Saturday, November 5, 2016

The O'Jays - Daryl Hall - Peter Noone

For weeks now we've been raving about the appearance of The O'Jays on "Live At Daryl's House" ...

And then last night I found the entire program on YouTube.  (Naturally, we HAD to watch it again!)

If you haven't seen it ... and have about 50 minutes to spare ... you will DEFINITELY want to check this out ... 


There are also individual songs posted if you want to get a feel for it (I would highly recommend "Use Ta Be My Girl" for starters!)

The O'Jays will be appearing at Star Plaza Theater in Merrillville, Indiana, on New Year's Eve with special guests The Chi-Lites and comedian Damon Williams.  (We're still hoping to make it to that one!) 


Happy Birthday to Peter Noone ... who turns at LEAST 25 years old today!  (Peter's coming back to The Arcada Theatre next May ... the 26th to be exact ... and tickets for THAT show are on sale now, too!) 


Friday, November 4, 2016

The Friday Flash

It's been a jam-packed week ... but I don't know that I've ever seen the City of Chicago any happier than they are after the World Series win by The Chicago Cubs!  (Man, what an exciting series ... back and forth, up and down ... but FINALLY, after 108 YEARS, The Cubs are World Champs again ... first time in ALL of our lifetimes!  (Yes, even YOU, Hil!!! lol)  Congratulations to year's incredible team ... and let's hope they don't make us wait another century before they do it again!  (kk)

John "The Cool Ghoul" Zacherle, who hit The Top Ten with one of Cameo / Parkway's earliest releases "Dinner With Drac" in 1958, passed away last Thursday (October 26th), just five days before Halloween.  He was 98.
"Dinner With Drac" is one of those chart hits that made you scratch your head as to just how big a hit it really was.  Billboard charted it at #6 ... while Cash Box placed it at #16 and Music Vendor at #33.  A discrepancy of 27 places is a pretty huge spread on the charts! 
Zacherle hosted his own television show "Shock Theater" on Philadelphia's WCAU. 
Although the series only lasted a year, it was at this time that John was befriended by Dick Clark, who brought him into the studio to record his only hit record.  (Clark, whose "American Bandstand" television series was also based in Philadelphia, regularly mined the talents of Cameo / Parkway, making huge music and television stars of artists like Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell, Dee Dee Sharp, The Orlons, and many others.) 
In 1958, Zacherle moved to New York City, changed the spelling of his last name to Zacherly and hosted a new television program called Zacherly At Large.  He later hosted other childrens' programs before moving to radio, where he worked at WNEW, WPLJ and WXRK-FM.  (kk) 

And, speaking of The Philly Sound (and Halloween!), our FH Buddy Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon seems to be getting a lot of mileage out of the new track he recorded for Svengoolie's television program, especially here in Chicago where Sven has been a TV staple for many, many years.  (Of course I don't think the fact that Halloween was last week hurt things at all either!!!) 

Here's a new article submitted by FH Reader Tom Cuddy ...  

I'm hoping that some of our readers can help out our friend, noted Beatles Historian Bruce Spizer, with this request ... 

Kent -
I am looking for high resolution images of KRLA and KJR charts from the summer of 1967 that list tracks from the Sgt. Pepper album. These would cover June, July and possibly August. Please put out the word to your followers that specialize in local radio station surveys.
Thanks as always for your help.
Please email me with what you have (he is looking specifically for Sgt. Pepper album titles that appeared on a weekly Top 40 radio station chart) and I will pass them along.  Thanks, all!  (kk) 

And, since we're Helping Out Our Readers ... 

Hello Kent,
My name is Nick Black and your name was given to me by an internet friend.  
I host a bio show on Australian radio station 88.3 Southern FM called Purple Haze, and we also podcast our previous shows. 
We concentrate on musical guests whose career originated in the 1960s or 1970s, and we are planning to do a show and have as guest Sal Valentino of Beau Brummels / Stoneground fame and are trying to track down his first officially released recording titled:
"I Wanna Twist b/w Lisa Marie" (info here:) 
I'm hoping if you could put out a call to your readers / followers to see if someone had a digital copy they could upload (or email) as this would be an important part of the show to play.  
Many thanks if you can help us out, and feel free to peruse our list of podcasts:  
Best wishes from Australia, 
I reached out to the always reliable Tom Diehl on this one ... let's see if he (or any of our other readers) can come up with a copy of these rare, early tracks.  (kk)

Loved your Lesley Gore piece ... I liked the local connection she mentioned when she met the writers of 'You Don't Own Me' ... for the record, she referred to Gene Kaye from WAEB...  

Hi Kent,
Enclosed is a video of a Class Act paying tribute to another Class Act ... Burton Cummings salutes Bobby Vee.  
I also ran across this video on YouTube this evening.  Who better to tell Bobby Vee's story than Bobby Vee himself!  
Tim Kiley  

I was saddened to hear of Bobby Vee's passing.  
He didn't know me, but his songs always were, and still are, among my favorites both professionally and personally. He and I also had some interesting personal and professional parallels. 
To begin with, he and I are within a year of being the same age. He's from North Dakota; I from South Dakota. His interest in music was in a strong developmental stage at the age of 12; my interest in radio was also in an equally strong developmental stage at the same age of 12. Both of us as young Guys continued into the early 1960s with his highly successful professional singing career really starting to take off while my highly successful on-air radio personality career was also just beginning to rise. 
Those of us on the air in Rapid City, South Dakota, at the time during those early 60s felt a special connection to Bobby being in that he was a "Dakota Brother" and we probably mentioned that fact on the air maybe even a bit too often! "And now, here's Bobby Vee from Fargo, North Dakota!" we'd say as though he lived right down the street! Professionally, I looked forward to playing his new releases and loved playing his hit songs on my radio show. And at the same time, as a high school kid, I personally loved hearing his songs on the radio during my buddies and my semi-regular evenings of cruising the main drag of my hometown looking to hook up with our girlfriends or other local high school girls.  
Yeah, he sang about those girls and the stories of those we knew and loved! "Devil or Angel," "Rubber Ball," "Take Good Care of My Baby," "Run to Him," Sharing You," "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" all of which just sounded so good and so relatable even coming through those small five inch, low quality car radio speakers! (And those of us who were ahead of our time with additional rear car speakers, well, what more needs to be said?!)  
So whether through those tinny speakers of our individually cool, customized cars or the much fuller-sounding speakers in the radio studio, his songs were just so much fun to hear!   
And, to me, still are. 
So my condolences to Robby Vee and his family. I'm pretty sure they're aware of the impact Bobby had on so many of us, and I just wanted to share my Bobby Vee story with you and, hopefully, them. 
Chuck Buell  
Clearly, Bobby touched the lives of a lot of people over they years ... he will be missed.  (kk) 

I never really thought about it until I read your Bobby Vee piece the other day ... but you're right ... it had to be hard to deal with the mixed emotions he must have felt after one of his idols, Buddy Holly, died and he had to take the stage in his place the following evening. 
Bobby owed the whole start-up of his career to filling in for Buddy after that fatal plane crash ... the loss of one career and the start of another.
It's funny because when I first had my chance to interview Bobby in what had to be 2000 or 2001, that was the very first question I thought of to ask him.  I know I would certainly have struggled with that ... but once Buddy was gone, there really wasn't anything you could do about it.
Bobby seemed like a pretty down to earth guy ... so I'm sure there were times he must have felt a little guilty and somewhat undeserving ... but the fact of the matter is, he carved out his OWN career that earned him 17 of his own Top 50 Hits ... and that's something he accomplished using his own talents.  (kk)

Here's another one of them ... a #3 Hit from early 1963 ...

Vintage Vinyl News reported this week that Chad and Jeremy were bringing their career to a close.  (They performed their last show together on October 31st in Tacoma, Washington.)
But Forgotten Hits Readers knew that two weeks ago, thanks to Shelley Sweet-Tufano's concert review first published here on October 19th.  (I feel SO bad that I wasn't able to catch their Chicago-area appearance at SPACE a few days later.)
It sounds like the traveling has just become too much for them at this age ... and Jeremy Clyde has commitments throughout the next year and a half that have him performing on a different stage as an actor ... the profession he's become most associated with since the duo's initial chart success during The British Invasion.  (Chad Stuart's health has also come into question recently by several FH Readers.)  We wish them both the best ... and continued success in their future ventures.  As we've learned over the years, never say never ... that next British Invasion Reunion Tour may be right around the corner!  (kk)

John Madara said the song YOU DON'T OWN ME was originally written for singer Maureen Gray. Remember her? The only record by her that I have is a not too big a record back in 1962 called DANCIN' THE STRAND on Landa Records.
Can you believe that Chuck Berry is 90 years old?
Kent, you probably have heard this but I saw, quite by accident last night, that John Zacherley, aka the Cool Ghoul, passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 98. His biggest record I guess was DINNER WITH DRAC back in 1958 on Cameo. I remember a few times seeing him on American Bandstand when they did a special Halloween show. Never had the privilege of course seeing any of the Shock Theater shows he hosted back in the fifties-sixties.
Finally, with Thanksgiving coming up, I wonder which station in the country will start playing Christmas songs first? Bring on the Ronette's SLEIGH RIDE.
Loved your HOLD THE PHONE tunes the other day. Before I scrolled down to see what you posted, I immediately thought of the Orlon's DON'T HANG UP. You didn't disappoint  Another record I thought of was from 1961 called DADDY DADDY (Got To Get A Phone In My Room). Not a big record nationally, but top ten here in OKC. You probably aren't familiar with it.
Larry Neal  

Petula Clark is now 83 years old and just released another new album this past September.  I ran across this video of a recent performance of hers that I thought you and Tony Hatch would find very impressive, I know I did.  I most recently read a nice review of her new album in Mojo magazine that stated "she always has been beguiling rather than a belter."  She was 33 when she had the hit "Downtown" in 1965, and here we are over 50 years later, and I would say she is still going strong!  
Tim Kiley

The O'Jays are hot again ... and sounding better than ever.  (Have you seen their recent appearance on "Live At Daryl's House"?  OUTSTANDING!)
In fact, they'll be appearing at Star Plaza Theater on New Year's Eve.  (Would LOVE to see that show ... also on the bill are The Chi-Lites and comedian Damon Williams, who TOTALLY cracked us up last year when he opened for George Benson at The Arcada Theatre.) 

Here's a recent piece published on The O'Jays, sent into us by FH Reader Bob Merlis ... 

Eddie Levert, singer    
We started the O'Jays at school in Canton, Ohio, in 1958, but struggled to find our identity and took years to make a breakthrough. At one point, we were doing beach music, playing shows supporting the Dave Clark Five and Sonny and Cher. I’d always thought we’d make a record and be millionaires, so it was a rude awakening.
Then Bill Isles fell in love, said he was going to California for four weeks and never came back, and Bobby Massey quit to become a songwriter and producer. The remaining trio weren’t anything like the O’Jays as people know us now.
Everything changed in 1972, when we met [songwriters and producers] Gamble and Huff and signed to Philadelphia International. They recognised our gospel roots and ability to switch between lead vocals. Kenny Gamble was a prolific songwriter, and Leon Huff could make a piano sound like a whole band. We just clicked. They had dozens of songs and we were able to pick the ones we liked. When we started recording, Love Train didn’t even have lyrics, so Kenny came up with them in five minutes, on the spot.
At that stage, I don’t think any of us had any idea how big that song would become, but by the time we started laying down the vocals, we knew we had a hit. Love Train felt like destiny. It had such perfect, timeless lyrics  that it was almost as if they’d come from God, and we had to deliver them to the people. I was very young, conflicted between my spiritual upbringing and becoming a superstar, but when we made a promotional film on a train that went through a zoo in Griffin Park, California, I felt humbled by the children, who were – and are – our future. To this day, people hear it and want to start a train. At one gig, we played it for 30 minutes, while the audience formed a dancing train that went all the way outside the building.  

Walter Williams, singer  
Gamble and Huff saw us when we supported the Intruders at the Apollo in New York, and were somewhere down the bill. We learned so much from them. You could rehearse a song, think it was finished and in the studio they’d suddenly try a different groove. I watched them dissect each song until it really worked. Eddie and I brought the gospel feeling that we learned at St Mark Baptist church, where my dad was the choir director, my stepmother was the pianist and her sister was the organist. Love Train was the first of our big message songs: “People all over the world (everybody), join hands, start a love train.”
1972 was explosive – Vietnam was rumbling on, the rich were getting richer - so it was the perfect time to sing about social issues. The song mentioned places that were having human rights problems, but in a positive, hopeful way: “The first stop we make will be England … tell all the folks in Russia and China too.” We’ve performed in it England many times, but I’d still love to sing it in Russia or China. 
I was offended when Donald Trump started using the song, supposedly with our involvement, as “Join a Trump train."Oh no we won’t! Our attorneys sent him a cease and desist letter. We’re about unity, not division. Trump says he’s gonna make America great again. I would ask him: “When was it not great for you?” My dad didn’t give me a million dollars. What a joke. I’ve experienced what it’s like being a black man in America and being successful through hard work. 
For most people, the biggest problem is how to cope. You have to learn not to jump off a bridge or put a gun to your head. The timeless message of Love Train is that if we pull together, we can make things better for everyone.
It went to number one and is still the biggest song we’ve ever done. I never get bored of it.

For The Record:  
The O’Jays have had 15 Gold or Platinum RIAA certified records.
They’ve had 6 Top 10 Pop Chart Singles
They’ve had 3 Top 10 Pop Chart Albums
They’ve had 24 Top 20 R&B Singles, 7 of which went to #1
They’ve had 15 Top 10 R&B Albums, 4 of which went to #1

Hi Kent,
I want to send my condolences to Mamie and all of RVB442's buddies. He didn't make the "Cover of the Rolling Stone" but proudly got on "Muscle Machines" Cover with his beloved 1966 Olds 442.


A great Oldies Music friend, he will be missed,

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

America's Pop Music Hall Of Fame

~ John Denver, Aretha Franklin, Earth, Wind & Fire also first-time candidates
On-line voting to begin November 2

ABBA, Michael Jackson and Billy Joel are among twelve first-time nominees for 2017 induction into America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame.  

They join eight returning acts to comprise the twenty artists on the ballot. Nominees, representing pop music through 1979, are selected by a national panel of musicians, disc jockeys and journalists based on the artists’ breadth and depth of pop hits, as well as influence.  

Through on-line voting, the public will choose ten inductees; the national selection committee will add up to five other “Heritage” inductees.  

New nominees, in addition to ABBA, Michael Jackson and Billy Joel are John Denver, Earth, Wind & Fire, the Fifth Dimension, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Herman’s Hermits, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Johnny Rivers and Diana Ross.  

The eight returning nominees are Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Lou Christie, the Dave Clark Five, Petula Clark, the Four Tops, the Jackson Five, Tommy James & the Shondells and Rod Stewart. Artists must have placed a hit on the Billboard charts between 1945 and 1979 to qualify.  

Voting begins November 2 at and will continue through December 2. Inductees will be announced January 1, 2017.  

America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame was formed in 2011 to honor artists and other contributors to pop music. It is based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, home of Perry Como, Bobby Vinton and the Four Coins, who together placed nearly 200 songs on America’s pop charts.  

Plans are continuing for construction of a four-story, hall of fame structure that includes a large performance center, as well as wings for both permanent and rotating collections and memorabilia.   

Prior Inductees
In a ceremony March 15, 2013, with Johnny Tillotson as master of ceremonies, the original inductees into America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame were announced. They were the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond, Brenda Lee, Johnny Mathis, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Vinton and Stevie Wonder.   

2014 - The Bee Gees, Tony Bennett, Carpenters, Chicago, Buddy Holly, Elton John, Carole King, Dean Martin, the Monkees, Roy Orbison, Patti Page, the Platters, Simon & Garfunkel and the Supremes. The Monkees were formally inducted during a standing-room only presentation at the Monkees Convention in East Rutherford, N.J. on March 17, 2014.   

2015 - Paul Anka, Glen Campbell, Chubby Checker, the Eagles, the Everly Brothers, the Four Seasons, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Rick Nelson, the Righteous Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Tillotson, and Andy Williams. The “Heritage” inductees were Les Paul and Mary Ford.  

2016 - The Association, Dion and the Belmonts, the Grass Roots, the Lettermen, Barry Manilow, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Neil Sedaka, Barbra Streisand, the Temptations and Three Dog . The “Heritage” inductees were Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, the Ink Spots and the Mills Brothers   

In Brief:    

2017 Nominees: ABBA, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Lou Christie, the Dave Clark Five, Petula Clark, John Denver, Earth, Wind & Fire, the Fifth Dimension, the Four Tops, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Herman’s Hermits, Michael Jackson, the Jackson Five, Tommy James & the Shondells, Billy Joel, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Johnny Rivers, Diana Ross and Rod Stewart.    

Public Voting: through December 2nd.   

Inductees Announced: January 1, 2017

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Sunday Comments ( 10 - 30 - 16 )

re:  The Friday Flash:   
I couldn't pull a Friday Flash together quick enough to get it up on the site this week ... but we got a few emails regarding LAST week's posting fiasco.  (Thank you very much, Blogger ... it only took me NINE additional hours to clean up your posting mess nightmare!)  kk   

I'm a quite follower here from the what is supposed to be Northeastern Wisconsin (actually between Milwaukee and Green Bay) with a favor to ask. 
Can you please make that real small font size bigger for us young at heart folks?
Karen Buckarma   

You weren't kiddin' on that WILD font fluctuation, Kent ... just inexcusable on Blogger's part!

Hey Kent, 
It doesn't make any sense to send out a document like this that is so unreadable. 
Please resend when its fonts are big enough to read. Thanxalot.  

For the record, everything I post is is always done in a large, easy to read type font ... however, despite my best efforts, I seem to have been having nothing problems with Blogger lately ... no matter how many I times I go back to fix the text, it changes all on its own again and again.  VERY frustrating ... and time consuming.  (To give you an idea of just how bad it is, last week's Friday Flash took about 45 minutes to write and prepare to post ... I have since spent OVER NINE HOURS on it, going back again and again and again to fix font issues, size issues, spacing issues, etc.)
All that being said, there are things that you can do as readers is adjust your screen viewing to accommodate even the smallest type ... if you don't want to change your viewing preferences, simply hold down the control key when reading and then scroll your mouse up or down to make type larger or smaller.  (By the way, you'll probably have to do that for today's posting, too ... because despite trying to fix it for the past 2 1/2 hours, it is STILL reverting back to a different type size no matter what I input into Blogger again this evening!  Damn, this is frustrating!!!)
What I CANNOT do as the author of Forgotten Hits is spend nine hours on every posting, repeatedly fixing things that were input correctly and then somehow altered simply because Blogger is interpreting and representing this information incorrectly.  It truly is beyond my control ... I am completely at their mercy.  (I can post the next ten items without a single incident ... it's just bizarre ... and INCREDIBLY frustrating, especially when I'm trying to get out the door to get to work ... which is something ELSE I can't do ... forsake everything else in life to make sure Forgotten Hits posts perfectly, especially when some of these items I've fixed as many as five or six times, only to have them change again!!!) 
Unfortunately, it sucks ... for all parties concerned ... but we ALL have to deal with it.  
If you truly can't be bothered to put forth the extra effort, that's fine ... drop me a line and I'll refund back to you three times what you are currently paying to read Forgotten Hits.  (That seems only fair, right?!?!)  kk  

re:  Little Anthony and the Imperials:  
Hi Kent - 
Thank you for the great review on "Little Anthony and the Imperials".  
I had the pleasure of seeing them perform a couple of times in person and they are truly rock and roll legends.  
I can still remember seeing them on American Bandstand when "Tears On My Pillow" was first released in 1958. His voice has not changed since then!  

I've seen Little Anthony and the Imperials several times, including once when they were late to a show they were headlining, having driven straight from Nashville earlier in the day. They were spot on every single time. A buddy of mine recalled seeing them with the Four Seasons in 1966 and said Little Anthony sounded far better now, as he had a cold during the 1966 show, but didn't want to disappoint fans. What a showman.  
Tom Diehl   

Did Little Anthony talk about how he hates to sing "Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop?"
Frank B. 
He did ... and he went and pulled off an excellent rendition!  (kk)   

re:  Bobby Vee:  
What's up, kk!!?? 
Your stories about Bobby Vee were very entertaining; thanks for sharing with the rest of us. 
The FLip Side Radio Show is trudging along, and the 9th Anniversary Show is coming up in December.  The show from Tuesday this week included a tribute to Bobby Vee, and I played the A & B sides of four of Bobby's 45s.  From all accounts he was a super nice guy, and his was a life well-lived.  See you on the FLip Side. 
Mr. C.   

Hola Kent,  
One of the greatest "Teen Idols" Bobby Vee ... godspeed and welcome to Rock N Roll Heaven ... and thank you for making my younger years the fun that they were. I'm still listening on my iPod and enjoying the innocence in your voice. Kent, in your blog it was mentioned that his 'confidential' email was ... heck, he may have even come into our beloved "oldies music" chat room from time to time. 
I'll be listening Sunday night to  
Thank you ... and Good Luck in the World Series! 

Hi, Kent,   
Thank you for your coverage of the passing of Robert Thomas Velline, better known as Bobby Vee. His death was ultimately not a surprise to me as I knew about his Alzheimer's for several years, going back to when it was announced on his website.  
I had the pleasure of doing a long on-air phone interview with him at progressive rock FM station WHCN in Hartford when his "Robert Thomas Velline - Nothing Like a Sunny Day" album came out in 1972 or '73. (I wish I had recorded it!) He was a gentleman and a really good guy and was making a major bid for relevance (which that album deserved, in my opinion), trying to join only Dion, Rick Nelson and The Everly Brothers in crossing over from teen idols to respected ‘60s-era musicians. Prior to that, his "second generation" / British Invasion period as Bobby Vee yielded some gems, too, such as the spot-on British invasion sounds of "Look At Me, Girl" and "I'll Make You Mine." All the above, plus his Buddy Holly and Bob Dylan associations, should earn him a much bigger place in rock history than he'll probably settle into. 
Dylan? Yes – Bobby gave Bob Dylan, a fellow native of Hibbing, Minnesota, his first gig as a pianist in his young band, The Shadows. Using the name Elston Gunn, Dylan (still Zimmerman at the time) didn’t last long with the band, but it must have been an interesting confluence of talents. Another interesting marginal note: Bobby Vee was two years younger than Bob Dylan, yet his fans “wouldn’t allow him” to make the generational jump into the ‘60s, which is of course where the two-years-older Dylan came to the fore. 
From the "Sunny Day" LP, find "Every Opportunity" and "My God and I" on YouTube; I think these are great songs and performances.  
There's also a heartbreaking recent video of him and his family (in the sad early Alzheimer's stage) doing "If I Needed You" from the last album. I don’t know if it’s still posted on his website, but that’s where I saw it.  
There’s also an excellent obituary published in the New York Times: 
Bob Dylan has some very nice things to say about Bobby Vee at the end of the article.  
I wish I could have met Bobby face to face. I can almost hear him and Buddy Holly singing duets in heaven. 
Country Paul Payton 
I remember posting "If I Needed You" when it first came out.  it has since been recorded by a number of artists, but Bobby's is certainly one of the best.  (kk)   

I'd like to say a few remembrances of Bobby Vee if I may. Years ago when Leo Sayer's version of MORE THAN I CAN SAY was being played on the radio, a few times either before or after the song was played, the DJ would say something like that song sounds familiar to me and / or that song was recorded years ago by someone whose name I can't remember. 
His 1963 song NEVER LOVE A ROBIN was fairly big here in OKC, not so on a national level. 
I always liked his BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE slightly better than Kenny O'Dells version.
And finally, I truly liked his 1968 medley MY GIRL / HEY GIRL. 
Larry Neal   

Let's not forget I'LL MAKE YOU MINE, his "Beatlesesque" single from 1964.
I have both the Bobby Vee version and the Herman's Hermits version of ANGEL.
Tal Hartsfeld

As so many, I was very saddened to hear of Bobby Vee's passing.  Certainly his talent and performances justifiably took him to the top but more than that, he was living proof that nice guys sometimes finish first!  He was truly one of the nicest people I have ever met. 
I first saw him perform in about 1959 in Minto, North Dakota, a little farm town of 645 people nine miles from my hometown.  The Minto Pavilion was a little Mecca for bands and people for miles around.  And that night, I was just another 12 year-old kid that stood right in front of the stage to watch "Bobby Vee and the Shadows" with Bobby, his bother Bill, and the rest of the Shadows rock the hits of Buddy Holly and others.  My late brother-in-law Barry Chase, who later worked as an air-personality at WQXI and Z-93 in the Atlanta market, worked with Bobby's brother Bill at KQWB in Fargo where Bill was in Sales.
I remember the "day the music died" and ironically, it was Bobby responding to fill in for one of his true idols, and again ironically the person whose voice very much sounded like, Buddy Holly. 
Being in radio for 40 years, I had several opportunities to see Bobby perform and visit with him after the shows.  I saw him perform and visited with him after a night-club appearance here in Colorado as he toured with Tommy Roe and Johnny Tillotson, and also visited with him and his sons after shows he performed for a couple appearances sponsored by our radio station.  He was always excellent, in fact so excellent, that the station brought him back for another performance at a later date.  He remained as personable while visiting after the shows as he was on stage. 
That's the one thing I remember about Bobby Vee ... yes, he was an excellent singer, yes professional, but the professional, personable performer you got on stage was the same off-stage.  Genuinely kind and nice, with the celebrity and stardom never affecting his behavior, nor who he was.  When he could have gone to his room and avoided the crowd, he stayed and visited with people after the shows for hours, you could tell he truly loved people.  You always felt when visiting with him, he was just the guy next door.  And his sons were exactly the same. 
Yes, the world lost a star with a string of hits, but sadly and more importantly they lost a true gentleman, a son, a husband, a father, a grand-father, whose legacy is one to be proud of.  His songs were great but he and his legacy are even greater.  His family must be very proud. 
Tim Kiley 

re:  You Don't Own Me:  

Hi Kent,
Thanks for the latest version of "You Don't Own Me" by Grace.  In the year of the Chicago Cubs, it was only fitting that John Madara and Quincy Jones once again teamed up on this timeless song all these years later to hit another one out of the park!  The Grace version featuring G-Eazy is really excellent and right up there with Lesley Gore's rendition.  John Madara must be a happy camper with over 89-million hits on YouTube on his song.  I am sure with these added royalties to include being used for a Toyota commercial, Mr. Madara will be able to afford more than a Corolla!  I'll be looking soon for a cover of "Dominique" with the Singing Nun featuring Snoop Dogg!  Yo-Yo-Yo-Sista!
Tim Kiley 
It's an incredibly powerful vocal ... I loved it the first time I heard it.  A HUGE hit all over the rest of the world ... I have absolutely NO idea how this didn't catch on here in The States.  (kk)

I found this on the other Forgotten Hits Website ... 

It comes from an interview I did with songwriter John Madara several years back ...  

'60's FLASHBACK:  

Without question, one of my all-time FAVORITE songs from the '60's (and any OTHER era for that matter) is YOU DON'T OWN ME, the torchy ballad sung by LESLEY GORE that went all the way to #2 on The National Charts (and TOPPED the charts here in Chicago) back in early 1964. So when I had the chance to interview JOHN MADARA, the guy who WROTE this song, you can imagine my excitement!   

In hindsight, YOU DON'T OWN ME has come to be referred to as perhaps the very FIRST Women's Liberation Movement Anthem. (Yes, that means that LESLEY was "roaring" eight years before HELEN REDDY picked up the idea!) Keep in mind, this was an era in music where OTHER Girl Groups and Female Artists were singing things like I CAN'T STAY MAD AT YOU (by SKEETER DAVIS) and HE HIT ME (AND IT FELT LIKE A KISS) by THE CRYSTALS, so this very concept was quite revolutionary for its time.  I couldn't help but wonder if that was the ORIGINAL intent of these lyrics when the song was first written.  

JOHN MADARA: Our original intent was to write a song with a woman telling a man off ... "don't tell me what to do, don't tell me what to say." Though we didn't realize it at the time that it would become a woman's anthem, it definitely was our intention to have a woman make a statement. I believe when Joan Jett's recording came out, there were a lot of articles written regarding the lyric content as a "woman's liberation" song, and has continued to make the same statement through the years with the many films it has been in, i.e., "Dirty Dancing," "Hairspray" and the featured song in "The First Wives Club," which, of course, was a story about wives getting back at the ex-husbands.   

FORGOTTEN HITS: Was the song specifically written with LESLEY GORE in mind? Quite honestly, up to THIS point, her hit songs leaned toward more straight ahead, feel good pop ... (although I guess she DID enjoy some good-natured / mean-spirited revenge with JUDY'S TURN TO CRY!!!)    

JM: "You Don't Own Me" was originally written for Maureen Gray, but at an A&R meeting at Mercury Records in 1963, we played the song for Quincy Jones, who was also on the A&R staff at Mercury. He loved the song and thought we should play it for Lesley Gore at a forthcoming Mercury Records convention at Grossinger's Resort in the Catskills. At the convention, we got a chance to play it for Lesley by the pool with a baritone ukulele. She loved it and wanted to hear it with a piano. We got to play if for her later that day with a piano and she just loved it so much.   

FH: Were you there at the recording session when she laid down this track? 

JM: Quincy told myself and David White (EDITOR'S NOTE: DAVID WHITE was JOHN's co-writer on this track) to go meet with Klaus Ogerman, who was the arranger on all of the Lesley Gore records, and dictate to him our arrangement ideas. Several weeks later David and I showed up at A&R Recording Studios for the session, driving up from Philadelphia to attend. We showed up while Quincy was recording "You Don't Own Me." After listening for 10 or 15 minutes, Quincy said to myself and David "What do you think?" So we told him that there were quite a few things that we wanted that were not in the arrangement. Quincy, in his kindness and his affection for us, stopped the session and told Klaus to let us come out there and make the necessary changes, which we did, which were piano, strings, additional modulation in the ending and Lesley's vocal performance, which was great but just needed a few changes. When we were finished, it was the way that we would have produced it ourselves. At the completion of the session, Quincy played all of the cuts from the forthcoming album, and all of the people in the studio picked "You Don't Own Me" to be the next single.    

Well, it's a GREAT record ... no question about it.   

Be sure to check out JOHN MADARA's absolutely AWESOME website for the complete scoop on The Philly Pop scene of the late '50's and early '60's.  

JOHN MADARA: Thank you, Kent, for printing the truth behind the hits. As Al Kooper said, it means a lot!   

DIDJAKNOW?: Although YOU DON'T OWN ME was originally written for MAUREEN GRAY, she NEVER actually recorded the song!!! (I guess once LESLEY GORE recorded the definitive version, everybody kinda figured "What's The Point"?!?!?!!) 


Here is what LESLEY GORE had to say about the recording of YOU DON'T OWN ME ... we found these quotes in The BEAR FAMILY Box Set of her MERCURY RECORDS recordings:    

I met John Madara and Dave White up at the Catskills (New York) hotel Grossinger's. I was up there doing a record hop, gratis, for a disc jockey by the name of Gene Kay at WAAB in Allentown. I was sitting at the pool on, I think it was Saturday -- the day I was going to perform -- and John and Dave came up to me with a guitar, took me into a cabana by the pool, and played me "You Don't Own Me." I told them they had to meet me in New York on Monday, to see Quincy and play him the song, and we were in the studio probably a week and a half later. It is much to Quincy's credit that he could see what was really involved in that song, because his edict, as far as I know, was to keep me in "It's My Party" territory -- keep it light, keep it frothy, keep it young. You can't hold back a seventeen-year-old woman ... she has got to find a way to spread her wings -- and this was a song that allowed me a little bit more freedom vocally. The beauty of that song is that the verses start in a minor key, and then, when you go into the chorus, it goes into the major, and there's such a sense of lift and exhilaration. After seeing how powerful that is, it became a method I've used on a number of occasions. 
-- Lesley Gore


For a GREAT clip of LESLEY GORE performing this song live, be sure to check out this YOUTUBE performance: 
Click here: YouTube - Leslie Gore- "You Don't Own Me" Live  

(You'll find a pretty cool DUSTY SPRINGFIELD version of the song there, too!!!) 

Click here: YouTube - Dusty Springfield - YOU DON'T OWN ME 

You can read more of John Madara's musical memories here ...  

And, speaking of John Madara, we just got this email from another fan ...  

re:  Songwriters Hall Of Fame:  

Hi Kent -
As a friend of John Madara, I think he should be nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
John was very instrumental in the evolution of Rock and Roll from the fifties to present. His songs have sold over 300 million records and he is a legendary songwriter and producer. If there is anything you can to do get him nominated, I would appreciate it along with thousands of his fan base.  
Thank You! 
Rocco Rego 
Unfortunately, there's not much I can do personally, other than get the word out there.  (kk)  

Ironically, the brand new nominees for The Songwriters Hall Of Fame were just announced last week ... here's the complete list, courtesy of Vintage Vinyl News:    

Hip-hop icon Jay Z has become the first rapper in history to land a nomination for the Songwriters Hall of Fame.  

The Empire State of Mind star, real name Shawn Carter, was named to the long list for the Class of 2017 in his first year of eligibility.  Nominees are considered for induction if they have been writing hits for at least 20 years. Jay Z released his classic debut album, Reasonable Doubt, in 1996.  
He joins the likes of Madonna, George Michael, Gloria Estefan, Bryan Adams, Chicago, Kool & the Gang, Cat Stevens, Sly Stone, and Vince Gill as performing nominees, while producers Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and Max Martin are among the non-performing songwriters up for possible induction next year, according to The Associated Press.  
Hall of Fame members will have until December 16 to cast their votes, and the top five picks will be announced in the New Year.  
The 48th annual Induction and Awards Dinner will take place in New York City on June 5, 2017.  
The Class of 2016 was made up of Nile Rodgers, Marvin Gaye, Tom Petty, and Elvis Costello, while Chip Taylor and Rodgers' late Chic bandmate, Bernard Edwards, were also celebrated at the June ceremony.  
Previous inductees include Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Carole King, Paul McCartney, Lionel Richie, David Bowie, James Brown, and Dolly Parton.  The Songwriters Hall of Fame, which honours the masters behind the music industry's biggest hits, was founded in 1969 by songwriter Johnny Mercer and music publishers Abe Olman and Howie Richmond.   
The nominees in the category of Performing Songwriter with examples of their songs (voting members can select two):    
Bryan Adams:  (Everything I Do) I Do It For You / Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? / All For Love  
Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter:  Umbrella / Crazy in Love / Baby Boy  
Peter Cetera, Robert Lamm & James Pankow (Chicago):  If You Leave Me Now (Cetera) / Hard to Say I'm Sorry (Cetera) / 25 or 6 to 4 (Lamm) / Saturday in the Park (Lamm) / Just You 'N' Me (Pankow) / Old Days (Pankow)  
Gloria Estefan:  Don't Wanna Lose You / Anything For You / Coming Out of the Dark   
David Gates:  Make It With You / Baby I'm a Want You / Popsicles and Icicles   
Vince Gill:  Feels Like Love / Whenever You Come Around / If You Ever Have Forever in Mind  
Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam):  The First Cut is the Deepest / Peace Train Wild World   
Robert "Kool" Bell, Ronald Bell & George Brown (Kool & the Gang):  Celebration / Cherish / Jungle Boogie   
Jeff Lynne:  Telephone Line / Mr. Blue Sky / You Got It  
Madonna:  Music / Take a Bow / Like a Prayer  
George Michael:  Careless Whisper / Faith / Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go  
Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart:  Family Affair / Everyday People / Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)  
The nominees in the category of Non-Performing Songwriters with examples of their songs (voting members can select three).  
Kenneth "Babyface" Edmunds:  We Belong Together / I'll Make Love To You / The End of the Road   
Randy Goodrum:  You Needed Me / Who's Holding Donna Now? / Oh Sherrie   
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis:  That's the Way Love Goes / I Didn't Mean to Turn You On / All For You  
Tony Macaulay:  Don't Give Up On Us / Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) / Build Me Up Buttercup  
Max Martin:  Shake It Off / California Gurls / Since U Been Gone Kenny Nolan:  Lady Marmalade / My Eyes Adored You / I Like Dreamin'  
Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham:  Cry Like a Baby / I'm Your Puppet / Sweet Inspiration  
Paul Overstreet:  When You Say Nothing At All / Love Can Build a Bridge / Some Beach  
Steve Barri and P.F. Sloan:  Secret Agent Man / A Must to Avoid / You Baby  
William "Mickey" Stevenson:  Dancing in the Street / Devil With the Blue Dress On / Pride and Joy  
Allee Willis:  What Have I Done to Deserve This? / Boogie Wonderland / September   
Maury Yeston:  Nine (Broadway musical) / Titanic (Broadway musical) / Grand Hotel (Broadway musical)  

re:  The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame:  

It makes me sick to even consider that ANY Rap artist(s) would make it into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Rap is a different genre.  If they do that, why not induct country, classical,  jazz and oh, a little bit of New Age acts, too?  The whole thing has become a big tourist boondoggle at this point and doesn't really follow the spirit of the founders IMHO, which was to honor some great artists and musicians that made us so happy in our youth.  And why haven't they put US in as the biggest music fans in the history of the world?  
Like or not, Rap is here to stay ... and WAS an evolution of rock ... just as the soul music of the '60's and  the disco craze of the '70's.  Personally, I'm not a fan ... never have been ... and likely never will be ... but actually it DOES respect the original credo of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, which is to honor artists who continued to develop rock music as an art form, initiating and inspiring new directions along the way.  Keep in mind, rock and roll music SPRANG from Rhythm and Blues back in the early '50's ... actually, most would call it a hybrid of R&B and Country ... those were certainly Elvis' roots ... he just helped develop it into something more. 
While I consider myself to be more of a "purist" when it comes to these things (hey, I love infectious, feel-good POP music, for God's sake! ... which is to say "enjoy the bubblegum ... and throw the [w]rappers away!), I object more to artists that continue to be nominated who DIDN'T help advance rock and roll as an art form ... and, most of all, the fact that at some point, all we're left with is a LIST of inductees ... and, when you break it down THAT way, it's UNTHINKABLE that ANYONE on the planet can POSSIBLY believe that acts like Bad Brains, NWA, belong on the SAME list as Elvis, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers, The Beach Boys, The Supremes and several of the others who truly paved the way for all the changes and joy we've all experienced along the way.  (kk)  

I'm rooting for Journey, Chic and Yes for the rock and roll hall of fame. If Abba can be in there, these folks can also.  

Keep on keeping on!  
Karen Buckarma  
(Al Kooper, we love you!)   

re:  Guess Who's Playing At The Orleans in Las Vegas in January:   

Just a bit of booking trivia ... 
Last January, during Burton Cummings' concerts at the Orleans - Las Vegas, the next night the Guess Who, with original members Gary Peterson and Jim Kale, were appearing at the Golden Nugget across town.  
This year, following Burton Cummings' two-night stand January 11-12, 2017, at the Orleans - Las Vegas, Randy Bachman immediately follows at the same venue with a two-night gig January 13-14.  Both appear during one of the sport of curling's premier world events, the WFG Continental Cup at the Orleans featuring sporting and music fans from all over the world.  
Having traveled to see Burton Cummings and his excellent band year after year at his Orleans appearances I can assure you he pulls out all the stops to entertain not only all the loyal Canadians that have traveled many miles from home but also for the many American and international fans that have made the trip. 
This year with Randy Bachman following Burton, the Orleans audiences are in for a one-two punch.  When you think of the Bachman-Cummings compositions and recordings to include a long string of hit records, whether it be in their respective groups or solo careers, to include the Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, they are singled-out as one of music's best all-time song-writing teams.  And, as with all legendary song-writing teams, such as Lennon-McCartney, Jagger-Richards, Bacharach-David, or Goffin-King they've had their mercurial ups and downs both professionally and personally. 
I am not sure how Burton and Randy are getting along now, as they are no exception to the rule, but we can only hope they take a lesson from American presidential politics this year about how not to get along.  The creative chemistry of opposites and competitive spirit may bring out the best in one another yesterday but sometimes it can do just the opposite in another time.  
Yes, it's none of my business, and for that matter anyone else's but theirs, but for all the classic melodies they have given the rest of us, I can only hope they can find harmony once again between the two of them.  As we all know, life is short and it isn't a good song if it ends on a bad note.  What's done is done, but it can be "Undun."  
Tim Kiley   
As I understand it, this is one of their "off again" periods" ... but history has shown in the past that when the planets align properly, Randy and Burton can make beautiful music together ... and have done so on again / off again several times since Bachman first left The Guess Who back in 1970 at the peak of their success.  There have been a couple of official Guess Who reunions, a GREAT Soundstage television special and, most recently, an excellent album of remakes featuring the two of them as The Bachman-Cummings Band. (It is the dream of concert promoter Ron Onesti, who has regularly booked each of them as solo acts, to one day reunite the pair for a show at The Arcada Theatre.  Where as I'm the one saying "I don't think it'll happen", Ron always comes back with "Why not?  They've done it before.", to which I can only reply, "Man, I hope so ... 'cause I wanna be there if they do it again!")
The idea of them literally following each other into the same venue makes for some interesting possibilities should either of their schedules allow them the freedom to "hang out in Vegas" an extra day or two.  I, for one, would LOVE to see it happen (and will be eternally jealous if it does and I miss it!!!)  kk  

re:  Tommy Roe:  

Congratulations to Tony Waitekus of Weston, Wisconsin, who won an autographed copy of Tommy Roe's new book "From Cabbagetown to Tinseltown And Places In Between".  Please get back to us after you've had a chance to read it and tell us what you think. 
(Once we compiled our list of entries, I asked Tommy to pick the winner by selecting a number between 1 - 39.  He chose "35" because, in his words:  
Josette and I have been married 35 years, so I pick 35. Meanwhile, other interested parties can order their own copy of the book thru or Tommy's website:    

re:  Rock Pack:  

I tire of  John Payne promoting himself as lead singer of ASIA. Payne was with the band for a short time after the “real” lead singer John Wetton left the band. Wetton was the vocalist on all of ASIA’s big hits, including Heat of the Moment. Payne tours with a “faux” Asia while Wetton leads the group that is called “The Original Members of ASIA”.  And here Payne appears again referring to himself as lead-man of ASIA and stating his all-star show will include hits such as ... Heat of the Moment. 
Enough already! 
Bob Verbos  
It's a tough call ... John Payne and Steve Augeri are NOT the recognized lead singers of Asia or Journey ... even though both served their time as the front man for these groups.  It's not their voices you hear on the records ... so it's another "buyer beware" situation.  (Then again, Kansas just released a brand new album a couple of weeks ago with their brand new lead singer and it debuted in the Top 20 on Billboard's Album Chart ... so who knows?!?!) 
Technically, though, they're now creating their own NEW hits, and the new / current front man should be so-recognized.  (That being said, they also just appeared here in Chicago performing the classic Kansas LP "Leftoverture" in its entirety ... on which the new singer has absolutely NO ties to whatsoever.)  It just keeps getting messier and messier, doesn't it??? 
That's why I'm almost at the point of saying "do justice to the music and keep it alive so other generations can enjoy it, too."  Otherwise, it truly WILL disappear and, other than a few "select classics", be lost forever.  (kk)  

ROCK PACK: Zander and Gramm Join Forces for Desert Show 

Working off the model of Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band, six singers have once again come together as The Rock Pack -- an obvious reference to Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack
Returning members Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Fee Waybill of The Tubes and John Payne of Asia will be joined this time by former Foreigner singer Lou Gramm, former Santana and Journey and current All-Starr Band member Gregg Rolie, and former Journey singer Steve Augeri for a show on December 16th at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix. Each singer will take the stage for his own set. 
On February 18th, another Rock Pack lineup consisting of former Toto singer Bobby Kimball, Brian Howe from the post-Paul Rodgers Bad Company, and former Chicago member Bill Champlin will perform in Fort Myers, Florida. 
-- Tom Cuddy  

re:  Another Concert Review:  

Hi Kent - 
Just came from another outstanding show at the Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio, featuring the amazing Jim Messina.  Jimmy played a few new songs to open the set, and then took us all down memory lane with some classics from Buffalo Springfield, Poco and, of course, Loggins and Messina. 
As the song goes: 
"And everybody starts movin'
To the sound of the guitar strums
And everybody starts groovin'
To the beat of the rhythm and drums
So come along and let yourself really go
While the feeling is good
Just sip that wine, have a really good time
And listen to a country song"
Jim and the boys had everyone movin' and groovin' and singing to such amazing songs as "Kind Woman", "You Better Think Twice", Angry Eyes", Listen To A Country Song", "Holiday Hotel", "You Need A Man", "Be Free" and, of course, "You're Mama Don't Dance" as the encore! Jim sounded great, vocally and musically, and was backed by many friends going back to the 70's with Loggins and Messina.  A don't miss show if he comes to your town! 
Tom Apathy

all photos by Tom Apathy

We were fortunate enough to see Jim Messina a few years ago ... not I show I would have normally bought a ticket to but he was the opening act for America ... and we were blown away.  He was GREAT! 

The guy has crossed paths with some of the most important artists in music history.  (He was just in Chicago recently to film a guest appearance for a Kenny Loggins Soundstage Special.)  SO glad we got the chance to see him.  Thanks for sending, Tom!  (kk) 

Here are a few excerpts from the review we ran of the Jim Messina Concert at the time:  


I would be remiss not to discuss Jim Messina as America's opening act.
I can honestly say that I came to this concert with absolutely NO prior  expectations ... I had NO idea what Jim Messina might perform on his own and, as such, hadn't formulated any preconceived notions, thoughts or opinions as to what that material might be or what it might sound like.  
Suffice to say he COMPLETELY blew us away ... from start to finish ... with an absolutely top-notch set of material that covered his tenure with Loggins and Messina, The Buffalo Springfield and Poco.  (One forgets just how much great music this guy was involved with ... until you hear it played back to you to near perfection in a live setting.) 
His small, stripped down band packed more wallop than I ever would have expected ... the vocals were incredible ... and Messina rocked the house for every second of his 45 minute set.  Major kudos for turning this little session into the highlight of the evening.  
I have to single out some of Jimmy's key back-up players ...
The general consensus here is that Messina's violinist could absolutely beat The Devil, whether it be down in Georgia or right up here in St. Charles, IL.  This guy played some AMAZING licks that had the crowd awestruck in amazement.  The bassist is one of the most solid, driving bass players I've EVER seen ... and he seems to be having the time of his life every minute that he's doing it ... totally in the groove, providing the whole bottom end.  And whoever that was on flute and saxophone brought yet another added dimension to the overall sound of the band ... long, extended jam highlights featured "saxman" and Messina playing off each other on sax and guitar.  (Unfortunately, Jim doesn't credit his musicians on his website ... these guys deserve every accolade they earned so let's pay them some respect and put their names up there!) 
Between America and special guest Jim Messina, we were treated to an incredible three hours of music that can only be described as second to done.  (kk)  

re:  This And That:  

Hi Kent, 
The Fall has been really busy but I stopped back in NYC to have dinner with some friends ... Dion, Dick Fox, Neil Sedaka and Jay Siegel.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the picture. 
Thanks for doing such a great job with the Forgotten Hits Website and for keeping our memories and our music alive. 
Lou Christie

Wow!  Can you imagine walking into a restaurant and seeing these guys having dinner together?!?!  Unreal!!! 
Hoping a trip back to Chicago is in your upcoming plans ... would love to see you again. 
And tell Neil and Dion and Jay about what we're doing here in Forgotten Hits ... spread the word.  Would LOVE to see their involvement and contributions from time to time. 
Thanks, Lou ... and have a great holiday!  (kk)  
No, nothing coming up in Chicago yet ... but I'm still hoping. I always love playing there. 
I'm heading out of town again and winding up in Pittsburgh in December for the annual holiday concert at Heinz Hall. Always great to come back to my hometown.  
I'll definitely spread the word about Forgotten Hits! 

I have to take just a moment to acknowledge the passing of one of our close Forgotten Hits friends, Rich Brigidi (RVB442), who passed away this past week.  While he wasn't one of the "original 35" that started this list back in 1999, he didn't miss that list by much ... he was a long-time member of FH from very early on. 

In fact, when he heard that we were flying out to the east coast a few years ago for our very first trip to Philadelphia, Rich and the love of his life, Mamie, took Frannie and I on a personally guided tour of Philly, even arranging for a private tour of Philadelphia International Records.  They took us site-seeing, raced us up the famous Rocky steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum Of Art (where a statue of the world famous fictional boxer remains) and even bought us our very first Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.  We all then drove down to Wildwood for a stop at Paul Russo's Cool Scoops Ice Cream Parlor before Frannie and I took off to do the Dave The Rave "Relics and Rarities" radio show. 
Thanks for the memories, Rich ... and hang in there, Mamie ... our thoughts are with you and we love ya.  (kk) 

Going back about 18 months. I recall telling the house that it was time to look upon Pearl Jam as an oldies band.  
For example, a song like "Even Flow" is, what, almost 24-25 years old? The group should be given a spot in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, but knowing how long Chicago had to bleed before it got the call,won't be surprised if P.J. has to playing the waiting game. 
"Without Commerce thereis no Art." 
"Mike Love, from "Good Vibrations - My life as a Beach Boy. 
Mike states his case about music as a business with great passion in his new book, "Good Vibrations - My Life as a Beach Boy." 
However, this read is not for everybody. If you want 300 pages of studio gossip on Little Deuce Coupe and In My Room, you've got the wrong read. I admire Mike Love enormously, but he leaves his readers overdosed on T.M. and his non-stop complaints about not getting proper writing credits on various Beach Boys songs. Call it three-stars. A truly stunning item from the book ... 
Kokomo, a dismal, lackluster and hapless recording, sold 7+ million copies, which tells me third world countries may be right when they say America lacks musical taste. 
The end of an era ... I was sorry to learn of the death of pioneering music giant Phil Chess.  Phil and his brother Leonard gave us Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Little Walter and Howlin' Wolf, along with a guy named Chuck Berry. They also gave us the historic Chess Studios along with WVON and the long gone all chick-jock / jazz station, WSDM. 
'VON will always be special to me. I used to hang out there from time to time while I was attending Columbia College. I will never forget the kindness and friendship guys like Bill "Butterball" Crane, E. Rodney Jones and Pervis Spann extended to me. 
If I'm a radio station, I hire Bob Sirott and his gorgeous wife Marianne, turn 'em loose, let 'em do an oldies show and watch the numbers soar. Just let them talk and have fun ... do something besides say "I'm Greg Brown and this is 94.7 WLS. Get my drift? 
I am cancelling my subscription to SIRIUS-XM. My brain has been tarnished by the rot of Cousin Brucie, Pat St. John and Hold on Loosely being played 16 times a week. 
Am I the only person left who misses browsing through record stores? Last but not least, how many 60's songs were as beautiful and danceable as the Byrds' My Back Pages, a rock 'n roll gem? 
Chet Coppock 
Host: Chicago Blackhawks Heritage Series 

Good God, Kent!  Have you ever seen seven more depressed-looking creatures?  

Even the 16-year-old who must be Survivor's new lead singer -- discovered on YouTube, no doubt -- looks like someone ran over his puppy.  Did the photographer forget to say "smile?"  I thought a career in Rock and Roll was supposed to be fun. 
Scott Paton
LOL ... when I read the first line of your email, I thought you meant the picture of Bob and Bob (Dylan and Vee)!  lol
(So you're thinking Survivor may have lost the eye of the tiger over the years?)
Without original lead singer Dave Bickler and / or his replacement Jimi Jamison, and Jim Peterik, who founded the band, I cannot help but wonder what they sound like today.  (kk)

Micky Dolenz
7A Records
For US Release NOW!!! 
7A Records, based in the U. K., is proud to present the U. S. CD release of Micky Dolenz: The MGM Singles Collection. This much anticipated release features 12 bonus tracks that were not on the original vinyl LP, as well as a 24 page color booklet and marks the first time that any of these recordings have been issued on CD.
Last year, 7A Records scored a huge hit when they released their debut album Micky Dolenz - The MGM Singles Collection on vinyl. This initial limited edition (1,500 copies) sold out in just three months and was featured on the BBC’s flagship arts show Front Row.
Now, Iain Lee and Glenn Gretlund, the team behind 7A, are proud to announce the album is making its way to CD with 12 bonus tracks. 
This is the first time ANY of these rare Dolenz cuts have appeared on compact disc. Sourced from the masters, these tracks sound better than ever and are a must for Monkees and music collectors worldwide. 2016, the 50th Anniversary of The Monkees, IS the Year Of The Monkees, and it just keeps on giving and giving. 
Iain (BBC, talkRadio, LBC, Channel 4) and Glenn (record publisher and producer) are available for interview about this and all 7A releases. For a full list of their boutique CD’s and vinyl records, please check out our website 

Below, please find a brief Q&A with Iain and Glenn:  

*Why put this package together? 
When we released the MGM Singles on vinyl in 2015, the response was phenomenal. It was a limited release that sold out quickly. We were overwhelmed by interview requests about the album, and we even made the front page of the BBC Entertainment website and also appeared on their flagship Radio 4 arts programme ‘Front Row’! We were so blown away by the response from the fans and the press that we just had to do everything we could to get this exciting release on CD, and we have done, with 12 bonus tracks!  

*How supportive has Micky been?  
Micky was very pleased when the vinyl edition came out. He has been very kind and supportive in doing an interview and in helping us license some of the bonus tracks for this CD release. He couldn’t be more thrilled about this whole project! 

*What’s the album like?  
The songs on this album cover most of Micky’s solo recordings from the 1970s - early 1980s, and also include some excellent recordings that he made last year with the very talented Circe Link and Christian Nesmith. It is a massive body of work and we are very excited to be able to release all of the songs together in one package. It comes with a recording of the exclusive interview that Micky did for us, as well as a detailed 24 page booklet. In short – a must for any Micky Dolenz fan! 

*Are the recordings from the original master tapes? 
Yes, all of the recordings have been digitally remastered from the original master tapes, except for 4 tracks, where the masters are believed to no longer exist. These recordings have been meticulously remastered from the best available sources.  

*Will it be available in the US, or just the UK?  
7a Records is based in the UK but this is a worldwide release … keep checking your online retailers and even your local record stores! The UK release date will be October 7th, with the US date probably being the following week in order to allow for distribution.

Micky Dolenz – The MGM Singles Collection  
CD Cat No: 7A005
EAN: 5060209950051 

1.      Easy On You
2.      Oh Someone
3.      Unattended In The Dungeon
4.      A Lover's Prayer
5.      Johnny B. Goode
6.      It's Amazing To Me
7.      Daybreak (Mono Version)
8.      Love War
9.      Buddy Holly Tribute
10.    Ooh She's Young

Bonus Tracks:
11.  Daybreak (Stereo Version)
12.  Love Light
13.  Alicia
14.  To Be Or Not To Be
15.  Beverly Hills 
16.  Chance Of A Lifetime
17.  Chance of a Lifetime (Alt. Ver.)
18.  Living On Lies
19.  Porpoise Song / Good Morning, Good Morning 
20.  Crying In The Rain
21.  Randy Scouse Git
22.  Iain Lee Interviews Micky Dolenz  

Available on CD for the very first time - 12 Bonus Tracks - 24 Page Colour Booklet - Informative Liner Notes -Exclusive Pictures By Henry Diltz 
For more information please visit:  

This is GREAT news!!!  I have been waiting for the US release ever since we first announced the vinyl edition last year.  And the Bonus Tracks are a REAL treat!   Micky's performing at The Genesee Theatre next Friday as part of The Monkees' 50th Anniversary Tour ... and then is back at The Arcada in February in what is being billed as an "All Monkees Hits Show".  (kk)

Dear Kent Kotal (kk) -
Regarding your post: The Allsup Letter:
I was pleased to see the comments you added to that somewhat angry letter from Tommy Allsup.  These brought a little more of a balanced perspective into the sorry affair regarding Dion and that plane ticket!  Such a shame to see these fine artists caught up in such a disappointing situation. 
Yes, the truth is important but, with all the time that has passed after this terribly sad affair - and given there was so much foolish drug use by so many in this field - it brings up the question who can be truly sure who fully remembers the exact details through the haze of time?
Now I'm not saying Tommy and Bob were big users (if ever at all) but Dion has certainly been up-front enough to admit to his addiction and has done much to help others kick this dying habit. Reading between the lines - there also possibly seems to be a degree of confusion about exactly whose coin it was ...
Whatever the reason for Dion laying claim to being so close to that 'ticket toss' is now between him, those other survivors and his followers. I don't think it will benefit him all that well in the end of time.  Maybe all their memories are now as clouded as the skies were on that ever so sad and tragic night.  Such a loss for all! 
As you so rightfully pointed out in your comments, it's foolish to also deride the undoubted talent and important contribution Dion has made in this field of pPop music. Let's hope there can somehow be some sort of peaceful final outcome to the whole sorry affair.  
Now, I've Got A Forgotten Song Question For You:   
Can I now test your memory with a question regarding a mid 60s song that hit the charts - then seemed to vanish.
All I recall of this interesting recording was it being performed by a male artist and featured the singer doing an unusual refrain that was repeated following each lyric section. The refrain was unusual because the words were from the classic Christmas Song 'Silent Night' - those lyrics being: "Sleep in Heavenly Peace".  
If you can shine some light on this forgotten recording I will be most grateful.  
I'm assuming it was a form of pop sociological comment song.  (While this record seems not to have performed well in Australia, it may have had more success in the USA?) 
This record came out well before the famous Simon and Garfunkel masterpiece "The 7 O'Clock News" which played out over a superb rendition of Silent Night -- who knows ... it could have been this recording that gave inspiration to S & G for their great track?  (I'm also wondering if the superb music bed for their 'News' track was ever released on CD?)   
I've not heard the song in question played for well over 60 years -   
Any help locating it and any information on the possibility it may be available on CD sure would be helpful - has been bothering me for far too long now ... 
Many Thanks 
Sydney Australia 
I can't help you with your '60's tune but hopefully somebody else on the list will recognize it and point you in the right direction. 
Over the years we've been asked several times about a "clean" version of Simon and Garfunkel's beautiful rendition of the Christmas Classic "Silent Night".  To my knowledge, it has never been released in its straight, unaltered form ... which is a real shame, as it would make an amazing addition to any Christmas record collection.  (You'd think it'd be relatively easy to do, too, by simply going back to the original master tapes and just separating the news broadcast on top of the seasonal track.  I'm really surprised nobody has thought to do that by now!)  kk   

UPDATE:  Incredibly, I DID find a clean version ... check it out below. Much to my own surprise I already had this in my collection!  I have absolutely NO idea when, where or how I came across a copy ... but am happy to be able to share.  (If you listen very closely, you can still hear the muted sound of the newscast bleeding over in the background ... but this may be the cleanest copy we can get until Columbia releases there own new master.)  kk

I asked Gary Theroux, who produces the annual Top 100 Christmas Songs Countdown, if he could shed any additional light on the Simon and Garfunkel recording. 

Here is what he sent me ... 

When Simon and Garfunkel conceived "Silent Night / Seven O'Clock News" as a track on their first album ("Wednesday Morning 3 AM") in 1964, on that March 17th they recorded "Silent Night" as a low-key, two-minute piano driven duet.  They then selected a bunch of topical-sounding radio news headlines as the spoken word "Seven O'Clock" news bit and then combined the two into a two-track stereo compilation -- with the news headlines slowly fading in and gradually overshadowing "Silent Night."   This was their way of making a topical "statement" on the growing Vietnam War -- and one of the very few instances in which Simon and Garfunkel released content in which trendy overruled timelessness -- and quickly became dated. 
Radio stations ever since have rejected "Silent Night / Seven O'Clock News" for airplay.  (The problem is that while "Silent Night" is timeless, the "Seven O'Clock News" material is hopelessly dated.  Few listeners today know who and what is being talked about.  The topical punch of "The Seven O'Clock News" evaporated decades ago.)  
In 1966, though, it was noted that that stereo track was NOT really a blended mix.  "Silent Night" and "Seven O'Clock News" were actually each fully separated mono tracks appearing on one or the other of the two stereo channels.  All you have to do to separate the two is to turn down the volume (or simply not pick up) one channel or the other.  Therefore, what some stations started doing in 1966 was lift the mono "Silent Night" channel only and broadcast it as the only Christmas tune Simon and Garfunkel ever recorded. 
Except it's not.  If you're in the mood for the Yuletide side of Paul and Art in true stereo, just return to the same album and pick up "Go Tell It On The Mountain."   
For several years now, Simon and Garfunkel's "Silent Night" has been a featured track in the ten hour Yuletide countdown "The 100 Greatest Christmas Hits of All Time," which is hosted by Wink Martindale and written and produced by -- well -- me!  Since it's debut over KRTH-FM in Los Angeles, our annually revised and updated Christmas countdown has aired on more that 100 stations worldwide -- and this year, among other new affiliates, will be Chicago's own ME-TV-FM.   Will your favorite station be running "The 100 Greatest Christmas Hits of All Time" this holiday season -- complete with the stories behind all the songs, loads of bonus features plus interviews with and greetings from over 160 stars?    If not, have your station in North America contact Envision Radio Networks.   Elsewhere around the world, have them get in touch with Radio Express. 
Gary Theroux
"The History of Rock 'n' Roll"  

Speaking of Christmas, have you heard the new tune by the latest Brothers and Sisters Act?  Rick Nelson's sons  Matthew and Gunnar Nelson have teamed with Brian Wilson's daughters Wendy and Carnie Wilson (of Wilson Phillips) to record a new Christmas tune called "This Christmas".  You can catch the video here:

A quick announcement ...
The other day we promoted a Christmas show by Chris Isaak scheduled for November 18th at The Genesee Theatre.  Chris is currently battling pneumonia and has had to cancel all of his upcoming shows through the remainder of the year. 
Please contact The Genesee Theatre regarding how they're handling refunds or a rescheduling of his show.  (Obviously it won't be a CHRISTMAS show anymore!) 
Best wishes for a speed recovery to Chris.  (kk) 

Please, please don't tell me you are going to see Culture Club! And Dr. Demento?!?!? ... You lose your Chuck Berry rock 'n' roll card. 
I would definitely go see Culture Club ... and I also have Charlie Daniels tickets that night ... but these weeknight concerts are killing me lately ... it is SO hard to get up for work the next day (although it also just so happens that I'm off on November 4th so either of these shows should be very doable.  Frannie's heading down to Star Plaza with her sister to see The Moody Blues the same night.)  Decisions, decisions! 
As for Dr. Demento (ALSO a weeknight this week), he probably drew about 350 - 450 people to The Arcada Theatre Thursday Night ... but every single one of them was a Dementia Devotee ... and I swear damn near each and every one of them stayed after the show and waited in line to meet and get an autograph from their radio hero.  (I got to the theater about four minutes before showtime so I didn't have a chance to visit with the good doctor before the show ... and by the time it was over, there was just no way I could hang out there for another two hours just to say hello.) 
It was kind of an unusual show ... very loose and carefree ... but odd to just see him just standing up there at the podium playing tracks or showing video clips.  (He looked more like a professor than a wacky deejay ... and I guess to a degree ... pun intended ... he is!)  He mentioned that he hadn't done a live show in a couple of years and, as such, was a little bit rusty ... and it showed when it came time to cue up some of the cd tracks he brought along to share.  But it was amazing how dedicated and devoted this audience was.  I mean, I used to listen to his show nearly every week ... and have always enjoyed a good novelty record ... but this crowd was packed with the REAL die hard fanatics who knew every track and detail about what he was sharing with us.  I'd have to say the love affair between the audience and the host was pretty mutual ... they all seemed to be having a really good time. '
I learned a few things during the whole dissertation ... Barry Hansen really is quite the music scholar when it comes to these things. 
The Dr. Demento show began in 1970 on KPPC in Pasadena, California.  By 1974, it was syndicated all over the country.  (Barry was told earlier in his career that he really didn't have the voice for radio ... yes, that's his real voice ... and then ten years later he was hosting the #1 syndicated program on the radio!) 
One forgets just how big The Dr. Demento Show really was.  He released countless album and cd compilations of crazy novelty hits ... basically launched Weird Al's career ... and starred in comedy specials on television, also appearing in music videos and other cameos.  (He also told the story about a young Steven Tyler, who heard Dr. D play the original Bull Moose Jackson version of "Big 10 Inch (Record Of The Man That Sings The Blues)", and then decided to cut it himself with Aerosmith ... he also introduced new generations to the madcap comedy talents of Spike Jones, Allan Sherman, Tom Lehrer, Frank Zappa, Ray Stevens and many, many others.  (A couple of MY personal favorites?  "Psycho" by Jack Kittel ... and "Dead Puppies" by Ogden Edsl ... and I love that kazoo version of "Purple Haze" he used to play, too!) 
Lots of great shows coming up in November at The Arcada Theatre, too ... including The Charlie Daniels Band on November 3rd, Dionne Warwick on November 4th (yep, I'm going to that one, too!),
Starship with Mickey Thomas on November 5th, America on November 18th and Bobby Rydell on November 26th. (GOTTA go to that one after our week-long Bobby Series a few months back!)  kk 

Dr. Demento also showed a clip of the brand new Weird Al Yankovic video, "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women".  Always topical, Al has some fun with Trump and Clinton in this one in a clever manipulation of their debate comments ...

Is John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ the worst song of all time? | New York Post 
Kent ...
Care to add a few to the list?
Frank B.  
Wow ... I can come up with LOTS of songs that are WAY worse than some of those mentioned on this list!  Have a look and see what YOU think.  (kk) 

New York, NY (October 26, 2016) – The Path Fund Inc.® is pleased to announce the stellar line up of rockers set to perform at the 23rd Annual ROCKERS ON BROADWAY: AMERICAN ROCK & ROLL on Monday, November 14, 2016 at Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleeker Street) at 8 p.m. ROCKERS ON BROADWAY, the original Broadway rock concert series, is a fun and unique charity event that features Broadway’s best rockers performing classic American Rock & Roll to benefit Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS and non-profit performing arts education programs.
Hosted by Broadway Sessions’ Ben Cameron (Wicked) and directed by ROCKERS creator Donnie Kehr (Jersey Boys), the 23rd Annual ROCKERS ON BROADWAY will feature performances by Tony Award winners Roger Bart (The Producers), and Wilson Heredia (RENT), along with Eric Anderson (Waitress), Preston Truman Boyd (She Loves Me), Tyler Hanes (CATS), Michael Lanning (Bonnie & Clyde), Ginna Le Vine (“The Good Wife”), Constantine Maroulis (Rock of Ages), Jennifer Perry (Kinky Boots), Ryann Redmond (If/Then), Bryce Ryness (Matilda), Sara Schmidt (Jersey Boys), composer Jeremy Schonfeld (Spun), Jarrod Spector (Beautiful – The Carole King Musical), and Clarke Thorell (The Front Page).
Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and founding member of “The Rascals,” Gene Cornish will guest star. From 1965 – 1970, “The Rascals” recorded eight albums and had thirteen singles that reached Billboard’s Top 40 chart.
Each year ROCKERS ON BROADWAY honors music industry and theatrical luminaries who have inspired and enhanced the community. As previously announced, the Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Tony Award-winning composer, conductor, orchestrator and musician, Tom Kitt. The Ambassador of Rock Award will be presented to Lucas “Rico” Corrubia. For the last 30 years, Corrubia has been a greatly respected and beloved member of the audio world, having designed, mixed, managed, and toured the world with some of the biggest names in music and theatre, including Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli, Christina Aguilera, B-52’s, and more. On Broadway and on tour, he mixed such musicals as The Who’s Tommy; Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; Burn the Floor; Miss Saigon and many more. Corrubia is currently recovering from severe complications from open heart surgery on January 6, 2016. He is getting stronger every day and is determined to get behind a sound board again as soon as he can.
VIP table seating for ROCKERS ON BROADWAY® begins at $250 for a single ticket, $625 for a table for 2, and $2,500 for a table of 8. General Admission tickets are $99 and Standing Room tickets are available for $25. Visit to order. 
Proceeds from this year’s ROCKERS ON BROADWAY® will be distributed between the Path Fund Inc.’s chosen beneficiaries: 
Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, Broadway Dreams Foundation, Broadway Bound Kids and The Felix Organization  

ABOUT THE PATH FUND INC. ® (Performing Artists That Help) 
The PATH Fund gives artists in many fields an avenue to share their unique talents while helping raise money for charities that benefit arts and entertainment organizations. We are a community of artists, writers, musicians, designers, crew, producers, directors and audience members committed to helping people in need and fostering up-and-coming talent. 
Building on the successful presentation of the annual ROCKERS ON BROADWAY® benefit concert, the PATH creative team has created PATH PRODUCTIONS to produce special and private events, as well as develop and workshop new works in music and theatre. Since the inception of Rockers in 1993, they have raised $500,000 for performing arts charities.  

OK, here’s the scoop on a project we’ve been working on for several years and is now completed. 
Back in May of 1968, some friends and I went to see the Doors in Chicago at an event that would eventually be termed “The Riot Concert” after Morrison invited the entire audience to join the band onstage. The last song of the show was Light My Fire and because the stage was now filling with people, the band was not able to finish the song with the famous instrumental tag / intro piece. 
I remembered this for many years, and would tell people about it, but because their was no audio / visual of the show, I couldn’t really prove it and some folks didn’t believe me. Imagine that. Ha!  
Well, fast forward to 2012, when I happened upon a YouTube video labeled something like "The Doors Chicago Riot Concert, May 1968". There was no visual, but the audio was of the show ending with Light My Fire and at the end of the song, the audience is cheering and, sure enough, the band never plays the tag. So, that confirmed it for me and I was now convinced I hadn’t imagined it all. 
Then I said to myself, "Hmmm, I think my friend Steve Carlson took some Super 8 film of that show."  So I contacted Steve and, sure enough, he had film ... but he couldn’t locate it! 
So for several years, we went back and forth until I went to visit him at his home in Texas and he handed me a disc with the film transferred to a DVD. Now we were on our way. 
I immediately contacted Guiliano Amoruso, a Doors fan in Italy who had posted the audio portion on Youtube. I sent him the visual and he put the audio to it and that’s what you are going to hear in this new YouTube clip that he and I have put up. The audio and visual are not perfectly synched as that would’ve been virtually impossible, but Giuliano has done a terrific job with what he had to work with. 
The concert was incredibly exciting and I think this YouTube actually captures some of that excitement.  
Da link:  
We’ll see ya on the flip side! 
Dean Milano 
Author- Chicago Music Scene: 1960s & 1970s.
Available at my website:  

I just wanted to say ... This is our year!! GO CUBS!!!!!!!! 
I can't believe I'm actually seeing this. It seemed like it would never happen. They have a very good team. I am so pumped!! 
The Cubs have truly been an exciting team this year. They are hungry. Theo had a five year World Series vision and it has happened.  
It was really cool to see Schwarber in the line up. I can only imagine how much better we could have been with him considering he can easily hit 25-30 HR's and drive in 75-80 RBI's.  
The ticket prices are insane huh??  
Here's one for you ... The Beach Boys doing a Cubs promo song (sung to the tune of Barbara Ann) from 1987 for WGN radio. I personally don't remember it and I'm sure I listened to more Cub game than you ... lol ... Have you ever heard it??  
BEACH BOYS - Here Come The Cubs (1987 Cubs Radio Theme Song)  
Could you imagine Macca, Jagger and Elton sitting around in the 60's / 70's saying "Yeah, we'll be knighted by the Empire some day" ... and then hear Dylan saying "Oh Yeah?  Well, I'm gonna get me a Noble Prize."  lol   
Take care and GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Mike Mertes 
I've got a pretty extensive Beach Boys collection but that's a new one on me!  Thanks for sending. 
Having never been a Cubs fan (it was always The Sox for me ... and I could never understand how the city, the media and baseball fans all over the country embraced the so-called "lovable losers") I have to admit that I have been blown away by their performance this season ... and they have been truly fun to watch.  (I don't know that I'd have the World Series on at all were it not for The Cubs' involvement ... but now I'm afraid to turn away for a minute for fear that I'll miss another amazing play or comeback.) 
As such, I'm not all that familiar with all of the players or the journey that got them here ... but there is one statistic that is SO incredible, I think it wraps it all up as concisely as possible.  Four years ago, The Cubs lost 101 games.  This year, they won 103.  This has to be the most amazing, remarkable and incredible turn-around in the history of the game!  THIS is what makes this year's team such a stand-out. 
I don't know if they'll win the Series or not ... there's a part of me that can't get past all the different ways they've blown it in the past ... but I hope they do ... and that's coming from a Sox fan!  (Of course as I type this they are rapidly blowing their second chance at Wrigley Field, now down 7-1 coming into the 8th inning!!!  Part of me smiles and thinks, "Did anybody REALLY think they were going to win this" ... and the other part of me says "C'mon, Guys, let's DO this already!!!) 
UPDATE: They ultimately lost the game 7-2, leaving The Cubs in the unenviable position of now having to win three games in a row (including the final two in Cleveland) to take the series.  Anybody out there believe in miracles?
It's safe to say that seeing The Cubs in the World Series is an event virtually NONE of us have experienced in our lifetimes.  (The Drive has been running a promo that says "The last time The Cubs won The World Series, your Grandfather wasn't even born yet" ... again, also true for most of us out there.)  I wish them the best. 
Yes, ticket prices are RIDICULOUS ... but so are the ratings ... this has literally gone thru the roof this year ... all of America is watching ... so I agree ... Go, Cubs, Go!  (kk)

By the way, Dylan has finally spoken about his Nobel Prize ... and says he'll be at the ceremony "if I can" ...  

I can’t be the only person lately to be remembering the great lyric from “American Pie”: “when the jester sang for the King and Queen”.  So, if Dylan should actually go to Sweden to pick up the prize from the King (and the Queen will probably be there as well) – does this make “American Pie” a bit prophetic?  
SQ Waters
Tampa Bay  

re:  Clip of the Week:  
FH Reader Frank B sent this one in ... totally cracked me up! 
(In fact, just watching Dean Martin is funnier than the sketch itself! lol) Check it out:

You're right ... Dean couldn't keep a straight face ... had to wipe his eyes.
Another forgotten hits clip of the week?  My resume is looking good!  
Frank B.