Thursday, May 22, 2014

He's Done It Again!

Just as he did several years ago when he published the first "Bubbling Under" chart book covering those "almost hits" that just missed making Billboard's Hot 100 Chart ...

And a few years ago with "Hit Records, #101 - #150", covering the songs that fell short on the Music Vendor / Record World Charts ..

Joel Whitburn has now put together a brand new book of "Just Misses" bringing the Cash Box Charts completely up to date.

Called "Looking Ahead", this book documents EVERY record to fall short of Cash Box's Top 100 Chart ... nearly 6500 titles in all ... over 3500 of which do not appear in his Billboard Top Pop Singles book covering the history of the Billboard Pop Charts!

That means ALL kinds of brand new entries ... regional hits ... novelty tunes ... doo wop ... jazz ... bubblegum ... garage band rock ... and much, much more.

The book is currently available for pre-order ... with special discounted pricing through the late-June publication date.

Lots more information (and sample pages) on The Record Research Website ...

Click here: Cash Box Looking Ahead 1959-1993 | Joel Whitburn's Record Research

Cash Box Looking Ahead 1959-1993!

For the first-time ever, research exists for Cash Box magazine's "Looking Ahead" #101-150 chart!

ALL 6,378 songs and 3,262 artists that peaked on this esteemed chart are detailed!  There are 3,562 exclusive titles not listed in our flagship Top Pop Singles book!  Many doo-wop, jazz, bubblegum, dance and hard-rock titles never-before accounted for in charted history!  Arriving late June, 2014

Click here to see sample pages or to order.  Pre-publication sale ends when limited stock arrives.
For this book, we researched EVERY title that peaked on the Cash Box "Looking Ahead" charts.  This chart information has NEVER been compiled ANYWHERE. To insure research accuracy, we painstakingly detailed, week by week, the journey of each song entry, chart by chart.
The "Looking Ahead" chart started on October 3, 1959, (with 20 positions) and grew to 50 positions by April 29, 1961. It stayed at 50 positions all through the 1960s. It continued through the 1970s at mainly 20-30 positions until it ceased on February 27, 1982. On August 4, 1990, it came back as a 15 position chart which finally ceased on March 27, 1993.

Here’s some interesting chart exclusives ...

Early chart hits for artists such as Bjorn & Benny (Abba), Dore Alpert (Herb Alpert), The Flying Machine (James Taylor), Everyday Hudson (Hudson Brothers), David Idema (David Geddes), The Twilights (The Embers), The Z-Debs (The Jaynettes), Lou Zerato (Boots Walker), and Zip And The Zippers (The Orlons).

Great forgotten “girl groups” such as Angie And The Chicklettes, The Cake, The Cotillions, Honey LTD, The Majorettes, The Pleasures, and The Rubies.
Regional garage band favorites such as The Chancellors, The Chosen Few, The Fifth Order, The Guilloteens, The Juveniles, The North Atlantic Invasion Force, The Shy Guys, and The Spike Drivers.

Celebrity recordings by Danny Bonaduce, The Brady Bunch, Sherman Hemsley, Don Imus, Jim Nabors, Butch Patrick, and Telly Savalas.
Also, there are many obscure doo-wop, orchestral, bubblegum, R&B, dance and hard-rock titles that are now accounted for in charted music history.

Pre-publication sale of $5 Off ends when limited stock arrives, so order today!

Another "Must Have" addition to our chart history library for sure!!!  Don't miss out on this one ... and be sure to take advantage of the pre-publication discount price!  (kk)