Friday, December 16, 2011

Are They Really Going To DO IT AGAIN???

We've run the story at least a dozen times in the past year ...

The Beach Boys are going to reunite for a 50th Anniversary Tour ...

And maybe even a new album.

It's been on again ... and off again ... nearly as many times as the SMiLE album!!!

But guess what ...

After 44 years of "Will They or Won't They" ... and "Do These Tapes Even Exist Anymore?" ...

The SMiLE album FINALLY saw the light of day this year!!!

And, from the looks of this clip ...

And the quotes attributed to all of the participating players ...

It looks like THE BEACH BOYS will, in fact, DO IT AGAIN in 2012!!!

According to a press release issued today, the founding members of The Beach Boys will reunite for a global 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2012. 

It has been reported that Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks are not only getting together for a 50-date International 50th Anniversary Tour ... but have already gotten together to record tracks for a brand new studio album release!

The remaining original Beach Boys will kick the whole thing off next April with a headlining performance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (aka "Jazz Fest").

In statements issued by the individual members of the band:

Brian Wilson said:  "This anniversary is special to me because I miss the boys and it will be a thrill for me to make a new record and be on stage with them again."

Mike Love said:  "We got together at Capitol Records and re-recorded 'Do It Again.'  Brian and I wrote that song which went to number 1 in Great Britain, Australia and elsewhere some 44 years ago.  Brian paid me a compliment saying, 'How can a guy sound that great so many years later?' Later on, while working out some harmonies on a new song Brian had written, I got a chance to return the compliment.  It was a thrill to be around a piano again with Brian, Alan and Bruce and experience firsthand the brilliance of Cousin Brian's gift for vocal arrangements. I am very much looking forward to David Marks joining us and thrilling with his surf guitar licks. Music has been the unifying and harmonizing fact of life in our family since childhood. It has been a huge blessing that we have been able to share with the world.  Wouldn't It Be Nice to Do It Again?  Absolutely!"

Al Jardine said:  "The Beach Boys were recently inducted into the California Hall of Fame. From our humble beginnings as brothers, cousins and friends, we have been honored to sing the praises of California, and I'm really excited for our fans to be able to see us again in concert on the world stage, and to celebrate our 50th anniversary together with a new studio album."

Bruce Johnston said:  "I will be looking forward to singing Brian Wilson's melodies and Mike Love's lyrics once again in concert with many of the original band members, but imagine what we all could come up with vocally in a recording studio atmosphere under Brian's musical direction."

David Marks said:  "I'm really looking forward to celebrating this important milestone in The Beach Boys' history with the other guys, and with Capitol Records - where it all began 50 years ago. It means a lot to me that we can all reunite and pay tribute to the fans who have kept the music alive."

The Beach Boys have reportedly already recorded several songs for a brand new, as yet untitled album, scheduled to be released in 2012 by Capitol / EMI, and will complete more recordings together prior to its official release.  The new LP will be co-produced by Brian Wilson and Mike Love.

In addition, Capitol / EMI is planning a very special 50th Anniversary Campaign for next year, spotlighting the band's entire catalog ... including several new commemorative releases such as a brand new hits collection and a career-spanning box set.

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