Thursday, June 24, 2010

Helping Out Our Readers

Larry Boyington here in OKC. Love your website and news on the oldies.
Got a rhetorical question for you.Through the years, people I know and sometimes I don't know, come up to me and ask me if I know the name of the artist or group that did a particular song or maybe they know the group or artist and want to know the name of a song that singer did. I like to think my knowledge of the music is above average and I help them the majority of the time. Do any of your readers occasionally write in wanting to know the title of a song, if the artist or group is know, or possibly if the title is known, then who sang it?
The past week, I have discovered on you tube videos two songs in which the person who had the website wanted to know if anyone knew the titles o48the songs. Now they were both instrumentals and that makes it tougher. No lyrics to maybe come up with a title. Some instrumentals may be familiar with people but can't place a title. Also, through the years, there has been songs in which the title of the song is not included in the lyrics of the song.
Larry (aka Larry Neal, Wax Museum)

Actually, we get that a lot ... that's why we started our "Helping Out Our Readers" column ... and, with the wide range of readers, collectors, deejays, artists, historians and vinyl junkies on our list, we've developed a pretty good track record when it comes to solving many of these mysteries. Always a fun challenge ... but WE get to discover some new music along the way, too! Glad that you're enjoying Forgotten Hits! (kk)

>>>The commercial that I'm looking for with the Donovan song is older ... it was a hair-care product and the girls are dancing to the flutes ... forgive me for being a dirty old baby boomer, but in my memory they sorta bump their hips to the dum dum dum dum dum at the end ... so I'm still looking! (stolf)
I think it was a commercial for a perfume, not hair care. The song was "Wear Your Love Like Heaven". From Wikipedia: The song was featured in the Eau De Love (by Menley and James) fragrance commercial in the early 1970s that featured
Ali MacGraw. Here is the link:
Bob in Clearwater, FL
Nope, that's a different one ... and one we covered quite extensively in our recent "Favorite Commercials" Series ... I absolutely remember the one he's talking about ... I just can't seem to find it! (kk)

... and, speaking of radio commercials ... clearly STILL a VERY hot topic here in Forgotten Hits ...

Hi Kent,
I am loving your focus on Summer Hits! In keeping with the summer, I'm looking for an aircheck or clip of the famous "Sun-in" hair lightener spot that ran everywhere in the early -to - mid 70s. It was a singing jingle, "Sun-in and sunlight, and you'll be blonder tonight ..." Do you know who might be a source for a spot like this?
Thanks for the help,
Jimmy the Jet
(((AM Radio Forever))) on Live365
That was a pretty popular spot ... my guess is that somebody on the list will come up with this for you! Stay tuned! (kk)

Over the past several years of doing "Helping Out Our Readers" segment, I would have to say that we all owe a TREMENDOUS debt to Tom Diehl, who, more than anyone else on the list, has come up with more of the "lost classics" our readers have been looking for ... many believed to be simply unattainable ... than anyone else. So when we heard that TOM was looking for a track, I just HAD to put this out there in the hopes that one of our readers might be able to repay a small part of the favor!!! (kk)
Driving back to New York from North Carolina last week, on XM 60s we heard the Johnny Mann Singers' version of "A World Without Love", which was actually REALLY good -- I go to my usual source to find songs and it's not there! Imagine my shock (you have to understand, the program I use connects me to thousands of other users who collectively are sharing probably a few billion songs among them) -- so to find that I cant find something that I heard on XM comes as a real shock. On the plus side, it is on CD and I will be buying it eventually ... conveniently it's on a cd with another song that came up recently while I was on vacation -- a friend of mine I was visiting in Atlanta played the Johnny Mann Singers' version of "Up Up And Away", which I knew. (My mp3 was not the proper version ... it was the Fifth Dimension version, mislabeled ... so I knew the other one was what I needed to find.) The next day at a record show in Atlanta what do I find but the promo 45 of the Johnny Mann Singers version! So the one track I need is their version of "A World Without Love". It's actually on this cd: Invisible Tears/We Can Fly! Up-Up and Away: The Johnny Mann Singers: Music
If anybody out there can help Tom out by providing a clean, MP3 version of The Johnny Mann Singers doing "A World Without Love", we truly would appreciate it. (Heck, I'd like to hear it, too!) Thanks! (kk)

I have a customer who is looking to get one survey from every station that ever put one out. Obviously the earlier and smaller the market the better. I'm unsure if copies will do but I will find out. Also, can you please put me in touch with the one DJ who's doing the obscure Chicago area bands / performers. I've been thinking about compiling a list of the top 40 Chicago songs of all time, (if there are that many) and would like a list of artists he has featured, in case I forget anybody. Thanks.
That would be Jeff James over at Y103.9 ... you can email him at ... and be sure to leave some feedback on his new Windy City @ 6 Program ... and that goes for all your OTHER readers who have been enjoying his new program, too! As for a Chicagoland All-Time Top 40, Bob Stroud aired a similar program on Rock And Roll Roots a few years back ... I know I have it on tape SOMEWHERE (but have NO idea where it might be.) As I recall, it tended to cover the era of about 1965 - 1972 or so ... and I clearly remember The Trolls coming in at #40 with "Every Day And Every Night" and The Cryan' Shames grabbing the top spot with their four-week #1 Hit "It Could Be We're In Love". Maybe we can persuade Bob to run that again one of these weekends! (And Bob, if you will, please let us know so we can help to spread the word!!!) On Jeff's show, you'll see the full gamut of Chicago-related music ... lots more Black and R&B artists ... stuff that was recorded here, even if the artist wasn't necessarily from here ... folks who were born here but gained fame somewhere else ... truly a little bit of everything ... but I'm sure he has one HECK of a check-list, so DO drop him a line and let him know that we all enjoy what he's doing with his new "Windy City @ 6" Program. (kk)

I'm searching for a 1971 song called "Alive And Well" by Spare Change. I was living in NYC at the time but remember hearing it on WKBW from Buffalo. Thanks! Mark
I'm not familiar with that one ... but hopefully SOMEBODY on the list is and can track this one down for you. Stay tuned! (kk)

And this from Chart Guru Joel Whitburn:

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Click here to see a sample page from Billboard Hot 100 Charts: The Sixties.
I've got a complete set of ALL of Joel's Billboard Chart Books: The '50's, The '60's, The '70's, The '80's, The '90's ... and my 2000's is on pre-order ... these are a GREAT reference tool and if you're into the charts the way we are, you're going to want to get your hands on a copy, too. But these books are just to expensive to reprint without a substantial number of guaranteed orders ... so if you missed out the first time, please give Joel a call and tell him that you want a copy of his Sixties Charts Book for your very own. Thanks! (kk)

Hi Kent,
Great job as always with the site. Reading it is one of the highlights of my week. Just wanted to give you some more background on your Lulu discovery. “Inside Thing” is a mashup with Sir Paul she released back in 2002 on her “comeback” UK album “Together” comprised of duets with legends (Sir Paul, Cliff Richard, Elton John, Sting) and some more dubious of the moment British “stars” (Atomic Kitten, Samantha Mumba, Westlife, Ronan Keating) covering classic songs. The album never got a stateside release back then despite going to number four on the UK album charts, spawning a top 10 single with her Ronan duet of Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight”, and going gold on the back of a TV special. Still it’s a fairly decent listen but the highlight for me is her version of the Beach Boys “Sail On Sailor” with Sting. I’d send you a you tube link that used to be up from her special but it’s been removed. It is available via her Greatest Hits album on I-tunes however, and overall a much more consistent listen as it spans the entire course of her career.
Thanks for all the great work
Glen Wood
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
I have heard her version of "Sail On Sailor", ALWAYS one of my Beach Boys favorites ... so we'll feature it here today. (kk)

A couple of weeks ago I told you about someone who had contacted me after they saw a brief article we did about "The Youngtones" posted on our website. In about thirty minutes, we were able to help these folks make a connection that was probably close to 40 years in the making. Here's a brief recap of what transpired ... along with a very moving, heartfelt update ... the power of music ... ya gotta love it! (kk)
>>>Hi! My name Is Francis Ortiz ... I came across your website and found some info on the Youngtones and was wondering if you had any info on that guy named Jocco?? See, because my dad is the dark one from the Youngtones and he is always talking about the group and singing the songs ... and I would love to reunite my dad with some of his old buddies. My dad would be so happy ... so any info would be greatly appreciated. I know with security and all it would be hard for you to give me his info but I'm sending you my email address so please give it to him and ask him to please contact me.

Hey, maybe we can have a Youngtones reunion!!! Thanks for keeping my father's music alive ... (Francis Ortiz)

Literally 30 minutes after forwarding this note to Jocco, I heard back from both parties ... and now, after who knows HOW many years, these folks have connected again.

>>>What can I say? But thanks! Please do give her my e-mail address. (Jocco)

And then this just in:
What do I say and how? I have been watching your website for several years, hoping to get information on him, Jocco, The Youngtones, etc. ... Well, that day has come and after lunch and now this evening dinner ... I don't even know where to begin to thank you.
I contacted the woman who was on your site and she gave me my fathers e-mail address. Sent him an e-note, we met and it has been great ever since. I never knew about his ambitions ... the ranch that he has for handicapped children in Nevada ... and when I gave him all the photos from Brooklyn of the different fellows, he welled up with tears ... and those tears were enough. He now may have found another former group member in upstate New York and I will let you know. Thank you for finding my father.

Little "T"

Over the years, we've been part of about half a dozen of these types of reunions ... and it truly warms my heart to know that we could in some small way be the "connecting rod" that made it all happen. Like I ALWAYS say ... the power of music ... NEVER underestimate it! (kk)