Monday, April 22, 2024

A Monday Morning Quickie

As announced here previously, the brand new Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Class of 2024 was revealed last night (Sunday, April 21st) on "American Idol."  (or, as I like to call it, "Credibility Failure #1.")

Naturally, there were a few head-scratchers ... and a couple of surprise upsets ...

There always are.  (Mariah Carey and Oasis NOT making the cut are probably the two biggest ones for me ... A Tribe Called Quest getting in, an even bigger travesty ... but I can live with most of the other choices, even if a couple of those will be begrudgingly!)

Officially, the artists being inducted into the Performers Category are:

Mary J. Blige, Cher, The Dave Matthews Band, Foreigner, Peter Frampton, Kool and the Gang, Ozzy Osbourne and A Tribe Called Quest.

NOT making the cut this time around were Mariah Carey, Eric B and Rakim (who?), Jane's Addiction, Lenny Kravitz, Oasis, Sinead O'Connor and Sade.

In addition, also being inducted (in the non-performer category) are Jimmy Buffett (Musical Excellence), Alexis Korner (Musical Influence), John Mayall (Musical Influence), MC5 (Musical Excellence), Suzanne De Passe (Ahmet Ertegan Award), Big Mama Thornton (Musical Influence), Dionne Warwick (Musical Excellence) and Norman Whitfield (Musical Excellence).

As for the inductees, the only one I don't quite understand is A Tribe Called Quest ... what is is exactly that they did that was so extraordinary, so revolutionary and having had such a great and life-changing impact ... when virtually 99 people out of 100 couldn't tell you a single thing about them or sing a single note they ever recorded?  THAT'S the biggest head-scratcher for me.

Mary J. Blige helped pave the way for hip-hop artists with a new and unique style ... and I actually voted for her on a couple of the ballots that I cast.  Cher?  For sure ... although I wonder what her next reaction is going to be since she literally told The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to go fuck themselves (in those exact words!) just a couple of months ago.

The Dave Matthews Band won the Fan vote for the second time ... so I guess they deserve to be in ... although I don't know what long and lasting influence they've had on the rock genre. Foreigner?  For sure.  Peter Frampton???  Best quote EVER, when it was announced that he had made the nominees ballot:  "You mean I'm not already in?"  He should get in just for THAT!!!

Kool and the Gang?  Yeah, they were great and they had a string of hits ... but what about them made them unique enough to stand out from the crowd?  Great band, yes.  Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame material?  I'm not so sure.  Ozzy Osbourne ... he was a given ... yet another double-inductee ... he's probably grown larger than life NOT making music than he ever was making it ... but he's become a pop culture icon.

As for some of these other special candidates?  Jimmy Buffett ... never considered before he died ... now he's being recognized for his musical influence.  John Mayall?  Maybe ... probably ... he inspired hundreds of successful British blues musicians along the way ... that's the resume someone in this category is SUPPOSED to have.  MC5?  This induction proves conclusively, once and for all, how bogus the induction system really is.

MC5 has been on the ballot SIX TIMES and NEVER earned enough votes from the committee and their peers to make the cut ... but damn it, if they want them in, then they're going to put them in anyway ... which defeats the entire process (and legitimacy) of the whole nominating and voting process.  If it's THIS simple, then just put them in and don't even bother announcing next year's nominees ... just induct who you want right now and skip the whole smoke and mirrors process altogether!

Suzanne De Passe?  Absolutely ... she spear-headed Motown's talent pool for decades.  Norman Whitfield was another HUGE part of the Motown machine ... he wrote and produced countless hits for their artists in the '70's.  Big Mama Thornton?  OK, she inspired Elvis ... and then what?  Shit, if we're doing this, then The Kingsmen should be in for recording "Louie Louie" and inventing Garage Band Rock.  Chubby Checker MOST DEFINITELY should be in for igniting the biggest dance craze in music history ... TWICE!!!  Dionne Warwick?  Another one I don't quite get.  She's been on the ballot before ... in fact, I voted for her ... but she didn't get in, based on the overall opinion of the fans and the committee ... fuck that ... who cares ... let's just put her in anyway!  A great interpreter of songs (especially those written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach) ... a one-of-a-kind unique vocal presence ... yes, she belongs ... but it feels dirty ... like they had to slip her in under the carpet when nobody was looking.

Hey, it's an annual tradition ... EVERY year The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame does SOMETHING that further tarnishes their reputation and credibility.  SO many artists today feel it is no longer an honor (of ANY sort) to be recognized for your lifetime's work ... which is a REAL shame since this is NOT the vision The Rock Hall portrayed when it was founded.

Jann Wenner's gone ... and most of us hoped things would be different ... and maybe a few things really are ... but overall The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame seems to be its own worst enemy.  And it's REALLY hard getting past that.  (kk)

I REALLY enjoyed the CBS rebroadcast of the Billy Joel concert the other night … Billy’s 100th appearance at Madison Square Garden as part of his ten year monthly residency there.  Joel is still in fine voice … and played an interesting selection of material distributed over the course of his lengthy career.  (I guess if you’re going to play there every month … and many fans make it a point to be at every show … you’ve got to mix things up a little bit from time to time with the set list!)

EVERY song was performed with full enthusiasm from both Billy and the crowd.  (Seeing Billy perform period is something that has eluded me numerous times over the years, despite the fact that I have had … and thrown away … tickets to FOUR of his concerts here in Chicago … but seeing him perform at Madison Square Garden has got to be the ULTIMATE bucket list ticket.  My guess is that he’ll be back there again in no time … it’s become his home … his arena … and the fact that EVERY show has been a sell out over the course of these 100 appearances tells you something right there.  (kk)

Speaking of bucket list appearances, Heart kicked off their first official tours with both Wilson sisters onboard since 2019 … and we can’t wait to FINALLY see them when they hit Chicago, a TRUE bucket list moment for me.

Here’s an interesting piece explaining how Ann and Nancy Wilson agreed to put all past differences behind them and carry on, putting forth the best show imaginable for all their die-hard fans …   (kk)

And, speaking of tours, Ringo Starr has added September dates to his 2024 tour, including a stop here in New Lenox on September 14th.

The new dates include:

September 12th – Omaha, NE – The Astro Amphitheater
September 14th – New Lenox, IL – Performing Arts Pavillion @ The Commons
September 15th – Kettering, OH – Fraze Pavilion
September 17th – Washington DC – The Anthem
September 18th – Medford, MA – Chevalier Theatre
September 20th – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena
September 22nd – Niagara Falls, ON – Fallsview Casino Resort
September 24th – Philadelphia, PA – TD Pavilion at The Mann
September 25th – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall

More dates may be added.

Performing as part of Ringo’s All-Starr Band again this year will be Steve Lukather, Edgar Winter, Colin Hay, Warren Ham, Hamish Stuart and Gregg Bissonette.

(We saw the show last October at The Chicago Theater … )

And, speaking of Ringo Starr, who not only has a new tour coming up but also another in his series of new EPs, Paul McCartney has a new release of his own that was just announced.

For the first time, the entire soundtrack to his 1974 British television special “One Hand Clapping” is finally being released as a stand-alone piece.  (I’ve collected bits and pieces of this show spread out over various McCartney Archive box set releases … but this is the first time the entire program will be released in its entirety in one single package.)  After Paul, Denny and Linda were forced to complete “Band On The Run” as a trio, Wings had a couple of brand new recruits on board for this special show … so it’ll be interesting to hear it in its full context.  (I have seen video of the entire show before … but in very poor quality … so hopefully a DVD release will follow.) kk

And, speaking of Macca, have any of you seen this?

I’m not quite sure what to make of it – is this a legitimate release or somebody just poking fun at McCartney’s expense as maybe an April Fool’s joke???

“The Worst Of McCartney” … from The Paul McCartney Archival Series?

Whatever the case may be, they sure went thru a bit of expense to put together this rather elaborate packaging.

Now I will be the first to admit that Paul has released a LOT of crap over the past forty years or so … some of it so weak it doesn’t even spark a memory at all when I listen to it again … meaning it made absolutely NO impression on me whatsoever …

But some of the tracks singled out on this particular release include some of my few favorites from this era. (“Dress Me Up As A Robber” immediately comes to mind … I have always loved this song, so unlike anything else Paul has ever done.)

I can’t find it listed anywhere … not on his website or Amazon … and I really DO wish they’d finally get around to release some of the other albums that belong as part of this great reissue series ...  (“London Town,” where art thou?) … rather than release the 68th commemorative version of “Band On The Run” again, certainly McCartney’s crowning achievement as a solo act … but c’mon on already!!!  (The fact that a collection of McCartney I, II and III has already made the rounds … some of his WEAKEST tracks … ahead of some of his legitimate releases has always been a bit puzzling to me.)

But if you’re into this sort of thing, check out the elaborate “unboxing” video below …

And from David Salidor, regarding the re-release of The Beatles’ film “Let It Be” …

As much as I liked the Peter Jackson version, the original still burns in my head. I well remember when it came out – with a great photo book I still have on my shelf. When all the chatter began about how much fun they really had come out, I sort of didn’t believe it. Face it, if the Fab Four didn’t like Hogg’s version back then … it never would have come out.

I think there was a backlash of sorts and that’s why the original is finally coming out again, though Jackson ‘s involvement is curious. The first time in 50 years no less!  If you want to see it unvarnished and how it really was … watch it.

David tells me you can read the entire piece in G.H. Harding’s Times Square Chronicals / Glorious Corner post from last week:


A missed Happy Together date?

August 3, 2024, at Toyota Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, CT


I just go with what they send me!!! (lol)  THEY ought to know where they’re appearing!  (lol)

Thanks, Shelley!  (kk)

From Tom Cuddy:

Randy Bachman announces that over 200 of his most coveted guitars will be auctioned

From Ed Salamon ...

Sorry to learn of the passing of our friend Bucky Wilkin who attended the Spectropop get togethers at our house on Chipmunk Lane.

Ronny and the Daytonas had two GREAT Top 40 Hits in the mid-'60's ...

"GTO" (#4, 1964) and "Sandy" (#27, 1966)  kk

And this just in ...

CB sez ...

>>>After 18 years, the long-running Beatles Cirque du Soleil “LOVE” show in Las Vegas is ending on July 7th of this year.  (We saw it YEARS ago … and it truly is quite the spectacle)  kk

I agree!  Great Show!  I, too, saw it shortly after it opened years ago!  I hope it was, or will be, recorded for TV or online viewing.  ( Altho they might want to find another network other than CBS who recently cut away from Billy Joel's 100th Madison Square Concert Presentation last week before it was over. Or NBC, which was the first to practice this "OK, time's up! We have to move along now!" concept by cutting away before an NFL game was over with their infamous "Heidi Game" in 1968!

Meanwhile, I've been trying to find a gray replacement "LOVE" cap for this one I got when I saw the show.  While it has held up fairly well, the Bill is all internally cracked like the Death Valley Desert!









>>>You’ve got to watch the "We Are the World" documentary to appreciate the whole thing! (kk)

Another remarkable and informative Program!

And ~~~ 

re:  Chuck Buell and Laundry Day … 

>>>I have told him before that his research writing is extremely accurate and his teachers would be proud." (sst)

Wow! I just got a Great Review from THE Shelly Sweet-Tufano, "Reviewest Extraordinaire!"

The Highlight of my Day!  

And even before my second cup of coffee was finished Brewing!











4/22/64 – The 1964 World’s Fair opens at Flushing Meadow, Corona Park, New York

Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Sunday Comments ( 04 - 21 - 24 )

The big news last week, of course, was the announcement that The Beatles’ film “Let It Be” was FINALLY going to be shown again on Disney+ …

Which helped to obscure the fact that, after 18 years, the long-running “Love” show in Las Vegas is ending on July 7th of this year.  (We saw it YEARS ago … and it truly is quite the spectacle … be nice to see it one last time before they shutter the theater and replace it with The Hard Rock CafĂ© Las Vegas!!!)

By coincidence, Timmy also sent us this vintage movie poster last week …

Timmy also sent us this link to some incredible Woodstock outtake footage.  (Anybody know how to download this???)

Lulu has announced that her appearance at this year’s Glastonbury Festival will be her last public appearance.  Glastonbury is scheduled from June 26th thru June 30th.  (Be nice if they taped that!)  Lulu is one of those that I always wished I could have seen but never had the chance to do so.  (kk)

From Tom Cuddy …

Huey Lewis Lost His Hearing. That Didn’t Stop Him From Making a Musical.

More Huey …

Huey Lewis apologizes to Kenny Loggins for possibly ripping him off

VERY cool how Huey learned that Kenny Loggins suggested to Michael Jackson that Huey sing the Prince part on “We Are The World” when it became apparent that Prince wasn’t showing up at the recording session!  (You’ve got to watch the documentary to appreciate the whole thing!)  kk

John Oates Says Hall and Oates Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together

Writer of 50 TV Themes …

Goldmine Magazine covers Micky Dolenz’s recent appearance at The Troubadour … 

Micky also took part in last week's Coopstock in Mesa, Arizona ...

Here's a shot taken by Valerie La Rue, sent in by Micky's PR Guy David Salidor, showing longtime friends Micky and Alice belting out "School's Out"!

Also on hand were Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon, Orianthi and Patrick Warburton  (kk)

Happy 80th Birthday to John Kay of Steppenwolf!



MAY, 2024 = Felix Is About To Start His "PEOPLE GOT TO BE FREE" Tour In New York.

FLASHBACK – to th 1960's --

Felix (+ His Unknown Group) The Rascals Decide To Kidnap Cousin Brucie.

They Take Him To A Club Called The "TELEPHONE BOOTH" (Phones On Every Table),

Where The Rascals Are Appearing. It Worked.

Cousin Brucie Liked Them & Has Been Playing Their Songs On The Radio Ever Since Then.

Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay.

By My Count, This Is Cousin Brucie's Third Recent Felix Interview.

1 = When His Book Came Out

2 = When His Latest C D Came Out

3 = Last Night.


I’m excited to watch the new Beach Boys documentary on Disney+ next month, too … suddenly the Baby Boomer Channel for all the music we love!

Meanwhile, Phil Miglioratti has a bunch of new posts on his Pray For Surf blog …

From Clark Besch …

Lost tapes have new home

I found this article interesting from a buddy.  Kinda cool to hear someone out there still searching.

More from Clark …

Radio Music Surveys 1960 -1965: A Collection of Stations and Songs Leading to the British Invasion

My buddy, Carl Mann's 2nd book of original color radio top 40 lists is out!  "Radio Music Surveys 1960 -1965: A Collection of Stations and Songs Leading to the British Invasion" is yet another walk thru music and top 40 radio just getting the British Invasion touched when it became so exciting.  If you bought or saw his book 1 1955-60, you will know that these are great keepsakes and very well done.  The new one will cover those years between the big Elvis and Beatlemania years when teen idols and girl groups and more were the big game in town, as well as the first 2 years of Beatlemania itself.  You've heard all the DJs on old airchecks and now see MANY of their faces and what tunes they played. 

If you go here below, you can view the book and if you wish, click on "Read Sample" on left side, you will see a short pdf with the book intro and surveys story as well as complete index of all the survey station call letters in this 187 page masterpiece.   Of course, also some sample surveys with will be very well presented and able to read all chart positions in the book.  It is available now!  Thanks for considering.  Any radio folks wishing to do an on air interview with Carl, I can likely hook that up.

Radio Music Surveys 1960 -1965: A Collection of Stations and Songs Leading to the British Invasion

You can own John Fogerty’s Hidden Hills, California, home for just $21.5 million …

Check out the pics …

And John Mellencamp is once again telling his fans to behave at his shows … or don’t  bother coming …

In an interview with The Washington Post, Mellencamp explained, “I do expect etiquette inside of the theater, the same way you would at a Broadway show.  My shows are not really concerts anymore. They’re performances, and there’s a difference between a performance and a concert.”

After stopping his shows, telling his fans to “Shut the fuck up” and ending his concert … I mean performance early, fans should be well aware of what to expect when plunking down their money for a ticket.  (Of course, all it takes is one asshole to ruin it for everybody else who bought those tickets with the best intentions.  Mellencamp would do better to just have security remove the boisterous offenders and let the show go on for everyone else who is on their best behavior … but that just doesn’t seem to be part of the overall plan.) 

“Look, I’m not for everyone anymore … I’m just not. And if you want to come and scream and yell and get drunk, don’t come to my show.”  (kk)

From Shelley …

re:  CB and Laundry Day 

I have told him before that his research writing is extremely accurate and his teachers would be proud. And again, the facts as presented, are correct.

FYI ... urine use in laundry continued up through the Victorian era. Then, thankfully, scientists took an interest in cleaning supplies.

But don't you wonder if even now, in some form, it is still in that plastic laundry bottle you are using?


Oh, and by the way …

Whipped Cream ... again (?!?!?)


I've been meaning to point out to you that there is a blip in your blog that keeps repeating this picture of a woman covered in supposed whipped cream. Now I know this must be in error, but maybe you just aren't checking the blog before you post it.



And, finally, congratulations to The Cowsills, inducted into The California Music Hall of Fame last week, along with David Cassidy and our long-time Forgotten Hits Buddy, Ron Dante.

From Bob Merlis’ press release:

Earlier this week Susan, Bob, and Paul Cowsill were joined by their brother John in Temecula, California, for induction into the California Music Hall of Fame.  Others inducted at the ceremony included the late David Cassidy and “Sugar, Sugar” vocalist Ron Dante, both of whom have direct connections to the Cowsills. 

David Cassidy was the lead actor in The Partridge Family TV series that was overtly inspired by the Cowsills, music’s most successful family band during the late ‘60s with a string of massive chart successes including “The Rain, The Park, & Other Things,” “Indian Lake,” “Hair” and “We Can Fly.”  Ron Dante has been appearing as part of the annual Happy Together Tour founded by The Turtles that The Cowsills are set to join this summer for the tenth time. Upcoming our dates are noted below. 

In addition to their peripatetic touring schedule, The Cowsills continue to be a force in the recording studio. Rhythm of the World, their most recent album, was issued by Omnivore last year and was the subject of much critical laudation. The Cowsills are also the subject of a feature length documentary film, Family Band: The Cowsills Story, that is now streaming on Amazon Prime. The group has been inducted into both the Rhode Island Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the New England Music Hall of Fame.

John Cowsill, Conor Mahoney, Susan Cowsill, Michael Weber, Bob Cowsill, Paul Cowsill.  

Mahoney and Weber inducted the Cowsills and are, respectively, a leading tour merchandising executive and the winner of MTV’s Amazingness competition and a producer, 

recording artist and band leader (The Michael Weber Show) in his own right. 

John, Susan, Paul and Bob Cowsill on stage at CMHOF event 

The Cowsills in concert

May 4th - North Towanda NY – Riviera Theatre                                              

May 30th - Stafford, Texas -The Stafford Center

Happy Together Tour , 2024
June 1st – Biloxi, MS – IP Casino Resort and Spa
June 2nd – Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall
June 4th – Pensacola, FL – Pensacola Saenger Theatre
June 5th – Daytona Beach, FL – Peabody Auditorium
June 6th – Jacksonville, FL – Florida Theatre
June 7th – Hiawassee, GA – Georgia Mountain Fairground
June 8th – Myrtle Beach, SC – Carolina Opry Theater
June 11th – Alexandria, VA – Birchmere
June 12th – Englewood, NJ – Bergen PAC
June 14th – Morristown, NJ – Mayo PAC
June 15th – Westbury, NY – NYCB Theatre at Westbury
June 16th – Hyannis, MA – Cape Cod Melody Tent
June 18th – Cohasset, MA – South Shore Music Circus
June 19th – Glenside, PA – Keswick Theatre
June 20th – Red Bank, NJ – Hackensack Meridian Health Theatre at the Count Basie Center for the Arts
June 21st – Atlantic City, NJ – Ovation Hall at Ocean Casino Resort
June 22nd – Lancaster, PA – American Music Theatre
June 23rd – Lowell, MA – Lowell Auditorium
July 12th – Paso Robles, CA – Vina Robles Amphitheatre
July 14th – Prescott Valley, AZ – Findlay Toyota Center
July 19th – Scottsdale, AZ – Talking Stick Resort
July 21st – Costa Mesa, CA – Pacific Amphitheatre
August 1st – Lynn, MA – Lynn Memorial Auditorium
August 4th – Hampton Beach, NH – Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
August 8th – Lima, OH – Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center
August 9th – Northfield, OH – MGM Northfield Park Center Stage
August 11th – West Allis, WI – Wisconsin State Fair
August 15th – Kettering, OH – Fraze Pavilion
August 16th – Saint Charles, MO – The Family Arena
August 17th – New Buffalo, MI – Hard Rock Cafe Four Winds
August 18th – Wabash, IN – Honeywell Center
August 21st – Effingham, IL – Effingham Performance Center
August 22nd – Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium
August 23rd – Shipshewana, IN – Blue Gate PAC
August 24th – Wisconsin Dells, WI – Crystal Grand Music Theatre


Timmy's concert poster of the day ...