping your head up about it all and focusing on the music ... and to that, we can TOTALLY relate!  Please keep us posted ... and Chicago Radio Fans (and Oldies Music Fans) can check out Jeff's new YouTube Channel to see what other kinds of surprises he has coming up!  (kk)

Meanwhile, it looks like the ever-reliable (and ALWAYS logical) Jersey John has pinpointed the root of the oldies radio problem ... here's his analysis in a nutshell:

Oh, no, now there's a Bill Shannon at Y103.9, then there's Bob Shannon at WCBS, and finally, Scott Shannon at WLS! Too many Shannons is the key problem!!!
Jersey John

Well, I didn't think it was possible -- but it looks like Forgotten Hits has started the Christmas Music even earlier than The Lite this year!  What's next?  August???
Actually, we've been thinking "Christmas In July" for 2012!  Honestly, you're right ... it IS a little bit early for Christmas music ... and we would have been one of the first ones to criticize WLIT had they gone a similar route ... but we were SO thrilled to be given the opportunity to be the first ones ANYWHERE to leak these brand new Chicago holiday tracks that we just couldn't resist.  (Forgotten Hits really HAS become the place for classic artists to show the world that they're still out there creating great, new music ... even if conventional radio is ignoring it.  And you won't find many musical legacies greater than that of Chicago!)
I'm told the band will be adding two or three songs from the new CD into their live act, too, as we draw nearer to the holiday (and the CD becomes commercially available.)  These new tracks ... intermingled with all of their greatest hits ... should make for QUITE the holiday show these next few months!  (You can check out their tour schedule here):
And, for more on the new CD, be sure to click on these two YouTube links:

Kent ...
Pink Floyd on late night TV next week.
You're not going to believe this.
I have a T-Shirt with Floyd the Barber, from the Andy Griffith show on it.  It's colored pink.
Pink Floyd. I've been waiting a long time to use this one. Hope you give me a LoL!!
Frank B.
Floyd The Barber ... your REAL barber is Martin Scorcese's cousin ... Pink Floyd on late night TV ... man, I don't even know where to go with this one!!!  Kudos to Jimmy Fallon, though, for recognizing this great band.  (NOT an artist you'd expect to see on TV ... although this seems to be more of a tribute.  Interesting nonetheless!)  kk

NEW YORK, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- U.S. talk show "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" is devoting a week of episodes to the work of the British rock band Pink Floyd, NBC said.
Each night next week, featured artists such as The Shins, Foo Fighters, MGMT, Dierks Bentley and Pearl Jam will pay tribute to Pink Floyd's rock 'n' roll legacy by performing classic songs from the band's catalog.
Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason will be interviewed on Monday's edition of the show, while vocalist/bassist Roger Waters is to appear as a guest Tuesday. Waters is also to perform "In The Flesh" with the Foo Fighters.
"Pink Floyd is one of the most influential and commercially successful rock bands of all time," NBC said in a news release Thursday. "Despite having ceased recording and touring, the band continues to inspire new generations of listeners with such genre-defining albums as 'The Dark Side of the Moon,' 'The Wall' and 'Wish You Were Here.'"
The tribute week on "Jimmy Fallon" is timed to the Tuesday start of Pink Floyd's "Why Pink Floyd?" campaign with EMI. The campaign includes the release of the band's 14 remastered studio albums, a boxed 16-CD "Discovery" collection of the albums and two expanded editions of "The Dark Side of the Moon," including a 6-disc boxed set with extensive previously unreleased audio and video content, NBC said.
On Nov. 8, "Wish You Were Here" will also be released in two expanded editions, along with a new collection, "A Foot In The Door -- The Best Of Pink Floyd." The campaign will continue with the Feb. 28 release of "The Wall" in two expanded editions.
Pink Floyd performed and recorded from 1965 to 1996, with a reunion in 2005. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.
Read more:

Kent ...
Do you know about the Beatles layover in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas?
Got this from Ron Smith's Oldies.
Frank B.

Nope ... first time I've ever heard this story.  Thanks, Frank (and Ron)!  kk

Last week the brand new Hollies documentary "Look Through Any Window" was given the World Premier treatment at The American Cinematheque ... and Allan Clarke and Graham Nash were on hand for some Q & A after the screening.  (Man, I would have LOVED to have been there, too!)  It's an OUTSTANDING piece of work, profiling the band (and the DVD is available for purchase October 4th ... several of our readers have already written in saying that they pre-ordered the film after reading our glowing review ... Click here: Forgotten Hits: The Hollies ...all I can tell you is that if you're a fan of this music, you won't find it done any better than this ... and outstanding tribute to an outstanding (and too often under appreciated) artist!

Here's Bob Lefsetz's review of the film screening:
Graham Nash wrote "Teach Your Children", "Lady Of The Island" and "Right Between The Eyes" in one night. He was on tour with the Hollies, he was frustrated, he was sick of making pop music, he wanted to write songs with meaning ... and these three came out.
After the movie tonight, Graham said all we've got is time. And he doesn't want to waste ours.
I don't want to waste yours. I realize this is the third missive from me today. But I just came back from the Aero Theatre from the premiere of this Hollies movie and I'm buzzed. Because they made such great music. And they really knew how to play and sing. And they were at it for years before they did their best work.
They were Mancunians. Graham and Allan Clarke. Best buddies since age six they were infatuated by the Everly Brothers and chased them all the way back to the Midland Hotel from a gig. And stayed up talking so late that they missed the last bus home, they had to walk nine miles.
But they didn't care.
You see they had a passion. Encouraged by their parents. It's a baby boomer thing. We were the first generation who could be something more.
And sure, Graham and Allan are just a little bit older, but they were the leaders, the progenitors.
Actually, they followed the Beatles into the Cavern Club. Which Graham labeled a "death trap". There was only one way in, it was the same way out. And one night, a thug came up on stage while they were playing and walked right off with Tony Hicks's amp. No one could stop him. It was just that kind of place.
And discovered by producer Ron Richards, they went down to London and started to record.
And there were changes in the band. Jazz-influenced Bobby Elliott now pounded the skins and the bass player got married and was replaced. Keeping a band together is hard. Eventually Graham left. The turning point? "King Midas In Reverse". It wasn't a hit. But the throwaway "Jennifer Eccles" was. Is there no justice? Beware of creating a niche, you just might get locked up in it.
And Graham went on to even bigger success with Crosby and Nash. But Allan Clarke and the rest of the troupe triumphed too. Although "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" was considered a throwaway, it's one of the great singles in rock and roll. I can still picture driving on Route 30 in Vermont as it blasted out of the dashboard. Like "All Right Now", it was indelible.
And now it's nearly fifty years later. And Allan's voice is questionable, at least in his own mind, and Bobby and Tony are still fronting an edition of the Hollies and Nash is still palling around with David Crosby. Oh, what a long strange trip it's been.
It was different back then. Music was the glue. The way to connect. It was a way out of the drudgery. You might have done it to get noticed by the opposite sex but the money was secondary. It was a lark. Not meant to be forever. But when the Beatles started experimenting and getting strange, the public followed, that was the power of the tunes.
The film has got twenty two complete performances.
And it's not like "Behind The Music", there's no dirt.
But you marvel at how great the voices are, the technical skills of Tony and Bobby. If these guys were on "American Idol" or "X Factor" they'd win. They needed no auto-tune, no technical help. They could do it live.
And they did.
You watch this old footage and your heart palpitates. You were there, when music changed the world.
And when the lights came up and Graham and Allan were there to answer questions, they did not appear to be seventy year old men but Gods, still walking this Earth.
They made this music. They've aged, but it has not. One day they'll be gone, but the records will last forever.
So if you want to play this creative game know that you've got to start young. And you've got to have the fire in your belly. And if success comes too fast, it probably won't last. But if you need to make it. If you can't do anything else.
You will.
-- Bob Lefsetz

Here's a photo of the questions and answers panel following screening: Moderator James Austin, Graham Nash, Allan Clarke, David Peck, Rob Bowman
Peck directed the film; Bowman conducted the interviews with the band 
Photo by Thom Vollenweider ©2011 Reelin' In The Years Productions

David Peck enjoyed our review so much that he wrote us this note:

Hello Kent,
David Peck here, Director of the Hollies film you so kindly raved about.

It's very nice when so much hard work is put in that a writer such as yourself takes the time to really watch it and really review it. It's very obvious that you watched every frame and I truly thank you for that.

When I first read your review I was walking with my six year old daughter and I reacted with a very loud YEAH! and then, after she asked me why I was so happy, I had to explain how good it feels to have someone compliment your work. I guess it's a good thing that it was a positive review cause I would have hated to have to explain what the word "shit" meant.
All the best,
David Peck

Reelin' In The Years Productions

More from FH Reader Bob Merlis, who also attended the screening:

First ever rock documentary screening I'd ever attended that ended with a prolonged standing ovation.  Audience applauded with each song seen in the film, even the lipsychned stuff!
Also on hand: Peter Asher and Tom Petty.  Graham talked about how Petty had been the Hollies roadie in Florida for two days in the mid-60s.  Who knew?  Allan and Graham talked about seeing the Everly Brothers in Manchester when they were kids and following them back to the hotel where they talked to them at length and how the Everlys were very nice to them.
Four years later, they would be working together on "Two Yanks In England."  
Bob Merlis

And here's the word on yet another one of our British Invasion Artist Favorites!

>>>Just in case it hasn't come up yet at, The Zombies are now in the middle of their 2011 mini-tour of the U.S. and Canada.  Sez me:  Their shows are AWESOME.
(E. Briggs)
Having been apart for more years than they’ve been together, who would have thought the Zombies would be touring the U.S. for their 50th anniversary and sounding as vibrant and fresh as they do.  
Original members Rod Argent (keyboard player - songwriter - vocalist) and Colin Blunstone (one of the most gifted British lead singers of all-time) brought their band to the U.S. for a month of touring, including a stop last weekend at the Tarrytown (NY) Music Hall.  
They pumped out a 22 song set that was halted by the audience for standing ovations so many times that I lost track of how many there were.  And the standing ovations were so dramatic that many of them lasted as long as 90 seconds to 2 minutes.  You could tell the band was touched by the meaningful reception they received in NY and probably receive at most stops on their U.S. trek.  
The current line-up on the Zombies includes a father-and-son combo.  Bass player Jim Rodford was offered a gig in the Zombies when they first formed, but turned it down because he was a member of a then successful local British band.  Years later Rod asked him to be part of his group Argent and Jim accepted.  When the Zombies decided to reunite, Argent and Blunstone asked him to be part of it.  Jim’s son, Steve Rodford, does a sensational job on drums.  
Among the highlights of their set: 
Breathe Out, Breath In -- the title cut from their new album was enthusiastically received by the audience, as was all the new material.  Many reviewers are saying it’s their best album since the 60s.  They performed the title track on NBC’s Jimmy Fallon show last week. Scott Shannon, head deejay on the True Oldies Channel, told me “I really like the Zombies new song.  It’s very well written and sung.  They sound awesome.”
I Love You — was a Top 20 hit for People in 1968
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted — a soulful version of the 1966 smash by Jimmy Ruffin
Time of the Season — This classic is covered on the new album by America and Dave Matthews is known to do the tune at his arena and stadium shows.
Hold Your Head Up -- Since Rod Argent wrote and sang the 1972 chart topper, it didn’t sound much different when given the Zombies treatment.  However, these days Colin contributes vocals in a couple of spots during the song.
Tell Her No — I would go as far as saying that this live version sounded better than the 1965 studio version!
She’s Not There -- This is the biggest hit of their career and deservingly so.  It was also their first hit (1964).
Summertime -- They ended their encore with a bone chilling beautiful rendition of this Gershwin classic.
Thanks to Margo Lewis, Chris Tuthill and Mitchell Karduna (The Zombies U.S. agents)  for the great hospitality backstage.
If you have the chance, do yourself a favor and see the Zombies on tour and grab their new album.  The album will blow you away with terrific two and three part harmony, dazzling Hammond organ, crisp and catchy songwriting and magnificent lead vocals by Colin Blunstone!
-- Tom Cuddy
New York, NY
Lead Vocalist Colin Blunstone,
singing "Time of the Season"

Zombies Founder Rod Argent on Keyboards

Backstage at Tarrytown Music Hall ... 
Forgotten Hits Readers with Zombies lead singer Colin Blunstone (second from left)
L - R: Brad Joblin, Colin Blunstone, Jim Filgate, and Howard Gale
(All Zombies photos courtesy of Tom Cuddy, 

Legendary Session Bassist Carol Kaye has been making some rather harsh and critical statements lately about "The Wrecking Crew" Documentary that we've been plugging these past couple of years ... seems she feels a good chunk of the story has been manipulated to favor a select few "investors" in the film and she's been quite vocal about it of late. 
We've received gobs and gobs of pressings these past few weeks and I honestly don't quite get it.  Carol is portrayed in nothing but the best of light in the film ... and all of her cohorts couldn't be more complimentary about her contributions and abilities.  A little over a year ago ... when this first stirred up ... I contacted Carol and asked her if she'd like to discuss her beefs in our Forgotten Hits forum ... but I never heard back from her.  Granted, we've been EXTREMELY complimentary toward the film ... we LOVE it ... and feel it NEEDS to be seen.  Naturally, we'd love to see everybody recoup their investments and understand that the fund raiser showings are necessary to help defer the royalty costs associated with featuring SO many great songs in any film (although though even THIS seems to have become a point of contention of late.)  For the record, Forgotten Hits is NOT an investor in this film ... just a HUGE supporter of it ... nor have we ever received so much as one penny in compensation for our efforts ... it's ALL been done for the love of the music and our belief in the film.  I think it is exceptionally well done and deserves to be seen by each and every music fan who grew up during this music era.  I'm not quite sure just what all the fuss is about ... and Carol, the offer still stands should you wish to discuss it.  (kk)
From Carol's website:
I'm always deeply devoted to the cause of studio musicians being recognized for the talent and full scope of their depth in helping to create the 1960s - 70s hit records. Sadly, the Denny Tedesco film - doc doesn't tell the real story as I was told it would, I don't support it, and regret my appearance in this re-edited film.
-- Carol Kaye

There's no denying Carol's musical credits ... she was amongst the best and hardest working musicians of this era ... but if you read her website, you get the impression that she feels like she's being ripped off by just about EVERYBODY!!!  (And maybe she is ... I don't know ... but instead of embracing all the new fans she's winning over by having her story being told, she seems to instead seem more intent on discrediting the film ... and I just don't quite understand why.  So Carol, seriously, drop us a line and let's talk!!!)  kk

Meanwhile, here's a review from ANOTHER music fan who recently saw the film ... and was similarly blow away by it!  (kk)

Hi Kent -
Saw the documentary "The Wrecking Crew" in Minneapolis last night. Guitarist Tommy Tedesco's son has worked on this film for 14 years, and is still trying to raise funds to pay for the music clearance rights . There are 130 songs heard during the film!
Everything from "Good Vibrations" to the "Mission:Impossible" theme, to "the Chipmunk Song" was played by members of the Wrecking Crew on the original recordings.
Like "Standing in the Shadows of Motown", the film sheds light on the studio musicians that played on all the hits, but were not given credit at the time. Folks like Hal Blaine, Tommy Tedesco and Carol Kaye are featured in interviews.
It's a very enjoyable film for fans of 60's pop. They hope it will have a 2012 DVD release, but they still need lots of dough for the music clearance rights.
After the screening, folks were encouraged to hang out at a classic bar down the street. We went down, and ran into Joey Molland. My wife knows him from some open jams she used to attend (and perform at). We had a nice chat about the film , which he had also attended. He then joined the band onstage that was playing a nice mix of 60's tunes. He played and sang Roll Over Beethoven, No Matter What, Summertime Blues, Ticket to Ride and Get Back.  Phil Solem, from the Rembrandts, also joined in for a few tunes.
A fun night in Minneapolis!
-- Mike Lane
If you're out Jersey way, you can see the film for yourself next week at Bergmen Community College.  The film is showing on Wednesday, September 28th at 7:30 PM at The Ciccone Theater, 400 Paramus Road, in Paramus New Jersey.  If you're able to attend, please drop us a line and let us know what you think.  I've yet to see a single negative review ... and virtually EVERYONE who has seen this film agrees that it's a story that deserves to be heard.  (kk)

>>>Joel Whitburn's 13th Edition of his "Top Pop Singles Book" (covering the years 1955 - 2010) is the GREATEST edition yet of this timeless classic.  I use it every single day while compiling Forgotten Hits ... and it's an absolute "Must Have" for anybody out there who loves the oldies and the music charts.  And now, for the next 48 hours only (through Thursday, the 22nd), you can pick up a brand new soft-cover copy of his latest "Top Pop Sinlges" book for only $49.66 ... that's $20 off the regular cover price!!!  But it's a very special, limited time offer only, so you need to order NOW!!!  (kk)
Fine time for an offer on the new Joel Whitburn book. I just bought it last week. I've just glanced at it so far, but there's gobs of new info that hasn't appeared in previous additions. Well worth the price.

It's a fine value at ANY price ... we simply couldn't live without it!  This newly expanded edition includes the B-Side of EVERY chart hit, all of the "Bubbling Under" hits that just missed making Billboard's Hot 100 Chart ... and now even the break-out regional hits of records that never saw any national chart action at all.  And the new 8 1/2 x 11 format is SO much more useful.  You can order YOUR copy here:

(In fact, go TODAY and you'll see that you can still get $15 off the regular list price!)  kk

Great idea you had for the FH for this week. You are right when you said this music is
timeless. That is something I have heard Dick Clark say through the years about this music. Who knows how many people will enjoy BORN TOO LATE who have never heard it before? The
song itself was, as you know, recorded on the ABC Paramount label which was my own favorite label, design and color wise. Again, I think this music, especially the one you chose for today by the Poni-Tails will stand the tests of FATHER TIME. (For those readers who are not familiar with the song BORN TOO LATE, FATHER TIME was a followup).
Larry Neal

Based on Monday's song choice ... this is gonna be a fun week ... I look forward to it all.

Hi Kent,
You don't seem to play much doo wop on your songs of the day and this is one of my favorites by the Jive Five. This one seems to be a much forgotten hit by them. Could you play it for your fans as I'm sure many would enjoy it. Have a good one!!!

You're right ... doo wop doesn't come up very often in Forgotten Hits ... but there is no question that this music has its legion of fans out there.
But in all fairness, to make our "Today's Forgotten Hit" feature, the record actually had to have BEEN a "hit" ... and this one never even charted!  Not that it's a bad tune ... but it's not one where the majority of folks out there would jump up and say "Wow!  I haven't heard THAT song in AGES!!!" because MOST of them have most likely never heard it before at all! 
But that doesn't mean we won't give a spin here today in Forgotten Hits.  We love ALL kinds of music ... but The Jive Five collectively only managed TWO Top 40 Hits ... their first chart record, "My True Story", went to #3 in 1961 ... and a latter-day edition of the band reached #36 in 1965 with "I'm A Happy Man".  (Now THAT'S one that DOES qualify for our "Today's Forgotten Hit" feature ... hmm ... will have to add that to the list!)  kk

In reading Monday's comments as well as listening again to Danny Williams' 1964 hit WHITE ON WHITE, (Tuesday's Forgotten Hit of the Day) reminded me of two things immediately.
First, one of your readers mentioned that he had a friend in the U.K. by the name of Tony Clarke. This reminded me of the song THE ENTERTAINER from 1965 on Chess by a singer of the same name. One of those songs I have not heard in a long long time. Think I will get it out later to play it.
Second thing I was reminded of was that here in OKC as in lots of radio markets, we had two radio stations competing against each other playing that good old rock and roll, one being KOMA 1520 and the other WKY 930.
The morning man at WKY for many many, years before he retired was the legendary Danny Williams. Now KOMA never played the song WHITE ON WHITE by the singer Danny Williams because obviously they would be promoting their competitor's morning man, even though it was a different person.
Two things I instantly remembered by reading today's comments and listening to the FH for the day. Thanks for jarring some good memories for me.
Larry Neal
That's what we're here for, Larry ... Forgotten Hits is All About The Memories! 
See that ... another CLASSIC slogan ... free of charge ... soon to be heard across the country on oldies stations everywhere!  (lol)  "WXXX (your call letters here) ... We're All About The Memories."  (Please send all long overdue commissions to The Forgotten Hits Wedding Fund!!!) kk

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend Shows

While we aren't able to attend either of these awesome shows this weekend, perhaps some of our West Coast Readers can!!!  
Here's the latest scoop on a couple of GREAT shows happening this weekend out California way!

Hello Kent,
Just a quick note to let you all know about our appearance at the San Gennero Festival LA this Saturday night at 10:30 pm pacific time.
Sonny Geraci, Dennis Tufano, Bo Donaldson and me will be playing a set.  It takes place behind the Jimmy Kimmel theater on Hollywood Blvd.
It will be live on the internet at
Ron Dante

Davie Allan and the Arrows will perform this Sunday afternoon at
The 30th Annual Adams Avenue Street Fair
San Diego's Largest Free Music Festival
Saturday, September 24th, 2011 - 10 am - 9 pm
Sunday, September 25th, 2011 - 10 am - 6 pm
6 Stages ... 60 Musical Acts
Beer Gardens, Beer Tasting, Exotic Food, Arts and Crafts, Giant Carnival Rides
His set list is a great one!
1. Shape of Things to Come
2. Walk Don't Run
3. Peter Gunn / Baby Elephant Walk
4. Experiment in Terror
5. Let There Be Drums
6. Polyurethane
7. Ghost Riders in the Sky
8. 40 Miles of Bad Road
9. Surf Beat / Let's Go Trippin'
10. Vanishing Breed
11. Rawhide / Rumble
12. Apache
13. Blues Theme / Born Losers Theme
14. Frantic
15. Theme From the Unknown
16. Sleepwalk
17. Moondawg
18. Rock `n' Roll Part 2
19. The Toxic Terror
20. Rise & Fall of Flingel Bunt
21. Lullaby of the Leaves
22. Seasoned Greetings
23. Extrasensory Deception
24. Pipeline
Time is Tight