Friday, April 24, 2015

The Friday Flash

re:  Recent Reviews
Our recent reader reviews of The Who concert down in Florida and The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Cleveland have sparked a few comments ...  

What a great Who review from Rich Turner, piquing my interest regarding tour dates.  Nothing in Michigan, but I see they're hitting the Chicagoland area (All-State Arena, May 13th).  Cool to hear that Daltrey was nailing some pretty challenging vocal parts, since"Reign ..." has to be the toughest in their catalogue.  Probably good to catch him early in the tour.  Looks like a pretty aggressive tour schedule for them old guys.   
I've always been into their early singles the most, but one can't see / hear them live without appreciating not only the energy, but great songwriting.  They really brought a lot of great dynamics into the equation, even with singles such as "I Can See For Miles" and "Happy Jack".  
Dan Hudelson  

Thanks for running my review of the Who concert ... I appreciate it. I've turned quite a few of my friends down here in the Tampa area onto your blog and website and they really like it. Wish there was something like that down here that was local like yours is Chicago-based ... but oh well. I love your site and you've got a faithful daily reader. 
As far as the pictures go, I recently got a Galaxy 5 and really got lucky with the photos. The Who also had a great light show and that really made the entire stage area look bright. I will be attending the next Happy Together Tour down here in just a few weeks and I will send something in about that. Really looking forward to seeing Mark Lindsay. He's one of my top 3 or 4 singers of all time. Loved Paul Revere & The Raiders.
Thanks again for all you do,
Rich Turner
Safety Harbor, Florida 
PS. I still cannot recommend the Who show enough. It was really, really great. If it's in your area, I really suggest you go. I know its not cheap, ($150 was the highest price and tickets are cheaper) but two of my friends that went never pay that price for any concert (they struggle for cash) and very reluctantly did because the seats were so good, and really thanked me afterwards for talking them into it.   

Speaking of Who tickets, Thursday Afternoon at 2:00 Chicago Time, The Drive (WDRV - 97.1 FM) kicked off another week of A to Z, one of their most popular features ... just over two thousand songs played back to back alphabetically with no repeats.  The whole kit and caboodle will take just over a week to run ... non-stop GREAT music (Classic Rock) without all the repeats ... AND this time, they'll be giving away chances to win tickets to see The who at The All State Arena ... in fact, they've got 40 PARIS in all to give away ... so be sure to tune in and Listen Live here:   

I'd like to hear what Ron heard about why the Rascals will never get back together again ...
Bill Mulvy
LOL, so would I!!!  (Care to share this little tidbit with our readers, Ron???)  kk     

Wow!  Between the Who concert and the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, EXCELLENT reviews!!!  Thanks for sharing these with us! 
Bob Mayben   

Hi Kent -  
Here are some photos from the Induction Ceremony in my home town of Cleveland.  I did not have a table like your friend, but as a Hall of Fame Member, I have attended all three shows in Cleveland.  Feel free to use any photos ... just be sure to give me credit! 
Tom Apathy  
Happy to do so, Tom!  And, as always, thanks for sharing.  (I'm still hoping that Ron Onesti might send in some photos from HIS incredible vantage point!!!)
Meanwhile, Tom sent us pictures of Darlene Love, Alice Cooper, Sir Paul McCartney (probably the closest I will ever get - Tom) and Paul Schaffer ... as well as shots of Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Chris Layton (drummer for Double Trouble), Jimmie Vaughan (Fabulous Thunderbirds, older brother of Stevie Ray Vaughan), Miami Steve Van Zandt and Tommy James and Bill Withers (unfortunately did not get a clean image of Bill - Tom)
Here are just a few that we've chosen to share with our readers.  (And Ron, if you DO find the time to send me a couple, I'll be happy to run those, too!)   kk


All photos by Tom Apathy - 
for exclusive use in Forgotten Hits

Man, if just ONE of those things that happened to your friend Ron Onesti happened to me, I'd be beside myself -- I'd probably be speechless -- or, at the very least, I would have figured that I had died and gone to heaven -- but to have ALL of those things happen in one night -- wow!  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!
I hope he made some connections for his Arcada Theatre.  Who KNOWS who he might have playing there next year!!!

Hi Kent,
I hope you don't mind ... the review by Ron Onesti was fantastic, so I shared it with some friends. I did credit the Forgotten Hits page as the source. Thank you!
Eddie Burke
Sounds like this one made EVERYBODY'S day!!!  (kk)