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Just like The Sunday Comments ... only a day late due to the holiday!!!


Still exciting news this week ... the prospect of seeing all of the surviving Beach Boys together on one stage is something that many of us are looking forward to.  This particular line-up ... Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks ... has NEVER performed together live before!!!  But it represents the very legacy of the band.  Missing, of course, are Dennis and Carl Wilson ... and they WILL be missed ... but former Beach Boys Manager Fred Vail suggests that the group would do themselves well to include Carl B. Wilson (Dennis' son) and Justyn Wilson (Carl's son), both gifted musicians in their own right ... in the reunion tour line-up.  We couldn't agree more!  (kk)

I'll definitely have to get tickets to that!

I expect these shows to sell out coast-to-coast and around the world, wherever The Beach Boys decide to play in 2012!!!  Should be an AMAZING show!  (kk)

Check out the Beach Boys "singing' a rousing version of "Do It Again" on ... 
What a joy to see Brian Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine all in harmony on and off mic. By the way, Bruce Johnston never ages.
Obviously, the Beach Boys will tour to celebrate their golden anniversary. My question to you is this. What venue would be appropriate for America's greatest rock 'n roll band?  All State Arena? Rosemont Theatre? Or do you roll the dice -- aim big -- and go with the United Center?
I have a feeling there are 20,000 Chicago area people like me who'll pay top buck to see Brian and Mike together again.
Set List:
Do it Again
Good Vibrations
Warmth of the Sun
In My Room
Dance, Dance, Dance
(Deep cut) She Knows Me So Well
California Girls
The Lonely Sea
Sloop John B
Medley: Little Deuce Coupe, Shut Down, 409
Sail on Sailor
That should be enough to get the action rolling!
Chet Coppock
Man, I'd LOVE to see them at The Rosemont Theatre ... but I'm thinking this tour is going to play to BIG audiences across the country ... you're probably right on the money with The United Center.  (We saw them there in 1976 when they toured with Chicago ... one of the best concerts I've ever seen!)  Yep, we'll be on the waiting list for THIS one!!!  (kk)"Endless Summer Quarterly" Publisher David Beard sheds a little more light on The Beach Boys' new re-recording of their 1968 Hit "Do It Again" in his latest "Beach Boys Examiner" column: 

Of the original recording Mike Love said, “I remember going to Brian’s house and getting him out of bed, going down to the beach and walking down on the beach with him. We came back from the beach and wrote ‘Do It Again’ in about 10-15 minutes.  The studio was put in his house because he was very reclusive at that point in time." 
When asked about his feelings towards the re-recording of the classic track, Brian Wilson said, “We actually made it sound better than the original version. The original version was a great record, but the ‘Do It Again’ version we did (this year) at Capitol had more clarity to it, and Mike’s voice sounded more alive, and we all just had a better time. It was fun … [sentimental tone] It was.”
“Brian was conducting the session. It was kind of cute. Scott Totten played lead guitar, John Cowsill played drums … and a couple of Brian’s band members (Jeffrey Foskett, Scott Bennett, Probyn Gregory, Nick Walusko & Brett Simons) did some stuff too. At the end of the session Brian said, ‘I can’t believe a 70-year-old guy can sing that great!’ [Laughs] It was really cute! It was cool,” says Love.  
(Beard points out that Gary Griffin also played on this new recording.)

We've already seen several interviews with Mike Love and Brian Wilson regarding the upcoming reunion ... so it was nice to see David Beard's interview with David Marks!

We've already heard a few grumbles from within the ranks (and the tour doesn't even kick off for four more months!!!) but I'm hoping they can hold it all together long enough to give the fans what they really want to see.  My understanding is that the bulk of the back-up band will be Brian Wilson's band (aka The Wondermints), who are nothing short of amazing live in concert.  John Cowsill from the current Beach Boys band will be on drums ... and we expect a few surprises and guest appearances along the way, too.  Meanwhile, according to an interview Mike Love did recently, the new album is nowhere NEAR finished ... and they're hoping to have it completed in time for the tour to open in April.
I'm sure we'll be hearing LOTS more in the weeks and months to come ... so stay tuned to Forgotten Hits for all the latest Beach Boys Reunion news.  (kk) 
Frank B.

>>>In late 1964, FANTASY released their first single. It was yet another case of the band being totally taken off guard when they saw the record label ... they were now called THE GOLLIWOGS! (We've covered this very issue before in FORGOTTEN HITS with bands like the aforementioned GUESS WHO and even THE BEACH BOYS, BOTH of whom were SHOCKED to see these new monikers printed on the label when their first records were released!)  kk 
The above quote is a cut & paste from the Creedence story posted on your website.
Can you direct me to where the story of the Beach Boys piece about the name change is?
That seems like it would be very interesting.
Chris Farrell
There isn't anything specific posted on the website regarding The Beach Boys' name change ... but when they first went into the Candix Studio to record "Surfin'" (their very first record) they were calling themselves The Pendletones.  When the record was actually pressed, they were shocked to discover that their name had been changed to "The Beach Boys" on the record label!  Seems the company thought it was a better fitting name for a group singing about surfing!  The record became a huge local hit in California ... and the name (obviously) stuck ... although the guys weren't especially pleased about it at the time.  Today they're regarded as America's all-time favorite (and most successful) band ... and, if you check the website for last Friday's posting, you'll see that the remaining members are now officially reuniting for a 50th Anniversary Tour and new album!

EXCELLENT review of the Paul Revere and the Raiders concert.  I agree 100% -- one of the best shows I've EVER seen.  These guys absolutely know how to play to their audience -- it's one of the fastest-paced shows I've ever seen and you can tell that all of the guys up on stage are having just as much fun as the audience is having.  I highly recommend this show to anyone who hasn't seen it -- you cannot have a better time!
Best show we've seen all year ... without a doubt!  (I still can't get over the energy level ... I imagine you have the wring the whole band out after a performance like that!!!  lol)

We were at the Paul Revere and The Raiders Christmas show as well and couldn't agree with you more. Absolutely THE BEST show I've seen in a long, long time, maybe the best of all time. Beside the fact that the band is so incredibly talented the show itself is non-stop entertaining. The way Paul and the band interact is magic and I think a lot of bands these days forget the part about entertaining the audience.
We want to hear those great hits but we want to have fun while we're at it.
Peter Noone and The Turtles are two other great examples of shows that are a lot of fun to see. Paul is the most entertaining of the bunch in my opinion and he was such a sweet and sincere guy when we met him in the autograph line. Yikes, how about that line!! It was worth the wait though, all the guys were super nice and gracious.  What a great, great band and a great, great show!!
I hope they play again in Chicago next Christmas because it's the kind of show you want to tell people about and bring them to. A guaranteed fantastic time!!
Kelli Murphy
You nailed it, Kelli ... spot on ... and I, too, would rank Peter Noone and The Turtles right up there at the top of the list when it comes to top notch oldies entertainers who give you more than your money's worth during each and every performance.  And I couldn't agree with you more ... we're hoping Paul Revere and the Raiders come back next Christmas, too, just so we can show them off to some friends who missed them this time around!  (kk) 

Drummer Tommy Scheckel sent us a picture of Paul Revere with Micky Dolenz from an earlier show ... as well as a shot of himself with Chicago Radio Legend Dick Biondi ... and a few comments to boot!  What a GREAT time!  There isn't a person in that audience who didn't walk out of The Rosemont Theatre with a HUGE smile on their face!!!  (kk)

Kent ...
I'm listening to Wild Wayne's "Memory Machine" while reading the latest edition of "Forgotten Hits".  Just as I start reading what you wrote about Paul Revere taking the main lead on the Drifters' version of "White Christmas" (with Darren Dowler coming in on high falsetto), Wild Wayne plays the song!
By the way, Paul Revere was live in the studio - during a break in the latest PBS 60's concert. He's a funny man. Great sense of humor.
Frank B.
A VERY funny guy ... and a REAL entertainer.  (I wish I had HALF his energy!!!)  If you get the chance to see a Paul Revere and the Raiders concert next year, go ... you will NOT be disappointed.
In fact, how's this for a new ad campaign:

[DEEP BOOMING VOICE]:  If you only see ONE Concert next year ... (pause) ...
(meeker voice) you should probably try and catch The Beach Boys' 50th Reunion Tour.

[DEEP BOOMING VOICE]:  But if you see TWO or THREE Concerts next year ...
Be sure to put Paul Revere and the Raiders on your list!!!
They put the FUN back in Rock And Roll ... and it's a show you DON'T want to miss.

Hmmm ... what do you think, guys?!?!?  Maybe I've got a future in voice-overs?!?!?  (kk)
Check out this short two-part article on Phil "Fang" Volk, original bassist in Paul Revere & The Raiders and teen-mag heart-throb, still recording, gigging and rocking. Part 1 updates Phil's career:
Part 2 gives us a top 10 list from him:
Charles Rosenay
Some GREAT photos and commentary can be found on Fang's website, too ... you can check it out here:
Paul Revere and the Raiders do a bit in their act where they conjure up the "five greatest notes in rock and roll history" ... which just happen to be the opening five notes to their 1967 Hit "Good Thing" ... and, indeed, this is a GREAT opening.  But I'm still fascinated by the recent Randy Bachman dissection of the opening chord to "A Hard Day's Night" 

... and, apparently, so are a few of you!  (kk)

Only The Beatles would think to combine two totally separate, typically unrelated chords ... and augmented chords at that ... to create one of the most famous song-openings ever.  (No wonder I could never make it sound like that on my guitar!!!)  Thanks for the instant guitar lesson!

I LOVE that YouTube on Hard Day's Night opening guitar chord.  How easy that will be to introduce into the Music in the 20th Century curriculum this year.
Shelley J. Sweet-Tufano

Kent -- 
This item was up for auction last week at Heritage Auctions (Dallas, TX) and did not attract the minimum bid. I'd never even seen DC5 dolls before; didn't know they existed.  Maybe one of your readers NEEDS these for Christmas; they're still available.
By the way, in this auction, I picked up a one-sided, 10" test pressing from 1962 of Carole King singing "Up on the Roof."  Couldn't pass it up.
Ed Marimba 44

Honestly, I don't remember these either ... but I sure feel sorry for the other four guys ... they're about half the size of Dave Clark!!!  (lol)  kk

Hi KK,
I have just read your article about Dusty, which I enjoyed. I must say that I, too, was not happy about the Wickham / Valentine book and for the same reasons as yourself. I also think that if Dusty had of been alive it would not have been written / published.
In the comments at the bottom of the page you mention "Sandra" and Dusty's Funeral; Firstly, "Sandra" is from a 70's album produced by Tom Baker called "It Begins Again", which was, for want of a better description, a comeback album and, if my memory serve me correctly, it was preformed / shown on the Old Grey Whistle Test as part of an interview with Annie Nightingale.
As for Dusty's funeral, I do not think that it is out on DVD etc., but there is a clip on You Tube.
Hope this helps.
If anybody out there still hasn't read our Dusty Springfield piece, it comes highly recommended.  You can check it out here:
re:  COOL '60's SITE:
We got a very nice accolade in Rich Appel's "Hz So Good" newsletter regarding our recent Ed Sullivan Series ... and, while searching the web this weekend looking for other Ed-related pieces, I can across a GREAT site dedicated to the '60's.
Be sure to check this one out (as I really think you'll enjoy it!!!)  kk
Thanks for letting me know about Freddy Cannon's autobiography.  I'm gonna pick it next time I'm at Barnes & Noble.  I loved Freddie's music. It was so 'bombastic'.   The very first record I ever bought was a 78rpm of Freddy's "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans" in early 1960.  I told Freddy that when I interviewed him years ago, and he was amazed.  He didn't know it had been released on 78.  Canada was a few years behind the U.S. then.  It was on the Quality label here in Canada and unfortunately, it's been lost over time.  I had an Aunt and Uncle living in Easton, Pennsylvania at the time and that summer, my family travelled down to visit them.  My dad took me to a local record store (possibly it was in Philadelphia) where I bought my 2nd record ever - a Cameo Records 45 of Bobby Rydells' "Volare" in a red picture sleeve with a head shot of Bobby on the cover (that one I still have).
Doug Thompson

And, speaking of Freddy Cannon ...

Kent -- 
I found it interesting that you described the G-Clefs version of "Ka-Ding-Dong" as "certainly not the definitive version" in an answer to Larry's question in Sunday's Forgotten Hits Sunday Comments.  

The G-Clefs version was not only the definitive version, it was the original version and far superior to the watered down cover versions by white groups the Diamonds and Hilltoppers. Just my opinion, of course.

An interesting fact is that Forgotten Hits friend Freddy Cannon played guitar at the age of 16 on the G-Clefs version, a few years before he became "Boom Boom". 
Danny Guilfoyle
Radio and music buyers made all three of these versions chart hits.  Perhaps I was wrong in my assessment of The G-Clefs' version ... but that would depend on which chart you decided to consult.  The G-Clefs hit #24 on Billboard's Best Sellers Chart ... but only got to #53 on The Hot 100. The Diamonds scored nearly 20 positions higher on The Hot 100, reaching #35. (This is the version we heard here in Chicago, where "Ka-Ding-Dong" went to #8 in 1956.)  Finally, The Hilltoppers climbed (get it?) to #38 on The Hot 100 ... which, using that chart as the only Billboard chart where all three versions appeared, places The G-Clefs' version in last place ... this despite the fact that it apparently SOLD more copies than the other two, based on their Best Sellers Chart.  
Both The Diamonds' version and The G-Clefs' version also crossed over to Billboard's R & B Chart, with The Diamonds once again taking the slight edge here.  (Their version peaked at #8 while The G-Clefs came up right behind at #9.) 
For the record, all three versions shared the #17 position in Cash Box Magazine, back in the day when they charted by Song Title unless there was a major break-out version by a particular artist.  Clearly, this was not the case with "Ka-Ding-Dong" if they were still listing all three versions at its peak of #17.
Judging SOLELY on chart performance, (with no regard to personal preference in respect to each version), I would still have to conclude that The Diamonds recorded the "most familiar" version.  (kk)  

In order: The G-Clefs, The Diamonds and The Hilltoppers! 


Although it isn't mentioned anytime during the song, I always thought of MARVELOUS TOY as having a Christmas feel to it ... and always liked the CHAD MITCHELL TRIO version ... it's one of the only times I'm able to 'roll' my ''R's" ... without the song, I can't. first comment under it seems to agree with me.


I think the intention was Christmas ... the record first charted right after Thanksgiving, 1963 ... and Joel Whitburn lists it in his "Christmas In The Charts" book, too ... so that's good enough for me!  (kk)
Did you see Darlene Love on David Letterman's Show?  Man, what a production!!!  Maybe the best performance I've ever seen her do of this song ... and the 25th Anniversary to boot!!!  (kk)

Prince had a song called "Another Lonely Christmas", which is a B-Side of one of the singles released from "Purple Rain" (Can't remember which one). 
It's the flipside of his "I Would Die 4 U" single.  When I first saw that (back in 1984), I thought, "Man, wouldn't it be cool if Prince had recorded MY "Lonely Christmas" song as the B-Side ... think of the royalties I would have earned on this Top Ten smash!!!"  But sadly, it wasn't to be.  The only consolation is knowing that MY song is actually better than HIS!!!  (lol)  kk

>>>I just got done reading forgotten hits and see that someone mentioned "It's Christmas Once Again" by Frankie Lymon. This has always been one of my favorites and thought I would send it to you for your readers. Merry Christmas to you and yours and to all in Forgotten Hits Land. : )   (Carrie)

I must be one of the few people that is familiar with the version done a few years before Frankie's, by Tommy Edwards ... this one coming from 1953 (he was in between his two periods of hit making by this point) ... this is off my original MGM 45, as I doubt it has ever been reissued (very few of his pre-1958 recordings have been).



And here's a Forgotten Hits EXCLUSIVE, courtesy of Jim Peterik ... check out his note below!
Back in 1968 when Karen and I were first dating I wrote her a song as a Christmas gift.
Until now only she, Ides members and our agent at the time, Herb Gronaur heard me play it. Herb chomped his cigar and intoned. "This could be a big-ass Christmas song!!". Ha!
Well I found it a few weeks back in the crumbling pages of an old notebook and recorded for the first time just for you- here is my Big Ass Christmas song -
Christmas Morning.  
Hope you enjoy it as much as Karen did back in the day. 
Much Love! 

We told you that Paul Revere and the Raiders will be off on a cruise right after the first of the year.  (Also appearing with them during this special event will be Davy Jones, The Buckinghams and The Drifters.)  But we just got a recap of the recent Rock Legends Cruise from FH Reader Bob Merlis ... so we wanted to share this with you!
Earlier this month, the first-ever Rock Legends Cruise embarked from Ft. Lauderdale aboard the 160,000 ton Liberty of the Seas for a voyage that took almost 3,000 passengers for the rocking ride of their lives.  Over the course of the 4 days and nights at sea, they were treated to 58 performances by 20 bands.  Headliners ZZ Top and George Thoroughgood were joined by John Kay and Steppenwolf, The Marshall Tucker Band, Dickey Betts & Great Southern, Foghat, Molly Hatchet, Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Artimus Pyle, Blackfoot, Pat Travers, Devon Allman's Honeytribe, SwampDaWamp and other top notch talent who performed in four different onboard venues. 
Organized by the Native American Heritage Association as a fund raising effort on behalf of NAHA's work to provide desperately needed emergency assistance and self-help programs for Sioux Native Americans living on South Dakota reservations, the cruise realized almost $800,000, including proceeds from passenger fares, numerous items auctioned aboard the ship, among them a custom motorcycle built for the occasion by Deadwood Choppers, memorabilia provided by the bands as well a $5,000 donation from Royal Caribbean Lines.  Beyond the significant influx of funding, the cruise raised the awareness of passengers and crew about the conditions endured by the Sioux with many coming away touched by the experience and promising to help during the year ahead. Those on board were able to view "Changing Lives," an 8 minute video, donated by Keefer Rain of Dream Maker Nation Productions, that chronicles NAHA's efforts, providing a way to connect passengers to the cause that had engendered the cruise in the first place. View video here:
The cruise stopped at Coco Cay and Nassau but the real action was onboard with a grand total of 87 hours of music provided by the numerous bands who created the atmosphere of a rock festival at sea.  Multiple venues were employed assuring all passengers the chance to see their favorite bands perform numerous times.  Passengers and musicians were uniformly delighted with the experience.  Reached on dry land after the ship docked back in Ft. Lauderdale at the conclusion of the cruise, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons summed it up as follows, "High is we on the high sea" which we take to mean he and his bandmates enjoyed themselves while doing their part for a great cause. 
Just this year, Charity Navigator, America's premier charity evaluator, awarded NAHA its coveted 4-star rating for sound fiscal management for the seventh consecutive time. Ken Berger, Charity Navigator’s President and CEO, noted that only 2% of charities it rates has been so recognized as many times. Charity Navigator cited NAHA for the fact that a phenomenal 93.9% of revenue raised goes toward its program services, up from an already lofty 92.4% in the last rating period.  Updated information posted on 

Since 1993, Native American Heritage Association worked with Lakota (Sioux) Reservations strengthening the Native American communities and families, one member at a time. The challenges are difficult as unemployment rates on the Reservations are at 80%, 70% have no transportation, the average life expectancy is 58 years of age, infant mortality is 10 times the national average and 31% of Native American children under the age of 4 are obese because of lack of proper nutrition. NAHA, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, in partnership with Feeding America and Good360, has provided food, clothing, heating assistance, personal care items and home care items to the many Native Americans in need.  NAHA has a 17-year history of executing its mission in a fiscally responsible way, outperforming most other charities.  More at

Here's a cool shot of ZZ Top performing on board:  

People keep telling me that we should put together a Forgotten Hits Cruise.  With all the artists now on the list, we could probably get quite a wide assortment of talent aboard for a project like this.  (Or, since the Rock Legends Cruise was such a success, maybe we'll just line up some more Southern Rock Superstar Acts and put together The First Official Joe Dirt Cruise!!!  Wouldn't you just LOVE to see David Spade as Master of Ceremonies?!?!?)  kk


>>>I am not sure if this book has ever been addressed to you all before, but I am going to plug it now.  Don Worsham's book, "Hits Between the Hits," is what I would describe as the BIBLE on jingles through history.  If you are like me and collect radio ID jingles and wish you knew more, this book is for you!  Although originally published in 1996, it was updated and a second publication made in 2004.  I just read the book for the first time in the past month and picked up my own copy this week.  I grew up on Top 40 radio and over many years of realizing there were OTHER people out there who loved radio jingles, I learned of and met many of the people in this book.  The thing is, I NEVER connected them!!!  I have been friends with Peter Kanze, Richard Kaufman, Sandy Jackson, Bob Hummel, Dusty Rhodes (WSAI, WLW Cincy legend), Ron Britain, Frank Merrill, Ken R, Tom Konard, Bob Moomey, Barney Pip, Chris Abercrombie, Richard Fatherley, Dick Bartley, Deane Johnson, Joe Meyers and others over the years and many are still good friends today.  Most of them are mentioned in this book!!!  Then, I have reels of TM tapes, CRC 45, Jingle mill 45 and many other things that are all tied together so nicely in this book.  I NEVER knew much of the stuff even about the guys like Ricky the K and Peter Kanze that are mentioned even though I have talked, written to or emailed each of them many a time!  I was even on a radio show with Ricky, Barney Pip and Bill Meeks one time.  PAMS jingles were always amazing to get from varying sources.  I spent a fortune with Ken R about 10 years ago, and now I know all of that story too!!  There have been many subjects in this forum in past years that are addressed in the book, such as what jingle sessions were like, who sang for which companies, how each company became successful and the demise of many, Gold discs, Drake-Chenault success, TM, PAMS, JAM, and many many companies I did and did not know anything about.  The story of Top 40 radio and its' affect on jingles companies is addressed.  The book even comes with a CD of jingles including an amazing 1942 14 minute set that is believed to be the oldest ID jingles still existing today!  The added CD to the book makes the price seem a bit high at $37, but the info is just priceless!  It delves into all the stories mostly in a chronological process that helps the reader tie the whole thing together.  

If you love jingles and want the WHOLE story behind all the companies and even the individual numbered series sent to stations, it's all here!!  A must read!  You can get the book from Media Preservation Foundation at or just google the book title and it will get you there.  The book's author has several items on Reel Radio site as well.  

A great Christmas present if you need one for the jingle lover in your life!   (WLSClark)
As for Don Worsham's book "The Hits Between The Hits: The History of Radio ID Jingles", I'm mentioned in there a few times as I met a young Jon Wolfert, who grew up listening to WABC and became fascinated by those station jingles, and was attending Pottsdam University in upstate New York and listening to CHUM in Toronto (where I was Production Manager).  It was 1969 and Jon arranged a tour of the station with our then Program Director J,. Robert Wood.  Jon came with Eddie J. Rothchild (aka "Wild Worm") and I made them both tape dubs of all the PAMS, CRC and Futursonic CHUM jingle packages we had. 
After graduation, Jon got a job at PAMS and by 1974, I had started a national production company with several creative partners called That Commercial Place.  Jon had the idea of starting a PAMS Canada and partnering with us, because at the time, the Canadian Government was planning on passing legislation that all foreign commercial or station jingles had to be sung in Canada by Canadian singers.  Jon made a deal with Bill Meeks, who owned PAMS and had made all the multi track transfers of all the PAMS music beds.  Jon and his wife Mary Lynn  were ready to move to Toronto when Bill Meeks pulled the plug.  He said something about creating his own competition.  Which he did anyway, since after a brief stint at TM Productions, Jon and Mary Lynn started JAM Creative Productions in Dallas and for many decades dominated the station jingle industry with incredible sounding jingles.  They still make incredible sounding jingles, but the entire radio and jingle industries have changed radically. 
By the way, the Canadian Government never did pass that legislation.
It's all documented in Don Worsham's book, which I highly recommend.  Also great reading are Ken R's two books about the jingle biz, "The Jingle Book:" and "The Second Jingle Book" ... both available from
In a delicious twist of fate, Jon Wolfert later bought the assets of PAMS and he created amazing websites for both jingle companies with lots of great archive memories, pictures and audio samples.  You can find them at and (for JAM).
For those who love radio station jingles (as I do) and want more, there's The Media Preservation Society's website  Tracy Carman and Don Worsham have done an incredible job of preserving and protecting the jingles archives of many companies that no longer exist and  a few that are still around.  There's always cool stuff to be heard on that site. 
Thanks Kent for all of your contributions to keeping music memories alive.
Doug Thompson in Toronto (still reading)

Talking about great books ...

Many thanks again to Joel Whitburn for donating a couple of copies of his "Christmas In The Charts" books.  We made two Forgotten Hits Readers very happy this Christmas!
You can check out Joel's complete Billboard Book Library here:
The very popular "Pop Annual" book is being updated literally as we speak ... an anticipated ship date right now looks to be late-February or early-March.  Joel is ALWAYS updating his chart information (and has a few more surprises planned for next year that we're just not at liberty to talk about yet ... but as soon as he gives us the green light, be sure to watch the Forgotten Hits page for some VERY exciting news!!!)
The most recent "Top Pop Singles" book has been expanded to a full 8 1/2 x 11  page size ... and now includes ALL of the "Bubbling Under" Hits as well as Regional Hits and Rock And Roll "Classics" that for whatever reason don't fit the format of The Billboard Hot 100 Hits ... yet are still "musts" for any serious music collector or fan.

Here are a couple of other inquiries we received this past week after giving away copies of Joel's books:
I want a Top 40 book, 1955 to current, in a three (3) ring binder, with one or more pages per artist.  It may be costly at first, but subsequent updates could be made by adding new artist pages, or further Top 40 hits, only!  You could easily remove what artists you don't care for, such as Rap artists, to refine the "better" music and keep your copy small.  If you damage a page or more, they could be easily ordered / replaced, while saving the "environment". It could be known as the "Green" issue.  Blank pages could be purchased to add personal notes about songs and artists, without blemishing the existing printed pages.
Furthermore, I want to know, not when songs enter Top 40, but the date when the actually make their highest chart position. I'm often called an idiot, because people argue when a song actually Top 40 charts. I imagine this happened to DJs, as well.
Thank You!
John - the marketing genius :)

The "replacement pages" book doesn't exist ... but we CAN help you with your second request.  You need to pick up a copy of Joel Whitburn's Pop Annual (which is being completely revised as we speak ... new edition most likely coming out late-February or early-March.)

It lists every song at its peak position, showing the exact date it REACHED its peak position.

(The only problem is that you have to know what you're looking for ... this book isn't sorted by artist but rather by peak for each and every year of the rock era.  However, it DOES make the perfect COMPANION piece to his "Top Pop Singles" book, which IS organized by artist.) 

Check  out the website and you'll even find some sample pages posted there!  (kk)
Can I expect the other 700+ pages under the Christmas tree?! LOL
Have a great one, K'!
John (AKA Jack) (AKA Pain In The As*)

My name is Darnell Major, a Chicago Illinois resident, who is a fan of the Joel Whitburn series, but have never been able to obtain an issue of his collection and I was wondering if this was the right email address to enter the Joel Whitburn Christmas Edition giveaway? If so, what all would you like for contact info just in case I am a winner?
You've got the right email address ... but you missed the deadline by one day ... we've already picked the winners!
No worries 'tho ... you can always order a copy of this book (or anything else from Joel Whitburn's AMAZING library) right from The Record Research Website: