Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Lollipop Guild

We've certainly had more than a fair share of conversation about THIS tune lately ...
but now it comes with a brand new twist!


Hello Kent,
I was wondering if My Boy Lollipop was also done by the Chordettes?
Not really sure here if they are the originals or what.
Why this song keeps popping up all of a sudden these last two weeks, you got me man.

You seem to be confusing your lollipops ... which, in some social circles, makes you an all-day sucker, I believe!!!  "My Boy Lollipop" was a #2 Smash for Millie Small back in 1964 ... and that's the best-known hit version of this song.  It was first done back in 1957 by a girl named Barbie Gray, but that song failed to make the charts when it was released.  (British Pop Sensations The Spice Girls also cut a version that was included in their movie "Spice World" ... but I don't believe that it was ever commercially released.)

The Chordettes had a #2 Hit with a song simply called "Lollipop" back in 1958 ... but it's a totally DIFFERENT song ... yet still one I'm sure you'll recognize immediately when you hear it.  (Actually, this song has been featured in dozens of ad campaigns and movie and television soundtracks over the years ... another REAL catchy tune to say the least.)  kk

The Chordettes' tune "Lollipop" was a #2 Smash back in 1958:

And the Millie Small hit from 1964:

Along with the Barbie Gray original from 1957:

Here are The Spice Girls having a go at this '60's classic:

And a few others thrown in for good measure ...

It's lollipop tracks like these that will give a whole new meaning to "Today Sucks"!!!