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The Sunday Comments ( 1 - 13 - 13 )

>>>Just curious: has anyone had anything to say about the Dusty Springfield show that is currently running Off-Broadway? I'm on the fence about seeing it. I missed the reviews for "Forever Dusty", so I don't know what the critics think. My gut tells me it stinks, yet I feel compelled to see it. (Ping)  
>>>I recently had a visit at my second job from a friend who had seen the Dusty Springfield musical. Their reaction was the music was done surprisingly well, that they did not realize all the songs Dusty had done, and that it did not mince words about her drug / alchohol participation. (Shelley)  
After we mentioned the Off Broadway Show "Forever Dusty" a few days ago, I heard from Jonathan Vankin, one of the co-writers of the show. (The OTHER co-writer is Kirsten Holly Smith, who also stars as Dusty Springfield in the program!) He sent me a link to their official website, which also features some RAVE reviews about this performance. (Looks like shows are already booked through March ... so if you get the chance to see this, by all means check it out and report back to us!!!) BIG Dusty fans here ... and wish we could get out to see it. If any of you do, we would love to hear back from you! 
Check out the "Forever Dusty" website here:  
Click here: Welcome to Forever Dusty  
And our Forgotten Hits Salute to Dusty Springfield from a few years back right here:  
Click here: Forgotten Hits - DUSTY SPRINGFIELD  

Hey Kent and the gang!
Happy 2013 and best wishes to one and all!
Happy 50th anniversary to Marcie Blane, Seville Records, and "Bobby's Girl" - always loved that song for obvious reasons! 
We miss you, Paul Leka ... you had a hand in so much wonderful 6Ts Top 40 and would-be Top 40 recordings -- Steam, Lemon Pipers, Salt Water Taffy, Palace Guard, the list goes on and on ... and I remember playing "It's The Magic In You Girl" the 1st few times without a clue that it was slated for the A side, remarking that the riff sounded just like a Dennis Yost / Classics IV song, and then having the damn thing grow on me. I never liked it nearly as much as Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye, but I kept spinning it for its soothing soft-pop sound and persistent catchy melodies.

A friend just pointed me to your site, and I'm fascinated!
I happened upon this mention on your site:
>>>BOYCE AND HART's last entry into The American Top 40 was a GREAT little tune called ALICE LONG. This one went to #16 in Cash Box but stopped at #27 in Billboard. (It was a #6 smash here in Chicago and it just happens to be one of MY favorite BOYCE AND HART records, too!) kk
I had to check my WLS surveys, and you're right (I shouldn't have doubted), it got to #6.
It was also a favorite of mine, largely because I was in love with a girl named Alice that very same summer it was released. I gave her a copy of the 45, and I wonder if she ever comes across it and thinks back to those days!
I'll be exploring your site in much more detail!!!
Kevin Killion (another KK)  
Glad you're enjoying Forgotten Hits ... and "Alice Long" is a GREAT suggestion for our "Today's Forgotten Hit" feature! Be sure to check out our current site, too! (kk) 

And here's a BONUS Today's Forgotten Hit ... heard this one today and just HAD to share it! (kk)

Thanks for the story on The Tradewinds ... I'll let Pete and Vini know about it.
After FH Reader Tom Diehl sent us the EXCELLENT Dave Edmunds tribute version of "London's a Lonely Town", he ALSO sent us this EXCLUSIVE KRLA Version that The Tradewinds cut, circa 1965 ...  

Hi kk,
Thanks for completing the list of the Top 50 All-Time Favorite Garage Bands.
I can't help but smile to see the Strangeloves in this list. It appears that after nearly fifty years, producers Feldman, Goldstein and Gottehrer are still pulling the wool over our eyes.

By the way, the other day we pointed out some of the highlights on our archive site ... and today we ran some stats ... here are The Top Ten Most-Viewed Articles on the site:
#1 - Top 20 All-Time Favorite Psychedelic Songs (just over 143,000 views)
#2 - First 45's (Part One) ... about 49,000 views
#3 - Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides ... around 43,000 views
#4 - The Boyce and Hart article mentioned above ... 33,500 views
#5 - Top 200 Two-Sided Hits ... almost 33,000 views
#6 - Jimi Hendrix ... about 32,000 views
#7 - Top 50 All-Time Favorite Instrumentals ... 30,000 views
#8 - Who Played The First Beatles Record In America ... around 29,000 views
#9 - Creedence Clearwater Revival ... 23,500 views
#10 - Dusty Springfield ... 22,000 views  
You can check them ALL out here: 
Click here: Forgotten Hits - Home (and a WHOLE lot more, too!) kk  

Happy New Year to you all.
Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that I’m carrying on a 16 year old tradition of presenting an end of the year “Rock’n Roll Heaven” special paying tribute to those artists who left us in 2012.
The show went out first over the New Year period on Radio Caroline and a lot of other stations, but there will be some repeats over the coming weekend.
It’s a two hour part of my “Stafford’s World” show that you can hear on the following stations this weekend.
Broadcast times are 5 pm EST (New York Time), 10 pm UK, 11 pm CET on Oldies Paradise on Saturday 12th January and 3 pm EST (New York Time), 10 pm UK, 11 pm CET on Easy Rock Paradise on Sunday 13th January.
Oldies Paradise continues the fight to preserve those “Forgotten Hits” from the 60’s and 70’s and keeps playing music from one of the biggest radio station music libraries in the world!
Easy Rock Paradise is a brand new sister station to Oldies Paradise, playing music from the early 60s through to today from the slightly softer side of rock. We call it “Rock Music Without The Headaches”!! Look out for lots of “Forgotten Hits” here as well.
Best wishes
Mark Stafford
Unfortunately we're posting this AFTER all of the Saturday broadcasts ... but hopefully interested listeners can still tune in on Sunday, the 13th, to catch this special program. Thanks, Mark! (kk)

Hey Kent
On your Top Fifty Favorite Garage Bands list, this band is listed from the wrong state ... they are actually from my neck of the woods South Carolina.
I let Mike Dugo know ... he's the one who wrote that bio. Looks like he had the city right ... but in the wrong state. (Probably because when one thinks of Greenwood, you think of Mississippi!) The correction has been made. (Cool bio page on The Swingin' Medallions!) kk

Kent ...
Give me some of that " Old Time Rock & Roll. "
Frank B.
The Rock And Roll Never Forgets Tour?!?!? Passing this along to FH Reader Jack Levin ... maybe he'll help to underwrite the tour! (kk)  

Also touring in 2013 ... Crosby, Stills and Nash ...  
Click here: Crosby, Stills & Nash Announce 2013 Tour « WCBS-FM 101.1   

And (of course) The Rolling Stones!!! (Still waiting for official cities and dates to be posted ... but it sounds like all of the final details are being worked out as I type this. Stay tuned!) kk

B.J. Thomas Records New Versions of His Hits with Richard Marx, Keb' Mo', Vince Gill, Lyle Lovett  
B.J. Thomas has gone the duets route with his upcoming album, The Living Room Sessions, due this spring from Wrinkled Records.
On the new album, Thomas is reimagining such songs as Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, Most of All, Rock and Roll Lullaby and I Just Can't Help Believing with the likes of Richard Marx, Steve Tyrell, Keb' Mo', Vince Gill, Lyle Lovett and Issac Slade of the group The Fray.
Thomas talked about the project, saying "In the studio, everything was real simple and organic, and we didn’t labor on anything too long to get things right. Mostly, it was a lot of fun. There were some great, surprising moments as well, particularly the performance from Isaac Slade and the dynamic vocals by Keb’ Mo’. He is so much more than a blues musician. He originally wanted to do Hooked On A Feeling, but I wanted to save that for Sara Niemietz, so we recorded Most of All. He came in not knowing the song at all, but he sat down, learned it, internalized it and put in the work it took to make it magical."
Thomas also spoke of his love for the music he's been performing for almost half of a decade. "The biggest blessing for me is that I never get tired of the songs I have had the privilege to share with the world. I still feel an emotional connection to them, and as they bring back great memories for me, they affect me the same way they might touch a longtime fan of my music. I never planned any of this out, so to be able to express myself in music and have that as a vehicle for my life for as long as I have is something I am always grateful for. There are so many thrills, satisfactions and great adventures I’ve had being involved in this for so many years, and I’m excited to have the opportunity with The Living Room Sessions to present some of my favorite songs in a different setting that feels just like home."
The album was produced by Nashville veteran Kyle Lehning at Sound Stage Studio with the help of some of the city's best studio musicians.
Sandy Knox, president and owner of Wrinkled Records, said "I don’t know if we can put into words how thrilled we are here at Wrinkled Records, to have the opportunity to work with such a musical icon like B.J. Thomas. All of the hit songs he has recorded are like grand pieces of musical history. It has been exciting for all of those who have been involved in this project, because B.J. has never done this type of album before in his legendary career."
The album's track list: 

Don't Worry Baby 
I Just Can't Help Believing (with Vince Gill)
Most Of All (with Keb’ Mo’) 
Eyes of a New York Woman 
(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (with Richard Marx) 
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (with Isaac Slade) 
Rock and Roll Lullaby (with Steve Tyrell) 
New Looks From an Old Lover (with Etta Britt) 
Old Fashioned Love 
Hooked On A Feeling (with Sara Niemietz) 
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (with Lyle Lovett) Everybody's Out Of Town 
-- submitted by Tom Cuddy (from Vintage Vinyl News) 
Wow, sounds like some interest collaborations here on this one ... will have to keep my eyes (and ears) open when this come out. (LOVE B.J. Thomas!!! He's going to be touring with Paul Revere and the Raiders in 2014 as part of next year's "Where The Action Is Tour"!) kk 

Endless Summer Quarterly's David Beard tells us about a cool new Beach Boys release ...  
Click here: The Beach Boys On Tour 1966 Surfboards, Stratocasters, Striped Shirts - National Beach Boys |  

Below are some comments from my students about your 1967 Weekly Reader article.  
Click here: Forgotten Hits: A Simplier America   
Seaweed for breakfast? Not far-fetched because people do eat seaweed for breakfast.
Automatic Meal planning range: far-fetched. Probably won't happen for another 50 years.
Weather Control Vote: way far-fetched! Won't happen for another 1,000 years! or maybe even never!
The people who wrote this article went over the top, but I wouldn't blame them because we went from horses and carts to cars and airplanes in one century. It is now the year 2013. Some things in this article may come soon. We've already had people walk on the moon and the first color TV.

I'm so sorry. I had not heard about Wild Bill. This has been a devastating few months for me, but I wanted to send my sympathy. I so enjoyed him on your site. I will miss him, so I am sure you and others will miss him even more.
Yes, it's been a tough year ... we lost quite a few Forgotten His readers over the past 12 or 13 months.  Bill had such a passion for radio and all things musical. (One of the obituaries I read said that he loved The Byrds and Irish Setters ... and that was Bill Cody in a nutshell.) He will be missed. (kk)

Long time FH Reader Rich Grunke passed away this past month, too.  Ironically, he contacted me a few months back and told me he didn't have long to live.  Over the years he has posted numerous musical tie-ins to our Forgotten Hits articles including (at one point in time) all Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides so fans could go to his site and listen.  Shortly before he passed he sent me a flashdrive of some of his all-time favorite music ... said he wanted me to have it (as the music meant so much to him.)  I had no idea his time remaining would be so short-lived.
I found out about his passing through FH Reader Clark Besch:     
Sad to say that fellow fellow Lincolnite FH reader participant Rich Grunke passed away this past Dec 13. I did not read about it and just found out. Rich had a treasure trove of music that he was nice enough to share with me from over the years, as well as with FH readers. We had lunch just a month earlier and he was in bad health at the time and he and his son were doing the bucket list trips he always wanted to take, so it was good that he had some time. I am glad he got to go on a cruise and to Cleveland's baseball stadium before his death as he always hoped. Rich was a great guy.
His obituary:

Clark Besch  

Hey Kent,
I was sad to hear the news of Sammy Johns' passing. Every time hear his hit, "Chevy Van" (aka "another one of those damn hippy songs"), I think of former "Shindig" host, Jimmy O'Neil. In 1975, he was the mid-day personality at one of our top-40 stations. After playing the record, O'Neil said, "Nice story, but easier said than done, my friends." I'll never forget that. "Chevy Van" was truly a song of its time, and always invoked the imagination!
- John LaPuzza 

Saw this on Ron Smith's website ... boy, talk about write two rock and roll classics!!!
Tandyn Almer, who co-wrote the Association hit "Along Comes Mary", and the Beach Boys' "Sail On Sailor" with Brian Wilson, died Tuesday (January 8) from complications of respiratory and cardiac illnesses at his home in McLean, Virginia. He was 70.
-- Ron Smith

And here's another sad tale ...
Hey Kent,
I thought you might want to share this. It's a sad day for Joe Bennett and I know how you feel about musicians.
Thanks -
Click here: Joe Bennett and his family need your help | Facebook     

Can you please tell me the flip side to Paul Young’s “Come Back”???? I have the 45 back home in Pittsburgh, and I now live in TN and it’s driving me crazy because I hear it on Sirius XM radio 1st Wave once in a while.
Thank You,
Lee Ann 
If you're referring to "Come Back And Stay", his #22 Hit from 1984 (GREAT track, by the way!), the B-Side was a song called "Yours". Hope that helps! (kk)  
You are a lifesaver!!! Thank you soo much!!!
Lee Ann
Lookie here! Yet ANOTHER great Forgotten Hit!

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The Friday Flash

Just a morning quickie today ...
(and who wouldn't enjoy that?!?!?)

Hi Kent ... Happy New Year.
I've been working hard, so maybe I missed it ... but what was the Number One Garage Hit ... or hasn't it been posted as yet?
Regards ...
(I'm still digging the weekly news, too.)
Murray Walding,
Lorne, Victoria, 
The number one Garage Band was The Shadows Of Knight ... 
If you scroll back to November 26th (and then move forward each day) you'll find the entire countdown of 33 artists who finished with 100 votes or more. 
And you can now check out The Top 50 All-Time Favorite Garage Bands on the other Forgotten Hits website, too ... read on! (kk)   

Did you ever print the top 50 garage bands? I have been out of town, but don't see them yet. 
Clark Besch  
Editing took a little bit longer than I had anticipated, but the list is FINALLY up on the other Forgotten Hits Website for all the world to see. You will find it here:

Click here: Forgotten Hits - Your Top 50 All-Time Favorite Garage Bands  

What else will you find there?  All kinds of archived goodies like four pages worth of your "First 45" memories ... our "Who Played The First Beatles Record In America" series ... The Music of Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart (followed by an exclusive FH interview with Bobby Hart) ... a look back at The Ed Sullivan Show (followed by our interview with Andrew Solt) ... our interview with Peter Noone ... profiles of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix and Dusty Springfield ... "The Stories Behind The Songs" ... and all of our famous countdowns, like:  The Top 200 Favorite Forgotten B-Sides, The Top 200 Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All Time, Your Top 20 All-Time Favorite Psychedelic Songs, Your Top 50 All-Time Favorite Instrumentals, The Greatest Hits Of Summer, and much, much more.
If you haven't visited for awhile, you're in for HOURS (if not DAYS!) of enjoyment.
You can check it all out here:
In fact, our cup runneth over with oldies music goodies!

Got this very nice tribute to Patti Page from FH Reader Tom Cuddy ...  

Chart Watch Extra: Patti Page, R.I.P.  
By Paul Grein  (Billboard Magazine)
Everybody knows that Elvis Presley was the top hit-maker of the 1950s, but who was the top female hit-maker of the decade? Move to the front of the class if you know that it was Patti Page, who died yesterday at age 85. Page had four #1 hits in that decade, including “The Tennessee Waltz,” which was one of the decade’s biggest hits. Page’s other chart-toppers were “All My Love (Bolero),” “I Went To Your Wedding” and the novelty tune “The Doggie In The Window,” which did little to enhance her artistic reputation, but remains one of her best-known songs.   
Just last month, Page was announced as one of this year’s recipients of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Remarkably, she is the second recipient to have died since the announcements were made on Dec. 10. World music legend Ravi Shankar died the day after the announcements. (Both awards will be made posthumously next month.)
Neil Portnow, President and CEO of the Recording Academy, made note of Page’s death in a statement: “I recently had the privilege of speaking with Ms. Page and informing her that she would be recognized with The Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award this upcoming February, and she was grateful and excited to be receiving the honor.”
Page, who was born Clara Ann Fowler in Muskogee, Okla., was one of 11 children.  
Page landed her biggest hit in 1950, when she was just 23. "The Tennessee Waltz" spent 13 weeks at #1. It is tied with "Goodnight Irene" by Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra and the Weavers for the longest run at #1 by any hit in the 1950s. Page's recording of "The Tennessee Waltz" was voted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998.
Page was nicknamed "The Singin' Rage" in the 1950s, and it's easy to see why. She and Presley are the only artists who topped the pop chart for eight or more weeks with three different songs in that decade. She scored with "The Tennessee Waltz," "I Went To Your Wedding" and "The Doggie In The Window." He scored with "Don't Be Cruel"/"Hound Dog," "All Shook Up" and "Heartbreak Hotel."
All but five of Page’s 24 top 10 hits occurred prior to 1955, but her rock-era hits include two of her biggest and most memorable, 1956’s “Allegheny Moon” and 1957’s “Old Cape Cod.” The latter song was referenced in the Beach Boys’ wistful 1971 ballad “Disney Girls” (which was written by Bruce Johnston): “Patti Page and summer days/On old Cape Cod.” 
Page’s top 20 hits spanned three decades. She first reached the top 20 in the summer of 1948 with “Confess.” She made the top 10 for a final time in 1965 with the title song to the movie “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte” (which starred Bette Davis and Olivia De Havilland). Page sang the song on the Oscars in April 1965.
Page had success with two other movie title songs: 1958’s “Another Time, Another Place” (starring Lana Turner) and 1962’s “The Boys’ Night Out” (starring James Garner).  
Page’s most successful albums were Christmas With Patti Page, first released in 1955, and Manhattan Tower, which reached the top 20 in 1956.
Page also found success with a few songs from Broadway shows, namely “So In Love” (from Kiss Me, Kate), “Steam Heat” (from The Pajama Game) and “The Sound Of Music” (from the musical of the same name which starred Mary Martin).
Page’s other notable hits included “Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart” (a collabo with Vic Damone), “With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming” (which was credited to Patti Page Quartet), “Mockin’ Bird Hill” and “Cross Over The Bridge.”
The warm tones in Page's voice made her a natural for country music. She reached the top 20 on the country chart with four songs: 1949’s “Money, Marbles And Chalk,” 1950’s “The Tennessee Waltz” (which reached #2 country), 1962’s “Go On Home” and “Hello We’re Lonely,” a 1972 collabo with Tom T. Hall.
Page also starred in a few TV shows: The Patti Page Show (1956, a summer replacement for The Perry Como Show), The Big Record (1957-1958) and The Patti Page Olds Show (1958-1959).  
Most of Page’s biggest hits pre-date the 1958 inception of the Grammy Awards, but Page won a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance for her 1998 album Live At Carnegie Hall—The 50th Anniversary Concert. She was the second female artist to win in that category, following Natalie Cole (whose father, Nat “King” Cole, was a contemporary of Page’s from 1948 until his death in 1965).
So who exactly were the top female hit-makers of the 1950s? According to Joel Whitburn Presents A Century Of Pop Music, the top female hit-makers for that decade were, in order, Page, Kay Starr, Rosemary Clooney, Jo Stafford, Teresa Brewer, Georgia Gibbs, Doris Day and Joni James.  

Patti Page was not just another 50's singer, though I loved each and every one of them from that era. Patti was the one I spent most of my summers with along the Allegheny River. A milk shake, a hamburger, and listening to her records on Mrs. Carson's juke box on Route 62, is a perfect memory of mine. Years later, I would do The Mike Douglas Show with her. It all happened so fast that I didn't have a chance to tell her what she meant to me growing up and singing harmony along with her. Rushing into a studio, then off to another city was my new way of life. Having hit records was what it was all about for me at that time. Now, I wish I could have told her how pretty she was, how talented, and how kind she was to me when I was starting out. Allegheny Moon will remain my favorite ... she wove such a spell for me as she sang.  
Thank you, Patti!
Lou Christie   

The NON-tribute to recently deceased DICK CLARK on another of HIS creations, DICK CLARK'S ROCKIN' NEW YEARS EVE, was a poor attempt at honoring him! The network should have insisted on a better job as they squeezed a few more dollars from his corpse!
The problem is probably as simple as the people who put the show together being too young to remember Dick's iconic status, and his contribution to rock-and-roll ... So they 'honored' a game show host instead! (get him in, get him out)
This same problem has popped up before ... i.e. ... the COLUMBO re-boot and The NEW PERRY MASON,
re-boots of two long-running, wildly successful shows that are part of pop culture history.
I swear, as a student of both original shows, that whoever wrote and made the 'new' shows, must not have done much research from the originals. THEY MISSED THE MARK BY A MILE!!! Perhaps too young to have seen them the first time around, the creators pissed-on both shows and totally missed the 'charm' of the originals.


Not all of the Dick Clark press has been flattering of late ... "Wages Of Spin" (scan back to 2008 for several pieces on this documentary) has been showing on PBS Stations all over the country ... and is now part of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Online Archives, too. Producer Shawn Swords tells us:  
The Charlie Gracie "Fabulous" Edition will be up on the online archives soon!!!!  
Click here: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum   

And, speaking of Dick Clark (and the Golden Bandstand Days), here's an update on a Philly Guy who seems to be on the mend ...  

Click here: Senior Connections: Bobby Rydell: Golden Boy Given Gift of Life

THIS song was in The Top Ten:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday This And That

Got this sad notice from a few Forgotten Hits Readers this week. Naturally every good radio station played "Chevy Van" in Sammy's honor ... of course the REALLY good radio stations have been playing it all along! I never grew tired of hearing this Top Five Hit ... which went all the way to #1 here in Chicago. (kk)  

Tuesday, January 08, 2013
Sammy Johns of Chevy Van Fame, Dead at 66 
Sammy Johns, who lit up the airwaves in 1975 with his hit Chevy Van, passed away last Friday in Gaston, NC at the age of 66.
Johns took up the guitar at the age of nine and had his own band called the Devilles while a teen. In 1973, he moved to Atlanta where he was signed to General Recording Corporation who released his first single, the minor hit Early Morning Love (1974/#68 Pop/#79 Country). It was during this time that he also recorded his story of a one-night stand in the back of a van, but the company chose not to release it.
Chevy Van finally saw the light of day two years later via GRC Records and it went up to number 5 in the U.S., giving Johns a gold record.
Johns continued to record for labels like New World Records and Elektra, but it was his songs and not his recordings that were key for the rest of his life. Among his many songs that were hits by other were Common Man (John Conlee), America (Waylon Jennings) and Desperado Love (Conway Twitty).
On a personal level, Johns had battles with both alcohol and drugs and was married several times. He is survived by a sister.

-- submitted by Tom Cuddy   

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - The singer-songwriter who made "Chevy Van" a hit in 1975 has died. The Charlotte Observer reports Sammy Johns died Friday at the age of 66. A cause of death was not given. Johns recorded "Chevy Van" in 1973 but it was nearly 18 months later before it was released. It peaked at number five and sold more than 3 million copies. Johns had said the song wasn't about a specific woman. Johns never had another hit of his own, but he wrote "America" for Waylon Jennings and "Common Man" for John Conlee.
-- You probably saw this, however, I thought I would send you the A.P. story. I interviewed him about 10 years ago. I have attached a minute or so of our conversation about Chevy Van.  
Phil Nee - WRCO

Romeo's Tune??? You don't listen to any "Lite FM" stations, do you, Kent?  This sounds right down their alley.
True story: Back in the day I actually thought this singer was ... Eric Clapton. [blush]

I love it. Thanks Kent. Didn't know you had a connection there with Steve's bass player.
Be Well,  

Some GREAT new shows have just been added to The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL ...   

January 19th - Jim Peterik's World Stage (featuring Jim Peterik, Dave Bickler of Survivor, Jeff Adams of Starship, Toby Hitchcock of Pride of Lions, Leslie Hunt, The Ides Of March, Lisa McClowry and much, much more

January 25th - Jo Dee Messina

February 2nd - Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience

February 7th - Pat Benatar

February 16th - The Guess Who

February 22nd - Shirley MacLaine

March 5th - The Doo-Wop Project

March 9th - Artie Shaw Orchestra Big Band Concert and Dance

March 13th - Helen Reddy

March 23rd - War with Tower Of Power

April 12th - Boz Scaggs

April 13th - Rich Little

April 19th - Echoes of Pompei Pink Floyd Tribute Show

April 20th - Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy Show

May 3rd - The Everly Hillbillies (featuring Edan Donald Everly)

May 4th - Frankie Avalon

September 28th - Three Faces of the King (Elvis Impersonators Show)

October 12th - Rick Springfield

October 25th - The Amazing Kreskin's Search For Al Capone

December 8th - The Lettermen Christmas Show

More shows being added all the time

Be sure to check out the website: Click here: Arcada Theatre | Oshows

Quite a few interesting concerts on this list ... which inspired me to feature Helen Reddy's #5 Hit from 1975 as Today's Forgotten Hit ...   

I was just just informed by Nan Seidl that a former colleague, Wild bill' Cody passed away over theI was just I I was just informed by Nan Seidl that a former colleague, Wild bill' Cody passed away over the holidays. While we were acquainted with one another - we never worked together, but Bill was always very encouraging to our efforts with JST KLSX and a tremendous supporter of Kent Kotal's Forgotten Hits from Chicago and a regular contributor. I am dismayed at his passing, and hope that some of his 'material' and former airwork will make it to the Airwaves. Rest in Peace Bill --- you were one of the ones who understood the problems of the radio industry and still did not let it bother you, as you always were reminding me to keep working toward a "new solution" and were always encouraging me to 'Keep doing what you're doing Mason ... it's going to work!" R.I.P my friend.
Yes, how sad ... I found out a couple days after he passed on Christmas Day. A great guy ... a friend and a true supporter of Forgotten Hits ... with a wealth of radio background and a true love for the medium. (I had always hoped you two guys would pair up! I always imagined great things you could have done together.) Too bad. (kk)

Hey Kent,
Been enjoying the readings lately. I'm part of an online discussion board about radio, and naturally, the topic of "tune-out" was brought up on a Classic Hits thread. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in some of the comments.
Of course, the corporate "know it alls" showed up and brought their testing with them, but essentially it is the debate that outlines our issue as listeners -- why we "can't" hear the good stuff. A few good folks take our same stance in that oldies radio is too narrow minded, but it is the stubbornness of the industry people that really irks me.
Anyway, it's an obnoxiously long 50+ pages of reading (I know you got plenty of other stuff to do) but thought you might be interested in seeing this.
If you have any problems with the link, try this:
-scroll down past the "markets sections"
-at the bottom of the formats category is "60s/70s/80s Classic Hits"
-The Title of the thread is "Which is the bigger tune-out factor"
For the Cause!,
Anybody listening to radio today KNOWS what's wrong with radio ... and the worst part of all is that they give you no incentive to stay tuned in by playing the same cycle of music over and over again.  (We used to listen to the radio for HOURS ... we couldn't get enough ... today's programming is designed for about a ten minute attention span ... what a waste of resources!)  We keep hoping SOMEBODY out there in terrestrial radioland will DO something about it ... and make things interesting again. Meanwhile, it sounds like most of the people who really LOVE music have already sought out (and found) alternate sources to enjoy it. Too bad ... the radio consultants are so focused on what they THINK we want to hear that they didn't even notice their core audience disappear. (kk)

I'll be presenting my next YesterYear Countdown show this Sunday, January 13, at 7 PM Eastern Time. I'll be counting down the Top 25 hits as they were on the second weekend of January in the year 1950, 63 years ago.
Here's the link to the page with all the information about the show. It includes easy access to it as well as a sneak preview consisting of nine sound bites from the show.
Hello. Picked up a last year (2012), Special Edition copy of Billboard magazine at a local deli. Honestly, it looks more like a female-related magazine, with bra and panty ads and with Disney's, Justin Beaver boy on the cover! :)
Anyway, just experimenting here with various audio players. The page takes a bit of time to load, but, once loaded, all snippets should play in their entirety.

Some rare alternate and stereo mixes can be found at this link ... check it out!
Yes, Billboard and Rolling Stones don't even seem to be about the music much anymore ... years ago, after months and months of covers featuring nothing but scantily-clad women, Rolling Stone put a picture of The Beatles on their cover. I had to write them and point out ... "Wow ... nary an erect nipple in sight ... if I didn't know any better, I'd swear this issue of Rolling Stone was actually about the music again ... like it's supposed to be." Evidently I hit a nerve ... because they ran my letter in their next issue! (kk)

Lots a press this week because of what would have been Elvis Presley's 78th Birthday. It seems that Billboard Magazine is going out of its way to disassociate itself with all of Elvis' hits before the official start of "The Hot 100.Radio has already all but abandoned The King Of Rock and Roll ... you're not likely to hear ANYTHING before "Suspicious Minds" anymore ... now Billboard wants to eliminate Elvis' first 32 chart hits,too. Think about that for a second ... how many artists had 32 hits in their entire career?!?! And this track record represents just a little over 20% of his total chart output! 
And look at some of the titles that "don't count" anymore: Hound Dog, Don't Be Cruel, Heartbreak Hotel, Teddy Bear, All Shook Up, Love Me Tender, Blue Suede Shoes, Love Me, Jailhouse Rock ... these are hit songs that other artists would have KILLED to record ... and some of the biggest rock and roll hits of all time.
It's bad enough that the music of the '50's has completely disappeared from the terrestrial radio airwaves ... but this is just sacrilege!!! In the eyes of far too many people in power today, Elvis is now just part of a by-gone era ... like Bing Crosby in the '30's and 40's ... Frank Sinatra in the '40's and '50's ... or Valentino in the '20's ... except none of THOSE artists revolutionized the way music was made.  None of THOSE artists influenced the next four generations of rock and roll to come.  
Rock and Roll Music is the longest-lasting musical art form of modern times. Every artist today was in some way influenced and fashioned in the image of the rock and roll music that took the world by storm in the 1950's. Now they may be seven degrees of separation apart from it ... but every sound influenced every new sound and so on there after ... forever more ... and now we want to pretend that NONE of this is significant anymore ... and that's just WRONG!!! (kk)
Here's a place for some great Doo Wop happenings!
And it's free! - Food available!
You can contact me for any info you need.
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UK Rock Legends SWEET Revisit Hit Album 'Desolation Boulevard'
With New Live CD
London, UK - Hot on the heels of their recent critically acclaimed album release 'New York Connection', UK rock legends SWEET have released a new live CD only available by digital download. Performing the band's most famous and influential album from 1974 'Desolation Boulevard' live, SWEET's 'Desolation Boulevard Revisited' recaptures the album in concert with all of the raw energy that can only come from a live performance. Originally titled 'Sweet Fanny Adams' in the UK, the 1974 US release of the album, re-titled 'Desolation Boulevard', was a turning point for the band featuring, for the first time, more of a hard rock sound. The album yielded classic hits such as 'Ballroom Blitz', 'Fox On The Run' and 'The Six Teens', catapulting the band to international stardom!
Says original member Andy Scott, “SWEET's 'Desolation Boulevard' album was groundbreaking back in 1974 and proved to be a major influence on soon to be famous rock bands such as Kiss, Motley Crue, Def Leppard and many more. The album was a tightly produced collection of Power Pop Heavy Rock Radio Friendly tunes that still sound great today. This was the album that accelerated SWEET into a Major Headlining Touring Band in the '70s, a testament of anyone who saw the band 'live'. Several of the songs from the album have been covered by other artists which pays true homage to a great band. Now in 2013 we have 'Desolation Boulevard Revisited'. A 'live' album release, almost 40 years on from the original but sounding as fresh as the day the songs were conceived. This is a 'must' for SWEET fans everywhere!”

Without The Sweet there would not have been a Kiss”

“Mötley Crüe wanted to be The Sweet”

“The Sweet are the band that I wish I had been in”

With worldwide album sales of more than 55 million copies, SWEET have notched 34 Number One smashes across the globe as part of a run of timeless hits that includes ‘Blockbuster!’, ‘Hell Raiser’, ‘The Ballroom Blitz’, ‘The Six Teens’, ‘Action’, ‘Fox On The Run’ and ‘Love Is Like Oxygen’. Seen on Top Of The Pops on what felt like a weekly basis throughout the 1970s, their über-harmonious, multi-tracked guitar work and layered production was to provide inspiration to other acts such as Queen, the Electric Light Orchestra and, in later decades, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe and The Darkness.
SWEET are a National Treasure, British at the core and a rock music phenomena that has taken every continent by storm for more than four decades. The golden thread that links the past through to the present and into the future is Andy Scott. His determination to maintain high standards with the band's musical legacy and touring is legendary. The band today has an illustrious pedigree recreating “live” the high energy and soaring vocals associated with the SWEET sound that is the band's trademark. SWEET are Andy Scott – guitar and vocals, Pete Lincoln – lead vocals and bass, Bruce Bisland – drums and vocals, Tony O'Hora – guitar, keyboards and vocals. 2013 sees SWEET commencing their 'NYC World Tour' in support of their latest smash studio album 'New York Connection'. The tour kicks off in Europe in March 2013, with more dates in other territories to be announced soon.
To purchase SWEET – 'Desolation Boulevard Revisited' (digital download only):
For more information:

Experience Hendrix LLC & Legacy Recordings Celebrate 70th Birthday Year of Jimi Hendrix with March 5 Release of People, Hell and Angels (A New Album of Unreleased Studio Material) and Mono Audiophile 12" Vinyl Editions of Are You Experienced and Axis: Bold As Love  
New Jimi Hendrix Single, "Somewhere," From People, Hell and Angels, Premieres on on Tuesday, January 8
Experience Hendrix LLC and Legacy Recordings launch a year long celebration of the life and music of Jimi Hendrix (who would've turned 70 November 27, 2012) -- with the simultaneous release of People, Hell and Angels, a new album of twelve previously unreleased studio performances, and newly-struck mono vinyl editions of Are You Experienced and Axis: Bold As Love on Tuesday, March 5.
"Somewhere," a previously unreleased Jimi Hendrix Studio track providing a first taste of the forthcoming People, Hell and Angels, premieres on Tuesday, January 8, and will be available as a single on Tuesday, February, February 5. Recorded at New York's Sound Center on March 13, 1968 and mixed Eddie Kramer, "Somewhere" features Hendrix on guitar and vocal with Stephen Still on bass and Buddy Miles on drums during the artists first session in America where he assumed the mantle of producer alongside performer. While still performing in a trio context, Jimi explored new musical possibilities in "Somewhere." The sixth and final take from reel two, this newly available master is wholly different from previously available version.
"Somewhere" will be available as a digital single, a limited edition vinyl single (available at independent record stores) and a CD single (available at Walmart). The b-side of the vinyl single is a previously unreleased studio recording of "Power of Soul" by Band of Gypsys, mixed by Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Kramer in August 1970. The CD single features the b-side, "Foxey Lady," a previously unreleased Band of Gypsys performance recorded live at the Fillmore East in January 1970. Both the vinyl and CD versions of "Somewhere" will be struck in limited, numbered editions.
People, Hell and Angels will be showcased in a pair of hour-long special broadcasts on the NPR series "World Cafe." The album is also slated for a profile on "Elwood's Bluesmobile," the Dan Aykroyd-hosted radio series airing on 180 commercial stations across the United States, Canada and the Armed Forces Network.
An essential new album premiering twelve previously unreleased studio recordings completed by guitarist Jimi Hendrix, People, Hell and Angels showcases the legendary guitarist working outside the original Jimi Hendrix Experience trio. Beginning in 1968, Hendrix grew restless, eager to develop new material with old friends and new ensembles. Outside the view of a massive audience that made him (and the Experience) rock's largest grossing concert act with two albums in the US Top 10, Jimi was busy working behind the scenes to craft his next musical statement.
These twelve recordings encompass a variety of unique sounds and styles incorporating many of the elements—horns, keyboards, percussion and second guitar—Jimi wanted to incorporate within his new music. People, Hell and Angels presents some of the finest Jimi Hendrix guitar work ever issued and provides a compelling window into his growth as a songwriter, musician and producer.
With an album title coined by Jimi Hendrix, People, Hell and Angels reveals some of Hendrix's post-Experience ambitions and directions as he worked with new musicians--including the Buffalo Springfield's Stephen Stills, drummer Buddy Miles, Billy Cox (with whom Hendrix had served in the 101st US Army Airborne and later played on the famed R & B 'chitlin circuit' together) and others--creating fresh and exciting sounds for the next chapter in his extraordinary career.
A musical companion piece and successor to 2010's Valleys of Neptune, the critically acclaimed album showcasing the artist's final recordings with the original Jimi Hendrix Experience, People, Hell and Angels offers tantalizing new clues as to the direction Hendrix was considering for First Rays of The New Rising Sun, his planned double album sequel to 1968's groundbreaking Electric Ladyland.
People, Hell and Angels is co-produced by Janie Hendrix, Eddie Kramer and John McDermott.
Concurrent with the March 5 release of People, Hell and Angels, Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings will release 12" vinyl editions of Are You Experienced (both US and UK versions) and Axis: Bold As Love, newly struck on 200-gram audiophile vinyl. Each of these albums is individually numbered and features original artwork and sequencing.
Taken from the original monaural mixes created by Chas Chandler, Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Kramer in 1967, with all analog mastering by Bernie Grundman, these much-sought-after mixes of Are You Experienced and Axis: Bold As Love have been unavailable for decades.
Are You Experienced, the mind-blowing debut from the Jimi Hendrix Experience, is arguably the most fully-realized first album by a "new" artist and is inarguably one of the most influential, significant and enjoyable rock albums of all time. There are, however, two distinctly different editions of this cornerstone in the rock pantheon. The original version, prepared and sequenced by Jimi and producer Chas Chandler, was issued throughout Europe In May 1967 and excluded the group’s first three UK singles ("Purple Haze," "Hey Joe," "The Wind Cries Mary"). While there has never been a mono release of the UK version of Are You Experienced in the US, the classic US version--with the iconic fish-eye cover--was only available in mono for a brief period following its original release in August 1967. The original monophonic mixes for both the UK and US editions for Are You Experienced have been transferred to disc from the original master tapes by noted mastering engineer Bernie Grundman. Grundman’s all analog mono mastering process preserves the integrity, while projecting the vitality, of the original recordings.
Axis: Bold As Love, the sensational sophomore release of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, showcased the artist's expansive musical experimentalism while acknowledging his early R&B and soul music influences. Remastered from the original two-track mixdown master tapes, Axis: Bold As Love’s 13-songs capture the rapidly evolving trio nearing the apogee of their career with a string of seminal classics including “Spanish Castle Magic,” “Little Wing,” “Castles Made Of Sand,” and “If 6 Was 9,” the classic Easy Rider anthem. The original monophonic mixes have been transferred to disc from the original master tapes using Grundman’s all analog mono mastering process.
The dozen previously unreleased Jimi Hendrix performances premiering on People, Hell and Angels include "Earth Blues," "Somewhere," "Hear My Train A Comin'," "Bleeding Heart," "Baby Let Me Move You," "Izabella," "Easy Blues," "Crash Landing," "Inside Out," "Hey Gypsy Boy," "Mojo Man" and "Villanova Junction Blues."   

In today's comments, you mentioned that some of Gary DeCarlo's singles were issued under the name of Garrett Scott of which they went nowhere on the charts. That name was familiar to me but couldn't really figure out where I had heard it before. Then it dawned on me. I turned the name Garrett Scott around and came up with Scott Garrett who had a song out of 1959 on Laurie Records called HOUSE OF LOVE.
I realize this has nothing to do with the writings and items on the Steam song but just the name recollection jarred my memory of a record I hadn't thought of or played in years.
We still seem to have a way of sparking these long-lost memories ... kind of what Forgotten Hits is all about. It doesn't look like the Garrett Scott single charted in Billboard. (kk)  

ROCK AND ROLL LEGEND GARY U.S. BONDS HEADLINES FIRST-EVER LIGHT OF DAY FOUNDATION SHOW AT HARD ROCK NEW YORK ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16, 2013Concert at Hard Rock Cafe New York Features Additional Performances by Willie Nile, the Liza Colby Sound and Joe D’Urso & Stone Caravan
Rock and roll legend Gary U.S. Bonds and his band, The Roadhouse Rockers, headline the Light of Day Foundation’s first-ever show at the iconic Hard Rock Cafe New York in Times Square on Wednesday, January 16, 2013. Additional performances include Willie Nile, the Liza Colby Sound and Joe D’Urso & Stone Caravan. Proceeds from the show benefit the Light of Day Foundation (, which funds research into possible cures, improved treatments and support for patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and other neuromuscular disorders. Proceeds from show will also go to Team Fox, the grassroots community fundraising program at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.
The New York show kicks off an extended weekend of Light of Day concerts that include more than 20 events in Asbury Park, New Jersey from January 17 through January 21, 2013. Vincent Pastore, who played Sal Bonpensiero on the HBO hit show, The Sopranos, is hosting the Hard Rock Cafe New York show along with radio disc jockey Rich Russo, whose free-form show, “Anything, Anything,” airs weekly on 107.1 The Peak in Westchester County and 105.5 WDHA in northern New Jersey.
Bonds first rose to prominence in the early 1960s, when his song, “Quarter to Three,” released in June 1961, reached Number 1 on the Billboard chart. Bonds’ other Top 10 hits at the time included “New Orleans,” “School is Out” and “Dear Lady Twist.” He headlined a 1963 European tour, which also included The Beatles.
In the early 1980s, Bonds had a career resurgence when he collaborated with Little Steven Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen for the albums Dedication and On the Line. His comeback song, “This Little Girl,” hit Number 5 on the rock chart in 1981. Bonds has been a dedicated supporter of Light of Day for many years and has appeared at various Light of Day events in the U.S. and Canada.
Gary recently released a Christmas CD titled, Christmas is ON!, over the holidays and his new book, By U.S. Bonds: That's My Story is slated to come out early this year.
Singer-songwriter Willie Nile’s last three albums, Streets of New York, House of a Thousand Guitars and The Innocent Ones have received great critical acclaim. His hometown paper, The Buffalo News, called the three albums, “three of the finest recordings to ever straddle the worlds of singer-songwriter fare and good ol’ street-tough rock n’roll.” A long-time Light of Day favorite, Nile is known for his scintillating live performances.
Joe D’Urso is a singer-songwriter “blessed with one of those unmistakable whisky-tainted Asbury Park, New Jersey voices that makes the story in every song come alive,” according to a show review by Paul M. Sinclair. D’Urso and his band Stone Caravan have been part of Light of Day since its start 13 years ago. D’Urso serves on the board of directors of LOD.
Liza Colby formed her current band in 2009, combining her own original style with influences from the late 1960s, early 1970s and the British Invasion. Colby describes her sound as “rockin’ soul” that will make you get up and dance!
$25 for general admission and $75 for a seated VIP ticket, available through Ticketweb at
About Light of Day
The Light of Day concert series is now in its 13th year. What began as a single concert at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey has grown into 35 shows in 12 countries in the U.S., Canada and Europe.
This year Light of Day concerts in Asbury Park, New Jersey will take place from Thursday. January 17 through Monday, January 21, 2013. The nearly weeklong run of events are about to formally be declared as Light of Day Week by the Asbury Park City Council for the second consecutive year. The concerts have become a full-fledged festival.
The funds raised are donated to help the fight against Parkinson's disease and related illnesses by funding research into better treatments, cures and support for patients suffering from Parkinson's disease and related illnesses.
The Asbury Park shows in 2012 raised nearly $300,000. September of 2012 saw the release on DVD and VOD of Just Around The Corner. The documentary tells the story of Bob Benjamin and the Light of Day Foundation.
Light of Day fields a team in the annual Parkinson's Unity Walk in New York's Central Park. Over the last five years the Light of Day team has raised $80,000 which helped the Walk raise over $3 million for Parkinson's research.