Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This And That

>>>Other than collectors, do people actually remember the "original" versions from decades back? Heck, no! If they claim they can, they are fibbing!
(Jersey John)
>>>First of all, those of us who grew up loving these songs ... and listened to the radio nonstop, DO remember the original vs. a remake or alternate take ... I pick them out all the time. If you were into this stuff to the degree that a lot of our readers were, yes, they WILL spot the difference. (kk)

And, just to prove a point, we received these three consecutive emails today about yesterday's TODAY'S FORGOTTEN HIT posting ...

Good morning Kent,
I may be opening up the whole "correct version?" can of worms again ... but this is the hit version of Loggins & Messina's "Thinking Of You"!
Apologies for the crappy quality ... it's the only "single version" on You Tube.
In fact this goes beyond "remix" - it sounds like a completely different recording! And in my opinion a much better one. I actually played this as a current at my very first radio job in small-town Vermont in 1973. Anyone know if it was ever remastered for CD? 'Cause the only version I've heard since the mid-70's has been the album version.
Anyway, had to get that off my chest ... thanks for all you do and have a great day!
Charlie Mitchell

The version you posted today of 'Thinking Of You" is NOT the original single. The original (looks like this might be it ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5FpxJo0sXI) had a slightly-quicker tempo. Your post is quite faithful to the original, tho.
Bob Frabel
Easton, PA

The Forgotten Hit you posted by Loggins & Messina "Thinking of You" is the wrong version! You posted the LP version which is a totally different take (and is slower). Enclosed is the 45 hit version.
Mike Hartman

See John, people notice!!! Ironically enough, a month or two ago Bob Stroud featured "Thinking Of You" as his "One 45 at 1:45" ... and played the actual 45 on the air. Man, it sounded wrong!!! Honestly, I didn't care for it at all ... we have gotten SO used to hearing the album cut version for so many years now (when they play it at all, that is!), that the original hit single version just doesn't sound right anymore!

But the fact that three emails in a row pointed out the error of our ways, I just HAD to share the 45 version with you! Thanks, Gang ... and all of you out there who DO remember! (kk)

P.S. By the way, TODAY'S FORGOTTEN HIT, "Sunny Days" by Lighthouse, isn't the original single version either! Sometimes the only thing I can get my hands on fast enough is the commercially available version of some of these rarer, under-played songs ... all the more reason why SOME label needs to put together the DEFINITIVE CD Collection of ORIGINAL Single Mixes ... I believe there would be a HUGE market for this ... and each and every one of them should be checked against the actual vinyl 45 to verify the accuracy. So much time is spent on remixes, alternate takes, demos, etc., that the REAL hit records are being ignored and, with younger and younger generations programming this stuff, all sense of accuracy (and history) is quickly disappearing. (kk)

Beginning this past Sunday Night, FUSE TELEVISION has been running the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony. Although I haven't seen it all the way through yet (boy, I remember a time when I wouldn't have missed a note!), it does seem quite entertaining. Flashing around the dial, I was able to catch at least partial performances by all of the inductees ... and Neil Diamond's short but sweet acceptance speech. (Reports are circulating today that say he was roaring drunk ... but I thought he was hysterical. After Paul Simon joked that it took this long for him to earn his induction because of his duet with Barbra Streisand, Neil said he'd make that record again today ... "I don't give a shit ... and Barbra doesn't give a shit" ... and then, pointing down at some of the VIP's right up in front, said "I know you didn't vote for me." TOO funny ... and, sadly, true.) Several times during the ceremony the artists and presenters complained again about SO many great acts being ignored by The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ... it's just WRONG!!! But congrats to Neil Diamond and the rest of The Class of 2011 ... you earned it! (My prediction for 2012 ... Chicago will FINALLY make the ballot ... and go on to take their rightful spot in The Hall!!!) kk

>>>I love this quote from Joel Whitburn's most recent "Top Pop Singles" book ... imagine trying to compile an iPod when you're a "completist" like Joel Whitburn!!! (kk)
>>>As of today, 41,520 songs are nestled safely in my handy little iPod. Imagine that: every song in "Top Pop Singles" (including the "Classics"), "Pop Hits" and "Bubbling Under the Hot 100" are just a quick click away.
(Joel Whitburn)
So naturally I cracked up when I got this update from Joel earlier today ...
Hi Kent,
Just a quick update on my iTunes library: 44,460 as of today.

Just a note on the Gentrys I bet your readers didn't know ... Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart was an intregal member of the group and, if you were into 70's and 80's WWF professional wrestling, you'll remember Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart as a little loudmouthed Manager of a number of wrestlers. He would always wear a tuxedo, carry a megaphone to the ring and use it to hit the opposing wrestlers over the head, jump in the ring and kick a guy in the head when he was down, etc. Of course occasionally an opposing wrestler would get revenge on whomever he was wrestling and grab Jimmy for a major beatdown as well ... just some good times. And Jimmy was so much fun to watch, what a showman! At the time, I had NO IDEA he was an original member of the Gentrys but was later surprised to find out.
And now you know the REST OF THE STORY!
"Wild" Bill Cody
Actually, we have covered that before ... but not as colorfully as you just did!!! So thanks, Wild Bill! (kk)
The following site gives a track list and description. By going to the external links, the program is also available at Amazon through outside sellers but at a much higher price. This is where I found the link to the site above.
This sounds like a bargain at $39.99!!
Peggy McLaughlin
>>>It looks like that first link is the CD Box Set and not the DVD ... meaning just the music, no program. (This must be the one Mitch Schecter was talking about.) However, the other link appears to be for the DVD. Honestly, I think quite a few of our readers might be interested in obtaining a copy ... thanks for the info! (kk)
Good to know "At The Drive In" is still avalable out there. It's really a great show, and I'm proud to have been a part of it.
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords
Sooner or later we'll get to see this program!!! Write to your local PBS Station and tell them you want to see "At The Drive In" during one of their pledge drives again!!! (kk)
re: SMIRK:
More of my silly music humor ...
a.) Before you give your fiancee her new cell phone, load it with a Neil Diamond tune.
Then tell her it comes with a Diamond Ring tone!!!!
b.) Most don't know Dave Mason was late for his first solo recording.
Yeah, he was tied up in Traffic!!!
John :-)
Thanks, John!
(P.S. Don't quit your day job!!!)