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The Weekend Comments


You said in today's FH that you've heard MISS AMERICA on ME-TV-FM. You said that you didn't know if that would qualify as a "WOW" record. Kent, let me tell you what local station KOMA 92.5 FM does every Wednesday. They have a feature all day called an "OH, WOW!" Wednesday. Every other hour or so, they play a record that supposedly one hasn't heard in a long, long time ... or maybe one has forgotten that it was ever recorded. Would you believe that the record they play as an OH, WOW! record is one that is in their regular rotation. They say it's an OH, WOW!  record but I say to myself, Hey, I heard that just yesterday and in the past on another day ... and another day before it. What an OH, WOW! record is to them, is just another record you hear in normal rotation.

You also talked about the Smothers Brothers. The only record I have of them is the one who made our local top 40 radio station weekly survey and that is JENNY BROWN on HG Records in 1963.

Larry Neal

Isn’t that the most aggravating thing in the world?  When a radio station who, above almost EVERYBODY and should know better, and then just sticks to their VERY limited play list and tries to pass it off as something out of the ordinary.  VERY frustrating.   

(Man, I would LOVE to work with a station like that and provide them with a series of REAL OH, WOW! songs that would make their listeners' ears stand up on end!   

(We experienced the same thing here years ago with the previous oldies station’s Lunch Time All Request Hour … but I’ve got to blame the listeners just as much as the station for this one.  Folks would call in and request a song that you just KNEW they were already going to play in another hour or two anyway!  And I lost track of the times when a listener would finally request something out of the norm, only to be told that the station didn't have the record but would "work on it" for next time.  (The one that REALLY blew me away was "Big Bad John" ... this was a #1 Record, for God's sake!!!)  

Unfortunately this charade insults the intelligence of every REAL music lover out there … and worse plays right into the mindset of these know-it-all consultants / programmers who insist that listeners only want to hear the same 200-300 songs every day because research has proven that THOSE are the songs they like.  Sorry, but I cry “bullshit!” … and I think we have proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt over the past 22 years here in Forgotten Hits.

We listened to Rewound Radio all day today at work and were blown away AT LEAST a dozen times by some of the tracks they were playing … and not even under the pretense of OH, WOW! songs … this is just their regular, radio fare … and they mix it up enough to fill out WEEKS of enjoyable listening at a time.  Me-TV-FM offers much of the same … songs that WE used to call Forgotten Hits and WOW! songs are now featured so regularly on some of these stations that they have been “accepted back into society” … because the REAL music fans out there never forgot them in the first place … they were denied to opportunity to hear them again for decades at a time!  Shame of radio for being so short-sighted and small-minded!

Ironically, one of the songs we heard today was “Shape Of Things To Come” by Max Frost and the Troopers, the very first Forgotten Hit we ever featured back in November of 1999.  I’ve probably heard that one a total of a dozen times over the past twenty years … and that’s ok … it doesn’t NEED to be in heavy rotation … it just needs to be remembered … because I guarantee you that anyone who was around listening to the radio in 1968 will remember it the moment they hear it again … and quite probably, be able to sing along with every single word!!!  THAT’S what constitutes a Forgotten Hit and a WOW, SONG!  (kk)

Oops … I meant to mention that I have EVERY comedy album The Smothers Brothers ever released back in the ‘60’s … I was a MAJOR fan and loved their television series, too.  THIS would be something The Decades Channel should look into bringing back for one of their weekend marathon sessions!  (Hint, Hint to Neal Sabin!!!)  kk

My family did not subscribe to TV Guide, but one day in 1964 at the supermarket checkout I talked my Mom into buying an issue because it had Fred Flintstone on the cover.  I still have that issue -- and inside is an article about Red Skelton.  The interviewer was surprised to learn that, in his contact with CBS, Skelton got all rights to the videotapes of his shows after they had been broadcast.  Why would Red want them -- as they would never be aired again?  Skelton replied that he foresaw the day when people would have home libraries of movies and TV shows and he wanted to be ready for that market.  The TV Guide interviewer thought Red was nuts.  Keep in mind that 1964 was 13 years before home video -- VHS tapes -- was introduced in the U.S.  

Red Skelton was a TV icon whose series remained in the Top 10 for twenty consecutive years.  No one else in television history has ever even approached that feat.  In 1970, Red was stunned to learn that his program -- then #3 among all prime-time shows -- would not be renewed by CBS for the following season. 

Who made this insane decision?  Jim Aubrey, the head of the network, who also insisted that CBS burn its archival library of old shows.  Aubrey pointed to new demographic studies which revealed that Skelton attracted "too many older viewers."   Red did fine with younger viewers, but Aubrey wanted his "Tiffany Network" to clear itself of anything that "old people" liked -- especially the lowbrow comedies his elitist friends looked down their noses at -- from the also top-rated "Green Acres" and "Beverly Hillbillies" to Red Skelton himself.  And all those shows quickly got dumped -- regardless of if they were ratings winners or not.

The other two networks at the time, NBC and ABC, had already locked in their fall schedules, but at the last minute, NBC decided to drop one of their new half-hour shows and offered its time slot to Skelton.  Despite the demotion from 60 minutes a week to 30 -- plus a drastically lower budget --- Skelton accepted NBC's offer.  The only problem was that CBS' move had left the usually upbeat and charming Red stunned, shocked, demoralized and more than a little bitter.  Red fulfilled his contract with NBC for one season of half-hour shows but his heart wasn't in them.  After that one year return to NBC (the network on which he had started on TV), Skelton quit television.

Red Skelton was one of my comedy heroes -- and when performing comedy myself, I sometimes channel parts of his style into mine.  I did get to meet Red once in 1966, when my family scored tickets to one of his TV tapings.   Not knowing which door to use to enter CBS' Television City complex, my Mom and sister entered one door and my brother Dave and I another.   Dave and I found ourselves on Art Linkletter's empty "House Party" set and from there wandered into the hallway between the many huge CBS soundstages.  Hearing a crowd laugh down the hall, we hurried toward that sound and found ourselves backstage behind the set in use on "The Red Skelton Hour."  We heard one final big laugh, music play and when the door in the back of the set opened, Red Skelton stepped backstage between Dave and I!  He broke into a huge grin and said, "How do you think it went?"  We told him great (even though, of course, from our vantage point, we had heard but not seen any of the just concluded sketch.)  Red chatted with us for a few minutes before saying, 'Sorry, but I have to go get ready for my next bit.  Let me know what you think of it."  He grinned again, waved and was off.  Dave and I never got to tell him anything because minutes later my Mom, sister and a security guard showed up and we were all escorted out of the building. 

Years later, as a writer-producer for Reader's Digest Home Video, I wrote to Red. proposing that we assemble a three hour video retrospective on his classic CBS TV series -- which had never gone into reruns.  To my surprise and delight, Red wrote back and eagerly said he would welcome such a project.   He invited me to fly from New York to his house in California where he would open up his library of tapes to me and we would work out the details.  What could go wrong?

My boss, for one thing.  Star struck at the idea of meeting Red Skelton, he insisted that HE would go instead of me -- and bring along a sleazy producer friend of his.   When this makeshift duo turned up on Red's doorstep, Red's first question was, "Where is Gary?"  When he was told they were coming in my stead, Red was clearly miffed but let them in anyway.  Once inside, their exchange was brief.  Red quickly sized up the sleazebag producer and my clueless but starstruck boss and within ten minutes had thrown both of them out of his house.   And that was the end of my dream Red Skelton retrospective home video compilation. 

Then came the kicker.  Red Skelton, who had carefully maintained his library of owned episodes, wrote in his will that upon his death  he wanted them all destroyed. 

Red died at 84 in 1997 -- and fortunately, his widow chose to NOT follow her late husband's directions.  That allowed the later release of some of Red's color CBS episodes on home video -- exactly as Red had predicted in 1964.   (His 1970-71 second-rate NBC half-hour material had been issued earlier.)

Regarding kinescopes of Red's earliest black and white MBC episodes (he debuted on TV in 1951), some of that material came out in the '80s on low budget VHS tapes -- infuriating Red.  How had that been legally possible?   Sadly, Skelton's very early TV productions had never been copyrighted -- allowing fly-by-night cheapo VHS distributors to take advantage of their public domain status. 

The appearance on You Tube of some of Red's B&W (in other words, pre-1965) CBS shows is startling.  Among other things, they reveal the high production values of those episodes and Red's mix of standup routines, sketch comedy, silent spots (in emulation of the silent screen comedians he adored), impressive choreography, pop stars (mostly) lip-syncing to their latest hits plus surprise guests.  In this case, it's Shirley Temple (!) -- who is immediately recognizable (even if only by her smile) and delightful as a singer/dancer.  Carol Burnett helmed the last of CBS' great music and comedy variety series (which finally stopped when their budgets rose too high) and it's sad that such an art form has slipped away from our television screens. 

Gary Theroux

"The History of Rock 'n' Roll" 

I've heard from a number of people over the years that Red Skelton was a genuinely nice man ... good-hearted, loving and caring ... there is no question that CBS did him wrong after delivering record ratings for YEARS, only to be put out to pasture without so much as a conversation.  It was a cold-hearted, cut-throat move and Red certainly deserved better.

I'd love to see a list of all the popular music artists that appeared on his program over the years ... what a great collection THAT would make, coupled with a box set of Red's most popular characters.  (kk)

Here’s a GREAT tribute that Billboard Magazine put together for The Bay City Rollers’ #1 Hit “Saturday Night” … (or would that be S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!) … in light of the recent passing of Les McKeown …

From Tom Cuddy …

Meat Loaf Remembers Jim Steinman: 'He Was the Centerpiece of My Life'

LOST ANOTHER ONE ... Bobby Whiteside.

He had so much to do with Chicago USA music.  Bummer.

One of Chicago’s most prolific and talented Producers, Arrangers, Writers and Singers has passed away.

I first heard of him in the mid-‘60’s, down on Rush Street when he was in group called “Bobby Whiteside and the 5 O’Clock World.”  Little did I know we’d become friends years later. He worked at Chess and Curtom Records. Locally, he wrote songs for The Flock, The Rivieras,The Family, The Cryan’ Shames, The Dells and more. Nationally, just too numerous to mention. He’s written and produced jingles, winning many Clio awards and nominations. Bobby eventually moved to Nashville years later because that’s where the music was. He recently released his final CD last year titled “Living The Golden Years.”  He was missed when he left Chicago and now, even more.

Rest in Peace, my friend.

(For more info on Bobby, Go to

Clark Besch

kk …

How Is Thist Possible?

Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’ Sheet Music Has Been ‘Horribly Wrong’ for Years

By the way, Tony Orlando is interviewing Brian Hyland this Saturday Night (the 24th) …

More info:


Friday, April 23, 2021

The Friday Flash


Check out THIS clip sent in by FH Reader Clark Besch …

I swear that I thought Frannie and I had seen every Beach Boys TV clip ever aired …

But NEITHER of us ever saw THIS one before!!!

The Red Skelton Show from September, 1963 (I had just turned 10 and she was 10 days past her 3rd birthday … so that’s probably why … but still, how has this not surfaced until now?!?!)

I remember Dick Clark running some EXCEPTIONALLY rare clips in the past on his anniversary shows … but still this was never one of them.  David Marks!  Dennis with some pretty whack hair!  Brian Wilson doing a shuffle dance!  (And check out their pants!!!)

This was fun, fun, fun to see now after all these years!  Thanks, Clark!

I don't think I have ever seen this one posted until yesterday.  TWO songs too!  Dennis looks so ... funny!


(Prior to us posting this, only 600 people had seen it … here’s hoping it makes the rounds and goes thru the roof!!!)  kk


Les McKeown of The Bay City Rollers passed away on Tuesday, April 20th.

The Rollers enjoyed mega-success in Scotland and Great Britain prior to topping our charts here in America with "Saturday Night" in 1975, a song they premiered on the short-lived "Saturday Night Live" show hosted by sportscaster Howard Cosell.  Five other Top 40 Hits followed:  "Money Honey" (#7, 1976); "Rock And Roll Love Letter" (#28, 1976); "I Only Want To Be With You" (#8, 1976); "You Made Me Believe In Magic" (#7, 1977) and "The Way I Feel Tonight" (#19, 1977).

Ironically, it was The Bay City Rollers (led by Stuart "Woody" Wood ... McKeown was no longer a member) that we were supposed to see in concert at The Arcada Theatre when the Covid-19 first forced the lockdown back in March of last year.  (Our Granddaughter was here visiting at the time and that show would have been her first live concert.  For a time there, we weren't even sure they were going to allow her to fly home!)

On the one hand, I guess you can reflect on how much the world has changed since then ... but even a soft return to live shows reminds us that we're really not out of the woods quite yet on this whole pandemic scene.  Those of us who see a lot of live shows are aching to get back in the swing of things ... but not at the risk of contracting the disease.  (This goes for many of the performers as well.)  kk

With just two weeks to go before the polls close, voting for this year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame candidates is lagging behind last year's vote tally ... in fact, virtually HALF as many votes have been cast this year, perhaps a testament to the times ... or, perhaps more accurately, a reflection of the talent pool on this year's ballot.

Tina Turner maintains her lead over Fela Kuti (by about 25,000 votes as we go to press this morning.)  This increase can likely be attributed to the Tina documentary currently running on HBO.

The Go-Go's are still in third place, followed by Iron Maiden and Foo Fighters.

You can cast YOUR votes here: 


With your comments on and about Mark Lindsay, earlier this week I heard his MISS AMERICA on an old aircheck I had. Now that's a record I haven't heard since I don't know when.
Sandy wanted to know what you did when you hear a song that you really like but haven't heard it in years, or in other words "an oldie but goodie?" Well, I don't get up and dance ... especially if I'm driving my car. If I did, and that's a big IF, I probably would mouth out the words to it. That's just it, no station in OKC is playing the  music like we really like.
I did know that Phil Spector produced the Curtis Lee song, PRETTY LITTLE ANGEL EYES. Now without going over my surveys, I believe that record went to #1 here in OKC.
I also have an original Teddy Bears' recording of TO KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE HIM, later remade by Peter and Gordon. And as for the Phil Spector album,  I remember going into the record store where I bought all my records, Wilcox Records, and asking for the new Christmas album by Phil Spector, A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOU, in early December of 1963. I remember Mrs. Wilcox told me that she didn't particularly like this album in the way it did the classic Christmas songs. Of course, we didn't know then that those songs on that album would turn out through the years would be played during the Christmas season.
Now as for that version of THE SCREW by that singer you posted, I did not know that a cover (?) version of that record came out.  I DO have a copy of the Phil Spector record, but here is what I discovered and wrote on my record sleeve ... 
First, I don't ever remember the record  ever being played here in the OKC area. The record itself shows a time of 5:45 on Part I and 5:55 on Part II. However, I have listed that on the sleeve that Part I is 4:30 long as well as Part II. Now why the time on the label of Part I and Part II is different from the actual time, I do not know.
Finally, that cartoon you posted at the bottom ... that is one that I really laughed out loud. How true, how true. 
Yeah, that one totally cracked me up as well.
I don't know if you've had a chance to read our Phil Spector Series yet, but it explains the poor sales of Phil's Christmas Album, due to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy just a couple of weeks before.  Nobody was really feeling in much of a festive mood at the time ... but you're right ... those arrangements that seemed so odd and out of place at the time have gone on to become, in many cases, the definitive way these songs are still being interpreted today. 
On a final note, I've heard Me-TV-FM play Mark Lindsay's 1970 hit "Miss America" before ... but to me, I'm not sure that that one even qualifies as a "Wow!" record, if only because so few people will remember it.  (It peaked at #31, right between Mark's solo hits "Arizona," #9 and "Silver Bird," #20.  I've also heard Me-TV-FM play Mark Lindsay's version of "And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind," too ... a VERY nice reading of this song (and a #36 hit later that same year.)  kk
Has anyone ever given a reason why the 'Honey's House' video is always taken down. There's nothing offensive about it. It's not like the Smothers Brothers don't allow any of their stuff on You Tube, and the same goes for CBS. I doubt that Bobby Russell's estate has a problem with it. What's the scoop here? Enquiring minds want to know.
Actually, Smothers Brothers television clips are pretty closely monitored ... much as the Ed Sullivan clips used to be (before they were bought up and given their own YouTube Channel.)  I noticed that they wouldn't let you watch it on my site immediately ... and by last night I could no longer find it on YouTube either.
Quite a shame really ... over a dozen years ago, they were SUPPOSED to release "The Best Of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" (or, as we insiders refer to it, "The Smothers Comedy Brothers Hour") over the course of three multi-disc sets.  For whatever reason, they decided to release these in REVERSE order.  (I never quite got that one!)  As such, Season Three and Season Two came out ... and, to this date, Season One never has.
I'm sure music licensing may be a big factor here.  ("Honey's House" didn't make any of these box sets either), as The Smothers Brothers typically had some of the biggest names in music clamoring to be on their VERY hot show.
Censorship may be another ... they were notoriously fighting with CBS every step of the way for trying to push the envelope beyond TV's normal practices ... and often got away with airing pieces that were SO far over the censors' heads, they never even really knew what hit them.
I, for one, would love to see a much more in-depth package put together that finally honored this comedy duo they way they deserve to be remembered.
You'll still find random clips on YouTube ... but they're typically in piss-poor quality like this one, one of my all-time favorite musical bits from the show.  (kk) 

The Sixties pop scene in the UK really didn't end until the spring of 1971 with Marc Bolan's Top Of The Pops tv appearance. It was the birth of Glam Rock (flamboyant costumes, make-up, and glitter). Bolanmania led to the latest pop culture craze! Glam singer-songwriters like Bolan, Gary Glitter, and Noddy Holder of Slade would go on to regularly top the UK charts (13 times between them). In addition, there was a new songwriting team in London, Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, that was behind some of the genre's biggest hits. Their catchy glam-pop confected songs were undeniably written for the youth audience. It was a time when record companies still targeted singles to kids in the UK, more serious musicians created albums. The fledgling pensmiths' initial effort gave the struggling band Sweet their first hit record. "Funny Funny" reached UK#13 at the end of April, fifty years ago. But Chinnichap, as the partnership became known, were just getting warmed up. As pop producers and writers, they became so phenomenally successful, they were nicknamed the "hit factory."  The two were a major force behind multiple hit singles by Sweet, Mud, Suzie Quatro, Smokie, Racey and others. Chinnichap created five UK chart toppers with Sweet (1), Mud (3), and Quatro (2). On five different weeks in 1974, the top two singles in the UK were Chinnichap songs. As glam lost its appeal, they provided less teen oriented hit material to the likes of Tina Turner, Huey Lewis, Pat Benatar and others, well into the Eighties. Turner and Benatar both won Grammys. Two of Chinnchap's compositions topped the US Billboard charts, "Kiss You All Over" by Exile and Toni Basil's "Mickey."  Chapman had moved to Los Angeles and carried on as a highly respected record producer. He worked on The Knack's "My Sharona," Nick Gilder's "Hot Child In The City" and Blondie's "Heart Of Glass," all US number ones. Chinnichap had co-written over fifty UK top 40 hits, but few of their glam-era chartbusters ever made much of an impact in the US. One was Sweet's biggest US hit, "Little Willy", in 1973.
Mike Gentry


From FH Reader Tom Cuddy ...

Gordon Lightfoot Shows No Signs of Slowing Down at 82 — “I Was Into It For The Longevity”


Man, I just LOVE it when they’re this easy!!!  (lol)

And, you can still help somebody fulfill a long-time search for an old favorite.


Love your website! Found it ‘by accident’ and wish I’d known about it years ago!

I’ve been trying for ages to find a song I swear was written/performed by Neil Sedaka. Not 100% sure of the title, but it may be called ‘Going Nowhere’ or ‘Nowhere’.

I saw him sing it on TV years ago but haven’t been able to find anything about it since then!

I remember the melody and some of the lyrics but that hasn’t been any help in my search!

Any chance you or any of your readers/followers might know of it?



This has GOT to be it, right???

It was released as a single in Great Britain, apparently before Elton John got involved with revitalizing his career, which quickly blossomed here in The States, too.  (We got it as an album on his comeback album “Sedaka’s Back,” the same album that gave us the #1 Hit “Laughter In The Rain” and inspired The Captain and Tennille to record “Love Will Keep Us Together.”  (kk)


OMG!  You’re a miracle worker!

I was just answering your first email when this one came in!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’ve made my day!


We'll never get 'em all ... but I'll betcha we've STILL got about a 90% success rate after all these years.  This one just came a little bit faster than most since I was able to solve it myself without putting it out there to our massive team of experts!  (kk)


We've all seen those childhood photos of stars before ... but this one Frank B. sent in totally cracked me up, too!!! (kk)

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday This And That

Songwriter / Producer Jim Steinman passed away on Tuesday (April 20th)

Best know for his hits with Meatloaf, Steinman also penned and/or produced hits for Celine Dion, Bonnie Tyler, Barry Manilow and Air Supply.

Billboard Magazine picks these as his ten greatest moments …

Joe Marchese also wrote a beautiful tribute here:

The new ratings for Chicago Radio puts Me-TV-FM back into The Top Ten.  (It’s up from #17 in the last ratings period … so I think it's safe to say that the oldies are alive and well in Chicagoland again!)

FH Reader Phil Miglioratti sent us this blurb from Rob Feder’s column …

The month’s most notable uptick was registered by WRME 87.7-FM, the Weigel Broadcasting soft rock/oldies station. MeTV FM gained more than a full share point to rise from 17th to 10th.

Here are Chicago’s top 10 radio stations from 6 a.m. to midnight Monday through Sunday, as measured by Nielsen Audio from March 4 to 31, followed by format and average quarter-hour share of listeners age 6 and older (with previous month’s share in parentheses):

   1.  WVAZ 102.7-FM R&B, 6.3 (6.0)

   2. WBBM 780-AM/WCFS 105.9-FM all news, 6.2 (7.1)

   3.  WLIT 93.9-FM adult contemporary, 5.7 (5.3)

   4. (tie) WBEZ 91.5-FM public radio news talk, 4.7 (6.4); 

    WDRV 97.1-FM classic rock, 4.7 (4.0)

6. WTMX 101.9-FM hot adult contemporary, 4.4 (4.5)
7. WOJO 105.1-FM Mexican regional, 4.2 (4.0)
8. WXRT 93.1-FM adult album alternative, 3.6 (3.8)
9. WGN 720-AM news talk, 3.5 (4.1)

10. WRME 87.7-FM soft rock oldies, 3.2 (2.1)

Congrats to all our buddies over at Me-TV-FM … the little station that could … for this MAJOR ratings upswing!

(This weekend, in honor of The Oscars, they’ll be playing Movie Music all weekend long!  You can listen live here:

Note: is now

Good Morning, Kent:

Those words mean a lot to us, coming from you.  Thank you.

As you’ve probably noticed, our listeners are a passionate and loyal bunch.  (They’re very similar to your readers.)  We owe it all to them.  

Thanks again for the nice note!

It’s great to see events going up on the concert calendar again, isn’t it?  You’re always on top of everything — that’s an essential service you provide your readers.

In addition to the Movie Music Weekend, we’re also working on a couple of features we’ve never done before that we’ll be premiering in a few weeks.  I’ll let you know about them as they get closer.

Enjoy your week!


Love those specialty weekends!  (I may have an idea or two of mine own as well!!!  We'll be in touch!)

Thanks, Rick … and congrats to all on your Top Ten showing!  (kk)

Mark Lindsay’s name was noticeably missing from the new Happy Together Tour line-up currently circulating, now that rescheduled show dates have been announced.

Mark announced yesterday on his Facebook page:

“After many thoughtful discussions … with my longtime agent … I’ve tried to make a decision that would be best for my long term life goals.

“My ankle injuries over the years — from childhood mishaps to falling into an orchestra pit to a major skateboard crash to jumping off amps to bouncing down a cliff on Maui — have all left a major mark on those joints. My left ankle isn’t in great shape, but my right ankle is the main problem – it’s a degenerative issue, resulting in bone IN bone with zero cartilage in the joint and painful even with limited use. The pain and damage ramps up with every mile I put on it.

“I need to be able to allocate my remaining miles the most logical way possible for the long term, and adrenalized stomping around on stage most every night for weeks isn’t the best way to do it. I’ve exhausted every option other than dialing back the miles I put on my ankles.”

Mark says that he has removed his name from the line up for all of 2021 and 2022 and will not be participating in next year’s Flower Power Cruise (currently scheduled for March and April of 2022) either.

If you’ve seen the singer perform in recent years, you know that even at the age of 79 he is still VERY active on stage, doing leg kicks over his head on Paul Revere and the Raiders’ signature tune, “Kicks.”

But a couple of years ago he had a heart attack and had to have a pacemaker installed in 2018.  He insists that he is NOT had any further heart issues.

“My heart and pacer are just fine and will require no further attention until my battery replacement is due in 6 years.”

Lindsay goes on to say, “Don’t worry … I’m definitely not retiring!  I may potentially take a limited number of one-off live dates in the future, but only after evaluating each one carefully to determine if I can do it without creating more problems for myself.”

He also mentioned that he will be finishing filming his hosting parts for a Where the Action Was ’60s documentary later this year.  (So we’ve all got THAT to look forward to!)

In addition to his many pre-Covid live shows, Mark had also been making the rounds quite a bit recently in conjunction with the Quentin Tarantino film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,” which features quite a bit of Raiders music.  (kk)

Frannie and Mark Lindsay - Happy Together Tour

Me and Mark - 50 Summers of Love Tour

Our long time FH Buddy Quent Lang sent us this regarding Chicago Founding Member Walt Parazaider ...


Thought your audience would want to know … I just found out yesterday.  


That's too bad.  I know he hasn't performed with the band for years but as a founding member still has some type of controlling interest.  (The brass section has been a long-standing "constant" within the band Chicago.)

I thought he was having breathing issues that prevented him from performing anymore but I don't claim to know the exact details or specifics.  Still, as a cracker-jack brass man yourself, you already know how critical breathing is to every note you play.

Here's to hoping for a peaceful ride the rest of the way.  (About a week ago we told you about the new "Chicago Live At Carnegie Hall" box set that's coming out ... scroll back for more information.)    Let us know when you're back out and about performing again.  Thanks, Quent!  (kk)

From Frank B …




Paul McCartney recalls the first time The Beatles got stoned with Bob Dylan

Weird to hear THIS story now after so many years … but Alice Cooper has been talking about the time he was invited backstage to meet Elvis Presley after one of The King’s shows in Las Vegas …

Hi Kent ...

A Question for Kent ...

Tell me, Kent ... please …

What do you do when you hear a song you really like?  That would be one that you haven’t heard in a long time.  

I know what I do ... I get up and DANCE if it's one that moves and grooves. 

Usually I don’t remember all the words, but guilty as charged.   

I can even sit down DANCE … Move and groove, even when I drive. 

The Oldies Chat Room friends used to call me the "Dancing Queen." 

I just read in your blog that Curtis Lee's" Pretty Little Angel Eyes" was a Phil Spector production.  Love the song and love to DANCE! lol

PS.   I must get away from politics and get back into this room!  Some good reads here!

And, speaking of the late, great record "Wall of Sound" record producer, Phil Spector, I discovered in a record collection I bought years ago that I own the original "To Know Him is To Love Him" by the Teddy Bears.   I must have been very young when this song came out because I don’t remember hearing it on the radio until later years. I'm glad I own it though.  (I also once owned the original Phil Spector Christmas Album but unfortunately it was stolen from me.)

Thanks for all of the info.  I really enjoyed this series.  Looks like you did a lot of homework / research.


I've never been a dancer ... but I will admit that I do my fair share of "internal dancing" when the right song comes on.

The Teddy Bears first charted with “To Know Him, Is To Love Him” back in 1958, when it went to #1 in all three major trades.  Back in the earliest days of oldies radio, this was one you could always count on hearing.  (It sounds so antiquated today, doesn’t it?  Almost like it was recorded in their bedroom!)

The song itself is considered a classic … Peter and Gordon and Bobby Vinton also made The Top 40 with their versions of this tune (although those were both retitled “To Know YOU Is To Love YOU.”) 

It looks like people are starting to make their way thru the Phil Spector Series again … it’s a long read, for sure … but all the research credit has to go to Steve Knuettel.  I’m just the one who provided the source to run it, chiming in from time to time, here and there, as I am so wont to do.  (lol)  It’s a goodie, for sure … SO happy to FINALLY have the forum to present it again.  (kk)

Here’s a rare Phil Spector you don’t expect to find every day!!!

Kent –

Got a note from a guy who claims to be the only person ever to cover "(Let's Dance) The Screw." I have no reason to doubt him.

Here it is:

Be Well,

Carl Wiser

Actually, that’s not horrible …

In fact, it may actually be LESS horrible than the original!  (lol)   

But honestly, ten minutes is a bit much!  (kk)

Hi Kent ... 

I have some audio from Felix Silla.  He was in the studio for an interview with me in 2009.  Not only was he in the Addams Family and many other tv shows, but he was an extra in some of the biggest movies of all time. 

I have sent a long a couple of sound bites from that interview.

Phil Nee

It's AMAZING the projects this guy worked on over the years.  (kk)

Check out this new release from Cream’s Goodbye Tour …

A 2-LP set of Cream Live At The Forum, circa 1968 … on blue vinyl no less!

More details can be found via the link below:

From Jim Peterik …

Hi Doge fans!  Here is my new tribute song to the mascot we all love –

How much is that Dogey in the window depends on how much you invest.  



From Paul Evans …

Hi Oldies Lovers,

I’ve just updated my site. It’s about Happy Go Lucky Me  - the book, my career, lots of info, lots of photos and Mp3s.  I believe that you'll enjoy it if you get to it:

Paul Evans 

Punk Rock’s Patron Saint SID VICIOUS Gets Venerated On Recordings Featuring THE DAMNED’s RAT SCABIES and more!

Nobody embodied the spirit, ethos and attitude of punk rock better than Sid Vicious. As the bass guitarist for Sex Pistols’ from 1977 until the band’s dissolution a year later and a solo career that found him annihilating stages on both sides of the pond, Vicious transformed audience expectations of what a rock musician was supposed to be both on and off the stage. Toward the end of his tragically short career, Sid’s legendary live shows frequently found him revamping garage rock classics and pop standards with his trademark punk attitude. He did them, just like everything else Sid Vicious ever did, his way. Now a special vinyl release of some of Sid’s most ferocious performances has been put together with help from Sid’s contemporaries. Working from vocal outtakes of Vicious belting out Sinatra’s signature tune “My Way” and The Monkees’ classic “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone,” The Damned’s Rat Scabies and Johnny Thunders’ bandmate Walter Lure have revitalized these treasured recordings offering a stark reminder of just how charismatic and influential Vicious was. In addition, Scabies has created both a brand new mix of “My Way” as well as a unique track featuring some Sid studio banter.

Scabies proclaims, “Working with Sid was always a laugh, often stimulating and sometimes illegal, so it was good to be able to work on these tracks to remind myself of his intellect and humour.”

My Way will be released on two limited edition vinyls, a 7” in your choice of RED or BLUE vinyl and a 12” in either PINK or GOLD.

Buy the 12”:

Buy the 7”:

Digital version:

12” Track List:
1. My Way with Rat Scabies
2. (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone with Walter Lure

1. It's Sh*t with Rat Scabies
2. My Way with Rat Scabies (Yacht Mix)

3. Stormtrooper - I'm A Mess

7” Track List:
1. My Way with Rat Scabies

2. It's Sh*t with Rat Scabies 

Yeah, he wrote all those Buckinghams hits, but he also was one of the main men behind the soulful sound of Chicago's "The Mob" which helped send Chicago on a path of horn rock.

Now, James Holvay is BACK with five  brand new songs that will send you back to the soulful sounds you remember from the Windy City!

Check out James' new stuff.  You won't regret it! 

The Impressions, Tyrone Davis, Major Lance, Curtis Mayfield, Gene Chandler, The Dells, The Chi-Lites, Jerry Butler and all those smooth R&B sounds we grew up with!

James does a masterful job.

My fave?  

"Sweet Soul Sound"!!! 

Give these songs your thumbs up!

James Holvay’s debut EP is out now!!!

Entitled “Sweet Soul Song,” the EP features five tracks all paying homage to 60s Windy City Soul! Available now on all streaming services!

Here’s what critics are saying about “Sweet Soul Song” :

“I certainly didn’t know what to expect when I first played this EP last week; especially as the cover shows a grey haired white guy looking a bit like Jeff Goldblum or even Tom Hanks … so when the dance-tastic Working On It came out of the kitchen speakers I couldn’t stop myself shuffling along as I buttered my toast (not a euphemism!). Man … what a smooth and, cooool voice this cat has; and alongside producer Cameron Lew and engineer Steve Cohen can put together a melody and groove worthy of Stax, Atlantic and Philadelphia International too; with occasional nods to what I know as Northern Soul.”

Read the full review here!

Listen here:

Clark Besch

Clark also sent us this clip ...

The long sought-after "Honey House" from The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, 1968.

(Better look quick 'tho ... every time it has ever been put up on YouTube, it's been yanked down immediately.  I don't know why CBS or The Smothers Brothers don't just post this on their own ... there is obviously a very high demand to see it!)

Of course, we all remember the TREMENDOUS success of Bobby Goldsboro's #1 Hit "Honey" ...

Watch it all come to life right here ... 

And a couple more quick smiles from FH Reader Mike Wolstein …