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July 20th, 1969: Man Lands On The Moon

One small step for man ...
One giant leap for mankind.
-- Neil Armstrong

And with those words, we had officially landed a man on the moon.

In 1961, President Kennedy had challenged us as a nation to make this happen before the end of the decade ... and, in 1969, we did.

The entire world was transfixed watching the landing. Virtually EVERY country covered the ground-breaking event and congratulated The United States on their efforts to win The Space Race. (Well, every country except for China, that is ... according to Time Magazine, they virtually ignored the moon landing ... and one Hong Kong daily newspaper ran the headline "The American People Pray: God Give Me A Piece Of Bread, Don't Give Me The Moon".)

Incredibly, when Kennedy first extended his challenge back in 1961, the nation's entire manned space experience consisted of only 15 minutes and 20 seconds, which was the length of Alan Shepard's maiden voyage on May 5, 1961. In fact, virtually NONE of the equipment capable of making the journey to the moon even existed yet back in '61 ... but over the next eight years, The United States assembled a team of over 400,000 men and women at 120 universities and 20,000 industrial firms to develop the technology (and the fifteen million parts) necessary to make the ultimate half-million-mile road trip.

Our track record up to that point wasn't very impressive ... joining "The Space Race" in 1957, after The Soviet Union launched Sputnik, The U.S. saw thirteen straight failures between 1958 and 1964 while trying to accomplish a successful "lift off" from the Cape Canaveral Launch Pad, headed toward the moon.

And the flight of Apollo 11 didn't exactly go off without a hitch either! Before Armstrong announced "The Eagle Has Landed", the crew experienced a few "tense" moments when, just 160 feet away from the moon's surface, an alarm went off signaling that only 114 seconds worth of fuel remained aboard the lunar module, leaving the crew 40 seconds to decide if, in fact, they could land within the next TWENTY seconds!!! Apparently some communication interference between the command module, the "mother ship" Columbia and The Eagle caused a false reading that potentially could have driven the crew into an area occupied with lunar boulders ... or have forced them to reach the decision to abort the mission entirely. Ultimately, Mission Control simply turned off the radar to remedy this situation and, as we now all know, The Eagle landed safely.

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong spent a total of five and a half hours on the moon's surface over the next several days collecting soil samples, moon rocks and photographs but, reportedly, NO blue cheese. (Regarding the answer to the trivia question, who was the THIRD astronaut onboard Columbia for this legendary voyage, oft-forgotten about Michael Collins stayed onboard the mother ship, controlling the steering, rendezvous and docking maneuvers.)

From the "You've GOT To Be Kidding Me" Department, we learned when the nation prepared to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this major event that much of the original video filmed by NASA of the moon landing had been erased over the years ... the scramble was soon on to collect and clean up video from a variety of other sources in order to recapture the complete event for all posterity.

Incredibly, it is entirely possible that the footprint shown above, imprinted by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on July 20, 1969, on the moon's surface, may remain entirely intact some 50 years later. That's because the moon has no atmosphere and no winds ... so speculation is that, unless it was in some fashion disrupted by one of the countless meteorites that collide with the moon each year, it very likely remains EXACTLY where he left it, looking virtually identical to the photo shown above! Amazing!

Likewise, because there is no wind on the moon, The American Flag planted there had to be rigged with a support bar to keep The Red, White and Blue unfurled ... the 3 foot by 5 foot flag was stiffened with a thin wire so that it would appear to always be waving in the vacuum of the moon's non-atmospheric state!

Friday, July 19, 2019


>>>Last week we told you about waking up to Me-TV-FM playing Jethro Tull's "Living In The Past."  Well, today (at 4:56 am when my alarm goes off) it was Tull's "Bungle In The Jungle" ... and THIS time I can't help but feel like it was personal.  (lol)
So if it was, Rick, thank you very much ... it didn't go unnoticed ... and it is much appreciated.  (And if it wasn't, oh well ... then you probably need to mix up the schedule a little bit so that folks NOT waking up at 5 am get to hear Jethro Tull on your station, too!  lol)
And now that you know my wake-up time, PLEASE don't start programming obscure Joni Mitchell or Gordon Lightfoot album tracks at that time of day ... I need something "bright and bouncy" to make me want to get out of bed in the morning ... and something by either of these two would probably force me back to sleep, during which time I would almost assuredly have horrible nightmares!  (kk)
Good morning, Kent!
Nothing like waking up to the roar of the lion at the start of that timeless and memorable Tull song!  A pure coincidence that you woke up to two Tulls five days apart.  And thank you for the mentions of the station in your blogs of Saturday and today. 
Let me quell your fears right now:  the softer, acoustic singer-songwriter stuff rarely makes an appearance during what radio likes to the call its morning-drive hours.  Slow Gordon Lightfoots or Joni Mitchells are generally off-limits as you’re getting ready for your day.  It goes back to some music research findings uncovered during my smooth jazz days.  When people need to wake up and get moving, they subconsciously gravitate toward songs whose beat is faster than their resting heartbeat.  Hence, we have a rule dating back 20+ years:  avoid playing ballads in the morning. 
Up and at ‘em!
Whew!  Well, I know I’LL sleep better tonight!!!  (kk) 

Then again, SOME people actually LIKE those Joni Mitchell album tracks  (I think I just found a kindred spirit for Neal Sabin!)  

I just have to laugh every time you chastise MeTV-FM for playing Joni Mitchell album tracks. 🙂 But she's incredible! Her voice is an instrument itself, I love the imagery in her lyrics, and she incorporates several different musical styles into her music. In fact, I'd love it if MeTV-FM would do an entire weekend of her music. I'd be glued to the radio.
My wife can't stand her for some reason, so I'm not allowed to listen to her (Joni, that is ... I'm required to listen to my wife) if we're taking a road trip, so I understand that not everyone shares the same passion as me.
Anyway, here are my votes from Ballot #12:
Colin Donahue 

Ray Graffia, Jr., founding member of The New Colony Six, was the lucky winner of a pair of tickets to go see John Sebastian (he of The Lovin’ Spoonful, of course!) at The City Winery last Monday night.
As it turns out, The Colony and The Spoonful shared the stage a time or two back in the day, so there was some hope of reminiscing that we could all share in (and live vicariously through) … but sadly, it didn’t happen.

Here is Ray’s full review:

Holding down the Arbortech fort solo this week except on Friday, hence more than a bit tardy regarding the review for the John Sebastian tickets you / FH blessed me with, Kent, but, presuming that better late than never still applies, here goes ...
First of all, John offered us a great show - wonderful stories, great guitar playing, really good on harmonica, too, though used infrequently but --- I was totally stunned by the change in his voice.  In addition to busyness at the real world business here at Arbortech Corporation, that is the other and really the primary reason I dallied in sending you a review.  Whether medically caused or otherwise, it sounded to me as though he sang a full octave lower than "in the day".  Perhaps he changed the keys to the tunes but I was singing along to myself, or at least quietly enough so as not to interject my voice into his performance or bother folks at neighboring seats, but had no problem adding an octave higher vocal "track" -- so hoping he is all right.
He was on key consistently throughout the evening so no issues whatsoever there, but I opted out of my original intention to stick around after the encore and see if he came out for an informal "Meet & Greet".  If I stayed and he did, I wanted to ask J.S. if he remembered any of the few times New Colony Six shared the stage with Lovin' Spoonful but decided against that - essentially because of what felt to me like a pretty significant change in his vocal range.
So, trying to keep things brief as is unusual for yours truly ... in conclusion: 
  • First time I ever was at the venue - great place and had great seats but pretty pricey (though quite tasty) food and beverages (I stuck with H2O)
  • Street parking is essentially unavailable even though arrival at site was nearly an hour early - valeted but then faced a rather lengthy wait to get the car back after the show so my drive to the far NW and going to work the next day were each a bit of a struggle
  • Ran into a couple of NC6 boosters who recognized me so that was very cool and quite surprising
  • The evening was great fun and a real kick being up that late "on a school night" - aging process does not take kindly to unusually shortened resting time but missed nary a minute of work time
  • Heard "The Bill & Wendy Show" on WGN radio the next morning and Wendy was there with her family but I did not see her - too bad as I am a fan of her work, loved spending time with her during the filming of the Cornerstones of Rock - American Garage PBS TV Special, where she emceed the live performances, and, in case you've never heard her blues playing, super talented, college-aged son, "Mikey Mac" perform, you need to hear him playing and singing Chicago Blues music one of these days - perhaps he will have a show of his own at City Winery one day ...
  • Enjoyed the night and super grateful for the tix
  • Thank you and City Winery for providing the evening out - back to the day's activities here in beautiful (?) Johnsburg 
Peace, brother Kent – 
Hope to see you in Addison on 8-1 - Jimy Sohns and Shadows of Knight will open for us - for the final Colony concert of 2019 (last one ever?) and also, if you get a chance to come back to the Arcada for another dose of Cornerstones the Saturday after Thanksgiving, please be sure we get a minute or 6 to chat, okay? 
Love ya, man, and love the amazing and extensive work you do to keep the music of our generation alive.  Be blessed as you have blessed me with your friendship and support for New Colony Six - shame on you for lack of promotion for The RJM Band though ... ;o) 
P.S.  Did I tell you yet that there is an Aussie label that is releasing a CD compilation this year where all the tunes will be Bee Gees music but as interpreted by other artists?  They are including RJM's "Let There Be Love", which I attached today in case I have not yet bored you with the tune! 
P.P.S.  Since I am also unsure if I shared what happened on 3-28-19 with you yet, please note that the arrival of June Elizabeth Graffia, my second granddaughter - both children of Ray III and Kat - coincided with my own date of birth, albeit a mere 73 years later!  Clearly and unequivocally my best birthday gift ever so am sending you a pair of pics - the one showing then ~26-month old Isla Belle Graffia holding her baby sister and methinks the other is obvious! 
THE END!!!!!! 
We weren’t able to attend the John Sebastian show but it sounds like you had a pretty good night out.  The City Winery is a BEAUTIFUL place to see and hear a concert and while the menu is a bit too eclectic for my taste (we usually eat at Lou Malnatti’s across the street prior to the show!), I see an awful lot of people chowing down before, during and after the show.
I’m curious how Wendy Snyder described John Sebastian’s vocals on her program.  Definitely a very talented guy and a gifted songwriter.  I never had the chance to see The Lovin’ Spoonful, but did see a couple of John’s solo shows in the early ‘70’s, both times when he was the opening act for America.  Sounded great then … but that was a long time ago!
As for RJM, we ran a good two solid chapters on the band during our month-long New Colony Six series many moons ago when you and I first met.  (Thanks again to Jack Levin for making that connection as we’ve been close friends ever since ... you have shared so much with me over the years … and inviting Frannie and I out to your home a few years back to witness an actual New Colony Six Reunion in your basement is a memory that I will cherish forever.)
And we DID talk about the latest edition to the Graffia family … our youngest grandson turned one about two weeks later (so we’ll swap baby pix!)
Cool about The Bee Gees covers album … maybe it’ll include the incredible Nigel Olsson track “Only One Woman” that I bought on a 45 WAY back in 1975 … man, I LOVE that song!  I’ve never been able to find it on cd … nor have I ever found a version of The Bee Gees themselves performing this tune.
I’m running “Let There Be Love” again, too, so that others may enjoy it.  Maybe you can fill us in as to how essentially a “start up band” happened across this tune at a time when The Bee Gees were essentially between phases of their career.  (Of course you know all about those career phases … having gone thru the early garage cycle, followed by the “pop” cycle and then the ballads period, for which the Six have been permanently typecast it would seem.  I shouldn’t really say that after The New Colony Six were invited to perform out at Cave Stomp in New York a few years ago as one of the earliest “garage bands” of that era.  HAD to be hot out there playing in the garage wearing those colonial outfits ‘tho!!!  Lol)
Thanks, Ray, always love hearing from you … send me more info on the August 1st gig, too, so we can share it with the locals.  (And how cool was it to be heading into The City Winery and get recognized by some fans of ‘60’s music!!!  Wouldn’t The Colony sound great at that venue!!!)  kk

26-month old Isla Belle Graffia holding her baby sister ...
and newborn June Elizabeth Graffia in the arms of Grandpa Ray ...

Along with a shot of OUR latest grandchild, future-redneck Luke Carlson!
(Just kidding ... isn't he the cutest kid?!?!)

And, speaking of our Local Heroes …

Hi Kent,
We went to the College of DuPage last Friday night, 7/12, to see the Ides of March play a free outdoor concert.
The venue is beautiful and the Ides drew about 2,500 fans.
I've seen the Ides many, many times (nowhere near as many times as you) so I don't feel like doing a whole review.
Suffice to say, the Ides were totally excellent as they always are. They sound great and they play their collective asses off.
Jim Peterik seemed to be fighting a little congestion, or maybe it was the heat and humidity. He cleared his throat quite often and was regularly drinking water. But his throat problem didn't hurt the performance … Jim hit every note without fail. Larry and Bob took over lead vocals for a song or two. Maybe that was to give Jim a bit of a break. Sore throat notwithstanding, the Ides played one hell of a show.
Other thoughts -
Except for a few pockets in the crowd and to the right of the stage, the audience was pretty dead. I guess it shows the difference between a paying crowd and people who attend free shows. Take the Cornerstones crowd for example. No butts in chairs there, everybody is up and dancing, singing and clapping.
The emcee introduced the Ides but when she brought them back after a short intermission, she called them "Jim Peterik and the Ides of March."
The only problem was she pronounced Jimbo's name as Pet(like a dog)-erik. Boo!  Bad form that should never have happened.
Troopers that they are, the Ides stayed to meet the fans and sign autographs. A scratchy throat wasn't enough to stop Jim from hanging out.
My wife, Joyce, asked Jim if the band had ever played at her high school, Proviso West in Hillside. She has always told me she had seen them there and was looking for proof.
Jim acknowledged that they, indeed, did and blew our minds by telling her that the Proviso show was the first time that the Ides had ever performed "Vehicle" in public.
I shook Jim's hand and thanked him for everything he does for you and Forgotten Hits. He said he was happy to help whenever he can.
I asked him if you and Frannie were at the show. He said he hadn't seen you and was surprised because he said you guys are almost always at every Ides show. He said "I really love those guys." I made Jim laugh when I said that the only person more regular than Kent Kotal was the Danzman. He laughed and said, "Ain't that the truth!"
Later, my friend.
Steve Sarley
Host of the WeFishASA podcast at
Weekly by-lined columnist - Northwest Herald, Lake County Journal and other Shaw Media newspapers
By-lined column appearing bi-weekly in Illinois Outdoor News
I didn’t even know about this show so thanks for telling us about it.  Yeah, I agree … folks who paid money to see a show tend to be a bit more appreciative of the presentation … but, as you know, The Ides put on a killer show no matter where they play.  (They packed Brookfield Zoo last summer for a concert!!!)
We’ll see them in October when they perform at the Genesee Theatre with Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk Railroad) and Bo Bice, the American Idol Runner-Up to Carrie Underwood who had his own #1 hit with Jim’s “Vehicle.”  Bo is also currently the lead singer of Blood, Sweat and Tears … so The Ides Horn Section is going to see a LOT of action that night!!!
How cool is it that your wife was there the very first time The Ides performed "Vehicle" live in concert!!!  What a COOL piece of trivia!  (They played our high school ... Morton West ... all the time ... because they all went there. I got to see them numerous times, including their "farewell show" in the mid-'70's.  Who knew back then that they'd now be 55 years strong!)
Although it’s a very hush-hush affair, Jim also invited us to be there for the live video shoot for the first single from the brand new Ides CD coming out next month.  I can promise you a full report on this one as I’ve never been to one of these before!
He’s just a genuinely good guy who loves nothing more than entertaining a group of people, whether it’s a couple in his living room or 2500 at The College Of Du Page!  He lives to share his gift … and a very special gift it is.  (kk)

A brand Elvis Presley Fragrance Collection Is Coming Fall 2019 ... Just In Time For Christmas!
Frank B.
Yes, but seriously ... how many people out there REALLY wants to smell like peanut butter and bananas???  (kk)

Micky Dolenz was joined by Michael Nesmith, Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow at this weekend’s Knoxville Fan Fest.

L-R – Mathers; Nesmith; Dolenz; and Dow
David Salidor
Thanks for making me feel EXCEPTIONALLY old this morning!!!  (lol)
I'm just kidding ... I love ALL these guys ... and all were such a HUGE part of my life growing up.  Thank you all for some incredible memories.  (kk) 

Saw this video that was posted a day ago.  Like you, I always like the original lead singers of bands.  Would be a great show if they brought this show to the Chicago area.  Again, thanks for a  great blog.
Gil McAuliff 
The two main singers in Firefall are reuniting for a set of concerts this year. Check out our interview with Larry Burnett.
While I think this would probably be a pretty interesting show to see (as much for the stories as the music!), I have to say that we have seen the current touring edition of Firefall three or four times now and they have been outstanding in concert each and every time.  I know I’ve made comments before about them deserving to be the headliners on some of these shows rather than the opening or back-up act.  (In fact, a couple of the guys from Firefall have even written in to thank me for the nice reviews.)
I’ll run this in the hopes that either Ron at The Arcada or Dan at City Winery or Colleen at The Genesee will see it and explore the possibility.  (That Peter Asher show Shelly told us about yesterday would be another good one to bring to town!)

The Lyons Township High School’s radio station, WLTL, celebrates the 50th anniversary weekend of Woodstock from Friday, August 16th through Sunday, August 18th.
WLTL-FM 88.1 will feature vignettes of the artist and bands who performed at the Three Days Of Peace And Music Festival.
LT Students Lily Mini (Class of 2020), Caroline Durkin (Class of 2020) and Lauren Scriba (Class of 2019) host the weekend of music, trivia and memories.
The 50th anniversary of Woodstock on WLTL is free. Listen to WLTL at 88.1FM or on your smart device.
Mike Baker
And the Forgotten 45s

Another death to report.
Comets drummer, Ocean City resident Dick Boccelli dies at 95

I enjoyed the movie Yesterday a bit more than you. I agree that the characters were not likeable. I thought the lead character was bland. I did like the Lennon surprise (which I did not know about before the movie). It also made me think about what the world would be like if there had not been Beatles. There are a couple of folks I know that like to tell me they don't like the Fab Four and have always felt the Beatles were overrated. They claim to be fans of other British stars. I have always maintained that we may not have known about the Rolling Stones, Zepplin, Elton John, and any number of British artists had the Beatles not arrived on these shores. The movie talks about several things that do not exist without the fame of the Beatles. Some of those were humorous. I would give it a 5 out of 10. The love story reminded me of a Hallmark movie with Beatles songs.
Phil – WRCO
The love story had no appeal whatsoever because both characters were so unlikeable … and that was a real shocker for me as we REALLY enjoyed Lily James in “Baby Driver” and “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again.”  She’s a talented and beautiful girl who comes across as very frumpy in this film, at times looking 20-30 years older than she really is.  (They should have let HER sing some … she’s got a beautiful voice!)
The only guy I thought in the whole film that had a personality was Jack‘s deadbeat friend Rocky … I would have rather seen HIM as the lead!  (And seriously … are people going to buy the soundtrack album to hear Himesh Patel sing these Beatles classics … or are they just going to go for the real deal?)
I’ll agree that the Lennon thing was a surprise … and I wasn’t happy with it when it happened … but the more I thought about it afterwards, the more I came to appreciate the significance of such a meeting … and how John might still be alive today had he NOT been famous.  (Robert Carlyle looked AMAZING as Lennon … I never saw a hint of resemblance until the moment in this film when he first appeared … but now, looking back, I can see it in “The Full Monty,” too … which, by the way, is a 2000% better movie than “Yesterday”!!!)  lol  And it’s got a pretty damn good soundtrack, too!  (kk) 

Your take on the "Yesterday" movie was a lot like what I was thinking when I FIRST heard about what this movie was going to be like.  After seeing the main actor on TV shows promoting the film several times, he is about as boring in person as he is in the movie, which is possibly the biggest detractor in this film.  Could he POSSIBLY sing "Help!" any worse than he does in the film? 

Here's what I wrote to friends when we watched the movie in the theater two weeks ago:

We liked it.  It is a weird thing.  I liked it and it REALLY isn't about the Beatles, which maybe makes it good??  I am not spoiling it by saying it has LOTS of Beatles tunes in it.  Lots of titles are "mentioned" and not sang.  If not for that, amazingly, NO Sgt Pepper songs are actually sang.  There's a twist to the story near the end that I thought made me THINK and was pretty cool to think about. 
Ed Sheeran, current star, plays a big part, which is NOT that great.  It's funny to think that HE has been found guilty and been sued a few times for STEALING from songs. 
I'm not sure why they chose the guy who did the Beatles songs and was the main star, but I believe, had they chosen a better looking guy, the movie might have done better.  Not sure how great a singer he was either, but that was part of the story, maybe? 
I doubt I would watch it again, but it IS pretty good.      
One thing we commented on was that it shows how if this DID happen, the world WOULD want to hear these songs anyway.  They are that great ... and ... the band members were not any older than THIS guy, which makes it even more impressive that they could come up with such magnificent songs. 
Clark Besch

I totally forgot to mention my beef with Ed Sheeran’s performance.  The big story going ‘round is how the original choice for the real pop star was Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who turned the role down.  (I’m thinking that maybe that’s why, when Jack Malik bowls over all of his friends except one by playing “Yesterday,” she says “Well, it’s not ‘Fix You.’”)

Sheeran is such an engaging and likeable performer … I figured he’d have a BLAST in this role … yet he’s as bland as can be … showing not even a remote hint of personality.  All of the likeability he has built up over the past few years is blown away by his performance in this film.  (And this guy has acted before!!!)
It IS cool that some of his records have been produced by Peter Asher (there’s another Beatles connection for you!), who looks as if he could be Ed’s father!!!  (kk)

And in yet even MORE Beatles-related news, Paul McCartney announced earlier this week that we would be writing a musical version of “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  While he said he’s never really had any inclination to write a musical (I don’t see why not … he’s written every OTHER genre of music possible including pop, rock, ballads, new age, classical and film scores.)
But back in the day when reporters asked him and John what they planned to do “after the bubble burst,” they both said that they would likely write musicals together.  So I’m thinking it just took him 55 years longer than he thought it would!  (kk)

Here's another movie we’ve been anxiously looking forward to …

This looks like an interesting movie.
'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood': The Secret Musical Reference to Charles Manson in the Trailer
Yes, we’ve been talking about this one for months now … even ran the trailer a couple of months ago (which is about the same time of this People Magazine article.)
It’s got a KILLER soundtrack and a killer cast. (This was the movie Burt Reynolds was supposed to be in when he died last year, playing the proprietor of Spahn’s Ranch, which is where The Manson Family hung out during their illustrious reign of terror back in 1969.)
Melding fact with fiction to create a mammoth production, we’ve got high hopes for this one (although, as with ALL Tarantino movies, you know it’s going to take a while to tell the whole story, which is bound to go off in numerous directions along the way!)
I did NOT know about the “Straight Shooter” sheet music on the piano at the Sharon Tate murder scene, however, so this was a new interesting factoid!  (Nor did I know that Roman Polanski at one point John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas might have been behind orchestrating the murders!)  Yeah, he was crazy … but he wasn’t THAT crazy!!!  (And besides, it sounds like Michelle was sleeping with just about EVERYBODY back then.  Ahh, to be one of California’s “beautiful people” back in the late ‘60s!!!)
Yep … this looks like a good one.  It opens next weekend … and we can’t wait!  (kk) 


Goodbye tours are raking in big bucks again this year.  Three of the top ten grossing tours for 2019 feature artists who claim this will be their last go-round on the tour circuit.
These include Elton John (#1 with over $100 million gross in 51 shows thus far), Bob Seger ($45 million in 21 shows) and Kiss ($59 million for 43 shows). 
Other recent tours include Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Diamond, Paul Simon and (quite possibly) The Rolling Stones.  (Meanwhile, I think Cher is in the 11th year of HER farewell tour!)
Might as well go out big!  (kk)

New York Times best-selling author MARK BEGO breaks records by releasing two separate books titles in September, 2019.  One with his longtime best friend, the glamorous MARY WILSON of The Supremes. And, the second one with the brilliant millionaire hotel owner, EFREM HARKHAM.  This brings him to a grand total of 65 published books!
In December of 1975, Bego first met his Motown singing star idol, Mary Wilson, in Rochester, New York, while he was working for music industry trade magazine, Record World. At that first meeting Bego proposed that they write a book on The Supremes together.  Finally, 44 years later Supreme Glamour (Thames & Hudson Publishers), a lavishly illustrated coffee table book on the career of the biggest selling female singing group in the world: The Supremes, will be released in September.
To set the record straight, Bego worked on Wilson's two previous hit books, but Supreme Glamour is a true collaboration for the pair.  This book finds the pair telling The Supremes' story with a fresh perspective and many new insights. Friends for five decades, Bego claims, "Mary has shown me how to live life glamorously with passion and flair for years. She is gracious and wonderful, and I am so excited about this book. It is like a Supreme dream come true!"
Mark Bego is the author of the biggest selling Motown book ever published: the eight million-selling Michael! (Jackson), with an Introduction by Mary Wilson. As Mark explains it, "Mary and I have traveled around the world together, and we have worked on many projects together, but Supreme Glamour  is the absolute pinnacle." Wilson and Bego most recently worked together on Mark's best-selling celebrity cookbook, Eat Like a Rock Star (Skyhorse Publishing, 2017).
Then there is Living the Luxe Life (Skyhorse Publishing), which Bego wrote with Luxe Hotel chain hotelier, Efrem Harkham.  Says Mark, "Efrem is a true inspiration in the business world. He not only owns the Luxe hotels on Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, but he shares his secrets to success in his inspirational book. He is a 'rock star' of hoteliers!"
Interestingly enough, the pair first met via one of Bego's rock & roll books.  Explains Mark, "One of Efrem's friends had read the book I wrote with Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night, and recommended we meet. I was instantly impressed with his 'rags to riches' story.  The first day we met I knew this book had to be entitled 'Living the Luxe Life." The book will also be released in September.
According to Bego, "I am genuinely excited to have two new books coming out at once.  Thanks to Mary Wilson and Efrem Harkham, I truly am living the 'luxe life' with glamour and flair!"   

Here's a photo of the Dynamic Duo at a recent event ... Mary Wilson and Mark Bego ...

And guess what ...

Thanks to Mark and his PR Guro David Salidor, Forgotten Hits is going to have copies of their new book, "Supreme Glamour," to give away!  (This sounds like an AMAZING book ... so don't miss YOUR chance to win a copy.  Drop us an email with SUPREME GLAMOUR in the subject line and we'll register your name to win a copy of this awesome new book!)
Very surprised at the long discourse on Chappaquiddick and Ted Kennedy.
Ron Lange 
Surprised in a good way or a bad way?
We’ve been covering the major events of 1969 throughout the year and that was a big one.
It’s always been a hot topic with me … and totally burns me up that we will NEVER really know what actually happened that night … but a girl died and everybody there walked away clean. 
No other regular citizen, under the exact same circumstances, would have been treated the same way.  (But then again no other citizen would have had the resources to have the body and all of the party-goers removed from the island before the investigation actually began.)
It’s just wrong … and it has always BEEN wrong … and even now, fifty years later, all of the coverage I’ve seen, heard and read depicts “poor Ted Kennedy … his political dreams were shattered that night.”
Seriously???  The guy went on to enjoy four more years in the US Senate … Mary Jo Kopechne had HER next 40 years taken away from her.  She never married … she never had a family … she never realized ANY of her potential or dreams.
I feel like I have to keep reiterating … SOMEBODY DIED that night … and we still don’t know how or why … and we never will.  (kk)  

On Saturday we’ll be remembering the 50th Anniversary of The Moon Landing.
Ultimate Classic Rock just ran a feature sharing where 50 of the biggest rock stars were (and what they were doing) 50 years ago this week when we landed on the moon.

And, speaking of the moon landing, LONG time FH Reader and Contributor Jay Jay the DJ (DeeJay of the Stars) send us THIS very interesting tidbit to share with our readers …
Many don't know that my real name is Jim Julian and my Mother was Mary Julian … and if you are interested in the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon, then please watch this video with Sweet Caroline Kennedy of my Mother's involvement in Apollo 11.
I will be accepting an award at the JFK Library in Boston on Saturday plus making a short speech there. Our family is so excited.
I may be the DJ of the Stars but my mom helped put men on the moon and brought them home again.

This has got to be one of the coolest things we’ve ever run in FH!!!  Thanks for sharing, Jimmy!  And congratulations!  (kk)

Hi Kent,
Whenever I read Forgotten Hits (and that is all the time) I keep asking myself, when in the hell do you find time to sleep?  Instead of sheep, you must be counting votes!
That's great that Burton Cummings is returning to the Arcada!  As you said, he always puts on a spectacular show!  I can't wait to read your review. 
Keep up the great work, Kent, in keeping the music alive!  Take care.
Tim Kiley
Really looking forward to Burton’s show on August 3rd at The Arcada, which appears to be a complete sell out!  (I love the fact that he’s still packing them in … especially in light of the fact that he just played The Genesee a few months ago.)  kk

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“Not Forgotten / Totally Forgotten!”
Many of us remember “Answer Songs,” songs that quickly followed a big hit created in response to the story the original song sang about.
For instance, “My Boyfriend’s Back” was released 56 years ago this month in July of 1963. A song “Not Forgotten!”
In September of that same year, an answer song, “Your Boyfriend’s Back,” was released by Bobby Comstock & the Counts. A song “Totally Forgotten!”
While the Angels held the Number One spot on Billboard for three weeks, one listen to the answer song it inspired easily reveals why it peaked at Number . . . 98!
I know I never played it on any of my radio shows, actually because I’d never heard about it until I was doing some recent Forgotten Hits research.
Coincidentally, and much more amusing to me, I also came across this!

♫♪♫*  "Hey-la-day-la!"  *♫♪♫•     
CB ( which stands for “Contemplating Boy!” )
Hey, Buddy, line forms to the left!!!  (kk)