Thursday, January 30, 2020

Another Interesting Countdown

Don't know if you've ever seen this list. A friend of mine - Rich Trankle - sent my way.
It's the WIND Top 1000 Of All Time (from 1972)
Ken Voss

WIND wasn't really known for it rock and roll or Top 40 chops (although they WERE playing this genre when it first launched on Chicago radio here in the mid-to-late '50's ... and dabbled in Top 40 every now and then into the early '70's.)

For the most part, they were more of a "talk" station, catering to the older generation (i.e. our parents) when I was growing up in the '60's.

Every morning, my mom would have Howard Miller on when we were having breakfast and getting ready for school ... and I have to admit, he was a pretty entertaining radio host ... but he played very little music.  (Every now and then he'd surprise us ... but usually by playing something a bit controversial in an effort to stimulate conversation more than anything else ... but he DID play "Bend It" by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich ... in fact, it was the first place I'd ever heard the song ... and I think he loved it almost as much as I did!!!) 

What I like about this particular countdown is the fact that it presents the best of popular music from a 1972 perspective.  As such, you'll find a LOT more "golden rock and roll oldies" on this list than you will on any similar lists being compiled today, if only because the range of popularity has most likely been expanded.  (Even we tend to focus on the biggest hits of 1955 - 1989, which would force a number of 1955 - 1963 hits off the list.)

Still, as a historical time capsule piece it absolutely serves it purpose.

It looks to me like the standings were pretty well determined by these songs' ranking in Billboard Magazine.  Billboard would go on to publish their own list of Top 200 "Best Of Pop" Songs in their July 4th, 1976 issue, in honor of America's bi-centennial ... and you'll find some pretty similar standing between the two lists, save any new additions accumulated between 1972 and 1976.

I would DEFINITELY question the position of Elvis' "Don't Be Cruel" / "Hound Dog" on this list ... if not #1 (since Chubby Checker's "The Twist" topped the chart twice), I would definitely place it at #2.  BOTH sides of this record reached #1 ... and stayed there for an incredible eleven weeks, well ahead of the nine week runs at #1 by The Beatles and Bobby Darin. Still it offers a very interesting perspective.

If nothing else, enjoy this list for what it is ... an amazing look back at an amazing period in music.

Thanks, Ken!  (kk)

Billboard's Top 200 Pop Singles List as tabulated in 1976 ...