Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This And That

Thanks for the posting of E.J. Korvette's Parade of Hits Survey for the week of August 17, 1964.
I looked it over and just got through playing #36 on the survey, JUST BE TRUE by the old "Duke of Earl" himself, Gene Chandler. Always did like that particular song by him and had not heard it in years.
Larry Neal
So I guess Gene Chandler's pretty much a "Two Hit Wonder" these days ... "Duke Of Earl", his first chart hit, topped the charts back in 1962 ... and then eight years later he went to #11 with "Groovy Situation", a track we featured not too long ago as part of our "Grooviest Week Ever" Series. And, quite honestly, you rarely hear either one of these classics very much anymore ... truth is radio has forgotten all about Chandler's five other National Top 40 Hits all together. (Your choice, "Just Be True", reached #19 in 1964, followed by "Bless Our Love" (#39, 1964), "What Now" (#40, 1965), "Nothing Can Stop Me" (#15, 1965), and "From The Teacher To The Preacher", his duet with then label-mate Barbara Acklin, went to #40 in 1968. Glad we could stir a memory or two ... and entice SOMEBODY to play one of Gene's hit records!!! (kk)

Great chart (E J Korvett) I worked there while in college. Interesting that they had an "Oldie" section - in 1964, already!
P.S. My Beach Boys fanatic buddy and I were backstage for the Chicago show - great fun talking to Bruce Johnston.
At one particular time (and I'd say 1965 - 1966 for me) I pretty much did ALL of my record-buying at E.J. Korvettes ... they had the best prices and best selection around (but it REALLY used to annoy me that they would stamp the 99-cents price tag right on the picture sleeves of some of my favorite 45's!  I clearly remember them ruining my "We Can Work It Out" / "Day Tripper" sleeve as well as The Rolling Stones' "As Tears Go By" by "rubber stamping" "99" in a big red circle on the face of the sleeve. Incredibly, I can even remember some "bulk" purchases I made there whenever I got extra birthday or Christmas money ... it seems like ALL of my extra money back then went for my favorite 45's!!! (kk)

Kent ...
I'm sure you covered this before, but your recent mentioning of Paul McCartney's "Kisses on the Bottom" cd was joked about by someone who didn't know the lyrical source. I had to point out the double-entendre came from the lyrics of one of the songs he did.
so for the record ...
"I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
And make believe it came from you
I'm gonna write words oh so sweet
They're gonna knock me off my feet
A lotta kisses on the bottom
I'll be glad I got 'em"
Seeings how this song dates back to the 1930's, when it was first a Top 5 Hit for Fats Waller ... resurrected again in 1957 by Billy Williams, who took his version all the way to #2 ... and then covered with some minor success again in the 1970's by Barry Manilow ... I'm kinda surprised that anybody out there wouldn't be at least remotely familiar with this song. McCartney did his version earlier this year as part of his "standards" album ... and it's one of my favorites on the CD. (Actually, I've always loved the Billy Williams version ... and we featured it a while back in Forgotten Hits ... but believe it or not, my all-time favorite version is the Barry Manilow version!) In any event, maybe a little musical history lesson will jar a memory or two ... 

Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus Christ in the movie, "Passion of The Christ" and currently stars in the CBS-TV hit, "Person of Interest," fulfilled a long-time wish to sing on-stage with his favorite rock band, Chicago. On Aug. 18, 2012, Jim sang Chicago's #1 smash hit from 1976, "If You Leave Me Now," before 10,000 fans at New York's Jones Beach Theater. One of Chicago's founding members, singer - keyboardist Robert Lamm, introduced Caviezel. Chicago's bass player and singer, Jason Scheff, assisted the actor with harmonies. Caviezel’s “pinch me” moment was during the instrumental break in the song. He whipped out his camera phone and filmed the now standing audience from center stage. He had plenty of moral support during his debut as a rock star, with his wife, Kerri, and two of his children sitting in the front row, along with over 100 members of his TV cast and crew.
--Tom Cuddy
VERY cool ... as you know, Chicago has been doing a "Win A Chance To Sing With Chicago" for quite a while now ... usually it takes a MAJOR donation to breast cancer research to earn your spot on stage with the super group ... but how very cool to see Jim Caviezel fulfill a lifetime dream. And a VERY cool video, too! (He never really looks comfortable ... but is clearly having the time of his life!)  Thanks for sharing. (kk)

Actually, maybe not so major ... you can bid your way to center stage with Chicago ... and have YOUR moment in the spotlight to sing their #1 Hit "If You Leave Me Now" with the band ... premium seating, backstage passes to meet the band, etc, etc, etc.  All the details are right here:

Here's a guy we don't talk much about any more, but he's out doing gigs quite often these days. Here's a recent video:
David Lewis
I always enjoyed Gilbert O'Sullivan's clever little ditties back in the day ... in fact, I had his first four albums. You don't hear much of his music on the radio anymore ... this despite the fact that he had six straight Top 40 Hits between 1972 and 1974. We've featured a couple of the "forgotten" ones ... "Out Of The Question" (#17, 1973) has a GREAT counter-melody thing going on that many people thought Paul McCartney copped for his medley that closes out his "Red Rose Speedway" album ... and "Get Down" was a HUGE hit here in Chicago, topping the chart in 1973. (Actually, O'Sullivan had THREE #1 Records here in Chi-Town ... "Alone Again, Naturally", "Clair" and "Get Down" all reached the top spot on our local charts.)  Nice to see that he's still out there performing ... the YouTube clip above is a live rendition of one of my favorites, "Out Of The Question" ... see if you remember THAT one!!! (kk)

Hi Kent,
I thought you should see and share with your viewers a picture of the Dick Clark & American Bandstand Regulars Plaque outside the original Bandstand Studio at 46th & Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA
Eddie Kelly (American Bandstand Regular "Dancer") (1959-1961).

Bar none, hands down, the greatest song Janis ever did was (I got dem old) Kozmic Blues again. Her vocal approach to the song is unmatched. I truly believe its the greatest "soul" song of all time. Aretha, eat your heart out.
I fell in love with doo wop the first time I heard the Flamingo's phenomenal, "I Only Have Eyes For You" at the ripe old age of nine. That being said, I caught the mention about John Kuse and the Excellents in today's Forgotten Hits. I truly believe, and this covers a lot of ground, that "Coney Island Baby" is the most underrated song of the genre. In fact, I have it at seven on my all time doo wop hits list behind the Capris ethereal, "There's a Moon Out Tonight."
The Jim Sohns event should bring the house down. Hope to be there.
Meanwhile, does anyone know the whereabouts of former New Colony Six singer, Pat McBride. I haven't heard from him in years. Jeez, I miss seeing Ray and Ronnie. As you know, in the late 60's I had a brief fling as a road manager with the Colony. Still recall being in the old Chess Studios when the group recorded, "Things I'd Like To Say."
Man, those were fun times. Think "The Cheetah", "The Kinetic Playground", Motown at its peak. The Ides, The Shames, The Buckinghams, Rush Up, Rush Over. Barnaby's on State Street.
And kids today thing they have fun? Time out. In our era we left no stone unturned. We danced and drank till we dropped.
Chet Coppock
Host: Notre Dame football - WLS Radio

Thanks for your posts about "Gimme Some Lovin'" by the Jordan Brothers (
I used to hear that record on the radio when I lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and didn't know about the Spencer Davis version until long after.
I wonder if you are aware of "Pretty Flamingo" by Tommy Vann and the Echoes? That's the version that got airplay in Baltimore when I lived there in the 1960s. Only years later did I realize that it was a cover of a Manfred Mann hit ( This appears to be the official Website for Tommy Vann and the Echoes:
Nope, not familiar with the Tommy Vann and the Echoes' version ... but this was pretty typical behavior back then ... several artists would record the same record ... and then if one of those versions became the break-out hit version and pulled away from the rest of the pack, the regional hit versions died a quick, silent and not-so-memorable death. (I remember years ago running a story about Herman's Hermits' hit "There's A Kind Of Hush" ... the record label was concerned that another version by a teeny-bop boy band might steal some of The Hermits' thunder on this one ... so they released "No Milk Today", a previous Top Ten Hit in Great Britain, as the B-Side here in The States, just in case the other version eclipsed Herman's Hermits' version ... this way, radio could simply flip the record over and The Hermits would still be represented on radio.  Of course, the concerns were completely unfounded ... nothing could have been further from reality ... Herman's Hermits scored yet another Top Five Smash with "There's A Kind of Hush" and the competing version was delegated to complete obscurity.  Meanwhile, "No Milk Today", another sure-fire hit, was wasted as a B-Side. (Regardless, it still earned enough airplay to reach #33 ... and has gone on to be one of their most recognizable hits ... but should have been MUCH bigger at the time.) kk

Very sad to hear about Scott McKenzie's passing. Most know him only on the one song but he did several others that for some reason never hit the charts despite having an unbelievable voice. My personal favorite in the category of "why wasn't this a chart record" is "What's the Difference". I've pasted a youtube link for your listening pleasure
Glad to see you're back in business
Steve Davidson

A couple of points ...
Your RIP report on Andy Griffith made it sound like he somehow eeked out a one-hit (wonder) ONLY ... music was always a part of his tv shows ... and his music was available for purchase ... PLUS HE'S A GRAMMY WINNER! (gospel - but it counts)
Also, regarding THE
BEE GEES and their first hit "New York Mining Disaster, 1941" ... What I love is the endless repetition of "Mr. Jones" ... you think he really exists. The way I always understood it, Mr. Jones DID exist ... but as the singer's friend's (boss?) dead body next to him, that he was 'talking to' out of desperation.
There is no denying that Andy Griffith was a pop culture icon ... and his stint as Sheriff Andy Taylor remains one of the most memorable characters from the Golden Age Of Television ... most of those episodes still hold up extremely well today ... and you're right, music WAS a semi-regular feature on the program ... whether that meant Sheriff Andy strumming his guitar on his front porch after a satisfying dinner from Aunt Bee ... or the reoccurring roles of The Dillards as the musical Darling Family. (Charlene's crush on Sheriff Taylor ... and the unrequited love of one Ernest T. Bass ... made The Darlings the darlings of the series!)
But since we're more about the music here, I just felt it necessary to point out that Andy Griffith as a recording artist had one MAJOR chart hit back in 1954, thusly making him a "One Hit Wonder" in every sense of the definition ... and music had absolutely nothing to do with it. The hit record was a spoken word comedy routine called "What It Was, Was Football", which went all the way to #9 in The Winter of '54 ... and played up Andy's down-home "hick" persona quite perfectly.
We've featured this track a number of times in the past ... in fact, when Y103.9's Jim Shea had his on-going dialog with Andy Griffith during his campaign to stop TV Land from editing the end-credits of the television series, he aired this track, the familiar TV Theme Song ... and even a VERY rare version of that theme SUNG by Andy Griffith ... all courtesy of Forgotten Hits.
As for "Mr. Jones" in The Bee Gees' break-through hit "New York Mining Disaster, 1941", I've heard all kinds of stories about this tune ... he did exist ... he didn't exist ... as a challenge thrown The Brothers Gibb by brand new manager Robert Stigwood (to see if they could write a hit song on demand), the boys resigned themselves to the stairwell and knocked this one out right on the spot in the matter of just a couple of hours ... ALL kinds of stories.
I checked with our buddy Carl Wiser's Songfacts website ( to see what IT had to say on the subject ... and came up with this:

This song is about a miner trapped beneath the surface who wants to contact his wife. There was no such event, and the lyrics are totally fictional. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England)
The Gibb brothers wrote the song when they were sitting in the dark on some studio stairs at Polydor Records imagining they were stuck in a mine accident. They placed it in New York; far from Wales where a recent accident had taken place so as not to offend those who were hurt by it.
There was no mining disaster in New York in 1941, although there was one in McIntire, Pennsylvania, which killed 6 people. The song though appears to have been vaguely inspired by the Aberfan tragedy in South Wales. On October 21, 1966, 144 people were killed, 116 of them children, when a waste tip slid down a mountainside; unsurprisingly the story generated massive media coverage, and even 40 years on the name Aberfan is synonymous with the tragedy.
In the biography The Bee Gees: Tales Of The Brothers Gibb, Maurice Gibb is quoted as saying the song is "A total rip-off of the Beatles" although later he is said to have retracted this.
There were a number of people (deejays included) who thought this record sounded JUST like The Beatles when it first came out in 1967 ... rumors circulated that it was, in fact, The Beatles, under a new pseudonym ... but of course this wasn't the case. The song did, however, launch the first wave of The Bee Gees' career here in The States ... after peaking at #14 in The Summer of '67, eight other hit singles rapidly followed this one into The Top 20, including "To Love Somebody" (#17, 1967); "Holiday" (#12, 1967); "Massachusetts" (#11, 1967); "Words" (#15, 1968); "I've Gotta Get A Message To You" (#3, 1968); "I Started A Joke" (#6, 1969) and "First Of May" (#18, 1969). kk

As for Taylor Swift ... Sorry, won’t get hooked by the hook! Most of these modern Pop Chicks sound like WAY Over produced Bubble gum. And the talking part is “like”, lame. Don’t get me started on Gino Vanelli-Sheesh!
I thought it was pretty lame, too, the first time I heard it ... but it's actually a pretty cool effect (of Swift talking on the phone with one of her girlfriends, stressing the word "EVER" when it comes to getting back together with an ex-flame. How many times have each and every one of us said THAT before?!?!? (kk)

>>>So why does this current superstar Taylor Swift ... (I really know nothing about her) think she must copy the Cryan' Shames? I mean, the Shames have released THREE "red" albums. Is there a lawsuit in there somewhere? (Clark Besch)
>>>I can only consider your gripe a bit extreme ... and you know how much I LOVE The Cryan' Shames ... but truth be told, in the musical scheme of things, on a scale of 1-10 The Cryan' Shames probably rate about a 2 ... while Taylor Swift would be about a 27 ... there haven't been many artists hotter over the past several years ... and her new song is about as catchy pop (and un-country) as anything she's released so far. I was a "late to the party" fan ... but her track record cannot be denied. Her new single (which to these ears has a bit of a Katy Perry feel to it) is absolutely destined to top the charts ... it's that good. Listen to it three times and you'll be hooked. And I'd be willing to bet the farm that if she's got a "red album" theme going, The Cryan' Shames are probably the furthest thing from her mind ... my guess is she's never even heard of them!!! Give a listen to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" three times and you'll be hooked. (kk)
I have to agree with kk on this one ... Taylor Swift is a very special commodity. Not only is she beautiful, but she is very talented and creative. I was late in catching on to her but then I started to pay attention. When she did her hayseed version of "Mean" on an awards show I was totally blown away. Now she has my absolute respect as an artist and a writer. She hit commerciality right on the head. Genius, and a hottie.
Alex Valdez
I didn't like her at first ... I thought she was a little too "cutesy" and full of herself ... and quite honestly, I felt like every time I saw her perform live on TV she was off pitch and out of key. But the very moment you're referring to ... when she sang "Mean" at the Grammy Awards ... and changed the lyrics to say "Someday I'll be singin' up here at the Grammys" ... she completely won me over. (I'm sure asshole Kayne West dissing her earlier at the video awards had a little something to do with it, too!!!) But since then I have been a fan. The inspiration for her music (she writes all her own tunes) seem to all come from real-life experiences, good, bad or otherwise ... (hey, when Adele did that she topped the album chart for half a year!!!) ... but she still knows how to have fun, too ... and this new song ... "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is simply a FUN song ... and catchy as hell. And apparently I'm not alone in thinking so ... this week digital downloads of Swift's new single set an all-time record with over 623,000 downloads in ONE WEEK ... making her the Top Female Artist in this category in history. Meanwhile, she's also leaped into The Top Ten of Female Recording Artists, too ... placing her in the company of superstars like Brenda Lee, Connie Francis, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin and others ... except Taylor Swift did it in just six short years! Incredibly she racked up her first 50 chart hits between 2006 and 2010 ... and she's been adding to that tally ever since. Pretty amazing for a girl who hasn't even celebrated her 24th birthday yet! (kk)

It sounds like something that we've been campaigning for for the past five years may finally be happening ... Chicago broadcasting legend Fred Winston may be making his way back to the airwaves ... and at his old home WLS no less!
Fred would be the PERFECT morning host addition ... the station has been limping along with inferior morning entertainment for the last several years now ... but rumors are circulating that Fred may be taking over Scott Shannon's mid-day program, too ... so let's just hope that this is not the case. (WLS has been pushing for more of a "local flavor" for a while now, however, so anything is possible.)
We don't have the inside track on this one ... so we're just waiting to see how it all works out. (I'm pushing for mornings!) Meanwhile, it's just exciting to know that Winston (who recently underwent quadruple bi-pass surgery) may soon be brightening up our day once again here in Chi-Town. (kk)
UPDATE:  Fred is supposed to do his first show this Sunday Night, kicking off at 9 PM.  At the very least, it sounds like this could all lead to a fill-in role at the station ... so stay tuned for more updates!
In other Chicago radio news, it sounds like K-Hits may not be with us much longer. Despite denials here locally, word is CBS is not too happy with the results of the station thus far and their '60's / '70's / '80's (HEAVY on the '80's) format ... sounds like they were expecting more of a WCBS-FM / New York turn-out ... and listeners just aren't tuning in.
The play list is extremely limited (especially in the '60's area) and the jocks don't seem to have ANY affection for the music. (They, too, recently dipped into the old WLS well and snagged Tommy Edwards for mid-days ... but I have NEVER "gotten" the morning team of Eddie and Jo-Bo ... not back in the '80's when they were all the rage at B-96 / WBBM-FM ... and certainly not now when they barely rate a button push in the morning ... quite possibly the WORST morning show in Chicago ... and that's really saying something when you consider that WLS has got Dave Fogel in that spot right now!!!)
Time will tell how much longer they let the station limp along before they pull the plug ... but Chicago radio ... which now boasts THREE oldies channels ... deserves better ... and there is a HUGE pool of available talent out there that could make this happen. Heck, with the out of work jocks we've got on our mailing list right now we could staff these stations 24/7! (kk)
The OTHER oldies station in town is Y103.9 ... who is still suffering deeply from the Tom Kent take-over of a little over a year ago. The fans we're hearing from HATE it ... and believe me, we get at least two or three letters per week telling us how much they miss the old jocks like Jim Shea and Jeff James. Too much Tom Kent is NOT a good thing ... and what we have here today is NOT a good thing ... listeners have been leaving ever since this deal was made ... and management seems either not fully aware or apathetic about the whole situation. Let me just suggest that instead of writing to ME about it ('cause there's not a damn thing I can do to help), direct your letters right to the station itself ... and let it be known how completely unhappy and unsatisfied you really are with today's line-up. (I don't know how long Kent is contracted to broadcast on Y103.9 but it's really something they may want to look at getting out of ... again, as a small outlet to begin with, they are hardly servicing the community with local flavor by having this guy voice-tracking out of Cleveland all day and all night long ... and the station doesn't really seem to have their timing down either ... songs are constantly being cut off, overlapping or listeners exposed to just dead air time ... the #1 radio no-no!!! Get it together, Y103.9 ... before ALL of your listeners have jumped ship for something else! (kk)
When you talk to Jeff James please ask him this ...
I was wondering if he finally wanted to come back to his ‘Saturday Night Live @ the ‘70s show. It’s very much missed by the legion of fans that we are. I can’t help but wonder if Y103.9 is contractually obligated to carry Tom Kent’s Ultimate Party, for a full year. SNL@’70s stopped on the 1st Saturday of last July. Jeff definitely had a bigger ‘70s library than Tom Kent does. Ask Ryan Wild, the PD, if he’d be willing to give Jeff his show back on Saturday nights. I, for one, would LOVE to see that happen!
Thanks, Kent.
Dave Wollenberg
Jeff James never wanted to leave his "Saturday Night At The '70's" show ... it was part of the Tom Kent take-over that ousted him from his job (as well as his regular daily gig.) Jeff now does his daily "From The Vault" clip via YouTube (which is the program WE were supposed to co-host with him for a week ... that hasn't happened yet but I'm hoping we'll still get this together before the year is out, now that I'm back up and running again) and his weekend gig ... and that's about it.
James REALLY knows his music ... and has an extensive record collection that he often dipped into as part of his regular programming. It's a crime to see him off the air ... he and morning man Jim Shea DEFINED that radio station ... and REALLY loved and knew the music. It was more than just a job for them ... it was a passion ... and we as listeners loved and appreciated it. So did thousands and thousands of other listeners, many of whom we've heard from since these firings. So again, I ask you to direct those comments to Y103.9. If Ryan Wild is the guy, bombard him with emails and phone calls and let your outrage be heard! (kk)
Kent ...
Big Jay has been doing a lot of filling in at WCBS-FM ... mostly midnight to 6 AM shift.
Here's his list of The Top Five Artists of All-Time:
Frank B.
Big "Big Jay" Fan here ..and I know he's having a ball being back on the air at WCBS-FM.  (kk)
Denver radio personality Charley Martin dies at 67
This is a hard pill for me to swallow. I first met Charlie Martin as a baby DJ in 1978 immediately following a Hal & Charley Show in Denver after years of admiring what "Huck & Chuck" were doing on the air, AND the unprecedented major success they were having in Denver and the surrounding Colorado area. At the time, I was doing a wannabe Hal & Charley Show in Sterling CO on KSTC with my partner Jamie Sears. We were known as "Sears & Cody" and we sucked big-time, finally a chance to meet my idol!!!
That particular morning, Charlie was nice enough to listen to our "audition tape" and had two words to say ..."follow me". We followed him down from the then KHOW studios in downtown Denver, (directly across the street from May D & F) and went into a bar at about 10:30 in the morning. Jamie and I proceeded to drink beers with Charlie well into the late Colorado afternoon as we talked radio, life, love gone bad, exchanged stories of all kinds et al, all the while being in awe of one of my all time radio hero's AND getting totally shitfaced. It was a once in a lifetime meeting and I NEVER had the privelidge to speak with him again. However, I did have a chance to talk to Charlie on-air at Cruisin Oldies 950AM albeit briefly about 18 months ago when he visited his old friend Hal Moore during Hal's now defunct morning radio show.
Charlie was one of those extremely rare unique broadcasters that had a wry and totally "off the wall" sense of humor and he didn't give a damn who he pissed off, be it listeners, advertisers, ANYONE, and THAT was why he was treasured by everyone. He was just himself with no fake nice guy DJ persona. I not only remembered that but framed my 36 year radio career in the same vein that ultimately brought me major success.
Today, my heart aches for the loss of such a memorable and historic Denver and Colorado Broadcaster, and I know he's wisecracking up in heaven with God trying NOT to laugh!
I just thought, if you hadn't heard, I'd share this story with you.
Hope you're all well and God Bless you,
"Wild" Bill Cody

And FH Reader and Contributor Randy Price (he of Super Charts fame) has just sent us a link to listen to some of his archived shows running on Top Shelf Oldies. One of the most knowledgeable folks on the list ... with an AMAZING collection ... and a true chart historian, you'll want to tune in to hear some long-forgotten gems ...
The info for listening to the stream is on the Top Shelf Oldies website ( Or, if you're not able to listen during the live stream, the show is also archived here: (The shows are listed by date ... and my most recent program is the one with the stereo Beach Boys tracks)
– Randy
Just got this from FH Reader Paul Russo of Cool Scoops in Wildwood ... short notice but we've got a lot of readers in Jersey ... so hopefully some of you can stop by and see these legends! (Hey, and the ice cream ain't half bad either!!!) Tell Paul you read about it in Forgotten Hits! (kk)

At Last: The new album I've been promising for the better part of my life!
It's taken me a while to say this but here it is:
My brand-new studio CD is now available for presale at Amazon, CD Universe, Juno, Best Buy and a zillion other online outlets.
The disc, FINDING YOU AGAIN, from ACE Records, produced by kick-ass rock musician Jamie Hoover (lead guitar and founding member of The Spongetones), won't be officially issued until September 24.
But if you simply can't wait to order (and face it, who CAN?) click this link ...
... and choose an outlet from the list.
You'll notice that the American stores don't get it till a full week later than the Brits. But generally speaking, the English stores tend to charge a bit more.
These are all new recordings, most of them written within the past few years.
I can honestly say I think it's my best recorded work ever.
Bob Lind
>>>And you can catch Paul Revere and the Raiders at The Toronto Star Bandshell on August 30th, sharing the bill with Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits! (Man, what a show THAT'LL be!!!) kk
Peter and Paul together is a great show. Lots of laughs and excellent music.
Peter came onstage during our show with a walker the last time we played together.
Two genuinely funny guys that can ad-lib on a dime.
Tommy Scheckel
Paul Revere and the Raiders
That show with Peter Noone should be awesome - you guys have got to be the top two oldies / entertainment acts performing today! Man, would THAT be a great double-bill for here in The States!
Hi Kent,
Just wanted to let you know that Tommy James's autobiography, ME, THE MOB AND THE MUSIC is number 12 on ROLLING STONE'S list of the 25 greatest memoirs ever written ... how's that!!!!!
p.s. Love reading Forgotten Hits!
... Carol Ross Durborow
I know, isn't it great?!?! (Tommy's book, I mean!)  I just finished re-reading it (for the second time!) What a GREAT book ... can't wait to see the movie! Glad you're enjoying Forgotten Hits ... keep us posted on Tommy's latest comings and goings and we'll be happy to share the info with all the oldies fans out there. (Use Me!!! lol) kk
Ron Onesti has added a couple of new shows to his Arcada Theatre line-up ...
A second UFO show has been added (for Sunday, November 17th) ... Ron tells me UFO sells out every time they perform there!
There'll be a Clay Aiken Christmas Special on December 15th. (Now that Phyllis Diller has died, Aiken can finally claim that hair style as his very own! Actually I was surprised to see Diller was 95 ... I swear she didn't look a day over 160!)
And here's one I want to see ... they're calling it Jingle Bell Rock ... and on December 1st, Eddie Money, Edgar Winter and John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band will be appearing at The Arcada, doing their greatest hits along with some rockin' Christmas tunes.
More shows listed on the website: Click here: Arcada Theatre | Oshows

Thanks to our readers, we're still getting hundreds of old FH articles every week. There are a couple in particular that we're still looking for (and we need these for other projects that we're currently working on.)
If you can please check any of your old, saved emails (pre-2008 if you still have them on hand) and can find the series we did on Melanie and on Bobby Darin, it would be a HUGE help! Just drop us a line (or email them over)
I'm sure there are plenty more ... but those two in particular are the ones we're looking for quickly.
Thanks! (kk)
Also, VERY special thanks this week to Rich Hutchison, Randy Price and The Rip Chords ... they're the latest contributors to our on-going "Support Forgotten Hits" fund. For more information on how you can make a donation to the cause, just drop us an email and we'll send the information along. (kk)