Friday, June 3, 2011


We've been receiving some GREAT response to our recent Ian Lloyd Interview.  
(Missed it?  Scroll back to Tuesday, May 31st to read the whole thing!) 
Here are just some of the comments we've received so far (including a response from Ian Lloyd himself!)

KK -
Thanks - It looks really good! 
I especially love the youtube "Louie" intro / theme. Had not seen that on youtube before.  
I think it turned out real well.
And thanks for sending along those comments. 
It's nice to see that people still remember the music [and the band].ROCK!
Ian Lloyd  :)

I really enjoyed the Ian Lloyd profile.  It was the most comprehensive interview I’ve ever read with Ian.  I’m glad I was able to turn Ian on to Forgotten Hits.  I recommended that he check it out last December when we re-connected for the first time in over a decade.  Having heard him sing last winter, I can assure you he still has incredible pipes!  
--Tom Cuddy  
Thanks, Tom!  I believe you were instrumental in getting Ian to share his Christmas tune with us last year ... and I'm glad we were able to put the interview together around his schedule.  (Honestly, I can't wait to see him next time he's in Chicago ... the new stuff sounds great!)  And, the response to this interview has been great, too!  Hopefully, Ian is also hearing positive things and will direct a few more "movers and shakers" to the website.  (kk)

Here's what I love about Forgotten Hits:  Sure, I bought 'Brother Louie' when it came out, just like millions of other people did ... and I'm sure that at one point in time I even knew that Ian Lloyd was the lead singer ... but memories fade over time.  Forgotten Hits helps to bring it all home.  I would have never thought to search out Ian Lloyd on my own to see what he's up to these days.  I just considered 'Brother Louie' a fond memory. But then to find out that Ian has been lending his vocal talents to great music by Foreigner and Yes and Billy Joel ... and is still making great music himself (I LOVE the 'Goosebumps' track!) ... it's like rediscovering all of this music again.
Keep up the good work.  Oldies fans like me depend on Forgotten Hits to remind us just how great some of this old music was ... but also to inform us that so many of these artists are STILL making great music today.
Doraville, GA
Thanks, Colleen ... and that's EXACTLY what we do it for.  We can't stress enough how we LOVE putting the word out about some of our favorite artists ... I keep saying that I wish we could get 200 MORE artists on the list, helping our cause ... which is helping THEIR cause!!!  And you hit the nail right on the head ... if you were a HUGE Stories fan and knew EVERY detail about the band, you might search out Ian Lloyd or Michael Brown to see what they're doing today.  But if you're just an  AVERAGE fan who simply LOVED the music, you may not even know how to dig a little deeper.  MOST of these artists maintain their own websites ... but if you don't know EXACTLY what you're looking for, you may not find them.  However, a good feature on Forgotten Hits helps draw music fans to these sites ... let's them know about new releases and upcoming appearances ... and helps expand their fan base.  Hopefully, all our readers (and all the artists we feature) will continue to help spread the word so that OTHER artists may wish to participate more in the future.  It's a win / win for EVERYBODY!  Thanks again for the kind words. (kk)

Stellar interview with Ian Lloyd of Stories.  Who knew he was even still making music!
The new stuff sounds great -- in fact, I went and downloaded about 20 tracks yesterday from both the O-De-Po and the Goosebumps CDs!  Thanks for sharing some terrific insight from this great artist.

Nice interview!
Just the other week, my Soul Brothers were asking me who did that "Brother Louie" song!
An interracial type song highlighting change in the US! About this time, you'd begin to see black models appearing in major mail-order catalogs, and magazine ads, though scarce!
Today, I feel the "Brother Louie" song doesn't have to impact it used to - you see many interracial couples!
Cool song! I want the session tapes and demos! :-)
Looks like it was covered by a Modern Talking group, #1 hit in Germany, 1986!

Hi Kent,

There is a WI connection with Stories. A 1972 release on Appleton's Target label by Bungi included guitarist Rich Ranno, who went on to join Stories. He also worked with Starz..
Gary E. Myers / MusicGem

Great interview with Ian Lloyd.  I would love the chance to talk to him.  I have never had the pleasure.  The clip of them doing the song Brother Louie on my Midnight Special DVD is great since I remember seeing it when it first aired on TV.  I like the way they did Mammy Blue.  Let me know how to get on the interview list.
Phil Nee / WRCO
Thanks, Phil ... happy to pass your request along to Ian Lloyd ... response to our interview has been immediate and very positive ... I think he'd LOVE to talk with you!  (Great excuse to play some of his old AND new music, too!)  kk

I would've never thought that "I'm Coming Home" didn't make Billboard's Top 40.
It was really, really big here.
Excellent interview, Kent! Nothing comes close to Forgotten Hits.
David Lewis

I think I heard that LOUIS CK is back on FX channel on June 23rd.  I'm hoping they let everyone catch-up with first season shows ... watch two ... that way you'll be hooked ... funny stuff!
I heard Louis talk about Ian Lloyd on Ron & Fez.  He told Bennington that LLoyd would have made more for the (Louie,Louie) theme by having them go thru 'channels' instead of getting personally involved ... oh well ...
gary renfield
lol ... I'm sure that JUST what Ian's gonna wanna hear!  We watched "Louie" last season on FX ... but honestly, I'm at about 50 / 50 on this one. I think there are some GREAT ideas presented ... but the execution isn't always there.  (But I truly believe I have a way to fix that ... so Louie, if you're reading this ... CALL ME!!!)  kk

Great stuff on the interview with Ian Lloyd of Stories. With so much interesting information in Forgotten Hits, I quit my subscription to Goldmine and just read your newsletter. If you ever see the Ides of March, ask how they got signed to the Parrot label,  I always forget to ask Jim and the guys when I see them and doubt I will make it to Cicero on the 25th.
Thanks again for the great stuff!
Wow, thanks for the high praise!!!  (Now see, if "Goldmine Magazine" would approach me about running some of my interviews in their publication, EVERYBODY would be happy!!!)  kk

Excellent job on the Ian Lloyd interview, Kent.  That definitely filled in some much - needed info in my Ian / Stories / Left Banke knowledge - database! 
I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed those Stories albums in my teens, and the new stuff sounded great, too.  Your strategic placement of the sound clips made this a great, one-stop music history lesson.  I think the format hints at the way print media will be presented to us in the future.  Ooops, wait!  
I think I have another great business idea that someone else will make a million off of ...
By the way, in 1973, some of my fellow classmates and I were planning one of the big annual dances at my high school in Maryland.  We usually contacted a local talent agent out of D.C. who provided us with several choices of local bands.  Remember when school dances featured live talent?  Well, one of the kids in our group said 'I know someone who can get us Stories.'  "Brother Louie" Stories?  Yeah right.  We thought the kid was full of shit.  I mean, I had heard of nationally - successful acts playing high schools in the '60s, but not anymore.  And this band was coming off a Number One Billboard hit. 
But upon further investigation, it turned out to be true.  This kid's dad apparently had a friend that was a booking agent and, as Stories was being routed through the region and had a night off in between gigs, they were looking to fill the date, even if it was at a great discount.  I think it was going to cost about two-grand to sign them for the dance ($500 - $600 was the usual norm).  We couldn't believe our good luck, and we started calculating how much we'd have to increase the price of tickets to raise the $2k.  Just as we'd figured out a plausible plan to make this huge event happen, our school administration put the kibosh on it, claiming that there were some bad elements associated with Stories.  What!?
If there was ever a load of B.S. dumped on us from the front office, this was it.  Some administrator or teacher had probably dropped by the local Harmony Hut, spotted a photo of the band on the album cover and, dismayed by the long hair, decided that that was an indicator of some potential trouble.  So instead of Ian Lloyd & Stories, we had Harvey Hubcap & the Doo-Ron Rons play our dance for the umpteenth time.  Damn!  And that might have been the start of my career as the next Fred Vail! 
Sorry, Ian.  I hope you guys picked-up a gig in the next county or enjoyed the night off.  But it could have been a legendary night in the history of Glenelg High School.
Scott Paton

Here's one Ian got after one of his fans checked out our interview:

Ian, thanks for the email. I checked the video and read the interview. The interview bowled me over as I never realized how much you've done over the years. What's the chance of either of your bands coming to the midwest? I'm in St. Louis and we are in need of really good music coming in. We have a good music scene but it could use a kick once in a while.
-- Gary Feldman

I will let you know as soon as we have new SOCIAL HERO recordings finished. We're planning on staggering the releases [2 0r 3 at a time] over the rest of 2011 with the complete CD being released in 2012 [with extra stuff - video+ remixes, etc].
Best of luck -


Kent ...
According to Ron Smith's book, here's another Bobby Darin anniversary fact for you:        
6/2/1960 = Today is the anniversary of Bobby Darin's first time at the Copacabana in New York.
Loved the Bobby Darin excerpt. Great stuff. 
I'm giving you fair warning. Jamie , Laura & I are going to triple team you, till we get to read the whole series. 

Frank B.
lol ... I think it's already started!!!  (kk)

Hi Kent .... 
Your Big Sur piece just about brought me to my knees this morning. 
You write so beautifully and so knowledgeably and seem to be able to crawl under Bobby's skin. 
I can't tell you how much we Darin fans appreciate work such as this, well researched work that tells the truth and illuminates facets of this complex man and his music. 
You're so terrific and we are  so greedy for intelligent pieces about Darin that we can't help but hope for more.  You really do get it!!! And, you should pardon the expression ... you rock!  
Thank you SO much. 

Queen Of The Hop (1958) - Bobby Darin
I am still seeking musician information on the above song! It APPEARS a black female MAY have been a (second) pianist!
On another Take (to follow), I believe a Jesse is mentioned; I'm guessing he is a saxophonist!
I assume Jesse Powell. Looks like he played Trumpet and Saxophone!Any help, so I can give credit where credit is due, is appreciated!
And you did not tell me Johnny Carson's band leader, Doc Severisen, played trumpet on Mack The Knife!!  Cool trivia!
Here'ssssssssssss Johnny!

Jersey John
Having done an extensive amount of research on my Bobby Darin article several years ago, I can honestly say that this is the first time I recall hearing anything about Doc Severinsen playing on "Mack The Knife".  A quick spot-check this morning turned up only one mention of this ... and that item simply states that Doc was just one of an ensemble of "big band" musicians assembled to back Bobby up on his "That's All" album.  Since this pre-dates his time on "The Tonight Show" by about three years, I think it's pretty safe to say that he wasn't what one might considered a "featured" player.  In fact, Doc doesn't even mention this experience on his own website or discography ... which makes me question just how legitimate a "fact" this may be.  Perhaps somebody else on the list can shed some more light on this???

"Queen Of The Hop" was Bobby Darin's second big smash.  (It peaked at #9 in 1958)

Normally a song like this (and his debut hit "Splish Splash", too, for that matter) quickly dates itself because of so many current pop culture references ... but Bobby nailed some pretty significant icons in these lyrics.  Listen closely and you'll hear references to "Lollipop", "Peggy Sue", "Good Golly Miss Molly", "Mary Lou", "Sweet Little Sixteen" and "Bandstand"!

And, as dated as this whole concept may seem on the surface, give a listen to Dave Edmunds' remake version from the "Porky's Revenge" Soundtrack ... this song STILL cooks all these years later!  (Now will some of the jocks on the list PLEASE play "Queen Of The Hop" on their program today?!?!?)  kk

As a member of a large group of Bobby Darin fans, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the pieces you have written about him.  I was part of the group that gathered in Carmel & Big Sur
last month to honor his birth date - May 14.
I don't know if anyone has told you that we have gathered together on May 14 each year since 2006.  2006 was our first glorious "Darinfest."  We had dinner at one of his favorite restaurants,
"Patsy's", took a tour of the Bronx, where he grew up.  While in the Bronx, we visited his high school, and each of us had our photo taken next to the Bobby Darin street sign.  The last evening of our get-togethers, we always close by singing "A Simple Song of Freedom."  It was written by Bobby.
Our group also was successful in having a star for Bobby installed on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame.  His star is right outside the entrance to the Flamingo Hotel.  Just to give you a small idea of how devoted we all are to him, the first star that was installed deteriorated and began to look bad.  So
we had it replaced with a bright and shining new star for Bobby.
As you know, Bobby had rheumatic fever as a child.  It badly damaged his heart andhe died at the very young age of 37.  We have held Darin auctions to raise money and donated it all to The Children's Heart Foundation in Las Vegas, in Bobby's name.  We have no doubt that this is something that Bobby would love.
Again ... a very heartfelt thank you.
Ann Hopka
Dearborn, Michigan
I was at the star dedication ceremony ... VERY moving!  In fact, here's a shot of the star on The Walk Of Fame right after they unveiled it:

Love what you've done!  We'll take what ever you've got --- present & past!
What a whirlwind trip we had in Carmel-By-The-Sea, Big Sur, Pfeiffer Beach, Monterey: you name it, we did it!
Our gang has been getting together since 2006!  We've managed to bring Bobby's band members back together ... got his name back up on the Marquee in Vegas, Jamie and the gang was instrumental in getting Bobby his Vegas Walk of Stars in front of the Flamingo -- and replaced when the first didn't hold up! We are grass roots, just people who GET DARIN ... you get him, too, so keep on sharing your stuff!!!
(who's always dropping the delicious Darin name!!! )

Speaking of "The Bobby Factor" ... did you happen to catch the Saturday Night Live Season Finale a couple of weeks ago?  Justin Timberlake (who has turned into QUITE the all-around entertainer!) was the host ... and his opening monologue was fantastic ... couldn't you just see Bobby Darin doing something exactly like this 50 years ago if given the chance?  (kk)