Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Few Quick Mid-Week Comments

First and foremost, VERY Happy Thanksgiving Wishes to ALL of our Forgotten Hits Readers out there ... have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

And then just a few quick "Deadline Dash" pieces to round out the week! (We'll have brand new postings on Friday and Sunday this weekend so please check back with us!)

Wednesday night will be a four-pack of DJ's on Topshelf Oldies, starting with myself hosting the Real Deal with Tom Diehl from 8 to 9 pm (all times eastern), followed up by Sidetrax with Soxx from 9 to 10pm, The Other Side of Ramtown with Ramtown Mike from 10 pm to midnight and The Pop Shoppe with Stu Weiss from midnight to 3 am. Ramtown Mike will be back on Thanksgiving day with another "Other Side Of Ramtown" show as well.
Tom Diehl

Wednesday Night, November 24th, (the night before turkey day), here's what's happening!!!!!
It all happens at
Special Programming is:
8:00 PM The Real Deal with Tom Diehl
9:00 PM Sidetracks with Soxx - it's Rosie
10:00 PM The Other Side of Ramtown (Mike)
12.00 AM Special edition of The Pop Shoppe with me (Stu Weiss)
Join us for a special evening on the best spot on the Internet.
Then, join me again on Friday night join me for 8 hours of the greatest memories on my regular night of "The Pop Shoppe", 7 PM - 3:01 AM (Eastern)

DJ Stu Weiss

>>>Need some help from the FH readers. Each week I contribute a half hour music show to a friend's local internet blog. The Thanksgiving show will have songs about thank you. (Jack)
...Be sure to let us know which selections you decided to go with! (kk)
The songs I chose were
The Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler
(I know no imagination), but where else you gonna hear a song that mentions Betty Grable, Mike Tyson, Elvis, Daryl Strawberry and masturbation.
Cold Turkey by John Lennon
I'm thinking there's a lot of folks who's rather suffer thru cold turkey than go to one of those family dinners.
Thank You by Sly
I Thank You by Sam & Dave
Thank The Lord For The Night-time by Neil Diamond
Thanks A Lot by Brenda Lee
and Thank You For The Music by Abba.
After I submitted the show, I thought of Danke Schoen. It would have been perfect. I, too, equate Danke Schoen with the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
To me it's the highlight of the movie.
Upcoming are non-Xmas winter songs, (Tommy Roe will be one of them) and songs about aging (my b-day is coming up). I'm also thinking songs about peace for Xmas week, songs about Memphis for Elvis' b-day, and love sucks for Valentine's Day.
Thanks for everyone's help so far.
Glad we could help. For lots of "themed" ideas, drop another line to FH Reader Don Effenberger ... he's got ALL kinds of lists like this (and has provided some of the "Themed Weekend" ideas to Scott Shannon and The True Oldies Channel, too! (kk)

>>>Starting Monday, 11/22/10, WCBS-FM will be playing their entire music library in alphabetical order .... from ABBA to ZZ TOP. Really interesting mixture ... Pop, Doo-Wop, Instrumental, Country-Crossover, Christmas ... a little bit of everything. If I remember correctly, it takes a week to get from ABBA to ZZ TOP. Internet listeners can use (Frank B.)
>>>I love special programming like this ... always keeps you guessing as to what might be featured next. Wish we could tune in and listen at work but we have a "no radios" policy ... would LOVE to hear this from start to finish! (Maybe some of our listeners can tune in and enjoy the festivities!) kk
Off and running. Started at 8:50 AM (Eastern)
Here's what I got so far.
Abba = Waterloo
ABC = When Smoky Sings
Ace = How Long ? (has this been going on) - about 10 minutes.
Ad Libs = Boy From New York City
Aerosmith = Dream On
After The Fire = Der Kommissar (never heard this one before)
Air Supply = Lost In Love
Jewel Akens = The Birds And The Bees
Morris Albert = Feelings
Alive & Kicking = Tighter , Tighter (produced by Tommy James)
Allman Brothers = Ramblin' Man
Herb Albert = This Guys In Love With You
Amazing Rhythm Aces = Third Rate Romance
So Kent ... do you want me to check in with you once an hour? LOL!

Frank B.

Hi Kent,
Just a note to say that WCBS-FM is actually playing ONE song from each artist in it's library, a minor quibble I suppose, but it also leaves out SO many songs by artists who had multiple hits. For example, one song from The Beach Boys and The Beatles just doesn't cover the extent of their library at all. I'll be listening anyway because they have played a few good ones that don't get much airplay, Stay Awhile - The Bells being one that I had not heard in quite some time. I'm hoping to hear some more lesser played songs, so I'll let you know if they go outside the box a little bit. I've been listening to them since about 1972 and was very disappointed when they went off the air a few years back, and so glad when they came back, although very much changed and kinda of watered down to please the younger audience. I don't listen to them much anymore because Scott Shannon's show is so much more interesting with Top 5 songs of this date, info. on the artists and songs etc., etc. Last week I was very pleasantly surprised to hear Scott Shannon play Chirpy-Chirpy Cheep-Cheep, Mac and Katie Kissoon, as well as The Vogues, Land of Milk and Honey and many other forgotten hits, so I still think Scott's got the best oldies programming out there!
Orange, CT
Unfortunately, I haven't had much radio-listening time lately ... work has required KILLER hours these last few weeks and even the 45 minutes I used to enjoy listening at lunch have gone by the wayside now as most lunches are squeezed in at my desk if and when time permits. But Scott DOES seem to be mixing it up more and more recently ... hoping the reaction has been positive (or everything we've been preaching these past eleven years has been for naught!
I've got a similar A - Z idea that I've been working on for a while now that might better accomplish a more "suitable" mix of music. (Now if I can only convince Scott Shannon to run with it for a weekend or two ... or six!!!) kk

And then, just a few minutes ago ...
Kent ...
Up to LLLLLLLLLLL's ... almost half-way through the alphabet.
Now playing = Little Anthony - "Hurts So Bad".
Frank B.

CBS-FM’s A-Z Countdown! « WCBS-FM 101.1
For those of you who are able, please listen and enjoy! (kk)

Here's our pick to click for this weekend ... an INCREDIBLY timed (and choreographed) video sent into us by our buddy Wild Bill Cody. (How the heck to people come up with this stuff?!?!?) Give this one a quick look ... you'll be glad you did!
Hey gang, I have to tell you what ... this is PHENOMINAL! Please check it out ... it's just amazing how this worked out. The choreography is amazing! Plus, I have been a lifelong fan of Laurel & Hardy! You're gonna love it!
Wild Bill