Wednesday, February 28, 2024


More great hits from OUR side of the pond from January and February of 1964 ...

Here's that Four Seasons smash, "Dawn"

Bobby Rydell was one of the Teen Idols who made it big out of Philadelphia ...

A "Bandstand Boy" who also did a ton of television and movies!

(You can read our interview with Bobby here:

This was his last big hit ... "Forget Him"

Here's one that should have been a MUCH bigger hit than it was ...

This song'll tear your heart out ...

Brook Benton's "Going Going Gone"

And finally, another tune written by another good friend of Forgotten Hits that we lost a few years ago ...

Here's Joey Powers' hit "Midnight Mary," written by our old buddy Artie Wayne

Tuesday, February 27, 2024



The Rolling Stone appeared on "Top Of The Pops" to perform their new single, "Not Fade Away"


While the crux of our 60 YEAR FLASHBACKS this year will focus on the explosion of The British Invasion, this is not to say that American artists just rolled over and played dead.

In 1964 groups like The Beach Boys and The Four Seasons had some of the biggest hits of their career.

The Motown Sound exploded thanks to new artists like The Supremes and The Temptations ... as well as a big #1 Hit by Mary Wells.

Artists like Rick Nelson, Bobby Vinton and even "old-timer" Dean Martin had Top Five smashes.

Today and tomorrow we'll take a look (and give a listen) to a few of my favorites from January and February of 1964.

 One of my all-time favorites turned into a Womens' Anthem over the years ...

Hard to believe that this was first written and recorded in 1963!

(And by our Forgotten Hits Buddy John Madara no less!)

It's been done numerous time since by several different artists ... 

But this #2 Hit by Lesley Gore still holds up for me!

(More on the song's origins here:

Rick Nelson had what would end up being his last Top Five Hit for the next eight years with "For You" ... but it's a good one!

Dionne Warwick had her first Top Ten Record with the Hal David - Burt Bacharach tune "Anyone Who Had A Heart" ... definitely worth a listen!

Monday, February 26, 2024

A Monday Morning Quickie

The other day I mentioned something about coming across a very large collection of Top 40 radio shows taped across the country …

And then immediately got this …



I like your blog about American Top 40 and how you got in touch with some of the radio personnel.

I am a collector of the American Top 40 radio show CDs that were sent to the stations. I like the Shadoe Stevens, Casey Kasem, and Ryan Seacrest broadcasts.

Do you happen to have any of the American Top 40 CDs or do you know of anyone who may have them? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Matt (an AT40 superfan)


There are a WHOLE lot of collectors out there of these AT40 shows … most seem to like to trade for copies of shows they don’t have in their own collection … so it’s a very “communal” group of fans, eager to welcome more of “their own.”


Happy to put the word out there, Matt …


And if anybody on the list would like to be put in contact with you, I will be happy to pass this information along.  (kk)


Hey Kent …

That’s a very cool and kind move on your part …

I’ve always been an adamant collector of my own airchecks …

Unfortunately, I primarily used my airchecks to attain a better gig, and therefore would scope it … dumping out the full songs, spots etc., so as not to waste the hiring individual’s time.  Thus, when the ‘Rewound Radio’ guys came knocking, I had very few full all-inclusive radio shows to offer them.

Hope you’re able to let us know who captures the collection. 

I was on at least (5) of the stations mentioned … CKLW, KKDJ, KIIS, KGBS, AND KFI ----  I’m still trying to find airchecks of me on WLS and WCFL😊 

Hope all is well in your world, Kent.

Kris Erik

Then raise that tally to SEVEN stations, Kris, because he also had WLS and WCFL tapes in his collection.  (Those are going right into the Rewound Radio Labor Day Weekend Shows … for probably many, many years to come!)  kk

Just read your fantastic write up about the air checks ... thanx, Kent!  Wow, man, you are a prince!

One thing: I am located in NORTHERN California, not Southern … maybe you could correct that.

Attached here are a couple shots of the on-growing stack of the aforementioned finds, THUS FAR ...


Barely the tip of the iceberg as I understand it … there are boxes and boxes and boxes of these tapes and discs ... and we’re already looking into other avenues to find a good home for them if somebody on the Forgotten Hits list doesn't take possession.  (We wanted to offer them to "family" first!!!)


One thing we WON’T do is let them go unattended to … this was somebody’s lifelong hobby and, in the process, they amassed quite an impressive collection.

Interested parties can still contact me at

We’re patient!  (lol)  kk



Got this from one interested party in the collection ...


Any idea of the SIZE of the collection, from your source contact?  
"Is it bigger than a breadbox?"  
YES ... but is it bigger than a refrigerator?  lol


From the curator ... 


I would guesstimate the total size of all of the boxes to be maybe two refrigerators ... or maybe one refrigerator & two ovens ... or how about two refrigerators and two bathtubs!  Here are a couple more final pictures so you can judge for yourself. Note in these pic's is a ruler, which is extended to the 5' mark. Every box seen is full.


Clearly more here than what Geraldo found in Al Capone's vault!!!  (lol)

If you are genuinely interested, please contact me ... looking to wrap this up in the next week or two.  (kk)


Mick Jones, founding member of Foreigner (who has been absent from their live shows for a couple of years now) disclosed his battle with Parkinson’s Disease this week with this statement …

“Fans will have become very aware that for some time now, I have not been performing onstage with the band. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I want everyone to know that I am doing alright,” Jones said in a statement. “However, I’ve always liked to be at my best when performing onstage, and sadly, at present, I find that a bit difficult. I am still very much involved in the background with Foreigner and remain a presence.

“Parkinson’s is a daily struggle; the important thing is to persevere and remind myself of the wonderful career I’ve had in music. I thank all the fans who have supported Foreigner throughout the years and continue to attend our concerts — I want you to know I appreciate your support; it always means so very much to me, but especially so at this point in my life.”

Foreigner’s out on the road doing their farewell tour … and just made (for the first time EVER in a LONG overdue honor) the ballot for the 2024 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees.  I loved Foreigner from the first note of the first album some 47 years ago … and their music still holds up incredibly well today.  (They represent the very definition of Classic Rock. In fact, FOURTEEN of their songs made our list of THE TOP 3333 MOST ESSENTIAL CLASSIC ROCK SONGS OF ALL TIME … nine of those making The Top 500.)

We wish you the best, Mick, as you continue to fight the battle.  (kk)

Two of Foreigner’s hits, “Cold As Ice” (#62) and “Juke Box Hero” (#75) made The Top 100.

And here's the latest word on a DIFFERENT Mick ...


Monkee-MICKY DOLENZ will perform a special one-night-only show at L.A.’s famed Troubadour on Friday, April 5th, entitled MICKY DOLENZ: AN EVENING OF SONGS AND STORIES.

In addition to his indelible contribution to contemporary pop music, Dolenz will share many never-before-heard stories of his famous interactions with the likes of The Beatles as well as the beloved songwriters who penned many of The Monkees' classics, including Bobby Hart and Tommy Boyce; Harry Nilsson; Carole King and Gerry Goffin; Paul Wiliams; and many more.

Dolenz will also recall memorable moments from his days on Circus Boy - his first TV role - and from The Monkees (which won two Emmys in 1967 for Outstanding Series and Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy  – including memorable guest-stars and moments from select episodes. Dolenz wrote directed the final episode of the show, ‘Mijacogeo’ aka ‘The Frodis Caper.’

>>>This link is attached to a story that appeared in Monday’s Las Vegas Sun. It has to do with "a former Rock & Roll Hall of Fame curator and memorabilia seller charged with conspiring to own and sell manuscripts of 'Hotel California' and other Eagles hits without the right to do so.”  (Jerry Reuss)

This story has really grown legs!  It's all over the news now as a judge tries to determine just who the rightful owner of this material really is.  (Frannie:  “Don Henley DOES love to litigate!”)

But in this case, I don’t see how ANYBODY could have misconstrued the idea that he was GIVING this material away permanently or as a “thank you” for some guy writing a biography about The Eagles … especially a biography that never even materialized.

It’ll be interesting to see where this all ends up.  (kk)

UPDATE:  As the case moves forward, more and more of Don Henley’s “dirty laundry” will be revealed … once you go down the rabbit hole, it’s difficult to come back!

More info on the proceedings here:

More on the four new Beatles biopics, coming in 2027 ...

Looks like there will be four feature length Biopicture films on the lives of EACH Beatle member in 2027, put out at different times that year.  This is being done with the permission of the band and will feature the voices of the four in their movies.

Clark Besch


Ever heard Billy describe this classic in detail? 
Billy Joel - on writing "Just The Way You Are"
Tom Cuddy
A few months back we ran a video of Melissa Manchester and Kenny Loggins cutting their new version of the song they wrote together, "Whenever I Call You Friend."
And now we've got Melissa redoing her Top Ten 1975 hit "Midnight Blue," only this time as a duet with Dolly Parton (who has done quite a few duets lately!)
It's all part of Melissa's new album where she looks back and reimagines some of her old songs.  ("Don't Cry Out Loud" and "You Should Hear How She Talks About You" are also included.)  kk

Long time FH Reader and Contributor Ken Freck guested on Dewey's Corner radio program last Friday Night (2/23) ... saluting hits from The British Invasion era, 60 YEARS AGO TODAY ... and you'll find that archived broadcast here:
A new Glen Campbell duets album is on its way.
Scheduled for release on April 19th, the LP (titled "Ghost On The Canvas") features new duets with Sting, Carole King, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Brian Wilson, Dolly Parton (naturally!) and more.
Filled with all new material, this one might be a keeper!  (kk)

>>>The following month, a new single of Cassius Clay singing "Stand By Me" was released ... and actually charted! (#86 in Music Vendor and #102 in Billboard)  kk

... and #94 in Cash Box.
Randy Price