Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Sunday Comments ( 12 - 19 - 10 )

Another MEGA Batch of Comments this week ... so let's get right to them!!!

re: CHER:
Nice tribute to Cher the other day -- sounds like even you were a little surprised by her hitting streak! I've always been a fan -- but I will admit that the thought of Cher having a hit record in six consecutive decades makes me feel older than my years!
I absolutely WAS surprised ... stunned even!!! As I said, I think we tend to take an artist like Cher for granted ... she's walked away from the music end of her career so many times over the years that it's hard to imagine that she could be right up there near the top of all these artists to achieve this accomplishment.

And you can add successful TV Star, Las Vegas Performer and Academy Award Winning Actress to her resume', too. It truly is AMAZING!!!
There are SO many other female artists who have had more hits ... but even when Cher has decided to take eight or nine years off, she STILL has managed to bounce back with yet another chart-topper. Honestly, it's a TRULY amazing statistic ... and I'm not in ANY way joking when I say that I have found some new-found respect for her accomplishments! Even the list of other artists vying for this same title haven't experienced the type of diversity that Cher has in her long-lasting career ... and we commend her for it! (kk)

Cher is truly amazing. In spite of the constant airplay, I confess to being one of the ones who absolutely loves "Believe." She has managed to keep up with the times in every single decade.
Very sad, your report on how she looks in "Burlesque" -- she's pushing 70 and up until recently, was looking fantastic for her age.
A few months ago I caught a rerun of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." in which she and Sonny guest-starred as a quasi-hippie couple who try to help the two detectives find a stolen dress design. Cher hadn't really gotten the knack of "acting" at that time -- Sonny upstaged her as far as comedy bits (not that the script provided much to laugh at, but he was trying very hard!) What's really amazing is that she went on to become quite a powerful, excellent actress in the 80s.
Great job chronicling these 5-decade winners!!!
Bob Rashkow

>>>Rod Stewart? Even cheating and counting his '60's harmonica playing on the Millie Small hit "My Boy Lollipop", Stewart failed to reach the pop singles chart in the 2000's, despite a few successful album releases. (kk)
I thought it had since been proven that Rod was NOT the harmonica player on that recording. If not, it may have been left up in the air as to who it was ... I'm fairly certain Forgotten Hits has dug into this one before.
Tom Diehl
I think you're right, Tom, now that you mention it ... but it doesn't really matter ... he doesn't have the chart hits to make the list anyway! (kk)

Kent ...
I'd like to nominate Johnny Mathis for consecutive hits streak.
He had many solo hits in 50's & 60's.
1978 = Too Much, Too little, Too late with Deniece Williams.
1982 = Friends In Love with Dionne Warwick.
That's four consecutive decades.
Frank B.
Yes, but we're talking about artists closing in on SIX Decades ... that beats Johnny (no slouch, by the way) by a good TWENTY YEARS!!! (Maybe he should consider doing a duet with Carlos Santana!!!) kk
It gets better ...
If you count 1992 = Better Together & 2003 = Frosty The Snowman.
That brings his streak to 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's & 2000's.
Let me see you top this one.
Frank B.
Johnny Mathis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yes, but we DON'T count those two as they did NOT hit Billboard's Top Pop Singles Chart ... one is an Adult Contemporary Chart only entry ... and the other is from Billboard's R & B Chart. (C'mon, we've GOT to draw the line SOMEWHERE!!! lol) kk

Off the top of my head, which has been pretty empty in recent times, I would say that Elton John can compete with Cher as an artist who had hits in each decade. His first hit was in 1969.
By the way, let me put in my opinion for Elton's best song, from his first eponymous titled US released album. The song is The Greatest Discovery.

And as long as I'm plugging things, let me plug Top Shelf Oldies on the Internet. I love that station.
And, oh yes, I also love Forgotten Hits.
Keep it up, Kent.
The Great and Wonderful Malcolm
I would have thought Elton to be in the running, too ... but his first Billboard Pop Singles hit didn't come until late 1970. With hits in the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's, even a hit in the 2010's would only give him FIVE consecutive decades ... so again, close, but no cigar! (kk)

That was interesting listing artists who recorded in multiple decades. I'm not an expert here but outside the US, I would bet Cliff Richard would have scored hits in the 50's thru the 00's. I know he had hits here in the 50's thru the 80's but I'm not up on hits after that.
Steve Davidson

You're probably right about Cliff Richard and the British Charts ... but obviously he never had quite the same impact here. Hard to think that Cher could achieve a six decade chart run ... yet be only 64 years old! Obviously, there's some distortion in these figures ... but the claim would be correct ... a charted hit single in six consecutive decades! (kk)

I picked up a copy of Vanity Fare magazine with Cher on the cover in fishnet pantyhose ... and she is LQQKING FINE!!!

Does that make me a fan? I'd pick her up if she was Hitchin' A Ride! :-)


>>>What OTHER artists have even come CLOSE to this sort of achievement? (kk) Kenny Rogers came to mind as soon as I read this one. I don't know for sure but it seems to me he has charted a single in each decade and perhaps a wife in each decade, too. Hmmm ... maybe that's what I was thinking. : )
Have a good day Kent and Merry Christmas to you and yours and to all those in Forgotten Hits Land.
LOL ... sticking strictly to the Pop Singles Chart, Kenny Rogers WOULD have been a good candidate ... but he failed to chart in the '90's. (Kenny DID have eight records make The Country Charts between 1990 and 1999, however.)
You may be right about the wives ... that I'd have to check on ... 'cause I'm just not sure.
But I CAN assure you of this ... HIS plastic surgery looks considerably WORSE than Cher's!!! (Not that there should be an award for this!!! lol) kk

... And, apparently, I'm not alone on this one ...

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes when I read your thoughts on Cher ...
>>>she can barely move her mouth (which now contains two JUMBO-sized lips that would make even Mick Jagger envious!) Honestly, it's almost freakish ... as unnatural looking as anything I've ever seen. (I cannot help but wonder if she honestly believes in her own heart that this is an improvement of some sort ... truthfully, she looks like one of her own worst drag queen impersonators!) kk
So many people have done this to themselves, I still cringe when I see Kenny Rogers ... wholly crap! Then you see someone as lovely as Emmy Lou Harris ... or appreciate someone like 88 year old Betty White.
BTW was it just me or did Paul McCartney sound HORRIBLE when he was on SNL a week or so ago? That was the worst rendition of "Band on the Run" I've ever heard.
God rest the soul of Captain Beefheart!!!
Happy Holidays brother and keep posting!
"Wild" Bill Cody
McCartney's SNL performance was VERY hard to watch ... it was like he was literally straining to get out every single note. Having seen him in concert several times now (and watching both TV and YouTube recent clips), he's still got MOST of his chops ... I can only think that he was having an especially bad night (or perhaps saving himself for his big show at the Apollo Theater a few nights later??? Be sure to check out our "Special Beatles Edition" of Forgotten Hits coming up later this week on the Forgotten Hits website!)

Loved today's radio rants!

>>>At a time when HUNDREDS of talented jocks are out of work, Clear Channel just signed Ryan Seacrest to a brand new, three year, $60 Million deal!!! ($20 Million a year to count down The Top 40 Most Popular Songs In America once a week?!?!? Hell, I'd count 'em down every day for only a million a year!!! How on earth is this considered money well spent at a time when radio is struggling, stocks are plunging, stations are closing and unmanned automation seems to be ruling the airwaves?!?!?) Honestly, I just don't get it ... and they're calling Ryan Seacrest "The New Dick Clark" ... which is EXACTLY what he's been going for!!! (kk)
Ryan Seacrest couldn't carry Rick Dees' jockstrap!
I guess I don't get the whole Seacrest thing, I think he's pedestrian at best. I agree with "Taylor on the Radio" ... Ryan Seacrest ... the "New Dick Clark"?
Give me a break! I'd go up against him any day of the week!!!
"Wild" Bill Cody

I am delighted to tell you that I just posted my latest radio interview show.
It's with one of my all-time favorite recording stars.
When "For Your Precious Love" by Jerry Butler and the Impressions hit the national chart in 1958, little did we know that it was just the "tip of the iceberg." Well, okay, pun intended. The man whose soulful voice made that record a smash and ultimately a classic went on to chart an amazing 37 additional times on the Billboard Hot 100 and Joel Whitburn ranks him as the #38 artist of the 1960's and the #114 artist of all time.
"For Your Precious Love" began as a poem that Jerry wrote and his recording of it with the Impressions is among Rolling Stone's Top 500 recordings of all time.
To say that Jerry has had an amazing career is an understatement. It was, of course, enormously helped by his association with Curtis Mayfield. How did he get the nickname "The Iceman"? Jerry tells the story during our interview show. We play eleven of his hits plus an Otis Redding hit recording of a song that Jerry co-wrote with that late great entertainer.
Jerry, along with the other Impressions, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 1991.
I could say a lot more about this show and about our very special featured guest but I would rather let you be surprised. I will tell you that you may see a side of Jerry here that you didn't know existed. It was an honor and total delight to record this show.
My Jerry Butler radio interview show -- recorded exclusively for the
Jersey Girls Sing website -- is on the following page, along with more than 100 others that I've done for that website: Ronnie's Radio Page
In the unlikely event that you don't see Jerry's picture, please press the F5 key to bring up the latest version of the page.

Wonderful, Kent ... thank you for providing your excellent forum.

Merry Christmas!

Jim Shea

WOGL-FM (CBS) - 98.1 MHz, HD Radio, Music content HD 1 & 2 - they dropped the "Oldies" word as once heard here ...
Think that was a good move to remove "Oldies", since it's so vague.
Not "bad" (primarily '60's - '80's) music content, but lots of redundancy (very common with commercial radio stations). Recently, they included '80's music.
Specialty shows by Bob Pantano (Dance favorites, Sat. nights), Bob Charger (Beatles, Sun. mornings), Unknown (Elvis, Sun mornings), Harvey Holiday (Doo-Wop, Sun. nights), Casey Kasem (AT40, early Sun. mornings). Sound quality is not bad, but some tunes need to be upgraded to Stereo.
What keeps them floating? Not so much the music, but they offer daily free vacations to the Caribbean. Seems their major (Arbitron) competing Philly station is WBEB-FM (Privately owned) 101 MHz, with a propagating signal that is said to overpower WCBS-FM (NY), far up Northern New Jersey, in spots. Radio, as with most everything, has become co-ed, unlike the days I remember when males dominated the airwaves.

ZZZzzz -L- :-)
Jersey John
I've got to give Scott Shannon special props for including the word "Oldies" in his True Oldies Channel Network ... he's calling it what it IS ... and without a hint of shame. As it SHOULD be, as far as I'm concerned. Those of us who LOVE our oldies are PROUD of this music and feel NO sense of shame or embarrassment in saying so. That's right, dammit ... we're True Oldies Fans!!! (kk)

Hi Kent ...
Being a music fan I enjoy your site very much. It is always fun and interesting.
I was inspired to write to you because of your statement on December 13th asking DJ's to dig a little deeper to acknowledge those great old songs. It is sad that so much music seems to be lost in the archives of history.
No other DJ that I know of has given greater dedication and airplay to the great music left behind by so many others than Mason Ramsey at He not only plays all the great songs, he has routinely done interviews with the great singers behind the music including Rick Derringer, "Diamond" Dave Somerville, Bobby Hart (Monkees), Carl Giammaresse (The Buckinghams), Marshall Lytle (Bill Haley & The Comets), Herman's Hermits, Clarence Collins (Little Anthony & The Imperials), Henry Gross, Nick Gravenities and more. As Mason has said, "There are memories worth bringing back today."
Not only have the interviews been fun and informative, but Mason gives these musical talents a platform to air the current music they have created giving his audience a rare and special gift few if any others can give their listening audience.
Yet, far removed from corporate radio it is only the few dedicated DJ's that strive to keep the music alive for the listeners.
Tragically it will continue to disappear if DJ's like Mason are not able to find the support they need to stay on the air. This will be much more than a great loss for the artists and the American people.
Sharon Vroman
We've been very supportive of Mason's efforts these past several years in Forgotten Hits and commend him for pushing the envelope further than most. It's a nice variety of music that he features ... and on THIS station, you truly never DO know what's going to play next! (kk)

Kent ...
I know that Wild Wayne is too modest to talk about it, so I'll tell you.
This Sunday, December 19th, from 6 PM to 8 PM (Eastern Time), "Wild Wayne's Memory Machine" presents his 35th Christmas Show. You can listen on your computer at I started listening to Wild Wayne when he did a Gene Pitney Tribute Show at the time of his death. Been listening every Sunday since then.
See Kent - I didn't even mention WCBS-FM this time.LOL !
Frank B.
Congrats to Wild Wayne! Hope some of our readers will tune in Sunday Night to help him celebrate! (kk)

And Happy Anniversary, too, to DJ Stu, Stu Weiss, who runs "The Pop Shoppe" over at Top Shelf Oldies. This weekend he celebrated his NINTH anniversary with the station. Here's a short "bio" that Stu sent me:
The Pop Shoppe show started in 1985 on WVRM-FM which became WCNJ-FM in Hazlet, New Jersey. I then moved to WRLJ-FM which became WPDQ-FM in Freehold, New Jersey.
Nine years ago I became part of Topshelf Oldies.
Prior to the above dates, I was a weekly guest on a folk music program with George Lorrie (a real gentleman) who we lost about a year ago. His show was called "Folklore with Lorrie". Eventually I wound up as a weekly guest on a country music program (where I was known as The Professor). This show belonged to Freddy the German Cowboy, who was the proprietor of The Blue Ribbon Inn which I used to hang out listening to the various country artists. Then in 1985 The Pop Shoppe came into existence.
Besides the above, I was playing 50s music at the Service Club when I was in the Army in 1961.
Later on I joined an organization called Community Cultural Centre, where I ran weekly folk music concerts in their building in the winter and in SeaSide Park in the summer. I met many local and better known folk artists during those years. At one point I even ran rock and roll concerts for local Brooklyn Bands in the famed Prospect Park. Funny how every band played the same songs.
As a kid it was my dream to one day become a disc jockey.
My first job when I was 13 was in a combination tv repair store / record shop. My whole salary went to buying records for my collection.
By the way I still remember the first 45 rpm record. It was "The Little White Cloud That Cried" by Johnny Ray. I remember that little green 3 speed record player that my parents bought me. My mom was responsible for my loving the music of Eddie Fisher (she loved him so). She turned me on to him. Those were the days of Teresa Brewer and Rosemary Clooney. Your Hit Parade was a favorite Saturday night program. What killed that show was rock and roll. Those crooners couldn't compete with the likes of the new music that people like Alan Freed made popular.
There you have a brief history of how "The Pop Shoppe" and my love for the music I play came to be.
In actuality my show is 25 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Pop Shoppe is on every Friday evening from 7 PM till 3:01 AM (eastern time).
It all happens at so be here!!!!!
I want to thank all my loyal listeners who tune in every week, plus the many new listeners that have discovered topshelf oldies. You are always welcome here.
If you haven't already done so, check out my website:
You can hear some of my past interviews plus see pictures and links of days gone by.
Best wishes,
Stu Weiss / DJ STU

And our FH Buddy Big Jay Sorensen is back in a BIG way over at WCBS-FM.

(Hey, shouldn't Frank B. be telling you guys about this instead of me?!?!?)
Better yet, here's the scoop from the Big Guy himself! (kk)
Hiya Kent …
I’ve been quite busy of late … working quite a lot of fill-ins on CBS-FM 101.1 in NYC …
So you know, my next scheduled shows will be: (All Eastern Time)
Thurs. Dec. 23rd from 7 pm - 12 midnight
Xmas Eve from 7 pm - 12 midnight
Xmas Day from 7 pm - 12 midnight (Holiday music DONE!!!)
Mon. Dec. 27th from 7 pm - 12 midnight
And … New Year’s Eve night from 7 pm - 12 midnight ...
I’m calling it, “New Year’s BIGGEST JAY Eve on CBS-FM” just because.
That show will be super as I’ll have an in-studio party. Hopefully some surprises.
As always, your blogs are top-notch.
Big Jay Sorensen

Kent ...
I highly recommend the current issue of Goldmine Magazine to you and your readers.
Outside = On the cover - Ricky Nelson, 1958
Inside = Ricky's twin sons, Gunnar & Matthew, talk about their father's career and their tribute show.
Deana Martin talks about her famous dad. They're planning to do a movie about Dean. She wants Johnny Depp to play her father. I think that would be a great choice.
Roy Orbison's widow, Barbara, talks about his career.
Johnny Mathis talks about his 50 year career. He had to choose between training for the Olympics or going to New York to pursue a singing career. His father advised him to go to New York. Didn't he make the right decision?
I say yes. I doubt if his Olympic career could have been half as good as his music career turned out to be.
Frank B.
Matthew and Gunnar are bringing their tribute show back to Chicago in February and I REALLY want to see it this time ... supposed to be an AMAZING array of music and video as they perform their father's biggest hits, accompanied by vintage video clips of Dad's appearances on The Ozzie and Harriett Television Program, "Here Come The Nelsons" and more.

Johnny Depp as Dean Martin?!?!? I just don't see it ... but am THRILLED to hear that they're finally going to make a movie about Ol' Red Eyes!!! (His biography is one of the most interesting I've ever read ... and I've read a LOT of them! Also, Jerry Lewis' tribute to his old partner ... VERY touching and moving. Despite ALL that went down between them, Jerry NEVER stopped loving Dino.) Sounds like a winner, Frank ... will have to hunt down a copy! (kk)

Hello Kent,

I just happened to read your piece from December 29, 1998, regarding The Association's live performance you suffered through.
As you pointed out, these were not the completely original band. I've found them (on Youtube, at least) to be a tremendous disappointment. However, over the years, I've seen them several times with all of the original members with the sad exception of the late Brian Cole. Every time I saw them, they duplicated their repertoire with note perfect precision. Vocally and instrumentally they proved to be a truly excellent band; one of the best I've ever seen in person.
If by some miracle the whole gang tours once more, please don't hesitate to give them another chance. They're without peer on stage.
Thanks for listening.
My Best,
David Capps
P.S. I'm not "associated" with them in any way ... I'm just an avid fan.
Vocally, The Association were a highlight of the '60's ... very few could come close to matching their abilities. I was fortunate enough to have seen them back in 1967 when they played at my high school ... one of the best concerts I've ever seen (although even then ... will ALL of the original members in their prime ... a lot of the "fidelity" was lost in the live environment ... pretty hard to capture that sound live night after night ... but it was a game effort and certainly very listenable and enjoyable.)
I've seen them a couple of times since ... and the line-up we saw back in 2008 (not 1998 as indicated in your email ... we didn't start the website until 2008!) was probably as close as we're ever going to come to a full-blown reunion. I've left VERY few concerts early in my lifetime but this one was excruciating! Perhaps it's just that I hold them in such high regard ... loved ALL their hits ... and it was disappointing to see this show.
That being said, in hindsight it's really quite amazing that The Association enjoyed the success they did back in the '60's ... their whole sound and make-up was middle-of-the-road at best ... yet they delivered it with such a unique "pop" sound that they truly stood out as a ray of sunshine amidst all the other sounds coming out of our radios at the time. But then again, that's what made the '60's so great musically ... ALL of this music blended and fit well together ... and nobody ever gave it a second thought. That's why artists like The Association and The Fifth Dimension and The Mamas and The Papas could co-exist along side The Beatles and The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons and Motown, Jimi Hendrix and Glen Campbell, Simon and Garfunkel and Tiny Tim ... incredibly, it ALL worked and remains the most creative period of music on record.
Then again The Association earned some early "street cred" with their controversial breakthrough hit "Along Comes Mary" ... but could go from that little bit of "pop, underground psychedelia" to the absolute MASTERPIECE recording that makes up "Requiem For The Masses" ... and their two chart-topping hits "Windy" and "Never My Love". Simply put, music didn't get any better than this in the '60's. It's just easier to remember it and appreciate it with those original recordings than by what I witnessed that night in concert ... a group of singers and musicians TRYING to recapture a song that was now long beyond their reach.

Here's one of MY all-time favorite songs by The Association ... a TRULY Forgotten Hits. (Call your favorite Disc Jockey and ask them to play THIS one on the air today!!!) See if you remember "Time For Livin'", a #23 Cash Box Hit in 1968! (kk)

Okay, so another year has passed us by and it's now been three years to the month since Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham's son, Jason, took the stage at London's 02 Arena for an incredible performance for which an estimated 20 million people tried to get tickets. All, of course, are doing well with their own endeavors but we, the people, are still waiting and hoping for the band members to reconvene for a tour that all can witness. We're begging! It may not happen but, thankfully, MetroPulse and "Sled" Zeppelin are rocking hard again this holiday season by offering original tickets from what was to be the band's four shows at Chicago Stadium in November of 1980. The shows were canceled due to the tragic passing of drummer John Bonham on the very day the tickets were to be sold via mail order. This past September, MetroPulse founder Michael Dehn was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for possessing "the most unused concert tickets bought by an individual." Ramble on, Michael Dehn, ramble on! Don't be "Dazed and Confused" this holiday season... Have "Sled" Zeppelin deliver the perfect and unique gift to your favorite Led Zeppelin fan! That, or, of course, show yourself "A Whole Lotta Love" and "Bring It On Home." New for 2010? A beautiful 30th Anniversary edition plaque (see attached: high-res available upon request).

View the site at: and have some fun. A nice collectible, indeed!
*Brought to you by Jeff Albright at The Albright Entertainment Group -
Happy Holidays!
This year's edition of the "Rock And Roll Roots" CD (Volume 12, by the way) also offers chances to win FREE unused tickets from this concert (to select random purchasers of the CD). We had tickets to this show as well but exchanged them for a full refund when the shows were cancelled. (Who knew?!?!?) kk


You might or might not be aware that Alan Gerber, an original member of the group Rhinoceros, was originally from Chicago. The group's claim to fame was its one pop hit "Apricot Brandy," an instrumental that peaked at #46 on the Hot 100 in 1969. Gerber subsequently left the band because he didn't want to pursue the heavy metal direction that Elektra Records wanted for it. This website provides a history of Gerber's involvement in the music business before, during and after his tenure with Rhinoceros: The story doesn't end there, however. This week, Gerber's recording "Dog Dog" ascends to #1 on the Cashbox Country Singles chart:
I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

– Randy Price

I also heard Scott Shannon talking about the jumbo Christmas issue of "Keep Rockin'" Magazine the other day ... sounds like they've gone digital with online subscriptions now. LOTS of great features covering many of the things we talk about here in Forgotten Hits ... Clark Weber, Jimy Rogers of The Mauds as well as recent articles spotlighting Peter Noone, Dick Biondi and more. You can check it all out here:
Click here: Keep Rockin’ Magazine, the 50’s & 60’s nostalgia magazine, 1950's, 1960's, Rock and Roll

I think it was in one of your mailing where you stated that some of the best seldom heard songs can be heard in food stores. Well, I was in one and they played a song I hadn't heard in ages!!!I didn't know title or artist!!! I dropped everything and stood below the ceiling speaker listening closely! My crude guess was Alan Sherman (laugh if you wish!)! But I later was told it was Georgie Fame's "Yeh, Yeh". What a fantastic song!!! And I think I finally found it in stereo!! Life is good! :-)Can be heard here, and it even sounds good from a worn out 45!!!!


Yep, one of MY very favorites, too ... we've featured it a few times before (and again today) ... with the recommendation that the oldies jocks on the list give this one a spin, too! Another bonafide Top 20 Hit that gets virtually NO airplay these days. (Once in a while you'll hear Fame's "The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde", a Top Ten Hit from 1968 ... but "Yeh, Yeh" ROCKS!!! (kk)

We were all saddened to hear the news last week that Aretha Franklin has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Word is that it was discovered almost accidentally when she went into the hospital to check out a rib injury.
Franklin's had an INCREDIBLE career on the charts placing nearly 75 hits on The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Chart between 1961 and 1998. Sean Ross suggests that this might be a R-E-S-P-E-C-T-ful time to dig a little deeper into her catalog and play something beyond the three or four tracks you hear all the time ...
I heard the news about Aretha's diagnosis of pancreatic cancer with sorrow. "Radio has managed to reduce her 50-year career to a handful of library titles" like "Respect", "Think" or "A Natural Woman." If this medical news has touched any programmer personally, the way to show respect is clearly by playing something of hers this week other than 'Respect' - there is certainly no shortage of candidates. How about “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Loved You)” ... this was an absolute depth charge through contemporary music.

-- Sean Ross
If Aretha's hey-day was the late '60's and early '70's, there is NO shortage of great tracks to choose from. In addition to the titles Sean has listed above as Aretha's radio staples, I would have to add "Chain Of Fools" (more popular than ever since John Travolta danced to it in "Michael") and would have to recommend top choices like "Baby I Love You" (one of my all-time favorite Aretha tunes), "Since You've Been Gone", "I Say A Little Prayer", "Eleanor Rigby" (boy, what a change-up THAT song will make to your regular play list!), "Spanish Harlem", "Day Dreaming" and "Until You Come Back To Me" .. ALL proven Top 20 Hits that, at best, get an occasional spin now and again.
We're featuring one today ... the higher charting side of one of Aretha's many Two-Sided Hits that you NEVER hear on the radio anymore. Back in 1968, Franklin followed Dionne Warwick's hit from just a few months back when she recorded her soulful version of "I Say A Little Prayer", which went all the way to #10 on The Billboard Chart. But the OTHER side of the record charted even HIGHER! "The House That Jack Built" went all the way to #6, yet you NEVER hear this one on the radio ... so we'll try and remedy that today by featuring it (once again!) here in Forgotten Hits. (kk)

Also in today's Ross On Radio from - Sean's invitation to participate in the year-end Reader's Poll about "The Greatest Oldies / Greatest Hits station of 2010." Sign up to get Ross On Radio every Tuesday and Thursday, here.

And, of the subject of Aretha Franklin, this from FH Reader Frank B., courtesy of the WCBS-FM website (of course!):
Why not send Aretha Franklin a "Get Well" Card ...
Kent ...
It's a good idea to send her a card and follow the advice of the song you'll hear after you click here:
Send Aretha Franklin A Get Well Card « WCBS-FM 101.1
Frank B.
Aretha Franklin recovers from surgery that was apparently related to treatment for pancreatic cancer, fans can send her a get-well card via traditional mail.
Here’s the address:
Aretha Franklin c/o New Bethel Baptist Church

2541 W. Philadelphia

Detroit, MI 48206

Shows you how my mind works ... I was just walking through the bedroom this morning and Frannie happened to have The Weather Channel on ... and the headline blaring across the TV screen as they were doing the Miami forecast read:

"Temps High in the '60's" ...

so, of course, I IMMEDIATELY thought of David Ruffin!!!

(Man, I gotta find another hobby!!! lol) kk

The other day we featured the CHRISTMAS version of "Lake Shore Drive" as recorded by Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah, a Chicago Radio staple for four decades now. (I've also heard from several deejays on the list that they featured this track on THEIR radio programs, too!)

Today, courtesy of Skip Haynes (who wrote the song), comes ANOTHER "Very Special" Edition of this Classic Rock classic. Enjoy! (kk)

Little Willy by Sweet rocks. Another rockin' song that has been called bubblegum is Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' by Crazy Elephant. Fox On The Run is even better.
I have never understood why it gets so little classic rock airplay. I think it is similar sounding but superior to any Bad Company record.
Just like Sean Ross, we heard from a number of readers who count "Little Willy" ... and "Fox On The Run" amongst their favorites. We hear BOTH of these tunes fairly often here in Chicago ... maybe this will help them get some NATIONAL attention, too! (I wonder how many of you pulled out and played YOUR copy of "Little Willy" last weekend after these comments first ran ... I know WE sure did!!! lol) kk

Sweet was (and is) still awesome, and "Little Willy" is one of my fave songs! It was one of the songs I always got excited about when I heard it, it's one of my fond childhood memories. I also love "Wig Wam Bam", which, if played now, would probably piss off Native Americans here in the States.
Glam Rock is so sorely underrepresented on American Radio, even after all these years. T-Rex was glam, and rocked hard. "Bang A Gong" is still one of the best songs ever. But, the same reasoning (I believe) behind Glam Rock never really catching on is the same behind why groups like Scissor Sisters and Adam Lambert get very little, or no, play at all - homophobia and lack of insight (even though Scissor Sisters have had 3 million-plus sales all over Europe, particularly in Britain and England.)
It's okay to rock out in America, as long as it involves the possibility of scoring pussy. Things have changed somewhat in the American music biz, but Glam and gay / lesbian performers still exist on the fringes of the 'serious' rock (and music in general) There were other Glammers besides David Bowie, but you'd never really know it by radio in the States today.
Anyway, I wish EVERYONE subscribed to FH a VERY MERRY XMAS, and the fervent hope that 2011 HAS TO GET BETTER!!! I encourage everyone to GO POND (in a nice way) for the Hollydaze! Later!
Ed Pond
"Bang A Gong" gets almost constant airplay here in Chi-Town, on both the oldies AND Classic Rock stations ... but we first discovered Marc Bolan and T-Rex with their EARLIER release, "Hot Love", a #15 Hit here in Chicago in 1971. Now THAT's one you NEVER hear on the radio anymore. (Nationally, it only reached #54 on the Cash Box Chart and #72 in Billboard ... which is probably why ... but it's a goodie so we're going to feature it here today. Let's see if THIS one rings a memory bell or two out there! (kk)

>>>With only about two months left in office, Florida governor Charlie Crist is considering a posthumous pardon for legendary rocker Jim Morrison, who was charged with indecent exposure following a 1969 concert in Miami, Florida. The lead singer for
The Doors was charged after allegedly exposing himself during a March 1, 1969 concert at Miami’s Dinner Key Auditorium. The singer was eventually convicted of indecent exposure and profanity but never served time before he died in Paris in 1971. For years, fans of The Doors have sought a pardon for Morrison and in 2007 Crist first indicated a willingness to examine the issue. According to Florida Today, Crist’s spokesman Sterling Ivey confirmed a report in “The Hill”, a congressional news organization. Ivey said a pardon is something Crist “is willing to look at,” Florida Today reported. (News Release)>>>That's good to hear. I've been worrying about this since 1971. LOL!
(Frank B.)
>>>Ah yes, a tremendous load off MY mind, too. (Hmmm ... I wonder if he'll ALSO declare "Touch Me" as the new state song?!?!?) kk
Now this from "Wild Bill" Cody ...
COMMENTARY By JOHN DENSMORE (Drummer of the legendary rock group “The Doors”):

Can I just make a statement?
He didn’t do it!
I was there;
If Jim had revealed the golden shaft, I would have known.
There were hundreds of photographs taken and tons of cops and no evidence. Yeah, Jim was a drunk and a sensational, crazy guy, but he also was a great artist and I want him to be remembered for the art as well as the craziness. At the time, things were pretty political with the Vietnam War — the whole country was polarized, not unlike today — and he went to see [painter-poet] Julian Beck and Judith Molina of The Living Theatre and was inspired because they wore minimal clothes and were going up the aisles saying, “No passports, no pieces.” It was pretty wild stuff. Jim tried to inject it in to the Miami concert, and he was inebriated, so it wasn’t so successful. Musically, it was terrible, but politically, it was intriguing. So that was his motive and then it became this sensational, “get the hippie band that represents the counter culture!”
Hmmm ... "Golden Shaft", eh?!?!? I've heard for YEARS that Morrison never really did it ... but again, this is the stuff that legends are made of!

(Then again, others who claim to have seen it tell me that THIS is the REAL reason why Jim was known as "The Lizard King"!!! lol j/k) kk

I really wanted to go ... but an April celebration would be nice, too ... you're right, maybe with a bit more notice, we can get a few other local rockers to hit the stage! I'll always remember Jimy as being a really nice guy ... a bit of a loner, to be sure ... but ALWAYS put pleasing the fans ahead of everything else. (kk)

(MORE ON THIS BELOW ... We just heard back from Joan Gand and it sounds like the show is being set up as we speak!!!) kk

kent ...
i recall seeing the mauds at the international amphitheatre back around 1967 ... as i recall, they opened for mitch ryder ...
they also had a guitar player from new trier who graduated a year before i did ... by chance do you recall his name? somehow, bill winters pops to mind but i'm just taking a wild guess.
you should hip your audience to "are you lonely for me baby", a great blusey-soul jam from the mid 60's by freddie scott ... i wonder just how great freddie would have been with a "push" from his record company.

chet coppock

Checking my original Mauds album from 1967 ("Hold On"), it lists the line-up as Jimy Rogers (lead vocals ... actually spelled "Jimmy" on the LP liner notes), Billy Winter (on vocals and bass guitar), Fuzzy Fuscaldo (jazz lead guitar), Timmy Coniglio (rhythm guitar and brass) and Phil Weinberg (on drums).
Clark Besch sent me a LATER listing (from a 1968 release called "Early Chicago") that shows the band's line-up as: Jim Rogers (vocal ... Jim?!?!? Did ANYBODY really call him "Jim"?!?!?), Robert (Fuzzy) Fuscaldo (Guitar), Denny Horan (Drums), Bill Sunter (Bass), Tim Coniglio (Guitar and Trumpet) and Dan Hoagland (Tenor Sax) ... PLUS the following members from Chicago Transit Authority on brass backing: James Pankow (Trombone), Robert Lamm (Organ), Lee Loughname (Trumpet) and Walter Parazaider (Tenor sax), in one of their very first recorded efforts.
If you hadn't seen The Mauds lately, you REALLY missed a treat. Their post-2001 line-ups are amongst the best the band ever enjoyed ... I truly mean it when I say that Jimy sounded better than EVER these past few years. (CD's of these line-ups can be found on The Mauds website: ... and are WELL worth a listen!)
As for the Freddie Scott track, "Are You Lonely For Me" topped Billboard's R&B Chart for four weeks back in 1967 ... it also reached #39 on their pop chart (and soared even higher in Cash Box, peaking at #24) ... so I'd say it was a reasonably sized hit worthy of another spin here today! Thanks, Chet! (kk)

Kent -
Thanks for posting the comments about Jimy and wish you could have been there ... but we understand.
The evening was truly magical and we did videotape the whole thing, so hope to have some good stuff from it soon.

Tune In ... WNUR Radio -- 89.3 FM -- Sunday, December 19, 2010

(That's TODAY!!!) kk
Jimy Rogers Remembered -- 1:30 - 3:00 pm Chicago Time
Lynn Orman Weiss has dedicated her weekly blues show to those we have lost this year. Joan and Gary Gand and Steve Temkin have been invited to join Lynn to talk about Jimy's legacy and play some old and new music during the show.
BLUE ROAD will be playing at Diamond Jim's in East Dundee Friday January 7, from 8:30 p.m. - midnight, featuring Steve Nevets on vocals. This will be our last gig until March.
And, as promised, here is the latest on the Jimy Rogers Tribute Concert to be held in April at Reggie's in Chicago:
SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, April 2, 2011
Reggie's Rock Club / 2505 S. State Street / Chicago, IL
Jimy Rogers Tribute Concert
Blue Road and friends, including the Cryan Shames, Jimy Sohns, New Colony Six and MANY MORE ... TBA
DONATIONS are also being accepted to the Jimy Rogers Memorial Medial Fund
(to help defray his medical expenses)
Make check out to The Estate of James Rogers
Mail to: Gand Music and Sound / 780 Frontage Rd. / Northfield IL 60093
Thanks to everyone who gave at the memorial celebration concert.
Jimy Rogers Obituaries:
There is a new one that includes a great quote from Jim Peterik: Local Scene
Click HERE to read Tribune Obituary
Other Obituaries:
Daily Herald
Blue Road Holiday Tunes to Download
Available on iTunes or CD Baby:
click here
Includes Merry Christmas Baby and White Christmas, beautifully sung by Jimy Rogers

We received some especially sad news Saturday afternoon ...

and right before Christmas, too.
The legendary Clay Cole has passed away.

(And he JUST joined our FH List a few weeks back, too!!!)
A couple of quick, early reports as we heard about this:
A friend just e-mailed me that CLAY COLE died unexpectedly this morning at his home. His brother found him. Clay had coffee brewing and he had poured a glass of orange juice. I have no other details at this time.
Tom Cuddy

This may be the saddest post that I have ever written.

I found out a few hours ago with shock and a profound sense of sadness that my friend Clay Cole, the legendary TV and film personality, passed away unexpectedly this morning in his home. He was 72.
I won't provide any more details here. I feel it should be up to his family if they choose to do so.
Clay was so incredibly generous to me, as he was to countless others over the years. I am trying hard to gather my thoughts at this time but it's extremely difficult. The Jersey Girls -- Denise Ferri and Bernadette Carroll -- and I have acknowledged his passing on the Home Page and will be honoring Clay in many ways in the near future.
Ronnie Allen

I just saw Bernadette Carroll's post about this on Facebook and my initial reaction was to look for a "shock" button. I am profoundly stunned by this loss, but it is somewhat tempered by the fact that he left behind his book as one last legacy.

"Rest in peace" doesn't quite cut it here.
Clay -- Rock that joint!
-- Ron Smith

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of legendary disk jockey Clay Cole. Charlie Gracie, Jr.
This link will take you to a beautiful piece written by our friend Artie Wayne ... please take a few moments to check it out. (kk)

I'm sorry to report the passing of our friend, Hit Parade Hall of Fame nominating committee member Clay Cole.
Clay lived in semi retirement on an island off the North Carolina Coast. As a founding member of the
Hit Parade Hall of Fame, Clay's contributions were many, he will be missed.
John Rook

Famous Southern Gospel Singer and Elvis Presley’s favorite singer, SHERRILL (SHAUN) NIELSEN, went to be with his Lord and Savior on Friday, December 10, 2010. His devoted wife, Brenda Hall Nielsen, was by his side and held his hand as he crossed over the River Jordan.
Services will be under the direction of Moss Funeral Services, 1901 2nd Ave, N.W., Cullman, AL. The great So. Gospel Concert and Homecoming Celebration of Sherrill’s life and ministry will be held at the First Church of Nazarene, 5415 AL Hwy 157, Cullman, AL with Pastor Aaron Coffey officiating. Music, song and praise will be performed by many legends in the So. Gospel world of music.
Sherrill (Shaun) Nielsen, will be flown to the great state of Texas and buried next to Sherrill and Brenda’s only child, SherRee’ Elicia Nielsen, in the Cathedral in the Pines Cemetery, in Tyler, TX.
He was born September 10, 1942, in Montgomery, AL to Virginia Evelyn Jackson and Charlie Whitaker. He graduated from Robert E. Lee in Montgomery AL and then onto Trevecca Nazarene College in Nashville, TN. He then proudly served his country serving in the Air Force with the Air Force Strategic Command Band, Omaha, NE.
Little did the world know what to expect when Sherrill was born. God gave him one of the most amazing tenor voices around. Sherrill started his singing career at the age of 4 singing in his local Nazarene Church in Montgomery AL, where Mom and Dad Speer attended. Sherrill started his professional music career at the tender age of 14. He won the Mr. America Youth Singer at the Coliseum in Montgomery AL. At age 15, he cut his first solo LP – A Name I Highly Treasure.
In 1961, he joined the Singing Speer Family. While with the Singing Speer Family he was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. This was the stepping stone for his legendary 50 plus year career in So. Gospel Music. Sherrill teamed up with Jake Hess and formed the Illustrious Imperial Quartet, which won him another induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.
In late 1966, Sherrill moved to California and re-joined the Songfellows Quartet headed up by Bob Jones, Sr. He then moved on to the Plainsmen who was working with Gov. Jimmie Davis. Then had a solo career and later put together a group that Elvis later named VOICE. He was singing at the Grand Ole Opry when he got the call from the Elvis Presley Assn. to become Elvis’ backup singer. He stayed with Elvis, as a solo act, up until Elvis’ death in 1977.
It is well documented by Felton Jarvis, Elvis’ producer that Sherrill was Elvis’ favorite singer. In 1977, Elvis and Sherrill’s duet, “Softly As I Leave You" was nominated for a Grammy as “Duet of the Year”. Elvis always told him - “Sherrill, God loves you, but He loves you best when you sing”.
He then joined Hovie Lister and the Sensational Statesmen. What a line up of talent, the best of the best. Hovie Lister, Doy Ott, Jim Hill, Big Chief and Sherrill. This earned him another induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Later the group transitioned into the Masters V.
In 1990, Sherrill moved to his grandfathers homeland of Denmark and stayed there for 14 years. While residing in Denmark, he began writing gospel music, he introduced Southern Gospel Music to the churches, performed concerts and traveled all over Europe. In 2004, he got a life changing e-mail from Houston TX and moved to Houston in June 2004. The life changing message was from his first love, Brenda Hall, whom he married in Dec 1963. They went their separate ways in 1967 and 40 years after the fact, the two love birds got back together, remarried and thus, he put VOICE back together.
Sherrill and Brenda performed as a duo, traveling all over the world. Sherrill just recently put together a premier gospel group “Sherrill Nielsen and VOICE, consisting of Mike Martin, Nick Fike, Sean McCaw and Sherrill.
Sherrill’s ministry has touched hearts and lives all over the world. He received two Legendary Awards for his dedication to gospel music, a Proclamation from the Governor of Alabama, and in June 2011 was scheduled to be honored by the Music City Gospel Showcase as “As Pioneer and Legendary Performer”. In March 2010, Sherrill was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He lived his life with dignity and lived his life to the fullest.
You can read more about this amazing legend and his legacy at their website
Preceding him in death are his grandparents, Christian Richard and Virgie Lee Jeter. His grandparents adopted him, thus, allowing him to become Sherrill (Shaun) Nielsen. Also preceding him in death was their only daughter, SherRee’ Elicia Nielsen, who was killed on her 20th birthday by a drunk driver.
Survivors include his wife and the love of his life, Brenda Hall Nielsen. They were first married in 1963, went their separate ways in 1967, and remarried June 2004. Sister, Sharon Stoenner, Jacksonville FL, Sister, Jane Whitaker, Windsor, CN, Brother, Steve Stoenner, Taylors, SC and Brother, Gary Whitaker, Windsor, CN. He has cousins in the Cullman area, Dr. John Nielsen, Tommy Nielsen, Christian Nielsen and their sister, Nancy Davis from Jackson MS (all children of the late Dr. Elmer and Annie Lee Nielsen). Sherrill and Brenda have many friends that may not be blood relatives but have and hold a special place in their heart. Henrik and Mette Salomon from Svendborg, Denmark are at the top of that list. Sherrill calls Henrik his son.

-- submitted by The Elvis Expert

Captain Beefheart, a.k.a. Don Van Vliet, dies at 69
by Simon Vozick-Levinson
Avant-garde rock legend and visual artist Don Van Vliet, who performed under the name
Captain Beefheart, passed away today at age 69. A representative of New York City’s Michael Werner Gallery, which showed his paintings, confirms the sad news to EW. Van Vliet died of complications from multiple sclerosis at a hospital in Northern California this morning.
Born in California in 1941, Van Vliet dubbed himself Captain Beefheart and began experimenting with eccentric rock’n'roll sounds in the mid-1960s. His first two releases with the Magic Band drew positive notice from some connoisseurs but failed to connect with the wider public. Van Vliet next forged a close creative partnership with Frank Zappa, a former high school classmate, who signed Beefheart to his Straight Records and produced 1969′s
Trout Mask Replica. While the bizarre double album was not a major commercial success, it quickly became a cultural landmark. Van Vliet effectively redefined the frontiers of popular music, singing snatches of surreal imagery in disturbing tones over music that drew on blues, jazz, psychedelia, and a thousand other subgenres. Trout Mask Replica is still cited today as an essential art-rock document.
Van Vliet continued recording as Captain Beefheart with a rotating group of Magic Band members through 1982. (
Read about his five best albums.) In later years, he shifted his primary focus to creating visual art, a world in which he won some acclaim. The Michael Werner Gallery displayed his work for decades, with their most recent Van Vliet show occurring in 2007. Earlier this month, one of Van Vliet’s paintings was reportedly being offered at an asking price of $40,000.
Please join the Music Mix in sending our condolences to Van Vliet’s family and friends.

As Kent mentioned about radio playing the incorrect "hit" version, it was not uncommon to find '50's hit songs being remade because of better recording quality and / or the advent of stereophonic sound. Some of these re-recordings become the new radio "standard", while not being the actual hit. Even tonight, Music Choice c/o Comcast, was playing a remake of one of Little Richard's hits. I must admit, I prefer to hear the hit versions, but then again I'd like to hear the better sound quality, so I'm a bit flexible. "One Tin Soldier" of the '70's was remade and charted better than the previous year's hit, though the first version was reissued to hamper the success of the second version.

But hits vs. remakes is just the beginning of difference you may hear on radio. When CDs hit radio, some songs sounded different to me, maybe they were remixed, maybe it was the first time I heard them in stereo. But previously, there were Quadraphonic LPs that sounded different than the original hit. One of my favorites was Sly & The Family Stone's Quad LP, because one hit song premiered in stereo, not to be found anywhere else until much later.While I initially wanted to hear every song I liked in Stereo, because it was different, I decided to expand my collection to include most everything uncommon, primarily of US Top 40, including, but not limited to, Demos, Out-Takes / Alternate versions, Unedited, Studio Talk, Different / Foreign Vocals, Botched Lyrics, Audiophile Quality, Karaoke, Remixed, and Quadraphonic.
Anyway, here are a few Quadrphonic mixes (snippets) that may sound different to you. The last one I'm not sure of, but it certainly fits the bill of a Quadraphonic mix, accidentally published on CD.
Sly & The Family Stone. Thank You Falettinme ...

Tony Orlando & Dawn. Knock Three Times ...
Lynn Anderson. Rose Garden ...
Love Unlimited Orchestra. Love's Theme ...
Jersey John

I know you are always interested in songs with more than one version. How about recordings credited to more than one artist? The song is "Beg, Borrow and Steal".
The same recording is credited to the Rare Breed and to the Ohio Express, when in fact it was originally recorded by a group called The Conquests. There is a unique video on YouTube done by two of the original Conquests which I believe conclusively shows who REALLY recorded this song. You can find it on YouTube under Beg, Borrow and Steal - Original Band - Ohio Express. Check it out; it's great!
Bob Verbos,
New Berlin, WI.

Well, I've always known that The Rare Breed and The Ohio Express were, in fact, one and the same ... but this is the first I've heard anything about The Conquests!
The Rare Breed single first came out in 1966 on the Attack record label. Cameo / Parkway then reissued it as by The Ohio Express in '67 and at that time it charted at #23 in Cash Box Magazine.
A year later The Ohio Express would become major players (but, obviously, NOT The Ohio Players) in the whole bubblegum music craze, scoring Top 40 Hits with "Yummy Yummy Yummy", "Down At Lulu's", "Chewy Chewy" and "Mercy", all bubblegum classics. (Their music was VERY popular here in Chicago where "Yummy Yummy Yummy", "Down At Lulu's" and "Chewy Chewy" all made The Top 3 ... with "Yummy Yummy Yummy" topping the charts in The Summer of '68. Anybody got any more information to share on The Conquests? They're not even mentioned in the recent Cameo / Parkway CD Box ... just The Rare Breed and The Ohio Express. Thanks! (kk)

Kent ...
How Ya' doin'?
For the last three years I’ve been writing my book about my 50 years in the music business. I was warned not to write about certain people, certain companies, and certain things which (of course) made me even want to tell more than I was planning to reveal. In my book, “I DID IT FOR A SONG”, I write about my first hand experiences with some of the greatest names in the music business, MORRIS LEVY, Neil Bogart, Quincy Jones, The BEATLES, Jimi Hendrix, SCOTT SHANNON, The Eagles, MICHAEL JACKSON, Bert Berns, Alan Freed, Clive Davis, DAVID GEFFEN, Marvin Gaye, The Rolling Stones, AND DOZENS MORE!
My book will be officially published in the spring, but I’m offering an on-line, UNCENSORED, UNEDITED copy for THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS (with all the good parts left in)!
Here are some pictures of people in my book that probably won’t appear in the official release… as well as
I hope you will all enjoy it just click onto
Thanks and regards,
Artie Wayne

If you don't have time to read Connie Szerszen's entire book, at least read the chapter entitled "Cherry, Cherry". I don't want to spoil it, but it to summarize: "Neil Diamond (and others) invite naive 'Good Catholic Girl' to their hotel room."
Ed Erxleben
Interestingly enough, Clark Weber told a story last week about a Neil Diamond that was "so shy" he was afraid to come up to the WLS studio to see what Clark thought about his brand new release "Cherry Cherry" ... so he hung out on the street corner instead until his Bang Records Label Reps came down to get him and tell him that Weber LOVED the song and would be adding it to the WLS playlist. Hard to imagine Neil so shy ... and so forward ... all at the same time ... or maybe his "priorities" were just a little skewed! (lol) kk

Charles Rosenay has been telling us that Tommy Roe was going to be coming out of retirement to perform at his recent BeatExpo ... and we just received a video clip of this, featuring Tommy singing his 1970 Forgotten Hit "Jam Up And Jelly Tight", a Top Five Smash that's been all but forgotten by oldies radio. (It's kinda neat to hear Tommy dedicate this one to Stormin' Norman, too, another FH List Member!) The clip was filmed live at BeatExpo and sent in by Eddie Burke:
Click here: YouTube - Jam Up & Jelly Tight LIVE by Tommy Roe

Hey Kent ...
Wanted to make you aware of the new / improved Rip Chords website at
It's a nine page website with lots of old and new photos, as well as lots of Video and Audio.
Pass the word, and check it out when you have a chance.
We listed "Forgotten Hits" on our "Links" page too!
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords
Thanks, Mitch, I appreciate that! Would love to see our site linked to ALL your websites out there ... if you enjoy Forgotten Hits, please help us to spread the word! (kk)

I really enjoy all of your oldie music articles and the interesting disc jockeys and other folks that contribute every day to Forgotten Hits. There are a lot of old Forgotten Hits out there.
Some of my favorites from lesser known singers are the “French Song” by Lucille Starr in 1964, and probably her only hit. “Just Come Home” by Hugo & Luigi in 1959, and Joe Valino’s “Garden of Eden” in 1956. Also, another record I’ve always liked is by Dick & DeeDee in 1964, called “Turn Around”. I’ve found that song hard to find on I Tunes or even You Tube. I think DeeDee (Sperling) is still alive and singing with another guy, as Dick (Gosling) was killed in an accident several years ago.
Keep the articles coming.
Wow, two Dick and DeeDee mentions in the past couple of weeks! Now THAT'S a first! (lol) Hey, we can feature "Turn Around" ... it was a #22 Pop Hit back in early 1964 (and it went all the way to #12 here in Chicago.) Today it's considered a "folk classic". (According to Joel Whitburn's book, the song was first introduced by Harry Belafonte back in 1959.) kk

Hey Kent:
Please add to that "Tobacco Road" performer list - The Cryan' Shames. In the early days it always part of the set; even now it is performed on occasion when James Fairs is on hand. I even have the recording around here someplace!
Sue Patterson
I don't see that The Shames ever "officially" recorded "Tobacco Road" ... but I asked Clark Besch, who scoured the archives while compiling the complete reissue series of Cryan' Shames tracks for CD release. Let's see what he has to say. (kk)
The Cryan Shames performed "Tobacco Road" as one of their regular repertoire in the 60's and even in their 1982 reunion show. It was a long drawn out version. (If time permits during week, I will try to send along a Shames live version from the 82 reunion show. That'd probably shock a few, eh?) If you have the Shames liner notes to the CDs, I believe I mention "Tobacco Road" as one of the Shames staple songs in their sets also.
This hasn't been a great week for me ... but the music gets me through.
AND Forgotten Hits!!
Great if you can find a copy ... or maybe Hooke has one we can share??? Or James (don't call me Jimmy) Fairs? (kk)

>>>With all the Christmas Music that we've been featuring lately, one might expect the mere mention of "Grammy" to be followed by "Got Run Over By A Reindeer"!!! But we've actually got some pretty exciting Grammy News to share with our readers today, courtesy of Merrell Fankhauser! (kk)
>>>I just received this from Rhino Records ... The 60's box set I am in is nominated for a Grammy! We're up against The Beatles in the same reissue category! It's an honor to be nominated and I've already gotten 180 congrats in emails! (Merrell Fankbauser)

>>>The CD reissue compilation in question is the "Where The Action Is" Box Set, which we covered in great depth last summer. (In fact, we even filed a couple of eye-witness reports from the CD release party!) kk
Dino, Desi & Billy are also represented in this Grammy nominated compilation.
Billy Hinsche
Yep ... sounds like it was a GREAT time for all at the CD Launch Party. Congrats on your Grammy nomination! (kk)
Great news about the Grammy Nomination for this box set!
I grew up in the LA area and heard many of the tracks that didn't get beyond LA, even though some of the artists in the groups moved on to major careers. I was too young to get into the clubs where all that history was made, but old enough to be cruisin' the Sunset strip and Hollywood Blvd in awe of the crowds waiting to enter the clubs. BTW I was at the CD release party last year at Amoeba Music. Never imagined I'd be sitting across a table watching people like Bobby Hart, Danny Hutton, P.F. Sloan and Jackie DeShannon sign copies of the collection I bought for myself and a friend! The most nostalgic track for me is still Danny Hutton's pre Three Dog Night "Roses and Rainbows"
"Roses And Rainbows" was actually a big hit here in Chicago for Danny Hutton pre-Three Dog Night ... believe it or not, it made The Top Ten back in 1965, some four years before Three Dog Night burst on the scene! (kk)

And, speaking of nominees ...

This year's list of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees came out last week. No real surprises here ... in fact, a few websites "leaked" the results as early as 48 hours before the "official" announcement was made by The Rock Hall.
It's neat to see that Elton John's campaigning got Leon Russell an "honorary" induction in what USED to be called the "Sidemen" category ... (hmm, I thought there WAS no such thing as "campaigning" for an artist ... wonder what's up with that?!?!?)
I've got no real problems with any of this year's inductees ... more long-deserving and oft-overlooked artists finally made the cut ... so we send our congratulations out to Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Dr. John, Darlene Love and Tom Waits. Some of your comments follow below, along with the official New York Times story written by Ben Sisario, submitted by Tom Cuddy (kk) ...

Rock Hall Announces New Inductees
Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, Dr. John and Darlene Love are the latest inductees to the pantheon of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the organization will announce on Wednesday morning.
Ms. Love, the go-to backup singer in the 1960s who sang on many of
Phil Spector’s biggest hits — sometimes as the lead, but not always with credit — had been nominated twice before, but all of the other performers had been nominated for the first time. In addition, Leon Russell is being honored with the award for musical excellence (formerly known as the sidemen award), and nonperformer honors will go to Jac Holzman, who founded Elektra Records, and Art Rupe, who created the Specialty label. As always, who didn’t get in says as much as who did. A look at the nominees who didn’t make the cut suggests that the Hall of Fame voters played it safe, after some criticism last year when Abba, the epitome of 1970s disco-pop, was admitted in favor of Kiss. This year, on the other hand, the disco-affiliated nominees (Donna Summer, Chic) were shut out, as well as anyone who could have added to the Rock Hall’s limited hip-hop roster (LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys).
Also shut out was Bon Jovi, whose nomination stirred some
debate, as well the singer-songwriters Donovan and Laura Nyro, and the R&B singers Joe Tex and Chuck Willis. Artists become eligible for nomination 25 years after the release of their first single or album, and the awards are voted on by more than 500 music professionals. The 26th
annual induction ceremony will be held on March 14 at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.

It's about time they recognized Darlene Love at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. David Letterman will be taping his Christmas show with her and Jay Thomas on Tuesday December 21 and it will be aired on Thursday December 23.
(Ronnie Spector will be on Letterman tonight Wednesday December 15.)

With their upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Alice Cooper, is acknowledged as one of the most influential bands in rock history. At inception forty years ago, the group shocked the world so fundamentally that it seems to have taken a preternaturally long time for their incredible talent to be recognized. In 1970, Alice Cooper flipped hippie ideals on their head and astonished the world, “driving a stake through the heart of the Love Generation,” as the group’s namesake put it.
It’s arguable that without Alice Cooper, there might never have been KISS, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Motley Crue, Slipknot or Rob Zombie... maybe not even David Bowie, or at least not Ziggy Stardust. Heavy Metal took the imagery, punk took the tunes, rock and pop took the showmanship and fans the world over fell in love with the macabre sense of humor. Amazingly, those fans have included legends as diverse as Peter Sellers, Groucho Marx, Salvador Dali and Bob Dylan who proclaimed Alice as an “overlooked songwriter.”
 These days, artists as diverse as Metallica and Lady GaGa proclaim Alice Cooper's enduring influence on them. 
True originals, Alice Cooper invented the concept of the rock concert as theatre with truly trailblazing stagecraft and showmanship in the early 1970's, with Alice himself continuing as a solo artist since 1975, remaining one of rock’s global megastars with well over 50 million record sales to prove it. 

The surviving band members (guitarist Glen Buxton died in 1997) upon hearing the induction news provided the following comments:
"This proves that Glen, Neal, Alice, Michael and I (and all of our fans) weren't so crazy after all. I'm absolutely thrilled because, let's face it, this great honor is about as good as it gets." Dennis Dunaway
"Sometimes, as we were blazing a new theatrical trail in rock, there were moments in the career of our band that overwhelmingly exceeded even our monstrous expectations. Being inducted into "The Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame, Class Of 2011," with my four best friends Michael, the late Glen Buxton, Alice and Dennis, is one of those incredible moments for our one of a kind rock band." Neal Smith
“Take one part Yardbirds, one part West Side Story, starring Bela Lugosi and Bette Davis, and you have Hellzapoppin! and then POOF !! -- and you have Alice Cooper. Now if you can digest that, and the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame can digest that, we will happily be the Hall's arch villains. We are grateful from the bottom of our black little hearts." Alice Cooper
“The band that couldn't shoot straight strikes again, from having all our hits to being in so many Top 100 all-time polls -- be careful what you wish for because with hard work and perseverance and a good group of people like Neal, Dennis, Alice and Glen, you just might get it. It's just a shame that Glen couldn't be here with us to share in it, but we do also share this with (producer) Bob Ezrin and (manager) Shep Gordon, without whom..." Michael Bruce

(submitted by Bob Merlis)

In a statement posted by Neil Diamond, he said: “Any club that has Chuck Berry and Little Richard and The Everly Brothers is a club that I want to be a part of. I think it’s great. I’m happy that they recognized me and my work.“ (kk)

And, speaking of Neil Diamond ...

YouTube - Neil Diamond - Brooklyn Roads 2008 (Hot August Night NYC)
Kent ...
From Brooklyn (place of my birth) to the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.
Congratulations, Neil.
Frank B.

One of my all-time favorite Neil Diamond songs ... remember when he used to SING this??? (kk)

For videos from each of this year's inductees, check out the WCBS-FM link provided by Frank B:
The Secrets Out: Cooper, Diamond, Love And The Doctor Are Hall Of Famers « WCBS-FM 101.1
Kent ...
I was rooting for Neil & Darlene to make it and they did.
Frank B.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has finally become legitimate!
The Master of Space and Time, Leon Russell, is in the 2011 class.
The induction ceremony is March 14th.
Can I say that "I told you so!"
Steve Sarley
Thanks to a bit of "campaigning" by Sir Elton John (who is currently touring with Leon on his latest "Dueling Piano Men" tour after Billy Joel begged-off for this latest round ... and also just recorded and released an album together as an Elton / Leon duet), we have to extend our Congratulations to a long-overlooked musical gem. (I don't know that he would have been recognized were it not for Elton's efforts ... and for 25 years we've been told that The Hall is NOT influenced by ANY outside "fans" of these artists, no matter HOW influential they may be ... I don't think you'll find ANYBODY who knows a think or two about music bitching about THIS inclusion.) Hey, Leon's been at it for years and ALWAYS in the thick of it, too. Glad to see him get the nod ahead of say The Beastie Boys ... or Afrika Bambaataa ... or so many other "WTF's" that seem to make the ballot every year! (kk)

We're still accepting entries to win a free, autographed copy of Alan O'Day's first LP, "Appetizers", recently reissued on CD for the very first time. It's a great collection of vintage '70's music with titles like "Do Me Wrong, But Do Me", "Started Out Dancing, Ended Up Making Love", "Slot Machine", "Gifts", "Soldier Of Fortune" and the long, LP-Version of Alan's #1 Hit "Undercover Angel" (as well as his own version of the Helen Reddy chart-topper "Angie Baby".) It's ALL good stuff ... and if you'd like YOUR shot at winning a copy, just drop me an email and we'll enter you in the drawing. (I think we're going to wait until after the holiday mail rush to send these out ... so that gives you a little more time to enter, too!) It's a great CD ... and we're featuring Alan's version of "Angie Baby" here today just to help whet your appetite (get it?!?!?).
Alan discussed this song exclusively with Forgotten Hits last year:
by Alan O'Day, © 2006)
Back in 1974, I was trying to write a song loosely based on the character in the Beatles’ “Lady Madonna”. My “heroine” was initially a typical modern woman, dealing with the complexities of juggling family & work. Now when a writer is at the beginning stages of a project, gut-level feelings are sometimes all you have to go on. And my “gut” told me that the character I was creating had a major problem: she was boring! This frustrating observation led me to explore some “what if?” scenarios.
What if the woman in my song was abnormal in some way? My thoughts went back several years to a young next door neighbor girl who seemed “socially retarded”. Very quiet, kept to herself. Although I hardly knew her, I liked to imagine what she thought about. And I also remembered my own childhood: I was sick often as a kid, and being an only child, many of my days were spent in bed with a radio to keep me company.
These thoughts germinated into an imaginary retarded teenage girl named “Angie Baby” (probably named from the Rolling Stones’ song “Angie”), and I began a lyric story describing her situation:
During this time I was seeing a therapist, & I decided to take my early lyric draft to her for an opinion. She “stumbled” on the word SLOW, explaining that Angie’s reactions later in the song were not those of a retarded person. After recovering from this injury to my inner rhyme (SLOW YOU KNOW), I changed SLOW to TOUCHED. And that’s when Angie started to get crazy & fascinating!
Mentally, she lived in a dream world of lovers inspired by the songs on her radio. Thus she appeared to be completely vulnerable to the prurient interests of her male neighbor. But the chorus leaves her true capabilities up to the imagination of the listener, when it says: "LIVIN’ IN A WORLD OF MAKE BELIEVE ... WELL, MAYBE”
As the lyric progresses, we assume that the evil-minded neighbor will have his way with her. But that’s where the twist comes in: as he enters her world, i.e. her bedroom, it becomes a reality for him as well, with weird & unexpected consequences.Without quoting the lyric further here, let me say that in my mind, as the writer, I knew exactly what happened to this horny little pervert!
Angie, it turns out, had more power than he or the listener expected; she literally shrank him down into her radio, where he remained as her slave whenever she desired him to come out.
But interestingly, those details did not seem to translate clearly to some listeners. And the lack of clarity led to wild & creative speculation on the part of the public. The song was compared to Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode To Billie Joe” (something was thrown off the Tallahatchie Bridge, but we don’t know what). And when “Angie Baby” was a hit in Australia, I got an unexpected 3 a.m. phone call from a disc jockey there, saying he had figured out the riddle of what Angie Baby did with the boy. Sleepy but wanting to be polite, I asked, “OK, what?” Triumphantly he answered, “She turned him into a disc jockey!” Actually, I wish I’d thought of that!
I would also like to claim that I intended to create “the ultimate Women’s Lib song”, as it was called. But I was only being influenced by the times (including, of course “I Am Woman”), and savoring the triumph of David over Goliath, the insane over the sane, & taking my audience on a dramatic ride. I was not consciously making a political statement, although I’m pleased in retrospect that my heroine was seen as “empowered”.
Certainly the song’s success was helped immensely by Helen Reddy’s public persona, and by her singing style, which gave the performance the feel of a subtle “in joke” being shared with a few elite friends.
One of my happiest stories about the song came in the form of a grateful letter from a mental hospital counselor in Hawaii. Seems she had a traumatized patient named Angie, who had been unable to talk for some period of time. She decided to play the 45 rpm single of Angie Baby, daily, for this unfortunate girl, to see if it might somehow help. The counselor wrote that this girl began making dramatic progress, and if memory serves me, was ultimately released.
As a songwriter, if one percent of your product is successful, you are considered a success. I am so thankful that I followed my bliss & have been able to survive & prosper. Helen Reddy’s single was Billboard #1 for two weeks, & eventually sold approximately two million copies.
And whatever you might say about Angie Baby, she’s not boring!
Alan O’Day
When I was first preparing these comments to run on the website several months ago, I let Frannie read Alan's explanation of the story behind "Angie Baby" ... and she felt TOTALLY vindicated.

"Be sure to tell Alan that I was one of the ones who got it," she told me, regarding the imagery of Angie capturing her lover and keeping him inside her radio, only to draw him out again for some "cuddling company" as the mood struck her.
"All the kids told me I was crazy when I told them what I thought the song was about," Frannie says ... "Please let Alan know that he conveyed the imagery perfectly to this young teenager's mind. Plus there is GREAT satisfaction in knowing that I was right after all these years!!!"
Amen! (kk)

You Do A Great Service For The Silver Hair Crowd!!

Please put me on the list.
I got to meet and travel with many of the stars from the 60’s and 70’s.
Would love to hear some of your stories from time to time, Dennis. (Dennis works as a private detective!!!) Welcome aboard! (kk)

LOTS of great stuff planned as we head into the Christmas homestretch!
Naturally, we'll be wrapping up our Forgotten Hits "Twelve Days Of Christmas" / "Countdown To Christmas" feature (with Days 10, 11 and 12 of this hot new series, featuring BRAND NEW Christmas Music from the likes of: The Archies, Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, The Carpet Frogs, Danny and the Juniors, Dr. Elmo, Johnny Farina (of Santo and Johnny), Henry Gross, Johnny V, Andy Kim, Bob Lind, Ian Lloyd (of Stories), The 1910 Fruitgum Company, Rachel and the Reindeerz, Carly Simon (sort of), The Tell-Alls, Matt Tyson and Veeder Van Dorn!

.. but FIRST, we're going to take another look at the Robin Luke hit "Susie Darlin'", which not only got a GREAT reaction from our readers ... but also may have sparked a brand new Forgotten Hits controversy!

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