Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Now Winter's Day

Since it's now "officially" winter ... (did we ever actually HAVE a "Fall" this year?!?!? I must have missed it!!!) ... I thought we'd feature a GREAT FORGOTTEN HIT by Pop Star TOMMY ROE.

Although you're probably used to hearing just one or two Tommy Roe songs on the radio, he actually hit The National Top 40 FIFTEEN Times between 1962 and 1971 ... and TOPPED those charts TWICE ... first, with his debut hit SHEILA in 1962 and then again in 1969 with the bubblicious hit DIZZY. In between, Tommy scored Top Ten Hits with EVERYBODY (#3, 1963, a track that we featured recently as part of our True Oldies Channel / Forgotten Hits / Twin Spin Weekend); SWEET PEA (#8, 1966); HOORAY FOR HAZEL (#6, 1966) and JAM UP AND JELLY TIGHT (#5, 1970).

Today's Forgotten Hit, IT'S NOW WINTER'S DAY, was released at Christmastime, 1966, and ultimately peaked at #22 on The Cash Box Chart. (It fared a little better here in Chicago, where it peaked at #11.) This is yet another one of those songs that doesn't necessarily need to be in heavy rotation ... but sure sounds good as a "Warm Up Treat" during the winter months.

BONUS TRACK: In 1971, Tommy scored a Top 20 Hit with his remake of the old folk song, STAGGER LEE. We'll give you our very own Twin Spin today by featuring both of these overlooked Tommy Roe gems.

OTHER HIT SINGLES: Tommy's other Top 40 Hits include SUSIE DARLIN' (#34, 1962); COME ON (#27, 1964); HEATHER HONEY (#14, 1969); JACK AND JILL (#40, 1969); STIR IT UP AND SERVE IT (#32, 1970); PEARL (#30, 1970) and WE CAN MAKE MUSIC (#35, 1970). When's the last time you heard ANY of THOSE songs on the radio?!?!?

For all the latest Tommy Roe news, be sure to check out his website here:
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It's Now Winter's Day

Stagger Lee