Thursday, September 14, 2023

Thursday This And That

Barely a week into their “Peace Out” farewell tour, Aerosmith had to postpone a month’s worth of gigs due to lead singer Steven Tyler’s bleeding vocal cords.

Six shows (including the one scheduled for here in Chicago) have been rescheduled so far:

The show scheduled for Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan will now take place on Monday, January 29th, 2024

The Chicago date at The United Center has been moved to Wednesday, February 14th

Capital One Arena in Washington, DC will now have to wait until Saturday, February 17th before the band heads up north of the border for a show at The Scotiabank Arena on Wednesday, February 21st.

On Monday, February 26th, 2024, Aerosmith will perform at PNC Arena in Raleigh, Nort Carolina … while on Thursday, February 29th, they’ll be at The Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

Hopefully, Tyler will make a full recovery in time for the tour to continue and not have to reschedule any other dates.  (Let’s face it … singing what he sings, the WAY he sings it, is a tremendous challenge for ANY singer … but all part of what makes his voice as unique as it is.  We hope he makes a speedy recovery.)  kk

Meanwhile, Kansas has extended their 50th Anniversary Tour thru May of next year, adding a date here at The Genesee Theatre on April 13th.  (kk)

They are finally taking preorders for Micky Dolenz’s new book “I’m Told I Had A Good Time” (which we first told you about several months ago)

The book is available in a number of different configurations (depending on how elaborate … aka expensive … you want to get) … but it really looks like something … and the fact that they’re calling it “Volume 1” indicates that more volumes are to follow if this one does well.

You’ll find LOTS more information here:

In addition to the release of Micky’s new book in December, he also has a brand new 4-song EP coming out in November that pays tribute to R.E.M.

Dolenz cut his versions of “Shiny Happy People,” “Radio Free Europe,” “Man On The Moon” and “Leaving New York.”

From the official press release:

The EP features fresh and completely new arrangements of some of R.E.M.’s most memorable and catchy songs. As Dolenz says: “Once again, this EP reaffirms my long-held conviction that a solid recording always begins with solid material. You don’t get much more solid than R.E.M. What a joy to sing these classics and honor a team of outstanding writers.”

7A Records’ CEO Glenn Gretlund adds: “R.E.M. and Micky Dolenz are a match made in heaven and I’m delighted with how the recordings have turned out. Micky’s voice sounds better than ever and Christian Nesmith has done a wonderful job in reimagining the arrangements.” The EP is released on 180g Yellow Vinyl, CD and all Digital platforms on November 14th.”

This release follows up the critically acclaimed Dolenz Sings Nesmith (March 2021) album

Check out the new mega-cool video for Micky’s version of “Shiny Happy People” …

And what do the guys from R.E.M. think about the new album?

“These songs are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Micky Dolenz covering R.E.M. Monkees style; I have died and gone to heaven. This is really something. ‘Shiny Happy People’ sounds INCREDIBLE (never thought you or I would hear me say that!!!). Give it a spin. It’s wild. And produced by Christian Nesmith (son of Michael Nesmith), I am finally complete.” 

Michael Stipe

"That voice -- one of the main voices of my musical awakening -- singing our songs ...  it is beyond awesome. Let's help make this as huge as we possibly can. I am beyond thrilled." 

Mike Mills

"I've been listening to Micky's singing since I was nine years old. It's unreal to hear that very voice adding new depth to songs we've written ourselves, and inhabiting them so completely."  

Peter Buck

"I am blown away! Micky and Christian just take these tracks to unexpected places.”   

Scott McCaughey

Fans can also order signed copies through Micky Dolenz’s own shop:  

Now that The Talking Heads have reunited in support of the re-release of their “Stop Making Sense” film and album, there’s been all kinds of speculation that the band may record together again.  (In all fairness, they didn’t even perform at the film showing … but rather were all on hand to show their support and partake in a Q&A session after the showing of the film.  But it WAS the first time all four members had been in the same room in over twenty years!)  Time will tell if there’ll be more reunions down the road … musical or otherwise.  (kk)

From Clark Besch …

My friend Jacob, who lives in Israel, just posted a very cool homemade Platters video you might enjoy. 

His explanation:

Here’s a link to a clip on my YT channel that was just posted.

It’s the song “You’re Making A Mistake” by The Platters with a stereo mix I did and a very unique video that was filmed in Israel during the tour of the Platters in 1958.

I’m not sure how long will this clip stay on YT before taken down because this unique video was downloaded from an Israeli Film Archive so maybe, it’s copyrighted.

I hope you’ll like it -


This is a very high-quality clip ... 

Catch it while you still can!  (kk) 



Fact is, she didn’t work here very long … so you may have missed it.  (She probably had already moved on to pursue other job opportunities before you even noticed.)

Over her nearly 65 years, Barbie has worked as a doctor, a nurse, a dentist and a candy striper … a flight attendant, a pilot and an astronaut … a waitress and a cheerleader … a fashion model and a fashion designer … a police officer, an architect, an anthropologist, a tennis player, a teacher, a veterinarian, a travel agent, a rock star, and many, many more … and that doesn’t even include all the time she spent at the beach and in the military.  (Poor girl just can’t seem to hold a job!!!)  kk

For a list (and photographs) of over a hundred, check out this site:

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Tuesday This And That

Got this yesterday ...

Today is September 11th. 

My Wife Annie flew for United Airlines for another 15 years after 9/11.

Track #11, from my 2023 album is about that period of time. 

It has been distributed through the retired airline worker's community.

It's currently part of several 9/11 memorials, nationally.

"Steel Wings To LA" is attached.

- Bobby


I taped some of the WLS/WCFL Rewound Weekend and burned a few hours on CD.   My work car is a 2005 Pontiac Vibe that has a CD player.  It is fun to drive around listening to those great stations as we did in the olden days. 

On one of the Chuck Buell segments from 1972, it appeared the songs were slightly sped up.  I know you have featured this discussion before.  Maybe you can ask Chuck about this.  I noticed it on songs such as Family Of Man by Three Dog Night and Nice To Be With You by Gallery. 

Did the radio station speed them up to 46 rpms, or was the reel to reel taping the air check running a bit fast?                           


WCFL was the station that got called out for speeding up the music …

The idea was to get in an extra song each hour, meaning they could offer “More Music” (even though that was WLS’ jingle!)  It was also designed to make the station sound more "peppy" ... in contrast, the songs seemed to drag a little bit when you heard them on WLS ... or at least that's what they were going for.

A couple of the airchecks I heard on this year's program were badly warped and I was kind of surprised by that as they typically restore these to pretty pristine shape.  (I guess it all depends on what you have to work with.)

Still, a GREAT way to spend a long weekend, listening to radio the way we remember it sounding back in the day when we all got hooked on this great music! (kk)


UPDATE:  I asked Chuck Buell the following question …


I got a letter from a reader today (actually a 40-year veteran deejay himself) asking about WLS and WCFL speeding up the songs slightly back in the day to make them sound more "lively."


I specifically remember WCFL being called out on this (remember Chicago Radio Columnist Gary Deeb?  He did a whole expose on this.)


The story was (at the time) that by 'CFL speeding up the records to pick up a few extra seconds here and there on every track they played, they could theoretically play one more song per hour than WLS did and thus offer "more music."  Turns out this was strictly against FCC regulations and I believe they were fined heavily for it.


Do you remember any of this being discussed at the time in your station board meetings?  Different strategies to beat the competition and make 'LS stand out from WCFL? 


Curious what you can share (now that the statutes of limitations have run out!!!)  lol


I don't recall that WLS ever did that.

Prior to my joining 'LS when I was at KIMN in Denver, we did experiment with that concept. Our reasoning was if we could eventually manipulate all our on air records by speeding them up, it would make the records heard on any competing radio station sound sl -o-o-ow-w-w by comparison. The key was to treat a record when it was just added because no one was familiar with it and it would sound normal or as it should.  

So, to test out this practice, a new Beatle Record was sped up by 10% and added to our on-air playlist. Sounded fine (anything over that, we discovered made a record start to sound Chipmunkie!")  Sounded great on the air being that it was a bright sounding, up tempo song to begin with.

Then local record stores started calling us asking why our record(s) sounded faster than the copies that customers were returning to their stores as "defective" because they "dragged" and the record store could not find any copies they had in inventory that "didn't!"  Some stores even called the record labels and complained to them!

Well, as you can imagine, this idea was soon terminated, never to be undertaken again!

So, it was years later that WCFL tried that folly. I don't know their outcome other than they soon stopped doing it, too.



UPDATE:  We talked about this AGES ago …

I’ve been trying to find the original Gary Deeb article that took WCFL to task for this but have come up empty thus far …

However, here is some FH coverage dating back to 2011 on this topic …

Interestingly enough, it contains commentary from two of ‘CFL’s top jocks at the time, Ron Britain and Bob Dearborn!  (kk)


I remember the whole speed-up thing and reading about it in the papers.

They really shouldn't do that to a record, as it can ruin the song.

Leah Jordan


Regarding "Speeding in a 45 Zone," it definitely was happening in the early ‘70s.  I’m pretty sure I heard it in the Baltimore - DC corridor, although I don’t want to wrongly accuse any one station.  And I’m certain I remember hearing the Raspberries’ “Go All The Way,” among others, supercharged, on CKLW in Detroit.  The late Tom Clay told me that they definitely were spinning at 47 or 48 for a while.


Just one of the many "tricks of the trade" apparently!  (kk)


In all of the talk about whether or not stations sped up songs, in particular WCFL, I can relate one thing I distinctly remember happening during that period. The DJs at WCFL would on occasion deliberately give the wrong time. I'm guessing this was done to try to influence anyone who might be filling out a survey to show the wrong time and enter a time that might show more favorably for advertising purposes. But I'm only guessing as to the reason. 

The first time I heard the wrong time given, I figured the DJ just made a mistake. Because the time he gave wasn't just off by a few minutes or by an hour, it was WAY off, by hours. But when I noticed it on multiple occasions, and on different days, I figured it was not a mistake, but was being done deliberately. At the time I was still in my teens and had no idea why they were doing this. I got verification of this in later years upon reading a column by Gary Deeb. But this is something I heard with my own ears and on several different days. Another low point for a great radio station. This was probably in the 1974 or 1975 timeframe, but I'm only guessing.   


Yep, another "claim to fame" that was going on at 'CFL at the time.  (I confirmed this with Ron Smith, who remembered it clearly as well, along with the articles columnist Gary Deeb wrote, exposing this practice.)  And you're right, it WAS a deliberate attempt to "alter" the books in the radio diaries that listeners kept at home ... they'd hear the time and ideally, without checking the clock, credit more listening time for the station.  Amazing, isn't it???  (kk)


I asked Bob Dearborn, who came through in these pages a while back about the speeding up of the music played by the station, what he remembered about giving out false time on the air to beef up their listeners' diaries ... and wondered who the heck was in charge during this crazy time. 

Here is his response:


>>>the time he gave wasn't just off by a few minutes or by an hour, it was WAY off, by hours.   (Ken)


>>>Regarding WCFL speeding up the records, I really don't know.  To the best of my knowledge, it was not done, but if it had been true, it would have been during the time in the 60's when Lew Witz was the general manager.  Sorry that I have been vague about this, but my answer would be that it didn't happen.  I am very certain that this did not occur during the time that Ken Draper was the general manager prior to Lew Witz.

(Ron Britain)


If it was off by hours, then it was the air talent making a mistake.  It happens.  But there was some time-check skulduggery going on at 'CFL in 1974.

During the same period when the records were sped up, we were told to add a few minutes to the time whenever the actual time fell short of :20, :35 or :50 minutes past the hour in order to get credit for an extra quarter-hour from ratings diary-keepers.  Once a listener was at least five minutes into the next quarter, you got credit for them being tuned in during that quarter.  Therefore, if it was really 4:19, we were instructed to say it was at least 4:20.  If it was really 4:32 or 4:33, we had to say it was at least 4:35.  It was a deception, all right, but one that amounted to a few minutes, never more than four minutes, and never hours.

As to your question, "Who the heck was leading the charge on all these schemes and practices to bolster WCFL's ratings?!?!?," it was not General Manager Lew Witz, as my very dear friend Ron Britain has theorized.  Ron was long gone in 1974 when all this deception was happening.  Lew fired him in December, 1970, and as you may have guessed, Ron to this day is not a Lew fan.

I have nothing bad to say about Lew Witz.  He treated me extremely well, always with kindness, courtesy and more professional respect than I probably deserved.  He and I were as different from each other as two people could be, but we liked and respected each other.  Still do.  Our relationship was always solid.  We went through six program directors and 36 air personalities between 1970 and 1976, but I was there through all of it.  Yes, my ratings were really good -- upper teens mostly, and once a 20 -- but additionally, Lew knew he could count on me, that he could trust me.      

One of the many knocks on Lew that I've heard is that he was a micro-manager, involved in every aspect of the radio station, didn't let department heads have complete control of their departments.  That was true up until about 1973.  By then we'd turned the corner and were finally beating WLS across the board, and WCFL was named Billboard Radio Station of the Year.  It was well-deserved.  But then, for whatever reason, while basking in the station's newfound success, Lew finally started to delegate more than he had before, opened up to the ideas of other people.  And it was one of those other people that had been brought on board who led us astray, with records being speeded up and time checks falsified.

I'm not going to name that person.  I like him too much and don't want to publicly embarrass him over a mistake he made when he was young.  We've all done foolish things in our youth.  Fifteen years later, he turned into a prince of a man and as ethical as they come, one of my favorite radio colleagues.  I didn't like him at all back in 1974 when he was doing all these things to "my" radio station, but, like all of us, he was the product of his most recent training and corporate environment, and he did what seemed normal and acceptable to him at the time as the way to win.

As I said in one of our jock meetings, even if we do succeed as a result of doing these deceitful things, it'll feel like a hollow victory and one we won't enjoy.  Well, there was no victory, and as our dirty laundry was being aired in the press (what seemed like) almost every day, no joy either.

That's as much as I'm comfortable saying about the matter, Kent.  It was a long time ago, and again, I think it would be a shame to focus too much attention on something that happened for a few months instead of appreciating the bigger picture of what that radio station was during its many years of greatness.



And now for a horse of a completely different color ...


As Shelley pointed out ...


>>>That is NOT the “pretty in pink” Barbie color. It must be the 21st century version, where everything is bolder and nobody cares what you think.  (Shelley Sweet-Tufano)


HA!  Yep! True that!


But sometimes one has to suspend reality when hearing, feeling, smelling, listening or seeing something like that house awash in non-official "Barbie Pink!"


Oh.  Wait. THAT’s what Barbie is all about in the first place!  Non-reality “Pretend Play!”


Particularly, for instance, considering Barbie has had over 200 jobs of which several related and associated specialties are included, which parent company Mattel adds toward Barbie's occupations count. 


Including ~~~


Can one believe that?!


Now will someone please hand me my alter ego “Superman Action Figure?!"


CB ( which stands for “Career-Counselor Boy!” )

It isn’t often that I have the opportunity to make a printing reference in this arena …

But many years ago, we had an account who had an “in” with Mattel and was awarded the order to print the artwork for the brand new Barbie board game that was coming out on the market … and we landed that order.

It became immediately apparent that matching “Barbie Pink” was the key to printing this successfully.

As it turns out, SO many different Barbie products had been printed over the decades (this experience for me happened in the ‘80’s) that Pantone (the company that develops all of the various … and by this I mean literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of color hues) actually developed a patented color CALLED “Barbie Pink” … so that no matter where in the world something in the Barbie Universe was being printed, it would match the same color pink being printed anywhere and everywhere else.

It turned out to be as simple as ordering that product by name … and then matching the color to the ink swatch / drawdown provided by the ad agency … and we were on our way!  (kk)

Jimmy Buffett’s wife Jane posted a heartfelt letter of thanks on Jimmy’s Facebook Page over the weekend, thanking friends, family, fans and Jimmy’s medical team for all the love they had showered upon him during his long and successful career. (kk)

Another Cryan’ Shames-related question from Robert Campbell …

So I went and got out my FOUR copies of “A Scratch In The Sky,” one still encased in plastic, and was looking at the handwritten back cover. It’s kind of hard to read, but at the bottom there’s a line that states …

“In Appreciation: Geoff Bryan, Ron Holder who are two of the members of the criminally forgotten Blackstones.”

I wonder what their contribution to the album was.


For this one, I went right to the source and contacted original founding members Tom Doody, Jim Pilster and James Fairs …

Tom (Toad!) was the first to respond ...

Hey Kent -

Geoff and Ron were from Saturday's Children.  I think the Blackstones was their original name.  They wrote Dennis Dupree from Danville.

I wish I could give you the scoop on The Town I'd Like To Go Back To and The Warm, but I have no idea, other than I really like singing the songs.  Have a great one! 

Tom Doody


>>>Please keep us posted, LJ … we’ve been covering your efforts for over a decade now …  and want to keep Forgotten Hits Readers up to date on any and all new developments … and where and how they might be able to view this film!  (kk)



Thank You, and all of The Forgotten Hits dedicated viewers … you are so very kind and much appreciated. 

In the following I would like to offer an outtake from our feature length screenplay 'The Winter Dance Party Tour – 1959.'

Viewers must remember that at the very beginning of what eventually became 'The Winter Dance Party Tour - 1959" on the morning of Friday, January 23, 1959, at 9:00 a.m., there 12 musicians, 1 tour bus manager and 1 tour bus driver met at the GAC parking lot and boarded a tin-can that they called a tour bus that would provide their transportation for the next 24 days straight … 24 locations … 24 performances.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a real tour bus ... just a small, uncomfortable charter bus that lacked heat most of the time with no normal sleeping availability.

The tour and transportation was provided by GAC of Chicago, IL, in conjunction with Feld Management from New York. Irvin Feld, as a favor to Buddy Holly, asked GAC to put together a tour so that Holly could get out on the road and promote his music. Irvin Feld offered Holly that he would become Holly's manager following 'The Winter Dance Party Tour.'  (Holly had left his management and was living with his new bride in New York at the time.)

The Winter Dance Party Tour - 1959 was a circus-like atmosphere and irresponsibly managed. It was a circus-like atmosphere that Promoter Irvin Feld and GAC Management had created by scheduling the 24 days straight, 24 performances in 24 winter locations in the mid-western states sometimes hundreds of miles apart for the 12 traveling musicians in a fun circus bus-like vehicle … but no one on this circus Winter Dance Party Tour Bus was having fun.

Buddy Holly had made arrangements with promoter Irvin Feld during a meeting in New York: Feld initially suggested that he would put together The 1959 Winter Dance Party Tour and Buddy Holly was excited.

From the very first day on January 23, 1959, when everyone met in Chicago for The GAC and New York Irvin Feld management Winter Dance Party Tour, none of us had any idea that we would later be subjected to such unbelievable conditions. 

Before we left the parking lot, the tour manager referred to the bus as 'Third Class'. He continued his statement by saying: “There are many things I will be required to do 

around here, and telling the truth isn't one of them. You start telling the truth, and that can get you fired real fast.”

Unfortunately, the so-called tour bus was basically a short school bus.  The below zero winds would blow through every possible opening in that tin-can and the heating system failed multiple times.



An 8:00 p.m. Show on a Friday night - January 23rd at The Milwaukee 'George Devine Million Dollar Ballroom.'

Frankie Sardo opened the first show of The GAC Winter Dance Party Tour with his 'Fake Out' song.  Waylon, Tommy and Carl were the backing musicians … and even 

Buddy sat in on drums.

Several thousand teens turned out for this craziness. Devine claimed it was their most successful rock-n-roll get together to date.

Well, what a 'bitchin time' they had.

(22 more performances in 22 more days in more 22 locations to go … but who's counting.


In the 1950's, The Winter Dance Party Tour manager was an auto parts salesman and on January 23, 1959, he became  the tour manager on The Winter Dance Party Tour.  He was the brother-in-law to the famous Louis H. Krefetz, who was personal manager of 'The Clovers' and he lived in the Krefetz household as well. He was appointed as tour manager by Irvin Feld Management out of New York. Prior to this appointment, he had acquired tour experience with the R&B circuit through his brother-in-law, Louis H. Krefetz. In addition, in September of 1958, he had been hired by  Irvin Feld Management for a mid-west tour that again included Dion and The Belmonts.



An 8:00 p.m. show on a Saturday night - January 24, 1959, at The Eagles Ballroom, 302 58th St. in Kenosha, WI, with guest Debbie Stevens performing 'If You Can't Rock Me'.

The boys were 'radioactive' as their fans rushed the stage, some jumping up on the stage to sit at their feet.

The place was 'jam packed' 
If you got 'em, don't smoke 'em, was the rule of the night, as the local police and parents monitored the evening’s activities.

Ritchie Valens, J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson and Frankie Sardo mingled on stage. 

The boys hung around and signed autographs and posed for a few photos …

Man, they had it 'made in the shade!'

However, there were issues. 

Like which of the 12 performers were getting paid the most and how much more for each performance.

It seems the word got around on the bus about how much more Buddy was getting paid for each performance than the others.  They all had a lot to think about. 

If it wasn't performance money issues, it was the 'Piece of S.H.I.T. Bus.'

The boys would stretch out across the seats. Some would lay in the overhead rack.
This was NOT a 'tour bus.'  This was really wrong of GAC and Irvin Feld Management to provide.

Again, this wasn't a 'tour bus' … it was just a piece of GAC S.H.I.T.

It was a little past midnight when The Eagles Show ended.  

What a night, what a gathering.

It was a warm 16 degrees when the bus was being loaded.  As everyone was settling in, you could hear the horns from the cars ... teens yelling out their car windows.

Crowds of teens were still 'cruising' The Eagles Ballroom.

The boys threw all their dirty clothing on the floor in the back of the bus … some things never change.

Next Show#3 of The Winter Dance Party Tour

395 miles and another all night drive to Mankato, MN to The Kato Ballroom with (Bill Diehl emcee.)

What a ride. 

The road was two lane and extremely bumpy … 

Good luck getting any rest this night.

395 miles … 22 more performances, 22 more days, 22 more locations to go.

'Flash Forward' to January 30, 1959



The boys called a meeting in the lower level of The Laramar Ballroom. This was 'That Defining Moment' when Buddy Holly stated that he was not going to spend another minute on that damn bus. This was the initial thought to charter an airplane. That damn bus provided by GAC and Irvin Feld management was the issue. If the bus would have been an actual tour bus … clean, safe, reliable and a suitable mode of transportation, there would never have been the need for the idea to charter an airplane.


From the Screenplay to “The Winter Dance Party Tour – 1959” | 185 pages | 29,438 words)


The Introduction

The Trailer script

The Screenplay

The Ending

LJ Coon


A couple more smilers from Chuck Buell …


I Found This Rare Photo of Your Mom and Dad on Oak Street Beach listening to Forgotten Hits when they were new songs …



Sunday, September 10, 2023

THE SUNDAY COMMENTS ( 09 - 10 - 23 )

Hi Kent,

Thanks so much for advertising the WCFL/WLS Weekend on Rewound Radio. Like last year, it was great to hear all those great airchecks from the (Chicago) past. Luckily, this year I was able to record the whole 72 hours, so I can still enjoy all these programs for a while. And a BIG thank you to the Rewound Radio Team, that worked hard to make this all possible.

By the way, I just found out that the playlist of the full 72 hours is available on the web :

I only lived in the Chicagoland area from November, 1983, until February, 1985, and when hearing all these great airchecks from the 60’s and 70’s, I wish I had lived there much earlier 😊

Kind regards from Ben Meijering, The Netherlands

It was most definitely a “blast from the past!”

And Ross On Radio gave the weekend an EXCELLENT review here:

Tom Cuddy sent us this review of the opening night of The Eagles’ Long Goodbye Farewell Tour …

The Eagles (who did many a tour with Jimmy Buffett over the years) paid tribute to their friend during the opening show of their farewell tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City last week by performing Jimmy’s hits “Come Monday” and “Fins.”

Timothy B. Schmit, who was once a member of Jimmy’s Coral Reefer Band, sang Jimmy’s first Top 40 Chart Hit, “Come Monday” … and then, right before putting on a parrothead hat and launching into “Fins,” Buffet’s last solo Top 40 Hit, Joe Walsh told the crowd, "Jimmy and I got thrown out of some of the finest hotels in the world."  Jimmy inducted The Eagles into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Don Henley told the audience that it had been “a rough six weeks,” as just prior to Buffett’s death, Eagles founding member Randy Meisner also passed away.  (kk)

Frannie was fortunate enough to see this VIP pairing back in the late ‘70’s and shares this recollection …

On 7/7/77, I saw The Eagles in Ft Worth, TX, as they had begun their Hotel California tour a couple of months earlier. Jimmy Buffet was their opening act. That was such an incredible pairing, really genius. The audience was a complete mix of country, surfer types, families; old and young. I was with friends from high school, and while I cannot really remember musical details about the concert, what I do remember is how much fun we all had and how we went to the Ol’ South Pancake House afterward to discuss how great the show was. Such good times.  

Mrs. K

Jimmy’s final album, completed just before his death, is the one he worked on with Paul McCartney, and will be released on November 3rd.  McCartney paid tribute to his friend in a social media post right after Jimmy’s passing, noting the tracks “Bubbles Up" and “My Gummie Just Kicked In,” on which McCartney performed.  (kk)


Here’s Johnny B’s tribute to Jimmy Buffett …

From Chuck Buell ...

After all the talk last weekend about Bruce Springsteen’s ever-expanding tour, The Boss was sidelined unexpectedly for the rest of September when he was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer disease and, under doctor’s orders, is postponing any remaining September dates.

We wish you a speedy recovery, Bruce!  (kk)

Reportedly making guest appearances on the new Rolling Stones album “Hackney Diamonds” are Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Elton John and Stevie Wonder … as well as a full-blown “original Stones” reunion featuring Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman (along with Ronnie Wood, of course!)  I don’t know that ANY new Stones release has held as much anticipation as this one does over the last several decades!  I can’t wait! 

And could a follow-up album already be in the works?

The Stones told Jimmy Fallon that they had recorded 23 songs in all … which leaves 11 “leftovers” after “Hackney Diamonds” is released next month.  Perhaps with a little bit of clean-up and fine-tuning, a SECOND Stones album could see the light of day next year!  (In fact, Ronnie Wood told the press that The Stones actually recorded TWO songs with McCartney … and that the OTHER one will be released “on the next album.”) Stay tuned!  (kk)

Remember the old Avis / Hertz rental car commercials from back in the day?

There’s no shame in being #2!!!

Sirius / XM has launched the Billboard #2’s Channel, running for a limited time (September 7th thru September 21st), featuring EVERY song that peaked at #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart since its inception in August of 1958.

Over 500 “Runners Up” in all will be featured …

You’ll find it on Channel 14 during this very special two-week stretch.  (kk)

And, speaking of The Billboard Charts, Record Research has extended their sale on six of their best-selling books (at $25 off!) … but only until Tuesday, September 12th … so you’d better hurry!

More chart predictions …

Tom Cuddy tells us about an upcoming Christmas Present, courtesy of this report by Roger Friedman … which warns, “Watch Out Mariah!!!” …

From Roger’s post …

This November marks the 60th anniversary of the release of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Darlene Love.

Yes, it was 1963.

The song became an anthem and Darlene Love was coronated the Queen of Christmas. She’s performed it every year since then. For about 25 years in a row she sang it on David Letterman’s talk show with Paul Shaffer leading the band.

You may not know this but among the then unknown stars on the original Phil Spector recording was Cher. She’s singing lead back up and you can hear her very clearly. (You can also hear Darlene’s sister, Edna Wright, who went on to fame with her group, The Honey Cone, and “Want Ads.”) Also on that legendary record: Sonny Bono playing drums, Leon Russell on keyboards, and Hal Blaine on drums.


So now today Cher released the cover of her upcoming Christmas album, but no track info.

But I can tell you that this summer Cher and Darlene recorded a 60th anniversary version of the song, this time with both of them on leads. The new “Baby Please Come Home” will be on Cher’s Christmas album, which is great for her and Darlene and bad news for Mariah Carey.

Mariah, of course, thinks she’s the Queen of Christmas because of her perennial hit, “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Every year, it’s number 1. But this blockbuster from Darlene and Cher should be a grand slam home run. The combination of these power voiced Spector divas on their 60th anniversary version? Magic!

Darlene Love:  August 1

The VERY famous music, icon legend, mega star whom I’m recording this Christmas song with just called me to play me a rough cut and it’s AMAZING!!! Omg!! I’m literally doing the “happy dance” in my living room in tears!! Lol!! I’m heading to LA on Thursday to see my family and finish this project in person with this very talented, warm hearted soul whom I’ve known for many years. I’ll be sure to take lots of pix to post when it’s announced!! Get READY!!! This will be playing all over the radio during the holidays and I’m so so honored!!

Dionne Warwick and Barry Gibb will be among the recipients of The Kennedy Honors Awards this year.  Also receiving Lifetime Achievement Honors are Queen Latifah and comedian Billy Crystal.  It all takes place on December 3rd.  (kk)

From Frank B … who send us this from Norm N. Nite’s book regarding The Four Preps …

kk …

They Attended Hollywood High School Together & Sang In The School Choir.

While Singing At A Dance At U.C.L.A. In 1956, A Friend Of Theirs, Howard Adelman, Made Tapes Of Their Performance And, Without Their Knowing It, Sent The Tapes To Capitol Records.

Capitol Contacted The Group & Put Them Under Contract.

The First National Release For The Group Came In November, 1956 = "DREAMY EYES."

It Wasn't Until January, 1958, That They Had Their First Real Hit = "26 Miles."

The Four Preps Were The "PAT BOONE" Of Vocal Groups, Because Of Their Clean Cut Image.

Bruce Goes On To Sing With Dave Sommerville (of The Diamonds), As A Duo.


P.S.  Maybe Bruce Should Record A Country Album --- Like Pat Boone Just Did.

I'm about halfway thru Bruce's book ... and I can promise you that you would definitely enjoy it. ...

What an amazing life ... and his story is told in a most entertaining way.  (kk)

Bob Dylan’s 1979 “Live At Budokan” album is being expanded as a “complete” 4-CD set to be released on November 17th.

As I continue to make my way thru the complete Bob Dylan recorded catalog, I am blown away by just how many live albums this guy released!!!  It’s not like he’s the most dynamic performer!  I’ve never been big on live albums to begin with, but I swear some of these were released only a couple of albums apart back in the day … and I just don’t see the point.  I think I’m going to stick with the original “At Budokan” 2-CD set I already have … I really don’t need to hear any more!  (lol)  kk

But for those of you who do, here is the complete track listing:

CD 1-2 / LP 1-4: February 28, 1978

1.   A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall * +

2.   Repossession Blues * +

3.   Mr. Tambourine Man *

4.   I Threw It All Away *

5.   Shelter from the Storm

6.   Love Minus Zero/No Limit

7.   Girl from the North Country *

8.   Ballad of a Thin Man * +

9.   Maggie's Farm *

10.  To Ramona * +

11.  Like a Rolling Stone * +

12.  I Shall Be Released *

13.  Is Your Love in Vain? *

14.  Going, Going, Gone *

1.   One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) *

2.   Blowin' in the Wind * +

3.   Just Like a Woman *

4.   Oh, Sister *

5.   Simple Twist of Fate

6.   You're a Big Girl Now *

7.   All Along the Watchtower * +

8.   I Want You *

9.   All I Really Want to Do *

10.  Tomorrow is a Long Time * +

11.  Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

12.  Band Introductions *

13.  It's Alright Ma, (I'm Only Bleeding)

14.  Forever Young

15.  The Times They Are A-Changin'

CD 3-4 / LP 5-8: March 1, 1978

1.   A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall *

2.   Love Her with a Feeling * +

3.   Mr. Tambourine Man

4.   I Threw It All Away * +

5.   Love Minus Zero/No Limit *

6.   Shelter from the Storm *

7.   Girl from the North Country * +

8.   Ballad of a Thin Man

9.   Maggie's Farm

10.  One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)

11.  Like a Rolling Stone

12.  I Shall Be Released

13.  Is Your Love in Vain?

14.  Going, Going Gone

1.   One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) * +

2.   Blowin' in the Wind

3.   Just Like a Woman

4.   Oh, Sister

5.   I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Met) * +

6.   You're a Big Girl Now * +

7.   All Along the Watchtower

8.   I Want You

9.   All I Really Want to Do

10.  Knockin' on Heaven's Door

11.  The Man in Me * +

12.  Band Introductions *

13.  It's Alright Ma, (I'm Only Bleeding) *

14.  Forever Young * +

15.  The Times They Are A-Changin' *

All tracks recorded live at Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan

* denotes previously unreleased. 

+ released on Another Budokan 2LP set

All others released on CBS/Sony 40AP 1100-1 (JP), 1978/Columbia PC2 36067 (U.S.), 1979)

And, for those of you out there who like to keep track of these sort of things, here is a complete listing of the 17 times former Beatles teamed up together to record post-Beatles chart hits.  (All were uncredited collaborations – although it was never really a secret that they were still working together.)

All of this has come up because of the recent charting of Dolly Parton’s remake of The Beatles’ classic “Let It Be,” which credits Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in the artist credits.  (Also missing from this list are the two times “The Threetles” got back together for the Anthology albums to add their parts to two John Lennon demos, “Free As A Bird” and “Real Love.”)  kk

Diane Diekman tells us that Herb Alpert, at age 88, made his first-ever appearance at The Grand Ole Opry last month!  While there, he performed the first single from his upcoming album, Wish Upon a Star.

"East Bound and Down" is an instrumental remake of the Jerry Reed hit from 1977 that was revived for the 1980 film Smokey and the Bandit. "I never got that tune out of my brain," Alpert told Billboard. "I always remembered that melody, and I tried to see if I could play that melody in my style and make some sense out of it. I'm going to not only do it with the Opry band, but I'm bringing my band and we're going to do a Tijuana Brass medley."

As leader of Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass and as a solo trumpeter, he held the record for being the only living artist to have four albums in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 albums simultaneously until July when Taylor Swift tied his 1966 record. Alpert and Jerry Moss, co-founders of A&M Records, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. They had signed Waylon Jennings in 1964 as one of their first artists. "Waylon really wanted to be a country artist," Alpert says. "I wanted to take him a little more pop. He told me confidentially about Chet Atkins wanting to see him. My partner Jerry Moss and I decided to let Waylon out of his contract so he could go with Chet and RCA." Jerry Moss died August 15 at age 88.

And, since we’re talking Country Music …

Hi Kent,

Some of your readers may be interested in this:

"The Johnny Cash Silver Anniversary Special," a two-hour radio show hosted by Johnny Cash, will be rebroadcast for the first time since it originally aired, to mark the 20th anniversary of Cash’s death on Tuesday, September 12th. Nashville’s Classic Hits station, Hippie Radio 94.5 (WHPY-FM), will air the program at 7 pm Central time that evening. "The Johnny Cash Silver Anniversary Special” was produced by Ed Salamon and received Billboard magazine’s award as Network Radio Program of the Year when it was first broadcast in 1980. Hippie radio streams online, so anyone anywhere can tune in.

Ed Salamon

Nashville, TN

From our FH Buddy LJ Coon, who is still trying to get the REAL story about there about Buddy Holly’s fateful plane crash on February 3, 1969 …

Thursday  September 7, 2023

We have completed our feature length screenplay based around The Winter Dance Party Tour and the early morning Clear Lake Iowa aviation accident.

Significant and compelling interviews provided an in-depth personal account of the February 3, 1959 aviation accident. 

Never before has a one-on-one fast paced behind the scene story offered so much of what it was really like.

This was the beginning of The Winter Dance Party Tour - 1959

Informative, Involving, Exciting, Happy, Boundary crossing, Shocking, and Emotional.

The Introduction

The Trailer script

The Screenplay

The Ending

I find the content very engaging.

Many of the details you provide are great for setting the scenes, feeling the emotions 

(frustration, physical exhaustion, exhilaration, etc). Great ending. 

I like the mystery of it. Leaves one thinking once the story is over.  

Great Job! 

Denny Maratead




The story is definitely there. I look forward to reviewing the entire screenplay.

Wes Pryor

Reel Cool Films 


L J Coon

Author: 'The Winter Dance Party Tour - 1959'

Author: 'The Edge of Living'

Author: 'The Final Hour's of The Clear Lake Iowa Aviation Accident February 3, 1959'

Author: 'Livin in The Country Lane'

'Side of The Road Music'


L J Coon Music Publishing BMI established 2001*

Please keep us posted, LJ …

We’ve been covering your efforts for over a decade now …

And want to keep Forgotten Hits Readers up to date on any and all new developments …

And where and how they might be able to view this film!  (kk)

>>>I went to a pool party over the weekend and the music being played was on a Pandora Deep Cuts Station or something like that. You could kind of tell by the sound of the songs which band recorded them, but you had no idea as you could not see the iPhone screen in the bright sun. So my guess is that I did not own any of these albums.  After about four hours of this, two songs came on that I was familiar with back to back … A Town I’d Like to Go Back To and The Warm by The Cryan’ Shames.

The songs did not sound exactly right and I went over to the speakers in order to hear them better. Sure enough, they were not the exact same songs recorded on the albums and singles. My question is … Where do these songs come from?  They are obviously unreleased recordings and how do these internet music apps acquire them? (Robert Campbell) 

>>>Wow, I have no idea … but we have long discussed this fear here in Forgotten Hits that the people PROGRAMMING these stations have become so young that most of them have absolutely connection to the music … and wouldn’t know if they were playing the right version or not.  And the fact that so many of these “alternate takes” now find their place on to new CD releases and compilation sets as “bonus tracks,” that somebody not paying attention (or simply using the “shuffle” feature) could just as easily program the wrong tracks for broadcast.  (Just for the heck of it, I looked at my copies of The Cryan’ Shames albums and checked to see if any alternate take bonus tracks were included … and only “The Warm” is featured in both its LP and 45 variations … nothing extra noted about “The Town I’d Like To Go Back To.”  Anybody else got any ideas on this one???  (kk)

Well, first off, "The Warm" was never on an LP.  It was, however, released in stereo and mono on Sony's "A Collection" CD.  The stereo one may run longer and sound different since it was never IN stereo originally.  I can’t remember.  "Town I'd Like To Go Back To" was released in mono and stereo in the 60's and also on separate CDs by Sundazed (stereo) and Now Sounds (mono.)  Mono versions often sound different from stereo records.  For instance, if you listen to "July" on the stereo and mono LPs (CDs, too), you will find they are very different!

Clark Besch 


Greg Lake “Magical” Solo Career Spanning Limited Edition 7 CD Box Set Released November 10th on Manticore Records Through Spirit of Unicorn Music




While perhaps best known as the singer, lyricist, composer, bass player, guitarist and producer for one of the most significant and best-selling bands of the 1970s, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Greg Lake was a highly respected singer-songwriter releasing solo and collaborative material spanning four decades. He was also an incredibly in-demand musician playing with The Who, Ringo Starr and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Greg Lake “Magical” is a limited edition seven-disc set that brings together Greg’s solo studio and live material for the first time, along with collaborations with Toto, Gary Moore, Asia, Geoff Downes, Keith Emerson, King Crimson, ELP, Emerson, Lake & Powell and many more.

Presented in a 10” x 10” box, the limited edition seven-CD set has a 64 page coffee table book featuring extensive notes for each album along with unseen photos from the Lake family archive as well as sleeve notes by Jerry Ewing, Editor of Prog Magazine, who speaks with many of Greg’s collaborators about this once-in-a-generation artist.

“Magical” features Greg’s two solo albums, including his hard rock-infused debut, featuring Gary Moore.  Also included are two live albums, including “Songs of A Lifetime” where Greg covers artists such as The Beatles & Elvis Presley as well as a stunning version of The Impressions/Curtis Mayfield classic “People Get Ready”, all of whom inspired him to become such a celebrated songwriter.

The set also features rare tracks and live recordings such as Greg fronting King Crimson supporting The Rolling Stones at the legendary Hyde Park show in 1968, three previously unheard slices of FM Radio gold recorded in the early 80s with Toto,  along with songs from his time with Asia, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Greg Lake Band, Greg Lake’s Ride The Tiger, Emerson & Lake and one of Greg’s first ever recordings fronting The Shame in 1967.

This incredible collection of Greg’s career has been curated with his family’s full involvement and blessing, who have opened their archive to allow for the inclusion of rare material. All the audio within the set has been mastered from the best available sources by renowned engineer Andy Pearce.

Greg Lake “Magical” is a worthy tribute to a unique talent.

The only music worth creating is music that comes from the heart” - Greg Lake

Greg, you are the man” - Ringo Starr

Track list:

CD ONE: Greg Lake
Nuclear Attack
Love You Too Much
It Hurts
Black And Blue
Retribution Drive
Long Goodbye
The Lie
Let Me Love You Once
For Those Who Dare

CD TWO: Manoeuvres
Too Young to Love
A Woman Like You
I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight
It is You, You Gotta Believe
Famous Last Words
Slave To Love
I Don’t Know Why I Still Love You

CD THREE: From the Underground Vol. 1 - The Official Bootleg
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Touch and Go
King Crimson - A Man, A City
The Shame - Don't Go Away Little Girl
Greg Lake - Medley: Still, You Turn Me On / Watching Over You
Greg Lake And Band - Daddy
Greg Lake And Band - Retribution Drive
Asia With Greg Lake - Heat of The Moment
Emerson, Lake & Powell - The Score
Shy Limbs - Love
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Affairs of The Heart
Emerson, Lake & Powell - Learning to Fly
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Lucky Man
Greg Lake And Band - 21st Century Schizoid Man

CD FOUR: From the Underground Vol. II - Deeper into The Mine. An Official Greg Lake Bootleg
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Black Moon
Greg Lake’s Ride the Tiger - Check it Out
Greg Lake’s Ride the Tiger - Love Under Fire
Greg Lake With Toto - Cold Side of a Woman
Emerson, Lake & Powell - Step Aside
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Preacher Blues
Greg Lake - Hold Me
Greg Lake And Band - Heart on Ice
Greg Lake’s Ride the Tiger - Blue Light
Greg Lake With Toto - You're Good with Your Love
Greg Lake With Toto - You Really Got a Hold on Me
King Crimson - Epitaph
Greg Lake Band Featuring Gary Moore - Fanfare for The Common Man

CD FIVE: Songs of A Lifetime
21st Century Schizoid Man
Lend Your Love to Me Tonight
Songs Of a Lifetime Tour Introduction
From The Beginning
Tribute To the King
Heartbreak Hotel
Epitaph/The Court of The Crimson King
King Crimson Cover Story
I Talk to The Wind
Ringo And the Beatles
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Touch And Go
Still... You Turn Me On
Reflections Of Paris
C’est La Vie
My Very First Guitar
Lucky Man
People Get Ready
Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt. 2

CD SIX: Live in Piacenza
21st Century Schizoid Man
Lend Your Love to Me Tonight
From The Beginning
Heartbreak Hotel
Epitaph/In the Court of The Crimson King
I Talk to The Wind
Ringo And the Beatles
Touch And Go
Trilogy / Still... You Turn Me On
I Believe in Father Christmas
Shakin’ All Over
C’est La Vie
People Get Ready
Lucky Man
Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression, Part II)

CD SEVEN: Emerson / Lake - Live from Manticore Hall
From The Beginning
I Talk To The Wind
Bitches Crystal
The Barbarian
Take A Pebble
C’est La Vie
Moog Solo / Lucky Man

To pre-order:

Mark Lapidos remembers the very first Beatlefest …


Incredibly 49 YEARS AGO this weekend! 


SEPTEMBER 7-8, 1974 - 49 YEARS AGO


Dear Fellow Beatles Fans,
Retelling my story of the first FEST:
It was exactly 49 years ago that the very first Beatlefest was held, at the Commodore Hotel in NYC. I remember being so nervous about the opening - programs, shirts, posters printing - is everything and everybody going to arrive in time? Did I have all the staff needed? Basic stuff that isn't so basic when it is the first time doing something like this!  The show was set to begin on the Saturday at 1PM. About 11AM, Apple's official representative, Tony King, arrives at my suite and what happened over the next 20-30 minutes changed everything!!! He brought along the guitar that John mentioned to me at my meeting with him. He signed it for the Charity Raffle. I had already received a set of signed drumsticks from Ringo. John called Paul and George, who apparently did not know they were supposed to send signed items for the raffle. So John signed a Spanish Guitar that Paul bought on their trip to Spain in the early 1960s, and the Tabla that George used on Within You Without You. Tony then hands me 6 signed copies of the Penguin John Lennon Books to auction for the charity. Finally, he hands me a 7th copy signed and personalized to me from John and tells me that John wants to come tomorrow (Sunday) night and pick the winners. Did I hear that correctly?? Yes, that is exactly what Tony just told me. I didn't tell a soul and a route was planned out for John to come through the kitchen and go up to the balcony where a microphone was set up for him for the Charity...Unfortunately, he changed his mind and went upstate NY for the day. - IT WAS THAT CLOSE TO HAPPENING!!
There were lots of rumors going around over the weekend about him coming but it was all speculation. Bob Gruen told me about 40 years later that he actually called John from the hotel lobby (yes in a real phone booth!) and told him 'you gotta come down and see what is happening. It is great!' I did, however, get to thank John in person two months later and he was happy to hear how well it went. John continued to donate signed items for the Charity Raffles for the next 6 years. The event made the covers of Rolling Stone and the UK's equivalent, Melody Maker. 9 1/2 months from the moment I thought of the idea over a dish of vanilla ica cream in NYC in late November, 1973 to the event itself was a journey I will never forget. It never occurred to me that there would be a 2nd FEST the following September, then ventured out to other cities (including Chicago every year since 1977) and now 134 FESTS later, we have begun plans for our big 50th Anniversary show at the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport where all the mania began in the states exactly 60 years ago - the weekend of February 9-11, 2024. Details coming in late October/early November.
Peace and Love,
Mark Lapidos
Founder and Creator


I clearly remember going to the very first Chicago Beatlefest in 1977 … and have been to several more since over the years … a VERY impressive array of memorabilia, films and fans. 

Thank you, Mark, for all the great memories … and for honoring the greatest band of all time.  (kk)


By the way, you can view highlights from the most recent Chicago Beatlefest (sorry, Fest For Beatles Fans … it will ALWAYS be Beatlefest for me!!!) here …


For anyone who would like to hear my radio show I did last night, it is available to hear below anytime.  Everything from WLS and WCFL (Chuck Buell even!) to my own aircheck as a college student 49 years ago.  For anyone who HEARD it, thanks so much!

Clark Besch

And, speaking of Mr. Buell …


That is NOT the “pretty in pink” Barbie color. It must be the 21st century version, where everything is bolder and nobody cares what you think. However, I must say Kent rocks that bathing suit. 



Laugh of the day …