Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bears / Packers

If you live in Chicago, there has been very little talk about anything else this past week ...

Some fans are considering Sunday's Game between The Chicago Bears
The Green Bay Packers to be bigger than The Super Bowl itself!!!

The long-standing rivalry kicks off at 2 PM Chicago Time ... and it promises to be a bone-chilling good time for all parties concerned. (And that's not just because our wind chills have been in the 20-degrees-below-zero range lately! This weekend's game is all or nothing for both teams.)

Although The Bears have the better record this season, statistically (on paper anyway) The Green Bay Packers appear to have the better team. Either way it promises to be a real battle to the finish, both teams hungry for their Super Bowl berth. In fact, it may be the most important match-up EVER between these two teams ... so there are no real losers here. (Unless, of course, you're Lee DeWyze ... but that's a whole 'nother story!!!)

In the midst of all the hoopla, I was quite amused to get this note from WRCO Disc Jockey Phil Nee from Richland Center, Wisconsin yesterday ... seems we're not the only ones feeling the pressure!

My wife's family is from the Rockford area and she is a life long Bears fan.
I am the only Packer fan in the house.
Perhaps you could find Cher's song Living in a House Divided?
Phil Nee

lol ... sounds like a GREAT idea, Phil ... and a long Forgotten Hit to boot!
(Cher took this one to #21 back in 1972 during her first major comeback. After being absent from the pop charts as a solo artist since her 1967 hit "You Better Sit Down Kids" (#8, 1967), Cher scored eight straight Top 50 Hits between 1971 and 1974. (Having a hit television series certainly didn't hurt!) And THREE of those hits went all the way to #1: "Gypsys, Tramps And Thieves", "Half-Breed" and "Dark Lady".
Odds are you won't hear "Living In A House Divided" anytime soon on conventional radio ... so we're happy to feature today it as another Forgotten Hits Weekend "Extra".

By the way ... special props to WLS-FM Dee Jay Greg Brown who devoted an entire hour on his program on Friday Night to playing nothing but music by the band Chicago. (In fact, several members of the band even called into the show!)
The tribute was inspired by some Green Bay General Manager announcing that his radio station was banning all music by Chicago over the weekend from his airwaves in honor of his Green Bay team. Chicago's Walt Parazaider called in and vowed that if (I mean WHEN) The Bears win on Sunday, he will buy enough time to RENT that Green Bay station for the following two weeks and play nothing but Chicago music until it's time for The Super Bowl! (And he just might really do it, too!!!)

All in good fun ... but there'll be MILLIONS watching Sunday afternoon to see who's going to The Super Bowl this year! (kk)