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Early Rock and Roller Lloyd Price has died.  He was 88.

Price was already topping The R&B Charts several years before rock and roll exploded on the mainstream.  His version of "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" (which he wrote) went all the way to #1 in 1952 ... and stayed there for seven weeks, proof positive again that rock and roll existed before Bill Haley rocked us around the clock ...  we just didn't know what it was yet!  

Five more records made The Top Ten before Price finally topped the Pop Charts as well with "Stagger Lee" in 1959.  ("Oooh-Oooh-Oooh," #4, 1952; "Restless Heart," #5, 1952; "Ain't It A Shame?," #4, 1953; "Tell Me Pretty Baby," #8, 1953 and "Just Because," which also crossed over to reach #29 on the Pop Charts but was a #3 Hit R&B in 1957.)

More cross-over hits followed ...

"Where Were You On Our Wedding Day" (#23 Pop, #4 R&B, 1959); "Personality" (#2 Pop, #1 R&B, 1959); "I'm Gonna Get Married" (#3 Pop, #1 R&B, 1959); "Come Into My Heart" (#20 Pop, #2 R&B, 1959); "Lady Luck" (#14 Pop, #3 R&B, 1960) and several others.

Price was fortunate enough to continue his career after a stint in the US Army interrupted his burgeoning career from 1953-1956 ... and went on to form three record companies over the course of his career.  (KRC, Double L and Turntable)

His first records were released on Specialty Records, eventually home to Little Richard.  While Price was in the Army, rock and roll exploded and Little Richard became the darling of Specialty Records.  When Price got home, he formed his own record company ... and then leased his recording of "Just Because" to ABC-Paramount, which eventually signed him to his own record deal ... and became home to his next dozen R&B Chart Hits.

Lloyd's music greatly influenced a whole new generation of artists and musicians.  The number of cover versions of "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" is staggering and includes everyone from Elvis Presley to The Buckinghams on the list.  In 1975, John Lennon did  a GREAT cover version of "Just Because" for his "Rock And Roll" album ... and in 1971, Tommy Roe scored a Top 20 Hit with his interesting pop version of "Stagger Lee."

In addition to participating in many Rock And Roll Revival Shows as an artist, Price also became a concert promoter ... and even had a hand in organizing the concert staged before Muhammad Ali's and George Foreman's Rumble In The Jungle Heavyweight Match in 1974.  He was inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1998.

From Tom Cuddy:


A brief memory of Lloyd Price.

I loved many of Lloyd Price’s tunes.  Many of them were released before my time, but I discovered them as time went by.

About ten years ago I walked into a diner in the Connecticut city where I live and I sat down at the counter to grab a late breakfast.  There was only one other person sitting at the counter and we exchanged smiles as I sat down.  I said to myself, wait a minute, I recognize that face with the huge smile, but I wasn’t sure from where.

And then I remembered: every time I left this diner taped above the cash register was an autographed 8x10 glossy of Lloyd Price inscribed to the owner and staff of the Bulls Head Diner.

So I said to him “Are you Lloyd Price?”  He said he was, but couldn’t understand how a guy of my age would recognize him.  It turned out he lived right over the CT line in a small NY town with his wife.

It was one of the most memorable diner meals — ever.  He told terrific stories, was super friendly, and was delighted that a guy who programmed a NYC radio station knew who he was. 

He seldom appeared in the NYC area and he told me that because of his publishing and business investments (he owned several companies), he didn’t have to accept every oldies show offer he received.  So he was able to hold out for the good money and the environment he wanted to appear in.

He totally won me over.  And after talking music with him for an hour, I can assure you Lloyd was the real deal . . . he truly had PERSONALITY!

- Tom Cuddy


In 1959, ABC Television wouldn't let Dick Clark play Lloyd Price's #1 Hit "Stagger Lee" on "American Bandstand" due to the violent nature of some of its lyrics.  Price went back into the studio and recorded a "tamer" version, now know as "The Bandstand Television Version" so that Clark could play the record on the air!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2021


Great review - Love the photos!  Glad we were able to get you in for the show.  See you in August, if not sooner!!  


Thanks, Donna!  (For the benefit of our readers, there was a little ticket snafu at The Genesee the other night for the Jim Peterik / Carl Giammarese Show, but thankfully Donna and Larry Frievalt were on the case and took care of things in time for us to catch the second show.  And The Genesee truly did a beautiful job of setting the mood for The Cabaret Room.  (kk)

Jim Peterik joked about it afterwards …

I’m so sorry, Kent.  

Thank you sooo much for coming to the show.

I’m so sorry, Kent … Sorry our wires got crossed …

Bob and I each thought the other guy was doing it.  Our bad!   But All Good!  

It was a fun intimate set and I thought Carl and I were a nice contrast!  

Thanks again for coming and Thank God you’re a famous guy yourself!  Lol!  

Ba da ba ba ba.   BA!!!!!

Much love


And then …

Thx for the excellent review, Kent!   You’re the best.  

Thank you for coming ... You just made my day!  


PS - And you are correct ... I LIVE to perform!  


Rock on!!  


I heard from Carl Giammarese, too …


Thank you and Frannie for coming out and joining us.  Sorry we didn’t get to talk after the show but due to COVID they rushed everyone out and wouldn’t let us visit with anyone. 

It was a fun night for me! It was nervous anticipation after more than a year away from the stage and then that format. I really enjoyed it! Hopefully we can do more of them so we can reach that comfort level. You learn from each show so you can play off each other. Glad you came. 

I appreciate your perspective and review of the show. Yes, I am hoping we can do this again. I actually had a lot more stories to tell but realized we were limited with time.

All the best,


If by some chance you missed the review, scroll back to Monday's post to see it.  (kk)

Hi Kent,

Your concert review of Carl Giammarese and Jim Peterik – “Live at The Genesee Theatre Cabaret Room“ was fun to read.   Sounds like a great show.  

It’s so great to see Carl and Jimbo back where they belong -- performing on stage in front of a live audience. "Live audience" never sounded so good.  Thankfully, things are opening up here in Chicago, and we are looking forward to many good times ahead. 

Hey, maybe we’ll be able to hold our big fundraiser for the Dick Biondi documentary after all.  Fingers crossed.  Thanks, Kent!

Pam Pulice

Director “The Voice That Rocked America: The Dick Biondi Story”

Hi Kent,

Enjoyed reading about Carl and Jim's show. And the photos you took were great to see!

Maybe more of our Chicago stars will have similar shows in the near future if we can't go back to traditional concerts right away?

Good seeing a music survey from 1971. My favorites are a couple you don't hear that often … 'Stay Awhile' and 'Love Her Madly.'

Keep the Music Alive!!!!


Hey, kk, thanks for keeping the music, memories and the spirit alive from the greatest period in music radio history ...

“And the hits just keep on coming!“


Ron Riley - WLS 1963 to 1969

And Former WLS DeeJay Chuck Buell saluted Former WLS DeeJay Ron Riley for his comical post the other day ...

Hey, Kent,

I loved the “We Are the Band” cartoon Former Great WLS Radio Personality, Ron Riley, submitted to you the other day.

Because it was from him, and he and I worked together for a short time at The Big 89 back in “THE Day,” his contribution inspired me to manipulate it a bit for Fun!

Chuck Dah-Buell-Ell-Ess!

Lotsa love for ALL the WLS Guys …

But it’s going to take a lot to beat Clark Weber passing away at the age of The Big 89!  lol  (kk)

And, while we're on the subject of live shows, you can bring Dionne Warwick into your home for a special Mother’s Day concert.  The one and only Dionne (currently up for Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame consideration) will be performing two shows on Sunday, May 9th … and you can watch the whole concert from the comfort of your own home.

More details below …

If you missed Chicago’s May 4th performance for Camping World’s 55th Anniversary (like I did), you can still watch it here …

These guys have got the whole virtual concert concept down!  Glad I got the chance to see this!  (kk)

And a quick word to all our Nashville readers (and we’ve got quite a few) …

Alan Parsons’ Live Project is coming to The Ryman Theater on Wednesday, September 15th.  (This is the new;y rescheduled show date and previously purchased tickets will be honored … but there appear to be tickets still available for this one.)

I can only tell you that Parsons has made our Best Concerts List every time we’ve seem him … so this comes highly recommended.  (We even thought about heading down there … but a Wednesday Night makes that extremely difficult.  Worse yet, it ties in perfectly with Frannie’s birthday … so it would have made for an EXCELLENT present this year!!!  I’m just not sure how you socially distance when you’re sitting in pews???  Anybody know how they’re handling this?)

Anyway, all of the ticket details can be found via the link below:

Readers were thrilled to see The Rascals "Once Upon A Dream" concert video we posted the other day.  (Scroll back to Tuesday's This And That Page to find the link if you  missed it.)  kk


My friends went to the Rascals concert and brought me back a T-Shirt.

Now, thanks to you, I can say I saw the concert, without lying.


Thank you for posting that Rascals concert video as I had not seen that before. I loved it … and it was magical.

Karen Buckarma

I was there for the Rascals show at the Capitol Theater in 2012. Not on opening night, but during the week they were performing. 
Needless to say, a fantastic show!
Never thought I'd see them perform, no way I was gonna miss it!

Thought I'd share with FH readers a cool rehearsal of the four Rascals from 1997, reunited for a small private get together, sans any backing help, except for Eddie's brother, David, helping out on backing vocals just like on the records:

Mike Markesich

Here’s our original review of the show we saw back in 2013 at The Cadillac Palace Theatre ...

Same deal for me …

I never had the chance to see them in the ‘60’s … and there was NO way I was going to miss what I felt would likely be my only chance to see them in 2013 … SO glad we were able to go.  (And now we have the DVD and YouTube to watch whenever we like.)

The “rehearsal” clip is fascinating because it predates their Broadway Show by sixteen years … so pretty cool to know that they were still talking to each other even then … and contemplating another run together.  (Incredible to think that only 1300 people have watched this clip since it was first posted back in 2019!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing that video of The Rascals’ ‘Once Upon A Dream’ concert video.

We missed the show when it first came up and then, when the rest of the tour was scrapped, figured we had missed our final chance to see the reunion.  It was a long time coming and well worth the wait.  What a shame things couldn’t have been worked out to keep this going.

The band is in great form and sound as good as ever.  (And now I can watch them whenever I want.)

Thanks again … very much appreciated … and very much enjoyed.


So many people never got the chance to see this show when they did their limited run and tour … we need to get the word out that this clip is available so that more people can see the show.  (It’s a two hour commitment … but well worth the time spent … plus, this is great PR for the band, too.  If this were properly promoted, I could see Rascals cd sales very easily on the rise!)

Now, how do we get PBS to pick this up and share it with the rest of the world?  They put out a special staged performance for all that contributed to the Go Fund Me Page to help make this show happen in the first place ... and the quality is top notch.  (Steven Van Zandt … this is something you should have been working on for the past few years!!!  When you consider all of the time, effort and expense involved to put this thing together in the first place, only to have the rug pulled out from under us midway thru the tour, it's just a shame ... especially when there are other ways to market and promote this concert video.  Plus, PBS could then offer the DVD to subscribers along with a special Rascals Greatest Hits CD collection … I'm telling you, it’s a hit fund-raiser waiting to happen!!!)

And now imagine editing in vintage video from some of their 60s television appearances! (Ironically, we happened to catch them on “The Best of Sullivan” Tuesday night where they performed three songs from 1967 – and looked and sounded GREAT!!!)  This would do SO much to rejuvenate interest in the band.  We need to get somebody on this … stat!  (kk)

It would seem that, much like Chickenman, lately He’s Everywhere! He’s Everywhere!

BRUCE MORROW welcomes Monkee MICKY DOLENZ on his WABC show this weekend. The pair worked together on CBS FM and famously were jettisoned when the station abruptly (and, unsuccessfully) turned to the JACK-radio format.

Dolenz is tub-thumping his new album DOLENZ SINGS NESMITH.

David Salidor

(Dolenz presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Morrow at Rockers On Broadway)

We’re going to try and catch the guys in Milwaukee … no way we can miss the final tour!  55 Years … who would have EVER thought … a TV show about a “pretend” band could have had this kind of lasting effect … and still be just as newsworthy as ever.  EVERY major music publication ran the story of their final farewell tour this week!!!  (kk)

kk …

If you want to know who Cousin Brucie’s guest will be on Saturday ---


Frank B.

From Tom Cuddy …

Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On’ TV Special Airs This Weekend …

>>>#1 Record back on 5/5/55:  (kk)

Good stuff!  I imagine there are many more of YOUR favorites to look / list / listen to NEXT month on 6/6/66!  (And thank goodness there are FOUR Sixes there instead of three!

Chuck Buell

(Well, you know Rock And Roll IS the Devil’s Music!!! – kk)

Meanwhile, I just want to get through today . . . it's Star Wars "Revenge of the Sith" Day today!  I think a Celebratory "Cinco de Mayo" Margarita or two would be in order!


And then …

>>>May the 4th (Be With You)  kk

Thanx!  But what Day is today . . .  ?

(In today's World, I don't think you should even think about publishing this photo!)

Or even THIS one while we're at it!

Our station helped promote several concerts last summer with a local drive-in theater.  A group of families bought the theater property and reopened it after it had been closed for a year. They made the deal right before the pandemic.  The concerts actually helped them greatly in their first season and may have saved the business.  I believe most of the concerts cost 100 bucks a car load to attend.  If you think about it, it isn't that bad, if four people each threw in $25.00.  Most sat outside their cars in lawn chairs.  The owners built a stage in front of the screen and have had regional bands play a live set to open the show.

As I recall, the Garth Brooks concert was the most successful showing. One of the concerts (Stevie Nicks, I think) was recorded four years prior to the outdoor theater showing.

This kind of setup is not my thing, but I know that it seems to go over well with a younger crowd.  We’re looking forward to promoting their Bon Jovi Encore Live showing on May 22nd.

Phil – WRCO

The first time I ever saw the band Chicago in concert (and “saw” is a VERY loosely translated word here!) was back in 1972 when they played at Ravinia, a beautiful outdoor venue that has been around since the ‘60’s … and STILL books some of the biggest names in music every year (except last year, of course!) to this day.

Fans go all out … bringing in small dining tables and elegant silverware and glassware … drinking wine and dining on whatever they brought with them from home.  (There is also a limited amount of pavilion seating … but as you can imagine, the big drawing card here is putting a blanket on the lawn and listening to the music under the stars on a cool summer night.)

As you can imagine, Chicago was at the top of their game in 1972 … so the place was a complete sell-out.  Having never been there before, I really didn’t know what to expect as about six of us made the trek to see them.

We were SO far to the back, we couldn’t even see the bandshell, much less the stage.  We ended up sitting under a tree that had a speaker nailed to it, offering intermittent sound that was completely out of sync with all the OTHER speakers posted around the park, offering up a muffled echo at best.  I couldn’t believe we paid all that money to go … and then saw … or heard … a single note the way it was intended to be heard.  Needless to say, we all drove home quite frustrated, agreeing that it would have been a better experience to listen to a Chicago album on your stereo in the backyard than this ended up being!!!

Flashforward 40+ years and we were the invited guests of the band to see Chicago perform again at Ravinia … WITH excellent pavilion seats, backstage passes and even dinner with the band before the show … and cocktails afterwards.  (They asked Forgotten Hits to help promote their third Christmas album and, as such, we world premiered three tracks from the new album before anybody else ever even had a copy of the new cd!)  Quite a different experience, to say the least!

I’ve had pavilion seats for other shows there, too … most memorably Barry Manilow, when he filmed his live concert television special (and we had to stick around for two hours after the concert ended to the crew could film crowd shots and reactions while Barry was already comfortably resting in his hotel room!  Lol)

And also Jim Croce, who I saw there twice … an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world.  Sure, there have been plenty of others … but THESE two are the major stand-outs for me.

That being said, paying $100 to sit on a lawn chair outside my car, watching a movie of a concert on the drive-in screen and listening to the sound on my car radio holds absolutely NO appeal for me.  A live concert AT a drive-in??? Now that’s a different story … but I’m gonna have to pass on this one!  (kk)


Producer / Recording Artist Tommy West passed away on May 2nd from complications to Parkinson’s Disease.

He probably achieved his greatest fame as Jim Croce’s producer … but West also did some recording of his own, scoring a Top 30 Pop Hit in 1972 with “American City Suite” with his then recording partner Terry Cashman.  (They also recorded as Cashman, Pistilli and West … and as Gene and Tommy … and, as The Buchanan Brothers in 1969, scored a Top 20 Hit with “Medicine Man.”  Their follow-up single, “Son Of A Lovin’ Man” was recently featured in the Quentin Tarantino film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.”  Tommy was also the lead singer for a group called Salt Water Taffy.)

West’s production credits also include our FH Buddy Henry Gross, Dion DiMucci and Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary.  You’ll find a much more detailed recap of Tommy’s career here:

I asked our long-time Forgotten Hits Buddy Henry Gross if he might like to say a few words about Tommy …

Hi Kent –

Thanks so much for thinking of me. We’re all fine here at Grossland.

Losing Tommy has been quite a shock. He was a great guy and a huge talent. There’s really no way to overstate his influence and help in making many musical dreams come true for me and many others, aside from his timeless records as an artist. Medicine Man and American City Suite are standouts. I’m still taking it in. You see the train coming, but when it hits you, it’s still a shock. Beyond sad to lose him.

All of us who knew and loved him are sad beyond words. He was a husband, a father, a top of the line singer, songwriter, producer of Jim Croce, Maury Meulheisen, Anne Murray, myself and so many others. He was a co-owner of Lifesong Records, where artists as diverse as Crack the Sky, Dean Friedman, Jim Dawson and I had great chart successes. He also ran MTM records in Nashville, signing many artists and writers who lit up the country charts! A Renaissance Man is gone and I’ll forever miss him!

I posted on Facebook about him:  It's with the greatest sadness I raise a glass to my friend and mentor, the great Tommy West who passed away this past weekend. His successes as a record producer are formidable. Jim Croce's records are national treasures and the records I made with him and his partner, Terry Cashman, stand tall today. He, Terry and Philip Kurnit founded Lifesong Records, supporting, advising, releasing and promoting artists like myself, Crack The Sky, Dean Friedman and Jim Dawson. He was a wonderful singer / songwriter as well as a musical collaborator with Terry Cashman and the late Gene Pistilli on many classic albums. The song and record "American City Suite" remains a classic. Tommy pursued his love of country music, moving to Nashville to run a successful label, MTM records. He produced artists as diverse as Anne Murray and The Girls Next Door, while signing and supporting many songwriters who were to become mainstays on the Nashville scene.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife Anne, daughter Cheyenne, sons Brad and Blair and all whose lives were touched by his extraordinary talent, vision and love. Thanks for the great ride old pal. May you Rest In Peace in the place that's the best!!!


Apologies ...

There was definitely a glitch in yesterday’s post …

I tried to edit and re-edit a dozen times and STILL couldn’t get rid of that random type coming through Steve Winwood’s “Roll With It” video …

Deleted and started from scratch and still got the same result … and no idea why … so I apologize for the error.  Still, I think the jist of what we were going for came through.  (If somebody out there knows how to fix it, please let me know … I spent over an hour on it and still couldn’t get the mysterious type to go away, even do a couple of reposts that displayed properly on preview … but then still suffered from the rude interruption!)  Thanks!  (kk)

More from Chuck Buell ...

Came across this when I was "roving" around the Internet ~~~

Wait!  What?  1995?  Vintage???

Then what are the 1960’s???


25 years old - so I guess it qualifies

(Of course the socks I’m wearing right now are older than that)  kk


But, I think, we all have a favorite old pair of socks or two.  It's "The Joy of Sox!"


If you, like so many millions of others, have always had an uncontrollable urge to lick the back of Paul McCartney’s head, then this brand new British Stamp Collection is for you!!!

While The Beatles had commemorative stamps issued before, McCartney is now only the third solo artist to be so honored. (He follows David Bowie and Elton John.)

As you can see via the link above, there are literally DOZENS of options to choose from, most of which are aimed at the collectors’ market … but still just one more honor for Sir Paul to chalk up to his incredible career.  (kk)

Another Funny from Frank B …