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The Friday Flash

Hi Kent-

Your wonderful website blog is still a daily visit for me. Thanks for all your efforts to keep the music alive!

This morning I heard 1974's "Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)" on our wonderful over-the-air (and streaming) WDGY . I bought the 45 when it came out, since I had a real love for "novelty" songs.

I googled the lyrics to see what I've been missing all these years. Crazy stuff!

I also found this little bit of info about the song, and was wondering if it had come up before on the blog: 

"In 1974, radio station KFRC in San Francisco also aired a specially tailored take on the song: "Life Is a Rock, but KFRC Rolled Me" with an extra verse naming all of the station's then-current personalities. The verse was sung by KFRC's afternoon personality, Chuck Buell."

Sorry if this has already been discussed and I missed it. 

But if it hasn't ...

Cough it up, CB!  We want to hear it!

-Mike Lane


Wow - that’s a new one on me! I’ll have to ask him.

Here in Chicago, both WLS and WCFL aired versions with their call letters inserted into the lyrics (where “and the radio” was) - Super ‘CFL’s sounded better as it was a more natural fit -  but I’d never heard about the deejays names being inserted before - will ask Chuck so we can all check it out.  (kk)


Yes, the Special KFRC Version of the Forgotten Hit "Life Is A Rock" with the names of our then On-Air Lineup is a creation I came up with, wrote and "sang" within the original song!

Here's the video of that, with the complete rendition of the song as heard many times on the "Big 610" in 1974.  The verse appears at about 1:45 in complete with individual promo photos of the team and then again quickly at the end.

Thanx for inquiring, Mike!  It was a Fun Project to do and to hear throughout the San Francisco Air!  And Fun for me to hear again today, too!


The Artist Formerly Known as "Oogah Chuckah Buell!"


I think a lot of radio stations dubbed their call letters into the lyrics … which probably made the song more popular than it really was!  (lol)

It went to #1 on WLS, stopping at #4 across the river at WCFL here in Chicago … and peaked at #7, 8 or 9 nationally, depending on if you were checking the Cash Box, Billboard or Record World Charts.

(I remember when the record first came out WLS ran the lyrics on the back of one of their weekly surveys so that listeners could sing along Chipmunk-style with the record!)  kk

JR Russ, who runs the great WCFL Chicago site, sent us this clip of the WCFL version ... in stereo no less!!!  (Thanks, JR!)  kk

WCFL Chicago is more than just a tribute site ...

Give them a listen ... a great mix of music along with vintage clips from the station's hey-day ...



More on Mark Volman, valiantly out touring as part of The Happy Together Tour as his disclosure to People Magazine makes headlines around the world …


Mark Volman has been a long-time friend of Forgotten Hits … so we were naturally quite distressed to learn of his condition.  Apparently first diagnosed in 2020 (after experiencing, in his own words, “hallucinations, tremors and struggles with concentration,” it was determined that Mark has Lewy Body Dementia.


Although I will admit to never having heard of this condition before today, Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) is actually the second most common form of degenerative dementia after Alzheimer’s, affecting an estimated 1.4 million people in the US alone.  It is defined as a progressive brain disorder that affects thinking, memory and movement.  It is, in fact, the same illness that comedian Robin Williams and business mogul Ted Turner were diagnosed with toward the end of their lives.


Despite this situation, Volman, is busying himself by promoting his new book and partaking in the annual Happy Together Tour, something that will keep him busy for the next several months ahead.


He knows what the future holds … and just wants to make the most of the “right now” … and who can fault him for that!  (Turtles partner Howard Kaylan stopped touring years ago due to health issues, which is why Ron Dante has been the lead voice of The Turtles for several years now during the Happy Together concerts.

“I got hit by the knowledge that this was going to create a whole new part of my life. And I said, ‘OK, whatever’s going to happen will happen, but I’ll go as far as I can.’

In the meantime, pick up a copy of Mark’s book … and go out and see him concert.  (The tour runs throughout the summer with an extensive list of stops along the way.)  kk

I must admit that I, too, have mixed feelings about AI technology in music, but I am anxious to hear this new John Lennon song whenever it becomes available.

Thanks again Kent for all your hard work,

Sam Ward


A couple more public screenings of the Dick Biondi documentary have been announced as Pam Pulice takes her film on the road.


If you live near Hobart, Indiana, you can catch the show on Sunday, June 25th

Our next big SNEAK PREVUE is in INDY!
Join us Sunday afternoon, June 25th, for an afternoon of radio and rock n' roll nostalgia at the Hobart Art Theatre in Hobart, IN, hosted by Tom Lounges Entertainment & Tom Lounges Record Bin.  Doors open at 1:00 PM Central with an open bar & live entertainment by Buddy Holly Tribute Artist, Kenny James, and Joe Cantafio of Jade 50s (who is in the film). You can bid on our Silent Auction, Raffles, AND have a chance to win a really cool guitar autographed by Joe and Kenny, Carl Giammarese, Ray Graffia Jr., Ronnie Rice, Scott MacKay, the StingRays, and Jim Peterik.  The film starts at 2:00 Central time, followed by a Q&A. It's going to be an afternoon of warm, happy memories for those of us who grew up with Dick Biondi. So come join the fun and excitement, and please, help us spread the love.


Or, make your way to the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, Michigan, where the film will be showing on Sunday afternoon, July 9th.


On Sunday afternoon, July 9, a special screening will be held at the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, MI. Doors open at 11:00 am Central time with live entertainment by Gnarni, a band of brothers who will perform jazz, rock, and Italian songs. The screening is at noon, followed by a Q&A with me.  I love when people ask questions about Dick and his radio and musician friends, and about making the movie. So I hope you'll come out and bring your friends because this may very well be the final screening of the summer.  

You can get your tickets by calling the Acorn box office, which typically opens at 3 pm CT on show days) - 269.756.3879.  Keep in mind the Acorn Theatre is only 15 miles from the Central Time Zone so check your time on Directions. 

Enjoy a day, a weekend or more in southwest Michigan!  Explore galleries, boutiques, dunes, wineries, breweries, eclectic dining, AND the Acorn, where you'll always find great entertainment!


Netflix premiers a brand new Wham! documentary on the 5th of July ... here's the trailer ...

"Whamania" never really took off here in The States to the degree that it did in The UK ... 

But the duo still managed to score three straight #1 Hits in 1984-1985, along with four other Top Ten singles, all within the span of just two years.  (A couple of these releases came out under just George Michael's name, before he officially went solo in 1987, earning seven MORE #1 hits.) 

It was all fun, infectious pop music ... and Michael just earned his way into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this year.  This new doc looks well worth watching (if only to finally learn what Andrew Ridgeley's role was in all of this!!!  To me, he's kind of the Brian Dunkleman of the pop world!)  kk 

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Thursday This And That

There has been quite a bit of discussion here lately about all the AI recordings that have begun to surface, creating “fake” versions of songs by manipulating “sound-alike,” computer-generated vocals to simulate an updated recording by some of the many stars who have left us.  Generally, our position has been that we don’t really want any part of it … and feel it would be bad for the music industry as a whole to allow these recordings to become available.

And then, out of the blue, Paul McCartney announced on Tuesday that HE has taken part in an AI recording to create “the last Beatles record,” utilizing an old cassette tape that John Lennon recorded decades ago, cleaned it up and then created a whole new recording.

It’s a technique pioneered by film director Peter Jackson, who used it to better isolate the dialog of all four Beatles recorded during the filming of “Let It Be” / “Get Back.”  As Paul explains it … “[Jackson] was able to extricate John’s voice from a ropey little bit of cassette.  We had John’s voice and a piano and he could separate them with AI. They tell the machine: ‘That’s the voice. This is a guitar. Lose the guitar.’ 

“So when we came to make what will be the last Beatles record, it was a demo that John had and we were able to take John’s voice and get it pure through this AI. Then we can mix the record, as you would normally do. So it gives you some sort of leeway.”

I’ve got real mixed emotions about this, especially with George gone now, too.  The “Threetles” were supposed to record THREE of John’s songs for the anthology series but “Grow Old With Me” was never completed … so I wonder if THIS is the new recording that Macca is talking about.  (“The Guardian,” who broke the story, speculates that it’s a track called “Now And Then” that Lennon recorded on a cassette and left in a box marked “For Paul” shortly before he died.)

One of the first AI examples that we ran in Forgotten Hits was, in fact, a recreation of Lennon’s complete “Grow Old With Me” … and, despite all of my negative views expressed above, it was downright sensational!  Especially classical sounding, it was a full production … but only with John’s voice on the track.  (Ring recorded the song on his own several years ago when The Beatles’ attempt was abandoned.)

One would think that Jeff Lynne would likely know what tracks were available and being considered at the time since he was the one producing the sessions.  (Jeff could have filled in for John vocally and it’s likely no one would have even noticed!!!  John used to call ELO “the baby Beatles!!!”) 

As much as we personally may be against promoting this new technology to create “new” work by older artists (including the many who have left us), our opinion isn’t going to sway or slow down technology … especially when some of the artists themselves are embracing these new techniques.  Cleaning up old recordings to make them more enjoyable for today’s ears is one thing … but creating new “manufactured” work is quite another. I wonder who’s going to sort all this out fifty years from now … and just how the dust will settle.  (kk)

UPDATE:  Apparently the track in question IS “Now And Then.”  (I’ve heard bits and pieces of this and it’s nowhere near as strong as “Grow Old With Me” … but McCartney keeps referring to this new release, due out later this year, as “the last Beatles record.”

McCartney went on to say that he, George Harrison and Ringo Starr spent a day on “Now and Then” for Anthology but George didn’t like it, as he felt it was too incomplete and, by democratic vote, it was rejected for that project. The song was once again considered for release around 2005 but again rejected.

What has changed now is the new technology available, developed by Peter Jackson’s company to separate sounds into their own channel. Jackson used the technology on the ‘Get Back’ movie. Producer Giles Martin (son of famed Beatles Producer George Martin, who has been putting together all of the recent anniversary box sets released by the band) also used it on the recent ‘Revolver’ box set and has used it on his new remix of The Beach Boys ‘Pet Sounds’ album, which reportedly sounds remarkable.

When I read about these hologram shows … and something like ABBA’s phenomenal avatar (ABBAtar???) show playing in London, I cannot help but wonder where this technology will take us in the years to come.  Seeing ABBA recreate their own music through this new technology sounds interesting and appealing to me … and when the show finally tours, you can bet we’ll be there to see it.  (And I’ll likely download “Now And Then” the minute it’s available, too!)  There’s just something “old school” about me ‘tho that says “Let their body of work stand as it is” … I’m just not convinced any “updating” or “new creations” are really necessary, other than improved sound to what already exists.  (kk)

In other John Lennon related news, “The Photography Of May Pang” will be on display this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) right here in Northbrook, IL … featuring photos from her 18-month “Lost Weekend” with John … and the exhibit is free to the public.  (In fact, if you buy one of her photos, she’ll even be there on hand to sign it for you!!!)  kk

More information here:

And, speaking of new releases, The Estate of Bobby Darin has got some interesting titles coming up …

Including Bobby’s two albums that he recorded for his own Direction Record Label in the late ‘60’s (when the toupee came off … and Bobby became “Bob”.)

Some recently discovered, previously unreleased gems are supposedly in the offing … so you might want to get on the list for these!  (kk)

More information here:

Hi Kent,

It's hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since Joel Whitburn passed away.  I miss our conversations about music, sports and life in general.  He was not only my boss, but also a dear friend and mentor.  I've attached one of my favorite photos of Joel, at his home office desk, always looking ahead to the next book project.  I think he'd be happy that his company is carrying on.

Paul Haney

Record Research



I was shocked when I got your letter … I cannot believe it has been a year already!!!  Seriously, where does the time go.  Still sad to think that he’s gone … and Fran now, too.

But Record Research has a brand new release on the horizon … and hopefully many more to come down the road.

As they say … “The Hits Just Keep On Comin’!”

Thanks, Paul.  (kk)


We were concerned when Shelley Sweet-Tufano sent us this message, posted on Micky Dolenz’s Facebook page the other day …


To my dear friends and fans (both old and new),

Apologies for the global post, but in response to the many calls, texts, emails and social media enquiries, I want to assure everyone that I am fine.

It turns out that extreme exhaustion, from a hectic 10 week schedule, jetlag (of the international variety), and high altitude do not mix well, and I want to apologize to anyone that hand tickets for the two cancelled Park City, UT shows this past weekend.

Thank you ALL for the care, love and support you’ve shown me!  I now intend to rest up and remind myself, again, that I’m 78 and not 28!

Love and thanks,



Micky had to cancel a couple of shows due to exhaustion.  (A recent flight to London to take part in the James Burton tribute caused him some serious jetlag … and then right back to it as soon as he landed in The States.  I’m telling you, this guy never stops!!!)

We checked with his East Coast PR Guy David Salidor who reassured us:

He's the man! But all is good - I think the altitude just took it's toll

- D

I no sooner read this than I got an email from Ron Onesti, announcing that Micky will be back at The Arcada Theatre on Sunday, October 15th!!!  (kk)


Shelley also told us ...


I was inundated yesterday with stories and announcements from Mark Volman (FB, Twitter, on his diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia. My concerts are beginning again. Happy Together will be one of them.
Apparently, the news came out during an interview that Mark was doing to promote his brand new book.
(Unfortunately, I'm seeing this right as I'm walking out the door this morning ...
But I did find this already posted on Best Classic Bands) kk:


From Gary Pig Gold …


And who could forget The Sulli-Gulli!!!


Or Ed in a Beatle Wig!!!



Hi there FH readers,

There's no question that the Ed Sullivan show was one of the most influential TV shows in America, and the show spotlighted everyone from Elvis Presley to the Beatles, the Dave Clark Five, The Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits, the Doors, Janis Joplin and so many other recording artists of the time.  If you were seen on the Ed Sullivan show, you pretty much had a guarantee of a successful musical career.  One person that actually turned down an offer to appear on the Ed Sullivan show was Jimmy Drake, a fellow that made demo song recordings better known to most people as Nervous Norvus.  That was his problem.  He really was too shy and nervous to appear on the Ed Sullivan show, so after a few singles released in 1956, his recording career just died.

One interesting fact that most people have forgotten after only seeing the Beatles clip and not the whole show, is that on the same night that the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, February 9, 1964, one fourth of the Monkees also appeared on the show as well.  Davy Jones, whose voice hadn't changed yet, was part of the theatrical performance of Oliver that night, but teenagers waiting to see the Beatles didn't care about that.

But as great and as powerful as Ed Sullivan was, he was an easy TV show host to make fun of, with his unique voice, his wooden manner on TV which I understand was due to a neck injury.  When talking about Ed Sullivan, almost everyone imitated the way he said, "We're gonna have a really big shooow tonight."  It was all in fun, and Sullivan didn't seem to mind.  After all, many entertainers always felt that the best

flattery is imitation.

Stan Freberg was one of the most popular satirists of the time, and anyone was fair game for Freberg to make fun of.  They ran the gamut from Johnnie Ray, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Mitch Miller and Lawrence Welk, to the Chords, the Platters, Lonnie Donegan and Elvis Presley.  Even Harry Belafonte's The Banana Boat song was fair game. 

But when Stan Freberg created comedy skits about Ed Sullivan and Arthur Godfrey,

Capital Records felt that it wasn't right to make fun of these two giants in the entertainment industry.  The label refused to release the material at the time. It has since surfaced on the 1999 Tip Of The Freberg CD box set. The comedy skit created in 1956 is called The Worst Of The Town (The Most Of The Town), an obvious take off of the title of his original TV show, Toast Of The Town.

There's an all but forgotten comedian from the mid fifties named Will Jordan that was pretty darn good at imitating other entertainers like Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Liberace, Arthur Godfrey, Jackie Gleason and more.  Some of his imitations are pretty darn good in my opinion.  In 1956, Will Jordan did his own spoof of Ed Sullivan in a two part single called Roast Of The Town (Shnook Magazine TV Awards Parts 1 and 2)

And finally, one of the most popular easy listening groups of the time, the Kirby Stone Four, recorded their own spoof of Ed Sullivan in a 1958 song called A Really Big Show Tonight.  This is definitely rare material and shows a different and slightly irreverent look at Ed Sullivan and how comedians and even vocal groups were portraying him at the time. 

Hope you enjoy these rarities.  With the possible exception of the Kirby Stone Four's song, these aren't even forgotten hits.

Take Care, Kent -

Sam Ward


Lots of fuss about the new all-inclusive Stevie Nicks discography box set coming out …

Her complete solo works (and a bunch of extras, too!)

More on this here:


And, since we’re talking about great rock box sets, check out this list that Ultimate Classic Rock put together …

Their choices for the 40 Greatest Box Sets (and it turns out that I own 40% of the list!!!)

Lots of others that could be added to this list …

But this is a GREAT starting point if you’re just building a collection.  (kk)


Gloria Estefan is being inducted into The Songwriters Hall Of Fame this evening (June 15th) …


And Billboard took full advantage of the opportunity to play the Twenty Questions game …


I have always enjoyed Gloria’s music … and was fortunate enough to see her a couple of times.  It’s been awhile since she’s been on the charts … and I’m not really up to speed on any new music she may have released over the past dozen years or so …

But her catalog is quite impressive indeed … eighteen Billboard Top 40 Hits, including eleven that made The Top Ten:  “Conga” (#10, 1986); “Bad Boy” (#8, 1986); “Wods Got In The Way” (#5, 1986); “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” (#5, 1987); “Can’t Stay Away From You” (#6, 1988); “Anything For You” (#1, 1988); “1-2-3” (#3, 1988); “Don’t Wanna Lose You” (#1, 1989); “Here We Are” (#6, 1990); “Coming Out Of The Dark” (#1, 1991) and “Music Of My Heart” (with N*Sync … #2, 1999.)

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Ed Sullivan Show - 75th Anniversary (Part 2)

As promised, here is a piece prepared by Harvey Kubernik, touting the importance of The Ed Sullivan Show ... and how it affected ALL of our lives growing up at the time ...

'The Ed Sullivan Show' Turns 75! 

Looking Back on the …

“The relationship between Berry Gordy’s Motown label and The Ed Sullivan Show made music and television history,” reinforced Andrew Solt in our 2011 interview.   

“Soon after the Supremes’ debut on Sullivan (December, 1964), it was clear that showcasing the latest Motown releases on CBS on Sunday nights (35 million viewers was average) until 1971 was a way to expose the record company’s newest hits and boost the show’s ratings. Sullivan introduced nearly all the Motown acts, including the Supremes, the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, the Four Tops, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight and the Pips, and the Jackson 5.” 

Andrew Solt’s other credits include the 1979 TV special Heroes Of Rock And Roll and 1988 feature documentary Imagine: John Lennon as well as the 1991 Warner Brothers theatrical feature film This is Elvis to the 1995 TV documentary series The History Of Rock ‘N’ Roll and 2006 home video Elvis: The Ed Sullivan Shows. SOFA Entertainment has produced approximately 400 programs for television and home video.    

Filmmaker Solt and SOFA Entertainment has been very generous over the years to me providing photos and artifacts from his Sullivan library for my books and articles published in and Record Collector News magazine. I’ve viewed countless clips from Andrew’s archive aiding research which the whole world can now watch in digital platforms.

One afternoon in 2011 Andrew and I discussed the influence and impact Ed Sullivan had on the African-American world entertainment. 

“Currently, there is a Prof. Maurice Berger now based at the University of Maryland, an American cultural historian, curator, and visual design art critic. We gave him some materials for his touring show of the importance of fifties television and specific shows that reflected and reached the Afro-American culture. He chose some Ed Sullivan performances. Ed had a fascination with African-American culture. He loved talent. He stood up for Harry Belafonte and Marian Anderson. Mahalia Jackson sang on the show and one of the very first shows W.C. Handy sang was on Ed Sullivan. He is considered the father of the blues.  

“For one, a Harlem DJ, Dr. Jive, introduced R&B artists to America in late 1955. ‘Rock Around the Clock’ was blasting out of every transistor radio and the main titles of Blackboard Jungle. Ed loved introducing African Americans on his stage, and most of all he enjoyed giving people big breaks and the most desired gift, national TV airtime. Ed liked his role as showbiz kingpin, and he knew he was very fortunate to be such a powerful arbiter of American taste. He took pleasure in influencing our culture and acts that would make us gasp and swoon. He was an unlikely hero.” 

“For us, being on The Ed Sullivan Show was so much more than record sales,” underlined    Mary Wilson of the Supremes during my 2003 and 2016 interviews with her.  

“It wasn’t about promoting us. It was about that we had grown up watching The Ed Sullivan Show. We had grown up watching shows where you didn’t see a lot of black people starring on those shows. For us, we were like every other family in America who spent hours watching Ed Sullivan. So for us, being on the show was such a great honor, because we were there to see the world changing. To see America changing. We were excited! We’re on The Ed Sullivan Show. 

“We came from a time when a whole family of all different colors didn’t sit around watching black people on television. The Dick Clark Caravan of Stars tours where before us and there were segregated hotels.    

“For us, that is what it was all about. We were part of that change. We were part of helping America to see black people, black women, being proud, beautiful and successful. It wasn’t just us, many people before us. But they didn’t have the television to expose them to that wide range of people as we did at the time when we came. We were lucky. And we stood on a lot of shoulders. But we were there when the doors opened. 

“The other thing was that we were seen in color after our initial appearances were in black and white. Recently, my granddaughter was watching a DVD collection of the Supremes. And she said to me.  ‘Grandma! What happened to the color?’ ‘Cause she has never seen a black and white TV!”     

In February of 1976, I interviewed David Ruffin of the Temptations in Hollywood for Melody Maker.  

“The Temptations were individuals who happened to sing together. I never regretted any of the songs we did and even the choreography on stage has been widely copied. I liked the dancin’ part of that group. Then you couldn’t just stand there and sing. The audience was moving and you just reflected what was goin’ on. If anything, I’d like my association with the Temptations to be remembered as that we gave something. We helped young artists get in a position.”

Barney Ales was Berry Gordy’s indispensable right-hand man and Motown’s ultimate insider, whose job was to get the records played and the company paid. He rose to become executive VP and general manager, but remained in Detroit in 1972 when Gordy moved Motown to California. Ales became its president in Los Angeles during his return to the firm from 1975 to 1978.

Andrew Loog Oldham discovered, managed and produced the Rolling Stones from 1963 to 1967. He worked as a producer for Motown’s Rare Earth label during the very early 1970s.

“And let’s not forget that great American soundtrack-The Sound of Young America, Jobete Music,” Andrew reminded me in a 2004 conversation. “You can still hear it every day…in Motown music and the U2 single ‘Vertigo,’ sure sounds like ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’ to me.                                               

“Barney Ales - the jewel in the crown,” reinforced Loog Oldham in a 2016 interview. “His efforts  on behalf of Mr. Gordy and the artists were the primary reason the sound of young America graduated all over the world.”

It was really a battle in those days to get black artists on network television in prime time,” Ales emailed me in 2016.

“Sammy Davis Jr. and Nat Cole were about the only ones—anyone else, they just weren’t accepted. But when the Supremes broke through, we knew we had an opportunity. They looked so great, as well as sounding great. And Harvey Fuqua and Maxine Powell did a wonderful job, grooming the girls, getting them ready for prime time.

The Ed Sullivan Show was the real breakthrough. Sunday nights, millions of people watching. Once Sullivan took to the Supremes, we knew we were on the right track. And album sales picked up like crazy whenever they were on, so we always made sure to tell the distributors they needed to check their inventory.

“After the Supremes, we got everyone on Sullivan’s show: Stevie, Gladys, the Temptations. We had a good relationship with the producer, Bob Precht. He liked Motown, and Esther, Berry’s sister, used to take the dressing room keys afterwards as souvenirs. They’re probably somewhere in the Motown Museum to this day.”

The Rolling Stones appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show 1964-1969. 

"Pre-production on The Ed Sullivan Show” explained Andrew Loog Oldham, “was where you let Sullivan, or Robert Precht know to start with. One of the things I was trying to get over with was letting them know that you don't film the bass string and guitar solo. It was the rhythm, so one wouldn't look stupid. Because if you're being filmed stupid, you feel stupid, so one doesn't need the Rolling Stones feeling stupid. They worked good on color. They were getting loaded, they would go shopping, and it worked. Keith's army jacket, Brian's red cords, and his shoes. There you have the happy times of drugs. The songs selected were usually the singles that were just being released. 'Let's Spend the Night Together' for me is still one of the best tracks they ever cut, 'cause it doesn't do anything-it just sits there.


“Ed Sullivan was a true American phenomenon. Every country has one: a seemingly untalented nebbish with strictly local/national appeal. But say what you will, and we did, his musical booking decisions opened the eyes and ears of America and created a legacy/library for all future generations. And he’s the only dude I know who made the Rolling Stones change their lyrics.

“When the Beatles played The Ed Sullivan Show. That moment when American youth, feeling the subtext, feeling the great unspoken hurt of a nation still traumatized by the assassination of its president just a few months before. It’s an incredible moment, suddenly American youth had its own music, a reason to be alive.” 


"Of course, Canada has always enjoyed extremely close-knit ties with Britain,” underscored Toronto-based writer and musician Gary Pig Gold.

“Canucks already blessed with their own drum kits and guitars were busy learning and adding the latest Pacemakers and Billy J. B-sides to their sets, thrilling local audiences with this strange new sound and style which, when it finally hit Stateside big-time on the 2/9/64 Ed Sullivan Show already seemed somewhat old-hat to with-it kids in Winnipeg. 

"Meanwhile," Gold continues, "in the fab fervor which engulfed all of America immediately post-Sullivision, it was none other than good ol' Capitol Canada who came to the rescue of Yankee pressing plants already swamped with 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' and Meet The Beatles back-orders, by exporting down to key New York retailers tens of thousands of Canadian 'Roll Over Beethoven,' 'All My Loving’' and 'Twist and Shout' 45's.”

In June of 2020, UMe announced an agreement with SOFA Entertainment, Inc. for the global digital rights to The Ed Sullivan Show library, which encompasses the influential television program’s historic 23-year primetime run on CBS. 


This marks the first time that Ed Sullivan Show performance and guest segments will be officially available in their entirety across streaming services worldwide on The Ed Sullivan Show’s official YouTube channel, the first segments showcase landmark live musical performances.


A UMe media release further described the collaboration and the voluminous gems in this vast catalog of iconic clips that have primarily only been available in excerpted versions on or as low-resolution digital “bootlegs.” 


“Scores of rarities will also be available digitally for the first time. Icons and up-and-comers appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, which welcomed entertainers and influential figures from just about every category of cultural relevance, including music, comedy, sports, film, dance and opera. Many segments will be upgraded to high-resolution clips as part of UMe’s strategic curation of a national treasure that has achieved international acclaim.


“Available now, the first seven segments to stream under this new arrangement celebrate music artists, with a new video premiering every day and thousands more clips from the catalog to stream over the next three years. 


“Bruce Resnikoff, UMe President & CEO, said, ‘UMe is proud to continue its successful relationship with SOFA Entertainment. Together we will transform an incredible treasure trove from The Ed Sullivan Show to the streaming era and to new audiences. Ed Sullivan was a pioneer of his time and is responsible for many pivotal TV performances and significant moments in entertainment history.’


“SOFA Entertainment is thrilled to continue its decade-long relationship with UMe,” said Andrew Solt, CEO of SOFA Entertainment. 


“The UMe team has the passion and expertise to honor Ed Sullivan’s legacy and create new ways for people around the world to enjoy it. I’m overjoyed that the SOFA Entertainment stewardship is now in the hands of my son, Josh, who has experience with digital content including five years at Google.”

Ed Sullivan has not been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


We heard from both Andrew and Josh Solt yesterday, who thanked us for our ongoing support of The Ed Sullivan archives ... and our constant battle to see Sullivan justly recognized for his contribution to the landscape of rock and roll and the entire entertainment industry. It's more than just a campaign ... it's a matter of finally making things right.  The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame should make THIS year ... the 75th Anniversary of The Ed Sullivan Show ... the time to do so.  (kk)