Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Edition of "Helping Out Our Readers"

We got some GREAT responses to our last "Helping Out Our Readers" segment ... in fact, ALL of the tracks featured here today were tracked down in less than 24 hours after that piece first ran in Forgotten Hits! (But, because of our on-going computer issues, they're not making their appearance on the website until today as each correspondence had to be resurrected from what's left of our "dead files"!!!)

>>>Over the past several years of doing "Helping Out Our Readers" segment, I would have to say that we all owe a TREMENDOUS debt to Tom Diehl, who, more than anyone else on the list, has come up with more of the "lost classics" our readers have been looking for ... many believed to be simply unattainable ... so when we heard that TOM was looking for a track, I just HAD to put this out there in the hopes that one of our readers might be able to repay a small part of the favor!!! (kk)

>>>Driving back to New York from North Carolina last week, on XM 60s we heard the Johnny Mann Singers' version of "A World Without Love", which was actually REALLY good -- it is on CD and I will be buying it eventually and, conveniently, it's on a cd with another song that came up recently while I was on vacation, the Johnny Mann Singers' version of "Up Up And Away", which I knew. (Tom)
>>>If anybody out there can help Tom out by providing a clean, MP3 version of The Johnny Mann Singers doing "A World Without Love", we truly would appreciate it. (Heck, I'd like to hear it, too!) Thanks! (kk)
Hi Kent,
Being a reader of Forgotten Hits for a few years now, I'm always amazed at the knowledge and vast collection of Tom Diehl's music collection. If anyone should start up an internet radio station, I believe it should be him. What a wide variety of great music we would all enjoy! I am more than happy to provide Tom with the song he is looking for. I have the cd he is referring to and would be more than happy to send him all 23 songs if he wishes. He's a great contributor.
Ask him if he's ever come across " Yes, I Know " by Steve Lawrence. I've been searching for that one for years and can't find it anywhere. If it is out there, Tom would find it.
Thanks Kent and keep up the always amazing work that you do.
Bill Tietz
Wow! THAT didn't take long!!! Thanks, Bill ... and now the rest of you can hear it, too! (kk)

By the way, Tom DID find your Steve Lawrence song ... and sent it along with this note:
Perhaps Bill couldn't find it because he was looking under a slightly incorrect title! What a good song!
Actually called "Yet ... I Know (Et Pourtant)", this one reached #68 in Cash Box / #77 in Billboard in 1964. (kk)

Hi Kent -
Thank you and Tom so very much for my mp3 of " Yet, I Know." It doesn't surprise me that he had it (nor that I had the title wrong.)


The paragraph on the song wanted by the Johnny Mann Singers reminds me of the year 1967 in which they had a version of UP, UP AND AWAY along with the Fifth Dimension. Both records were played here in OKC and personally I always liked the Johnny Mann Singers' version better.
Larry Neal

Well, with all these fine endorsements for The Johnny Mann Singers' version of this song, we just HAD to track it down to feature here today! (kk)

Well, now that I've heard it, it's not bad ... in fact, had The Fifth Dimension not released the "hit" version three weeks earlier, this one might have turned into a bigger chart hit for The Johnny Mann Singers ... as it is, it peaked at #91 in Billboard. (kk)

Hi Kent ~
Just me, popping in again, like I do, occasionally. I read everything ... just kind of stay in the background until the "voices" tell me to comment. LOL Just kidding. I need a favor. Usually, when I can't find a particular song, I can ask you, you send it out to your FH readers and SOMEBODY ends up having what I was looking for. I really appreciate that. Well, here's another song. Not sure who did it but it was from the 60's and I think it was a B-side. I think it was called "I Never Was That Kind of Woman" and I thought it was by Merilee Rush or Sandy Posey or someone like that. One of the verses: "My life is spent in great anticipation, but it's a hopeless situation ... where will he be when he's not here with me?"
That's some of it anyway ... anyone have any clue? I love you guys! Thanks a bunch!
Not a B-Side at all ... but rather Merilee Rush's follow-up single to "Angel Of The Morning". "That Kind Of Woman" reached #40 on The Cash Box Chart in 1968 ... (for whatever reason, it stalled at #76 in Billboard) ... and while I've personally never heard it before, Tom Diehl came through once again with a copy to share! (kk)

>>>I'm searching for a 1971 song called "Alive And Well" by Spare Change. I was living in NYC at the time but remember hearing it on WKBW from Buffalo. Thanks! (Mark)
ANOTHER mystery solved in under 24 hours!!! (lol) Here, courtesy of Rich Grunke (sixtiesoldiesguy) is your song! (Although I'd never heard this tune before, I like it ... it kinda has that "More Today Than Yesterday" / Spiral Starecase sort of feel to it ... just never caught with the masses, I guess!) kk

The Spare Change single ("Alive And Well") was on Vanguard Records, VRS 35117 ... the b-side is "When Love Meets Love". A lot of play at WKBW Buffalo due to the great NYC DIst Alpha Dist. local promo whiz Frankie Nestro. This was out approx. 6 months prior to Joan Baez "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down " VRS 35138.
Clay Pasternack

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