Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Doin' Fine Now

While going through the archives the other day, I came across a couple of Frannie's old "Forgotten Soul Hits" from many moons ago. (Some of you "old-timers" on the list might remember that we'd run this series a couple of times a year or so and give Frannie a chance to spotlight some of HER favorite soul hits from the early '70's.)

I'm going to resurrect a few of these from time to time (including this one) today. I've updated some of the information when possible ... and I think some of the jocks on the list might like to feature a few of these on their "Forgotten 45's" segments.

First up today ... a band called New York City. (Hey, why not?!?!? A group calling themselves "Chicago" did pretty good for THIS fine city!!! And, speaking of "fine", that's what today's hit is all about!)


R & B quartet New York City was composed of 4 high school buddies: Tim McQueen, John Brown, Edward Schell, and Claude Johnson. They sang for their church and Brown gained professional experience singing with The Cadillacs and The Five Satins.
In 1973, New York City went to work with producer Thom Bell and the result of that union was "I'm Doin' Fine Now," which reached # 17, and was sold to Wes Farrell's Chelsea label. Two additional releases in the following months barely cracked the Top 100. By the mid-seventies, New York City had disappeared from the charts. (Frannie)

I'm Doin' Fine Now performed a little better on the Cash Box Chart where it peaked at #12. (Now how is THIS song missing from the oldies airplay lists?!?!?) kk

DIDJAKNOW?: Prior to recording their biggest hit, studio whiz-kid Thom Bell recorded a number of instrumental backing tracks for the guys to overdub their vocals on. This process made getting their records made in a hurry a whole lot easier ... McQueen, Brown, Schell and Johnson simply came in and added their voices to these pre-recorded tracks, including I'm Doin' Fine Now. When the record became a hit, a back-up band was quickly assembled so that they could take their act out on the road. That back-up band was called "The Big Apple Band" ... and two of its members were Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards ... future founding members of Chic, who helped to define their OWN soulful sound just a few years later!!! (kk)