Thursday, November 9, 2017

November 9th

The very first issue of "Rolling Stone Magazine" is published … John Lennon (dressed in his "How I Won The War" garb) graces the cover.  Ironically it was also on this date, in 1961, that Brian Epstein saw The Beatles perform for the very first time.   

The original press run for the very first issue?  40,000 copies … and it was designed in more of a "newspaper" format at the time.

NASA launched Apollo 4 today from Cape Kennedy. (It was the first test flight for the Saturn 5 rocket, which would eventually take three men to the moon two years later.)  All three major networks broadcast the event live.

Depending on whose version of the story you choose to believe, David Crosby either quits or is fired by The Byrds.  (In both tellings of the story, Crosby and Byrds leader Roger McGuinn describe the end result as "conflicting egos.")  He is replaced by Gene Clark, who had left the band a couple of years earlier.  

Crosby won't be missing from the music scene for very long, however … within the next two years he will team with Stephen Stills of The Buffalo Springfield and Graham Nash of The Hollies to form one of the very first "super groups," Crosby, Stills and Nash.  Fellow ex-Springfield guitarist Neil Young will also participate with the trio from time to time (when the mood suits him).  

Actor Charles Bickford dies.