Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 19th

The Monkees' single (released in the UK) "Alternate Title" peaks at #2 on the British Chart.  (It's actually "Randy Scouse Git" from The Monkees' new "Headquarters" album.)  No singles from this LP were released here in the States … but this was quite a popular track in England.  (The title was changed so as not to offend their audience … it actually charted AS "Alternate Title", "Randy Scouse Git" loosely translated to mean "Horny Liverpudlian Lad".)  Dolenz heard the phrase uttered on the hit British television series "Till Death Do Us Part". 

The Monkees debut on this week's chart here in America, too, with their latest, "Pleasant Valley Sunday" which ranks as the week's highest debut at #50.  The flipside (which, as I recall, was the intended A-Side), "Words" premiers at #79.

Aretha Franklin is back with her latest … "Baby I Love You" debuts at #57, one place ahead of her current hit working its way DOWN the chart, "Respect". 

The Beatles have a new one on the chart this week as well as "All You Need Is Love" premiers at #76 … and a '60's Classic, "Brown-Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison makes its chart debut at #82. 

Race riots erupt in Durham, NC.