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The Saturday Survey (October 20th)

I wonder how many 13 year old boys slept with a copy of this week's survey under their pillow back in 1968!?!?!  (In fact, I cannot help but wonder how many record stores refused to display it on their counters!!!  That being said, I'll bet circulation went up over the usual 25,000 copies per week after this chart hit the streets!)

Look at The Cowsills, all the way up to #2 with "Poor Baby," a track that fizzled out at #33 nationally (and peaked at #44 in Billboard).  It jumps sixteen places from #18 to #2 this week in '68 in Dayton, Ohio.

"Sweet Blindness" at #3 is another big mover this week, up from #17 the week before.  In fact, there are several records taking HUGE leaps up the chart this week ... "Chewy Chewy" by The Ohio Express jumps from #38 to #7, "Little Arrows" by Leapy Lee climbs from #37 to #9, Jimmie Rodgers (spelled wrong on the chart) is up fourteen places from #35 to #21 with "Today," a song that only managed to "bubble under" in Billboard and Archie Bell and the Drells move up eleven places with "Do The Choo Choo" (#40 to #29).

Diana Ross and the Supremes have the highest debut of the week as "Love Child" premiers at #12 ... but both of WING's Pick Hits never made much of an impression down the road.  (kk)

10-20-68 - WING - Dayton, Ohio

Despite being the 4th largest city in the state, Dayton had a great top 40 station in WING.  Future WLS legendary DJ Jerry Kaye was a personality this week 50 years ago there, too. 

On the chart, the great Cowsills obscurity,"Poor Baby," is sittin' pretty at #2, while the relatively unknown (today) Temptations hit "Please Return Your Love To Me" sits at #4.  The Ox-Bow Incident got their first break three years earlier by landing a gig in the Murray the K Brooklyn Fox NYC shows and here make the Dayton charts with their cover of the 4 Tops' "Reach Out" at #40.  A nice "girl next door" photo on the back, too.


If you need any more convincing that things have changed to a much heavier sound, you need look no further than this week's KOOK Chart out of Billings, Montana.

Steppenwolf has the #1 Single with their B-SIDE, "Sookie Sookie" ... the A-Side flip sits at #13!  (I can't pass up the opportunity to feature this one ... long a Forgotten Hits favorite.  In fact, in our Readers' Poll of Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides a few years ago, "Sookie Sookie" came in at #17, so it's gotta be one of YOUR favorites, too!

The rest of The Top Ten features tracks by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge, The Doors, Cream, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and somebody called Professor Morrison's Lollipop!

The LP's Chart features some "heavy" hitters, too, with Cream, The Doors, Big Brother and the Holding Company and Jimi Hendrix all represented. 

Steppenwolf, The Who, Big Brother, Iron Butterfly and Country Joe and the Fish all have Top 40 Hits this week in the lower half of the chart.

But this is, after all, the '60's ... so playing right alongside all these underground hits, you find bubblegum music (The Ohio Express and the Kasentz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus), Mary Hopkin, The Fifth Dimension, Dion and Andy Williams!!!

This is MY kind of chart ... check out the TV listings on the side columns, as well as the movies currently playing or coming to the area.  They even show The Top Five Hits from five and ten years ago!  (Boy, how things have changed ...  In 1963 Elvis ruled the roost ... and five years before that, you'd find The Coasters at the top of the charts!)

This is a GREAT survey ... would love to see more from this station as their roots appear to go back to the earliest Top 40 Charts ... and they just kept changing with the times.  (kk)


10/15/68 – The first official Led Zeppelin concert is held at Surrey University in England

Also on this date, Diana Ross and the Supremes appear on a Bing Crosby television special

10/16/68 – The Jimi Hendrix double album “Electric Ladyland “ is released.

Also on this date:  
Jay and the Americans record “This Magic Moment”

Olympic champions Tommy Smith and John Carlos give the Black Power salute in Mexico City

10/18/68 - John and Yoko are arrested for possession of marijuana outside of Ringo Starr’s London apartment

10/20/68:  The Fifth Dimension are back on The Ed Sullivan Show to sing “Sweet Blindness”

Friday, October 19, 2018

THE FRIDAY FLASH ... This Could Be Either The Greatest (or the Worst!) FRIDAY FLASH Of All-Time!!!

Hey Kent, 
A friend of mine just sent me this list. 
What do you think of it and what the writer said about the singles? 
- John LaPuzza

Honestly?  What do I think???

I think it’s a complete joke!  (And not in a very funny way)

I mean how can ANYBODY take it seriously???  (OK, you’ve CLEARLY got my attention with this one … and riled me up to a point of anger that just can’t be healthy this early in the morning!)

Now granted, ALL lists like this are designed to provoke a reaction ... good, bad or otherwise ... because let's face it ... when you break it down no ONE person's opinion holds any more weight than another's ... it's all subjective at this point ... so him saying "yay" and me saying "nay" really doesn't prove or change anything ... to each his own, as they say.  There simply is no right or wrong.  (Except in this particular case, where this guy is clearly completely wrong and I am completely right! lol)

The 10 Most Over-Rated Hit Singles of All-Time … think about that for a second … of ALL-TIME … and a couple of these are still playing on the radio today, being under a year old?  How can ANYTHING be "of All-Time" when they're still in the midst of their original run???  (And, crazily enough, those two are a couple of the songs I like MOST out of today’s current hit mix.)  So quite honestly, this guy lost ALL credibility with me the minute I read his first few entries.

Now I will admit that the Portugal The Man song was EVERYWHERE for about a year … every radio station, every television commercial, every movie preview … it was virtually unescapable … and yet I listened to it every single time because it was so uniquely different from anything else that’s been out in years … decades maybe, as I tend to liken this track to the unexpected success of “The Girl From Ipanema” some 54 years ago.

“Meant To Be” is one of those that grew on me … so I don’t consider that to be over-rated … just persistent!  (And it was the #1 Country Song for like half a year so clearly I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.)  I suppose I could understand a critic calling the song “annoying” … but not over-rated.  (So I'll buy "an annoying ear-worm" ... but the song hasn't been around to be the most ANYTHING of All-Time at this point ... turn on your radio at any point today and you'll probably still hear it!)

For anybody to EVER include “For What It’s Worth” on ANY type of over-rated list is just plain wrong … my guess is that this guy is probably too young to have lived thru the origins of some of these tracks … this may be the reason that he’s listing CURRENT music as being amongst the most over-rated of all-time.  And to reference this track as simply a “hit single” also proves that he hasn't got a clue … it’s an absolute ANTHEM of that era that has grown into an anthem for all-time.  Now THAT’S a pretty powerful piece of music … and it’s so perfectly executed.  Over-rated?  Not by a long shot!

(Consider this … this same guy also considers “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” and “Irreplaceable” to be songs that deservedly earned their hit status immediately as being undeniably worthy and justifiable ... absolute hit single pillars.  Now I’m not convinced that “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” even belong in the same sentence … and I actually had to look up “Irreplaceable” to see who did it which, in my mind means, it isn’t!  (For those others clueless among us, it was a Beyonce #1 Hit from 2006 … and, once you hear it, you will recognize it ... "to the left, to the left" ...yep, one of the “all-time” greats, for sure!   

“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey … over-rated?  I guess I never really thought about it in those terms.  Over-PLAYED for sure … no doubt about it … I reached the point several years ago of instinctively changing the channel the minute I heard the very first note as it has simply been played to death ... to the point that I just couldn’t listen to it at ALL anymore.  I guess for me in order for something to be over-rated it has to be held in such high regard by the masses that it needs to be knocked down a peg or two … and I’m just not sure this is one of those songs.  (Although the fact that it is held in such high regard to again be WAY overused in tv, movies and commercials, maybe it IS over-rated in that respect.)

Meanwhile, things like “Stairway To Heaven,” which continues to hold the highest honor amongst classic rock aficionados, would be one that has lost a great deal of its luster for me over the years of repeated play.  In hindsight, I would have to consider this song to be over-rated … yet it continues to top many of the Top 500 All-Time Great lists to this day.  

“Hotel California” is another song that has been played to death so, as I result, I will turn it off more often than I will listen to it these days … but there is no denying that it is a brilliantly crafted song … and when I do choose to listen to it every now and again, I am continually blown away by the total package.  It will never cease to amaze me what an incredibly great track this song really is.

Wanna talk over-rated?  How about Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline."  Who would have EVER thought that this thing would take on a whole new life of its own as a sports anthem?!?!  And it's not even one of Diamond's best songs!  (So Good - So Good ... but not really)  I'm not sure which aspect bothers me more ... the fact that it's become the "go-to" sing-along for every major sporting event, on par with something like Queen's "We Will Rock You," which was specifically designed with this use in mind ... or the fact that it was written about a then  12-year-old Caroline Kennedy ... how sick is THAT?!?!
I could never stand the Nirvana song … personally, I think the whole BAND is over-rated … and I have never seen Kurt Cobain as a tragic hero … so yeah, I guess I’m ok with this one being on the list.  And I just might rank Nirvana as the most over-rated artist of all time.  (More on this later … wait till you see HIS pick!!!)  

To refer to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as an over-rated hit single doesn’t even come close to doing justice to the phenomena this track created.  In fact, it's a full-blown insult.  "Thriller" is so much MORE than just a hit single.  To break it down to such a simplistic denominator again makes me question this guy’s credibility to even deserve a vote in this matter!  It was a landmark long-form music video ... really the first of its kind ... and it set the rest of the pop music world on its ear, impossible not to notice and command attention.  The fact that it was ever even released as a single at all is probably the LEAST important fact about "Thriller" that anyone could name. (And to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and keep things in perspective, let’s face it … Michael Jackson and “Thriller” are not Beyonce / “Irreplaceable”!!!)  You got that right!  (Also, when it comes to creative interpretation visually of these two tracks, I’ll take Michael’s Zombie Extravaganza over Beyonce’s repeated hand-gestures every time!)  

As most of you already know, I am a HUGE Creedence Clearwater Revival fan … but even I will admit that “Up Around The Bend” is one of their weaker tracks.  (Honestly, I don’t think ANYONE ranks this one high enough to even be considered eligible as an over-rated hit … it just wasn’t that great a tune to begin with, from a band that comparatively could do no wrong in my eyes for about four years.)  Simply put, I don’t believe it even qualifies to belong on a list like this … NOBODY rates it all that high in the first place.  But I have to REALLY take issue with the fact that he then goes on to call CCR the most over-rated artist of all time.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?  This guy lost all credibility with me several songs ago … but this is the final straw ... now I’m just going to have to permanently delete his link!!!  

As to his top two picks, I consider “Africa” to be an outstanding piece of music, perfectly crafted to evoke a mood that strikes you every time you hear it.  (Can ANYBODY out there listen to this song and NOT sing along???)  Simply put, it’s brilliant from start to finish … one of the best-crafted songs of our time.  Judging by his inclusion of "Meant To Be" and "Feel It Still," I half-expected this guy to reference last year's Weezer remake version of this song rather than Toto's original.  That's how out of touch this whole list feels to me!  (And sure enough Weezer DOES get a mention at the end of this particular piece.)

I will agree, however, that “Imagine” is over-rated, comparatively speaking.  I think it’s still a pretty powerful song but I will also agree that when you break it down lyrically, it just doesn’t hold up all that well.  I will even concede that John Lennon himself has grown in mythical stature since his death and not necessarily deservedly so, causing HIM to be a little over-rated.  Let’s face it … a lot of what he did looks pretty cheezy in hindsight … and also looks to be a very manipulative way of guiding his fans down a path of his own choosing as their perceived leader … and, as such, “Imagine” becomes a very calculated song in hindsight. Throughout his solo and John and Yoko career, Lennon carefully pushed all the right buttons to create an allegiance of followers, myself included at the time, who willingly drank the kool-aid.  Please understand that this is meant in NO way to diminish all the great music this man created … because there are very few out there who even deserve to sit at the same table … but of all the songs on this Top Ten List, I would consider only “Imagine” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” to be worthy of inclusion.

Whew!  OK, I gotta go lie down now!!!  (kk)

[OK ... now somebody out there send this guy Chris Queen a link to MY analysis ... 'cause I just spent a whole day here promoting HIS piece and HIS list, which I totally take issue with.  But then again, as they always say, "There's no such thing as bad publicity!!!"  The calculated ploy worked ... soon we'll ALL be talking about it and making our own critiques ... so mission accomplished!  WTG, Chris!!!]

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Hot Autumn Nights

We just received another band new concert review from our East Coast FH Correspondent Shelley Sweet-Tufano!  (Damn, Shelley, you've been going to more concerts lately than I have!!!) 

And this one sounds like a good one!  Read on ...  

The last weekend of September heralds in fall and thus … my yearly venture to Westbury, Long Island’s Historic Music Theatre , also known under the various names of whatever business currently owns them. 

Hot Autumn Nights brings out the best audience to see their favorite 60’s performers each year, who spend time signing autographs, and merchandise while actively answering questions of people who are enamored of their work.

Kent has insisted on keeping The Buckinghams in the Chicago area for such a long time, that the last time I saw them live was last year! OK, maybe it wasn’t JUST Kent, but certainly the Cornerstones of Rock Concerts have kept them occupied (and happy) for quite a stretch of time. The couple next to me is excited to be here, as you will see during this review. I point out to them the stage set-up and that the three mics in a front curve means that The Buckinghams are opening. They question me on why it can’t be The Grass Roots, but when I explain The Roots have two frontmen, they accept my explanation as being “very observant.”  That is just a flattering remark. Only a small bit of knowledge needed.

Well now! Chicago has been good to and for The Buckinghams. They hit the stage ALL smiling and musically strong. ‘Don’t You Care’ starts them off, followed by ‘Hey Baby, They’re Playing Our Song.’  Nick Fortuna relates a story most of us have experienced on attending high school reunions. There is always the talk about how much people have changed. This story has a comical twist and the man next to me states, “That was very cute.”  

Dave Zane hits the vocals heavily with ‘I Go Crazy’ and Carl Giammarese takes back the lead with ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.’  Nick’s comedic mood continues with his Ed Sullivan impersonation. They are facing the opposite direction on the musical turn-table stage, and he vocally projects a very credible Sullivan tonight. The side of the venue that faces them is full of laughter and movement that shows they think it’s hilarious to watch.  

‘Susan,’ the last hit of The Bucks, is followed by the first hit of The Bucks, ‘Kind of a Drag.’  This is also their final song tonight. So short! So rich with hits! So good musically! A final reaction from the man next to me, “They have personality.”

“Here is the reason I am here,” the man next to me states as The Grass Roots take the stage. The audience around me is showing appreciation and joy as ‘Wait A Million Years’ begins. The next song may not have been as big a hit, but ‘Heaven Knows’ is one of my favorites. When they first started playing, Dusty’s guitar sounded pretty loud. Then as the stage turned toward us, it was deafening. BUT the Westbury sound board operator is on the mark, and it is quickly put in league with the bass, keyboards and drums. Mark Dawson’s vocals have a strong but smooth texture as the melodies flow forward. ‘Sooner or Later’ and the crowd is clapping and singing along. Actually we take over the chorus and The Roots sit back and listen to us. (That can’t be fun!)

Before they begin ‘Let’s Live For Today,’ Dusty and Mark talk about our Veterans, honing in on Vietnam. Isn’t it a beautiful trait that so many 60’s groups have included a remembrance to Veterans which recognizes the service and the loneliness of these soldiers coming home to silence or even degradation, and corrects a period of history that shames me in the way these Veterans were treated. I never knew the welcome-back of previous wars, but I felt an awkward silence around the return of Vietnam Vets. Something that just wasn’t right. I am so proud of the musicians that are strong and continue to bring this omission of gratitude into a light of correction.

It is so fitting that the next song is The Grass Roots’ first hit, ‘Where Were You When I Needed You.’  Indeed! And if you are wondering when they will perform ‘Temptation Eyes,’ it is now! The chorus rolls around the audience as we all sing as though we are cruising in our cars with our friends belting out our fave songs with the radio. Whew!  Attending a concert can be exhausting. “They sound just like they did when they started at the beginning,” says the man next to me. OH-OH!! Educator mode is kicking in. 

I am immersed in ‘Midnight Confessions’ but I am forming my words into sentences of explanation and reason as we stand to thank The Grass Roots. It’s ok, everyone. This turns out well for all. 

Me: “They are great, but none of the performers you just watched were in the original Grass Roots.”

Now comes an explanation of the studio band beginnings, the need to form a standard membership called The Grass Roots, and the passing of Rob Grill after other members had left the group.

“Given what I have just told you, this is why I support this group …  

1.    Each of these musicians performed with Rob Grill as The Grass Roots  

2.    Rob Grill hand selected them to carry on the legacy 

3.    The biggest thing a musician has to pass on to his friends, family, and fans is his music 

4.    I want The Grass Roots’ music to continue to be performed live and to acquire new followers at each concert 

5.    They are SO GOOD performing together as The Grass Roots

Him: “Oh wow ... I am speechless.” 

His girlfriend: “Oh, THANK YOU! You finally shut him up!” 

OK, Kent, here it comes - Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone.

Oh come on! I cut my review teeth on this group. I can’t stop now!  Hopefully, I am even getting just a little bit better writing. 

Hey, something is really wrong. I have been talking to my concert neighbors and did not notice till now. The rotating stage is totally bare except for a mic and stand. The Hermits are organizing their instruments in the pit area. I hadn’t realized that the stage crew was removing instruments, but NOT replacing them to Hermit mode. All this time, their instruments lay resting in the pit area waiting for their owners’ arrival to plug them in and check them. HOW IS THIS EVER GOING TO WORK?

“Humph! I’ve never seen this,” I hear mumbled next to me. The lights dim.  

‘Vindaloo’ begins and the Hermits jump on the stage from the pit to once again lead a Westbury crowd to their feet to welcome the Manchester, England, native: Peter Noone. They quickly jump back into the pit and begin the opening strains of ‘Into Something Good’ while Peter runs down the entry ramp, onto the turntable stage, grabs the mic off the stand, and begins to fill every inch of that stage with dancing, running, jumping and other frenzied actions of joy for song and music. So, for me tonight, the song line-up is not really the focus. All the songs will be great, but how will Peter Noone interact with his audience AND his Hermits in this unusual setting? ‘Wonderful World,’ ‘Love Potion #9’ and ‘Dandy’ has him filling the magic circle with a lively mix of showmanship that immediately brings the audience in as always; singing along, clapping, smiling. And here is the twist! The Hermits are seeing this show for the first time as we, the audience see it … from the front!

I watch them giggling, no actual outbursts of laughter, as they see the facial expressions combined with burlesque-style movements just as a first-time concert attendee would. When Peter gets to ‘Folsom Prison Blues,’ a hidden harmonica emerges from behind a stage amp. When he announces ‘Sea Cruise,’ Peter runs into the pit to interact with Rich at the keyboards as we are used to seeing. He returned to the pit when ‘Just A Little Bit Better’ was performed to enjoy and react to Vance and Billy’s kicks. He is alone on stage for ‘Silhouettes,’ ‘Listen People’ (that one had to be a bit scary, frozen at the mic stand, spotlight beating down), ‘Traveling Light’ and ‘No Milk Today.’  The audience is loving the closeness of The Hermits on the opposite side of the stage. The stage still turns, but Peter has never waited to move with it. He continues to move against it in one direction or faster than it turns in the other direction. 

“The next song is my favorite Herman’s Hermits song: It’s ‘The End of The World.’  I hope you enjoy it.” (Enjoy the end of the world? Probably not!)

“He’s adorable,” says  the woman on my left. I think I quoted that same remark from another show this summer. So, the strange stage setting has not interfered with that feeling. “Oh, that’s cute,” adds the man on my right. “Oh, he’s in a class by himself.” So this is going very well.

Billy Sullivan is invited on stage to dance the jig with Peter during ‘Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat’ and just as the last note on ‘Mrs. Brown’ is heard, three Hermits storm the stage armed with guitars, and an intense guitar intro brings forth ‘Henry the Eighth.’  As quickly as they appeared, The Hermits retreat to the pit and the concert goes on … till it ends. 

I gave much thought to the reasoning behind the new staging at Westbury. It is probably the result of the congestion caused by three sets of band equipment stacked like a gypsy caravan onstage and the danger it causes to performers trying their best to entertain the arena of fans. It most definitely creates an electric jungle.  

HOWEVER, I am choosing to believe a different reason.  

They changed it up to challenge me in my writing. That’s MY story, and I’m sticking to it.
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano  

This trio of artists has been putting on these '60's Spectacular shows together for about 25 years now.  What a GREAT way to cap off the summer.  Thanks for sharing with us, Shelley.  

(And by the way, we’ll lose The Buckinghams for a good chunk of the summer next year because they’re back on the Happy Together Tour for, I believe, the fifth time!)  Before that, however, they're doing a couple more Cornerstones shows here in Chicago in November ... and then head off to the high seas again for another Concerts At Sea Music Cruise during the month of February ... not a bad time to be outside The Windy City!!! 

Meanwhile, Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone returns to The Arcada Theatre on June 9thof next year, after an extended tour of The UK. 

And locals on the list can catch The Grass Roots next month at The Genesee Theatre when they open for Tommy James and the Shondells on November 17th!  (kk)

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tuesday This And That

Roy Orbison is extremely hot again!!!

Besides his mention in a key scene in the new Bradley Cooper / Lady GaGa remake of “A Star Is Born,” Orbison is currently out “on tour” (in Hologram fashion), hitting The Genesee Theatre next Sunday Night (October 21st) … and a second teaming with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is already in the works, this one featuring contributions from members of his own family.

Bob Merlis keeps us up to date with a couple of recent press releases …

Orbison passed away back in 1988 … thirty years ago … just before the release of the second Traveling Wilburys album … but his music will live on long past all of our lifetimes thanks to marketing ploys like these.

We saw “A Star Is Born” Sunday afternoon … and I’m hoping to attend the Hologram Show next weekend as well.  (I’ve just GOT to see it … my curiosity is piqued although, I will admit, in somewhat of a creepy way … but I’ve got to see it for myself in order to determine if a program like this will really work before a live audience.  With the proposed ABBA Hologram Tour slated for next year, I need to know NOW if I need to get in line for tickets!!!)  kk

Please let Jay know about our website … I’ve been trying to contact him for years as I think he would really enjoy it!
I finally got the chance to meet him after your show at The Arcada, but things were so hectic at that point we barely got a chance to talk.  I would just LOVE for him to share some of his incredible memories with our readers from time to time.
Thanks, Freddy!  (kk)

Regarding the Tommy Roe / Tommy Row typo in the CHUM Chart you ran on Sunday …
At that time, the CHUM chart was compiled by the Program Director (Allan Slaight), Music Director (Bob McAdorey) and the music librarian.  The information was then sent to the printer who mocked up a proof and sent it back to the station for approval.     
Now, since Tommy Roe's name is spelled correctly as the # 7 song, I can only assume (as I didn't start at CHUM until a year and a half later), that this was missed at several levels.  Shit happens.
Doug Thompson (CHUM Archives)
Hey, we’ve seen it on virtually every chart we’ve ever reprinted … it just seemed to be a very low priority on everybody’s list when it came to “spell check” … song titles and artists’ names were regularly misspelled or misrepresented altogether.  (You’d just think that as the featured artist of the week, a little bit more attention would have been paid in this regard!!!)  kk

Speaking of the charts …

I loved the remembrance of Jose Feliciano's "Star Spangled Banner" in this week’s Saturday Survey feature.
At the time, it did not seem that big a deal to a 12 year old loving baseball.  However, it WAS the model (IMO) for what came and I don't like the way most change the song styling.
Hey, 50 years ago, here's the American Bandstand Top 10 board!  #2 and 3 are great surprises!
Clark Besch

Hi Kent,
Well Buddy, I had about a pot and a half reading through this Sunday’s blog ... you must of had at least that much creating it! ... lol
Once again, well done, mi Amigo. 
Have a great week, my friend.
Bless ya -
Barry Winslow

I have to comment on the "B sides" thing, as that is one of my TRUE PASSIONS in music. 
I have so many 45s where I like the "flip side" more.  Most of these flip sides were not hits, but some were. 
You mentioned "Something” / “Come Together" and "Laughing” / “Undun," so I will not discuss those.
A few random thoughts beyond that, and believe me, I could go on and on and on about this subject.
While a few producers / record companies (Phil Spector being the prime example) put 'trash' on the B side to force attention to the "hit" side, I believe most singers and bands really wanted 'quality' on both side of the single.  The Beatles, Elvis, Ricky Nelson, the Beach Boys, the Stones, the 4 Seasons, Gene Pitney and Roy Orbison rarely had anything but quality on both sides of the record - at least to my ears.  And even Spector broke his own pattern once in a while.  "Hung On You," the flip side of "Unchained Melody," is every bit as quality at the 'hit side.'
1961 had two 45's where both sides were TOP 10 hits nationally, and all four songs are among my favorites by their artist, for the year, and even beyond that.
First, Rick Nelson released "Travelin' Man” / “Hello, Mary Lou" on the same 45.
Then Elvis released "Little Sister” / “(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame" together.
All fpir songs were TOP 10, and peaked at numbers 1, 9, 5 and 4, respectively.
One of the oddest, to me, B side quirks had the same hit song. "I Say A Little Prayer" was a hit for Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin.  Dionne took it to # 4 in 1967; Aretha to # 10 in 1968.  But the flip side of Dionne's version was "(Theme From) Valley Of The Dolls", which had fouor consecutive weeks at # 2 in early 1968.  The flip side of Aretha's version was "The House That Jack Built," which reached # 6.
There are so many other flip sides that I could talk about, but I will stop myself at three for today.
Nancy Sinatra had a big hit with "Sugar Town" in late 1966.  The flip side, "Summer Wine," one of her duets with Lee Hazelwood, actually made the BILLBOARD TOP 50 several months later.
Guess Who's smash "These Eyes", had a hidden gem on its flip side.  "Lightfoot" was an homage to fellow Canadian singer, Gordon Lightfoot.
Finally, since you had an article on the Tokens in today's blog, flip over their 1966 hit, "I Hear Trumpets Blow," and you'll find a hidden gem in "Don't Cry, Sing Along With The Music."
Comments on a couple that you mentioned …
“Hung On You” is another perfect example of what I was talking about … THIS was the intended A-Side by Phil Spector … so this is the track that HE produced.  The B-Side, considered then just “another version of ‘Unchained Melody,” was so unimportant to Spector that he let Bill Medley produce it, as he had done on the majority of The Righteous Brothers’ other B-Sides up to this point.
Again, disc jockeys jumped on the remake … and The Righteous Brothers’ version of “Unchained Melody” has become one of the most played records in history … right up there with their own smash “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling.”
‘Summer Wine” is, as you know, one of my all-time favorites.  It placed at #3 on our Readers’ Poll of Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides several years ago … and was actually in the running to be #1 on that list until some last minute voting.
And “Theme from ‘Valley Of The Dolls’” is another example of a good amount of time passing between its first issuance and its hit status.
“Theme from ‘Valley Of The Dolls’” was first released as the B-Side of Dionne Warwick’s “I Say A Little Prayer” in October of 1967.  Then, three months later disc jockeys flipped the record over and started playing “Theme from ‘Valley Of The Dolls’” when the movie became a hit in theaters … and it actually ended up outshining the A-Side, peaking at #2 to “Prayer”’s #4 showing in Billboard.  (It actually hit #1 here in Chicago.)
Similarly, Lulu’s “To Sir, With Love,” the #1 Record of 1967 according to many Year-End Charts, was originally the intended B-Side of Lulu’s rocker “The Boat That I Row,” a Neil Diamond tune that became a hit nearly everywhere but here in The States, where it “Bubbled Under” at #115.
I, too, am fascinated by B-Sides … that’s why we devoted an entire series to it.  (When all was said and done, over 65,000 votes came in to determine your Top 200 Favorites!!!)
Hopefully, one of the enterprising stations on our list will reconsider their decision and give this program some airtime … because I am absolutely CONVINCED that this is a Hot Topic Special that your listeners will love.  (Call me!!!)  kk

And here’s an interesting story from David Salidor, a long-time member of The Forgotten Hits list … 

It seems that David Salidor’s father did PR for Todd’s first album RUNT (Ampex), released in 1970.  David told me, “I heard that album and just loved it; his follow up, SOMETHING / ANYTHING (1972 / Bearsville) was an instant rock classic. About time for him to go into the R&R HOF.”  Salidor continues, “I saw him in 2011 with the New Cars (Kasim was in the group, too) and he was fantastic. They actually did ‘Black Maria’ from SOMETHING / ANYTHING and it tore the house down. This was at a WPLJ / China Club event organized by Tom Cuddy. Amazing show!  "Todd's a totally unique genius ... although at times, a bit of overindulgence does show. As a producer and engineer, he's great, too. For a true testament to his talent, watch his appearance on Daryl's House ... amazing! For the record, my favorite Todd-production is the WAR BABIES album by Hall & Oates, released in 1974. All these years later, still a bold record ... totally brilliant."

Todd deserves Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction, not only as an artist but also as a producer.  He also helped totally reinvent Grand Funk Railroad, giving them the biggest hits of their career … and was instrumental in the Badfinger “Straight Up” album as well … one of my Top Ten Favorite Albums of All-Time.  He has been on our Deserving And Denied List for over a decade now … it’s time he finally gets his due.  (At press time, he was officially in 4th place with just under 75,000 votes … hopefully The Rock Hall will see their way to finally recognize this great artist.)  kk 

kk …
Here are some great photos from Dennis Tufano’s Saturday Night show at Staten Island, New York.

The Experience Hendrix Tour, the critically acclaimed multi-artist celebration of Jimi Hendrix’s musical genius is returning in 2019 with its biggest ever tour -- 30 dates through the East Coast, South and Midwest. What began as a single show tribute at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2000 has blossomed into a full-fledged concert experience that has thrilled countless fans across the US.  The tour presents a host of great artists collaborating and interpreting Hendrix’s legendary songs as part of a powerhouse, three hour concert experience.
This latest edition of the much anticipated tour once again emphasizes the influence Hendrix has made on a diverse group of artists.  The concerts will bring together artists as disparate as guitar wizard Joe Satriani, blues great Taj Mahal, Ernie Isley and Dweezil Zappa.  Megadeath’s Dave Mustaine will make his Experience Hendrix Tour debut while mainstays such as Billy Cox, Jonny Lang, and Eric Johnson will also be on board for the expedition. The Experience Hendrix Tour offers fans a rare opportunity to see many highly regarded players performing together in a unique setting.
15-time Grammy Award nominee Joe Satriani will make his long-awaited return when the tour kicks off March 3 kickoff in Pompano Beach, FL. Notable for being the biggest-selling instrumental rock guitarist of all time, Satriani came to the forefront with the release of his 1987 solo album Surfing with the Alien. He has worked with Mick Jagger, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult and the fabled Spinal Tap and is a member of rock super group Chickenfoot. In keeping with the spirit of the Experience Hendrix Tour, Satriani has formed an all star trio especially for the occasion, calling upon bassist and vocalist dUg Pinnick from King’s X, and prolific sideman Kenny Aronoff on drums to serve as his rhythm section.
Satriani commented, "The Experience Hendrix Tours are always so much fun. The camaraderie between all the musicians on the show is magical. I’m so excited to play some deep Hendrix tracks in a power trio setting with dUg Pinnick and Kenny Aronoff!!!”   
Originally the lead guitarist for Metallica, Dave Mustaine next founded Megadeth in 1983 and the group has earned a loyal, worldwide following.  The Southern California native can be considered an architect of the speed metal movement, which is one of many branches on the family tree of heavy, guitar-based music that can be traced back to Jimi Hendrix. With five platinum albums and one multi-platinum album under his belt, Mustaine and his sound are institutions in the rock world. The 2019 Experience Hendrix Tour will be his first.
Dave Mustaine expressed his excitement about being part of the tour. “Jimi Hendrix. The name that comes to my mind as one the ‘Premiere American Guitarists Of All Time.’ An Innovator, and legendary musician, I am beyond honored to do my part in this tribute to the immortal Jimi Hendrix, and want to thank [EH Tour producer] John McDermott for inviting me to play along such mind-blowing guitarists as Joe Satriani, and a personal favorite of mine, Eric Johnson. See you there!”
Also hitting the road this time around will be Billy Cox, bassist for both Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Cox has been the backbone of the tour since its inception, providing a spiritual connection between the past and present. Two other artists who enjoyed friendships with Hendrix will also take part.  Blues legend Taj Mahal and guitar Ernie Isley each make a welcome return to the tour, as does the dynamic guitar and vocalist Jonny Lang, the legendary Eric Johnson, Cesar Rosas & David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, drummer and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Chris Layton of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble fame as well as Calvin Cooke and Chuck Campbell, the “Sacred Steel” slide guitar masters known as The Slide Brothers, Mato Nanji of Indigenous and Henri Brown
"The tour is more than a series of concerts," said Janie Hendrix, CEO of  Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. “It's a celebration of a man whose amazing gift changed the face of music and informed an entire culture. His influences were varied and diverse. And this year we’re shining a light on that diversity with artists who represent it across cultures and who also share a love for Jimi and his music. It’s exciting to be able to honor Jimi’s enduring legacy in this way.”
The 2019 Experience Hendrix tour dovetails with the release this November 9 release of the Deluxe Edition box set of Electric Ladyland from Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. and Legacy Recordings in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hendrix’s masterpiece.  It will be available as as either a 3CD/1 Blu-ray set or a 6LP/1 Blu-ray set, remastered by Bernie Grundman and including Electric Ladyland: The Early Takes, which presents demos and studio outtakes from this period in Hendrix’s career, plus a new 5.1 surround sound mix of the entire original album by Hendrix’s original engineer Eddie Kramer. Also included is Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At the Hollywood Bowl 9/14/68 well as the feature length documentary At Last… The Beginning: The Making of Electric Ladyland.
It has also been announced that every pair of tickets purchased online for select Experience Hendrix Tour dates will come with a physical CD copy of Both Sides of the Sky. Heralded by Relix as “both a historically valuable document . . . and a treat musically,” Both Sides of the Sky is the third volume in a trilogy of albums intended to present the best and most significant unissued studio recordings remaining in Jimi Hendrix’s archive.
The 2019 Experience Hendrix Tour is sponsored by Youcisian, the popular online music instruction platform, along with Fender Musical Instruments, Dunlop, Hal Leonard, and Axe Heaven.
2019 Experience Hendrix Tour dates:
Mar 3               Pompano Beach, FL – Pompano Beach Amphitheater
Mar 4               Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall
Mar 5               Melbourne, FL – King Center for the Performing Arts
Mar 6               Jacksonville, FL – Florida Theatre
Mar 8               North Charleston, SC – North Charleston Performing Arts Center
Mar 9               Atlanta, GA – The Fox Theatre-Atlanta
Mar 10             Nashville, TN – Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Mar 11             Huntsville, AL – Von Braun Center
Mar 12             Chattanooga, TN – Tivoli Theater
Mar 14             Raleigh, NC – Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts
Mar 15             Charlotte, NC – Ovens Auditorium
Mar 16             Knoxville, TN – Tennessee Theatre
Mar 17             Cincinnati, OH – The Taft Theatre
Mar 19             Louisville, KY – Palace Theatre
Mar 20             Madison, WI – Overture Center for the Arts
Mar 21             Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater
Mar 22             Chicago, IL – The Chicago Theatre
Mar 23             Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre
Mar 24             Charleston, WV – The Clay Center
Mar 26             Washington, DC – Warner Theatre
Mar 27             Bensalem, PA – Xcite Center at Parx Casino
Mar 28             Westbury, NY – Theatre At Westbury
Mar 29             Newark, NJ – New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Mar 30             Niagara Falls, NY – Seneca Niagara Casino
Apr 1               Syracuse, NY – Landmark Theatre
Apr 2               Red Bank, NJ – Count Basie Theatre
Apr 3               Albany, NY – Palace Theatre
Apr 4               Lowell, MA – Lowell Memorial Auditorium
Apr 5               New Bedford, MA – Zeiterion Performing Arts Center
Apr 6               Wallingford, CT – Toyota Presents The Oakdale Theater

Ken Voss
When we saw “A Star Is Born” this weekend we saw previews for both the new Freddie Mercury / Queen movie (which looks amazing, by the way) as well as a new Elton John biopic called “Rocket Man” (which I really haven’t heard anything at all about!)
This is one way this music will stay alive and new generations will continue to discover it … and nothing could please me more.  (Consider, too, “Mamma Mia … Here We Go Again and all the recent award-winning portrayals of Ray Charles, James Brown and Johnny Cash … not to mention older fare like “The Buddy Holly Story” and “La Bamba” … ALL positive steps, in my opinion, as a means to introduce new generations to the music we all love and grew up with.  (kk)