Friday, May 1, 2015

The Benefit Concert For Marty Grebb (Part 2)

Man, I am soooo there ... can't wait!
Chet Coppock
I've gotta tell you, I am SO excited about this show ... and the closer we get, talkin' to the guys every day ... even more so.  I am totally pumped to see this, a once-in-a-lifetime event and a way of giving back to a musician who has brought us so much enjoyment over the years.  Hoping to see a TON of Forgotten Hits Readers there that night, showing their support ... and enjoying a GREAT night of music from our local heroes.  (kk)


After what can only be described as a considerable amount of begging on our part, we were SO glad to see The Ides Of March join the line-up for this very special fund-raising event ...   

Me, too, believe me.  See you there!
Keep Rocking!

Glad to see that schedules could be rearranged to accommodate this ... you guys were a BIG part of The Chicago Music Scene ... and you definitely belong up there on that stage.  Can't wait!  (kk)


Tom Doody, original lead singer of The Cryan' Shames is also happy to be on board ...

Kent - 
I am pleased to be a part of something which is both good and generous.  It is always great to share the stage with friends. Jimmy and I haven't performed together in over three years.  It should be exciting.  
Tom Doody  


I got this GREAT email from Danny Seraphine, founding member of the legendary group Chicago, who will be sitting in on drums for several acts that night, including the grand finale featuring a performance of The Buckinghams' Greatest Hits and more by Nick Fortuna, Carl Giammarese, Marty Grebb and Dennis Tufano ...  

It seems like a lifetime ago when I used to go to the Club Laurel to see Marty (Grebb) and Peter (Cetera), along with Jimmy Vincent and Billy Herman perform with the Exceptions and marvel at their amazing vocals. They were all strong players as well. Marty amazed me because on top of being such a good singer and keyboardist, he also played great sax. I used to think "How is that possible?" or "It's not fair for one cat to have that much talent!", depending on how insecure I was feeling that day.  

During the same time period I got to know the Buckinghams and what good guys they were.  They were neighborhood Italian guys like me, so there was a strong bond immediately. When they had their first hit, Kind of a Drag, it lit the city up. To the best of my knowledge, it was a first ... no other local band ever had a #1 hit in the country before! I didn't know whether to love or hate them. What was I going to do with my horn band that people scratched their heads looking at each other when they saw us. I know, crazy huh?  

Then when Marty joined the Buckinghams, he elevated them musically. They went on to have more hits and open the gates for the rest of us mere mortals to walk through.
Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to stepping on stage with Dennis, Carl, Marty and Nick for the first time in 20+ years. I wish Jon-Jon could be there.  I know it's going to be very emotional for everyone because there is so much history between all of us.   


You are NOT going to want to miss this show ... more ticket information on The Arcada Theatre website ...!