Friday, December 24, 2010

And On The 12th Day Of Christmas ...

... He rested!

Whew! We made it! Twelve INCREDIBLE days of Christmas Music ... many premiered for the VERY FIRST TIME right here in Forgotten Hits!!!

Thanks again to all who played along this year ... and all that loved (or endured) our special holiday feature. Let's do it all again next year!
Meanwhile, a few more favorites and requests!

I think they should go back to playing Xmas songs like they used to do. Not start until Thanksgiving, and then occasionally until mid December. After the middle of December you gradually increase it until Xmas Eve where you play it straight through Xmas Day. Maybe people wouldn’t get so sick of them by the end of November.
Best Xmas 45-“Christmas” by Darlene Love
I believe “Christmas Time” by Beatles was on their 1967 Xmas disc
I think you're right ... on both counts.

The 1969 Beatles Fan Club Disc was pretty much all recorded as solo contributions by each Beatle (plus Yoko, of course!) and had little snippets of "Abbey Road" thrown in for good measure, too. (Is this the one that had Tiny Tim on it ... or was that 1968?) I listened to these SO many times over the years that I finally had to put them away! (lol)
And your Christmas Music airplay schedule pretty much matches the one we outlined way back at the beginning of this series ... build to a crescendo and leave it at that ... we really don't need 9-10 weeks of Christmas music 24/7! Thanks, Ken! (kk)

Don't hear much about this great Christmas song: "Old / Little Toy Trains"
Glen Campbell's version
Roger Miller's version (he wrote it)
A couple more great Nashville Christmas tracks would have to be "If We Make It Thru December" by Merle Haggard and "Pretty Paper" by Roy Orbison.
I think "Little Toy Trains" is one of the ones that Larry Neal mentioned the other day as a Christmas track they used to play down in Oklahoma City back in the day. You're right ... that one's all but completely forgotten now!

Besides topping The Country Charts, the Merle Haggard tune actually made it to #28 on the POP charts, too, charting for 11 weeks beginning in late 1973. I hear "Pretty Paper" quite a bit at Christmastime here in Chicago ... not one of my favorites by Roy Orbison, but a Top 15 Pop Hit ten years earlier in '63 ... and one of Willie Nelson's earlier chart successes as a songwriter. (kk)

America will perform on a Holiday Skating Special! Hear them perform such classics as “Tin Man,” “Ventura Highway,” “You Can Do Magic” and “Horse With No Name,” along with several holiday tunes, on NBC’s Christmas Day special Salute to the Golden Age of American Skating.
Recently taped in Atlantic City, the show features Olympic skaters Evan Lysacek, Sarah Hughes, Scott Hamilton, Nancy Kerrigan, Tara Lipinski, Brian Boitano and Kristi Yamaguchi. All told, the 30 cast members own a combined 17 Olympic medals. Salute to the Golden Age of American Skating airs on Saturday at 4 p.m.
Frank B. (from the WCBS-FM Website)
Yep ... we told you ALL about this last week ... when America sent us their brand new Christmas song to share in Forgotten Hits! They've just released a new version of "Holly Jolly Christmas" ... and I wish radio would start playing it ... because I'm sick and tired of hearing the Burl Ives version every twenty minutes!!! (kk)

Don't forget to give us a dose of LONELY CHRISTMAS by that local Chicago area artist ... It'll hit-the-spot for the tv dinner Christmas crowd ... renfield Actually, we sent that one out pretty early on this year ... and got virtually NO response this time around. (Maybe folks are already sick of THIS one, too!!! lol) Thanks, Gary ... Merry Christmas! (kk)

Not sure if you've covered this yet:
Back when I was a kid in the 60s, the two big tire companies (Goodyear and Firestone) both issued Christmas LPs as premiums every year. We didn't buy tires every year and so only had a couple of them when they were first-run, but back in the early 80s I picked up many more at used record stores. Early on, most were classical arrangements, but toward the end of the 60s there were numerous pop artists in the lineups, including Petula Clark, The New Christy Minstrels, Barbra Streisand, and Diahann Carroll. I like them because they're anthologies, and not 40 minutes of Burl Ives Sings Christmas Favorites. The Goodyear LPs appeared annually from 1961-1969. Firestone followed in 1963, and issued LPs annually until 1969 as well. "Back years" could be ordered for $1.25 each postpaid, while they lasted. For seasonal giveaways they were terrific, and although I don't think they've ever been reissued on CD, the LPs are still kicking around and worth having if you can play them.

-- Jeff Duntemann
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I'm sure our family had a few of these as well (although I don't remember anything specifically about them.) I don't think we played much Christmas Music around my house when I was a kid growing up ... but I made up for that in my adult years, building quite a collection of Christmas classics. That's why showcasing this brand NEW music is such a kick for me ... Christmas music did NOT end in the '60's and '70's (although radio, for the most part, will lead you to believe otherwise.) There's been some GREAT Christmas music released over the past several years ... and among my personal favorites are (believe it or not) Christmas Albums by Tommy James, Donny Osmond and Hanson!!! (Yes, the Mm-Bop guys!!! Their Christmas album is EXCEPTIONAL!) kk

Speaking of collectible Christmas albums, here's one you might want to act quickly to get your hands on ...
You can buy Jack and myself these inexpensive '78's to make OUR Christmas Merry!!! ...
Well, it looks like he's already declined three offers (I'm guessing for around $50 apiece! lol) And now the $750,000 item has been removed from eligibility ... but as of this writing, there's still time to snatch up that OTHER 78-RPM set for $950,000! Good Luck! (kk)

I know you're not soliciting your readers' "picks of the day", but once again there's a major standout among all you shared today: Lou Christie's "Oh Holy Night" is so well-done that I've had to listen over and over again my friend. Thanks!
I've found at least a couple of absolute stand-out track in every posting so far during our Forgotten Hits Twelve Days Of Christmas Countdown ... some GREAT, undiscovered music out there. (Now why WOULDN'T oldies radio play the Lou Christie version of "O Holy Night" ... he's a PROVEN oldies artists and this is an absolutely INCREDIBLE rendition!!! C'mon Jocks, get with the program here!!! lol You're cheating your listeners out of some really great music by some of their very favorite artists!!!)
By the way, one of the very best versions of "O Holy Night" I've ever heard is on the aforementioned Hanson Christmas album ... part of an OUTSTANDING Christmas Medley!!! (kk)

Kent ...
I like your idea of playing the Bobby Darin Christmas Hit followed by "Mack The Knife". That got me to thinking about this idea ... Christmas Double Plays.
Here's what I mean:
Play "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby, followed by the newest version of same song.
Play "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" by Gene Autry, followed by latest version of same song. You get the idea.
When I heard about Wayne Newton's new CD, "Christmas In Las Vegas", here's what I expected to hear:
"Christmas When I'm Broke"
"Blackjack Got My Kids Presents"
"I Left My Wife's Gift At The Crap Table"
"How Can I Make A Snowman With Sand?"
"Daddy, How Can Santa Find Us At A Hotel On The Strip?"
Feel free to pass my idea on to Wayne Newton. Maybe he can use it next year.
Frank B.
What, no "Slot Machine Bells" ... no "I Bet The House On Christmas ... Now We Ain't Got No Chimney" ... or "I Crapped Out On Christmas"???? Now THESE are Las Vegas-style Christmas classics!!! (kk)

Kent ... I'm sitting at my favorite Pub, talking to my friends. I want to hear some music. I want to hear my favorite Christmas Song, by Bobby Darin ... so I play it. Instead of "Christmas Auld Lang Syne", I get Bobby singing "What'd I Say".

I love Bobby Darin. I'll listen to him singing anything.

At this time of the year I'd rather hear his 1960 Christmas Hit rather than a Ray Charles song. Because of technical problems, I had to take matters into my own hands. I sang the song myself.

My friends didn't think this was a good idea.
Frank B.

HUGE Bobby Darin fan here, too ... I fell in love with his catalog while doing our Forgotten Hits Bobby Darin Series a few years ago. (I know, I know, we've got to get it up on the website!!!) "What'd I Say"??? Not a big fan, honestly ... didn't care for the Elvis version either. Jerry Lee Lewis also took a crack at it ... and so have dozens of OTHER artists ... sorry, but for ME, the ONLY correct version is the Ray Charles original! He OWNS that song! Anything else is "nice" ... but unnecessary! (kk)

Hi Kent,
One aspect of Christmas that featured so much in Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” was nostalgia. It’s when we look back at past Christmases, very often remembering those who are no longer with us – for whatever reason. I’d like to indulge and note the lyrics of two wonderful Christmas songs that enable us to do just this. First up is Carla Thomas’ “Gee Whiz, its Christmas”:

It's been a long long time
Can't explain why you crossed my mind

I guess it's just to say gee whiz it's Christmas

It's funny that I haven’t thought to call you before

And why is it I haven't seen you around anymore

Another year has passed and I can't erase

The memory of your smiling face

So I have to call you up and say

Gee whiz it's Christmas

Then there’s Frank Sinatra with “Christmas Memories”:
Oh the joy of waking Christmas mornings, the family round the tree,

We had a way of making Christmas morning as merry as can be,

I close my eyes and see shining faces

Of all the children who now have children of their own

Funny, but comes December, and I remember every Christmas I've known.

And that last line is a line that only Mr. Sinatra can deliver. You know instantly what he’s singing about.
Mike Edwards


I’ve been enjoying the new Christmas music you’ve been spotlighting and I want to make my contribution.
It’s hard to write a song about Christmas without using the same images and premise over and over again, so Patti Dahlstrom (“EMOTION”) and I set out to write a song from a completely different angle. I’m proud to present my latest AMBIENT MUSIC VIDEO of the song Patti and I wrote, “”WHAT ABOUT THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS?”
Also here is the song I wrote with Toni Wine (“CANDIDA”, “GROOVY KIND OF LOVE”) that you raved about last year, “I LOSE IT WHEN I HEAR WHITE CHRISTMAS” by Tony Orlando and Dawn.
"Back in 1966 I was working as a staff writer and producer for Scepter Records. Florence Greenberg who owned the company decided to re-release “SOLDIER BOY” by the Shirelles, which had been number one a few years earlier, and asked me to write and produce a new b-side for it. She also suggested that to save time and money I should write the new song over the old Shirelles track, “A THING OF THE PAST", which she owned and was in the girls' key.

It was during the Vietnam War and I decided to write a song about a soldier returning from the front at Christmas. It’s called “MAMA, MY SOLDIER BOY IS COMIN” HOME”.

Finally I’m proud to say that my Michael Jackson classic “LITTLE CHRISTMAS TREE” (Clinton jr,. Wayne) is used in 30 videos currently up on YouTube with over 300,000 views so far!

Artie Wayne

Actually, I raved about the Tony Orlando track THIS year, too ... I absolutely LOVE this song ... and referred to it as my favorite new Christmas discovery last year. (In fact, I'll betcha I've played it 50-60 times here at home already this month. Scroll back to when this whole series started and give it a listen again ... it's a GREAT track.) As one of our oft-referred to Christmas twin spins, SOMEBODY on the list should play the Bing Crosby "White Christmas" classic ('cause you know they're going to play it fifty times today ANYWAY) and then follow it up with this Tony Orlando torch song ... now THERE'S a perfect Twin Spin!!!

Honestly, the response to our New Music Christmas Crusade has been over the top this year ... proving once again that there's an audience out there for this music if radio will simply give it a chance. Slip one in here and there and give the folks a chance to familiarize themselves with it ... see if anything "new" begins to click. No, they won't all catch on ... but if just two or three do each year, we'll be building a library of "Future Classics" for the holiday season ... and based on all the email we received from folks tired of the same old / same old, I'd say we're about due!

Meanwhile, thanks to all the jocks who HAVE been featuring some of this new music on your programs ... we (meaning me AND the artists) really, really appreciate it! (kk)

Radio has been very kind in remembering Jimy Rogers of late ... it's SO hard to lose someone around the holidays. Joan Gand, Jimy's bandmate in Blue Road and The Mauds, thanks Bob Stroud, WDRV, Dick Biondi, WLS, Greg Brown, WLS, Tom Marker, WXRT and Lynn Orman Weiss, WNUR and XM / Sirius for their great tributes on the radio.

We featured Jimy's live version of "White Christmas" last week in Forgotten Hits ... it's one of the tracks on their special Christmas CD Single available through the Blue Road, Mauds and Jimy Rogers websites. Today, Joan has sent us the OTHER track ... Jimy's version of "Merry Christmas, Baby" to feature.

If you like it, please hop on over to iTunes to download a copy ... Joan tells us:
These tracks are available on iTunes, and all funds from iTunes sales of Jimy Rogers and Blue Road is going to the James Rogers memorial fund to defray his medical expenses.

By the way, great stuff lately! Thanks for featuring Jimy's version of Merry Christmas Baby. It just occurred to me you might like the cover art too, so here it is:
Have a great Christmas, and thank-you for all that you do, and your rembrance of Jimy Rogers. Let's keep his memory alive!

And a quick non-Christmas reminder:

Saturday, April 2, 2011
Reggies Rock Club
2505 S. State St. Chicago
Jimy Rogers Tribute Concert
Blue Road and friends, including the Cryan Shames, Jimy Sohns, New Colony Six and MANY MORE ... TBA
Order tickets here:
DONATIONS to the Jimy Rogers Memorial Medial Fund (to help defray his medical expenses) are still being accepted ...

Make check out to The Estate of James Rogers
Mail to: Gand Music and Sound
780 Frontage Rd. Northfield IL 60093
Thanks to everyone who gave at the
memorial celebration concert.
Jimy Rogers Obituaries: Local Scene (includes a great quote from Jim Peterik)
Click HERE to read Tribune Obituary
Other Obituaries:
Daily Herald

You continue to surprise and amaze your readers. Today's FH was jam packed with great music. For me, Skip Haynes' project was tops, both as a surprise and in its uniqueness. But don't ask me to choose what I liked second best, because everything else was fantastic. I hope our participating artists will pass the word to other bands that this is the best place for them to continue to connect with their fans. Many thanks to Skip, Jim, Mitch, and everyone else who help Kent provide these treats to thousands of readers worldwide.
David Lewis
I couldn't agree more ... let's keep this tradition going and encourage more and more artists to participate in the years to come. Forgotten Hits has become a GREAT place to stay in touch with your fans and showcase new music ... and lately it has become THE place to hear brand new Christmas Music. And I would personally like to thank each and every artist who has sent us tracks ... and each and every deejay on the list who has been playing this great "undiscovered" music on the air. (kk)

In fact, here's a note I just got from Skip Haynes!
Hi Kent,
That's great about Scott Shannon playing Christmas on LSD on the True Oldies Channel ... can't thank you enough. I also did an interview yesterday with WRCO that came through your site. Thanks again.
All the best -

Glad to help in any way we can. In fact, Phil Nee from WRCO also sent us a note:

Hi Kent,
I recently hooked up with Skip Haynes as the result of your site. The interview that we did cleared up a lot of mystery for me about the song Lake Shore Drive. It has long been a much requested tune on our station. I remember it from the Summer of 1974, however, it was released nearly 3 years before that. Skip's personlized versions are great and are available on his website
Thanks for the service you provide. You are a blessing to all of us that still try to dig out those old hits and connect with those that made them and with those that love the music. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Maybe we can hook up for another show in 2011.
Phil Nee
Wrco Radio
Richland Center, WI

Skip's "personalized" versions of "Lake Shore Drive" is a GREAT marketing idea for a well-loved tune ... did you hear the Forgotten Hits Version he did for us the other day? Scroll back on the website to find it ... it's a keeper for me, for sure! Interested parties should visit Skip's site at the link above to have their OWN version created. (You'll also find an Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah "Greatest Hits" CD available there!) Merry Christmas to you and yours, too, Phil ... would LOVE to do another show next year! (kk)

Just got this in from FH Reader George Manney ... It's another brand new Christmas Song!

From the CD, "Season's Greetings Philadelphia", here's Tommy Conwell's music video for, "Kinda Christmasy". Produced, mixed & engineered by George Manney @ Geo Sound Studios in Philadelphia. Video produced by George Manney.

Click the Link to view n YouTube:

Buy the CD online at iTunes & CD Baby:

18 song holiday compilation promises to be fun for the entire family featuring all Philadelphia artists including Tommy Conwell, Buzz Zeemer, Marah, Mark Boyce Combo, Eltro, John Flynn and 11 other great artists. Mostly Originals. A Record Cellar release. Happy Holidays!!!

First Listen: Annie Lennox – “A Christmas Cornocopia” – WCBS-FM 101.1
Kent ...
Add this to your list of new Christmas Music.
Frank B.

Dear Friends of The Wrecking Crew,
I'd like to end the year with a re-visit of an out-take from the "Phil Spector Christmas Album" ... still one of the greatest Christmas albums ever produced.
Click here: The Wrecking Crew Outtakes Phil Spector Christmas Album
I've also included another out-take with guitarist Louis Shelton.
Louis came into the music scene playing with The Monkees and then producing Seals and Crofts, Art Garfunkel, England Dan & John Ford Coley.
We're still trying to raise the financing to cover the licensing costs involved with a film like this that features so much of this great music. I've had the opportunity of showing fundraising screenings at recording studios, libraries, private homes, museums and music stores over the past year. This has allowed me to share the film with an audience that wants to experience it as well as them knowing they helped me get the film one step closer to a release by donating whatever amount they could.
If you haven't read the back story of this film, I started it 14 years ago when my father, Tommy Tedesco was diagnosed with cancer. Most people would have given up trying to make a film that everyone said couldn't be done, and I broke the cardinal rule in filmmaking by putting my own money into the film to complete it. But the fact is I did it. I made the film and received great acclaim at film festivals and screenings around the country. And we've got more screenings planned. (See below)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
January 12th, Norfolk, Virginia
Screening at The School of Music For Army, Navy, and Marine Corps
To enter the base, you need to follow directions on the FACEBOOK Page.
January 16th, Sunday @ 10:15am - Anaheim CA -- NAMM SHOW
One time only screening at the NAMM Show. If you are lucky enough to have the coveted NAMM badge, please join us. I will be there with a special guest as well as talking to interested music vendors on how they may be able to host screenings around the country in 2011.
February 18th - Friday @ 7 PMThe Museum of Making Music
-- A Division of the NAMM Foundation

Kent ...
Seasons greetings from Ringo in L.A.
Merry Christmas From Ringo – WCBS-FM 101.1
Frank B.
It’s the time of year when your Uncle Bob gives you that fabulous Christmas tree sweater with matching socks, when Grandma drinks a little too much egg nog and when Ringo Starr wishes you a Merry Christmas!
Ringo posted a Christmas greeting at for you to enjoy!

Speaking of new postings, we received a TON of them here at the deadline dash ... trying hard not to slight anyone but our Christmas Coverage ends today ... if we do this again next year, PLEASE get your entries into us as early as possible so we can give EVERYBODY a shot at some special holiday exposure! (kk)

While not officially a Christmas Song, we play this one every year around this time ... and it's one of my favorites ... "Angels Among Us" by Ron Dante!

By request ... and I think we've done this one EVERY year since our Christmas salute began ... here are The Monkees doing Riu Chiu from their television Christmas episode (starring Butch Patrick of The Munsters!!!)

It just isn't Christmas without Darlene Love performing on The David Lettermen Show! And soon she'll officially be a Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer, too! (kk)
Kent ...
Here in New York it's officially Christmas when Darlene sings on Letterman.
This year will be her 24th straight appearance on his show.
You can hear her now. Just click.
YouTube - Darlene Love - Letterman 12-23-09
Frank B.
Yep, we stayed up late to watch Darlene perform this Christmas classic again last night ... they called it her 17th appearance ... but I believe she's been on the show every year since 1989 (which would be 21 years ... minus the one and only year she failed to perform the song ... due to the writers' strike in 2007.) Good stuff ... made me dig out The Phil Spector Christmas Album to play again today! (kk)

After hearing "Sharing Christmas" on your website the other day I ordered The Ides Of March Christmas CD -- I hope the rest of this album is as good as the track you featured as part of your special Christmas series.
I feel like we won the trifecta the other day when we featured songs sent in by The Ides: "Sharing Christmas", the Karel King song and the new one by Lisa McClowry ALL received VERY positive responses from our readers ... and the Skip Haynes track "Christmas On Lake Shore Drive" earned him some True Oldies Channel airplay and an interview on WRCO's "Those Were The Days" program with Phil Nee ... proof again that radio is listening to Forgotten Hits!
I haven't heard the whole Ides Of March Christmas album yet ... but it IS available through their website ... as is their brand new studio album "Still 19":
Click here: ::: The Ides of March :::
Jim Peterik's World Stage Event is coming up in January, too ... always a GREAT chance to see some heavy duty players up on stage jammin'. (kk)
Cool! Thanks, brother.
And Merry Christmas!
Keep Rocking!!

I can see where using the name "Karel King" might hamper airplay for this great Christmas tune. But what are you going to do if the guy's name really IS Karel King?
Yeah, I pretty much had to let it go at that point! (lol) kk

I really like that Lisa McClowry song. What can you tell us about her?
I don't know much about her ... other than the fact that Jim Peterik has been working with Lisa, both writing and producing material for her as well as showing up at the occasional odd gig here and there. I found a clip of Lisa performing at Jim's last "World Stage" concert event, singing a duet with Loverboy Lead Singer Mike Reno on his big hit duet "Almost Paradise", originally done by Reno and Ann Wilson of Heart in the film "Footloose." (By the way, DIDJAKNOW? that Eric Carmen cowrote that song?)
Click here: YouTube - Almost Paradise ( Mike Reno & Lisa McClowry ) 1-23-10
And here's a link to her website:
Click here: Lisa McClowry - Official Site - Download Lisa's new holiday single on iTunes
Looks like she's done a fair amount of filmwork recording, too! She's got a GREAT voice and really seems to be finding her audience here. (kk)

Kent ...
You thought that Bobby "Boris" Pickett came around once a year, for Halloween.
Frank B.
A Cool Ghoul Yule Song « WCBS-FM 101.1
Believe it or not, this was a Top 30 song for a short time back in 1962 ... and went all the way to #8 here in Chicago! (kk)

Could this be the future of Christmas music - the iPad Touch band ...

Ken Voss

Thanks so much for the write-up in "Forgotten Hits". I know I started a bit late to promote this but hope this mention will help, and there will aways be next Christmas!
Could you add the CD cover art to the page as well. It visually fits well with the song and might help attract an extra download or two.


Also, I've got two exciting projects that should come out in 2011:

The second SOCIAL HERO CD and my 1st Collabaration CD with Mr. JOHN FORD of the Straws.
Sooo You're on my list ... and I'll be checking it twice!
Happy Holidays


I first heard "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on a country music station many years ago, and I love the song. Nothing beats Lisa Layne's singing on the Vince Vance and The Valiants recording. According to Wikipedia, Andy Stone's real name is Andrew J. Franichevich, and he is the "current Vince Vance" and last original member of the Valiants.
However, since Johnny Maestro is my favorite singer, I also love the softer version of the song by Santa's Doo Wop Helpers. Their recording of the song does go back to 1996 and is currently available on a newly released CD "Christmas With Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge and Joel Katz and The Glows". I have found three videos for the song on YouTube, all by Santa's Doo Wop Helpers. I am not aware that Johnny Maestro ever re-recorded the song. Because of Joel Katz's similar voice, he is often mistaken for Johnny Maestro on this recording.
Lois Dixon
Johnny Maestro Fan Club

Santa's Doo Wop Helpers ~ 1996
Joel Katz ~ Bobby Jay ~ Larry Chance ~ Johnny Maestro ~~~
Photo courtesy of the official Joel Katz website:
Hmmm ... well, if Andy Stone IS Vince Vance, that would certainly explain his co-writing credit! Thanks, Lois ... I know we found several YouTube videos CLAIMING to be Johnny Maestro singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" ... but if you're saying he never recorded his own version of this track, even these become somewhat suspect. And Joel Katz DOES sound an awful lot like Johnny ... folks have been mistaking HIS vocal for Maestro's for YEARS on the Santa's Doo Wop Helpers version. Thanks for clearing that up ... or making it more confusing than ever! lol (kk)


In the spirit of the season, here's a Christmas-related Forgotten Hits question. Does anyone know anything about a singer named Eric Jay? He had a #5 hit in Chicago in 1958 with Little Drummer Boy. By the sound of the recording he was a very young kid, but after this one local hit, which also charted on CHUM in Toronto and was mentioned in Billboard's "Honor Roll Of Hits", there seems to be no record of him at all. This was one of the highest charting Chicago hits not to ever have made it on the national charts. I like the Harry Simeone version better.

Ed Erxleben

Yep, this is pretty awful. (Pretty easy to figure out why THIS one was never a national hit!!! lol)
Remember when little Ritchie Petrie sang this on "The Alan Brady Show" as part of their Christmas Special on The Dick Van Dyke Show? Their Christmas episodes are among my favorite childhood memories ... but HIS was pretty awful, too! (Love the "I am a fine musician ... " ending 'tho!!!) kk



Here's one for all you Facebook Fanatics out there ... while it's not MY thing, it certainly IS the thing for many, many of you out there ... so, if you haven't seen this yet, check it out and enjoy. Submitted by Phil from

Imaginative. Creative. Revealing .. even funny ...




Thanks for including my "New Years Carol" in your 12-Days-of ... collection.

I got a lot of emails and message boards posts when you did it last year.

Nice to know people feel it.
I appreciate your appreciation.

Have a great holiday season.

Bob Lind

I want to thank you for the good words you've spoken about me and about "Santa's Stuck Up In The Chimney".
Q. Where else can I speak to so many influential people?
A. Nowhere
So thanks, Kent. "ForgottenHits" is a great place to meet and greet.

Your note about what what AOL seems to allow - and what they just won't stand for - was right on. It's a disgrace. I am sure they've gotten tons of complaints by now from your army of readers. I hope it does some good. Long may it publish!
Have a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2011,
Paul Evans

Hi Kent,
Nick and I enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to reconnect with many longtime fans on the Happy Together Tour this summer. Special thanks to Forgotten Hits readers and fans who wrote in to get us back for HTT 2011, with The Turtles, Mark Lindsay, The Grass Roots, and new this year, The Association. It was like the old days, all right, but some of those tour bus rides seemed easier the first time around.
We really enjoyed doing the Christmas concerts (6 shows at The Potawatomi) and the sold-out Beverly Theatre concert last Saturday, always a great venue to play each year. Speaking of, we were shocked by a surprise walk-on by Carl Bonafede, who proceeded to present Nick and I with 2 gold-framed copies of “Kind of a Drag”. He wanted to honor us, 45 years after the song hit the charts, and lamented that everyone at USA Records was gone now, and they’d failed (somehow) to certify the song as a million-seller with the RIAA and we were long overdue for ‘something’ gold. Vintage Bonafede!
Given that Columbia bought the masters from USA and released multiple singles of it for sale, juke box play, and internationally (on their Stateside imprint), it should have been “Palladium” certified by now. We heard on eBay that one of the French pressings of the “Kind of a Drag” album sold close to $400. You can bet that if Nick or I had extras, we’d be putting those on eBay ourselves!
2010 was a year of dynamic changes for The Bucks. Audiences always enjoy Bob Abrams’ gigs, performing solo and with Brock and Abrams, and we expect more good things to come for him. Tom Scheckel continues to enjoy performing with Paul Revere and the Raiders and filled in recently for The Comets, seems to love the Branson life. We stay in touch with John Cammelot and Laurie K. Lewis from our 1985 Happy Together Tour, and it seems The Buckinghams organization is one ever-growing family of friends.
This year fans have embraced Dave Zane, Rocky Penn, and Bruce Soboroff, calling The Buckinghams’ sound a ‘brand new vibe’. Already heard talk of us maybe doing a Christmas Show ‘Tour’ next year. Having had to say farewell to several of our music brothers and sisters this past year, far too soon, Nick and I feel very blessed to remain in this business, because we enjoy performing. And, lest we be left behind by technology, now Nick and I are on Facebook (where we never thought we’d be). Now, we’re finding the computer rooms in our hotels, to stay in touch with fans who are coming up with some great photo blasts from the pasts and concert ticket stubs from back in the day. Who’d have thought.
Our best wishes to you and yours for a special holiday season and may good fortune be yours for 2011.
Carl Giammarese /
The Buckinghams

>>>Is Xmas over yet? (Jack)

Well, you must understand, Jack, it's not like we get to hear much Xmax music this time of year, since only 20 Trillions radio stations play it!!!
And you can personally tell our host, Kent, that I've done my Christmas duty and bought an Irving Berlin CD with Bing Crosby singing White Christmas!!!
But I must admit, some of the artists Kent finds and who participate are very nice and they send guitar picks with the CD that I bought. Maybe, next year, they'll send an electric guitar to use them with!!
Merry Blues Theme that, Kent!!! :-)

See you later Jack!
I take it that you're one of the FH Readers who bought Davie Allan's Christmas CD "Fuzz For The Holidays II" ... great CD ... and how cool that he threw in a Davie Allan guitar pick! WTG, Davie!
Copies are still available at Davie Allan's website ... and for a special reduced rate for Christmastime, too! (kk)
Click here: Davie Allan and The Arrows

In fact, here's a video promo for Davie's "Fuzz For The Holidays" CD, sent into us by Vibramutant, America's #1 Davie Allan Fan! (kk)


GREAT "new" Christmas Music is NOT Forgotten Hits!!! I want my money back! LOL!

Merry Christmas, Kent!!



Based on the response we got this year ... from both the readers AND the artists ... I think we're on to something here. (Yours and Jack's were the ONLY two negative responses I received ... everybody else ... hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails ... have been applauding our new feature ... so who would YOU listen to???)

With the support of the artists themselves ... and about a dozen deejays who hopped on board this year and started playing these tunes on their radio programs ... I think that for a couple of weeks a year we can get away with spotlighting NEW music by artists of interest, too. Seems to be working so far!

Artists, please contact us next year to have YOUR holiday music featured on our site. We just may be the best agent you never really had ... because we WILL get your music played on the radio!!! (And you don't even have to pay us a commission!!! lol Although the free CD's are a nice, added bonus!) And please participate with us throughout the year to let your fans know about any other upcoming releases and appearances ... that's what we're here for! (kk)

Oh yeah, and with that's, it's OVER!!!

It's a Wrap for Christmas, 2010!
(You and Jack can breathe easy again! lol) kk

Wishing ALL of our Forgotten Hits Readers ...
Their families and friends ...
And Oldies Music Lovers EVERYWHERE ...
The Happiest of Holidays!!!
Have A VERY Merry Christmas ...
And A Happy, Safe and Manageable New Year!!!
(They always say wish unto others
what you would wish for yourself, right?!?!?)
Thanks again to everybody for their continued support of Forgotten Hits ...
I truly do appreciate it.
See you next year!
(or sooner ... we got absolutely FLOODED with brand new emails this past week
so, if I can pull it together in time, we just may have a Sunday Comments Page
this week after all ... if not, we'll try to get you up to date later in the week!)
Please subscribe for notifications by using the "Atom" link at the very bottom of this page ...
They will let you know each time a new posting goes up on the site
(and allow me to continue to do MY thing without any AOL intrusion!!!)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ghosts Of Christmas Past

We have been EXTREMELY fortunate these past few years to be able to feature some BRAND NEW Christmas Music sent into us directly by the artists themselves ... it has made for a VERY unique feature of Forgotten Hits not found anywhere else.

Today, we're going to recap just a few of our recent favorites ...

Last year, (thanks to the support of programming legend John Rook), we were one of the first places in the country to premier a brand new Christmas track by Andy Kim. Here it is again ... a track called "Whatever Happened To Christmas?".

And, since we're in a bubblegum mood, how about "Bubblegum Christmas" by The 1910 Fruitgum Company ... and "Archies' Christmas Party" by Ron Dante and the Archies! Both of these tracks were submitted by the artists themselves!

Hi Kent,
I've been enjoying my daily Forgotten Hits. I wonder if you are aware of Bob Lind's Christmas song, "A New Year's Carol?" I'm attaching it just in case you haven't heard it. It's a song everyone should hear this time of year.
Happy Holidays,
Yes, this is one of the ones we featured last year ... a great track that got a very positive response. Thanks, Jill ... and Happy Holidays to you and yours as well! (kk)

Last year or the year before you featured a song on your website -- something about War Toys -- don't buy your kids war toys or Santa, don't bring our kids war toys -- something like that.
I was wondering if you could play that one again since we STILL seem to be at conflict at Christmas time. I don't know who it's by but I'm hoping that you will remember.
Thank you -- and Merry Christmas.
It's by another one of our local talent treasures, The Debe Welch Band .. and it's called "Please Don't Give Me War Toys For Christmas", another list favorite these past couple of years. Happy to feature it again! (kk)

Here's another Song Of Peace, suggested by FH Reader Clark Besch:

Attached is MY favorite Christmas song. As an avid fan of Gene Cotton since "Sunshine Roses" hit my ears in 1972, a DJ only 45 arrived at my local station and into my hands in 1980. It was "Child of Peace" by Gene Cotton. I think it is one of his best efforts. The 45 came with a print out explaining how he did not offer the 45 for sale, he just wanted DJs to play it for Christmas! Amazing idea! Personally, I wish there could be a crusade to get this song as recognizable as any played in the season. It's a Christmas story. It's a story of peace. It's a sing-a-long! What more could you want? Please ask DJs to find this song and PLAY IT!!
Clark Besch
That we will ... several jocks on the list have been playing ALL of our Christmas offerings ... so this one should enjoy some airplay, too. I've never heard it before ... but it's not a bad tune. (kk)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and The Kotal family,
from Jimmy, Donna, Rick, Nick ... the Skyliners
This is beautiful!
Truly in the Spirit of Christ's Birth.Merry Christmas to you all.
"Be who you are and say what you feel ...
Because those that matter ... don't mind ...
And those that mind ... don't matter. "

Click here: Cannon, Freddy - Have A Boom Boom Christmas!! CD Cover Art
Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon
Yes, Freddy ... and we're happy to feature another track again this year ... from this GREAT CD! In fact, here's one of MY favorites from this CD ... and I think other oldies fans will enjoy it, too. It features Freddy Cannon, Johnny Tillotson and Brian Hyland on vocals ... check it out! (kk)

Our FH Buddy Henry Gross sent us this "Rudolph" tune a couple of years ago ...

And I've always enjoyed the way Danny and the Juniors give their special treatment to this old chestnut, "A Marshmallow World".


Kent ...


SUSAN BOYLE, Jingle Cats, Band-Aid, LADY GAGA, Perry Como, MICHAEL JACKSON, Alvin and the Chipmunks, REINDEER SINGING “WHITE CHRISTMAS”, Nat “King” Cole, Bing, ARCHIES, PAUL EVANS, Josh Groban, Beach Boys, and MUCH MORE!
Merry Christmas to you and your readers,


Artie Wayne


And these gems just in from Gary Theroux, who put together that infamous "History Of Rock And Roll" Series a few years back.

A Forgotten Hits Exclusive, you can't hear these ANYWHERE else right now ... but, as Gary ever-so subtly suggests, wouldn't these snippets sound GREAT on The True Oldies Channel?!?!? (kk)

Hi, Kent!
I thought you might enjoy these six two-part episodes of THE HISTORY OF ROCK 'N' ROLL WITH GARY THEROUX which deal with Christmas. Two feature the Beatles and then there's one each with Elvis, Gene Autry and Bing Crosby. The other, CHRISTMAS PARTY HOP, features seasonal salutes from an avalanche of oldies artists. Now if I can just get Scott Shannon to pick up the series!
Merry Christmas,
Gary Theroux

We'll run three sets of these as "teasers" today ... this is some VERY cool stuff ... that you just can't hear ANYWHERE else!

Interested in adding "History Of Rock And Roll" snippets like these as a daily feature to YOUR oldies radio station? Drop us a line and we'll help you connect. (And these aren't just CHRISTMAS features, either ... Gary has literally HUNDREDS of these featurettes ready to go, featuring ALL of your favorite songs and artists!) kk

Hopefully more and more artists will discover the way we celebrate December here in Forgotten Hits and continue to "leak" us tracks to share with our readers, the GREATEST oldies fans in the world ... and, with a little luck, more and more radio stations will pick up on it, too, and continue to feature these tracks as part of their holiday programming. (At least a DOZEN jocks on the list have been playing tracks from our website this year ... and we couldn't be happier!) It all makes for a GREAT momentary diversion from the same old / same old ... and they're done by artists that you're already featuring on your station ANYWAY!!! Please continue to give these tracks a spin ... and help keep this music alive!

Our Twelve Days Of Christmas / Forgotten Hits Countdown To Christmas wraps up tomorrow ... don't miss the final chapter ... LOTS of good stuff you haven't heard yet! (kk )

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On The 10th Day Of Christmas ... More Brand New Christmas Music!

Yep ... we've got ANOTHER batch of BRAND NEW Christmas Music to share again this morning!

Y'all must be older than me or I lived under a rock for years. I don't remember ever hearing some of these songs! LOL However, I am enjoying listening to them and having some new stuff to add to my Christmas music collection. Hope everyone has a great holiday season. Stay warm!
That's the whole point of what we're doing, Sharon ... showing all of you out there that a LOT of these artists are STILL recording GREAT Christmas music every single year ... but radio simply isn't playing it!!! My hope is that once you know it exists, you'll go out there and buy it ... and call your local radio stations and ask them to play it!!! We've discovered some REAL gems these past few holiday seasons and the reaction from the list has been great! There are definitely some "future classics" in the mix here! (kk)

Hi Kent,
Your Christmas music is already getting fun to look through and listen to. Forgotten Hits is a lot of fun and you must be up late every night getting so many new editions to us all the time.

I have a couple of songs that I recorded for the Holidays and here is one of them, an old one from 1966, written by Red West, called "IF EVERY DAY WAS LIKE CHRISTMAS". I always liked the song because it brings up the "idea" of what the world might be like if we had the Christmas "Spirit" all through the year. Maybe it would be a good track to include in a Forgotten Hits newsletter in time for Christmas, and if so that would certainly be cool with me. I think it really IS a 'Forgotten Hit", but I'll bet you'll remember it.
Thanks for all the great Newsletters, Kent,
Veeder Van Dorn
The Moonrakers

Actually, this has always been one of my favorite Elvis Christmas Tunes ... you know Red West was Elvis' best friend in High School, right ... and went on to become his future bodyguard / Memphis Mafia member?!?!? So I am very happy to share it today with our readers ... once again, music you just can't get ANYWHERE else!!! Thanks, Veeder! (kk)

Hi Kent,
I am really liking the Christmas comments.

Wanted to remind you ... (I think I posted it last year) ... but if the fans like the Beatles and Christmas then they should do a search for a band called THE BEATMAS ... they have stuff on youtube etc. You really gotta hear it ... they do a great job or our fav Christmas Tunes but to The Beatles music ...
Meanwhile, I thought you and your readers might enjoy our Christmas tune.
It's by the Carpet Frogs, which is the back up band that has been performing with Burton Cummings since 2000.
It's a great Christmas tune done in classic style ... I think anyway!

Keep up the great work!

Yep, another goodie for Christmas 2010! VERY catchy! Thanks, Sam! (kk)

And here are a few of the Beatmas videos Sam was telling us about ... some much more clever than others ... but all a good bit of fun!
Click here: YouTube - THE BEATMAS - White Christmas
Click here: YouTube - THE BEATMAS - Last Christmas
Click here: YouTube - THE BEATMAS - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Click here: YouTube - THE BEATMAS - Jinglebells
Click here: YouTube - Jingle Bell Rock - Rubber Band - Xmas the Beatmas

Although I'm one of the biggest Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys fans, this tune isn't going to be a Christmas Classic. Brian Wilson's Grand kids do this one.
Brian co-wrote this with someone whose name escapes me.
Written around 1975 ... Must have taken 30 seconds.
Sorry, Brian.
Actually, this one dates back even further than that ... although written several years before, The Beach Boys released "Child of Winter" as a single in 1974. It didn't go anywhere and honestly, while it's not a great song, I thought this was a pretty entertaining video ... and certainly a better version than The Beach Boys' original.
Let's be careful not to mislead anyone ... Brian's grand kids DO appear on the recording but are NOT involved with any of the lead vocals. (They're all too young!) Wilson only had two daughters with his wife Marilyn (Wendy and Carnie) and Wendy has four boys ... Beau, Leo, Jess and Wil ... and Carnie has two very young daughters ... Lola and Luci. (They handle some of the "narration" featured on the track.) We featured Wendy and Carnie earlier in this series with one of MY favorite recent Christmas tunes, "Hey Santa".
Wilson wrote the song with Steve Kalinich (who, along with musician Alan Boyd, is featured in the video.) According to Brian Wilson's website, Rachel (of Rachel and the Reindeerz) is a friend that Alan had worked with previously and he felt that she would do a good rendition of this song ... but she is NOT a Brian Wilson relative. Having watched it a couple of times now, it kinda grows on you. Give it a shot and see what you think! (kk)

And speaking of Beach Boys-related new Christmas songs ...

Matt Tyson has released a new CD of Christmas tunes - Beach Boys / Brian Wilson style.
Attached is to the tune of "I Do" a 60's Beach Boys track not released until the 90's (Hark The Herald / I Pray)

New Releases: "Sled Full Of Goodies" Christmas EP is done - contact me here if anyone is interested in getting it!

Recent release "Malibu Jukebox is also now available! Check it out here; (also available at Amazon)

His site at Sound Clicks (plus some great summer songs):
Happy Christmastime,
Click here: Pray For Surf: Beach Boys-styled Christmas Carol Debuts on New EP

Hello Kent:
You've been doing some great coverage on Christmas songs and I wanted to submit one for your consideration . This is a song I recorded many years ago and was met with some success here in New England. It's available on youtube.
Happy Holidays
Charlie Quintal
Charlie Quintal Please Come Home For Christmas.wmv
Thanks, Charlie ... this one just happens to be one of my all-time Christmas favorites ... and you offere a very nice reading of this tune! (kk)

Thank you for finding the space to include some successful regional talent in your postings of great Christmas music!
Charlie Quintal, a well known singer / songwriter / musician in the New England area, has such a large regional following that he's opened shows for Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Jay (Black) & the Americans and many more. The video you have posted is of one of his favorite holiday songs. During the video there's a montage of some of artists he has had the honor to share the stage with.
Tom Cuddy

Hi Kent,
Glad to hear from you.
I selected a track from my "Christmas Mine" CD. The selection is "Sleigh Bells", which has kind of an "Island" feel. And when the people hear it, they can think of "the Islands" in this cold weather.
I actually recorded this solo CD in 1993. It hasn't been exposed much. I was very pleased when I recorded this CD as these songs have been recorded so many times and I feel I gave my own touch to each one. Larry Chance said it's the best thing I have ever done. He loves it.
It's available on iTunes and Amazon, either the whole CD or individual tracks.
I wish A Merry Christmas to you and your family and everybody who gets to hear Sleigh Bells.
Merry Christmas,
Johnny Farina
Santo & Johnny

Yep, nice feel to this one ... give a listen to "Sleigh Bells" by Johnny Farina, formerly of Santo and Johnny! (Their recording of "Sleep Walk" was voted The Forgotten Hits Favorite Instrumental of All-Time earlier this year!!!) kk

The gift that keeps on giving ...
As featured this week as one of the '12 Days of Christmas' Philly local picks of the day, The Tell All's holiday song "Bright Lights of Christmas" will remain available as a FREE DOWNLOAD throughout this years holiday season!
Featuring members of the Philly band, Clutch Cargo, Su Teears & George Manney.
Click on the WXPN link below to download your copy:
If you still have room on that home-made holiday cd compilation you're putting together, this one might help fill it out nicely...check it out!
Happy Holidays!
George Manney - producer, engineer

Kent ...
Add this to your list of new Christmas Songs.
Frank B.
New Carly Simon Christmas Song « WCBS-FM 101.1
Well, you can get a short clip of this track on the WCBS-FM website ... about 40-seconds worth anyway!!! (See, Carly, you should have sent US a copy of this clip so that we could get it played on the radio for you!!! lol) kk

Hi Kent -
I'm a friend of Tom Cuddy and he suggested that I contact you with my first EVER Christmas song.
Would love to hear any comments you might have and hopefully get some airplay and help in spreading the word around about "Everybody's Happy 'Cause It's Christmas Time".
Thanks for letting your listeners / fans know about this new song.
Looking forward to hearing your comments.
Happy Holidays,
Ian Lloyd [aka 'brother louie']

Great to hear from you ... BIG fan of your music. (In fact, we just featured "Brother Louie" as part of a short feature we did on Hot Chocolate a few weeks back ... you can search the website to scroll back to any of our old articles.)
Happy to help spread the word ... not only for your new Christmas tune but for ANY upcoming events, appearances and releases you may wish to let the fans know about. That's what we're here for ... so USE US!!!
Thanks, Ian! (kk)

And here's one sent into us by Bob Abrams of Brock and Abrams (who we're going to see on Christmas Eve, by the way!) It's a brand new track by Johnny V ... and it's a good one! (kk)

>>>Santa's Stuck In The Chimney just passed 200,000 view on YouTube.

(Paul Evans)
>>>Great news, Paul! Seems like radio should have picked up on this one by now ... although I know a few of the jocks on the list have been playing it! (kk)
Hey Kent,
Thanks for the good words.
All I can tell you is that it's a jungle out there. I intend to pull out every stop I can early next year to see if I can't find a Christmas CD compiler or two who would be interested in using "Santa's Stuck ... " It seems to me that this year's rise in popularity on YouTube should give the song some cachet.
Thanks for your help during the year.
Have a great holiday and a safe and happy 2011,
So great to see “Santa’s Stuck Up The Chimney” as the first golden ring! Paul Evans may not be a household name, but it’s a name known on Vance Brescia’s Music Memoirs blog! This fun holiday song was discovered back in September when a comment in response to Vance’s Music and Cars post mentioned “Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat” and Paul ended up posting on the blog. Of course, Vance’s post in Holiday Songs followed because it’s always the season for ANY kind of music at … the elves are busy year-round! The blog is just starting to get participation and a long way from the content on Forgotten Hits, but there’s some entertaining posts and thoughtful comments, especially in Holiday Songs.
We've been pushing Paul Evans' "Santa's Stuck Up In the Chimney" for a couple of years now in Forgotten Hits ... I think it's a GREAT, new little Christmas Novelty Track deserving of some airplay.

And if Paul Evans isn't a household name to most, they need look no further than the pop charts of the '50's and '60's. In addition to his OWN hits ("Seven Little Girls, Sitting In The Back Seat", #5, 1959; "Midnite Special", #16, 1960 and "Happy-Go-Lucky Me", #10, 1960), Paul ALSO wrote the hits "When" for The Kalin Twins, "Roses Are Red" for Bobby Vinton and "I Gotta Know" and "The Next Step Is Love" for Elvis Presley! I'd say that makes him worthy of more than just a passing nod! (lol) kk

And here are couple more, just for fun ...

Kent ...
I know a lot of your readers are in a hurry this holiday season.
This one is for them.
Frank B.

30 Christmas Songs in 60 Seconds? Yes He Did! « WCBS-FM 101.1

Kent ...
Sometimes you have to tell Santa what you want in a forceful manner.

Frank B.

(click to enlarge)

... and, speaking of reindeer ...

To all the DJs past and present who couldn't stand what they were playing, may I suggest Dr. Elmo's "Don't Make Me Play That Grandma Song Again" ... it's a hoot and a half!
-- stolf

Actually, Dr. Elmo has a BRAND NEW Christmas Album out called "Bluegrass Christmas", which we talked about a few weeks back. Pam Wendell (who's doing the promotion for this new CD) suggested another track our readers might enjoy ...
Just in case you run out of new songs ... HAHAHA!!!
I thought you might like this one as well!
Pam Wendell for Dr. Elmo - "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"
Dr. Elmo on FB - "Friend" him!
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer app for iPAD
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer app for iPhone/iTouch

By the way, Dr. Elmo appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show Monday Night and performed his legendary "Grandma" / Christmas Song along with The Roots. And for a more CONTEMPORARY take on the whole "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" theme, here's THIS YEAR's Edition, "Grandma Got Molested At The Airport", tying in PERFECTLY with all these new TSA Regulations and holiday travelers! (kk)
YouTube - Grandma Got Molested At The Airport

And one more reminder ...
It's about time they recognized Darlene Love at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. David Letterman will be taping his Christmas show with her and Jay Thomas on Tuesday December 21 and it will be aired on Thursday December 23.
(Ronnie Spector will be on Letterman tonight Wednesday December 15.)

More Christmas Cheer tomorrow ... in Forgotten Hits!
(You know where to find us!!!)