Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday This And That

And a JUMBO Edition at that!!!

Hi Kent, 
Though I haven't written in some time, I still read Forgotten Hits religiously (and even when I'm not feeling religious)!  It is still the best music publication on the market!  Keep up the GREAT work for all the legendary music stars, performing artists, composers, managers, road managers, agents, and those of us that appreciate all of them.
Please sign me up for a Forgotten Hits lifetime subscription.  As I said, IT IS THE BEST! 
Kent, I hope you & your family are all doing GREAT!
All My Best,
Tim Kiley

Thanks, Tim! 
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Hi, Kent -
That Drew Carey "Five O'Clock World" clip became an instant favorite of mine the moment I saw you'd posted it in Forgotten Hits.  To help celebrate the life and career of The Vogues' lead singer Bill Burkette, here are a couple "History of Rock 'n' Roll" episodes which illuminate the two phases of The Vogues' hitmaking career.
Gary Theroux
"The History of Rock 'n' Roll"  

Hi Kent,
This week in NYC's WABC 770 AM chart shows Simon Says at position #2, the highest it ever reached due to the massive popularity of Paul Mauriat's Love Is Blue instrumental.  Here's a link a to that chart:
WABC along with WMCA were the top AM radio stations in the NYC area before the advent of FM.
Sorry to hear about Bill Burkette.  We did many shows with him and he was a very nice guy and quite the gentleman.  He will be missed.
Yesterday we did two great shows at the American Music Theater in Lancaster, PA.  Interestingly, the shows were doo-wop themed.  On the bill with us were The Tymes, Sonny Turner (lead vocalist of the Platters), The Toys (featuring Barbara Harris) and Johnny Farina of Santo and Johnny. Chris Montez was also scheduled to appear but he had travel issues.
FYI, Here are links to charts from WABC and WMCA”
Take care,
Hey, Frank, great to hear from you.
If anybody out there happens to have a copy of the WPGC Survey dated February 16, 1968, showing “Simon Says” by The 1910 Fruitgum Company at #1, original band member Frank Jeckell sure would love to get a clean copy that he could post on the band’s website.
Please send me the cleanest scan possible and I’ll send it right off to him.  Thank you!  (kk)

Proud to see “Susan” on top in Boston (Go Bucks!)
But surprised (shocked, really!) to see the Beach Boys’ “Darlin’” at #5!
In retrospect, this is one of several unheralded but great singles The Beach Boys produced during this period that was ignored only because they were deemed “uncool.” They produced truly great music post “Good  Vibrations” into the 70s.

It’s always been one of my favorites! (kk)

Before they were the Farquahr "Brothers," they were the McGowen Boys and, in 1965, had a great 45 that should have stood with the best folk trios of the mid-60's with this VERY Irish sounding folkie, "Daddy I've Tried."  It sits in the pile of my fave 45s!
Clark Besch

Well, Charlie will appreciate this one if he hasn’t heard it before!  Seems like he’s a REAL Farquahr Fan! 
This Saturday we return to the Midwest to visit WKNX in Michigan … be sure to stop back and check it out!  (kk)
And, speaking of the charts, people are loving the fact that we’ve brought back The Saturday Surveys.

Here are a few, courtesy of FH Reader Larry Neal, that pre-date 1968 … from a bunch of different cities!  (kk)

I have got some miscellaneous radio surveys here at home and really can't remember where I got them through the years. Of the many I have, I am sending you these four because each one had something that stuck out with me.
The KTLN Denver survey is not only small in size but records marked with an asterisk are those records that were "forced" to be played on "brand x" radio, as indicated at the bottom of the survey. Never saw that before on a survey, maybe you have.
The survey KFJZ from Fort Worth, Texas, has probably the most records I have seen listed on a weekly survey, that includes, of course, the records listed as Klimers, Instrumentals, etc.
The KAKC survey from Tulsa and this is something I already knew, is that their #1 record never charted here locally in OKC as far as I know without checking. I do, however, have a copy of the Bobby Lee Trammell record.
Finally, the WIBG survey from 1958 is the oldest survey I have. And again, I cannot tell you how I got this. There is some writing on it which is apparently that of Joe Niagara indicating which picture is he.

Hi Kent,
Absolutely loved reading your personal history with the Record Research books.  Since posting my video, I’ve heard similar stories from all over the world!  It’s funny, but I think each and every one of us chart fanatics thought we were just about the only ones with such a deep, abiding passion for the charts.  The internet has allowed many of us like-minded individuals to come together and I’ve made numerous new friends as a result.  As I stated in the video, working at Record Research has been a dream come true for me.  Two of my biggest heroes growing up were Joel Whitburn and Casey Kasem.  I never got to meet Casey in person, but I’m so fortunate to count Joel as not only my boss, but also a good friend.  Some of my favorite moments are when it’s just me and Joel, sitting in his home office, talking music and charts.
Paul Haney
Record Research
That’s kinda how I feel about Forgotten Hits … we’ve been able to connect with SO many people over the years who share a passion for this music … and even cooler still, now hear from some of these artists, too, who gave us this music.
As for the charts, I’m sure there are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of us out there who have devoted countless hours to this “hobby” … another tip of the hat to Joel Whitburn, who kicked off a trend that is often imitated these days … he has set the standard for all “record research” books to follow.  (kk)

Just got this from one of our ‘70’s WLS Heroes …
Hey Kent …
I always enjoy your site and amazing information.
BTW, I just did a fun Voiceover / On-Camera gig in Amsterdam for McDonalds ... major production ... fun stuff. 
Kris Erik Stevens

I love it!  Thanks so much for sharing with our readers.  (kk)

Here’s something you’ll want to take part in …
It’s Rich Appell’s Annual I.R.S. Countdown …
Music fans from all over the globe send in their choices for records that should have been a bigger hit than they were.  (You’ll see one of our choices below!
Anyway, here’s the complete information on how to fill out YOUR ballot and cast your vote(s) …

The Annual I.R.S. Countdown (as in It Really Shoulda Been a Bigger Hit!)
Help build that thing's 2018 I.R.S. 10-99 countdown!

That's I.R.S. as in ..."IReally Shoulda" been a bigger hit!
Tell us what songs "Really Shoulda" been bigger hits by filing your I.R.S. form at https://www.thatthingshow.com/irs now until MARCH 21st, and qualify to win the new DVD release of BANG! The Bert Berns StoryLIST AS FEW AS 1, OR AS MANY AS 100 SONGS - it’s up to you.
Then tune into that thing the weekends of March 31st through April 14th, as we count down this year's I.R.S. 10-99, based on the songs you declared, and award BANG! DVDs to randomly selected listening filers. Stations and start times at
(Note: On Saturday, March 31, Don Tandler hosts the “Countdown to the Countdown,” playing back songs 200-110, leading up to Part 1 of the I.R.S. 10-99, on http://popgoldradio.com/.)
And listen each weekend in March leading up to the countdown, for I.R.S. hours and lots of songs that "Really Shoulda" been bigger hits.
Get in on the fun via the links above.  Like we say in Chicago, Vote Early … and Vote Often!  (kk)
Michael Nesmith took to Social Media to talk about what he expects to come out of his tour with Micky Dolenz this June … the first ever for these two Monkees bandmates …

Heading to LA tomorrow for meeting and a hang with Mick. Have to cook up the M&M shows. Right now no clue what to do other than Monkees songs -- which are of course a lock.
I didn't expect to go out again singing Monkees songs -- but here I am looking at dates with Mick for the month of June -- the beginning of Summer, I think -- dates are posted at most of the Monkees sites and here -- but the set list doesn't exist yet.
M and I will sit around and sing try to find out what makes sense with the two of us -- maybe the occasional guest.
As I write this I put on Chris Smither's "Live As I'll Ever Be" and its lifting me up into the skies of songs -- opening up settlements where we might perch and gaze out for miles and miles and sing and play the Music.
If all goes as planned, I think we will put together a fine show.
I love singing with Mick -- this will be the first time an M&M show will be realized -- after all these years.
As I say, I suppose we will play the deep cuts from the Monkees catalog -- and songs M&I have written over the years – and, as we are blessed, we will find the space that the great live players find over the years -- those deep and real places that are undeniable, that leave no question unanswered -- and to me that is a definition of Smithers concert and his magic acoustic guitar. So I am listening closely to him -- learning what I can.
Maybe M&M can "Kill the Blues" like Chris --
Anyway, I'm looking forward to the trip and to seeing Mick appear singing along beside me in the same room. One of my life's gifts and blessings.
-         - Michael Nesmith

  • 06/01 - Chandler, AZ - Chandler Center For The Arts 
  • 06/02 - Los Angeles, CA - The Orpheum 
  • 06/03 - San Diego, CA - Humphrey’s
  • 06/05 - Anaheim, CA - The Grove 
  • 06/06 - Saratoga, CA - The Mountain Winery 
  • 06/08 - Stockton, CA - Bob Hope Theatre 
  • 06/09 - Stateline, NV - Harrah's Lake Tahoe 
  • 06/12 - Denver, CO - Paramount 
  • 06/14 - Chicago, IL - Copernicus Center 
  • 06/15 - Huber Heights, OH - Rose Music Center 
  • 06/16 - Cleveland, OH - Cain Park 
  • 06/18 - Toronto, ON - Sony Center 
  • 06/19 - Kitchener, ON - Centre In the Square 
  • 06/21 - Philadelphia, PA - Keswick Theatre 
  • 06/22 - New York, NY - Beacon Theatre 
  • 06/25 - Red Bank, NJ - Count Basie Theatre 

We're Going To See The Beatles
by Garry Berman
Celebrate the 10th anniversary of this ground-breaking book!

This month marks ten years since the release of Garry Berman's book We’re Going to See the Beatles!  (Santa Monica Press). It’s an oral history of Beatlemania, as told by over forty fans from across the country whom Garry had the pleasure to interview, and hear their stories. Garry has always felt a little odd referring to himself as the “author” of this book, since most of the words are those of the interviewees, who told him of their first-hand experiences as teens during the Beatlemania era and the years beyond. They are the true stars of the book.
As the first Beatles oral history from the fans ever published in the U.S., this book was a ground-breaker. Since this book's release, many writers have used the same format for their own books about the Fab Four, but nothing has compared to Garry's collection.

In celebration of this landmark, Garry is giving away three signed copies of We're Going to See the Beatles! on his blog.
Click to enter:   Garry Berman's Blog
Garry and I have become pretty good friends over the years – sort of a “mutal admiration society” if you will.
I first interview him for Forgotten Hits when this book was originally released ten years ago … and we had a bit of fun putting the whole thing together.
Here it is again for those of you who weren’t with us yet back in 2008 …

Hi Kent, 
Veeder Van Dorn from the "Denver Rock and Roll 60's" here. 
Your Newsletter is always fun to read and always gives me memories and smiles. 
I was singing with my guitar in a local Convalescent Hospital the other day and suddenly, in the middle of the song "Don't Worry Baby," I remembered that my old friend and manager, Roger Christian (a prolific songwriter for The Beach Boys), had been there many years ago, and I had visited him there. 
It was fun for me to be singing a couple of his songs for the residents there, and to be able to tell them about him and the fact that he had been there. 
Many of them remembered his songs, and so my story brought out some smiles.  One of them asked "Did he recover?" and I said "Yes, and you will, too."   
Then EVERYONE smiled, and under my breath, I thanked Roger for that moment of his positive energy flowing through the room. 
Thanks for all the "positive energy" YOU give us, Kent.
Stay Well,
Veeder Van Dorn
Hey Veeder!  Good to hear from you … it’s been awhile
Wow!  Thanks for the kind words … it means a lot.
I’ve always loved the way you’ve “given back” by doing these little shows for some of the folks who otherwise cannot get out to hear and enjoy music.  It truly is “the universal language” … and a great healing tool.
Thanks for sharing your story with our readers.  (kk)

Toto, one of our favorites from the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s, is releasing a massive box set … 17 CD’s covering their entire career (along with a few new cuts and some previously unreleased live material!)
You can read all about it here:
I don’t think we’ll be adding this one to our collection any time soon, however … for $500, I think Toto should come and perform in your living room!!!
Besides, we’ve already got the ones we want, so what would be the point?  (Then again the other day we saw a 10-CD Garth Brooks package being sold for $14.98 … now THAT’S the way to reward your fans who have stuck with you for all these years!!!)  kk

kk …
This was the finale on last night’s "Doo - Wop Generations." 
Fred Parris came out of retirement amd returned to St. Bernadette's Church -- where he recorded this song 62 years ago. 

Yes, I remember covering this when it happened.  SO hard to believe 62 years have passed.  It may be the #1 Doo-Wop Classic of All-Time … yet only went to #24 when it was released in 1956.  (Keep in mind that this was still a time where black artists weren’t always crossing over to the pop charts … and this genre of music was brand new … folks were getting hit with a LOT of new choices all of a sudden … Elvis’ first #1 Record “Heartbreak Hotel” had only first begun to chart two months earlier!
Still it was great to see these guys sing in again … in the same spot where they first recorded it, trying to get the echo and ambience just right back in ’56.  (kk)

At the end of Sunday's FH, you mentioned it was National Peanut Month. I did not know that but appreciated the tune you posted by Little Joe and the Thrillers. The first record that came to my mind was that novelty record out of 1970 called WHAT TIME IS IT by the Pea-NUT Gallery on Buddah. Haven't heard that one in years. Also, remember PEANUTS from 1961 by Rick and the Keens.
And how could one forget PEANUT BUTTER by the Marathons or possibly the PEANUT BUTTER SONG by Gabriel and the Angels?
You’ve come to the right place!
It was actually released as the P-Nut Gallery and went to #54 on the national charts in 1971.  (It topped out at #62 in Billboard … but here in Chicago it went all the way to #8!!!)
It was a salute to the old Howdy Doody Show (where the kids sat in the P-Nut Gallery)
As for the Rick and the Keens’ version of “Peanuts”, I believe that that one’s just a remake of the Little Joe and the Thrillers record, if I’m not mistaken.  As I recall, The Four Seasons cut a version of this tune, too … which sounds like a PERFECT match for Frankie Valli’s voice!  (kk)

And, finally, here’s another example of radio at its very best … sent in by Radio’s Best Friend, Art Vuolo!

Hey Kent ...
7Don't let me fall off the list.  You have great stuff!  LOVED the Drew Carey clip with Five O'Clock World.  FYI, there's a (real-name) Drew Carey who works at WFBQ in Indianapolis and manages the affiliates on The Bob & Tom Show Network.  On Wednesday, it will mark 35 years since B&T premiered on Q95 in Indy.  They came from WJML in Petoskey, MI, and took the city by storm.  Even though Bob retired at the end of 2015, it's still kickin' ass ... and takin' names!
Don't know if you advise readers about PODCASTS, but a few years ago, I did a couple of short podcasts and it was fun, but this was a major deal with pro-podcaster Matt Cundill in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Matt does these for audiences mostly with an interest in broadcasting, and specifically RADIO.  It was recorded on Saturday, the 10th of February,  2018, and personally what I feel makes it entertaining is the insertion of numerous audio clips.  This way it's not just two guys talking for 67 minutes.  I hope you'll learn something about me that you might not have known.  Feel free to post this link in Forgotten Hits so others can enjoy listening, too.  Please let me know what you think of it .... good or otherwise.  I can take it.
My WRKO 50th Anniversary Reunion video is also a mind-blower because ALL five of the 1967 original jocks are still alive and were all there!  A clip of it is on the home page of my website,
Thanks ...
The story below is from the 2-14-18 edition of Jockline Daily by Don Anthony.
[LISTEN] How Video Thrilled The Radio Star

THE MOUTH, FEBRUARY 14TH, 2018 –– Radio's eternal best friend, Art Vuolo, takes the spotlight in an in-depth podcast hosted by Sound Off's Matt Cundill (R). In the hour-plus long feature, Vuolo explains the entire evolution of his beloved 'Video Air-Chex,' how they got started, who inspired him and which shows, to this day, won't allow him to film them. Among other highlights includes who coined the term "Radio Best Friend." Credit here would go to none other than legendary programmer and morning host, Scott Shannon, of Entercom's WCBS-FM New York.   
Cundill says Art is radio's biggest advocate and shares audio from some his career's biggest highlights, including the infamous take-down - 'Don Rickle's style - by the late Jay Thomas during a Morning Show Boot Camp; 'Art, do your parents know what you do?' Art tells Cundill of the greatest moments of his life was gaining an exhibit in the Museum of Broadcast Communications at the National Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.  Cundill shares that Art's latest DVD feature, the WRKO 50th Anniversary Reunion, is now available and five dollars of each sale go to the most worthy Broadcasters Foundation of America - Check out the catalog HERE. - LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE

And finally FH Reader John LaPuzza sent us this photo of rock and roll crayons … I love it!!!  (kk)