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The Sunday Comments ( 09 - 27 - 15 )

The Top 70 Hits of the '70's  
During our countdown we commented on a few tracks that we were surprised to see ranking so high on the list ... by the same token, there were also quite a few surprises missing from this list that I thought would have ranked much higher.  
Working my way strictly through The Top 200, some notable exceptions for me were:  
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes (it finished at #73)  
Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin - Sly and the Family Stone (80)  
Make It With You - Bread (89)    
Heart Of Glass - Blondie (117)  
Spill The Wine - Eric Burdon and War  (118)  
I Am Woman - Helen Reddy (132)  
Lady Marmalade - LaBelle (134)
Love Will Keep Us Together - The Captain and Tennille  (137)
C'mon, this record was HUGE ... it helped define the '70's!
Lean On Me - Bill Withers (138)
Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John and Kiki Dee (140)
Seasons In The Sun - Terry Jacks  (161)
Midnight Train To Georgia - Gladys Knight and the Pips  (168)
Mandy - Barry Manilow  (176)
Having My Baby - Paul Anka  (183)
Bad Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce  (192)
This is what I mean about your memory playing tricks on you.  ALL of these songs seemed to be MONSTER hits at the time in my memory banks ... yet all fell short of those Top 70 coveted spots.
Other tracks I considered to be bigger hits:
Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones (#234)
Bennie and the Jets by Elton John (#209)
Saturday Night by The Bay City Rollers  (#205)
We're An American Band by Grand Funk Railroad  (#243)
Band On The Run by Paul McCartney and Wings  (#280)
You Should Be Dancing - The Bee Gees  (#292)
Dancing Queen - ABBA (#315)
Just My Imagination and Papa Was A Rolling Stone by The Temptations  (#79 and #348 respectively)
Hotel California by The Eagles  (#378)
Vehicle by The Ides Of March  (#624)
By comparison, "Mr. Jaws" by Dickie Goodman comes in at #412!
This is why this book is such a valuable tool ... it tells it like it WAS ... EXACTLY as it was when these records were first on the charts ... no distorted portrayal ... just the real deal.
Again, interested parties can order both "Ranking the '70's" and its companion piece "Ranking the '60's" through

Over the next nine weeks, I’ll be awarding copies of “Ranking the 70s” and “Ranking the 60s” to listeners of “That Thing with Rich Appel.” Dann and Bill have compiled the “Pumpkin 100,” the biggest fall hits of the 60s and 70s, based on the data in both books, which I’m counting down another 10 songs from each week. Check our website ( for air times. 
- Rich  

Great job on the '70's Countdown, Kent. 
Rich Turner   

Thanks a million for your help and excellent review.  
To address a couple of the points you brought up during the countdown: 
It takes too long to tell here, but this is where my scientists's eyes help out.  While Billboard's charts are recognized as "the bible", they were not without issues when compiling those charts. 
We went with the Cash Box charts this time as this allowed us to pack more features into the book, most importantly, the peak positions, which were denied to Dann by Billboard the last time around for the commercial version of RT60s.  (You might recall highlighting that section (3) in your review of RT60s a few years back.) 
As such, the books are different, but which one is "right"?  The problem is that the underlying data from which they were generated are ... crap.  Perhaps the charitable way of putting that is that they are more art than science.  Our recap is only as good as the original charts themselves ... and in many cases their methods for collecting data wasn't very sophisticated. 
Billboard was the gold standard but if you read the work published by Peter Hesbacher, who was on the inside, the editors all but made up the charts.  There were no real sales numbers or real airplay numbers.  While the methodologies of the other two magazines haven't been published in the same way, it's hard to imagine that they were any better. 
The era of real data started in 1991 when Billboard adopted Soundscan, which got data straight from the cash register.  And it was controversial because the charts changed immediately, showing how far off they were previously. 
One of my next academic articles will try to break down some of those differences in the three magazines for the era they covered (to the extent Music Vendor is available) to see if there really were systematic differences the way the artists claimed.  But in the end, being consistent with one magazine gives one snapshot.  Maybe Randy Price's three chart method is better, but I'm comfortable that Cash Box is not measurably "worse" than Billboard for what this is. 
One other point ... 
You mentioned in your countdown that "I Want You Back" by The Jackson Five would have charted higher had the points it earned in 1969 been included in its total. 
For the record, we did not just count points in the decade.  We counted the entire lifecycle for all songs that peaked in the 70s.  No points left behind for those songs. 
All the best, 
Bill Carroll    
Over the years of doing this we published a lot of local radio station surveys and talked to many of the folks who were responsible for doing the research to compile these lists.  Almost all would agree that The Top 20 was damn near perfect in terms of accuracy ... and the bottom 20 were typically songs the radio station was pushing (or perhaps being given "incentives" to push) or personal favorites. 
Payola didn't stop at the radio stations ... we've also heard about all kinds of tactics to have your record take a huge leap (or earn a bullet) on the chart if only the record label would take a full page ad in next week's edition of the magazine.  ALL kinds of things over the years went on behind the scenes ... and I believe EVERYBODY was guilty of partaking in some fashion. 
However Joel Whitburn (who has researched the charts of all three major national trade publications ... and has been doing so for about 45 years now) swears Billboard kept the most accurate statistics and therefore had the most accurate rankings.  (Each publication monitored sales to some degree ... distributors and record stores around the country reported their weekly statistics.  Some favored radio airplay more.  Heck, in the early days even jukebox plays was often a determining factor.) 
But when all is said and done it's still probably pretty safe to say that The Top 20 on each chart was probably the best representation of what was really going on sales-wise and airplay-wise from coast to coast.  A genuine, legitimate hit record pretty much made The Top 20 in all three publications.  You didn't see a swing until you got a little deeper into the countdown ... which is where you often saw 20-point discrepancies between some titles.  
Just as each publication monitored different stores and distributors, they also monitored different radio stations ... and, depending on how much weight they might give one station's playlist, we'd also see wide swings in overall popularity.  (As our most cited example, WLS-AM here in Chicago had one of the strongest signals in the USA at the time ... and on a clear night you could often pick it up in 46 different states!  When they would jump on a local act and start playing their latest record fans from coast to coast would hear music that their own local station wasn't always playing.  However, if they liked a particular tune they couldn't necessarily go into their local record store and buy it ... because more often than not, those stores only carried the songs that were hits on their own local stations.  By the same token, songs often broke out at different times in different cities ... thus a record that first started getting airplay in Chicago in March might not be heard in several other cities until May or June.  Because these records never had enough accumulative airplay and sales, they tended to peak considerably lower on the national charts.  Here in Chicago The Cryan' Shames topped both the WLS Silver Dollar Survey and WCFL's Big Ten Countdown for FOUR WEEKS with their summer classic "It Could Be We're In Love" ... yet despite being #1 on one of the highest ranked and regarded stations in the country, the record only climbed to #89 in Billboard Magazine.) 
It is because of the wide variety of resources these three national publications used to arrive at their weekly rankings that I suggested The Super Charts several years ago ... a cumulative chart based on the research and results of all three major publications.  To me, this seems to be the most accurate statistics possibly since they take ALL statistics into consideration.  Randy Price worked incredibly long hours to finally arrive at what I believe is the only TRULY authenticated charts simply because it takes ALL research and statistics into consideration.  (kk)

Hi kk,
A big "thank you" for counting down the Top 70 songs of the '70s.  
And thanks for the great review and coverage of our latest book, Ranking the '70s.  I was pleased to have been able to invite you to be the first to review this new book, just as you were the first to review Ranking the '60s.  You'll find your praises and inspiration noted within the opening pages of this new volume.
There's been nobody better at recognizing the value or usefulness of the features of RT60s than you and I'd like the FH readers to learn directly from you what they can expect to see if they browse the new volume.
A few points:
In reading your comments about "Silly Love Songs" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water," andbeing more familiar with the Billboard charts, I'm reminded of a few others in the top 25 that came in higher than expected: 

Knock Three Times 
Spirit In The Sky   
Two reasons for this: 
1) A difference in song positioning between Cash Box and Billboard ... 
and 2) the normalization applied across the decade which boosted early '70s songs while lowering late '70s songs.  Normalization is explained in the book's appendix.  
The years 1974 - 1976 were not well represented in the Top 70, accounting for just 10% of the total.  Elton John scored seven of his No. 1s during that three-year period which goes a long way in explaining why only "Crocodile Rock" from 1972 made it in.  Another reason is that Elton's songs generally accumulated fewer points during their chart runs in Cash Box than in Billboard.  He did, however, score three No. 1s in Cash Box that did not hit No. 1 in Billboard: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, "Someone Saved My Life Tonight," and "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me."
Dann Isbell 

The first 20 songs on the 70's countdown serve to remind me just how lugubrious and listless the decade was in comparison to the 60's.  When Does Barry Manilow arrive with Copa Cabana?
Frankly, I blame Buddah records and its bubble gum approach to music (See Yummy Yummy Yummy I got love in my Tummy) for sending hard rock lurching down a course that gave us marshmallow music. The 80's into the early 90's were significantly better then the 70's. Fortunately, like so many boomers I have very few memories of the7 0's. Blame it on Johnny Walker Red and the pursuit
of the almighty dollar.
Chet Coppock
Host: Notre Dame football on 89-WLS

Great countdown!  Remarkably, I would have to say that at least 80 percent of the songs listed on this ranking are still regularly played today by at least one radio station genre or another.  Now just list out the top 60 of the (late) 60s and the top 80 of the 80s and you pretty much have the 200-song playlist of every Classic Hits station in the country (sigh).
Uncle T. Jay
(Next Vinyl Arkhives show on 9/30 -- 9 PM Mountain Time @

Great countdown ... with lots of surprises. 
Thanks for posting ... and of course I'd love to win the book! Bill  
We had an especially good response to our free book give-away ... which tells me a LOT of you out there were diggin' this countdown!  Hoping this means quite a few of you will order copies for your own collection.  Next week we'll be giving away a copy to one lucky Forgotten Hits Reader.  We will continue to accept entries thru Tuesday.  (kk)   

Love your website, I'm here almost every day. I'm one of those few who love numbers and music surveys so that's why I'm here so often. However, your recent posting of the 70 hits of the 70s (I know it's not your research) seemed a little odd.  
The first thing you notice is that its an obvious ranking of 70 "adult contemporary" hits of the 70s. No true rockers to be found. And if that's true, where are The Doobie Bros, Seals and Crofts, Chicago, Jim Croce, America, The Eagles, The Little River Band, John Denver, and on and on.  
Not sure what the authors are trying to accomplish. Seems more like a ranking of some of the 70s.  
Hoffman Estates  
I can assure that the results come from the actual rankings of Cash Box's weekly Top 100 Pop Singles Chart.  It may have skewed a little bit toward the Adult Contemporary" side (for me, I thought it was a bit "Disco-Heavy"!), but this is the way these records placed based on their accumulated points earned throughout the decade.  
Keep in mind that many of the artists listed in your email didn't score a lot of #1 hits ... if any.  When you devise a countdown as small as 70 hits, the greatest majority of those hits were most likely #1 Records.  
That being said, I thought there was some pretty good rock representation there ... The Knack, Norman Greenbaum, Sly and the Family Stone, "American Woman" by The Guess Who, "War" by Edwin Starr, etc.  
For what it's worth, America just missed the countdown, coming in at #75 with "A Horse With No Name", The Rolling Stones came in at #83 with "Miss You" (although hardly a "rock" track in my mind", The Doobie Brothers finished at #86 with "What A Fool Believes", just ahead of Neil Young's "Heart Of Gold (#87), John Lennon's "Instant Karma" (#104) and Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" (#108).  kk    

Hi Kent.  
Love your story about the DJ playing the Debby Boone song in pieces during his shift.  That is probably the best way to hear that track. 
As much as I enjoy music from the '50s and '60s my favorites are from the '70s. I graduated from high school in June of '79 so that decade of music is near and dear to my childhood memories. 
Have a great weekend.  
Santiago Paradoa  
Miami, Florida    
It was, without question, one of the funniest things I've ever heard on the radio ... because by then (something like the record's ninth week at #1) virtually the entire country was sick of hearing it. 
The disc jockey in question was John Records Landecker.  When competing jock Steve Dahl's novelty hit "Do You Think I'm Disco" went to #1 on the WLS Chart, Landecker was supposed to play it as part of his nightly countdown ... but there was absolutely NO way WLS was going to help promote the work of another radio station's disc jockey ... so when he got to #1 (and everybody knew what it was because it was a HUGE hit here in Chicago ... and you could pick up a copy of the weekly survey at your favorite record store), Landecker opted instead to blow the record up on the air ... a fitting homage to Dahl's infamous Disco Demolition promotion that went incredibly wrong.  Great stuff.  (kk)   

Speaking of the '70's, London's Daily Mail is announcing a Bay City Rollers Reunion Tour ... or would that be GREY City Rollers?  Check out some of these photos.  Three original members have agreed to reunite "for the good of Scotland" (and one more is reportedly on the fence) ... but sadly our new FH Buddy Kyle Vincent isn't anywhere to be found amongst the ruins. (Guessing the never got as far as #17!)
You can check out all the details here ...
Far more popular in The UK (where they charted a dozen Top 40 Hits), The Rollers managed FIVE Top 20 Hits here in The States as well:  Saturday Night (#1, 1975); Money Honey (#7, 1976); I Only Want To Be With You (#8, 1976), You Made Me Believe In Magic (#7, 1977) and The Way I Feel Tonight (#19, 1977).

Burton Cummings  
I'm still thinking about last week's Burton Cummings concert at The Arcada Theatre ... what a GREAT show.   
Three more quick observations ...  
During the show at The Arcada Theatre last Friday Night Burton mentioned that he may dress up as Jim Kale for Halloween this year.  Seems only fair really ... Kale and Garry Peterson have been masquerading as The Guess Who for a couple of decades now ... seems like turnabout would be fair play.   
I still maintain that Joe Perry of Aerosmith HAD to go to The Guess Who School of Guitar-Playing when he was growing up.  Listen to virtually ANY early Aerosmith track and see if you don't find traces of "Heartbroken Bopper" (a GREAT overlooked classic) in there somewhere.

And finally, I mentioned the other day that "American Woman" was The Guess Who's all-time biggest album.  I'm sure it has since been eclipsed by their "Best Of" collection, one of the truly most complete and comprehensive greatest hits compilations released up to that time.  But MY three all-time favorite Guess Who albums might surprise you ... as they are hardly what many would consider to be "the norm".
First and foremost, it has ALWAYS been "Share The Land" ... for my money, it's the best variety of material they ever released on LP.  EVERY track still stands up today and it remains one of the few albums that I can still listen to all the way through without ever skipping a track.
Second would be "Rockin'" ... this is just a fun LP and it sounds like the band is having a blast recording it.  A bit of clowning around here and there ... but all in all an incredibly solid collection of material.
And finally I have to go with "Artificial Paradise", an album that didn't do especially well on the charts but has always been a favorite of mine.  I remember catching The Guess Who the night they hosted The Midnight Special (why isn't any of THAT material available on all these new Midnight Special DVDs???) and, in addition to a couple of their best known hits, they featured several tracks from their latest LP.  I fell in love with it immediately and had to run out and buy it the very next day.  "Bye Bye Babe" (my favorite), "Those Show-Biz Shoes", "Orly" (and the story behind it), "Follow Your Daughter Home" (outstanding!), "Hamba Gahle-Usalang Gahle" and "Lost And Found Town" are all EXCELLENT tracks ... and I would LOVE to hear Burton incorporate a track or two from this long-lost gem into his live set some day.    
Perhaps most surprising ... ALL of these releases came during the post-Randy Bachman era.  While the songwriting team of Bachman and Cummings certainly launched the band with great classics like "These Eyes", "No Time", "Laughing", "Undun" and "American Woman" ... undeniably some of the best rock and roll created in the late '60's and early '70's ... it was the LATER material that I still hold most precious today. (kk)  

Great video of you and Burton Cummings.  Wasn't he the lead singer of The Animals? 
Cummings led The Guess Who to over a dozen National Top 40 Hits ... and then added a few of his own as a solo artist to the list, too. 
I guess if I dig deep enough I can kinda get the confusion ... BURTON Cummings ... Eric BURDON ... Burdon ... Burton ... nope, sorry.  While there is no mistaking EITHER of these great voices. there is definitely a clear distinction between the two!  (kk)  

John Lennon Birthday Bash
We're aware of a couple of neat get-togethers coming up, celebrating what would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday ...
First of all, right here close to home, you can catch The Liverpool Legends performing at The Arcada Theatre.  The show kicks off at 8:00 on Friday, October 9th.  For more ticket information, visit

Also ... 
Tickets Are Now On Sale for the October 9th John Lennon "Imagine 75" Tribute Concert Event  
New Haven, CT: On October 9, 2015, John Lennon would have turned 75 years of age. On the exact date of this momentous occasion, Friday evening, October 9, Beatles fans and music aficionados from all over the area will "come together" at the newly-renovated College Street Music Hall, 238 College Street (across from the Shubert Theater) in downtown New Haven for a very special theatrical concert event entitled "Remember Lennon: Imagine 75." Doors open at 7 pm and showtime is 8 pm. The show stars Peter Gendron.   
Singer / songwriter Gendron has been in the music field for years.  A long-time Beatles fan, Gendron portrayed John Lennon in the 90s in a group called "A Fab Four" which later became "The Best of Beatlemania," playing across the USA, Canada and Mexico. This morphed into a show starring Gendron entitled "Lennon-Live," with an all-Lennon repertoire and accompanying ensemble of musicians. Unlike his previous Beatles shows, though, this one did not tour, only playing very special events. Out of the many Beatles and Lennon impersonators and tribute acts out there, because of the exclusive nature of Gendron's show, Peter was hand-picked by the Connecticut-based Liverpool Productions Beatles Fan Club in 2010 to perform his tribute to John Lennon at the Shubert Theater in New Haven in celebration of John Lennon's 70th birthday. The show was a speculative representation of a concert that Lennon may have performed had he still been alive and actually playing out. The show incorporated multi-media slide-shows and rare video, a full backing band and state-of-the art production to present an evening of John Lennon's Beatles and post-Beatles material live in concert. It included not only Lennon's earlier "Moptop" hits with his mates Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, but also covered John's most memorable and poignant recordings as a solo artist. The set-list featured many songs that John never played live. The concert at the Shubert did very well, and attendees wanted the show to come back as an annual event, but both Gendron and Charles F. Rosenay!!!, fan club president and executive producer of Liverpool Productions, wanted to make it special and keep it as an exclusive event. 
Both Gendron and Rosenay wanted to commemorate John's 75th birthday by reprising the show that garnered such great reviews and accolades. It will actually be the final time the show plays a stage; Gendron is retiring his Lennon tribute after this historic performance on Friday evening, October 9, the very last time Beatles fans and music aficionados will be able to experience this very special theatrical experience. College Street Music Hall doors open at 7 pm and showtime is 8 pm. Tickets are $50 and $35, with a limited number of $75 VIP meet & greet packages available.  
"Remember Lennon: Imagine 75" is presented by Liverpool Productions, the same organization that produce the Beatles Conventions in New Haven in the 8's, and more recently the Beatles 50th Anniversary events in New York and the "Danbury Fields Forever" Connecticut Beatles Music Festivals.  
Imagine / Dear Prudence / Ballad of John & Yoko / Come Together / Crippled Inside / Don't Let Me Down / It's So Hard / Revolution / Stand By Me  / Jealous Guy  / Instant Karma / Mind Games  / (Just Like) Starting Over / #9 Dream  / Whatever Gets You Through The Night  / Woman  / Bad Boy / Hey Bulldog / Cold Turkey / Cry Baby Cry / Slow Down / You Can't Do That / I'm So Tired / Nobody Told Me  / Watching The Wheels  / New York City  / Power To The People / I'm Only Sleeping / Across the Universe / Working Class / You've Got to Hide Your Love Away / In My Life / Norwegian Wood / Twist and Shout
What: "Remember Lennon: Imagine 75" Theatrical Tribute Concert
When: Friday, October 9, 2015 at 8 pm; the exact date of John Lennon's 75th birthdayWhere: College Street Music Hall, 238 College Street, New Haven, CT 
Prices: $35, $50, $75 VIP  

Other Great Shows
This was supposed to be another big concert weekend here at The Forgotten Hits Ranch ...
Friday Night - Poco and Firefall at The Arcada Theatre
Saturday Night - Richard Marx at The Schaumburg Prairie Center
Sunday Night - it's back to The Arcada to see the final Chicagoland appearance of Ronnie Milsap
Unfortunately, once again the tolls of work and real life got in the way of most of these events.  Looks like the only show we're going to make it to see is the Ronnie Milsap Farewell Concert tonight at The Arcada Theatre.  (If we can somehow still pull this off, I'm hoping to have a review up on the website sometime next week.  Though long a fan, I've had the pleasure of seeing Ronnie in concert before, so I'm really looking forward to this one.)
Meanwhile, if you're able to join us for Ronnie Milsap tonight, please do.  A TRUE Country Music Superstar with an incredible FORTY #1 Country Hits (who had quite a few cross-over pop hits as well.)  This is his farewell tour so it'll be your last chance to see him.  There are still a few great tickets available thru The Arcada Website at ... hope to see you there.


AURORA, IL - Peter, Paul & Mary transformed folk music into a powerful language that soundtracked the Civil Rights movement, the anti-war scene and an entire era of social change. They've won five Grammys and made it on the Billboard Top 10 list six times.
Now, Peter & Paul of the legendary folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary will continue celebrating over 50 years of positivity, talent and activism with a live performance, one-show-only, Sunday, November 8 at 3 p.m. at the Paramount Theatre, 23 E. Galena Blvd. in downtown Aurora.
Join Peter & Paul for a night of gorgeous harmonies, positive messages and hits like "Puff, The Magic Dragon," "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" and "Leaving on a Jet Plane." Tickets are $45, $50 and $55. For tickets and information, go to, call the box office at (630) 896-6666 or stop by the Paramount Theatre, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
More about Peter, Paul & Mary
Folk legends Peter, Paul & Mary sing
"If I Had a Hammer"
In the decades prior to the '60s, through the work of such avatars as Woody Guthrie, the Weavers and Pete Seeger, folk music had become identified with sociopolitical commentary, but the idiom had been forced underground in the Senator Joe McCarthy witch-hunting era of the late '50s.
By the time Peter, Paul and Mary arrived on the scene, for the majority of America, folk was viewed merely as a sidebar to pop music which employed acoustic instruments. As the nation was recovering from the McCarthy era, the Civil Rights Movement was taking shape, the Cold War was heating up and with a nascent spirit of activism in the air, Peter Yarrow, Noel (Paul) Stookey and Mary Travers came together to reclaim folk's potency as a social, cultural and political force.
The group was created and launched in New York City's Greenwich Village by manager Albert Grossman, who sought to create a folk "supergroup" by bringing together "a tall blonde (Travers), a funny guy (Stookey), and a good looking guy (Yarrow)."  The group released their first album, Peter, Paul & Mary, in 1962. It included "500 Miles," "Lemon Tree," "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," and the hit Pete Seeger tune "If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)." The album was listed on Billboard Magazine's Top Ten list for ten months and in the Top One Hundred for over three years.
By 1963, they had recorded three albums, released the now-famous song "Puff the Magic Dragon" and performed "If I Had a Hammer" at the 1963 March on Washington, best remembered for Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Their biggest single hit came with the Bob Dylan song, "Blowin' in the Wind." Their later hit "Leaving on a Jet Plane" was actually written by the then-unknown John Denver.
For many years after, Peter, Paul & Mary was at the forefront of the civil rights movement and other causes promoting social justice. The trio was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1999 and received the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2006.
Sadly, Mary Travers was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006 and passed away on September 16, 2009.  Peter & Paul continue to tour internationally. For more information, visit

Thanks to Colleen Rogalski and The Genesee Theatre, several Forgotten Hits Readers will be enjoying Jim Peterik's Lifeforce live, in concert, on Thursday Night (October 1st). This is Peterik's jazz / rock fusion band and promises to be an interesting night of music.  (If we hear from you TODAY we may still be able to get you a pair of tickets to see the show ... but today is the ABSOLUTE deadline for doing so!)

Meanwhile we're still trying to arrange some type of holiday Forgotten Hits get-together at The Ides Of March Christmas Show at The Arcada in December ... stay tuned for more details on that one.

Also coming to The Genesee ...
Hippiefest (starring The Family Stone, Rick Derringer, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels and Joey Molland's Badfinger) on Sunday, October 4th ...
The Indigo Girls - October 16th
Jenny McCarthy - October 18th
Brian McKnight - October 24th
Jay Leno - October 29th
Brian Wilson (with special guest Al Jardine) - November 11th (we'll have tickets to give away to this one, too ... so check back often!)
John Prine with Loudon Wainwright III on November 13th
The Brian Setzer Orchestra (doing their Christmas Show) on November 17th
Christopher Cross on November 22nd
Michael Bolton on December 8th
A Darlene Love Christmas on December 16th
This is a great line-up of shows ... so order your tickets now through The Genesee Theatre Box Office:

I just got home from the Jay and the Americans afternoon show at Harvest Fest at the Wisconsin State Fair Park. I must admit I didn’t expect too much from the group but they were “outstanding”. Jay number three, as the others referred to him, has a voice which I would characterize as midway between the clarity of Jay Trainor (Jay number 1) and the slightly deeper and more powerful Jay Black (Jay number 2). I didn’t catch his last name but he said he was from Chicago. Jay number 3 did a remarkable job on all of Jay and the American hits ... so good that I would bet a casual listener would not know he did not originally sing these songs. The three original Americans were also in great voice, providing spot-on background vocals. Their recounting of old stories concerning Neil Diamond ( “Sunday” was his first hit composition), Donald Fagan and Walter Becker (formerly in the Americans back-up band before starting Steely Dan), and Burt Bacharach (offered songs to the group and they passed on “24 Hours To Tulsa”) were very interesting, and their medley’s of Doc Pomus songs and Leiber / Stoller songs were well done. Positive words were said in reference to Jay Trainor while Jay Black was only referred to as Jay number 2. Special mention goes to Dave Zane, a Chicago favorite who handled lead guitar duties.
These guys are no spring chickens but the talent is still there. This group is a treasure that should be enjoyed while they are still performing.
I think we just caught a bad show the night we saw these guys perform at The Addison Italian Fest this summer ... because when I saw them the year before at The Arcada, they were spot-on.
For the record, I don't know that you'll EVER hear them say a nice word about Jay Black (Jay #2).  Jay #3 IS from Chicago ... his name is John (Jay) Reincke and for years he fronted an oldies band here as Johnny Starlight and the Rockets.  Part of his forte' was imitating other famous singers ... including Jay Black of Jay and the Americans.  (He still does a tribute to Roy Orbison as part of the act.)
I will say this ... when they're on, they're really on.  Check out their website to find upcoming performances.  (kk)   

To my beloved friends and fans:  
I'm doing Michael Stock's FOLK AND ACOUSTIC radio show this Sunday (the 27th) singing live and talking about producing songs for my next album, my induction into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, and promoting my upcoming concert, 

South Florida locals can tune in at 91.3 FM. Others can listen live online. 
Show starts at 2 p.m. Eastern Here are the specifics:
Bob Lind

And FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this reminder (from Rolling Stone Magazine) about the last Simon and Garfunkel reunion.  Will they ever perform together again?  Who knows ... but I hope so.  (PBS has been airing their Live In Central Park Concert lately ... I've seen both artists separately but never had the chance to see them perform together ... it'd be great if they'd set it all aside just one more time to do The Grand Finale Tour!!!  (kk)

50th Anniversary
Davie Allan, the King of Fuzz, and the Arrows are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a couple of hot new releases.  More details here:

More info here:

This And That 
One of the shows we had hoped to see this summer was Don Henley's solo tour, in support of his new album "Cass County", out next month ... but there's just so much "spare cash" to go around ... so we opted for the Stevie Wonder / "Songs In The Key Of Life" show instead.  (Frannie and I have seen the Eagles several times over the years ... and Don Henley's solo show, too ... but she's never had the pleasure to catch Stevie Wonder in concert so, when faced with making the choice, this was definitely the way to go.)
But that doesn't I mean I won't still miss seeing Don.
Here (courtesy of FH Reader Tom Cuddy) is a recent article about the new LP ...  along with an EXCLUSIVE picture for our Forgotten Hits Readers from Stuart Hersh ...

(Is it just me ... or does Don Henley look a little bit like Conan O'Brien in this photo?!?!?)  kk

And here's another Stuart Hersh shot taken of Billy Joel, just recently rocked Wrigley Field here in Chicago!

It seems Billy recently interviewed Don Henley live online from New York City's 92nd Street Y on Sunday night, September 20th ... get Rolling Stone Magazine's take on that here:

On that new Buckinghams Complete Hit Singles package you've been talking out ...
It seems as though they missed one here, didn't they? 
Are You There with Another Boy 
How could they have missed this? 
There *had* to be room on the disc. 
I think the keyword here is "Hit" singles ... even a couple of tracks included on the new cd are somewhat questionable when actually ranked for hit status ... and have come under scrutiny for one reason or another ... but this one ... (a non-single anyway) ... never would have made the cut.
Just for fun, however, I put together a list of Buckinghams singles releases as I understand them anyway ... adjustments or comments are welcome.
1966 - I'll Go Crazy / Don't Want To Cry  (USA 844)
1966 - I Call Your Name / Makin' Up And Breakin' Up  (USA 848)
1966 - I've Been Wrong / Love Ain't Enough  (USA 853)
1967 - Lawdy Miss Clawdy / Makin' Up And Breakin' Up / I Call Your Name  (USA 869) - released with two different B-Sides
1967 - Don't You Care / Why Don't You Love Me?  (Columbia 44053)
1967 - I Don't Want To Cry / Summertime  (USA 873)
1967 - Sweets For My Sweet / Beginner's Love  (Spectra Sound 4618)
(Above two released to cash in on their Columbia chart success)
1967 - Mercy Mercy Mercy / You Are Gone  (Columbia 44182)
1967 - Hey Baby, They're Plahing Our Song / And Our Love  (Columbia 44254)
1967 - Susan / Foreign Policy  (Columbia 44378)
1968 - Back In Love Again / You Misunderstand Me  (Columbia 44533)
1968 - Where Did You Come From? / Song Of The Breeze (Columbia 44672)
1969 - This Is How Much I Love You / Can't Find The Word  (Columbia 44790)
1969 - It's A Beautiful Day / Difference Of Opinion  (Columbia 44923)
Related Releases:
As The Centuries:  It's All-Right / I Love You No More  (Spectra Sound 641)
As The Falling Pebbles:  Lawdy Miss Clawdy / Virginia Wolf  (Alley Cat 201)  

Speaking of which we're finding considerably less than positive response to the new CD ... most fans are complaining about the same thing we found offensive ... it offers the so-called "radio edit" of "Susan" and NOT the "hit single" version as advertised in the title of the CD.  In fact, NONE of the tracks are the original mono single mixes ... and "Mercy Mercy Mercy" has additional studio chatter previously used on another Buckinghams compilation.  If you're going to advertise something as "The Complete Hit Singles" you really ought to deliver "The Complete Hit Singles".  Visit to read some of the gripes.  (Be sure to read the comments to the comments as well)
I'm disappointed because I certainly would have expected more from two long-time Forgotten Hits cohorts, Cary Mansfield and Clark Besch.  Even original Buckinghams Carl Giammarese is unhappy with the single mixes used on the CD ... and reportedly offered to help put this thing together. 
Hey, we love The Bucks as much as the next guy ... but there's really nothing new here to warrant adding this CD to your collection.
(We WILL, however, run Clark's complete and unabridged liner notes as promised on October 1st)  kk

Celebrating the release of his new album, Micky Dolenz did a ten minute interview with WOR Radio’s Mark Simone this week. Micky performed with the “Tonight Show” band, The Roots, on Thursday’s Jimmy Fallon show, too.

Click on the link to view some great Television memories!
Last week we told you about the Nostalgia Convention being held on the East Coast. 
DeeJay Stu Weiss was there and sends this report ... along with an AWESOME photo of "The Bionic People" ...
KK -
I want to tell you about the thrilling weekend I had in Hunts Valley, Maryland.
It was the yearly Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention (Manc for short).
It was a combination of radio, television and movie nostalgia.
Guests included Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner plus Richard Anderson for a real bionic reunion from The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.
Also on hand were Barry Livingston and Stanley Livingston plus Tina Cole from My Three Sons.
Other celebrities on hand were Angela Cartwright, Terry Moore, John Provost, Tommy Cook and still more. WHAT A WEEKEND. I was told that next year's guests will be even top this year. Always held in mid-September.

Kent ...
According to Scott Shannon the dumbest thing he's ever done happened last week.
He was standing in the hallway talking to someone ... lost track of time ... then heard the announcement "you've got 30 seconds to get back on the air."
He turned in order to run back into the studio but ran right into the door jam of an office door ... started bleeding heavily from his forehead and nose.
Thought he'd need a few stitches ... urns out he need plastic surgery.
Frank B.
Oh, so THAT'S the way he's playing it, eh???  (Kenny Rogers told me the same story a few years ago!!!)  Just kidding ... you know we love ya, Scott ... hope you're doing ok.  (Maybe for Christmas some of the listeners can chip in and get him one of those "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up" buzzers!)  kk 

Speaking of classic radio guys, Frank B also sent us these clips on some of his favorite New York jocks from over the years ... 

Kent ...
I think your readers will want to listen to Gus Gossert.  He called himself "The Curly Headed Kid In The Third Row."
Alan Freed coined the phrase "Rock & Roll." Most people give Gus Gossert credit for coining the phrase "Doo - Wop."
I remember him being on WPIX-FM. Forgot that he was also on WCBS-FM till I came across this show.
Check out this clip, too ... he starts off with my favorite group!
Bob Shannon was on the old and new WCBS-FM.  
Dan Taylor was another DJ who was on before and after JACK-FM.
On the old WCBS-FM, once a year they'd bring back the old D J's -- for a Radio Greats weekend. Here's what it sounded like ...
WLS did a few of these radio reunion shows and they were always fun to listen to ... many of them hadn't seen or spoken to each other in years ... if not decades. 
One of the funnier, more embarrassing moments was when Larry Lujack asked Fred Winston, "Remember that time you were suing me ..."  (kk) 

And, speaking of WLS radio guys, check out the email below from Chuck Buell ...
Oh no! Not Yogi BEAR too! 
According to an Associated Press news alert Tuesday morning, September 22, 2015, cartoon character Yogi Bear is no more. 
An AP wire alert sent Wednesday morning stated:
"New York Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Bear has died. He was 90." AP later updated the alert with the correct name. 
Yogi Buell
Unfortunately exactly what I've been predicting would happen ... as those in charge of programming get younger and younger, all sense of REAL history begins to disappear.
Of course it was famed Yankees Catcher Yogi Berra who passed away earlier this week.  Berra had an incredible TEN World Series rings (he actually played in 14 World Series in his 18 years with The New York Yankees ... incredible!) 
Since we're all about spreading "the most accurate truth", I just figured we'd take a moment to clear that up.
Yogi will be buried at Jellystone National Park.  (kk)

Also on the local radio front, Mark Zander has left Me-TV-FM (where he was officially listed as "program director") to move to The Drive where he'll do on-air weekend work (as well as fill in spots as needed.)  
Not quite sure what that means for Me-TV-FM.  (Then again how hard is it to program a James Taylor song every hour?!?!?) 
We've made numerous suggestions of ways to improve the play list of this station ... countless times we've acknowledged that they are SO close to getting it right ... but seem to be weakest in the programming area.  (WAY too many album track obscurities ... (if you're going to push "memorable music", shouldn't it be songs your audience actually knows?!?!?) ... and recently WAY too much repetition ... plus the songs don't always flow the way they should when sequenced back to back.  With nearly a year under their belts now, all the "launch bugs" should have been worked out by now ... and the station show be flowing along seamlessly at this point.)  Unfortunately they don't seem interested in listening to new ideas that might actually improve the station ... while we're getting more and more email lately from frustrated listeners who find themselves turning the station off several times a day because the mix of music they're currently playing doesn't hold their interest.  It's WAY too early in the ballgame to have THIS happening!!!
And, worse yet, still no streaming ... which I still maintain is holding them back in a VERY big way in the ratings ... as this is the kind of station that would be PERFECT to leave on all day long at work, once these resolve some of the aforementioned issues.
And, as long as I'm bitching, here's the part that makes absolutely NO sense to me at all ...
On their website as each song plays, listeners are able to click a "Play More" or "Play Less" button to help guide them in their programming.  However, because the station doesn't stream, there is absolutely NO reason to be on their website at all to vote for these songs since this would require you to be both on your computer AND listening to a totally separate offline radio device!!!  (Where's the logic in THAT promotion?!?!)  Why would anybody want to be tied to both their computer AND their radio for any period of time?  Sorry ... but this just doesn't make sense, guys.
(On the plus side, Ron Smith told me a few weeks ago that he voted "Play Less" in my honor for the Jose Feliciano version of "California Dreamin'" ... please do the same the next time that God-Awful Peter Allen version of "The More I See You" comes on again, too!  (kk)

>>>Here's a record you don't see in the #1 Spot very often ... "Treat Her Right" by Roy Head!  But on San Diego's Boss 30 KGB Countdown, it's #1 this week!  (kk)
You were right about not seeing the record by Roy Head in the #1 spot all that often. Speaking of Roy Head, I heard and read years ago that when he met Elvis Presley for the first time, he wanted to be sure that he made an unforgettable impression on Elvis so that he wouldn't forget him. So Roy Head, when he met Elvis for the first time, stooped down and bit him on the leg. He figured that Elvis would never forget a person that did that to him. Whether this story is really true or not, I don't know. What say you? I also believe Roy Head had a follow-up called YOU'RE THE APPLE OF MY EYE.
Well, I've never heard THAT one before!  (But I did find a few mentions of it on the Internet, all in the "allegedly" category!) 
We've featured some other Roy Head music over the years ... although "Treat Her Right" was by far his biggest hit (#2, 1965) he also placed two other songs in The National Top 40 ... "Apple Of My Eye" reached #23 and "Just A Little Bit" peaked at #37, both in 1965.  Years ago his son competed in either American Idol or The Voice (I can't remember which) but didn't get very far.  (kk)

And check this out ... Billy Gibbons has just cut a version of Roy Head's big hit for his first ever solo album!  And we've even got the video to share with you today!

Here's more about Billy's new album ...


Billy F Gibbons, internationally known as the front man for multi-platinum blues-rock legends ZZ Top, is touring this November and December in support of his debut solo album. The Afro-Cuban influenced Perfectamundo by Billy Gibbons and The BFG’s will be released by Concord Records on November 6, followed immediately by a November 10 tour kick-off in Atlanta. After several U.S. dates, the tour ends in Cuba, where Billy will play the Havana Jazz Festival – a perfect climax for an album that was initially inspired by an over-the-transom invitation to perform at last year’s Havana Jazz Festival.
The concept for Perfectamundo, which was produced by Gibbons and Joe Hardy and recorded in Houston, Los Angeles, Austin and Pontevedra, Spain, originated in Billy’s Houston studio, when he explored the potential for a Latin flavored album with his Argentine-born, Puerto Rico-raised friend and musical collaborator Martine “G.G.” GuiGui. Soon after presenting his engineering crew with a business card from a newly opened Cuban eatery called Sal Y Pimienta (salt and pepper), with the first track finished for Perfectamundo reached completion taking its title from that card. Concord has just released a tasty video complementing “Treat Her Right,” the album’s debut track.  
He followed this with a “Spanglish” version of Louisiana swamp blues maestro Slim Harpo’s classic “Got Love If You Want It” and an Afro-Cubanized take on the Lightnin’ Hopkins version of “Baby Please Don’t Go,” thereby fully merging Gibbons’ innate Houston blues tradition with Latin rhythms. Chino Pons, a Cuban friend who heads his own New York-based quartet stepped in to help collaborate on several other tracks for Perfectamundo
For the Perfectamundo Tour, Billy’s band, The BFG’s, will consist of the aforementioned Martine “G.G.” GuiGui, Austin B3 stalwart Mike Flanigin and Alx “Guitarzza” Garza, who appears on the album’s title track, as well as “What’s Happenin’, Baby” and “Quiero Mas Dinero.”  With Garza on percussion (whom Billy calls "our resident hip-hop poet and percussionist with vocals and beats”), SoZo and Melanie DiLorenzo, two very accomplished drummers, both female, also providing rhythmic Latin spice, complete the rhythm section. 
Gibbons recently told Rolling Stone,  "The BFG's is, quite simply, a stab at something we didn't previously know to be possible. That 'something' was composing and creating sessions to press the limits of the unknown.  ZZ Top, by definition, remains a minimalist endeavor with a very straightforward established approach which continues to serve us well… The BFG's, on the other hand, have now gone on to exploring some uncharted sonic and, especially, rhythmic territory within an accommodating context. Deep at the core of everything we do, either as ZZ Top or with the Perfectamundo aggregation, is the blues. That's the diamond and we found a way to put it into a new, Afro-Cuban setting. It really does come from the same place. The prospect of taking it to Cuba in December is especially exciting should all things work out. Talk about wish fulfillment."  
The musical genius of Billy Gibbons is to be heard on his first ever solo album, refreshingly unexpected but most predictably.. Perfectamundo. ¡Escuchemos! 

Billy Gibbons And The BFG’s Perfectamundo tour dates: Nov. 10 - Atlanta, GA - Variety Playhouse
Nov. 11 - Nashville, TN - War Memorial Auditorium
Nov. 13 - St. Charles, IL - Arcada Live!  (Yep, that's right ... Billy's coming to The Arcada Theatre!!!)
Nov. 14 - Detroit, MI - The Scottish Rite Cathedral at Masonic Temple
Nov. 15 - Milwaukee, WI - The Pabst Theater
Nov. 17 - New York, NY - The Town Hall
Nov. 18 - Ridgefield, CT - Ridgefield Playhouse
Nov. 19 - Boston, MA - Wilbur Theatre
Nov. 21 - Stroudsburg, PA - Sherman Theater
Nov. 23 - Washington, DC - Lisner Auditorium
Nov. 24 - Charleston, SC - Charleston Music Hall
Nov. 25 - Orlando, FL- Plaza Theatre
Nov. 27 - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Parker Playhouse
Nov. 28 - Fort Pierce, FL - Sunrise Theatre
Nov. 29 - Saint Petersburg, FL - Mahaffey Theater
Dec. 1 - New Orleans, LA - Orpheum Theatre
Dec. 3 - Houston, TX - Cullen Performance Hall
Dec. 4 - Austin, TX - The Moody Theater
Dec. 5 - Lubbock, TX -  City Bank Auditorium
Dec. 7 - Solana Beach, CA - Belly Up Tavern
Dec. 8 - Los Angeles, CA - Orpheum Theatre 
Dec. 9 - San Francisco, CA - The Regency Ballroom
Dec. 11 - Portland, OR - Revolution Hall
Dec. 12 - Aberdeen, WA - D&R Theatre
Dec. 13 - Seattle, WA - Neptune Theatre  

Speaking of new releases, this one sounds kinda cool ...

Mike Oldfield's “The Space Movie” Original Soundtrack 
To Be Released On CD For The First Time!

London, UK - GONZO Multimedia will be releasing a newly restored and (finally) complete edition of Mike Oldfield and Tony Palmer's “The Space Movie.” For the very first time the original soundtrack featuring all the talk-back between the astronauts and ground control, as well as orchestral versions of music by Mike Oldfield will be released on CD!
This classic film was originally commissioned by London Weekend Television and Virgin Films in 1979 to mark the 10th Anniversary of the first landing on the moon, July 21st 1969. A recent discovery of a print in mint condition has enabled us to issue the film in a sparkling new (and complete!) edition.   Producer Tony Palmer explains, “The invitation to make the film came out of the clear blue sky from NASA in January 1978. I was invited to Washington and shown the mountain of film NASA had collected from the very beginnings with John Glenn, the first astronaut to orbit the earth in February 1962, until Apollo 17 December 1972. Use whatever I wanted, I was told, plus all the talk-back between ground control in Houston and the various space missions. NASA's extraordinary and spectacular images made me realize I had access to a treasure house beyond imagination.  
“From the beginning, I wanted Mike Oldfield to write the music, and the soundtrack which emerged – a combination of hitherto unreleased recordings including the orchestral versions of Oldfield's early masterpieces, 'Tubular Bells' and 'Hergest Ridge' - is remarkable, perfect in every way; evocative, powerful, an inspiring match for the images. And I'm sure it is that, plus of course the astonishing NASA footage and the sound of the astronauts chatting away in space. Virgin Films may have long gone, but together these elements made and make the film what it is - something rather special.”
At a Gala Screening in the Egyptian Cinema in Hollywood in 2008, the film was introduced by Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk upon the moon. He said: “It gives me enormous pleasure, and a thrill, to be able to introduce Tony Palmer's remarkable film about our space adventures. I say remarkable because at the time it was made, 1978/9, very little of the footage you are about to see had ever been seen in public, images which are now so familiar as to be truly iconic. But it was Tony who used them first, and we are very pleased that he did, even if he did construct the longest take-off in history! I still get a chill hearing some of the talk-back which, like the footage, NASA had provided for Tony to use. When the rocket takes off, boy is that a roller-coaster ride, bumpy as hell. So when you hear my voice saying 'little bit of shaking there', you'll know what I mean! So thank you Tony for what you did.”
The distinguished film critic Alexander Walker said after the first screenings: “The best British film screened at Cannes (in 1980) was Mike Oldfield and Tony Palmer's 'The Space Movie', with unique footage from NASA and music by Mike Oldfield. Palmer’s film combines both in a wonderful, at times profoundly moving, tribute to the astronauts from Cape Kennedy. The film includes one of the finest space launches ever collated, with footage that is unbelievably spectacular. Full marks to director Tony Palmer. The result is breathtaking, beautiful and brilliant.”
This version comes complete with Director's Cut BONUS DVD of the movie.
For more information:
Release Date: 16th October 2015
An exclusive screening of the 80-minute restored version of “The Space Movie” will be held at Cinema 2 at The Barbican in London on Sunday 15th November at 6 pm. 

New York, NY - On November 13, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Slowhand At 70 – Live At The Royal Albert Hall simultaneously on DVD + 2 CD, Blu-ray + 2 CD, and in a Deluxe Edition [MSRP $34.98 Blu-ray + 2 CD, $29.98 DVD + 2 CD, $69.98 Deluxe Set]. This landmark release captures a very special Eric Clapton performance celebrating his 70th birthday at his favorite venue and includes career defining tracks like “Cocaine,” “I Shot The Sheriff,” “Layla,” “Wonderful Tonight,” “Crossroads,” “Tears In Heaven,” “Hoochie Coochie Man,” and more!
The fantastic Deluxe Edition contains the DVD and 2 CDs of the 2015 show plus a bonus DVD of Eric Clapton performances at the Royal Albert Hall across the years. The Cream Farewell Tour from 1968, the Journeyman tour from 1990, a UN Benefit Concert performance with Zucchero from 2004, the Cream Reunion shows from 2005 and a Prince’s Trust Benefit performance from 2010 are all included and packaged with a 12”x12” 60 page hardback photobook.
2015 was a year of landmark events for Eric Clapton. Following his 70th birthday in March, he performed his 200th concert at London’s famous Royal Albert Hall in May, fifty years after his first performance there with The Yardbirds. Clapton’s 7-night run at the venue was acclaimed by critics and adored by the fans. The setlist blended vintage blues tracks and Eric Clapton classics from across his astonishing career.
As a bonus on DVD / Blu-ray formats, there’s an extra live track “Little Queen Of Spades.”
Eric Clapton has become synonymous with the Royal Albert Hall and this concert is the perfect combination of artist and venue creating a truly magical night for Clapton fans everywhere.
Click here to view trailer: TRACK LISTING  
1) Somebody’s Knockin’ On My Door  
2) Key To The Highway  
3) Tell The Truth  
4) Pretending  
5) Hoochie Coochie Man  
6) You Are So Beautiful 
7) Can’t Find My Way Home  
8) I Shot The Sheriff 
9) Driftin’ Blues  
10) Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out  
11) Tears In Heaven  
12) Layla  
13) Let It Rain  
14) Wonderful Tonight  
15) Crossroads  
16) Cocaine  
17) High Time We Went

Sixties Music Legends The Box Tops Return!

Memphis, TN - From the mid 60's into the 70's, there was no finer blue-eyed soul group than THE BOX TOPS, from Memphis, Tennessee!
Fronted by legendary singer, ALEX CHILTON, THE BOX TOPS recorded a string of hits including the worldwide #1 hit song, THE LETTER, and others including CRY LIKE A BABY, SOUL DEEP, NEON RAINBOW, CHOO CHOO TRAIN….and more.
In 1996, the original lineup of THE BOX TOPS reunited and performed worldwide until the tragic and untimely death of CHILTON in 2010. After a five year hiatus, original bassist, BILL CUNNINGHAM, and original guitarist GARY TALLEY have teamed up with veteran music industry bandleader/manager RICK LEVY to bring THE BOX TOPS music back to waiting audiences.
THE BOX TOPS show will highlight their hit records, and equally important, Memphis music of the 60s, especially some of the songs that influenced the members as young teens growing up in such a musical hotbed. The show will be complete with horns, and promises great memories and music for all.
For more information:
Exclusive worldwide booking
TCI Artists/Mitchell Karduna
Rick Levy Mgt.

I asked Rick Levy who was handling the lead vocals for the newly-reformed band ... and how they sounded.  (The expectation, of course, is to hear something similar to the incredible, unique voice of Alex Chilton, which is no longer possible now that he has passed.  Rick told me:   

Gary is singing lots of the vocals ...Bill a few ... me a few.  It's different ... not trying to be Chilton ...but its very strong ... I really like it.

This past weekend, I had the great pleasure of meeting Scott Wilson.  Scott is the son of the late Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys.  He has self-published a book called “Son of a Beach Boy” about his life growing up as Dennis’ son.  I reviewed it on my website:
Jennifer Vanderslice 

And, speaking of The Beach Boys, stay tuned to these pages for more details on how YOU can win free tickets to see Brian Wilson live in concert at The Genesee Theatre in November!!!  More information to come!  (kk)  

In Other News ...
Rolling Stone Magazine recently did a list of The 50 Greatest Boy-Band Songs Of All-Time ...
And FH Reader Billy Hinsche sent us this link showing Dino, Desi and Billy sitting at #48 with "I'm A Fool"!!!
Last Friday was "National One Hit Wonder Day" ... and we heard several radio stations jumping on the bandwagon to salute some of their favorite flash-in-the-pan hits.  (We were in the midst of running our Top 70 Hits of the '70's Countdown so couldn't participate ... however we DID run Rich Appel's official countdown of The Top 100 One Hit Wonders on our website a few years ago ...)
From Tom Cuddy ...
C, E-flat, and G go into a bar. The bartender says, "Sorry, but we don't serve minors." So E-flat leaves, and C and G have an open fifth between them. After a few drinks, the fifth is diminished, and G is out flat. F comes in and tries to augment the situation, but is not sharp enough. D comes in and heads for the bathroom, saying, "Excuse me; I'll just be a second." Then A comes in, but the bartender is not convinced that this relative of C is not a minor. Then the bartender notices B-flat hiding at the end of the bar and says, "Get out! You're the seventh minor I've found in this bar tonight." E-flat comes back the next night in a three-piece suit with nicely shined shoes. The bartender says, "You're looking sharp tonight. Come on in, this could be a major development." Sure enough, E-flat soon takes off his suit and everything else, and is au natural. Eventually C sobers up and realizes in horror that he's under a rest. C is brought to trial, found guilty of contributing to the diminution of a minor, and is sentenced to 10 years of D.S. without Coda at an upscale correctional facility. 
Gary Pike

Kent ...
Here's something different ... Michael Jackson on beer bottles.
I volunteer to help empty the beer bottles.
Frank B.

Check this out! You have to wonder how they stayed sober enough to learn the song!  (kk)

Diggin' Forgotten Hits
Great column as always!  You're a TERRIFIC writer. Not sure how you find time to fit all this in with work, etc,  but KEEP IT UP!  Hope to have some more photos for you before long.
Jack Mongan   


Love your forum.
Stephanie Campbell

I just love your blog.  Been following it for years now and I swear I just don't know how you find the time to do all of this.  The happiness and memories you stir up in your blog fans are amazing.  Keep up the great work.