Sunday, September 24, 2023

THE SUNDAY COMMENTS ( 09 - 24 - 23 )

Good morning, Kent:  

Thank you for your mention in the blog the other day.  

I want to let you know that we use your list of “The Top 100 One-Hit Wonders” as the foundation for all of our features on that category.  It’s a definitive list and our go-to guide on the subject.  

There’s a strict definition for “one-hit wonder” and, like you, we don’t believe it’s open to personal interpretation.  It’s like the Triple Crown in MLB:  BA, HR and RBI for hitters; Wins, Strikeouts and ERA for pitchers.  Sure, the definition might change over time.  But, for now, whenever you say “Triple Crown,” it’s a reference familiar to everyone.

Rick O'Dell


Thanks, Rick ... much appreciated.

You can still listen to Me-TV-FM's One Hit Wonder Weekend throughout the day today ... right here:

And, giving credit where credit is due, a tip of the hat to DJ Rich Appell, who came up with the definitive list of Top 100 One Hit Wonders back in 2012 ...

Of course SOME One Hit Wonders are best left forgotten ... 

Here's MY nomination for Worst Song Of The Week ... a #34 Hit in Record World for Charlie Ross in 1976.  (Bet you won't have any desire to hear THIS one again any time soon!!!  lol)  kk

Once again, the rest of the music world is catching up to Forgotten Hits.

About two months ago, we told you that Randy Bachman had put a new version of Bachman-Turner Overdrive together and was once again hitting the road.  (In fact, what sparked our interest in this matter was the fact that the band had been booked to play at The Genesee Theatre in October … and we just couldn’t help but wonder exactly who would be involved and participating.)

And now, just this past week alone, we’ve received at least half a dozen national notices about the “newly reformed” Bachman-Turner Overdrive “hitting the road” to do a series of US concerts!

BTO was big in the ‘70’s, scoring seven National Top 40 Hits, including three Top 10’s, one of which went all the way to #1. (“You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” 1974)

Having lost a couple of original members last year, it came as quite a surprise that Randy was resurrecting the band NOW … but I guess his urge to play live music again (and the fact that the long-awaited Bachman-Cummings reunion tour never did get rescheduled again here in The States) inspired him to kick things into gear.

The “Bachman” in BTO this time around includes not only Randy, but also his son Tal, who had his own Top 20 Hit in 1999 with “She’s So High” (#14), a GREAT tune that I’m sure they’ll also be performing in concert.

It was hoped that the “Turner” in the new line-up would be original founding member Fred Turner, who played bass and handled many of the vocals in the original band.  (Turner retired from touring for good in 2018 … but Randy had been trying to lure him back to give BTO one more chance to rock the house!)  Fred has been ill for awhile ... and although he initially expressed hope that he might be able to join them, when it actually became time to put the band together and hit the road, he elected to sit this one out due to health reasons ... which I guess means there'll be no Turner in Bachman-Turner Overdrive!  (Sticking with the BTO moniker might be the better option at this point!)

Still, Fred Turner wished his former partner good luck and great success on the road ...

“I am so glad to hear Randy is going forward with Bachman Turner Overdrive. I’m sure it will be a great venture and I hope Randy gets a great kick out of doing this with Tal and the band. The rest of us will be watching and wishing you every success. Go for it, my good buddy.”

Plans for a live concert film and album are also in the works … but not of this NEW tour ... rather, these will focus of a 1976 show they did at the Budokan Arena.  (Word is they’re also writing new material in the hopes of releasing a brand new album next year, which would be their first release of new material in forty years ... and that Fred Turner may be involved with some of this new material.)  

For right now, it’s just a short list of stops on this initial reunion tour … so The Genesee is lucky to have them … and it looks like plenty of great seats are still available.

Here are the Bachman-Turner Overdrive 'Back in Overdrive' Tour Dates
October 19th - Saint Charles, Mo. @ The Family Arena
October 20th - Waukegan, Ill. @ Genesee Theatre
November 2nd - Los Angeles, Calif. @ YouTube Theatre
November 4th - Indio, Calif. @ Fantasy Springs Resort Casino
November 5th - El Cajon, Calif. @ The Magnolia

(The show actually kicked off this past Friday Night … 9/22 … in West Springfield, Massachusetts.)  kk

Bachman, of course, first reached acclaim through The Guess Who … who, in 1965, broke into the American charts with their version of the Johnny Kidd and the Pirates' British hit “Shakin’ All Over.”  (This was the pre-Burton Cummings era of The Guess Who, who had been performing as Chad Allen and the Expressions when they cut this record.  It was their American record label, Scepter Records, who decided to put "Guess Who" on the label, almost as an "in" joke in an effort to cash in on the hot British Invasion, thinking listeners hearing the record on the radio might just assume that these guys were another hot British act working their way up the charts.)  Whether or not THAT was what helped propel it up the charts to #13 is a matter of debate … I just think it happens to be a GREAT record!

Meanwhile, Van Morrison has just cut a brand new version of this track … and it’s part of his new album called “Accentuate The Positive,” out November 3rd.

On this one, Van cuts his interpretations of several other early classics. (A complete track list is below)  It is said to be a continuation of a trend he started on his last LP, “Moving On Skiffle,” released earlier this year.  (kk)


1. ‘You Are My Sunshine’
2. ‘When Will I Be Loved’
3. ‘Two Hound Dogs’
4. ‘Flip, Flop and Fly’
5. ‘I Want a Roof Over My Head’
6. ‘Problems’
7. ‘Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes’
8. ‘The Shape I’m In’
9. ‘Accentuate The Positive’
10. ‘Lonesome Train’  (the late Jeff Beck appears on this track)
11. ‘A Shot of Rhythm and Blues’
12. ‘Shakin’ All Over’
13. ‘Bye, Bye Johnny’
14. ‘Red Sails in the Sunset’
15. ‘Sea of Heartbreak’
16. ‘Blueberry Hill’
17. ‘Bonaparte’s Retreat’
18. ‘Lucille’
19. ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’

From FH Reader Clive Topol:
Jann Wenner’s Rock Hall Reign Lasted Years. It Ended in 20 Minutes.

Yes, there were only TWO votes in favor of Wenner remaining on the Board ... and one of those was Jann's!  (lol)

The other vote came from Jon Landau (most famously Bruce Springsteen's Manager ... but also a former writer for Rolling Stone Magazine.)  When word got out the he had voted in favor of keeping Wenner onboard, he back-pedaled a little bit, saying that he was just "testing the waters" to see which way the votes were going to go.

That's OK ... there's no  harm in loyalty ... but I guess there IS a question of ethics!  (In the meantime, it sounds like a number of scheduled appearances to promote his book have been cancelled by the various promoters who prefer to distance themselves from Wenner and his comments at this time.  No harm in solidarity either, I guess!)  kk

You’ll find a great new Micky Dolenz article / interview here:

Micky also appeared on LA's KTLA on Wednesday in advance of his show at the ACE Theatre Friday Night.  (kk)

L-R: Danya Devon - Sam Rubin - Frank Buckley - Micky Dolenz - and Mark Kriski

Chicago has announced another brief Las Vegas Residency as they return to The Venetian for shows February 21st – March 9th

This is their seventh year in a row appearing at The Venetian and consists of a very limited engagement of ten shows.  (More details via the link above.)  kk

Tommy Cuddy tells us that former Moody Blues and Wings member Denny Laine isn't doing well ...

His wife has set up a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise $100,000 to put toward Denny's medical bills ...

Paging Paul McCartney, Moody Blues: Former Bandmate Denny Laine In Medical Emergency, Raising Money on Gofundme

Harvey Kubernik tells us all about this great new collection of Stax demos …

Love the piece on Jim Croce. I, too, am a Croce fan, never having seen him in concert, but buying the albums and feeling very let down when his reign ended. I WANTED MORE! Thank you, Jim. What you gave us is priceless.


Neil Young celebrated a 50 Year Anniversary by performing at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday and Thursday Night last week.  (Wednesday marked fifty years after the exact date that Young opened the club on September 20th, 1973.)

The show was essentially a charity drive (and tickets cost $1000 each) with the proceeds going to The Bridge School and Painted Turtle.  It was a packed house both nights, raising a million dollars for the two charities.

Ardas Khalsa, who broadcasts a weekly Saturday Night radio show on KTYD-FM in Santa Barbara was there both nights and sent us a slew of pictures that he was able to snap of Young performing on stage.  (His producer Timmy is the guy who sends us all those really cool vintage photos that we run from time to time in FH)

So here are some shots that you will ONLY see here, exclusively in Forgotten Hits … 


Thank you, Ardas!  (kk)

[BTW - this week's radio program was pre-recorded before Ardas went to the two shows - so he'll be talking about them NEXT Saturday Night - and have more pictures to share with our readers next week as well!

Ardas' show, Grateful Grooves, airs Saturday nights from 10 pm to midnight West Coast time on 99.9 KTYD in Santa Barbara. Folks can tune in at to listen.  He also does an Internet show Sunday evenings from 6 to 10 PM West Coast time which can be found at ]  kk

From the notes displayed opening night at The Roxy:

50 years ago today, on September 20,1973, The Roxy Theatre on Sunset Blvd opened with a night featuring Cheech and Chong, Graham Nash and headliner Neil Young.  In the audience were Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Helen Reddy, Carole King, Herb Alpert, members of the Allman Brothers band and, at one point, Elvis Presley.

The Roxy has been a rock and roll staple since Lou Adler, Elliot Roberts, Peter Asher and David Geffen first opened the venue.  It was Lou Adler who brought "Rocky Horror Picture Show" to the United States, where it began its run in America at The Roxy in 1974.  It was made into a movie the following year.

The first of many big name acts to play The Roxy was Neil Young and the Santa Monica Flyers.  Three months later, Peter Gabriel and Genesis played back-to-back dates.  Other acts that have played the famous stage include Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Warren Zevon, Frank Zappa, Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, Meat Loaf, Guns n' Roses, Van Morrison, Jane's Addiction and Joan Jett.

Above the venue is a small bar called On The Rox.  It became a favorite hangout for John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper and Keith Moon in 1973.

Happy Anniversary to The Roxy!  Neil Young is performing here tonight for the official 50th Anniversary Bash!

My, how things have changed ...

I can remember back in the days before Covid going to as many as three different concerts in the same weekend …

But the social distancing mandate really put an end to that routine …

And between that change in lifestyle and this new job that prohibits any type of last minute plans without taking a day off in order to compensate, our “live entertainment” quotient is WAY down these last few years …

Which is why THIS “ticket” made me smile when FH Reader Timmy sent it to me last night …