Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Week Of Forgotten Hits Goodies

We've got another week of Forgotten Hits goodies planned for you ... kicking off with this one BY The Goodees!!!

Judy Williams, Kay Evans and Sandra Johnson formed their all-girl trio in Memphis ... and in early 1969 they took their ONLY Top 40 Hit, "Condition Red", up to #38 in Cash Box Magazine ... and all the way to #15 here in Chicago. (It "stopped short" in Billboard, peaking at #46.)

One of the last of the "Girl Group" records, it pretty much recycles The Shangri-Las' "Leader of the Pack" theme ... misunderstood teenage love, ended by a fatal car crash. (Only problem is, it wasn't NEARLY as good or commercial sounding as the #1 original it seemed to mimic!)

I'm honestly surprised the record did as well as it did ... it's pretty cheezy sounding, right down to the ripped-off "Leader Of The Pack" sound effects. By 1969, we'd already "been there, done that" ... but, with that said, doesn't this deserve at least ONE play per year on an oldies station??? Hopefully some of the jocks on the list will see fit to feature "Condition Red" on one of their programs this week!