Saturday, July 9, 2016

What A Day!

All of these events happened on July 9th ... 

Special thanks to Ron Smith and his book "Eight Days A Week:  Births, Deaths And Events Each Day In Oldies History" and to Bob Dearborn and his webiste "The Olde Disc Jockey's Almanac" ...

1955 - Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock" reaches #1 on The Billboard Pop Singles Chart ... the first rock and roll record to do so ... thus launching The Rock Era.

1955 - Pat Boone's version of the Fats Domino tune "Ain't That A Shame" debuts on The Billboard Pop Singles Chart.  Boone will become a huge factor in bridging the gap between parents and teenagers over this new-fangled fad called rock and roll, helping to make it acceptable to white-bread middle America, most of whom were still offended by what was then considered "race music".

1956 - Dick Clark officially becomes the host of of "Bandstand" in Philadelphia, a local television series aimed at the teenagers in the area at the dawn of the rock and roll era.  This program will eventually become syndicated as "American Bandstand" and shown all over the country to an audience that will stay captivated for the next thirty years.

1956 - Bill Haley and His Comets were denied permission to play at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, New Jersey. After trouble at Asbury Park on June 30th, the city passed an ordinance prohibiting live stage performances of rock 'n' roll, claiming that this music "encouraged juvenile delinquency and inspired young females in lewd bathing suits to perform obscene dances on the city's beaches." 

1957 - Singer Bobby Helms records "My Special Angel" at Owen Bradley's Quonset Hut studio in Nashville.  The Anita Kerr Singers handle the background vocals. 

1957 - Elvis Presley's second film, "Loving You," co-starring Lizabeth Scott and Wendell Corey, opened in U.S. and Canadian movie theaters.  Elvis did not attend the Memphis premier because he was given a special showing the night before.  

1958 - Johnny Cash signs with Columbia Records.

1959 - The Drifters record "Dance With Me" with Ben E. King on lead vocals.  

1962 - Bob Dylan records "Blowin' In The Wind" at Columbia Studios in New York City.  

1968 - I love the way Bob Dearborn reports this one on his Olde Disc Jockey Almanac site so I'm going with it verbatim: Co-lead singer David Ruffin exited the Temptations. His cocaine abuse, missed shows, financial disputes with Motown head Berry Gordy, and the group's refusal to change their name to "David Ruffin and the Temptations" were all factors in the decision. Dennis Edwards, formerly of the Contours, replaced him in the group. Ruffin later began showing up, uninvited, at Temptations concerts and taking the stage to sing the hits he made famous, causing the group to tighten its security measures.

1969 - The Beatles begin recording "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" for their upcoming "Abbey Road" album.  The song would be completed on August 6th.  This track became a real point of contention with John Lennon (who did not participate in the recordings) as an example of Paul McCartney's overindulgence in recording a simple track.  At one point he declared that "the band spent more money on this song than any other on the 'Abbey Road' album."

1972 - Speaking of Paul McCartney, he and his new band Wings began their first European tour with an appearance at Chateauvillion in the south of France.  (They had already done a few spot, "surprise" appearances at various universities in England but this was to be a full-on tour.)  Paul still wasn't performing any Beatles material at this point ... and the first Wings album, "Wild Life", was critically panned and not a big commercial success.  Incredibly a show in France scheduled for July 14th had to be cancelled due to poor ticket sales.  Today ... some 44 years later ... McCartney continues to perform to record-breaking, sold-out crowds around the world ... but the launch of Wings seemed somewhat unpromising at first.

1974 - Crosby, Stills and Nash begin their reunion tour at The Coliseum in Seattle.

1977 - Our good Forgotten Hits Buddy Alan O'Day reaches #1 with his single "Undercover Angel".  (Sadly we lost Alan a few years ago)  Although this was his biggest solo hit, Alan also wrote the #1 Record "Angie Baby" for Helen Reddy and the #3 Hit "Rock And Roll Heaven" for The Righteous Brothers.

1978 - The Rolling Stones make a surprise visit to the home of Willie Dixon right here in Chicago.  Dixon takes them to The Quiet Knight, a local club (and one of my favorite hang-outs in the early '70's) to see Muddy Waters perform.  Dixon and The Stones join Muddy on stage to perform a couple of their favorite Waters songs. (Sure woulda been cool to be there THAT night!!!)

1983 - The Police begin an eight week stay at the top of The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart with their classic stalker song "Every Breath I Take".

1990 - The Stones make our calendar again in 1990 when, for the first time in over 26 years, they have to cancel some upcoming performances after Keith Richards' inflamed finger became septic during a show in Glasgow, Scotland.  (July 9th was also an important date in Mick Jagger's personal history when, on this date in 1999, his marriage to model Jerry Hall is annulled.)

1995 - The Grateful Dead perform their last concert with Jerry Garcia, right here in Chicago at Soldier Field.  Garcia will die a month later of a heart attack while in rehab.

1999 - Elton John has a pacemaker implanted in a London hospital.

2012 - Our recent Forgotten Hits interviewee, Bobby Rydell, undergoes liver and kidney transplant surgery.  He pulls through beautifully (and will be appearing here in Chi-Town on November 26th at The Arcada Theatre!)


Friday, July 8, 2016

The Friday Flash

Jimy Sohns and The Shadows Of Knight
The other day we told you about a VERY special Shadows Of Knight gig coming up in August ...

Now, here are all the details ... courtesy of Jimy Sohns himself ...

Thanks, Kent, here's the info ...
You can purchase tickets here:
Location of show:  
HOME - House of Music and Entertainment
1227 N Rand Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL
On August 20th, come celebrate this once in a lifetime event, with the reunion of four of the original Shadows of Knight.
For the first time in 49 years, JIMY SOHNS, JERRY MCGEORGE, HAWK WOLINSKI, and TOM SCHIFFOUR will be sharing the stage. ONE NIGHT ONLY.
Do not miss this amazing event. This will be an amazing birthday present for me.  
The flow of the show, in order: 
Kevin Lee and the Kings 
The Shadows of Knight (current lineup) 
The Shadows of Knight  (original lineup)  
Ticket Prices: 
General Admission (Standing Only):  $10 
Floor Seating  $15 
VIP Booth  $250 
Don't miss this VERY special event as Jimy Sohns returns to the stage! 
Hope to see some of you out there!  (kk)  

And, while we're on the topic of "Local Heroes", check out the brand new Jim Peterik video just sent into us by Jim for his new song "We All Bleed Red", commemorating the recent tragic Orlando shootings.  (Jim tells us his new "Caught Up In You" video will be ready in about three weeks ... so be sure to watch for that one here, too!)  kk  

Hi Kent!  
Beside my Facebook page, you are the first to receive my latest song and lyric video, We All Bleed Red. 
It is my reaction to the Orlando shootings and similar tragic events that have been happening all over the world. Feel free to post this.  Hope you like the song and message. 
Keep Rocking!

And don't forget Jim will be performing his new CD "The Songs", a reimagining of all his classics, at Space in Evanston on July 17th!  (kk)

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!
From Davie Allan ...  

"The Wild Angels" film was released 50 years ago this month (7-20-66) and the soundtrack hit it's peak (#17 in the nation) on 10-15-66. 
Davie Allan and The Arrows

>>>FIVE YEARS AGO (2011) :  2. Rolling In The Deep - Adele  (kk) 
This cracked me up - Rolling in the Deep was five years already????
It's like when I'm running my Melody games and say "This is a "newer song", and someone will say"Um, that was from 1988"
How quickly the years go by!!!

July 6th marked the 59th anniversary of the day that 16-year old John Lennon met 15-year old Paul McCartney for the very first time when Paul attended a Quarrymen concert at Church Fete in Liverpool.  Paul impressed John after the show when he performed Eddie Cochran's "Twenty Flight Rock".  John later admitted he had to make a difficult decision that day about inviting Paul to join his band ... did he allow someone to come in who was a better guitarist and better looking, who could potentially steal some of his thunder, for the overall good of the band.  Fortunately, John trusted his better instincts that day and together the duo became quite famous.  (kk)

This And That 
Hey Kent ...
Just a note to say thanks for the heads up on Joel Whitburn's 1955 - 2015 pop singles book.  Just received it today and MAN!!!!!!!!!  It's just loaded!
This is my 7th edition of the top 40 singles, and to me it's the best one yet ... just wish the printing was a bit larger.  It's a great book for anybody that's into Billboard top 40 record charts for the last 60 years. And its STILL great reading for an old radio jock like myself to enjoy.
I''m not a big fan of today's music ... but it's still nice to see who's leading the charts at any given era. So once again THANKS and as always THANKS for all you continue to do with FH!!
Pete Garrison (peteysmoke)
This is an EXTREMELY attractive looking revision ... the books get bigger and bigger due to the constant updating ... (if you think the type is small on this one, check out the new Top Ten books!  lol)  Expanding the page format to 8.5 x 11 has certainly helped ... but there is just SO much information that has to be contained between this covers, I imagine some creativity has to go into making it all fit.  Still, it's an AWESOME edition.
And, we'll be giving away a copy (a $90 value!) to one lucky Forgotten Hits Reader.  Just drop us a line in order to enter for your chance to win a copy.  Or, better yet, head on over to the Record Research website and order your copy today!  (kk)
Enjoyed your commentary you had in today's FH. The writing and wording pertaining to the subject matter of a few days ago was great.  Reading it reminded me of one final record and that one record is the instrumental out of 1963 by a group known as the Busters and that was called BUST OUT.

Carole King made a triumphant return to The UK last week where she performed her #1 Album "Tapestry" in its entirety, along with a string of other hits she has written over the years.   
FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this story from ...
Tom also sent us this piece of news ...
Stephen Bishop of "On and On" fame will release a new album, Blueprint, on July 29th. It includes a remake of his 1983 Tootsie soundtrack hit "It Might Be You" as well as a version of "Holy Mother," which he co-wrote with Eric Clapton in 1986.
I have always loved "It Might Be You" ... not sure it really needs to be remade ... but it's great to hear that Stephen has been back in the studio.  We missed our chance to see him here a few months ago ... that's a show I would have liked to attend.  (kk)

Sad to hear of the passing of Noel Neill, everybody's favorite Lois Lane from the old "Adventures of Superman" television series starring George Reeves.  She was the last surviving member of the classic cast.  (Young Jimmy Olsen left us last year at the age of 87 ... Noel was 95.)  Ironically, the anniversary of the death of George Reeves (still under suspicious circumstances although officially ruled at the time a suicide) was on June 16th ... that happened 57 years ago!  (kk)

That comment I made about Bobby Rydell using "some old studio guy drummer" on his Wild One record, that old studio guy just happens to be Gary Chester (I checked it out).  He's a fantbulously fantastic studio drummer of that period.  Pretty much the East Coast equivalents of Hal Blaine out on the Left Coast.   Gary also did the drum track for The Isely's Twist and Shout.
Any drummer who did those tracks is just fantastically OK with me.  Those are some of the best and most basic underlying rock and roll drum tracks of not only that whole period, but probably they set the example for the next 30 years for sure and still a large part today.
Hey - that's probably why I chose to use that type treatment all through The Fifth Estate's recent Time Tunnel album.  Especially on our Crazy Little Thing which is played "open handed" and phrased very much the way I imagine Gary would have played it on Wild One. 
But I was right on one thing in particular.  Gary was an "old studio guy".  When Wild One was recorded, he was 36.  Of course, looking at it from our teen age perspective then that was ancient.  Today I guess I'm the old guy.  Nevertheless I think I did get a couple of interesting wrinkles into our tune he never quite got to.  Well I guess I should have, I've had an extra 50 some years to figure that out!!!

And, speaking of Furvus (our FH Buddy Ken Evans from The Fifth Estate) ... 
Got this from FH Reader Mickey Cooksey so I forwarded it to our buddy Ken "Furvus" Evans of The Fifth Estate ... just in case they might want the opportunity to pick this up for posterity's sake ...

Hey Kent,
I waiting on photos but I thought I would let you know that a friend has the original Harpsichord used in the Fifth Estate / "Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead" video, which he got it from the keyboard player years ago and he is now planning  on selling it. He offered it a while back to the members on the band and they sounded interested for history's sake but never followed through.
When I get the photos I will send with all the info.

Thanks, Mickey -
I passed along the information to Ken "Furv" Evans, who was the original drummer for The Fifth Estate, and has been a long-time Forgotten Hits contributor.  I told him that I didn't know if any further discussions ever took place in this regard (or if this had enough sentimental value to make it worth his while) ... I just hated to see it go, just in case any of the guys did have an interest.
Let's see if he gets back in touch with you ... keep me posted!  (Hey, and if HE doesn't want it, maybe somebody ELSE on the list might be interested!)  kk

Hey Kent -
You should be out having a fantastic Fourth Weekend not worrying about our old harpsichord!!??  But appreciate the effort for sure. 
I think I heard from this fellow a couple of years ago and I asked the guys if we wanted it back.  After all it probably is the first "traveling" rock and roll harpsichord ever.  We even played with The Left Bank several times and they never traveled with anything but an electric piano that I ever saw.  And when we played a date at the Alabama Memorial Auditorium with the Turtles and The Lovin Spoonful, John Sebastian's auto harp would not work so he did the show on Wayne's piano and harpsichord.  That was the last, as I understand it, full show The Spoonful ever did together in their original form.  That is also the show where we are doing and Wayne is singing Corina Corina on our Live, Loud and Lo-Fi album.  That was the final night of The Spoonful.  They were having some great rift between them.  Their equipment wasn't working right and that harpsichord was right in the middle of all that.  So it has some history - if that was the real exact one?
But when the guys said they wouldn't mind recovering it and I spoke with the fellow who had it, I had him describe it to me and by the color, which he said was original and the dimensions - it didn't appear to be the true one - Wayne and I built!  The one in the video - film actually then.   So we didn't do anything about it.
Now these days the band just did a very successful show to a full house and standing O, two Saturdays ago at Stage One in Fairfield, CT.
We have a great keyboardist with us now and do a good deal of that sort of thing again - BUT (unfortunately for me - because I'm a true, true realist in music - nothing a band itself didn't play on themselves counts to me as a hit or even music by that band at least - and that leaves out 80% of the old hits - and that applies to the instruments being original as well - I'm not a fan of the replace them with electronic SOUND) and that means that harpsichord as well.  I really like the original sound of the original instrument, not the cheap or not so cheap electronic imitation.  But that is what the band is using these days - as it stays in tune at least when carrying it around.
So I don't think the band is interested in what he has.  Although, if it were the real one, there might be something to it???   I guess I should talk with him again.  Maybe he can send me an image of it?
That Mickey who wrote you isn't Mickey Cooksey by any chance??  He's been in touch any number of times.  But I didn't think he was the rockin harpsichord fellow.
PS - Do you know what in the old days we called a standing O.  We called it a "Standing Ovulation."  We got a lot of those.  But that was a while ago wasn't it?? We're probably past all that now.  I don't know though - feels like yesterday to me.  AND I think there was one the other night.
I've had artists tell me that getting a Standing O today means SO much more than it did back then ... because we all realize how much harder it is to get up and down out of our seats these days!  (lol)  I'll hook you and Mickey up and you can hammer out the logistics of whether or not this is even the real deal.  Good luck!  (kk)

Kent ...
Check out the strange case of Buddy Holly vs. Bobby Darin and "Early In The Morning."
Frank B.

We described it this way in our Bobby Darin series, now permanently posted on the other Forgotten Hits website ...

'60's FLASHBACK   
A couple of other ATLANTIC singles failed and soon BOBBY was in jeopardy of losing his recording contract again.  He knew that time was running out and the pressure was on, so he went out to try to sell himself to another record label.  This time it was BRUNSWICK RECORDS (ironically, a subsidiary of DECCA!) who responded but, due to BOBBY still being under contract with ATLANTIC, they decided to release a single under the name of THE DING DONGS.  It looked like BOBBY's next release would be his own tune, EARLY IN THE MORNING.  However, before this single hit the streets, fate was about to step in.  
While that single was being readied for release, BOBBY was down to his last shot at ATLANTIC.  One day, at MURRAY KAUFMAN's apartment, MURRAY THE K received a call from his mother JEAN MURRAY, who also just happened to be a songwriter.  Over the phone, she suggested the song title of SPLISH SPLASH, TAKE A BATH.  KAUFMAN groaned and then laughed ... nobody could write a song with THAT title ... and went off to take a shower.  The ever-determined BOBBY DARIN said that HE could write a song with that title and, less than an hour later, had composed his first hit record!  DARIN knew that he had captured the teen sound and excitedly took the song to ATLANTIC.  Virtually EVERYBODY there hated it ... co-founder HERB ABRAMSON, who had produced all of BOBBY's ATLANTIC releases to date, said he'd take a pass.  JERRY WEXLER, one of the greatest ears in music history, called it garbage.  But AHMET ERTEGUN decided to produce the record himself and when they were done, BOBBY felt that, while it may not be a great song ... or even a great recording ... it WAS what the kids wanted to hear in 1958.  He was right ... SPLISH SPLASH shot up the charts, eventually hitting #2 in Cash Box Magazine.  (It peaked at #3 in Billboard).  BOBBY was on his way.  (ERTEGUN wasn't taking any chances on DARIN's last chance, however ... at a recording session already booked for MORGANNA KING, AHMET brought the musicians in a little early and had her rhythm section back BOBBY on three tracks, trying to capture more of the excitement BOBBY had shown him while banging on the piano outside ERTEGUN's office ... something he felt HERB had been unable to capture on record at this point.  In 90 minutes, DARIN cut three tracks, including both SPLISH SPLASH and QUEEN OF THE HOP, his first two Top Ten Hits!  Time well-spent indeed!)  As soon as SPLISH SPLASH hit the charts, BRUNSWICK rushed out EARLY IN THE MORNING, trying to cash in on DARIN's hot sound.  However, due to contract stipulations (and the common sense that ATLANTIC would most certainly sue them if they tried to release a record with BOBBY DARIN's name on it), they chose to release the single as THE DING DONGS.  Nobody at ATLANTIC RECORDS was fooled ... they KNEW it was BOBBY on the recording, and quickly put a halt to the release and purchased the master for their own label.  So as not to conflict with the momentum of SPLISH SPLASH's chart performance, ATLANTIC released the tune as being by THE RINKY DINKS!!!  EARLY IN THE MORNING finally peaked at #24 on the Billboard Chart.  Still believing the song was a hit, DECCA released a nearly identical arrangement and had their OWN teen sensation BUDDY HOLLY record a version, which was quickly released on the CORAL label, striking while the iron was still hot.  BUDDY's version peaked at #25 in Cash Box!  (Incredibly, HOLLY, known for composing some of the greatest music ever to come out of rock's early years, would have hit singles with songs written by fellow teen idols BOBBY DARIN ... EARLY IN THE MORNING ... and PAUL ANKA ... IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE ... early in his career!)  Amazingly, the B-Side of BOTH the DARIN single and the HOLLY single was NOW WE'RE ONE ... another BOBBY DARIN original composition!  (By the way, an original BRUNSWICK pressing showing THE DING DONGS as the recording artist is worth well over $100 today!)  Once it became common knowledge that EARLY IN THE MORNING was really a BOBBY DARIN record, later pressings showed the artist as BOBBY DARIN AND THE RINKY DINKS.  Despite any implied competition between the two, BOBBY DARIN did several dates in early 1959 with BUDDY HOLLY AND THE CRICKETS ... and was even invited to join them on their fateful winter tour ... BOBBY had to decline because of previous commitments.  (In hindsight, none of Bobby's health issues would have had any impact on the outcome of that flight.)  BOBBY DARIN toured with a virtual who's-who of late '50's rock stars ... besides BUDDY HOLLY, he also hit the road with FRANKIE AVALON, THE COASTERS, DUANE EDDY, DION AND THE BELMONTS, JIMMY CLANTON, girlfriend JOANN CAMPBELL and CLYDE McPHATTER.  And that's fellow '50's teen pop star NEIL SEDAKA playing piano on BOBBY DARIN's hit DREAM LOVER ... as well as its B-Side BULLMOOSE.  (kk)
Hey Kent,
Last Saturday night, we decided to take in a concert at the local casino of The Marshall Tucker Band. To be honest, I've not been a real fan the band, or any Southern rock groups over the years for that matter, but I was very curious to hear what the old guys sounded like these days. On each side of the stage, there were big lighted posters of the band's members and, in the center, there was no doubt who the leader, Marshall Tucker, was. The players were all accomplished musicians and I have no regrets attending. They were also fun to watch and the leader was funny and had good interaction with the audience. When he would tell a joke, I'd ask my girlfriend if she heard what Marshall just said! My only complaint was that some of the songs became long jam sessions, especially between the two guitarists and I would have preferred more songs, shorter in length. "Can't You See" was their last song, and everybody was waiting for them to do it. I thought they would come back for an encore to play "Heard It In A Love Song", as it was the lead singer's (and band's) biggest hit, but it didn't happen. I don't know if the casino gave them a time restriction or if it was the fans who didn't cheer them back on that prevented their return to the stage.
When I got home, I tried to learn as much about the group as possible because I knew NOTHING about them. I found out that the lead singer's real name is not Marshall Tucker, but Doug Gray! He is the only original member who's still in the band. When the group was first formed, they rented a space for rehearsal, that was previously rented by a blind piano tuner named Marshall Tucker, and his name was engraved on the key of the door lock. The guys thought the name had a nice ring to it, so they went with it. In the future, when Gray decides he's had enough of touring, I wonder what the other five players will do. They can't legally use the name that's in place now, without at least one original member still in the group. Let me suggest, "The Tucker Marshall Band"! Here is a video featuring the REAL Marshall Tucker; a pretty neat guy and very good musician, himself.
- John LaPuzza
How does The Marshall Tucker Band perform a concert and NOT play their all-time biggest hit, "Heard It In A Love Song"?!?!  That just doesn't make ANY sense!!!  "Can't You See" may have proven to be the all-time classic over time, but even releasing it a couple of times as a single still never achieved better than a #70 chart showing.  (Kind of like "The Weight" by The Band ... this is the song they're best known for today but when it was first released as a single, it didn't even crack The Top 50.)  "Heard It In A Love Song", however, was a bonafide Top Ten Record in 1977.  (I've told the story before about how the first few times I heard that song I thought they were singing "Purty Little Love Song" as kind of a southern drawl take on "Pretty Little Love Song" ... and I swear I STILL hear it that way today ... or at least that's what I sing when I sing along!!!)  Listen to it with that thought in mind the next time you hear it and see if you don't see how it fits, too!  Interesting story about how the band got its name ... I had not heard that one before.  (kk)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

'Nuff Said

Although we easily could have milked this topic for another issue or two (I received eight brand new titillating emails within thirty minutes of Tuesday's posting ... and at least a dozen more since), we've decided to drop our recent discussion and get back to keeping you abreast of the latest oldies news instead.  

Sure, Bob and I could have gone tit for tat for a few more rounds ... but by the time it would all finally be over, my fear is we'd both end up looking like a couple of boobs ... so why not take the high road and just abandon this discussion altogether. 

Now I already know that there are knockers out there who will criticize us for ever even going down this path in the first place ... 

But the truth is it's not about how many points you rack up ... or waiting to see who'll go bust first ... Forgotten Hits is supposed to be about the music.  

So let's focus our headlights elsewhere ... 

Damn the torpedoes, fire the bazookas and release the balloons ... let's celebrate our love of music.

And Bob, next time you're in Chicago (which I know you sometimes are), dinner's on me.  (I'm thinking Hooters, how 'bout you???)  

Together we'll make a nice pair.

I can see it all now ...  

Me (after polishing off a couple of jugs of wine and a bowl of melons, focusing on three exceptionally well-endowed waitresses standing by the bar):  Hey Bob, which one of those three young ladies would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?  

Bob:  I dunno ... probably the one who knows the most about fixing elevators  

See ...

No harm, no foul.

Ta-Ta('s) for now  (kk)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Peter Cetera Live 4th of July Concert Review - Lion's Park - Elk Grove Village, IL

(Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images) 

Peter Cetera put on a very impressive show at Lion's Park in Elk Grove Village on Monday Night, The 4th of July, 2016 ... and the crowd absolutely loved it.  And you couldn't have asked for better ambience ... a nice, cool night (albeit under cloudy skies) and, without question, the most organized concert we've ever been to in Elk Grove Village ... they need to bring this mindset to some of their other summer concert series events.  It all made for the perfect spot to celebrate our nation's birthday. 

The program was originally billed with Cetera taking the stage at 8:00 and a fireworks display scheduled for 9:15 ... so we pretty much went into this knowing that we'd only be treated to a one hour show. 


After a bunch of pre-show festivities and announcements, Cetera took the stage at 8:10 ... and then proceeded to rock the house until just after 10:00, offering up a nice mix and wide variety of solo hits and songs he made famous during his time with Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers, Chicago.  [One sometimes forgets that after leaving Chicago in 1985, Cetera went on to have half a dozen more Top 40 Hits under his own name, including back-to-back #1 Records with "Glory Of Love" (1986) and "The Next Time I Fall" (with Amy Grant, 1986), both of which he performed Monday Night.] 

In fact, "Glory Of Love" was one of the vocal highlights of the evening.  He later told an interesting story about how Producer David Foster kept after him to help write a song for the new Kenny Rogers album he was producing ... pressed for time (and with Cetera packed and ready to leave the country for a couple of weeks), they quickly whipped up a little ditty called "You're The Inspiration", which Kenny then proceeded to turn down, causing Peter to record it with Chicago instead, who went on to have a #3 Hit with the record in 1985.  (He performed it flawlessly at the 4th of July celebration concert.  Also performed to perfection were "Stay The Night", "If You Leave Me Now", "Save Me" and "Hard To Say I'm Sorry", which closed the show.) 

Cetera's encore consisted of three Chicago favorites:  "I'm A Man", "Feelin' Stronger Every Day" and "25 or 6 to 4".  Other Chicago tunes performed that night included "Baby What A Big Surprise", "Along Comes A Woman", "Dialogue" and a REAL surprise, "Wishing You Were Here".  (Brian Wilson's band needs to learn this one and stick it in their set list ... a GREAT chance for one of the other talented vocalists to shine on stage while the band still provides those trademark Beach Boys harmonies!) 

Cetera was backed by an outstanding seven piece band (with, incredibly, no horn section!), all accomplished Nashville musicians.  Female vocalist Tania Hancehroff handled the Cher and Amy Grant duets and then brought the house down with her red-hot rendition of The Beatles' "Oh! Darling", which was followed by a killer version of "Come Together", sung by guitarist Chris Rodriguez.  Other musicians included Boh Cooper on keyboards, Steve Brewster on drums, Joe Chemay on bass, Tony Obrohta on guitar, Jonathan Hamby on keyboards. 

If Peter's voice seemed a little mellower on some of the ballads (missing the occasional little extra "pop" here and there), he more than made up for it on the rockers ... again a very pleasant concert surprise since it was Cetera's partnership with David Foster that took Chicago down the soft-rock / middle-of-the-road path that many feel delayed their Rock And Roll Hall of Fame consideration. 

It's a shame Cetera had to cause such a ruckus over the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony ... he wrote or co-wrote twelve of the group's first 40 chart hits while he was still a member (but surprisingly NOT some of the ones you might think were his ... "25 or 6 to 4", one of Cetera's signature tunes, for example, was actually written by Robert Lamm and James Pankow; "Dialogue" was written by Robert Lamm; "Just You And Me", "Old Days" and "Searchin' So Long" were written by James Pankow, yet all bear the unmistakable voice of Peter Cetera on lead vocal.) 


Restless Heart
Baby What A Big Surprise
One Good Woman
Glory Of Love
Apple In Your Daddy's Eye
After All
Stay The Night
Next Time I Fall
You're The Inspiration

Wishing You Were Here
The End of Camelot
Along Comes A Woman
If You Leave Me Now   

Oh Darling - Tanya
Hancehroff, lead vocal
Come Together - Chris Rodriguez, lead vocal
A very brief Jimi Hendrix rendition of the Star Spangled Banner Intro, which leads into an extended jam ... 

before Peter returns to sing ... 
Save Me
Hard Habit To Break - last #1 with Chicago with Bill Champlain
Hard To Say I'm Sorry / Getaway

I'm A Man
Feeling Stronger Every Day
25 or 6 to 4   

Half in jest, Peter suggested that if you're going to watch ONE Chicago video from the MTV days, make it this one ... 

"Stay The Night", a #16 Hit from 1984

Cetera has a number of concert dates lined up (including three nights in Nashville, he's stellar band's home base) ... highly recommended if he happens to be heading in your direction ... visit for more information

By the way, Foreigner will be appearing at this same venue on Sunday, July 17th.  Book-ending that date are concerts by LeAnn Rimes (July 12th) and Michael McDonald (July 26th) as part of the regular Elk Grove Village Summer Classics Concert Series held on the Village Green.  Come on out and join in the celebration of Elk Grove Village's 60th Birthday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday This And That

The 4th of July   
Holy CRAPPE!!!  Brother Ray.  I'm one big goose bump.  
Thanks for sharing this with the world.  We need it now!
Much love to you and your wife, Kent.   
Many blessings.  
And to you and yours as well.  Thanks, Jim!  (kk)

Our Titillating Edition of Forgotten Hits  
Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July.
When I saw the pictures you posted of Elvis' granddaughter, the following records came to my mind: the Rip Cords' 1964 ONE PIECE TOPLESS BATHING SUIT,  Peter and Gordon's LADY GODIVA and Robert Parker's BARE FOOTIN', both out of 1966 and finally David Rose's THE STRIPPER, out of 1962.  There may be others like these but can't think of any at the moment.

Hi Kent,
I know that all your readers appreciate how hard you work and your love for the music.  I think for that reason many people will overlook your response to Bob Merlis’ comments.  We all realize that this is your site and you can certainly do and post what you please, but you may have been making the point a bit too strongly.  Besides, I don’t think your response adds anything to your “journalistic” credibility.  
Tom Carroll
I will admit that PART of my response was my way of saying "this is my site and I can do what I please" ... (it's my party and I'll cry if I want to?) ... but I will also admit that I was a bit surprised by what I thought was a bit of an over-reaction to what was absolutely nothing more than the most innocent comment ("Meanwhile, Elvis' grand-daughter continues to show her titties on "The Girlfriend Experience"), intended for "comic relief" only.
I've known Bob Merlis for a long time and certainly have nothing but the utmost respect for his place in promoting many of the biggest names in rock and roll ... but was TRULY surprised that something that innocent (and insignificant) would "stick in his craw" the way it did.  Absolutely NOBODY else commented on it at all ... but clearly it bothered him or he wouldn't have said anything about it.
Here's the thing about Forgotten Hits ...
Thousands and thousands and thousands of people read it every single day ... but VERY few EVER take the time to write in and comment or voice their opinion ... so when people do, I take it very seriously that they stopped whatever they were doing and took the time to write in.  That means (good, bad or otherwise) what I've written has touched them in some way ... enough to elicit a response.
The point of MY response was simply to show that my intent was absolutely NOTHING more than an attempt at a humorous comment or observation.  (Elvis' grand-daughter "baring her breasts" on cable tv drew headlines around the world when she was first signed for the role ... my observation a full season later shouldn't have been construed as anything more than already stating the obvious)
But it bothered him, so I addressed it ... in (hopefully) the same humorous tone.  It wasn't a slam at Bob in ANY fashion.  (Quite honestly, both you and Bob said more in the way of questioning my "journalistic credibility" than I ever implied in my response)  I just wanted it ON THE RECORD (since it was questioned) that I absolutely DO "love the titties" and can roll with the punches with the best of them.  Nothing more.
By the way, over the years Forgotten Hits has done a couple of series that had fun with this topic.  Way back when we did a week long series called "Falsies" ... a salute to the best falsetto singers in rock and roll history.  (Frankie Valli, Lou Christie, Brian Wilson, etc.)  Each day for a week we saluted TWO of the greatest falsetto vocalists (because typically falsies DO travel in pairs)
Shortly after that we asked readers to SHOW ME YOUR HITS ... and folks responded in kind by sharing the biggest local hits of their area from the time they grew up in the '60's and '70's.  Again ... ALL in good clean fun.  
In the overall scheme of things (based on the comments and mail I've received since) it sounds like about 1% of the readers found the comment offensive ... 7% found it funny ... and 92% couldn't have cared less!  (lol)  kk

For a second there I thought I was reading an issue of R.I.P. RENFIELD!

>>>In other Elvis-related news, daughter Lisa Marie announced this week that she is divorcing her fourth husband.  Meanwhile, Elvis' grand-daughter continues to show her titties on "The Girlfriend Experience".  (kk)  
>>>You know what a big fan I am of Forgotten Hits so I just couldn’t help chiming in.  
The phrase  “to show her titties” is about as juvenile as one could imagine.  I do understand that some of the memories you bring to the fore in FH may have originated in our junior high school years but I think this turn of phrase is really beneath you.   Your point of view would have been much better served with something a bit more mature along the lines of “ Meanwhile, Elvis' grand-daughter continues to bear her breasts on 'The Girlfriend Experience.’"  But what’s the subtest here?  That you object to nudity on TV?  That Riley, being of noble heritage, shouldn’t sully the family’s reputation by pursing her acting career if the role calls for her to be topless?  Just want to have an understanding of where you’re coming from in this regard.  Hope you take this criticism in the friendly spirit in which it’s offered.  I’m not a prude by any measure but this line stuck in my craw and seemed gratuitous and kind of strange so I thought I’d say something.  (Bob Merlis) 
>>>It was exactly as you described it ... "juvenile humor" offered up solely in an attempt to crack a smile on the faces of a select few.  Just to be clear, I absolutely do NOT object to nudity on tv ... in fact, I seek it out at EVERY opportunity ... and, since we're on the subject, I will ALSO go on record and admit that I LOVE the titties!!!  In fact, I may even go so far as to say that I love Riley Keough's titties ... and would most likely deem them to be the ONLY reason I'll stop on "The Girlfriend Experience" if channel surfing late at night.  It was all done in humor (locker room or juvenile as it may be) and should be construed as absolutely nothing more ... let's face it ... 60+ years ago NOBODY believed Elvis would last past his original fifteen minutes of fame ... much less still be considered the incredible music icon he is today.  Yet today, he continues to be BIG business ... a corporation ... no, an INSTITUTION ... so the fact that sixty years later we're still reading headlines about his daughter going through her fourth divorce (although I understand she has since recanted and is now calling it a separation) and his GRAND-daughter is doing topless television as a paid escort still makes news in a very big way.  With the passing of the legendary Scotty Moore, it just felt right to address ALL things Elvis-newsworthy that week ... no hidden agenda here ... no social commentary ... other than to say that I, too, love and appreciate the titties!  (kk) 
Whilst I agree with Bob Merlis about the juvenile aspect of referring to breasts as 'titties', (that seems to be a peculiarly American term ... here in the UK we go for the more grown up term, and just call them 'tits'), his command of the English language appears to need some tweaking.  I wish people would check their spelling and grammar before posting stuff!
Ok, as you were.
G Van Win
Chelmsford, UK
From Bob's email:
Dear Kent,
You know what a big fan I am of Forgotten Hits so I just couldn’t help chiming in. 
The phrase  “to show her titties” is about as juvenile as one could imagine.  I do understand that some of the memories you bring to the fore in FH may have originated in our junior high school years but I think this turn of phrase is really beneath you.   Your point of view would have been much better served with something a bit more mature along the lines of “ Meanwhile, Elvis' grand-daughter continues to bear  (I'm sure she does, but I much prefer her to bare them) her breasts on 'The Girlfriend Experience.’" 
But what’s the subtest (surly he means 'subtext') here?  That you object to nudity on TV?  That Riley, being of noble heritage, shouldn’t sully the family’s reputation by pursing (pursuing) her acting career if the role calls for her to be topless?  Just want to have an understanding of where you’re coming from in this regard.  Hope you take this criticism in the friendly spirit in which it’s offered.  I’m not a prude by any measure but this line stuck in my craw and seemed gratuitous and kind of strange so I thought I’d say something.  (Bob Merlis)
And, I suppose under the circumstances, Bob's comment "some of the memories you bring to the fore in FH" REALLY should read "some of the mammaries", right???  (kk)  

Hey Kent ...  
So many of us appreciate the time (as in you don’t have any of your own) you put in to make Forgotten Hits happen in such a huge way.  Huge thanks from all of us. 
P.S.  I’m very into all things Elvis including his beautiful granddaughter!  Thanks for the unexpected surprise in the middle of today's comments.  Made me a new believer on this 4th of July Sunday!
Denny Flannigan


Jukebox Baby ... The Times, They Are A-Changin'  

Kent ...  
Original Jukebox = You can only play music physically in the Jukebox.  
Back in the early days it was five or ten cents per selection.
Modern Jukebox = You can play music physically in the Jukebox for one credit, 50 cents. You also have the option of hearing songs off the internet for two credits, $1.
Current  Jukebox = Brand new. In one of the Pubs I go to I found a Video Jukebox.  
Now there's a third option - some selections have videos attached to them for two credits, $1. Its kind of like watching You Tube while your listening. Some of the videos I've watched = Rod Stewart, Johnny Cash and Billy Joel. 
Future  Jukebox = I predict I'll be able to book Billy Joel to come to my Pub and sing "For The Longest Time." Only problem -- I might need a bank loan for my selection, instead of two credits, $1.
Frank B.

This And That
Jim Peterik brings "The Songs" to Space in Evanston on Sunday, July 17th, another chance for the locals to hear these new interpretations of his best known work.  (We caught the show a couple of weeks ago at The Raue Center For Performing Arts in Crystal Lake and were blown away ... you can read our complete review here:
Info on the Space show can be found here: 
Pick up copies of Jim's new CD and his autobiography at the show!  (kk)

And in other "Local Heroes" news, it sounds like Jimy Sohns is doing great and ready to start performing again.  I talked with Rick Barr, Drummer for both The New Colony Six and The Shadows of Knight, at the NC6 gig on Sunday and he tells me that Jimy will start appearing again  July 16th at Antioch's "Taste Of Summer" ... and he is really looking forward to the next Cornerstones Show at The Arcada Theatre on September 3rd (already sold out!) and an original members Shadows Of Knight reunion concert is also planned ...
Will you be coming to the Shadows of Knight Original Band Lineup Reunion Concert on August 20th? Jerry McGeorge is coming from Colorado ... Hawk Wolinski is coming from Tennessee .., Tom Schiffour is coming from Israel ... and I am coming from right down the road ... lol ... be there!
(More information to come) 
Rick says that even when Jimy couldn't talk, he could still sing!!!  Amazing!  And says he's doing so well that, "If I didn't know, I wouldn't know."  ALL great news for sure!  (kk)

Thank you, Kent, for reminding me why I don't type out huge lists. The Siler Convention? It would take me hours to type out the same list, and even after fixing an average of one typo per line, I know there would be more I'd miss. You have to go back to 1991 before I've heard more than one song on the list. Moreover I don't care any longer.  
LOL ... I type fast ... evidently just not very accurately!  (lol)  And, being in much the same boat (there were more names I didn't recognize from the past fifteen years than I did!), I'm quite sure Silver Convention isn't the only one I messed up.  Between my eyes being as bad as they are ... and the type in Joel's new book being as small as it is ... I'm hoping that I got the majority of the artists' names right!  (kk)
Hi, thanks for the blogs, I do enjoy them.   
I was wondering if you had any comments / other stuff to share about or if you have ever heard of the group “Marillion”.  I saw them in 85 with the original singer Fish but they are still going strong with a new singer Steve Hogswarth, who is incredible.  The whole band is of the progressive rock type and I dare compare them with Dream Theater, Rush, Yes.  In fact they opened for Rush when I saw them.  I’ve had recently wanted to check them out and what I’m seeing on youtube is amazing.   They may not be an oldie but goodie but their music is not radio friendly ... complex played by extremely talented musicians ... there is so much to like about them.  I just didn’t want them to go unnoticed, as they get my vote for the most underrated band I can think of.
While you're at it, any comments, memories about Rush would be great as well.  I can understand why they retired but it hits hard.  
And this doesn’t fit with your oldies blog but I know we have talent that is not like the same as the 60’s but why would we ever expect music to not evolve.  So, I have to say that Ariana Grande may be the best vocalist I have ever heard.  An absolutely stunning performer. And a shout out to the god known as Brian Setzer; arguably the best guitarist ever.
Anyways, thanks for the good stuff.  Doing what you do honors the greats like Prince, David Bowie, Elvis.  These are our musical geniuses who must never be forgotten.  Their contribution and influence is beyond measure. 
Unfortunately, NONE of the artists you mention really fit the bill here in Forgotten Hits ... but that doesn't mean they don't deserve a shout-out from a fan who may, in fact, turn somebody else on to this great talent.  The little I've seen by Ariana Grande convinces me that she's one of the most talented artists out there performing today ... this girl can do it all ... and actually SING ... not just play the hot and cutesy role.  If you're not familiar with her, check her out on YouTube ... a classic vocalist for sure. 
And who knows ... maybe by way of your email a few other fans of the heavy metal sounds of Rush and Marillion will take a moment to check them out on YouTube.  Thanks.  (kk)



Is there ANY live experience like KISS on stage?
On August 26, 2016, Eagle Rock Entertainment will unleash KISS Rocks Vegas on DVD+CD ($21.98), Blu-ray+CD ($26.98), DVD+2LP ($39.98), and Deluxe Edition DVD+Blu-ray+2CD ($79.98).
Captured in the midst of their 40th Anniversary World Tour, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers sonically shook Vegas during their residency at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in November 2014. This Sin City set sizzles with KISS classics from across their 44 album legacy: “Rock And Roll All Night,” “Detroit Rock City,” “Shout It Out Loud,” “Love Gun,” and more. As a bonus feature, Kiss Rocks Vegas includes a seven-song acoustic set. Punctuated with pyrotechnics galore, the film presents the fire, electricity, and one-of-a-kind rock experience that earned KISS over 100 million sales globally.
The Deluxe Edition of KISS Rocks Vegas is presented as a hardcover package with a 12X12 book, boasting photos from the show and an exclusive CD. 
“We Rocked and Vegas Rolled ! This was Epic In Your Face KISS ! We got Up close and personal, I think Rock and Roll fans will really enjoy this spectacle that only KISS can deliver.”
- Paul Stanley
“KaBOOM! We blew up the Joint at The Hard Rock in Vegas like never before. We are very proud of this and know that you will be blown away as well.” 
-Gene Simmons 
KISS has been a solid mainstay in the music industry for four decades, and were recently honored by their peers with the illustrious ASCAP Founders Award in 2015. With over 40 years of record-breaking global tours and the expanse of loyal KISS Army members worldwide, KISS continues to entrance generations with their mammoth live prowess, which is on big, bold, LOUD display on KISS Rocks Vegas.
KISS (Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer) is dedicated to numerous Veterans Organizations including: The Wounded Warriors Project, The USO, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Hire A Hero” program, The Legacy Organization in Australia, Help for Heroes United Kingdom and The Dr. Pepper Snapple Groups Wounded Warriors Support Foundations  
For more information, visit
KISS is America’s #1 Gold Record Award winning group of all time, and that’s in every category ... as such, KISS can easily be named one of rock’s most influential bands. The Rock N Roll Hall of Famers have released 44 albums and sold more than 100 million albums worldwide.  Honored by their peers, KISS received the illustrious ASCAP Founders Award in 2015.  Over 40 years of record-breaking global tours have brought KISS to their fans. They kicked off their recent world tour with five headlining shows in Japan and a #1 single in 2014 “Samurai Son” with pop group, Momoiro Clover Z.  Their 40th Anniversary World tour also rocked North America, South America and Australia.  Additionally, once a year the “KISS Army” becomes the “KISS Navy” as fans from across the globe board the KISS Kruise (this year will be their 6th voyage). KISS teamed up with Warner Brothers in 2014 to create the well-received original movie ScoobyDoo and KISS: Rock And Roll Mystery. Other high-profile appearances have included the Super Bowl, the Winter Olympics, Rockin' The Corps concert, a FOX alliance with KISS appearing in multiple episodes of Family Guy, plus two special guest performances on American Idol finales. KISS has been featured in major advertising and marketing campaigns for John Varvatos, Google Play, Hello Kitty — even appearing  in a Dr. Pepper Super Bowl commercial and advertising campaign in support of their Hottest Show On Earth tour. This year represents the 3rd season of the LA KISS Arena Football League team bringing professional football back to Los Angeles.  KISS founding band members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have also entered the culinary world by opening a string of successful restaurants aptly named Rock & Brews. KISS is dedicated to numerous Veterans Organizations including: Vet Tix, The Wounded Warriors Project, The USO, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Hiring Our Heroes” program, The Legacy Organization in Australia, Help For Heroes United Kingdom and The Dr. Pepper Snapple Groups Wounded Warriors Support Foundations. For more information, visit


















Acoustic Set: