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The Sunday Comments ( 01 - 30 - 11 )

In respect of the privacy of our readers, we always send our emails out "blind" ... but, inevitably, once or twice a year, one of these sneaks through "unblinded". All we can do is apologize for this ... it is certainly not our intent to publish the email addresses of our many readers.

Fortunately ... (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) ... our alert mailings go out to TWELVE separate mailing lists ... so even if one of them gets by me (which apparently it did on Friday), it only represents about 8% of our mailing list ... still an inconvenience, I know, but not as bad as it COULD be. Unfortunately ... (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) ... our list has become a VERY desirable list. We've got a pretty elite group of oldies fans, deejays and artists who read and participate with Forgotten Hits on a daily basis ... so when an "unblind" list DOES make it past us, some of the "poachers" on the list IMMEDIATELY try to contact each and every member available on that list for their own purposes. (Much easier to steal OUR list, I guess, than to develop a meaningful list of their own!!!)
Again, for this I apologize. Please know that we have NEVER ... nor WILL we ever ... distribute our list to ANYBODY out there asking us to do so. (And you'd be surprised by just how many people have!) It's taken twelve years to establish ourselves as the "go to" source for oldies information ... and it's list members like each and every one of you out there that make Forgotten Hits as unique an insightful as it is. So again, I want to apologize to anybody who received unsolicited email from any of these list poachers ... my recommendation is to simply email them back and ask them to remove your name from their address book immediately. Hopefully they'll show enough respect to do so.
Meanwhile, we'll continue to monitor this as closely as we can but I already know that SOMEWHERE down the line it'll happen again when I'm rushing to get something up on the site as I've got one foot running out the door ... so let me apologize IN ADVANCE for THAT situation as well! (kk)

I think our recent piece on pressing your ashes into vinyl collectibles for your closest fans and family must have inspired our buddy Wild Bill Cody ... check this out:
I guess you heard the sad news that fitness guru Jack LaLanne passed away at the age of 96. Well, come to find out that his grieving widow Elaine has decided NOT to cremate his remains, but instead, since he was SO healthy, made up her mind to JUICE HIM!
I dunno why I find this funny ... you decide!
Too morbid or???
Hey, I think it's funny! (lol) kk
Boy does this suck or what?
Why this popped into my mind, I don't know, but I wanted to submit it to Jay Leno's Tonight Show (God knows his writers need some help!!!), but NBC informed me they will accept no unsolicited material nor will pay for such.
Whatever ... I thought this was funny ... especially since all you see on late night info-commercials is Jack LaLanne and his wife hawking their "juicers"!
Wild Bill



Kent ...
Don't know if you heard this sad news yet.
Frank B.
In Memoriam: Gladys Horton of The Marvelettes
And, from Ron Smith's website:
Gladys Horton, a founding member and one of the lead singers of the first Motown group to reach #1 (the Marvelettes with "Please Mr. Postman), died Wednesday (January 26) at a nursing home in Sherman Oaks, California. She was 66. Gladys had been in poor health since a stroke suffered last year. Gladys and four fellow students at Inkster High School in suburban Detroit formed the group as the Casinyets, which stood for "Can't Sing Yet." But they could. Despite only winning fourth place in their school's talent contest, they impressed Motown's Berry Gordy, Jr. and Smokey Robinson enough to give them a contract in 1961. Besides "Please Mr. Postman" that year, the girls had success with hits like "Playboy" (#7 - 1962) and "Beechwood 4 - 5789" (#17 - 1962). All told, they charted 25 times in eleven years. However, it soon became clear that Motown was putting its promotion behind the Supremes and the group's last top ten record was "Don't Mess With Bill" in 1966. Gladys left the group when she got married in 1967 and they broke up in 1971. She spent much of her time after that taking care of her handicapped son. Adding insult to injury, Motown gave away the rights to the group's name (some say by Gordy in a poker game) and Gladys was unable to re-form it in later years.

-- Ron Smith

Hi Kent,
Is it already Sunday again? Where did the week go?
Loved the KHJ boss jock jingle! Interesting to know the background behind it. Wow do those names bring back memories! KHJ was my home station back in the day when AM radio ruled. If music wasn’t blasting from the pink plastic plug in radio on my desk, it was coming from my transistor radio as I sat on the beach. Sam Riddle is a more than familiar name to me. His TV show “9th Street West” was the west coast version of American Bandstand and a must Monday – Friday along with the Lloyd Thaxton Show. A group of my friends and I were actually on the show that broadcast from Desilu Studios in Hollywood. I still have the Dusty Springfield LP that my boyfriend and I won for the Happy Faces contest. Then there was Hollywood A-Go-Go … a not to be missed weekly show on Saturday evening hosted by Sam Riddle. Here’s a link to a fun YouTube of that show: Hollywood a Go Go complete show open and close:
A little off the track of KHJ, but speaking of Lloyd Thaxton … I had quite an interesting experience getting to know him in 2006. I heard my morning DJ interviewing Lloyd when he published his book “Stuff Happens” and sent an email to the DJ about a memory I had of Lloyd’s lip sync performance of Jay & The Americans’ “Cara Mia”. Over the years when I’d hear that song rather than thinking of Jay & the Americans, I would always see Lloyd dressed in a crazy get up that included a Viking helmet. I always wondered what the connection was for a song with an Italian title. Before I knew it, I had an email from Lloyd with a photo of that memory and an answer my question. He said, “Well, an Italian helmet wouldn’t have been very funny!”

I replied to his message commenting on a photo of one of his shows that had been posted on the radio station site after the interview. I mentioned that some of the people in the photo were kids from my high school. Our exchange continued from there because Lloyd was working on a DVD of his old shows and said he would love to get in touch with people who had been on his show. It was timely that within a few weeks I had a high school reunion and the location was just minutes from Lloyds home, so he ended up making a surprise guest appearance.
The DJ for the evening played the audio that had been used as the show theme and when it started playing everyone smiled remembering the tune.

When Lloyd walked into the room and came to the mic and said “Hello my name is Lloyd Thaxton” everyone yelled back “So What!” Who could forget that highlight from the show! When he asked how many of those in the room had been on his show about three fourths of the people there raised their hands. He entertained us with a sense of humor that he certainly hadn’t lost over the years. Sadly Lloyd passed away in 2008, but his blog remains online at: and includes some memorable photos, stories and comments from Lloyd.
The Lloyd Thaxton show was syndicated in cities around the country. Anyone else have memories of this show? From his blog:
Lloyd was also one of the founders of Tiger Beat magazine. Following The Lloyd Thaxton Show, he hosted numerous network game shows, an ABC radio talk show and the variety show Showcase ’68 on NBC-TV. For eighteen years he was writer, producer and director of the high-rated national infotainment TV show “Fight Back! With David Horowitz” and writer-producer-director of over 200 segments on NBC-TV’s ‘”The Today Show.”
We received quite a bit of mail after Lloyd's passing a few years back ... he was well-loved by ALL of us who grew up watching his show after school. Shortly before, we heard him on Dave The Rave's "Relics And Rarities" radio program on Top Shelf Oldies ... where he was the consummate guest ... VERY entertaining. On that program he talked about putting together the series of DVD's that would best represent his show ... but he passed away before they ever saw the light of day. Here's hoping SOMEBODY will pick up the gauntlet and get these things out there to the public ... some of these performances were priceless and we would LOVE to see them again. Thanks for sharing YOUR memories with us, Dana! (kk)

... and, speaking of Top Shelf Oldies ...

We got this neat little clip from our buddy DJ Stu Weiss the other day ... looks like somebody put together a little video montage featuring Stu, Dave The Rave and Tom Diehl (along with all of the OTHER Top Shelf Oldies jocks!) Kinda neat ... and definitely worth a watch and listen! (kk)

I just read your ditty on KHJ's similar jingle and was going to email you or Chuck Buell to see if you had the KIMN version. I love it! And I remember it! Didn't Bruce Johnston and Doris Day's kid (can't think of his name) sing that jingle?
Talk about bringing back old memories! Hal "Baby" sounds YOUNG doesn't he?
If you remember the great days of 950 KIMN, you'll love this!
Thanx, KK,
Wild Bill
You're thinking of Terry Melcher ... I think this whole thing was put together by Roger Christian ... but maybe some of these jocks can share a few more details! (kk)

Good screening ... 600 showed up ... SRO.
Enough money was raised to buy licensing for two songs referenced in the film.
More info at the Wrecking Crew FB page ...
A must see for those who grew up on 60's pop and rock tunes ... Credit finally comes for the master session musicians of the Wrecking Crew

Fame comes in many forms, and the late guitarist Tommy Tedesco experienced a particularly weird form of it.
View Full Story here:
Click here: Credit finally comes for the master session musicians of the Wrecking Crew - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Kent ...
The last time I saw folk singer / activist Phil Ochs was at a small celebration the day that Nixon resigned live on TV. His brother, and my friend, publicist Michael Ochs, arranged for an NBC-TV crew to record Phil’s reaction to his arch enemy’s fall from power … while we all cheered!
Artie Wayne
I've been reading some REALLY good reviews on this new film (or would that be Philm???) While I'll admit to not being very familiar with Phil's work (I was simply into other music at the time), I'd like to see this if only to obtain an overview of this man's musical accomplishments. It's in limited release right now across the country and I can honestly say that I haven't heard ANYTHING but positive reviews. Check it out if you're so inclined! (kk)

>>>You have probably done this in the past before,but do you remember where you were and what you were doing on February 3, 1959, when you heard that the music had died? Maybe some of your readers would like to comment on here they were and what they were doing. (Larry Neal)
>>>We did a pretty in-depth feature a couple of years ago on the 50th anniversary of the plane crash. We can try to do a little something regarding Buddy Holly / Big Bopper / Ritchie Valens memories that day, I suppose ... if some of you readers out there would like to share a memory or two, I'd be happy to run them ... who knows, maybe I can even find some of the comments from a couple of years ago in the archives to run again. So, if you're interested in participating, please send us your Buddy Holly memories, thoughts and comments and we'll try to put together a special tribute on February 3rd ... Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens comments are also welcome! (kk)
Not much response to this so far ... and if we don't get enough to put together a column, we'll just skip it for this year (and refer you to our archived piece instead). So, if there IS something that you'd like to share with our readers, please drop me a note (PRONTO!) so we can pull something together! (kk)
>>>Many times I was told when I was in Jr. High and High School that I looked like Buddy Holly even with the glasses that I wore. (Larry Neal)
>>>I'd LOVE to see one of those old grade school pictures of you looking like Buddy Holly! lol (kk)

>>>My mother has a whole bunch of pictures of me when I was younger. I'll see if she has any (and I know she does) that would be a good representation of me looking similar to Buddy Holly. I just now pulled my album of his, THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY on Coral Records (57279). The glasses he wore, black ones, were a little thicker than the ones I wore. I started wearing glasses in the 8th grade. When I was also in high school, once or twice some people told me I looked like someone else they knew. Unfortunately this person was known for stealing hubcaps off of cars. Something common teens did back in the fifties. (Larry)

Here is a picture of me taken when I was in Jr. High - High School. Again, a lot of my friends said I looked at the time like Buddy Holly, even my mother. However, you make the call on that.
P.S. The other picture is of me later on at the radio station.

UPDATE: Through this morning's mail we have not received enough material to do a worthy tribute to Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens. With a brand new feature planned for next week, we'll probably run anything we receive next weekend instead ... in the meantime, you can still send in your comments and memories if you'd like to see them included on the site.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the piece we did to honor the 50th Anniversary of this very sad Rock And Roll Moment:

Click here: Forgotten Hits: The Day The Music Died
Click here: Forgotten Hits: Forgotten Hits Readers Remembers The Day The Music Died

YouTube - Hey Buddy - Trailer for Buddy Holly Book
Kent ...
Future book review ... I'm buying this book and Wanda Jackson's new album.
Frank B.
Yes, this is the one that Ron Smith told us about last week (kk) ...
>>>There's a new book out about Buddy Holly written by a Bourbonnais author. He's a pilot and actually went over the NTSB report with one of their people to determine what probably happened. That's only a small part of the book, which is actually a personal journey by the author in discovering Buddy and John Mueller: I'm hoping to write a full review of "Hey Buddy" as time permits. (Ron Smith)
OK, guys, READ the book and I'll run BOTH of your reviews!!! (lol) kk

... And, speaking of Wanda Jackson ...

>>>Here's something on Wanda Jackson -- didn't she date Elvis for a while?
She was on Letterman this past week. (Frank B.)
Kent ...
And now on Conan's show this week, too ... guess she's really making the rounds to promote here new CD. In fact, she performed with Jack White on guitar.
In case you missed it, here's part of her interview:
Conan says "Tell me something about Elvis."
Wanda says "He was a good kisser."
Conan says "You kissed Elvis?"
Jack says "That's not all she did!"
Wanda hits Jack.
Frank B.
YouTube - Conan O'Brien 2011.01.25 Wanda Jackson and Jack White

You can file this under: Songs You Fear Playing Loud

Bubblegum music, as they call it, is very intriguing to me. It's so silly, but yet clever and great music! Makes me feel good! But it's that kind of music you don't wish get caught blasting in your car with the windows down, or to playing while you're telling your boss you're mature enough to handle that upper management position!!
Last radio show I heard that featured Bubblegum music was WABC-AM in NY about the late '80s or early '90's! Not sure what CD I "ripped" this from, but not one I'd recommend for airplay. However, since I'm updating my snippets, I enhanced its sound. Anyway, I also included a silly mini music video I made (when out of work) to match yet another silly but great Bubblegum song ...

The Ohio Express - Chewy Chewy (1968):

The 1910 Fruitgum Company - 1,2,3 Red Light (1968) (audio suffers):
Speaking of The 1910 Fruitgum Company ... Unlike others who were glorifying drugs via song lyrics (later to be scolded by US Presidents and FCC), these fine gents took a different approach! Lyrics everyone could enjoy! They looked as clean as their lyrics! Fine musicians! Scored THREE Top 10 Hits within a one year period! I didn't know so much talent existed in New Jersey! :-)

Indian Giver - 1968
And here's just one more ...
The 1910 Fruitgum Co. - May I Take A Giant Step (Into Your Heart) - 1969

You will all remember this fine song! Didn't chart Top 40 - the Payola plague had hit the music industry! While over my sister's house, ripping this CD, she heard this song. She mentioned that, like I, she remembers it! A Billboard #63 hit! Go figure!
And she wasn't one to be digging this type of music!!
So, take it from me, if you wish to excel as a DJ, play the songs YOU remember hearing on radio. If you do, you'll excel beyond those who preach about Billboard charts!
Okay, okay, this group was from downtown NJ, so local DJs probably favored them!!! :-)

Jersey John
A couple of original and current members of The 1910 Fruit Gum Company are Forgotten Hits list members and have contributed to our newsletter from time to time. (We featured their new Christmas song the last year or two, too!) They're all good guys and still out there playing their hits (and many of these other bubblegum classics, too!) kk
Here's a copy of a letter (and their response) that I sent into the band a short while ago:
Some may call your style of music "Bubblegum" ... I just call it fine music! Not sure who actually dreamed up the idea, incorporating childhood rhymes and phrases into music, but I feel it's ingenious!! A fairly clean-cut looking group, too! Sound like a fine Garage Band! Don't take that wrong!While I do admit, your remakes sound pretty fine, I'm a bit of a stickler and prefer the sound that made you famous! Three Top 10 hits within a one year period, nothing to sneeze at! Thanks for your wonderful music!! Oh, and I have a question ...
On Indian Giver, was the piano part overdubbed? Seems it, with a increase in tape noise ...

My best wishes to you all!


John - NJ
1910 Member wrote:

Hi and thank you for the nice words. I was talking with the keyboard player a while back and yes, the parts were dubbed.

Hey, this was all fun, innocent and feel-good music ... and INCREDIBLY popular back in the day. (1968 saw a NUMBER of Bubble Gum Hits rank near the top of the charts ... and we didn't care if the group really existed or not ... this was a whole new music form that we hadn't experienced before ... and it REALLY sounded fresh coming out of our radios back then. Quite honestly, it still sounds pretty damn good today. These were well-made records and you can just feel the "happiness" jump out of the grooves when you played 'em. (kk)

I grew up in Kincardine Ont CANADA. KIN-CARDINE?????

Check the eastern shore line of Lake Huron

I was 63 last December ... means I aught be a BEATLES person.

Due to my older brother having a radio, on early Saturday morns I woke up to the late 50s music. About 61 or 2, I got into the Elvis thing ... and stayed there ... even though most of my fellow teens DID go Brit Invasion.

As I think of it, 90% of the people listened to radio as a background. I was given a radio in the early 60s, but it was a plug in so, to listen, I'd simply lay on the bed and that way I think I soaked up every song. Didn't DIG all of them but, I was aware OF them.
What I came to be disappointed in was, I'd hear a song, two or three times in a couple of weeks, and then no more. Thanks tooooooo youtube, I can now dig most out and listen.
Ral Donner and I GOT BURNT;
James Coe - THE FOOL

Two guys sadly who are called one hit wonders but their second songs got aired ... just not for long:
Chris Montez and Let's Dance ... and the second one, SOME KINDA FUN
Jimmy Gilmore and Sugar Shack ... with DAISY PETAL PICKIN. Who knows it was him under the title, the Fireballs, and BOTTLE OF WINE!
WHO was it did: "Moonshine Tenneessee wine, runnin' round my head ... friend of mine ..."?

TONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNS of great tunes and songs that never really got a real chance

HERB ALBERTINE and THE LONG SHIPS ... got that on a 45 ... SAME tune on both sides, but one side favours a piano, the other, a horn.Yours,
Robert Black,
Willowdale Ont
Welcome to Forgotten Hits! That's what we're all about, Robert ... reminding you about all the great ones you forgot!!!
Just a couple of quick corrections ... "The Long Ships" was actually by CHARLES Albertine, not "Herb" ... I think you're confusing him with Herb Alpert, who (of course) had a TON of hits! ("The Long Ships" was Charles' only chart record ... and even THAT one "bubbled under" at #112 ... I thought maybe it did better in Canada but, according to my CHUM book, it didn't chart there at all.
Chris Montez may have only had one other "rock" hit ("Some Kinda Fun", #43, 1963) but he reinvented himself in the mid-'60's and scored a few more times with "Call Me" (#22, 1966); "The More I See You" (MY personal favorite, #16, 1966 ... I actually heard Scott Shannon feature this one a week or two ago as his "Cheezy Easy Listening Song Of The Day!"); "There Will Never Be Another You" (#33, 1966) and "Time After Time" (another GREAT remake that went to #34 in 1966.) Montez started out his career trying to be the next Ritchie Valens ... but is probably BEST remembered for his "lounge act" tunes of the mid-'60's.
I'm not sure about "Moonshine Tennessee Wine" ... it kinda sounds familiar ... and I'll bet SOMEBODY on the list will turn us on to this one!
Thanks for writing ... glad we could spark a memory or two!!! (kk)

The song "Fire (Let Me Stand Next To Your)" was written by Jimi Hendrix and it appeared on his first "Experience" album in 1967. It was never meant to be released as a hit. Even though he opened his live show with the song from time to time, it was only a filler on the LP. A group from Magnolia, Arkansas, by the name of Five By Five, liked the tune and got permission to record it. It didn't crack the top 40, nationally, but their single was a bonafide hit in 1968 and was played frequently by radio stations across the country. Because of this, Track records released the Hendrix version in Canada and other countries (but not the US) in 1969. Then came Hendrix's untimely death, in 1970. Immediately, all the pop and FM stations stopped playing the Five By Five recording in favor of the original and it was released as a single. After that, Five By Five was never heard of since. Too bad. I always thought that their version was far more exciting than the Hendrix recording with great lead vocals.
John LaPuzza,
Omaha, NE

The Five By Five version of "Fire" was a HUGE hit here in Chicago where it "burned" up the charts all the way to #5. Unlike the wimpy Underground Sunshine cover of The Beatles' tune "Birthday" that we featured the other day, you felt the conviction in this recording. They clearly admired Jimi Hendrix and did justice to his tune. But you're right ... you NEVER hear the hit single version anymore. (Then again, you're not likely to hear the Richie Havens version of "Here Comes The Sun" much either ... and THAT one was a Top 20 National Hit! Instead, you'll hear The Beatles' version three or four times a day. (Be nice if they'd mix it up once in a while, wouldn't it? But hey, that's what WE'RE here for!!!) kk

Here are some "songfacts" right from the horse's mouth ...
I had a disagreement with someone that the extended LP ending was appended after the song became a hit. However, I'm told by Billy himself, it was not ...

Hello John,
That's the way it was recorded. We were just having fun, you might say, after we had gotten to the end of the song. It worked out well though and people seem to always comment on the ending a lot.
Many thanks and best,

Billy Swan's "I Can Help" topped the pop charts back in 1974 ... a BIG cross-over hit that also reached #1 on Billboard's Country Singles Chart. A very popular record that virtually EVERYBODY sang along with at the time (and another major hit that you don't hear a whole lot of anymore.) I can't tell you how many times over the years I've had people tell me, "Wow! I always thought that was Ringo Starr!" Hmmm ... I NEVER heard it that way ... but I DO remember Elvis loving this song and cutting a version himself! Thanks, John! (kk)

I saw your mention of Reed Kailing the other day ... a very nice guy, by the way.
He started out in the Milwaukee group The Destinations. Their record was on the Chicago Destination label. He then was in The Hardy Boys, a Chicago-based group who had records on RCA through Dunwich Productions. Then came his Grass Roots run, and after that he was a member of Player, who had a huge hit with “Baby Come Back”. Just some background info in case you didn’t have it.
I've been playing The Grass Roots' version of "It's A Cryin' Shame" virtually non-stop since I first found out about it ... and Gayle McCormick's version, too. How is it even POSSIBLE that this was not a hit record?!?!? Tom Diehl sent me a "cleaned-up" version of The Grass Roots' track ... that YouTube clip we linked to is just a little too distorted-sounding for my ears. He also sent me the correct SINGLE version mix of The Buchanan Brothers' single we featured the other day, "Medicine Man (Part 1)". Apparently ALL of the versions commercially available on CD are NOT the original single mix ... I knew this at the time but it was the ONLY "digital" copy I could find and I really wanted to feature this tune. Nice to hear the "real deal" here again this morning! (kk)

Gayle McCormick's "It's a Crying Shame" was a hit in a number of markets, but like many others, not all at the same time. It received airplay in various places, and I know it was played on either WKBW or WYSL in Buffalo, as I worked for the ABC Dunhill distributor in Buffalo at the time, and we had activity on this single. Fortunately, Gayle was very attractive and got a lot of attention when she visited radio stations when the single was out.

Clay Pasternack

>>>Do you ever find yourself thinking about all of the completely useless information you've filed away over all these years?!?! Damn, if there was only SOME way to make money doing this!!! (lol) kk
Regarding making money with this stuff ... yes, these days I have virtually no other thought. But I say that making someone LOL makes these bits far from useless ... and waaaaaay back in the day, was it "useless" to know who King Arthur's foster brother was? (Sir Kay) ... or that Galahad was Launcelot's son ... altho Launcelot was his confirmation name, and he was christened Galahad, so the son is really Galahad Jr.? Yeah, I suppose ... so sue me ... ;) ;)
-- stolf
EXACTLY!!! (kk)

Kent ...
More proof that vinyl pays off.
Frank B.
Double mortgage, anyone? $125,000 lot hits our Market Watch countdown Goldmine Magazine

After you buy a couple of these, you'll probably want to add THIS one to your collection ... a Heavy Metal Tribute Album to the music of Frank Sinatra!!! (kk)
Frank Sinatra Gets A Hard-Rock Makover On New Tribute Album
Kent ...
I don't know about you, i'm passing on this one. Sounds like a bad idea.
Frank B.

Kent ...
Wild Wayne interviewed Maurice Williams Sunday on his "Memory Machine".
Maurice said that he was in the Guinness Book Of World Records for his song "Stay".
1960 - Shortest # 1 Record.
A girl was over at Maurice's house. Her brother came to pick her up. Maurice said "stay a little longer." Next day he wrote this song.
Frank B.
YouTube - Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs - Stay

Just found out about Joel Whitburn's new book and I wanted to tell you about it ... It's a listing (by artist) of EVERY Top Ten Billboard Pop Singles Chart Hit from the past 70 years!!! Yes, you read that correctly ... EVERY Top Ten Record from 1940 - 2010 is now listed in one comprehensive volume!

More details on The Record Research Website:
Click here: Top 10 Pop Hits, 1940-2010 Joel Whitburn's Record Research

Kent ...
Billy Joel & Paul McCartney!
Frank B.
Billy Joel DVD Release Date Pushed To March – WCBS-FM 101.1

Based on an interview I just read with P.J. Bloom of Neophonic, Inc. (conducted by Larry LeBlanc), who is responsible for coordinating all of the music featured in the hit Fox Television Series "Glee", a Paul McCartney-themed episode is DEFINITELY in the show's future. (Ironically the show just made music headlines when The Glee Cast passed The Beatles with number of charted hits on The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart!)
LARRY LeBLANC: How did it feel having the show’s cast overtaking the Beatles on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart?

P.J. BLOOM: It is difficult to process when you see it there in print. It’s amazing, and at the same time it feels a little bit blasphemous to a music person like me. There are just certain things that you are not supposed to mess with. Obviously, it feels incredible. I am thrilled for the success of the show, and Ryan’s success, and my own success because of it. At the same time, we are doing covers. We didn’t overtake the Beatles’ singles record by writing songs, so it needs to be kept in perspective. But, you know, it’s awesome.

LLB: Sir Paul McCartney didn’t send a telegram?

PJB: Paul has been an incredible friend of the show. We’ve used several of his songs and we will continue to use several of his songs. We have also used a couple of Beatles songs. We have been talking to Paul and his camp about doing a Paul McCartney tribute episode, which will definitely happen at some point. If there is an accolade that Paul hasn’t won over the years, I would be surprised. So I would assume that he wasn’t too broken up by “Glee’s” success.

LLB: [The episode that will feature Paul McCartney’s songs has yet to be announced. According to Reuters, Ryan Murphy was a sent a set of mix CDs by McCartney “It came out of blue in a package, handwritten, and it had two CDs and it said, ‘Hi Ryan, I hope you will consider some of these songs for ‘Glee,’” Murphy said. “So, of course, we are going to do something with him.”]
"Glee" will feature a tribute to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in the special episode that follows this year's Super Bowl. Previously themed episodes include Britney Spears, Madonna and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The show's a WHOLE lot of fun ... and it seems that EVERY song they feature not only races up the charts by the Glee Cast but ALSO sparks HUGE catalog sales for the original artists who recorded these songs. As such, there's been a run of artists offering up their catalog to the producers for consideration in future episodes. "Glee" tends to mix classic rock with today's current hits, thrown together with a couple of show tunes and an unexpected surprise every once in a while, too. There's never really been an episodic television series quite like this to use music so effectively ... and it's really helped the music programs in schools all over the country by inspiring teenagers to let their "Inner Gleek" out and express themselves in the arts. (kk)

I don't know if you check in on Ed Marimba's blog ... he has a podcast now ... good stuff ... but he had this great 'poster' ... perhaps you've used it before ...
if you can use it, please give ed a plug!
And last but not least ...
You'd think that in their hometown they'd have gotten better billing. Do you think Chris Montez and Tommy Roe tell their grandkids about the time they got top billing over The Beatles? (Hey, I would!)

Get out of the cold next month and join fellow fans for "Weekend of LOVE Getaway V" February 18 - 19 - 20.
Celebrate the anniversary of The Beatles arrival in America with fans of all ages.
Enjoy 3 days / 2 nights of fab fun Beatles fan activities in Las Vegas including reserved group seating at THE BEATLES LOVE® by Cirque du Soleil® show at The Mirage, two nights deluxe Vegas hotel accommodations, V.I.P. tickets to not one but two concerts by Beatles tribute acts playing in Vegas + backstage meet & greet reception, after-show party and dinner at BB Kings, visit to the Beatles rEVOLution Lounge, shopping spree at the Beatles LOVE gift shop, complimentary goodie gift bag, and gala Sunday farewell party WITH goodbye souvenir gift and SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS at the Hard Rock CafĂ©.
We will see "Yesterday - The Beatles Tribute" at the Tropicana Hotel's Tiffany Room. We've never had a concert on Friday as part of the weekend, so this is a great way to start off the fun. The band "Yesterday" moved from the Tropicana in Atlantic City, added a "Pepper" set & a 5th Beatle & they're celebrating their 25th anniversary.
The Saturday concert is the wonderful band which calls itself "The BeatleShow" at Planet Hollywood's Saxe Theatre. We see this show every time we are in Vegas, and the fans are always blown away. The band is made up of former members of The Fab Four, Fab Four Mania and Fab Forever, so you know that can't be bad!

It's always more fun going with a group of fellow fans!
Hosted by Charles F. Rosenay!!! of Liverpool Productions
For further info or to make a reservation, call direct line (203) 795-4737 or email
Many collectors and fans may not realize that the photos used on these two familiar Capitol picture sleeves were taken from the Beatles' 1964 Las Vegas concert!

I have no idea if this article ran in other newspapers, but it was in the opinion page in the 1/29/11 edition of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. In case the print is too small, the gist of the article is about a woman Mary - Lu Zahalan - Kennedy, 53, of Sheridan Institute of Advanced Learning in Oakville, Ontario, who has become the first person in the world to be awarded a master's degree in The Beatles. Apparently Liverpool Hope University started its "The Beatles, Popular Music & Society" program three years ago. She moved to Liverpool and whizzed thru the program in 18 months, writing her master's thesis on why Canada was quick to embrace the Fab Four.

I liked your Robert Parker interview about "his" You Got What It Takes song, though I don't agree on one point ... he could have done something back then, as Berry Gordy wasn't any bigger than a pimple on a behind!
I think "Money (That's What I Want)" and You Got What It Takes by Marv Johnson, were recorded in the same recording studio; both can be found in Stereo, but not from EMI!!!

also liked your John Madara interview, too. He seems sour when he doesn't get credit, but really, would Hall and Oates been as big as they are in his hands? I liked the "studio" photos, too ... one looked like someone's house! Play prerecorded music, record vocals. Typical!



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We continue to receive positive response to our new feature ... here are just a couple more recent comments. (And be sure to watch for five more forgotten gems next week!)
It's difficult for ANYONE to remember songs they thought were great without hearing them again. I first ran across April Wine while collecting 45s at a used jukebox dealer (3 / $1.00) decades ago! Nice to read FH mentioning them! And The Buchanan Brothers - Medicine Man, too, from 1969.
April Wine - You Could Have Been A Lady

Buchanan Brothers - Medicine Man (1969):

Nice to read FH Marlene mentioning Gerry and the Pacemakers, too!

Gerry & The Pacemakers - I'm The One (196?):

Never made US Top 40, but received airplay!! I Like It! :)

Gerry & The Pacemakers - I Like It (1964) Botched version B/W Take #19:

Nice to hear a song recorded real time without overdubbing.
Gerry seems like a "cool" guy, though he remade the hits. Watch that stuff, Gerry! :)

Not the "... Shame" by Gail McCormick (nice song, by the way!) as FH Larry mentioned, but one I had to find on both LP and CD by ...

The Magic Lanterns - Shame, Shame (1968):

Love the horn drive. I still say "Ozzy" was in that group, but doesn't want it to be known he was instrumental in a love song! :)

Footnote: If you REALLY like this song, avoid the Collectables CD ... buy the Import!

Jersey John

Another great batch of Forgotten Hits this week. Why doesn't radio play Early In The Morning by Vanity Fare? It was a Top Ten Hit!
Don't ask me ... I can't believe they don't play it either! (kk)

Recently we have come to depend on FH Reader Frank B's "Helpful Hints" to get us through our daily lives. Previously, Frank has sent us fascinating seminars on "How Records Are Made", "How To Climb A Radio Transmittal Tower" and, my personal favorite, "How To Gift Wrap A Cat".
Well, today, with all our "senior" readers in mind, we offer up "Texting For Seniors", courtesy of Frank B ... consider this OUR part in promoting Public Service for our readers:
Kent ...
I'm sending you this list so you'll understand your older readers when they write to you.

Frank B.

Since more and more seniors are texting and tweeting there appears to be a need for a STC (Senior Texting Code). If you qualify for Senior Discounts this is the code for you -- or pass it on to an older friend. It might also be a good idea to pass this on to your CHILDREN and Grandchildren so they can understand your texts.
ATD: At The Doctor's
BFF: Best Friend Farted
BTW: Bring The Wheelchair
BYOT: Bring Your Own Teeth
CBM: Covered By Medicare
CGU: Can't get up
CUATSC: See You At The Senior Center
DWI: Driving While Incontinent
FWB: Friend With Beta Blockers
FWIW: Forgot Where I Was
FYI: Found Your Insulin
GGPBL: Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low!
GHA: Got Heartburn Again
IMHO: Is My Hearing-Aid On?
LMDO: Laughing My Dentures Out
LOL: Living On Lipitor
OMMR: On My Massage Recliner
GGP: Gotta go pee.
ROFL... CGU: Rolling On The Floor Laughing... And Can't Get Up
TTYL: Talk To You Louder
WAITT: Who Am I Talking To?
WWNO: Walker Wheels Need Oil
GLKI: Gotta Go, Laxative Kicking In

A very special mini-tribute to Terry Kath and Chicago, circa 1978 ... tomorrow would have been Terry's 65th Birthday ... as well as more of our brand new weekday feature, "Today's Forgotten Hit", spotlighting more great songs that were big hits in our hearts and on the radio at the time ... but have long since been forgotten by the powers that be that program oldies radio today.

Please join us next week for these special features. (kk)