Thursday, August 5, 2021

We're All About Good Radio

We've had quite a few discussions lately about "good radio" ... and how difficult it is sometimes to find it ...

So when we happen to come across a station that is playing the kind of variety that we've been touting here in Forgotten Hits for the past 22 years, we want to share this discovery with our readers.  (In a recent exchange with Sean Ross of "Ross On Radio," who published a list of "Lost Songs From The '70's and '80's," we pointed out the fact that this music IS out there ... you just have to know where to look for it ... but once you find it, you'll be THRILLED with the listening experience the moment you do.  As such, I’d like to give special props to WRCO-FM for their incredible playlist.

Now my "go to" stations for variety of "forgotten hits" and WOW! songs are typically Rewound Radio and Me-TV-FM.  We also enjoy listening to and The True Oldies Channel, primarily because these last two also offer up vintage radio clips from WCFL's hey-day and the interaction of an "almost live" deejay in the way of one of the best radio has to offer, Scott Shannon.  (The others are preprogrammed by a computer-generated playlist ... although Me-TV-FM inserts little song intros and interesting facts throughout the day ... and Rewound goes "live" on the weekends and in the evenings.

We've known about WRCO for YEARS and have done several guest appearances on Phil Nee's "Those Were The Days" radio program, a six-hour Saturday Night institution for decades where we've counted down special themed lists.  (In fact, we're working on putting together a "Favorite Songs From 1971" countdown right now ... which reminds me, you've only got till Sunday to get YOUR votes in for your Top Ten Favorites!)

WRCO actually offers TWO listening options ... 100.9 FM (which is the station that Phil is part of daily) and 107.7 FM, which is the one we have recently discovered.  (Quite by accident, I might add ... when I asked Alexa to play WRCO 100.9 FM, it automatically defaults to the 107.7 station ... and I liked what I was hearing so much that I just elected to leave it on!  Another VERY happy radio-listening happenstance!)

In fact, I’ve been listening to the 107.7 channel for the past couple of days now … and been hearing ALL kinds of surprise, WOW! songs, literally all day and all night long!  (So much so that this almost qualifies as the "Forgotten Hits Radio" we keep talking about!)

And what a wide variety of tunes … songs I haven’t heard on the radio in ages (or, at the very least, in limited spins.)

For example … when is the last time that you heard “Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)” by Deodato?  This was like a #1 Hit back in 1973.  (Well, actually it peaked at #2 … but it was played like a #1 … and I think that it actually DID top the charts here in Chicago)

And then, in the same 20 minute set:  “Big City Miss Ruth Ann” by Gallery, Jud Strunk’s “Daisy A Day,” “Get Down” by Gilbert O’Sullivan, “Tell Her She’s Lovely” by El Chicano and “Dancing In The Moonlight” by King Harvest.  All within 20 minutes of each other.  (I was almost waiting for a few “regulars” to pop up to help enhance the surprise of what might be coming next!)  Normally, you could listen to an oldies station all week before you'd hear that many surprises ... but this all came within the context of the same 20 minute set!

Spot listening at work yesterday turned up “Could It Be Magic” by Barry Manilow, “Bottle Of Wine” by The Fireballs, “What Kind Of Fool” by Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb (!), “Whipped Cream” by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass (not quite as exciting without the visual, I'll admit ... but still pretty damn impressive after all!), “Thank God For Kids” by The Oak Ridge Boys (talk about a WOW! song … you don’t even hear their biggest hit, “Elvira,” anymore!), “I’m Easy” by Keith Carradine, “My Maria” by B.W. Stevenson, “Who Do You Think You Are” by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, “Watermelon Man” by Mongo Santamaria … “All Time High” by Rita Coolidge, “In Your Letter” by REO Speedwagon (!), “Heaven On The 7th Floor” by Paul Nicholas, “Play Me” by Neil Diamond, “Do It Or Die” by The Atlanta Rhythm Section, “Rings” by Cymmaron, “Lorelei” by Styx (you NEVER hear that one!), “Lonely School Year” by The Hudson Brothers!!! (I’ll bet I haven’t heard that song on the radio more than three times in my entire life!!!  And what a shame … because it’s a GREAT song!!!)

There are times when the station comes off a little bit like Me-TV-FM … mostly softer rock but not a lot of the REALLY popular stuff (which, quite honestly, would only enhance their appeal … you can’t play ONLY Forgotten Hits or you’ll shrink your audience … but that element of surprise every dozen songs or so will keep your listeners tuned in to see what might be coming next.)  In fact, that’s EXACTLY what we did Tuesday Night when I put the station on for 20 minutes in order to drift off to sleep … the music was so good, I just kept listening the whole time … and then we set it for ANOTHER 20 minutes because we wanted to see what other surprises might be coming!

Other times it plays like the old Real Oldies station that was programmed by our late buddy, Ron Smith.  For example, in the course of an hour I heard “Cindy’s Birthday” by Johnny Crawford, “The Boll Weevil Song” by Brook Benton, “Mr. Custer” by Larry Verne, “Battle of New Orleans” by Johnny Horton, “Baby Sittin’ Boogie” by Buzz Clifford, “Greenfields” by The Brothers Four, “Let’s Think About Livin’” by Bob Luman and even the original rap song, “Old Rivers” by Walter Brennan!

Now for my money, that’s just WAY too many of these "vintage tunes" in a one hour span … but broken up into about 6-8 surprises spread out over a day and you’ve got magic, friends!

After that, it was anything goes:  “Motorcycle Mama” by Sailcat, “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” by Joe South, “Dueling Banjos / Deliverance” by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell,” “Java” by Al Hirt, “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” (the Silkie version … in fact, I honestly can’t remember if I heard a Beatles song all day … but I DID hear music by The Byrds, The Hollies, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Herman’s Hermits – “Listen People” – and Peter And Gordon – “Lady Godiva”!!!)

They also played “No Matter What Shape Your Stomach’s In” by The T-Bones, “Yeh Yeh” by Georgie Fame (one of my all-time favorites), “The Unicorn’ by The Irish Rovers (and NOT on St. Patrick’s Day!), “Don’t Let The Rain Come Down” by The Serendipity Singers (!), “Last Kiss” by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers, “Dang Me” by Roger Miller (!), “Feels So Good” by Chuck Mangione and “Action” by our buddy Freddy Cannon.

I can’t stress enough how much we enjoyed listening to this at work yesterday.  (I even turned off Rewound on a Wednesday … which absolutely NEVER happens … just to see what WRCO was up to.)

Now comes the true test … can we listen again all day TODAY and hear DIFFERENT music (but of the same ilk and surprise factor???)  Time will tell.  But for right now, I can absolutely VERY highly recommend checking this out for yourself … 

Here's the link to their website:

Just click on the headphones for either station and give them a listen … I think you’ll be suitably impressed!  (And please, let us know what you think!)  kk

Meanwhile, our FH Buddy Phil Nee does his Saturday Night Oldies Show on their OTHER Channel (100.9).  Every Saturday from 6 pm - Midnight you'll find Phil taking requests, playing interview clips or highlighting some of the recent songs and artists covered right here in Forgotten Hits.

I asked him to say a few words about the station ...

Thanks for the kudos.  

The music on our 107.7 / 1450 AM  station is a throwback to the variety that radio formats used to have. At one time, we were a member of a network and after tiring of the over play that their programs featured and restrictions,  a decision was made to do it ourselves.  The music is a combination of the station's library and my personal cds.  The vinyl is dubbed to digital  by a young woman that works part time.  Once a week for a couple of hours, she records a stack of 45's or 33's from our record library.  You might hear a cue burn and a few pops occasionally, but the songs are truly the ones the station played when the music was new.  We add new titles to playlist on a regular basis.  There are several local and regional tunes that pop up now and than as well.  I am glad that you enjoy it, and thank you for spreading the word.


I've always thought that the IDEAL oldies radio station today would be for someone like WLS, who has a rich heritage of playing Top 40 Music from 1960 - 1985 (and also featured tunes from the mid-to-late '50's, which were then considered oldies on their Solid Gold Weekends) to take their ENTIRE music library and make THAT the basis for their oldies playlist today.  In other words, if you heard it here then, you'll hear it here NOW.  Remain true to your roots ... and that heritage ... and through the current technology of streaming, recapture your old audience along with a brand new one.  They could still offer up vintage radio clips of their legendary deejay staff ... just make it an entire WLS / Big 89 / Music Radio listening experience.  (If I ever take over this station, that's EXACTLY what I'm gonna do!!!)

Meanwhile, we continue to salute those stations who are offering more than the same old / same old.  So kudos again to WRCO for not being afraid to stray from the playlist those consultants are telling you feature the ONLY songs listeners wanna hear ... because it just ain't true!  (kk)

You're still the king of Forgotten Oldies.

Bill Scherer

Thanks, Bill … much appreciated. (kk)



Wednesday, August 4, 2021

More Of Your Mid-Week Comments

More details are starting to come out about Dusty Hill’s health situation that may have contributed to his death last week …

Ironically, Hill’s hand-picked replacement, long-time ZZ Top guitar technician Elwood Francis, grew a very ZZ Top-looking beard during pandemic lock-down last year … so he looks like he fits right in!!!

Of course long time ZZ Top Drummer Frank Beard is the one guy in the band who DOESN’T have a beard!  (go figure!)  Although photos of him sporting a little facial hair growth have also begun to circulate post-pandemic … so who knows what the future may bring. 

Dusty’s wife Charleen took a minute to thank the fans … and talk about the love she shared for the man she was married to for the past 19 years …  (kk)


kk …


John B. Sebastian and Arlen Roth (Guitar) spoke to Cousin Brucie via phone interview.


John said he was trying to use the auto-harp in his music.  He started by playing along with "HEATWAVE," which led to "DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC."

FLASHBACK To Woodstock ...

John was there to listen to the music, not play in the show.  He was on the stage, talking to his friends.  Because of the bad weather, they didn't want to use electronic equipment.  Somebody told John to go onstage and play acoustic guitar. He said “I didn't even bring my guitar with me.”  He borrowed Tim Hardin's guitar and went onstage to play some music.

John Sebastian and The Doors had the same manager.  That's why John played harmonica on "ROADHOUSE BLUES."  He said that Lonnie Mack was also on that recording session.


Tony just did his first show in a year and a half at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

He said he sang for 2 1/2 hours and they had to drag him off the stage.

Tony is going to be part of Cousin Brucie's "PALISADES PARK REUNION" on 8/26/2021.  Also on the show:  Bobby Rydell and The Capris. Tony told Brucie that this will be the first time in 48 years that he'll be onstage with other acts. My first thought was “What about opening acts?”  He said that he doesn't have opening acts for his shows.

They were talking about "ANSWER SONGS." Brucie asked if anybody answered one of his hits.

He said, “Yes ... Connie Francis answered "TIE A YELLOW RIBBON AROUND THE OLE OAK TREE."  I don't remember this one at all.

First, I'm going to say goodbye now, Kent … and them I'm going to see if I can find this answer song.


P.S.  I forgot to tell you that Tony Orlando recorded the demo for Bobby Vee's #1 Hit "TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY."

Frank B.


And then …


John Sebastian - Darling Be Home Soon at Woodstock 1969 - YouTube

Connie Francis - The Answer [Should I Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree] - YouTube

I guess I should've taken Tony's word for it … but I still wanted to hear what it sounded like.



Hi Kent –

I thought you might find this photo interesting 🤗 I hope you and family are well.


L-R Jerry Schollenberger, Michael McDowell, Mike Jackson, Jim Johnson at a Michigan record show. Note the New Colony Six shirt on Jerry. Photo by Charmaine Davey from Blitz magazine’s Facebook page.

Danny Guilfoyle

Jerry’s been a friend for years … and is the official New Colony Six Historian.  Great to see him out and about!

But the timing here is EXTREMEMLY funny … because FH Reader Mike Wolstein sent in a picture this past week of himself wearing that very same shirt!  (kk)

You mentioned Gary Strobl today ...

I still proudly wear this shirt on occasion - bought it from him at that record show back in 1983 where all of the Chicago area garage bands came in to meet and greet the fans.  In fact, it's on You Tube (narrated by Bob Sirott).
Mike Wolstein

And how wild is THIS?!?!?  Last week Bob Sirott plugged that “How Chicago Rocked The ‘60’s” WTTW Chicago Stories special on his program after we reminded him of it and sent him a copy of the WLS Chart for July 14th that featured SEVEN (count ‘em) SEVEN local acts in The Top 40!

And … it was our old buddy Gary Strobl (who now helps curate the absolutely MASSIVE library of Henry Diltz’s photographs) that sent us all those awesome Concert For Bangla Desh photos we’ve been running for the past few days!

Don’tcha just LOVE it when all this stuff comes together like this?!?!  (kk)



I think we ran this the other day but we’re running out of time if we want to help Geoff Lambert secure copies of the Billboard R&B and C&W charts for these 1961 dates in time to feature in his weekly newsletter.

Here they are again …

If anybody can supply photo copies of the charts in question, please email them to me as soon as possible.  Thanks!

Billboard Country and Soul Singles Charts needed for these dates (all 1961):

August 21, 28

September 4, 11, 18

October 9, 16, 23, 30

November 6,13,20,27


It looks like our FH Buddy Chuck Buell hit a lucky streak here …


You know how sometimes you come across something you didn’t know you wanted until you saw it?!

Well, this weekend was just such a time!

I got this Original, Authentic, Nearly New, Official Colorado Holstein Seat Cover at a Great Price!


CB ( which also stands for “Cattle Boy!” )

(This sounds like one of those “horseshoe up your ass” moments to me!  kk)



This is the last week to submit your votes for your Top Ten Favorite Songs From 1971.

We’ll tabulate the results and then count them down with Phil Nee on an upcoming episode of his “Those Were The Days” Saturday Night Oldies Shows.

Email your ranked Top Ten List to … and then stay-tuned for more information on when and where to listen.  (kk)

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tuesday This And That

Typically, we seem to close with a piece by FH Reader Chuck Buell …

But this video is so cool, we decided to lead with it this time.


(And just trying getting this song out of your head today!)


63 Years ago, in the Heat of the Summer of 1958, “The Johnny Otis Show and his Band of Dancers” had a Crazy, Body-Slappin’, Funky Dancin’ heard all over town song, “Hand Jive!”

Now, in a Very Special 2021 Summertime Memory Shakin’ Salute, for no reason at all other than to again enjoy a Classic Oldie that is just a Great, Feel Good, Can’t Sit Still, Late 1950s Hit Song … and to kick your week on an upbeat, I just wanted to share with you my most recent Personally Produced Custom Mashup that combines an Amazing Contemporary Hand Jivin’ Group Synchronization with Yesterday’s Infectious Top Ten, Million-selling Song, “Hand Jive!”

CB ( which stands for “Clappin’ Boy!” )

Also from Chuck …


Hey, Tim Kiley and Tom!

Thanx for your Fun Comments regarding my not yet proven or disproven Grave Site / Septic Tank Story!

I appreciate you guys taking the time to post your positive comments!

Forgotten Hits are meant to me to be memory-stirring, thought-provoking, educational, AND Fun!

CB  (which stands for, as Kent christened me in this case, “Cemetary Boy!”)


Just read a great interview with Paul Anka here:


And also discovered brand new television commercials running last week featuring REO Speedwagon’s “Time For Me To Fly,” the Bobby Hebb hit "Sunny" and “Grazing In The Grass” by Hugh Masekela … so once again we’re finding new ways to keep this great music alive.  (kk)



Towards the end of today's FH, the Olympics was mentioned since it is going on over in Tokyo. That reminds me of someone.

How about the recording group, the Olympics? I understand their WESTERN MOVIES from 1958 went gold. They had other records that were somewhat silver, mostly platinum.


I’m not so sure about any silver or platinum status for The Olympics. 

“Western Movies” was their biggest hit by far, reaching the Top Ten in 1958.  (Still, it fell short of gold … record … status.) 

They never really came close again … although “Big Boy Pete” (#20, 1960), “Shimmy Like Kate (#33, 1960), “Dance By The Light Of The Moon (#25, 1961) and “The Bounce” (#40, 1963) all made The National Top 40.  (kk)  


How about this ...


The most covered songs in the rock era, courtesy of Joe Cantello ...

You and your readers might be interested in this list of songs recorded by many artists over the years.
What group do think is most represented on the list?
F-a-b   F-o-u-r
Have a great day.
Joe Cantello
Marietta, Ga


And from there we go to this GREAT article from Tom Cuddy ... a VERY interesting read if you can navigate your way through the absolute ASSAULT of pop-ups ...


Artists With the Most Hit Albums, according to the RIAA ...


Rock Cellar is reporting that Rick Astley’s 1988 #1 Hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” has now passed ONE BILLION VIEWS on YouTube!!!

It was just a song released on July 27, 1987, but decades later it remains unstoppable: “Never Gonna Give You Up” from English singer / songwriter Rick Astley. After its release, the track quickly climbed the charts, becoming a worldwide No. 1 hit, hitting the top spot in 25 different countries, giving Astley his bona fide breakthrough career moment. 

nd then, the song became a key cultural moment decades later, thanks to the internet.

Astley and his gloriously 1980s-styled video became an online sensation nearly 20 years later, when the concept of the “Rickroll” was born. Suddenly, you’d find the song everywhere, when you least expected it, as a cyberprank of the (thankfully) clean and wholesome variety.

Well, all that Rickrolling paid off, as earlier this week the music video hit a BILLION views on YouTube.

Yes, one billion, a lofty YouTube total that counts among its ranks undeniable classics like Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from Nirvana, as well as “In the End” from Linkin Park.

Astley took the opportunity this week to put out a limited 7″ vinyl to commemorate the occasion, and it’s since sold out:

To celebrate One Billion views for Never Gonna Give You Up, I’m releasing a limited and numbered 7” blue vinyl of the song, 2500 of them and I’ll be signing them all!


He also issued a video statement thanking fans — and, obviously, casual internet users -- who’ve watched the video over and over again — for the milestone.

There’s no denying “Never Gonna Give You Up” its place as one of the most successful (and impossible to get out of your head) songs of all time, and we have to thank the internet for helping it re-enter the public consciousness.

Congratulations to you, Rick Astley. And congrats in advance on your NEXT billion views.

Rock Cellar Magazine

The HAPPY TOGETHER TOUR hits Chicago this Saturday (August 7th) at The Genesee Theatre.

Man, talk about getting more Bang For Your Buck!!!

These eight acts have scored a combined 64 Top 40 Hits ... 36 of which made The Top Ten ... and 12 of those that went all the way to #1!

Ranked in terms of overall chart performance, here is just a taste of the kind of star power hitting the stage this Saturday Night ...

# 1 - SUGAR, SUGAR - The Archies (#1, 1969, for four weeks)

# 2 - WINDY - The Association (#1, 1967, for four weeks)

# 3 - HAPPY TOGETHER - The Turtles (#1, 1967, for three weeks)

# 4 - CHERISH - The Association (#1, 1966, for three weeks)

# 5 - HAIR - The Cowsills (#1, 1969, for three weeks)

# 6 - NEVER MY LOVE - The Association (#1, 1967, for two weeks)

# 7 - KIND OF A DRAG - The Buckinghams (#1, 1967, for two weeks)

# 8 - THE RAIN, THE PARK AND OTHER THINGS - The Cowills (#1, 1967, for one week)

# 9 - YOUNG GIRL - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (#1, 1968, for one week)

#10 - LADY WILLPOWER - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (#1, 1968, for one week)

#11 - YOU SHOWED ME - The Turtles (#1, 1969, for one week)

#12 - SHE'D RATHER BE WITH ME - The Turtles (#1, 1967, for one week)

#13 - STORMY - The Classics IV (#2, 1968)

#14 - SPOOKY - The Classics IV (#2, 1968)

#15 - TRACES - The Classics IV (#2, 1969)

#16 - WOMAN, WOMAN - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (#2, 1967)

#17 - FIVE O'CLOCK WORLD - The Vogues (#3, 1966)

#18 - THIS GIRL IS A WOMAN NOW - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (#3, 1969)

#19 - TURN AROUND, LOOK AT ME - The Vogues (#4, 1968)

#20 - TRACY - The Cuff Links (#4, 1969)

#21 - YOU'RE THE ONE - The Vogues (#4, 1965)

#22 - JINGLE JANGLE - The Archies (#4, 1970)

#23 - ELENORE - The Turtles (#5, 1969)

#24 - MERCY, MERCY, MERCY - The Buckinghams (#5, 1967)

#25 - HEY BABY, THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG - The Buckinghams (#5, 1967)

#26 - DON'T YOU CARE - The Buckinghams (#5, 1967)

#27 - OVER YOU - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (#5, 1968)

#28 - SUSAN - The Buckinghams (#6, 1967)

#29 - INDIAN LAKE - The Cowsills (#6, 1968)

#30 - BANG-SHANG-A-LANG - The Archies (#6, 1969)

#31 - MY SPECIAL ANGEL - The Vogues  (#6, 1968)

#32 - ALONG COMES MARY - The Association (#7, 1966)

#33 - IT AIN'T ME, BABE - The Turtles  (#7, 1965)

#34 - EVERYTHING THAT TOUCHES YOU - The Association (#9, 1968)

#35 - LEADER OF THE LAUNDROMAT - The Detergents (#10, 1964)

#36 - DON'T GIVE IN TO HIM - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (#11, 1969)

#37 - YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN - The Turtles (#12, 1967)

#38 - SHE'S MY GIRL - The Turtles (#14, 1968)

#39 - TILL - The Vogues (#14, 1969)

#40 - YOU BABY - The Turtles (#15, 1965)

Honorable Mention:


MAGIC TOWN and NO, NOT MUCH by The Vogues

WE CAN FLY by The Cowsills

WHO'S YOUR BABY - The Archies



LAUDY MISS CLAUDY - The Buckinghams

Frank B sent us this one …

Elvis Presley 1954 Memphis Concert Ticket w/Slim Whitman

kk …

Elvis First Show.



Here’s the link to Part 1 if you missed it when we ran this piece earlier

(Of course it woulda been cool if they actually included video … or at least audio … of this historical event … but I’m guessing that this may not even exist … especially some 67 years later.  Who attending this concert (for a whopping 75-cents!) would have ever guessed that the young 19 year old kid opening up for Slim Whitman that day would go on to become the most important figure in Rock And Roll History some 18 months later!)  kk


And Frank B also tells us …


Prince's new album 'Welcome 2 America' is shocking

KK ...

Prince … Speaking From The Grave.



And, speaking of new releases …



Lead A Team Of Legends Covering THE BEATLES On A New Collection!   

Also includes performances by Air Supply, Molly Hatchet, Glenn Hughes, Steve Morse, Andrew Gold, Howard Jones, Richard Page and more!   

While the world waits for Academy Award-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson’s highly anticipated documentary on The Beatles, the return of Beatlemania is getting kick started with a brand new collection of Beatle cover tunes recorded by an incredible host of rock, pop and folk icons and superstars! Legends Play The Beatles showcases the extraordinary influence the Fab Four had across a broadly diverse array of artists from ‘60s folk icon Judy Collins to former Deep Purple vocalist Glenn Hughes to ‘80s sensation Howard Jones. Each of these artists bring their unique talents to bear on such timeless Beatles’ classics as “Here Comes The Sun,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “Let It Be,” “Across The Universe,” “Tomorrow Never Knows” and many more! 

Legends Play The Beatles is available both on CD in a fantastic looking digipak and on limited-edition colored vinyl in your choice of either YELLOW or BLUE! 


Order the CD/vinyl:

Track List:
1. Here Comes The Sun - Richard Page & Steve Morse
2. Across The Universe - Ann Wilson
3. Penny Lane - John Wetton
4. Back In The USSR - Molly Hatchet
5. Norwegian Wood - Andrew Gold
6. The Long And Winding Road - Air Supply
7. Tomorrow Never Knows - Electric Moon
8. Rain - Sugar Candy Mountain
9. Eleanor Rigby - Jack Bruce
10. And I Love Her - Howard Jones
11. Yesterday - Judy Collins
12. Let It Be - Glenn Hughes

In addition to our own extensive coverage of The 50th Anniversary of The Concert For Bangla Desh, we found this piece in the Best Classic Bands Newsletter ... 

It was amazing in so many ways ...  

George Harrison ... The Quiet Beatle ... taking charge and organizing a superstar line-up of artists ... friends, really  ... nearly all of whom had helped him record his very first real solo pop album, "All Things Must Pass," which had only been out for about 7 1/2 months, yet had already topped the charts for seven weeks ... and was familiar enough to the masses that he could perform FOUR songs from it to kick off the show:  "Wah-Wah," "My Sweet Lord, "Awaiting On You All" and "Beware Of Darkness," performed with Leon Russell, who would also cut the tune for his own album.

In addition, concert attendees (either that day at Madison Square Garden or several months later in theaters around the world) witnessed a rare live performance by Bob Dylan, who performed five songs of his own, Ringo Starr doing HIS big hit from 1971, "It Don't Come Easy" (heavily influenced by George's own songwriting), Apple Artist Billy Preston revving up he crowd with "That's The Way God Planned It," Leon Russell again performing a medley of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and Youngblood" (reportedly learned because Mick Jagger had originally planned to attend to perform his Rolling Stones classic) and George whipping out some of his latest Beatles classics, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (WITH Eric Clapton on guitar, just like he was on The White Album), "Here Comes The Sun" (performed with Badfinger!) and "Something" George's two stand-out tracks from "Abbey Road," and the concert's theme song, "Bangla Desh," penned in honor of this concert event.

Even 50 years later, the whole thing holds up extremely well (although I will admit that the film looks exceptionally dated for some reason.)  I've never been to Madison Square Garden ... this would have been one hell of a time to go!  (kk)

This week, George's All Things Must Pass gets its 50th Anniversary Deluxe treatment on both CD and Vinyl ... and we can't wait for it.  He never toured for the album, which has become the most successful of all Beatles solo albums. But eight months, later he had the opportunity to show off many of the songs on only one stage ... and I was there!

The Concert For Bangla Desh Concert was held at Madison Square Garden 50 years ago, today, August 1,1971. I was there and it was the most memorable concert I ever attended. So, here is my story, retold here to honor this historic musical event and just how important George's contribution continues to be. Shown in the photo above, is George, Klaus Voormann, Jesse Ed Davis, and Eric Clapton. 
I was on vacation tooling around the West Coast with my friend Bob. Our return flight was the red eye to get back on Monday morning, August 2, 1971. Somewhere between the Grand Canyon, Zion, The Hoover Dam, Yosemite, Big Sur, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and more, we first heard George's new single Bangla Desh. It wasn't much longer until we learned of the planned concert. A friend back in New Jersey got me a ticket and we switched our flight  (this was easy to do 50 years ago) to the red eye on Saturday night, getting home in time to make it to Madison Square Garden for the afternoon concert. 
On 8/1/71, I attended the afternoon Concert For Bangla Desh at Madison Square Garden in New York City. To this day, it is still up there as one of the greatest concerts EVER! It became the blueprint for all future benefit concerts. And to think it was George Harrison who put it all together for his friend Ravi Shankar. 

The complete line up was not known, even to George, but both Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton did show up and the music blew us all away. Leaving the Garden at the end of the show, we were all mesmerized and amazed at what we had witnessed, to the point that the deluge of rain awaiting us outside didn't seem to bother anyone. I predicted it would win a Grammy for Album of the Year. Well, because of all the quarreling between Capitol and Columbia Records, it did not get released until December 20, 1971, making it eligible for 1972 and not 1971. It did indeed win that Grammy, but had it been released more timely, it likely would not have won, as Carole King's Tapestry was the clear album of the year. Timing is everything. 

So the brilliantly packaged three record set arrived at the Sam Goody Store I managed (Paramus, NJ) at 3 PM to a store full of fans waiting for them. Al Sussman also worked there and was an eyewitness to the excitement in the store that day! We couldn't get them off the truck fast enough and the line was out the door! We sold 256 copies that afternoon and evening and it was the biggest one day total of an album sold in the five years I worked there!

Thank you George, all these years later for a lifetime of memories from one event. The Concert is currently unavailable in any format, but my guess is it will be in the future.
Peace and Love,
Mark Lapidos / The Fest For Beatles Fans

And, looking back a great concert events of the past, check out the line-up for the Atlantic City Pop Festival held 52 years ago this week ... three days of incredible music BEFORE Woodstock!

kk ... 

Old Time WCBS-FM D J , Randy Davis returned to the airwaves on Sunday, 11 AM - 4 PM


From FH Reader Robert Campbell ...

15 GTO facts you might not know about America's original muscle car | Hagerty Media

More important car history including #12 the song.


Hi Kent,

I enjoy reading your Forgotten Hits. And, it's kinda cool how your readers help figure out missing info.

I've got one here that I hope someone can help identify the artist. Not sure where I picked this up, and I can't find anything anywhere searching by lyrics, etc.


Ted Gstalder

I've not heard this one before ... and I will say that it sounds a bit "homemade" ... so I'm not sure it was ever really commercially available ... but you never know ... perhaps somebody on the list has come across it before and can fill in the missing blanks.  We'll keep you posted.  Thanks, Ted!  (kk)



And some TASTY licks at that!

After Dusty Hill’s passing, John Fogerty posted this clip of he and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top trading licks prior to their Blues And Bayou Tour from a couple of years ago.

(Man – talk about some immediately, instantly recognizable guitar openings … you know EXACTLY what each one of these songs are before anybody ever sings a note!)

When they say the key to a hit song is a great “hook,” these two guys are experts in their field.  (kk)


Check it out …