Friday, October 29, 2021

The Friday Flash

As we approach our 23rd anniversary, I have to share this story once again …

For years before I started Forgotten Hits, I dreamed of doing an oldies magazine … probably a quarterly publication that, if successful and gained a following, might turn into a monthly … spotlighting the music we all loved and grew up with, paying special attention to the songs and artists that radio just didn’t acknowledge anymore.

In my fantasy, the very first full color cover depicted my interview with Herb Alpert … my DREAM interview at the time, because he went toe-to-toe with all of the biggest recording artists of the ‘60’s and managed to have more #1 albums than most of them … yet was never regarded with the respect that I felt he deserved, particularly in hindsight.

Of course, the magazine never came to be … but in November of 1999, I launched Forgotten Hits as an email newsletter, whose reputation DID grow and grow due to great word of mouth and the love of the oldies community.  I’ve probably written nearly 6000 issues since … but never got my Herb Alpert interview.

When Alpert and his wife Lani Hall played The City Winery here a couple of years ago, I was told that they were both adamant about not doing any interviews during this tour … and from what I could see, they held true to their word in that regard, so while I was naturally disappointed not to realize my dream, I totally respected their decision.  (I remember sitting across from Neal Sabin of Me-TV-FM at the first show, who told me that he, too, was trying to get a few soundbytes from Alpert for both his radio station and his Decades Channel.  As far as I know, he never connected either.)

So I’ve got to tell you that I was EXTREMELY pleased to see this new Herb Alpert interview that ran this past week in Best Classic Bands.

You can check it out here … it’s a goodie … and if you still haven’t seen the Herb Alpert Documentary from a year ago, do yourself a favor and watch “Herb Alpert Is …” the next chance you get.

Congratulations, guys … and especially Jeff Tamarkin … FINE job of capturing a recording legend.  (kk)

Herb Alpert Interview: Still Trying to Reach the Promised Land | Best Classic Bands


As we predicted / expected they would, Genesis has added more dates to their 2022 tour …


They’re all European dates, as the band will be making up their three London-based cancelled/postponed shows.  Looks like this will keep them busy throughout the month of March … could there be more?


New dates (for all our foreign readers … or wealthy American readers who may wish to travel abroad to see the band) are as follows …

(All dates 2022):

March 7th – Berlin, Germany – Mercedes-Benz Arena

March 8th – Berlin, Germany – Mercedes-Benz Arena
March 10th – Hannover, Germany – ZAG Arena
March 11th – Hannover, Germany – ZAG Arena
March 13th – Cologne, Germany – LANXESS Arena
March 14th – Cologne, Germany – LANXESS Arena
March 16th – Paris, France – La Défense Arena
March 17th – Paris, France – La Défense Arena
March 21st – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Ziggo Dome
March 24th – London – The O2 (Rescheduled)
March 25th – London – The O2 (Rescheduled)
March 26th – London – The O2 (Rescheduled)

Noise 11 (via The Guardian) is telling us that the new “Voyage” album by ABBA will be, officially, the band’s last.  (Damn … it’s not even out yet!!!)

The music of ABBA will live on forever … and, thanks to the upcoming, new avatar live show, fans will still be able to enjoy the experience of hearing and seeing the group in some fashion … but this reunion album was never intended to be a “comeback record” launching the second phase of their career.

Benny and Bjorn explain below in some recent quotes from their Guardian interview …

BENNY:  “This is it.  It’s got to be, you know.  I didn’t actually say that ‘this is it’ in 1982.  I never said myself that ABBA was never going to happen again. But I can tell you now: this is it.”

Bjorn goes on to explain that the decision to call it a day following the release of the album on November 5th is not due to any issues within the band.  He insists that the group really enjoyed recording together again, as they felt no pressure to match earlier hits like Waterloo and Super Trouper.

BJORN:  “Yeah.  It was just fun, really, to try and see if we could do something,  I think everyone was completely aware that if what we did was not up to the standard that we all wanted, we would just forget about it. There was no pressure in that respect.”

Andersson admits that there were two songs recorded for “Voyage” that were not completed in time for the album’s release … but insists the group won’t be going back to revisit them … they’ll just remain unreleased tracks.  (Sure … unless 49 years from now they all decide to get together one more time!!!  Lol)

Now here’s something you don’t expect to see every day … or at all, for that matter!!!

Mel C … Sporty Spice of The Spice Girls … joined Chris Martin of Coldplay on stage to perform and acoustic version of The Spice Girls’ hit “2 Become 1!”

The show took place at The Hollywood Bowl last Saturday Night and was part of an Audacy Radio / Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit Concert.

Mel C, recently eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars,” was having her nails done earlier that same morning when she got the call from Martin asking her to appear.  (No pressure, right???)  kk


OK, let’s all make a mental note and put this one on the list of songs that Chris Martin should NOT sing!!!  (kk)


Meanwhile, here’s a little mini Spice Girls reunion in honor of Mel C’s 40th birthday in 2014.  (And doesn’t Baby Spice sound a lot like Olivia Newton-John here???  She even kinda looks like her a little bit!)    Damn!  That means we’re going to have 50 year old Spice Girls soon, too!  (kk)


From The Spice Girls to the original Boy Band …


Here’s another piece on The Mike and Micky Show … The Monkees’ Farewell Tour (which hits Chicago in just over a week now!)

From Roger Friedman's SHOWBIZ 411 ...

There has been some discussion here lately about “The Wonder Years” reboot …

Well, ABC Television announced this week that they have ordered up a full season of the new series, disclosing that it is now tying “The Connors” as ABC’s top-rated comedy.  So, to all the fans of this new look back, congratulations!  (TV Line recently commented that “The Wonder Years” is one of those rare television exceptions that, despite its history and its former legacy, doesn’t FEEL like a reboot … it stands alone as its own series, thanks to the strong writing and acting it contains.  America is apparently falling in love with a NEW family from the ‘60’s, experiencing a different set of memories than our old stand-bys, The Arnolds.)  kk


FH Reader Mike Wolstein reminds us that tomorrow (October 30th) Grace Slick turns 82

Thanks, Kent, for running my Rolling Stones concert review!  Glad to be a part of the community!

There are still a few dates left on the Stones tour.  Looks like Detroit is the closest venue to Chicago, on November 15th.  And believe it or not, there are still tickets available on Ticketmaster - for as low as 66 bucks!  Or, if you're looking for an excuse to go to Vegas, they're playing there on November 6th.


Honestly, I’m still thinking that The Stones may make a surprise stop here in Chicago before all is said and done … they LOVE this city and many time in the past have shown up at a random blues club just to jam.  Problem is, it’s always a last minute announcement (or a surprise.)  I can’t believe they’d want to leave us completely off the tour … especially if future tours are in the “maybe” stages right now.  Of course, in a blues bar setting, you’re not going to see and hear the hits the way you would in a big arena, but you WILL see them in their true element.  (After all, they’re really just a Blues Cover Band!  Lol)  kk


Different Strokes For Different Folks …

While Justin Hayward has decided not to perform any Moody Blues songs on his solo tour (save for perhaps a track or two in entirely new arrangements), former partner John Lodge has taken the exact opposite approach, stating in the promo material for HIS solo tour that’ll he’ll be performing “More Moody Blues Songs Than Ever!!!”  (It’s too bad the two can’t just go out together and offer up a happy medium that all of their fans could enjoy … and perhaps THEY could live with as well.)  kk


>>>So, I did a little guesstimation on how many times (minimum) I must have played that song (“Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In”) on the “CB Radio Shows” from its initial status as a “Pick Hit of the Week,” its Rise UP the Chart … (Chuck Buell)

I can’t remember when Chuck did his 100 hours on the air at WLS or whatever amount it was, but I imagine he hated EVERY SONG he played that night!!!!

As to Ringo doing "Rock Around the Clock," I’d just as soon he did a new version of "If You've Got Troubles" I suppose.

Love the FHTV segment.  Now on to "Chaos" and "Radio Moscow" 45s!

Clark Besch


Billboard Magazine is already looking ahead to the Christmas Season …

Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey & Coverage of Christmases Past | Billboard


More from Tom Cuddy on the recent passing of Robin MacNamara …


Robin McNamara Dies: Star Of Broadway’s ‘Hair’, One-Hit-Wonder With ‘Lay a Little Lovin’ On Me’ Was 74


Do you remember the British group Status Quo (or as the Brits pronounce it, STATE-IS Quo)? I thought they were a long-gone one-hit wonder with "Pictures of Matchstick Men" back around 1968.  And that was the case, as far as the U.S. goes. 

I have a great friend in West Palm Beach, FL, who has seen them in concert in the UK some 150 - 200 TIMES!!!  He convinced me to go with him to London in 2008, as they are still HUGE everywhere BUT the U.S.  I've been back to London in 2010, 2013 and 2016 to see them again, with some noteworthy supporting (opening) acts.  A great excuse to see London again and to see "Quo" again, too.  I could tell you more, but my buddy could write a great article about his experiences seeing them in Europe, and about the group itself, if you'd be interested.

Have a great day, and rock on!


We’ve covered Status Quo’s on-going popularity back home before in FH … yes, one Top 20 Hit here in The States (“Pictures Of Matchstick Men,” as you mentioned, which hit #11 in 1968 … but was a HUGE #2 Hit here in Chicago … and was definitely my favorite song at the time) and yet 51 Top 40 Hits back home in The UK, including 21 Top 10’s, thru 2002.  (That’s the most recent UK chart book I have … so there may have been more.)  A few years back they recorded a duet with The Beach Boys, which we featured here as well.  If your friend has an interest in doing a piece on them, by all means have him get in touch with me!  (kk)


This one looks interesting …


Have you seen or read anything about the new film “Last Night In Soho,” out in theaters today?

With a heavy ‘60’s soundtrack (and just enough evil to fit in for Halloween Weekend), we just may have to check this one out!  (kk)




kk …

For Those Who Still Doubt That JAY & AMERICANS Were At The Beatles Washington, DC Concert, Just Play The B-103 Interview I Sent You And You'll Hear Jay Talk About It.

The DJ asks Jay About It And He Says It Was One Of The Worst Nights Of His Life … Audience Yelling And Screaming For The Beatles. Jay Cursed Them Out And Said That

The Beatles Were Getting Dressed And Would Be Out Soon. I Figured I'd Come Out And Sing A Few Songs For You While We’re Waiting For Them. They Calmed Down.

Jay Also Said That They Weren't Advertised As An Opening Act.  I Think They Were Added When One Of The Other Acts Couldn't Make It Due To The Weather.

Years Ago, I Used To See Jay Black All The Time At Green Acres Off-Track Betting Office.  I Never Talked To Him. One Thing I Learned -- Never Talk To A Guy Who's Trying To Pick A Winner.

COMMON SENSE 101 = Why Would You Ever Need A Loaded Gun On A Movie Set?

I Just Read That WABC TALK RADIO Is Number One In The Ratings.  What's Wrong With This Picture? Cousin Brucie Joins WABC 77 AM And They Become The Number One Talk Radio Station.



Historians ask “Why is the music of The Beatles so relevant and worth discussing some sixty years later?  This has never happened with any other form of popular music … not Bing Crosby … not Frank Sinatra … not even Elvis … what is it about the music created by these four lads from Liverpool that not only changed the world but also expanded their predicted fifteen minutes of fame into a sixty year legacy that continues to grow and draw in new fans daily?”


Certainly, they evolved quickly … from playing American rock and roll covers in a bar in Hamburg to saying “We want to write our own songs” and starting off their recording career with some rather simple attempts (“Love Me Do,” “From Me To You”), yet balancing that with much more sophisticated writing and chord changes (“Ask Me Why,” “P.S. I Love You”) to just four years later leap-frogging into the artistry of “Rubber Soul,” “Revolver” and “Sgt. Pepper.”  It really is quite a remarkable journey.


As such, everything they touched along the way became relevant to a legion of worldwide fans … if The Beatles were into it, we wanted to know more about.


One such foray would have to be their trip to India … and so news of this new LP strikes a chord of, if nothing else, curiosity … 


Songs Inspired By The Film The Beatles And India” 2CD Set Available October 29, 2021

The album, “Songs Inspired By The Film The Beatles And India,” features a diverse cast of Indian artists (Vishal Dadlani, Kiss Nuka, Benny Dayal, Dhruv Ghanekar, Karsh Kale, Nikhil D’Souza, Anoushka Shankar, Farhan Ahktar, Soulmate and many others), all bringing their own musical styles, as well as contemporary and classical Indian influences and techniques to the record. The album features Beatles’ songs written during their stay in Rishikesh, India, including “Mother Nature’s Son,” “Revolution,” “Sexy Sadie,” “Dear Prudence,” “Child of Nature” among others. It also includes songs from their incredible catalogue which were colored by their earlier leanings to the magical sounds of India.

The hypnotic, lyrical soundtrack for “The Beatles and India” was written by award-winning composer Benji Merrison and recorded at Abbey Road Studio 2, the legendary home of The Beatles recording sessions, Budapest, Hungary and Pune, India. Both a classically trained composer and a skilled music producer and engineer, Benji has scored music for projects across film, television, installations and events. His distinctive musical voice is in high demand and he is known for SAS: Red Notice, Forces of Nature with Brian Cox, Dynasties, General Magic.

The award-winning film, “The Beatles And India,” is a unique historical chronicle of the enduring love affair between The Beatles and India that started more than half a century ago. Rare archival footage, recordings and photographs, eye-witness accounts and expert comments along with location shoots across India bring alive the fascinating journey of George, John, Paul and Ringo from their high octane celebrity lives in the West to a remote Himalayan ashram in search of spiritual bliss that inspires an unprecedented burst of creative songwriting. It is the first serious exploration of how India shaped the development of the greatest ever rock band and their own pioneering role bridging two vastly different cultures. “The Beatles And India” was directed by Ajoy Bose and co-directed by Peter Compton. The film was produced by Reynold D'Silva (Renoir Pictures / Silva Screen Productions) with executive producers Adam Greenup and Keith Ferreira. The documentary won Best Film Audience Choice and Best Music at the 2021 UK Asian Film Festival.

Here's what the press has said about “The Beatles And India”:

“…fascinating story of how and why India fell in love with the Beatles” - The Guardian

“The Beatles: The Best Films to check out” - The Times

“...a uniquely Indian take on this pivotal event.” - Financial Times

“...impressive… Rich in content, scope and its use of archive footage and interviews with the Fabs and the other major players in this saga, this is a world apart from anything resembling your stereo typical Beatles documentary.” - Shindig

“…a welcome new perspective” - Radio Times

“As with his 2005 book The Beatles In India, Ajoy Bose’s directorial debut (co-director Peter Compton) suspends current censoriousness to catapult us to a world where it wasn’t unforgivable to get things wrong about other cultures as long as you were trying to get it right… Over 50 years later, what survives is gratitude on all sides that the Beatles and Indian musicians, teachers and fans they met got to be part of each other’s story.” - Uncut (Lead review)

“…fascinating documentary” - Eastern Eye

CD 1: Songs Inspired By The Film

01 Tomorrow Never Knows (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Kiss Nuka
02 Mother Nature’s Son (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Karsh Kale / Benny Dayal
03 Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon) Performed by Soulmate
04 Across The Universe (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Tejas / Mali
05 Everybody’s Got Something To Hide (Except Me And My Monkey) (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Rohan Rajadhyaksha /  
Warren Mendonsa
06 I Will (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Shibani Dandekar / Neil Mukherjee
07 Julia (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Dhruv Ghanekar
08 Child of Nature (John Lennon) Performed by Anupam Roy
09 The Inner Light (George Harrison) Performed by Anoushka Shankar / Karsh Kale
10 The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Raaga Trippin
11 Back In The USSR (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Karsh Kale / Farhan Ahktar
12 I’m So Tired (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Lisa Mishra / Warren Mendonsa
13 Sexy Sadie (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Siddharth Basrur / Neil Mukherjee
14 Martha My Dear (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Nikhil D’Souza
15 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Parekh & Singh
16 Revolution (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Vishal Dadlani / Warren Mendonsa
17 Love You To (George Harrison) Performed by Dhruv Ghanekar
18 Dear Prudence (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) Performed by Karsh Kale / Monica Dogra
19 India, India (John Lennon) Performed by Nikhil D’Souza

CD 2: Original Score - Composed by Benji Merrison

01 Main Titles
02 Diminutive Yogi
03 Crazy Trailblazer
04 Selling Like Hotcakes
05 A Few Lessons
06 Something Very Grateful  
07 Rishikesh Bridge
08 Jai Guru Dev
09 A Simple Existence
10 Old Ashram
11 The Prayer Room
12 50 Years Ago  
13 Feeling and Heart
14 All Of India
15 Birthday Party
16 Spiritual Teacher
17 A Dealbreaker
18 Secrets Revealed  
19 Down To Kerala
20 Small Gift To The World
21 End Credits

Available October 29, 2021

To purchase/stream album (album singles):



For more informationWWW.SILVASCREENUSA.COM

For more information about the film “The Beatles And India”: HTTPS://BEATLESANDINDIA.COM/

And check this out …

Little Known John Lennon and Paul McCartney Song, “Because I Know I Love You So” From The Beatles’ Let It Be Sessions Has Just Been Released By Thee Holy Brothers (Willie Aron and Marvin Etzioni) 

Now Available On Regional Records Distributed Digitally By Six Degrees (a Universal company.)

Originally recorded in 1969 by the Beatles during the Let It Be sessions, but not available on their 2021 released box set, the composition was first officially issued  in 2003 from disc  two on the Beatles Let It Be … Naked.

Thee Holy Brothers give the song a Buddy Holly-esque  treatment,  mixed in mono  by Jeff Peters (Beach Boys) and mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios (Grammy-winning mastering engineer for his work with the Beatles).

“I recorded a version on my own in 2008 with chief engineer for Regional Records,  Adam Pike, before I knew I’d have permission to release it,” offers Marvin Etzioni. 

“It was something that felt like the right thing to do at the time. It had little to do with whatever else I was working on and seemingly nothing to do with what was  going on in the musical landscape at that time.

“Sometimes when recording, an energy or point of view reveals itself after the session is complete.  In this case, when I sent my version out to friends or  played it for music industry professionals, the response was the same: Is this an un-released Buddy Holly song?

“The recording remained dormant until this year. Now that I have my own label, 

Regional Records, I can release records.

“When I played my version for Willie, he suggested adding his vocal to create a sparse two-part harmony record, in the spirit of early Simon and Garfunkel.  Willie added his vocal in a single pass and the result was magical, a performance never to be repeated again. The challenge was to not overcook it, not add more layers of anything, be it vocals or instrumentation, which would have been very  easy to do.

“You don’t finish a work of art, you abandon it,’ said Picasso. After Willie recorded 

his vocal, Thee Holy Brothers single was ready to be released.”

“One of the things that keeps Thee Holy Brothers fresh for me is that we pay 

attention to immediacy,” underscores Willie Aron. “We try to seize the moment of inspiration right as it’s presented to us. In the case of ‘Because I Know You Love Me So,’ our mutual love of the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly lines up perfectly with the Beatles’ primary influences. So I sang to Marvin’s track  with that same sense  of immediacy and intimacy.”

Willie Aron is an award-winning composer of film and television shows and a session musician/producer for the likes of Victoria Williams, Syd Straw, Peter 

Himmelman and Rickie Lee Jones. He served as a consultant on The Beatles: 8 Days a Week — The Touring Years. Aron portrays a member of the famed Wrecking Crew in the biopic Love and Mercy about Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson.

Marvin Etzioni is a singer, Grammy-nominated songwriter, Grammy-winning record  producer, collaborating with such iconic artists as Counting Crows, Lucinda Williams, Dixie Chicks, Stephen Stills/Judy Collins, Toad the Wet Sprocket and many others. Etzioni was the original producer and founding member of Lone Justice, who has two co-written tunes on the upcoming  Trombone Shorty album for Blue  Note Records due in 2022.

THEE HOLY BROTHERS (photo by Francis A. Wiley)

Thee Holy Brothers: A Brief History

A few years ago, at a Shabbat service in Los Angeles at the temple Ohr HaTorah in Culver City, Rabbi Finley saw Willie Aron and Marvin Etzioni standing next to each 

other wearing black suits and ties with fedoras, dubbing them “The Holy Brothers.”  “The” became “Thee” (inspired by another Los Angeles group, Thee Midniters) and rehearsals began.

At their first show, Thee Holy Brothers received great encouragement and support from none other than Leonard Cohen, their friend and fellow temple member, 

where Willie also serves as a Cantor at the synagogue.

Long-time friends, Willie and Marvin, subsequently collaborated as Thee Holy Brothers and released their debut album, My Name Is Sparkle, on Regional Records in 2020. Ten songs are presented in two acts, built around an androgynous character named Sparkle who is on a spiritual quest. Thematically, their album has been associated with George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass and  Pete  Townshend’s Who Came First.  

In October, 2021, Marvin Etzioni provides an additional backstory of hearing this Lennon/ McCartney songwriting gem and securing it for Thee Holy Brothers to record.

“In August of 2008, my friend Stevie from junior high school mailed me a present — bootleg CDs of the Let It Be sessions recorded by the Beatles. I immediately pushed play. I had heard all of the songs before except one with McCartney taking the lead and the boys playing a ragged but right country feel behind the leader. Somewhere in this incomplete attempt was  a diamond in the rough. I studied the  chords and lyrics.

“I went to engineer Adam Pike’s studio in Pasadena to record an acoustic version onmy own. I’m a title driven songwriter. I got attached to the opening line ‘Woke Up in the Morning’ and worked with that as the title since the homemade CDs had no official titles printed on them.

“I met with a contact at ASCAP and said I found an unreleased Beatles song. He 

couldn’t recognize it. He said, ‘Next time you’re in New York, I’ll introduce you to 

Paul McCartney’s publisher.’ Soon enough, I was in the Big Apple. I played the Beatles’ version and my version back-to-back. Still no recognition. I was told to contact Apple in London. On the call, I said I have an unreleased Beatles song. I was told there was no such thing and to send the Beatles’ version with my version of the song and I would receive a call back in 24 hours.

“Like clockwork, the phone rang the next day. I was told assuredly the song is called ‘Because I Know You Love Me So’ and I was given permission to release my version since it had been previously released on disc two of Let It Be … Naked by the Beatles.

“Cut to lockdown 2020, I signed a digital distribution deal with Six Degrees (a Universal company) for my label Regional Records. Earlier this year I played my 

version of the little- known Beatles song to Willie Aron — my better half in our duo Thee Holy Brothers. He suggested ‘we turn it into a Buddy Holly single.’

“We booked a night at engineer Jeff Peters’ studio (who had worked with Brian 

Wilson and the Beach Boys). Willie added his vocal to my original recording.  No punch-ins. This  was a magical performance captured through a vintage  RCA tube pre-amp and a RCA ribbon microphone.

Willie Aron and Marvin Etzioni are no strangers to supporting and touting the ongoing legacy of the Beatles. Since 2014, Etzioni hosted his creation called The 

Record Theater at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, discussing and examining 50th anniversary editions of Beatles’ albums including Rubber Soul, Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Marvin also hosted a tribute to the late great George Martin in 2016. While the vinyl was spinning, Brian Kehew (author of Recording the Beatles) provided rare and unseen photos of the Beatles.

Etzioni is quoted extensively in the 2021 John Kruth book Hold On World about John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band.

Paul Zollo (Conversations with Tom Petty) asked Etzioni to write an article on John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band — The Ultimate Collection for American  Songwriter.

Willie Aron served as a consultant on the Ron Howard and Nigel Sinclair heralded documentary, The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years. Aron is also a record collector and has first edition pressings of every UK and US Beatles album including Let It Be. As a musician, Aron is a charter member of The Wild Honey Orchestra, an all-star ensemble that pays musical tribute to the world’s greatest recording artists raising funds for autism. When the group performed  the Beatles’ Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band albums in their entirety, they were joined by Paul McCartney guitarist Rusty Anderson.

During Lockdown 2020, Los Angeles power duo Thee Holy Brothers released their 

debut album, My Name is Sparkle (Regional Records).  Founded by singer-composer Willie Aron (ex-The Balancing Act) and singer-songwriter Marvin Etzioni (ex-Lone Justice), Thee Holy Brothers have fashioned an impressive, ambitious  concept album.

Coachella Valley Weekly says the album “echoes devotional touchstones like George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass and Pete Townshend’s Who Came First.”

MOJO magazine reviewed it as a “Tommy-esque musical directed by Leonard  Cohen.”

RnR in the UK gave the album five stars calling it “quite magnificent.”

The singles “Elvis in Jerusalem” and “My Name Is Sparkle” entered Top 10 Radio

Independent Alliance charts from around the world.

Previous reviews:


Thee Holy Brothers

Press release by the group

The other day we ran the video of Ringo Starr’s new, updated version of the Bill Haley classic “Rock Around The Clock.”  (In fact, we called it a “totally unnecessary remake” … and we still stand by that assessment.)

But since Ringo felt the need to discuss his recording of the tune with journalist Paul Cashmere, WE felt the need to tell you about it.

“I was 15 when I first heard the song at the movies in the film ‘Blackboard Jungle’.  “I’m sitting there, I’d been in the hospital, don’t know much about what’s going on lately, and they ripped up the cinema!!! They just threw the chairs and went crazy. I thought, ‘Wow this is great!!!!’ I remember that moment like it was yesterday, it was incredible. And the song just rocks. So when it came to choosing tracks for this EP I thought of doing ‘Rock Around the Clock’ for all these good reasons.

“I first did a brushes version of it, like old school … but then I thought, ‘Nah, put the sticks on!’ And it rocked! Then I called Joe Walsh and he rocked and it’s a separate solo. If you listen to cover versions of ‘Rock Around The Clock,’ everybody plays that same solo, and Joe made this one stand out. So, thanks to the great Joe Walsh, Nathan East, Bruce Sugar and let’s not forget our back-up singers Amy Keys and Windy Wagner! Thanks for rocking out with me through the pandemic! And Thank you Bill Haley! Peace and Love.”

And what’s the deal with Paul McCartney saying he’s not signing autographs anymore.  (You may recall Ringo making the same declaration several years ago.)

McCartney downplays the importance and significance of the autograph or, in this day and age, a “selfie” with the rock star.  (He has clearly forgotten his OWN roots and being bowled over when HE came face to face with an American Rock Star in the late ‘50’s at a concert back home in Jolly Ol’ England.  Many a time he and John Lennon or George Harrison would go see one of rock’s new legends … including the above mentioned Bill Haley … and wait for autographs after the show.  The Beatles even went so far as to send letters or telegrams telling a particular act how much they meant to them, inspiring them to pursue a career in music.  Ahh, how quick we forget.)

I mean, I get it … after being besieged by fans for over sixty years, interrupting your daily routine for their own selfish gains … but some of these fans today have followed McCartney for all sixty of those years … so the chance meeting or opportunity to meet and spend a moment (and walk away with a souvenir) just could be the most meaningful experience of a lifetime.  (Then again, we have also covered the OTHER side of the story where people just try to get a celebrity to sign something so they can turn around and auction it off on eBay … which is REALLY a shame.)

McCartney says he would rather have a conversation (yeah right … how likely is THAT?!?!)  than take a blurry photo together, especially with him looking miserable in it!  (lol)

In an article in the brand new issue of “Reader’s Digest” (Seriously??? This still exists?!?!?), McCartney says …

“It always struck me as a bit strange.  Here, can I write your name down on the back of this till receipt please?’ Why? We both know who I am.  What you’ve usually got is a ropey photo with a poor backdrop and me looking a bit miserable. Let’s chat, let’s exchange stories.”  (kk)

No, Paul McCartney Will Not Sign Your Wrinkled Receipt - Rolling Stone

kk …

Buy All The Crap I'M Selling But Don't Expect An Autograph.

Sir Paul …

Here's A Good Reason To Sign Autographs …

Because Your Fans Want It.



And a final smile …

Introducing a new generation to the great music of ours …

Special thanks to The Muppets!

A smiler from Frank B …

Happy Halloween …

Which, of course, left us wondering …





Thursday, October 28, 2021


Here's how it all started a week or two ago ...

>>>Please send me your "fascinating newsletter" …I look forward to becoming a regular reader, and at least an occasional contributor.  I currently live in Long Beach, CA, although I grew up in the Steel City - Pittsburgh, PA, just a stone’s throw up the hill (there are hills everywhere in the Pittsburgh area) from the home of the Vogues, who hailed from the small town/suburb of Turtle Creek (great name, huh?), PA.  Speaking of stones, I just saw The Rolling Stones in concert for the very first time ever - in LA last week. They were sensational, and still bring it!  (Nick Frankart) 

>>>Welcome aboard, Nick … you’ve got a WHOLE lotta catching up to do!  (lol) And, if you’d like to prepare a complete Rolling Stones concert review, I’d be happy to run it!  (kk)

And that’s exactly what he did!  (Way to jump right into the pool head first, Nick!  Lol)


Attached is my review of the Stones in LA.  I have also sent along two long-range pictures of the venue, SoFi Stadium, to give an idea of the massiveness of this venue that the Stones filled to capacity on two nights.  (All of my other pictures were taken by a real, not cell-phone, camera, and I don't know how to send them electronically.)  Hopefully the words in my review will speak for themselves.

Nick Frankart


By Nick Frankart

On October 14, 2021, the Bad Boys of Rock ‘n’ Roll - minus their late drummer Charlie Watts, who sadly passed away just two months earlier – came and conquered LA’s new, cavernous SoFi football Stadium, to the massive communal exhilaration of some 70,000 of their closest friends - both old and young, and all persons in between - in the first of two concert Events in the month of October.

“Events” because “concerts” is not a strong enough word to capture the experience of attending a “Stones” show in person.  Not a tribute group, you know this is a special night when you pinch yourself and it occurs to you that these are the ROLLING STONES!  I should know, because this was my very first time EVER seeing the legendary “Mick and the Boys” show in 50 plus years as a rock ‘n’ roll fan.

What took so long?

Mick Jagger, their unquestioned “young” leader at the ripe age of 78, was in fine form physically and vocally throughout, as he delivered hit after hit with the energy of someone a third (never mind half) of his age.  Here is the complete setlist: The Rolling Stones Concert Setlist at SoFi Stadium, Inglewood on October 14, 2021 |  Some personal favorites included Ruby Tuesday, Start Me Up and Honky Tonk Women.  But there were so many more classics to choose from – 19 to be exact.  Two-and-a-quarter hours of uninterrupted classic hits, including a two-song set by 77-year-old young pup Keith Richards, while Mick changed into some new track shoes.  And all the while, Ronnie Wood - the baby of the group at 74 years old - continued on lead guitar and backing up the boys when needed.

It’s said that Mick walks (runs/struts/preens) some 8-10 MILES a night while touring the stage and its environs.  A special commendation goes out to Steve Jordan, who “filled in” remarkably on the drums for longtime co-founder Charlie Watts - who was suitably recognized in a two-minute photo-and-drum-solo tribute to kick off the show, across four colorful giant vertical video boards, front and center.  Now that’s a concert!

Not to be overlooked was the opening band, called Ghost Hounds.  No, I had never heard of them either - even though they are based in my hometown of Pittsburgh - The Steel City - but they were a perfect pairing with the Stones.  Same blues-and-rock musical style and same high energy level, and they delivered on a 45-minute set that truly warmed up the crowd for The World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band.  Not just a “When are the Stones coming on?” act. And Ghost Hounds received a well-deserved shout-out from Mick Jagger himself on the stage.  Nice touch.  Check them out on YouTube.

And whatever you do, don’t miss the Stones on their next tour.  We can only hope there will be a next tour.  Why stop now?

Stones vs. Beatles?  No need to choose.  Plenty of room for both, and we’re all better off for it.

Man, this place looks amazing!!!

I’ve only seen The Stones once and it was a long, long time ago (1972 to be exact!) 

Some may argue that this was The Rolling Stones at their peak … “Sticky Fingers” was still brand new and even back then they were already referring to them as “The World’s Greatest Rock And Roll Band” and although I never personally went along with all the hype (my favorites were Creedence!), they definitely put on a show.

I have ALMOST gone several times since but somehow just never made it.  From what I understand, the intensity of the shows has only increased since then … pretty amazing as the boys have all gotten older … but never lost their drive for what brought them all here in the first place, even as members have come and gone along the way.  (Our late buddy Chet Coppock saw The Rolling Stones live over fifty times … never missed a show here in Chicago and traveled to see them all over the country as well.  There was absolutely NO question in his mind as to who The World’s Greatest Rock And Roll Band were!)

Thanks for the great review!  Much appreciated (and a REALLY good job for a newbie on the list!  Lol)  It DOES make me want to see them again.

Will The Stones tour again?  With the loss of Drummer Charlie Watts, maybe not … maybe they’ll look at this as a fitting tribute and easy way to bow out.  But honestly, I think they’ll do whatever they want to do, just as they always have … and the reaction and reviews to the current tour have been glowing in every stop … so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if another new album and subsequent tour are still in the cards.

As for The Beatles vs. The Stones, can’t we just love both???  I mean, it’s not like we're talking about The White Sox and The Cubs!!!  (kk)