Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October 18th

Walt Disney Studio's 19th full-length animated film, "The Jungle Book," is released today.  It is the last full-length animated motion picture that founder Walt Disney was personally involved with.  (He died the previous December)  It features the voices of Phil Harris, Sterling Holloway, Louis Prima and Sebastian Cabot and goes on to be a huge critical and box office success and will top the motion picture box office for a total of six weeks in the weeks to come. 

Elvis Presley's 25th movie, "Clambake", opens in theaters today. 

In other movie news, the John Lennon / Richard Lester movie "How I Won The War" premiers in London.  All four Beatles attended the premier.  (Life-long Beatles fan that I am, I've STILL never seen it in its entirety!)