Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Sunday Comments ( 07 - 14 - 13 )

This morning, 7/10/13, Sirius 60's on 6 stated that Sonny Geraci is in the medical center and they are asking for prayers for his recovery.  Is this new info (as in a relapse) or repeat?  I don't know enough about Sirius to know how often (or if) they automatically repeat programs.  How awful that I am so suspicious of any radio broadcast now.  So, can you fill us in correctly?  
Shelley J. Sweet-Tufano  
We just ran an update a week or two back courtesy of David Zane, Sonny's guitarist, and it sound like Sonny was on the mend and in great spirits ... even talking about singing again ... so this is sad and discouraging news if it's true.

I asked Dennis Tufano (former lead singer of The Buckinghams ... and no relation to Shelley Sweet-Tufano) if he could fill us in ... his reply is below, along with information about a fund-raising concert coming up to help with Sonny's medical bills ... check it out.  And, to all the artists on the list, if you think this is something you might be interested in supporting and appearing in, please let us know and we'll hook you up with the necessary parties to do so. (kk)  

Kent -  
This announcement is from one yr ago!!! Why XM / Sirius just started announcing this is weird!  
He's not in Intensive Care but in Recovery and doing as well as can be expected. One day at a time!  
I just spoke with Rae, Sonny's Assistant, and she says he is getting better but it's a slow recovery as all brain related recoveries are. I spoke with Sonny a month ago and he sounded real good. He has some confusion on details but that will clear as he gets better. You might direct fans to Sonny's FaceBook page where his kids have been posting updates once in a while.  
Also, There is a Benefit / Birthday Celebration planned for Sonny in November 15 & 16 in Streetsboro, OH, at The Z Plex located at 1543 State Route 303, Streetsboro, OH. 44241 Tickets: $35 per person / $60 per couple -- discount tix will be offered for attending both days!  I will get contact numbers from Rae and pass them along to you.  
If you would post the announcement that would be great! They can use the added financial support to cover the extended medical expenses incurred. We are looking for musicians, singers, etc., that would like to participate.  I believe air / hotel / food would be covered for the acts that are available. Thinking that your site connects to so many entertainers and fans that it would be perfect to alert everyone about the event. There will be bands to back up acts ... all they need is charts in advance. Each act would do a short set of their material and then sitting in and jamming with all for the sake of Sonny's healing!!!! I will also get you an updated act list as it comes together. So far, Ron Dante, Terry Sylvester, myself, Jimi Sohns and many more waiting for availability.
And how about Shelly Sweet-Tufano? I've never met her, I don't think. Wonder which Tufano Clan she belongs to!!!!
Hope this finds you in good health and spirits. Thank you again for all you do for MUSIC!!! I confess that when I check out your pages I get a bit overwhelmed by all the knowledge being shared. WOW!
Be well.
Thanks for your help!
VERY happy to help out with this, Dennis ... would love to see a big turn out for this celebration.  Again, artists on the list interested in participating should drop me a line and I'll do my best to connect you with the proper parties.  Let's celebrate the great music by this great artist ... and do some good with helping out his family, too.  (kk)   

Now that the 4th of July holiday weekend is over, I'm back to working crazy hours again ... typically 12-16 per day ... so we missed a couple of interesting-sounding shows this past week.  Tuesday Night Susan Cowsill appeared at The Filament Theater in the city and, also that night, Blood, Sweat and Tears did a show in Elk Grove Village.  If anybody was able to attend either of these performances, we'd love to hear from you.  
After watching Susan Cowsill perform on the recent Cowsills documentary, I think this would have been an interesting show to see. 
As for Blood, Sweat and Tears, it's hard to imagine them sounding anything at all like the music we grew up with anymore.  I did speak with one fan who attended this show ... but his only comment was "It was a nice night to sit outside and listen to music" ... nothing further.  Guess he's just following that age-old adage "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"!!!  (kk)   

I saw the latest incarnation of the Fabulous Thunderbirds Friday night ... very disappointing. The band has no stage presence ... it shuffled through its set, had no choreography and seemed anxious to get the hell off stage.  A couple of sharp harmonica solos were the only strong elements.  
Chet Coppock  
I know a couple of people who were really looking forward to this show and, from what I've heard, they were equally disappointed.  One guy has seen The Fabulous Thunderbirds half a dozen times before ... and left half-way through their set this time around.  And on the big 4th of July Weekend, too.  What a shame.  (kk)   

Hi Kent,
I know this isn't really 'oldies', but I worked the GooGooDolls / Matchbox 20 concerts at Ravinia last week - great shows! Rob Thomas came onstage with the GooGooDolls and did a really good version of Tom Petty's 'American Girl' on the 4th of July. I was really impressed, even tho I'm not that familiar with the GooGooDolls' music. If you haven't been there you should check it out. Some good shows. Brian Wilson, Chicago, Ian Anderson, etc. coming up.  Also at Ravinia, Steely Dan, Heart, Journey, Willie Nelson, Alabama ... come out and picnic. It's really a nice place, but get there early if you plan to spread out on the lawn. It gets pretty packed for those concerts.
Ravinia is a BEAUTIFUL place to see a concert ... but you're right ... you'd better get their early if you're doing the lawn-thing.  I'm not especially fond of their parking situation there either.  (kk)  

Hi Kent -
Hope all is well, I read all the time ... just never seem to have the time to respond.
I have been DJing parties all over the country plus doing all my radio shows. Last year I was the DJ for the opening of Fashion Week in London ... very cool. I want to say if your readers get to see the Rascals they will love the show. All great friends are also on the Happy Together Tour this year. Wait till you hear the new Mark Lindsay CD. The release party will be in the fall in New York. All the stations that are running the Rewind Show have copies of it but there will be some remixing done and a few word changes and then it will be released for all to enjoy. Mark sounds like he is in his prime. We have become pretty close and talk a few times a week. I did an interview with Chuck Negron from Three Dog Night and it may be the wildest video interview I have ever done. Chuck and I have been friends since 1971 so we really got crazy.  It's on YouTube under JimmyJayEvents (all one word). Other great video clips there also. Congratulations are in order by the way to Gary Puckett, who will become a grand father in December.
Keep doing what you do and I will check back more often, I promise.
Jimmy Jay
Thanks, Jimmy ... so good to hear from you.  Hoping to catch the Happy Together show when it hits Chicago ... a GREAT line-up this year.  It's been awhile ... Thanks for checking in with us!  (Be sure to check out the Chuck Negron clip Jimmy's referring to above ... fun and interesting stuff!)  kk  
Click here: Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night) Rewinds with Jimmy Jay. Very - YouTube  

Hey Kent ...
Lots of interest in my two interviews with Ian Rusten and Jon Stebbins, co-authors of the Beach Boys in Concert, who tell the story behind those stories. Their book is a rare mix of tracking the chronology of their show-by-show, city-by-city, live performances with the in-real-time unfolding of what has become the history of America's greatest rock band.
This is an EXCLUSIVE ~ PODCAST with Jon Stebbins and Ian Rusten, authors of the just released Beach Boys In Concert book, on Badman, Bad Times and BeachBoysMania.
The Complete History of America's Band On Tour and Onstage

Jon Stebbins talks about the extensive research he and Ian Rusten undertook to produce what may become

the future textbook on the show-by-show, city-by-city history of the Beach Boys.  Jon gives his unique perspective on the elegance of Surf's Up, the Beach Boys' rise & fall & rise, which album and song he'd use to introduce the Beach Boys to new listeners in the future, the spiritual dimension of their music, the often unrecognized greatness of their early albums ... Jon is both a Beach Boys expert and a life-long, in-real-time, fan.

Phil - Pray For Surf


Speaking of The Beach Boys ...


OK, this one kinda scares me ... but I still want it just the same.  

Coming out on August 27th (which just happens to be my birthday ... you know for any devoted Forgotten Hits fans out there who might be wondering what to get me this year!!!), it's a brand new 6-CD set called "Made In California" ... and promises over 60 never-before-released tracks by The Beach Boys.  Capitol Records has combed the vaults for this one.  (My concern is that this about the fourth or fifth time they've combed the vaults ... what worth listening to could possibly be left?!?!?  MOST of The Beach Boys' outtakes that I have heard were never commercially released for a reason ... yet there's still some part of me that just HAS to hear it for myself!!!)  Plus the packaging sounds AMAZING!!!

More details here on  Click here: Made In California: Music     


re:  THIS AND THAT:   

Kent ...

Last Saturday my friends, Billy & Sue, went to see the Rascals at Jones Beach - here in New York.
They brought me back a T-Shirt.
Top = The Rascals
Middle = Four individual pictures of the Rascals
Bottom = Once Upon A Dream
I have no report on the show ...
I just wanted to brag about my new T-Shirt.
Frank B.
Sounds like your friends Billy and Sue made out better than the couple that BJ Thomas sang about! 

Send me a picture of you in the shirt - and tell them to write me a review of the show - and I'll run them both next weekend!  (kk)

>>>I guess Arsa has proven KAKC to be the big FIRST Bread winner with the song reaching #6! (Clark Besch)
Dismal Day made it to #2 on KAKC on December 10th of 1969.
Tom Diehl
It's not a bad track ... a GREAT opening cut from their first LP.  I cannot help but wonder if this up-tempo tune had hit across the board what Bread's fate may have been, had they not been so iron-cast in the soft-rock, ballad mode ... because some of their up-tempo stuff is really very good, too.  (kk)

Hi -
Because we are Jimi Hendrix fans (plus Janis Joplin & Elvis Presley), have a look at our new song about them ...   
Philip Feinstein  


Here is yet another very cool outtake from The Wrecking Crew documentary, this time featuring Billy Strange.  
David Lewis 

Tom Cuddy sent us this brand new interview with Michael Nesmith in Rolling Stone, talking about his recommitment to The Monkees:

And here's more on Mark Lindsay's recent collaboration with Brian Wilson ...  

Speaking of The Monkees, Rhino Records is offering a special outtake clip from their brand new "Present" deluxe edition release.  You can check it out here: 
We're premiering another previously unheard track at - a never-before-released alternate mix of "Little Red Rider." Tune in here.  

Congratulations to DJ Stu Weiss, celebrating his second anniversary on ...  
Monday, July 8th, made it two years since I moved my show to
I am now on three times a week.
Friday night 7:00 PM till 3:01 AM  is "The Pop Shoppe".
It's an 8 hour mixture of music from the 50's and 60's with a touch of the 40's.
Every other week writer / singer / star of stage Ed Rambeau joins me at 8:30 for a history of the music he has sung over the years.
I even have a special portion at midnight for 90 minutes that I call "Midnight Country" with the real classic country oldies from the 50' and 60's plus earlier years too.
Sunday night 11:00 PM till 2:01 AM is The Sunday Night Doo Wop Party.
Stay up late!!!!!
Plenty of great Doo Wop classics to end your weekend before starting your work week.
Tuesday night 10:00 PM till 12:01 AM is my newest program "Return to Bleecker Street". Remembering the great folk music that we listened to in the 1960's plus a touch of earlier years plus some of today's folk singers too.
DJ Stu
Note:  All times are eastern!!!!! 

And, speaking of radio shows, you can catch a good one later tonight ...  

This is Ronnie Allen inviting you to join me for my next "YesterYear Countdown" radio show. That  show will be heard on Internet radio station (YesterYear Radio) this Sunday, July 14, at 7 PM Eastern Time.   
I will be presenting the top 25 national hits from the second weekend of July 1954, which is 59 years ago.
To access the show, please click on the following link when the show starts airing or any time thereafter. (Clicking prior to that will simply display the information about the upcoming show). /14/ronnie-allens-top-25-countdown-2nd-sunday-of-july-1954  
There is hardly any early 50s music being played nowadays. Yet the years that I present on these shows (1950 through 1955) truly represent the Golden Age of pop music: occurring between the Big Band Era and the start of the Rock and Roll Era. Many of the recordings on these countdowns have deservedly become classics. They were from a time when most of the hits that were popular were tuneful ones that you could sing, hum, whistle, enjoy and remember.    
I have done seven previous "YesterYear Countdown" shows. To hear any of those shows, please click the link below.
Listen to any of the seven previous YesterYear Countdown shows
A brand new "YesterYear Countdown" show is presented on the second Sunday of each month.
Thanks to all of you who have send me feedback on those shows. It is so much appreciated!
-- Ronnie Allen  

Hi Kent,
As a radio fan, if you haven't already seen it, you might be interested in the Facebook page on WHN radio, which was inspired by my new book "WHN: When New York City Went Country". If you like it, be sure to "like" it,  as new posts are added periodically.
All the best,

Kent ...
I was just thinking that I played this song so many time in the Jukebox it would've been cheaper to hire Fred & the group to come and sing it live!
Frank B.  

Hi Kent,
I've been sending your FH site link to friends in CA, as things are always so interconnected.  I sent the blurb about the Standells to a friend who used to book the Syndicate of Sound.  He responded with something related to Johnny Rivers' "Realization" album that you had mentioned last week ... so I sent him your blurb about Realization, along with the FH link. Then, he responds back about being with a band that used to open for Burton Cummings.  
It was nice to hear the Lettermen song in today's "goosebumps" posting ... I always liked that song ... too bad that the "romantic slow dance" song style has taken a "back seat" to most of today's more direct songs.   There will always be romantic love songs, but that carry-over from the 40's, through the 50's  (like with Dion and the Belmonts doing "Where or When") on through to the Lettermen, was a nice counterpoint to other rockin' songs.
Carry on.  I know there are at least three of us here in Davis, CA, that get your blogs ... my friends Marti Childs and Jeff March, who have written a couple of 60's books. Billy Fair    
Weird how all this stuff connects together ... I love it!  (kk) 
re:  THANK YOU!:  
Earlier this week we thanked the Forgotten Hits Reader who turned us on to Box, the file-sharing service we're now using to put music up on the website.  (Would you believe DivShare STILL isn't working properly?!?!?  I'm beginning to wonder if it'll EVER be back up again ... or if they've simply thrown in the towel.  What a shame ... we've relied on their service for YEARS!!!) 
Meanwhile, I am happy to report that Marie has started up her own oldies music blog again ... It's All In The Grooves ... and couldn't be more pleased than to pass along her website information.  This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff our readers are looking for ... so check it out (and then be sure to bookmark her site).  (kk)  

Kent ...
This is a real "Oldie but Goodie"!  
Frank B.  
Click here: The Zimmers "My Generation" - YouTube
Unfortunately, that actually IS our generation!!!  (lol)  Fun clip 'tho! (kk)  

Got this from Dolores Erickson (well, not exactly ... it actually came by way of FH Reader Bill Hengels) regarding our recent milestone of passing two million hits on the website: