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Tonight’s the night!

Be sure to be listening to Phil Nee’s “Those Were The Days” radio program this evening as Phil and I count down The Top 40 Fan Favorites from 1971.  Phil will also be featuring nearly 40 “extras” that also earned votes in our recent Forgotten Hits Poll as well as vintage interviews conducted with many of the artists represented on the countdown.

This one should be a lot of fun.  It airs from 6 pm till Midnight (Central Time) and you can Listen Live via this link … WRCO AM FM Radio Richland Center Wisconsin 

(Be sure to click on the headphones for the 100.9 station)  kk


I cannot promise I will hear this as weekends are usually HER time.  haha

Hope the show goes great and hopefully, I will catch at least SOME of it!

Kent, most everyone knows that my personal KPTL weekly charts are the OFFICIAL chart positions of songs in 1971.  To that I offer up that Mike Markesich is indeed the winner here!

However, Paul cannot hold #1 on the LP charts.

It IS hard to keep Chicago area artists out of #1 on my charts, so Paul did a good job 50 years ago.

And as to your chart commentary the other day (and baseball analogy), don't forget the Majors have now added the black league numbers.  Suppose Willie Mays had had 300 HRs there?

The best way to compare baseball is to watch the entire Ken Burns docs and realize you just cannot compare decades in sports or music very well.

That said, there IS one more official 9/11/71 source you CAN find that WAS made then:  KPTL!!!  Haha

Clark Besch

Although I can’t imagine that anyone anywhere would rather listen to any radio program other than ours this evening, Frank B. offers up that Cousin Brucie will have Bruce Milner of Every Mother’s Son on his program tonight … 

kk …

Cousin Brucie and Bruce Milner Take Us Back To 1967.


The excitement is building …

Now officially less than a month away, we can’t wait for the brand new “Let It Be” box set to hit our mailbox.  (The accompanying stand-alone book “Get Back” hits right around the same time.)  And then, a month later, the full length Peter Jackson “Get Back” film will finally premier on Disney+.

All you’ve got to do is watch this latest promo to feel the excitement …

This afternoon at 2 pm Chicago Time, The Zombies will perform a live concert, Live From Abbey Road Studios.  Your ticket gets you repeated viewings through October 3rd.  There will also be a special Q&A session after the concert.  (kk)

The Zombies | Veeps

Well, Rod Stewart certainly managed to keep busy during lockdown …

In addition to the much-awaited Faces reunion album (14 brand new tracks and rumor of a 2022 tour featuring Stewart, Ron Wood and Kenney Jones), Rod has been recording a solo album as well.

“Tears Of Hercules” (announced earlier this week) will be released on November 12th … and it sounds like he’s back to rockin’ on this one.  (In fact, Stewart is planning a solo tour of his own beginning in July of next year.)  Next month he returns for a nine show residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace between October 6th and October 23rd, where he'll be performing “Rod Stewart: The Hits.”

Meanwhile, here’s a video of the first track released from his new LP, “One More Time.” 

(Actually, he looks and sounds a lot like the OLD Rod Stewart on this one!!!)  kk

The Faces album would be their first in 48 years … that’s even longer than the ABBA gap we’ve been talking about for the past few weeks!!!  (I guess you could say that all three members have done all right for themselves since the group split in 1974.  Wood went on to join The Rolling Stones and Jones became the new drummer for The Who, while Rod continued to enjoy a very successful solo career.)  After the recent death of Stones Drummer Charlie Watts, it was revealed that Kenney Jones played drums on The Stones’ hit “It’s Only Rock And Roll” after Mick and Keith hired an impromptu recording session.  Former bandmate Ron Wood rang Jones up and said he was needed in the studio right away. (Watts was out of town.)  Kenney ran right over and the laid down the track that night (even ‘tho it was Charlie you’d eventually see in the video.) 

Some of the songs on the new LP date back to the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s … unfinished tracks at the time that the band went back and revisited.  While that may give the new LP a bit of a vintage feel, there is no denying that The Faces were definitely in the zone at the time.  Some of these tracks have overlapped with Rod Stewart’s solo career over the years.  (Stewart has continued to perform their biggest hit, “Stay With Me,” for decades … and their version of “(I Know) I’m Losing You,” #13, 1971, was actually released as Rod Stewart with The Faces.  Their 1973 effort “Ooh-La-La” never even charted in Billboard … but bubbled under in both Cash Box and Record World … but when Rod revived the song for a solo single in 1998, it went all the way to #37.)  If these new tunes in any way measure up to our last exposure to the band, we should be in for quite a treat!  (Keep in mind that all of these guys have had decades of new experiences to draw from as well … so a fresh set of eyes and ears just may very well be exactly what helped to inspire them to see this thing thru.)  kk

Hi Kent,

I just finished reading a good book on the California Sound from the 50's and 60's called "Hollywood Eden" by Joel Selvin.  Very interesting stories about how some of the hit records became to be.  Much credit given to Jan and Dean for their contribution to Surf Music, before the Beach Boys ... Fun reading.

Any feedback why Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings cancelled their concert twice  (August and most recent September 10 in Rosemont)???  I know you were planning to go.  The Rascals were to open and now they will be at the Dick Biondi Bash.  Was looking forward to seeing them perform together one last time.

When in doubt, ask the master …


OK, here goes ...

In order …

“Hollywood Eden” is a GREAT book with SO many behind-the-scenes stories that haven’t been told before … I’ve described it as a look at “the underbelly” of the California Music Scene at the time.  Jan Berry was a crazy man … the chapter on how they molded Nancy Sinatra’s image as a seductress after her first few records failed to make the charts … Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys seeing a record company executive murdered right before his eyes ... fascinating stuff ... and very well written.  Highly recommended.

It wasn’t so much that Randy and Burton cancelled these shows … this was all dictated by Covid traveling conditions … both for health and safety reasons, as well as Canadian border restrictions.  And let’s face it, we’re all back to wearing masks again with no end in sight to this medical madness.  As we ALL get older, this was really the wisest decision that could be made.  Personally, I doubt that it’ll ever be rescheduled now that all ticket purchases have been refunded … but you just never know.  From what I understand, both guys were really into the whole idea of giving it one more go ‘round.

And finally, to be PERFECTLY clear (damn … I sounded just like Richard Nixon there for a second!) … and so that NOBODY feels that anything was misrepresented or that they were in any way cheated by the reality … it was NOT a Rascals reunion that was opening for Bachman-Cummings (after Dave Mason cancelled due his own Covid concerns) … nor is it a full band Rascals reunion performing at The Dick Biondi Birthday Benefit Bash tomorrow afternoon … but rather Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals, which is HIS version of the band of which he is the only original member.  (Without a doubt, the happening place to be tomorrow afternoon is The Arcada Theatre, where The Dick Biondi 89th Birthday Benefit Bash kicks off beginning at 2:00 … and tickets are still available.  There are also some pre-show VIP Passes still available as well.)  Hope to see some of you there!

Felix will be joined on stage by some of Chicago's Rock Royalty, The Buckinghams, The Ides Of March, The New Colony Six and Jimy Sohns of The Shadows Of Knight.  (Missing in action this time around are The Cryan’ Shames or we’d have a full Cornerstones Of Rock mini-reunion up there!)

Sadly, the chance to see the fully reunited Rascals has passed … I know Gene Cornish was traveling as part of Felix’s band for awhile a few years ago (in fact, that was when Gene had his heart attack on stage) and a couple of decades ago Gene teamed up with original Rascals Drummer Dino Danelli as “The New Rascals” (but in that neither of them sang any of the band’s hits, it played as more of a tribute to the original band.)  There are currently NO plans for any further reunions at this time.  (kk)


UPDATE #1:  And as fast as I was able to type all of this, I got an email from Tom Cuddy stating that Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings DO plan on resume their tour once it is safe to do so!  (Damn!  Then why couldn’t I just hang on to my second row seats for a little while longer?!?!  What are the chances of me scoring THESE again?!?!)

Well, actually THIS article says that their show at The Meridian Centre is back on again … which is a Canadian theater.  My understanding is that travel outside of Canada’s borders is still off limits … but the teaser that “Bachman and Cummings will tour again next year” certainly looms out there.

I guess only time will tell. 

Perhaps even MORE confusing is that this “on again” show won’t take place until July of 2022 … or nearly a year away.  I think that I’ll just wait until something more concrete than one date is announced before I get my hopes up!  (lol)  kk


UPDATE #2:  Ron Onesti talks about HIS experiences with Dick Biondi over the years in this loving tribute …


UPDATE #3:  I mentioned above my surprise at not seeing The Cryan’ Shames as part of the Biondi Bash bill.  Typically, all the “Cornerstones Guys” stick together for these special events.

Well, I heard from Jim (“Hooke”) Pilster yesterday, who explained that The Shames already had a previous engagement on that same date …


Hey Kent,

Yes the Shames were invited to play the Biondi Bash, but we had already contracted to play a benefit in Bolingbrook that day.

This benefit is to assist children who can't afford to acquire musical instruments. We have done this for several years and that was our first responsibility (though we all LOVE Dick Biondi and we wish them well.)

Of course, you are welcome to attend a great show in the Bolingbrook Performing Arts Theater (an excellent venue), featuring around six bands . We will be on around 7:30, followed by the excellent Chicago Experience, a group that features at least four current or former Shames members.

Kent, we would love to see you soon.

Jim Pilster

The Cryan' Shames

So there you have it!  (I have been to the Bolingbrook Performing Arts Theater before and it is a very nice venue … and you already know how much I love The Chicago Experience … but between The Dick Biondi Birthday Bash, this new opportunity to see The Cryan’ Shames and working 12-14 hours a day lately, I may end up just falling asleep on the couch instead watching The Emmys!  Lol)

Thanks, Jim!  (kk)


One final Local Heroes commentary …


I got a link to this brand new clip featuring Carl Giammarese of The Buckinghams and Lisa McClowry, who recorded that stunning duet remake of The Bucks’ “Don’t You Care” track a few months back during lockdown …


I thought you’d like to check out the latest song and video I did with Lisa McClowry.



Very nice!  (kk)


Here’s another Monkees Farwell Tour Review (from San Jose this time) …

The Monkees' Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith play it again in SJ | Review (

A couple of other rockers have postponed tours for their own personal medical reasons.

Ozzy Osbourne announced (well, actually his wife SHARON announced … I think Ozzy was busy chewing on a bat at the time) that he is in need of spine and neck repair and won't be hitting the road until that is taken care of and he is out of pain … while Elton John has postponed his Farewell Tour AGAIN in order to have much-needed hip replacement surgery.  (Explain to me again how it is that Keith Richards can just keep going and going on and on like the Duracell Bunny!!!  The Stones kick off the US leg of their tour next Sunday in St. Louis!)  kk

(Yes, I believe that IS Keith all Pretty In Pink!)  kk

The new Ken Burns documentary exploring the career of Muhammad Ali begins tomorrow night on PBS stations all over the country.  (Check your local listings for show times in your area.)

I have been very much looking forward to this new series … eight hours in all … airing over a series of nights (with streaming capabilities as well)

More information on chapters and schedule can be found here:

Watch | Muhammad Ali | Ken Burns | PBS

Imagine running into these two guys while you’re out and about!

Spotted yesterday in Bay Head - two of your rock and roll heroes!

Bruce and John!

Danny Guilfoyle

Mark Bego's new Freda Payne book is out 11/2.  She was heavily involved in the whole Motown story. Her sister Scherrie was in The Supremes - the last edition.

By the way, you’re the first to run the cover!



Thanks, David.  (Readers can look forward to a little Q&A with Freda in an upcoming edition of Forgotten Hits!)  kk


David Salidor also tells us about a new book about Harry Nilsson …

HARRY & ME! TO BE RELEASED ON OCTOBER 14, 2021:  Over 200 Memories of Harry Nilsson by the fans and musicians that loved him the most.

The first 1,000 copies come with a bonus CD – Harry on Harry – rare recordings from the 60s, 70s and 80s of Harry Nilsson talking about everything from Bertrand Russell to The Beatles.

Harry Nilsson was The Beatles’ favorite recording artist but terrified of performing live. Consequently, only a tiny minority of the hundreds of fans and musicians who contributed memories to this collection of stories ever saw him play in front of any kind of audience.

But it’s the songs – “there’s nothing like them” according to Jimmy Webb – and his vocal style – “the supreme singer of any generation” says producer Richard Perry – that keep the love of Harry Nilsson lingering so long after his death aged just 52 in 1994.

The publication of this book of memories coincides with the 50th anniversary of the release of album Nilsson Schmilsson and the smash-hit single “Without You.”

Harry & Me started life as anecdotes, tales, stories and adventures related by fans, friends and musicians. But mid-way through the process of gathering the hundreds of interviews and quotes, author and Nilsson fan Neil Watson discovered more than three hours of never-before read interview recordings Harry had made back in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

These very personal reflections by Harry on his career have been transcribed and added to the book and effectively make it Harry & Me… & Harry.

Illustrated with rare and personal photos and memorabilia from the fans, Harry & Me is a beautifully designed treasure trove of the memories of a unique character who left an unforgettable legacy of some of the most life-affecting songs ever recorded.

Pre order

Amazon link: 

The Authors:

David Roberts: Before becoming a freelance writer, David Roberts was Editor of the annual Guinness Book of British Hit Singles & Albums and Guinness Rockopedia. In 2006 he was chief content writer and filmmaker for the British Music Experience at London’s o2. He was General Editor for Quintet’s Rock Chronicles encyclopaedia in 2012 before authoring his own guidebooks to music locations, Rock Atlas UK and US, and then the biography Stephen Stills: Change Partners and Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy, an oral history of Free and Bad Company.

Neil Watson: Before his debut novel, Muddy Water and follow-up Florida Key, Neil Watson had previously written about motor homes and boats and his epic solo bike-ride across the USA. He has worked in marketing, magazine publishing and even had a spell in the music business. But his lifelong music passion is for the recordings of Harry Nilsson – he maintains that his proudest moment came when he was asked to select the tracks for a Nilsson double CD release. His third novel is a French farce titled Mr. Tap.

Full color  - 400 pages

Hardback Price: £39.99 ($49.99)     Publication date: October 14, 2021

Audio links

Now here’s a switch …  

A brand new Brian Wilson album, recorded with just him sitting at the piano (not unlike the upcoming Richard Carpenter LP that will feature his solo renditions of many of The Carpenters’ hits.

Read more about it here:  In His Room: Brian Wilson's "At My Piano" Offers Solo Piano Renditions of Beach Boys Favorites - The Second Disc

(Is there really a market for an album like this?  And why do I immediately think of Lawrence Welk when I look at this LP cover?!?!)  kk


And here’s an interesting compilation of “The Definitive Singles Collection” by Sheena Easton.

You’ll find all the hits here ... she charted 21 times here in The United States in Billboard Magazine … along with a bunch of remixes, 12” mixes, etc., to fill out a 3-CD set.  (Honestly, there’s WAY more here than I need … but it WOULD be nice to have all 21 single mixes together on one CD.)

More information here:  Take Another Home Again: Cherry Pop Collects Sheena Easton's EMI Singles On a New Collection Out Today - The Second Disc



In Tuesday's FH, I told you I saw a commercial on television during the football games over the weekend for Royal Crown Whiskey with a background song I believed to be a song from 1958 called I'M ON MY WAY HOME, recorded by singer Cliff Thomas. Well, I just saw the commercial again and am convinced it was the record that I said it was. Now Kent, you gave info on that it never charted, local hit, etc.

Kent, I almost would pay good money to learn how this particular song was picked to be played in the background. To me, this should never have been picked, but was. Since this is the Fall Season approaching, one can’t help but wonder how many more commercials we'll see with songs in background that we are familiar with.


The logic behind who picked this particular track is probably a story unto itself!!!  Talk about rare!!!

My guess is it was some ad guy who’s father used to play this tune around the house when he was a kid that it’s been with him his whole life.  (I’ve actually got one of those of my own … my parents had an old 78 of “Pedal Pushin’ Papa” that I absolutely LOVED … and while I’ve downloaded several versions of this song since, I STILL haven’t found the one I grew up listening to at home.)

Wouldn’t it be a shocker if that ad guy was the son (or GRANDSON!) of Cliff Thomas, who’s now in a position of power to make such a selection!!!  (kk)

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thursday This And That

THE CHARTS ... LOVE 'em Or HATE 'em:

Your unusual obscenity (regarding Drake’s domination of next week’s Billboard Hot 100 Pop Chart) is totally justified in this case.  That anyone in this day and age can dominate the chart in this way, IS totally ____ed up. 

-- Bob Frable

What’s REALLY F’ed up is the fact that they’re already equating HIS success with those landmark artists who came before him.  We’ve had the discussion here SO many times in the past … the fact that the quality of music output is SO weak right now that Drake can capture 20+ chart positions just goes to show you how sad pop music’s situation is today.

And again, back in the day when these previous records were set, fans had to actually get up out of their chairs, get in their cars and drive to the record store to plunk down money to buy the latest 45’s … you couldn’t have an entire ALBUM chart on the Hot 100 (which then was STRICTLY a Singles Chart … the record HAD to be available on a 45 RPM Single that you could actually BUY at a store).

Billboard has diminished the value of these early charts countless times over the past decade or so … first by eliminating ALL charts issued before The Hot 100 made its debut in August of 1958.  This meant that over twenty Elvis chart hit no longer register on these comparisons they keep issuing.  The man not only helped to LAUNCH The Rock Era but he single-handedly drove it into high gear, paving the way for COUNTLESS other ‘50’s rockers to make their mark.

Joel Whitburn has the right idea …

His new book with focus ONLY on Billboard’s Pop Charts from 1955 – 1989 … and then a SECOND edition will be issued next year to catalog the scores of artists who have been compiling HUNDREDS of hits since 1990 once all the rules changed.  And then honestly, each era should be judged against itself ONLY from this point on.  (Will that ever happen?  I doubt it … because Billboard seems determined to showcase Drake and Taylor Swift, Rihanna, R. Kelly, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Usher, Eminem, Beyonce and Jay-Z as equally or more important than artists like Elvis, The Beatles, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, The Beach Boys, Chicago, The Bee Gees and The Rolling Stones.

I can live with it because I know better … as do all of our readers out there …

I’m just concerned that the generations to come will be led to believe this to be the case … heck The Cast From Glee had more chart hits than James Brown … they must have really been something!  That’s the legacy I’m afraid of … and Billboard knows better.  To compare the former Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart to the current Hot 100 Chart that has absolutely NOTHING to do with singles is ludicrous.  It’s not even apples and oranges … it’s apples and rocket ships.  (kk)

Thanks for the explanation on the failure of "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey" to hit #1 on The Super Charts, a position I obviously disagree with.

However, I should provide an explanation as to the source of my argument for having the song reach #1 on the chart:

I referred to Joel Whitburn's reference book: “The Chart Comparison Book."

If you have a copy, turn to the back, on page 570 (At the back of the book, Joel lists all songs that hit #1 in all three trade magazines, year-by-year to 1982).

If you refer to the list of songs that reached #1 for the year of 1971, you will find that:

9/4 (September 4) "Uncle Albert/Albert Halsey" is #1 in Billboard, Cashbox and Record World.  Going by this information, this informs me that for the week of September 4th, the song was #1 in all three trade mags for that week.
Now, your more accurate checking of each issue shows differently, as mentioned.
If you look at the following week in Whitburn's book, on 9/11, "Spanish Harlem" is listed at #1 in Cashbox and Record World. 
Billboard counters with "Go Away Little Girl" by Donny Osmond. (It still amazes me that this was so huge at the time … lots of teenybopper girls bought this single!)
Billboard has it listed for three weeks at #1.
On 9/18 "Smiling Faces Sometimes" is #1 on Cashbox.  Record World shows no listing for that week, a slash, but that would mean (in my chart geek mind) that a song already listed a week or so earlier must have reached #1. Hmm.  

This makes it VERY confusing when sourcing this Whitburn reference.  I now see, based on your reply, the actual magazine weekly chart as to what REALLY transpired for "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey."  Whitburn's book shows something that DID NOT HAPPEN.
Incidentally, my term "Revisionist Chart" means that The Super Chart is a measure of all three trade mags , but it was not done at the time (1971). And, without providing the precise methodology employed to calculate the chart rankings of each song, revisionist SORT OF applies.  🙂

Mike Markesich

In Joel Whitburn’s “Chart Comparison Book” (a book I use EVERY single day, by the way, when checking my facts), the #1 Listings at the end of the book represent the FIRST date that a record hit #1 in any of the three trades.  Since “Uncle Albert” DID hit #1 first in Billboard on that date (September 4th, which again is a Week Ending Date), this is where “Uncle Albert” appears on the list.  Because it ultimately hit #1 in all THREE publications, the weeks spent at #1 are listed there along with its first ascent to the top position ... but that DOESN'T mean that it reached #1 at the exact same time on all three charts.  (I agree, it is a little bit misleading if this is the only source you check, but it truly is accurate in the sense that it lists every record to reach the top in all three major trade publications.)  

The other #1’s (“Spanish Harlem,” “Smiling Faces Sometimes” and “The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down") did NOT hit #1 in Billboard so they’re listed accordingly by the date each hit #1 in their respective publication. If you see a dash (“-“), that just means that this particular record never made it to #1 in that magazine.  By the time “Go Away Little Girl” hit #1 in Billboard (for three weeks, as you mentioned), you will see that it also spent a week at #1 in Cash Box but NOT in Record World.  (Notice that the date of 9/11 is shared between “Spanish Harlem” reaching the summit in both Cash Box and Record World while “Go Away Little Girl” hit the top spot in Billboard for its first week.)

You can kind of work backwards when the weeks' totals don’t quite add up to deduce which records topped each chart of each week, but I’ll agree it can be a bit of a struggle … especially when you factor in the notion that some of these records hit #1, fell down a spot or two, and then RETURNED to the #1 position a week or two later!!!  (Simple fact is, there is NO way to really represent this on a cumulative chart like this one … but as I say, it serves it purpose.)

We did a study of every record to hit #1 during what we called “The Beatle Years.” (1964 – 1970)  This took into account all of the records that never made it to #1 in Billboard but DID reach the top in the other major trades.  (As we have pointed out several times in the past, there are some big anomalies in this research … so our goal was to accurately list, side by side, based on TOTAL weeks spent at #1 in all three publications, an accurate listing of every #1 Record for this seven year time period.)  Forgotten Hits - THE TOP 200 #1 HITS OF THE BEATLES ERA, 1964 - 1970

One glaring example for me has always been “Dock Of The Bay” by Otis Redding.

This record spent FOUR WEEKS in the #1 position in Billboard … yet NEVER reached the top in either of the other two trade publications.  Simply put, how can this possibly be???  How can there be THIS kind of a discrepancy in calculating these results?

Well, for one thing, “Valleri” by The Monkees should DEFINITELY have been a #1 Record … it topped BOTH of the other charts for two weeks … “Young Girl” by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap topped each of the other charts for a week, while Dionne Warwick’s “Theme From ‘Valley Of The Dolls’” was a two-week #1 Record in Record World (and also topped the chart here in Chicago.)

To MY revisionist thinking, “Dock Of The Bay” should have been #1 for one week, “Valleri” for two and “Young Girl” for one to fill in that four week gap … but as we all agree, we can’t rewrite history 50-something years later.

Later that same year “Hey Jude” topped Billboard’s chart for NINE weeks.  Yes, it was a HUGE record … but NINE WEEKS?!?!  Not when it only spent four weeks on top in Record World … and 7 weeks in Cash Box.  “Those Were The Days” DEFINITELY should have been #1 for a couple of those weeks.  (It topped Cash Box’s chart for two weeks and Record World’s chart for four.)  Here in Chicago, “Fire” by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown and “Over You” by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap also hit #1.

By year’s end, “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” was a #1 Record for seven weeks in Billboard … but only ONE week in Record World.  Meanwhile, “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” by Diana Ross and the Supremes and The Temptations occupied the #1 spot on Record World’s Chart for THREE WEEKS (and one in Cash Box.)  It, too, was a #1 Record here in Chicago.

But really now we’re just Monday Morning quarterbacking.  The charts are what they are … period.  We can’t change them.

But we CAN evaluate this data, utilizing the source research from ALL THREE trade publication, and come up with the most definitive chart pooling that data from all three.

And this is EXACTLY how The Super Chart was born.  And again is why I unequivocally believe it to be the most accurate source out there (or I wouldn’t defend it the way I do!)  kk


To put things into perspective, here is essentially what Billboard has done.

Remember when the baseball season expanded to 162 games back in 1961?

It became an especially huge controversy because that year Roger Maris hit 61 home runs, thus breaking Babe Ruth's all-time home run record of 60.

A huge part of that controversy was the fact that Maris was now playing in a 162 game season, while Ruth hit HIS 60 homers at a time where major league teams only played 154 games per year.

And, ridiculous as it may seem now in hindsight, the record books showed Roger Maris' 61 home runs with an asterisk, essentially depicting the fans' rage that Babe Ruth's record could be blemished. 

Maris had to wear that asterisk for the rest of his career. (The home run record has since been eclipsed several times ... but back then, this was MAJOR headline making news.)

Now suppose The Commissioner of Major League Baseball decried:  "We're going to reevaluate all that has come before ... and make the 162 game season the starting point by which all other accomplishments will now be measured."

That means that ANYTHING that happened before 1961 no longer ranks.  Forget Babe Ruth's 60 home runs ... it's now a non-issue.  And Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak?  Not even a blip on the radar.

Not to mention all of the OTHER great ballplayers who played during this pre-162 Game Era. Their accomplishments have now been deemed insignificant.

Essentially, that's what Billboard has done to what has always been known as The Rock Era.  Keep in mind that this publication launched by charting the best selling sheet music ... yet we wouldn't DREAM of making THOSE comparisons today, now would we?  Prior to launching their Hot 100 Chart on August 4th, 1958, they had been charting The Top 100 Hits since late 1955 ... and prior to that, The Best Sellers In Stores, Most Played On Juke Boxes and Disc Jockey Favorite Platters.

But now they are ONLY willing to evaluate what has happened since August 4th, 1958, thus wiping out Elvis Presley's first 34 chart hits!  (Elvis Presley ... the Babe Ruth of Rock And Roll!!!  Talk about your lack of respect!  There would BE no "Rock Era" were it not for Elvis Presley!)  

Those 34 chart hits include ten #1 records.  Gone ... erased from the record books.

Now we've already acknowledged that the careers of Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio would now be nothing than footnotes ... but my God, that'd be like saying Mickey Mantle (who crossed over into the 162 game season much as Elvis crossed over into the Hot 100 era) now only has 216 home runs ... his first 320 don't count because they came BEFORE the change over to the 162 game season.

(Now we wouldn't stand for that for a minute, would we???)

Baseball has made any number of changes over the years ...

The American League added the Designated Hitter in 1973.  The National League has never adopted this rule ... which means National League team managers still have to deal with the much tougher decision of leaving a pitcher who's doing well in the game or pinch-hitting for that pitcher if his team is behind and needs the run(s) to catch up.  As exciting as I find the designated hitter rule (I have always been an American League fan, thanks to The White Sox), I give FAR more credit to the National League Managers who have had to try and outsmart their opponents by making the right pitching change decision late in the game.  American League managers only have to do that a few times a year ... it has GREATLY changed the strategy by which the game is played. (Maybe we should go back and eliminate the batting records of every American League pitcher, pre-1973, so we can more accurately compare yesteryear's stats with today's.  But that'd be ludicrous, wouldn't it?  In what universe would we ever do that?)

The other big change, of course, was inter-league play.

Now I will admit that growing up, I thought there could be nothing cooler than The Sox playing The Cubs ... AND the game actually counting in the standings.  But I will also admit that since Major League Baseball adopted this schedule in 1997, the ONLY inter-league games I care about IS The Cubs against The Sox!  (And I'm willing to bet that this is true in every other major city where this crosstown rivalry exists.)  Did it really do anything to enhance baseball?  Does it make the game more competitive?  No ... it was done purely to make more money ... and to that degree, it's a complete success.

My point here is that baseball ... and baseball fans ... have had to adapt to these changes over a period of time.  All were made with the best intention of making baseball more interesting and exciting ... and (bottom line) selling more tickets and generating more televised games opportunities.

Not so on Billboard's Music Charts.  They no longer in ANY fashion represent what came before them in the pop music world.  They don't even CALL it The Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart anymore ... because the current rankings have absolutely NOTHING to do with single releases.  Now, ANY tracks can make this list, provided they have enough streams, downloads and YouTube views to do so.  The whole concept of relative popularity is out the window.  An artist can chart twenty songs  (we dare not call them records!) in the same week and watch fourteen of them disappear without a trace a week later and yet Billboard will now award that artist more chart hits than any of the legacy artists we grew up with through actual sales.  The fact that Billboard continues to compare the records that are being set today to records that were established decades ago when the sole criteria for making the chart was generating enough sales and airplay to do so is nothing short of insanity ... and it really needs to stop.

As such, Billboard has lost all credibility with their long-standing chartaholic fan base ... not unlike The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has with THEIR ridiculous selections and omissions.


Go on with your new method ... what else have you got to measure things by these days?  Nobody goes out and physically BUYS a single anymore.  (And honestly, what difference does a "single" even make anymore when all 21 tracks of an album can register a chart position simply on the number of total album downloads???)

Before you had to physically go out of your house, drive, walk or bicycle up to your favorite record store, and plunk down your hard-earned / saved / birthday money to buy the records you loved.  These purchases MEANT something to you.  People on this list have fond memories of special and significant purchases and gifts.  (Hop on over to our other Forgotten Hits website and read the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of "First 45's" memories readers have shared there!)

Forgotten Hits - FIRST 45's

Forgotten Hits - More of Your FIRST 45's

Forgotten Hits - Even MORE Of Your First 45's

Forgotten Hits - Can You Believe It?!?!? Even MORE Of Your FIRST 45's Memories!!!

All I know is that Billboard's Hot 100 tactics and philosophy would not be tolerated in any other medium.  Baseball fans know better than to ignore their legacy and would NEVER allow something like this to happen.

You simply cannot rewrite the past ...

And, as I've stated SO many times before, the fact that they are doing so leaves a completely distorted history for future generations to come.

It's bad enough that radio has been doing this for years ...

Hell, today's young listeners must think The Rolling Stones were the best disco band around ... because all you ever hear by them anymore is "Miss You!!!"

And based on today's airplay, Elvis was essentially a One Hit Wonder, thanks to the constant and repeated plays of "Suspicious Minds" ... while we ALL know better ...

He had a VERY popular comeback hit in 2002 with the JXL remix of "A Little Less Conversation," which just may be the SECOND most played Elvis song today ... 

Forgetting ALL about his first 34 chart hits ...

Songs like "Heartbreak Hotel," "Blue Suede Shoes," "Don't Be Cruel," "Hound Dog," "Teddy Bear," "Love Me Tender," "All Shook Up," "Jailhouse Rock" and more.  All THOSE records did was change the world ... and the entire course of music that followed.

Which goes back to what I said earlier ...

Order Joel Whitburn's new book ... "Top Pop Singles, 1955 - 1989" ... 

Because THIS is the book that will tell you like it was ... BEFORE Billboard reinvented themselves and began distorting history.  (kk)

Top Pop Singles 1955-1989 - Record Research


The Dick Biondi Birthday Bash is happening THIS SUNDAY (September 19th) at The Arcada Theatre.

Festivities kick off at 2 pm … and a limited number of $49 seats have just been released!  (VIP Tickets are also still available for a pre-show, backstage meet and greet)

Live music provided by Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals, The Buckinghams, The Ides Of March, The New Colony Six, Jimy Sohns of The Shadows Of Knight, Rosie and the Rivets, The Cave Dwellers, The Rolling Stones tribute band Hot Rocks and Hall Of Fame Blues Drummer Merle Perkins!

The whole event will be MC’d by Ron Onesti and Scott Mackay of The River … and your ticket purchase will act as a donation toward the completion of the long-awaited Dick Biondi film documentary.  Hope to see you there!  (kk)

The Dick Biondi Big 89! Birthday Bash - Arcada Theatre (

And, THIS SATURDAY NIGHT (September 18th), be sure to listen as Phil Nee and I count down your All-Time Favorites from 1971, as voted on by the Readers of Forgotten Hits and the Listeners of Phil’s “Those Were The Days” radio program. 

It airs on WRCO from 6 pm to Midnight (Central Time) and ou can listen live here:

WRCO AM FM Radio Richland Center Wisconsin

(Be sure to click on the headphones for the 100.9 station)  kk


Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood were not allowed to attend the funeral of long-time bandmate Charlie Watts due to Covid restrictions.

Currently in New York City prepping for their upcoming tour which kicks off on September 26th in St. Louis, The Stones were unable to fly back to the UK for the service due to strict travels laws into and out of The United Kingdom.

The Stones DID announce that they would be using a black and white rendition of their famous tongue logo for this tour in Charlie’s honor.  (kk)

Tom Cuddy sent us this Monkees concert review …

The Monkees' Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith say farewell in style | The Spokesman-Review


We’ve been telling you about the new Paul McCartney lyrics books coming out this November …

Now comes word that Macca will be doing a live interview in conjunction with this books on Friday, November 5th … 'The Lyrics: Paul McCartney in Conversation' at The Southbank Centre (

You can order your online streaming tickets thru this link and/or preorder Paul’s new book.  (kk)


Here’s a sneak peek at a track from Dion’s new album, “Stomping Ground” …

(13) Watch | Facebook

Check out the guest list for this new LP …

Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamossa, Mark Knopfler, Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, Rickie Lee Jones, Keb’ Mo’, Boz Scaggs

I have loved Dion’s last few albums … he’s got a whole new groove going and has been topping the blues sales charts for quite a while now … so I’m really looking forward to this one.  (And the advance tracks already released are quite promising!)  kk 






Dion is following up his critically acclaimed and commercially successful 2020 album release Blues With Friends with Stomping Ground, a new album that finds him collaborating yet again with music greats with whom he shares mutual admiration. 

Set for release November 5, Stomping Ground was produced by Wayne Hood with Dion and will be released through Joe Bonamassa and Roy Weisman’s KTBA Records.  The album will be available digitally as well as on CD and as a two LP set.

Pre-Order the Album

Stream The New Single “Take It Back”:

Watch The Official Music Video:

Most of the album’s songs were written by Dion and his songwriting partner Mike Aquilina.  Guest artists appearing on tracks with Dion include Boz Scaggs, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen, Billy F Gibbons, Keb’ Mo’, Sonny Landreth, Joe Menza, Mike Menza, Marcia Ball, Jimmy Vivino, Rickie Lee Jones, Wayne Hood, Joe Bonamassa and G.E. Smith with Pete Townshend’s liner notes which Dion characterizes as “amazing.”

The album’s voluminous notes include an intro by Dion that succinctly summarizes the philosophy behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s latest recorded endeavor: 

“When I was young, I was always striving for accolades and admiration. Those were my goals.  But when I reached them, they didn’t satisfy.  I discovered joy when I leaned to stop caring about all that – when I learned to relax and make music with friends… music that would make more friends for us through its joy.  To make music with friends, and to make friends through music: I can’t imagine a better life than this.  I am grateful to my friends who made Stomping Ground with me – and my new friends who are listening.”

The album was preceded last month with the release of “I’ve Got To Get To You,” a track featuring Boz Scaggs along with the father and son guitar team of Joe and Mike Menza.  This week marks the release of “Take It Back,” on which Dion is joined by Joe Bonamassa. Next month (10/13) will see the release of “Angel In The Alleyway” that features Patti Scialfa (vocals) and Bruce Springsteen (guitar and harmonica).

The album’s notes include a foreword by Pete Townshend, which reads, in part: 

“Dion, like a circling star that never fades, generates the energy and fire we need to pull ourselves up and start again.  Dion is a star who knows well how to start again, how to keep shining.  He looks at his watch every few years. Damn! Let’s make a record.  Take care. This one will blow those little white things in our ears right into your brain.”

Beyond Townshend’s literary contribution, Dion provides a track-by-track description of all the album’s 14 selections, the sole non-original being “Red House,” the Jimi Hendrix song that has become a blues standard.  On Stomping Ground, Dion is joined by Keb’ Mo’ on that song.  Dion notes, “We had a blast grooving on ‘Red House.’ I’m honored to have him join me on this Jimi Hendrix cover/tribute.  We did it as only we could. I think Jimi would approve!”  It’s worth mentioning that the follow-up single release to Dion’s 1968 smash hit “Abraham, Martin and John” was “Purple Haze,” serving to underscore the connection that Dion has long had with the legacy of Jimi Hendrix.

And there’s more Dion news ...  

The Wanderer, a musical based on the life and music of Dion will stage its world pre-Broadway premiere at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ on March 24, 2022.  Michael Wartella (Wicked) stars as Dion, alongside Christy Altomare (Anastasia) as Susan, Dion’s wife. Original New Kids on the Block member Joey McIntyre (Waitress) plays Johnny, Dion’s best friend.  The Wanderer was written by Charles Messina (A Room of My Own) and directed by Kenneth Ferrone (Cruel Intentions) and choreographed by Sarah O’Gleby. Tony Award-winner Beowulf Boritt is the scenic designer. The Wanderer is produced by Paper Mill Playhouse in association with Jill Menza and Charles Messina.  

Visit or for more information

Stomping Ground track listing (LP version -- CD version follows the same order)

Side A

1.     Take It Back with Joe Bonamassa

2.     Hey Diddle Diddle with G.E. Smith

3.     Dancing Girl with Mark Knopfler

4.     If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll with Eric Clapton

Side B

1.     There Was A Time with Peter Frampton

2.     Cryin’ Shame with Sonny Landreth

3.     The Night Is Young with Joe Menza and Wayne Hood

Side C 

1.     That’s What The Doctor Said with Steve Conn

2.     My Stomping Ground with Billy F Gibbons

3.     Angel In the Alleyways with Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen

Side D

1.     I’ve Got To Get To You with Boz Scaggs, Joe Menza and Mike Menza

2.     Red House with Keb’ Mo’

3.     I Got My Eyes On You Baby with Marcia Ball and Jimmy Vivino

4.     I’ve Been Watching with Rickie Lee Jones and Wayne Hood

About Keeping The Blues Alive (KTBA) Records:

The new independent record label is an offshoot of Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, Joe Bonamassa’s non-profit that aims to conserve the art of music in schools and preserve the rich culture and history of the blues. Bonamassa along with his long-time manager, Roy Weisman, have expanded their business by creating the new label.

The first release from KTBA was Dion’s album Blues with Friends, released to critical acclaim in June 2020; thereafter, it stayed at #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart for several weeks. In February 2021, KTBA Records released Joanna Connor’s album 4801 South Indiana Avenue which received rave reviews worldwide and earned her a #1 album on Billboard’s Blues Chart. KTBA’s catalog is growing quickly with new projects on the horizon including The Blues Album, Joanne Shaw Taylor’s first covers album available on September 24th and Dion’s Stomping Ground, as described here. 

KTBA Records’ main objective is to provide a platform for musical talent in blues and blues-rock based music and helping promote the careers of extraordinary musical talent. The label works synergistically with the non-profit’s mission of supporting musicians to continue the legacy of the blues. 10% of all profits from KTBA Records are donated to the non-profit. 

KTBA Records is the next step for Bonamassa in the evolution of music and the business of creating it. It represents Joe’s continuing efforts, spanning the last 25 years, in support the artistic community. It reflects the philosophy of paying it forward just as so many did for him in the hope of paving the way for blues artists in the future. Visit for further information.

>>>Remarkably, this 1971 release of Coven’s “One Tin Soldier” failed to chart here in Chicago.  (kk)

They played the Original Caste version in Chicago.  Not so much on the top 40 stations but on the more progressive WBBM-FM, which was what I was listening to at the time.  WBBM also played their follow-up release "Mr. Monday," another song ignored by top 40 radio.

I don't think I heard the Coven record until 1973.  I was struck by its similarity to the Original Caste version.

Ed #1

The Original Caste version DID chart on WLS … but in 1970, a full year before Coven recorded it for the first “Billy Jack” film.  (It peaked at #36)  Nationally, this version went to #34 … but again, despite their somewhat misleading name, without any ties whatsoever to the movie.

When “Billy Jack” was released a year later (the #2 film at the box office in 1971, by the way, behind “Fiddler On The Roof”), and “One Tin Soldier” was selected as the main title theme, the song became an even bigger hit all over again … but NOT here in Chicago.  The 1971 Coven release peaked at #16 nationally but failed to chart here in The Windy City … all the more surprising since Coven was a local band and WLS and WCFL always did what they could to help our local talent gain recognition elsewhere.

Then, when the film experienced a sudden resurgence a couple of years later (I can’t tell you how many times we went to see it as the “Midnight Movie!”), the exact opposite happened here in Chicago.  While the original release didn’t chart here at all, the reissue went all the way to #1, despite stalling at #73 on the national charts the second time around.  (Coven even cut a “new” version of the tune for MGM Records, having left Warner Brothers in the two years between releases … … but it was their original version on WB that captured the hearts … and ears … of the public.)

We’ve covered Coven quite a few times over the years here in Forgotten Hits, most recently earlier this year, when it was suggested by FH Reader Sam Boyd that perhaps Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath “borrowed” a little heavily from our local band while attempting to further their own career.  (If you missed this one, check it out … it’s really pretty fascinating!)

In it, we also recap the history of “One Tin Soldier,” much as described above.  (kk)

Forgotten Hits: COVEN (


We lost comedian Norm Macdonald this week.  Most will reference his work on Saturday Night Live but he did SO much more.

I don’t know, but this guy ALWAYS cracked me up … maybe it’s because he just looked like he was having so much fun up there, often cracking himself up, too (which is normally a major turn-off for me … but Macdonald pulled it off due to his on-going self-effacing humor … he probably put HIMSELF down more than any others.

Sure, he was great as Burt Reynolds on SNL … (they almost could have been brothers!) … and he DID do the Weekend Update all on his own for three full seasons … so I’ve got to give him that.  His own TV show starring vehicles pretty well tanked (as did his movies), but there was just something about him that always made me laugh.

Macdonald hid his nearly ten year battle with cancer from family and friends … he wanted to be remembered for his comedy.  I think he will be.  (kk)

The Tarrytown Music Hall sent me show updates and as I checked them out, it was a shock for me to see "In Memoriam, Norm MacDonald" over his picture as their Facebook Cover Photo.

Jumping online, I saw that indeed, Norm passed away today. I did not know about his cancer diagnosis, but apparently many others did not as well. Loved his humour.

God bless!

Shelley J Sweet-Tufano


SOOOO sorry to hear my good buddy of decades, Tom Konard, has passed. 

He was a GREAT friend.  

Clark Besch

Much more impressive commercial, Bulleit Bourbon with the Sonics, Have love will travel.

Robert Campbell